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Integrated Biology: Reading Outline Chapter 5: Continuity in Cells Pages 99 – 116 Reading Summaries: 13pts Heading Where Main Ideas Found Continuity in Cells: Page 99 Introduction

Cell Structure 5.1 Cells are the Units of Life

Pages 99-100

5.2 Biologists Use Microscopes to Study Cells

Pages 100, 102

Biology Today: The Cell Page 101 Theory

5.3 Cells Are of Two Basic Types

Page 102

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5.4 Membranes Organize Eukaryotic Cells

Pages 102 -106

5.5 Eukaryotic Cells Contain Various Organelles

Pages 106-107

Cell Functions 5.6 Cell Activities Require Energy

Page 108

5.7 Substances Enter and Leave Cells by Diffusion

Pages 108-109

5.8 Cells Move Substances in a Variety of Ways

Page 110

Cell Reproduction 5.9 The Cell’s Life Cycle

Pages 111-113

5.10 The Events of Mitosis Occur as a Continuous Process

Pages 113-114

5.11 Cells Become Specialized in Development

Pages 115-116

Vocabulary Terms (15pts) Vocabulary Term Definition Prokaryotes Eukaryotes Nucleus Organelles Plasma membrane Cytoplasm

Endoplasmic reticulum Golgi apparatus Nuclear envelope Chromosomes Mitochondria Ribosomes Lysosomes Centrioles Chloroplasts Vacuoles Cytoskeleton Metabolism Diffusion Osmosis Passive transport Active transport Cell Cycle Mitosis Cytokinesis

Interphase Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase

Chapter 5 reading outline  
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