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Name: Ano. ASL: 21 /M/Near Bluewater, Best gig you’ve been to & why: Either I Killed The Prom Queens farewell gig (Because I didn’t notice that the crowd split for the wall of death, so there’s just me stood in the middle all like ^_^ - srsly, it’s on the DVD). Orrrr InFlames, as they are amazing to watch, they involve so much pyrotechnics. Favourite film: Snatch, Pirates of the Carribean (But why is the rum gone?! D:) or Fith Element Dream job: Alcohol-consuming, game

testing, lesbian converter. Favourite alcoholic drink: Micky Finns, or Jagerbomb! Favourite song: InFlames - My Sweet Shaddow, All Shall Perish - Eradication, or DJ Tiesto - Powermix. Typical night out: Usually involves enough alcohol to satisfy a small army, missing items of clothing, big memory blackouts, and something that will make everyone go “:O” the next day. Where you think you’ll be in 5 years time: Tokyo!

Shadows Chasing Ghosts’ debut full-length starts off as your usual heavy rifffilled rock band, with your usual aggressive-melodic vocal work, listen to ‘Girl in Sheep’s Clothing’. ‘You Ain’t Got The Minerals’ on first impressions follows a similar path albeit a heavier one, but as a unit the band are tight and have a sound that is ideal for them. However they subtly manage to avoid becoming sub-par and mediocre, as we will see. The record doesn’t really come alive until ‘Searchlights’, where the band mixes catchy vocals and screamo vocals to work in their favour, especially in the chorus and the gang vocals towards the end,

which adds an extra element to the track. Whilst the lyrics on ‘S.O.S.’ aren’t particularly great, the track is probably the highlight

of the album; superb, mighty riffs with great vocals built around a decent structure. Throughout Trey Treiman’s melodic vocals manage to stand out, and give a sense of accessibility, listen to ‘Home’ and ‘Sunlight’. Whilst the slightly unexpected acoustic number, ‘Timelines’ gives the listener a break from the frantic, heavy guitar riffs that spread throughout.

Fans of the “metalcore” genre will more than likely enjoy this; plenty of riffs, strong vocals, and decent (slightly) sing-along choruses. However the downfall is that, their sound isn’t anything new and it lacks original ideas. Nevertheless the bands talent as musicians and songwriters gives the record the credit it deserves. If anything I expect the next instalment to be a lot more varied, maybe with a few songs with full on scream, and maybe a few other songs that have branched out a bit into a new and more distinctive sound. The album is good as it stands, but I’m sure a few people will agree that that need something different to really stand out and have a major impact.

Despite My Deepest Fear are a fivepiece metal-core band from Essex, UK. The boys are widely known for their energetic stage presence and performances and have really pushed the boundaries of the ‘metal-core’ genre. They have been very busy both writing and recording their ‘untitled’ album, which they’re hoping to be releasing in early October. With their ever-rising fan base, DMDF show no sign of being just another ‘hardcore’ flop. Their effort and energy put into their music really does make them worth looking out for. We were lucky enough to catch up with the boys and find out some gossip for ourselves.

CAN YOU TELL US A LITTLE BIT ON HOW YOU GOT THE BAND STARTED AND HOW IT ALL CAME TOGETHER? Me (Julian), Ryan and Josh were all in a band before called Always And Never. We all left that band because we wanted to start something a bit heavier. Me and Ryan went to school with Arron and asked him to join, and he agreed. Then it took us ages to find a drummer (Dan). We were introduced to him by a mutual friend and since then it’s been the same line-up. WHO CAME UP WITH THE BAND NAME AND WHAT IS THE MEANING BEHIND IT? Ryan suggested it, after we couldn’t decide on anything or anything we did decide on was already taken. The name actually comes from lyrics from the band Sea Of Treachery in the song ‘The Eyes Of A Ranger’. What have been your main influences whilst writing the album? We’re pretty heavily influenced by American Christian/Metal-core bands, without being American or Christian ourselves. Bands such as Confide, The Devil Wears Prada and Miss May I. WOULD YOU SAY THE TRACKS ON THIS ALBUM ARE DIFFERENT TO YOUR PREVIOUS SOUNDS, AND IF SO, IN WHAT WAY? Yeah definitely. When we started we were a deathcore band, but now we’re nowhere near as heavy and have clean vocals, so we’ve changed quite a lot over the last 2 years. HAVE THERE BEEN ANY HICCUPS WHILST RECORDING THE ALBUM OR OTHERWISE IN THE BANDS PAST? Soon after we recorded our EP we decided to have a break because we were all busy with work and university. Recently we decided to get everything back on track and start doing our album. The only hiccup has been Uni and work really. WHAT’S BEEN YOUR FAVORITE VENUE/GIG/ EVENT YOU’VE PLAYED SO FAR, AND WHAT WOULD BE YOUR DREAM VENUE TO PLAY? We don’t really know, we’ve enjoyed pretty much every gig

pretty much every gig we’ve played so far. the more recent shows have been amazing because people are starting to hear of us. Dream venue would be anywhere in America, probably Chain Reaction. Every time I see a Youtube video of a band playing there, it just looks incredible. IF YOU COULD TOUR WITH ANY SELECTION OF BANDS WHO WOULD THEY BE? Perfect bands would be, Attack Attack (US)/ Confide/ Asking Alexandria/ The Devil Wears Prada/ Miss May I/ We Came As Romans and Of Mice & Men

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT ON STAGE SO FAR? For me, falling over the drum kit mid set haha, I don’t think anyone else has really done anything embarrassing, Ryan always nearly falls over but hasn’t...yet.

HAVE THERE BEEN ANY DISPUTES BETWEEN BAND MEMBERS DURING THIS TIME? Our guitarist and drummer always argue over recordings haha, but it’s nothing serious. it’s hilarious for us 3 to watch.

HAVE YOU HAD ANY WEIRD ENCOUNTERS WITH ANY DIE-HARD FANS YET? A load of people have offered to pay for us to go to America even though we aren’t big at all haha. Also people knowing stuff about us that I didn’t think people would know, but nothing major.

TO DATE, WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE AS A BAND? We’ve literally had no major challenges as a band as of yet. because we took so long out after we started, we didn’t really come across much. we’ve been together for about 2 years but we stopped for about 10 months so really its just been over a year for us as a band. I’m sure we’ll come across so many in the next year.

photography by Tom Barnes

See them here: SO WHAT’S THE PLAN FOR YOU GUYS AFTER THE RELEASE OF YOUR NEW ALBUM? We’re CATCH THE GUYS AT A SHOW NEAR YOU; touring in November with our friends Alchys, then at the end of the year i think we’re on tour with 11 September: SIN CITY W/ MARTYR DEFILED, Silent Screams and Desolated if all goes to plan. POSTMORTEM PROMISES, Swansea, hopefully in 2011 we’ll get to tour a lot more and 20 November: CRAB TOUR AT THE GREEN ROOMS, play bigger and better shows. TREFOREST, WALES W/ ACHLYS, Pontypridd, WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO ANY YOUNG ASPIRING PEOPLE WANTING TO START THEIR OWN BANDS? Well we’re pretty young ourselves haha, but probably just make sure you write music you like; don’t think you’re crap because someone says you’re generic. We write and play music we love, we’ve never claimed to have reinvented metal-core, and we’re not about to stop just because a few ignorant people can’t sleep at night if they haven’t told you you’re shit.


photography by RC

On the 23rd of July we held our very first WASTED! Launch Party. With the likes of My Third Leg, Small Team Of Experts, Avenge Thee + Naime and Abandon The Faith taking to the stage, we knew we were going to be in for a good night. With a few hiccups to begin with, we ended up kick starting the night at 8:30 rather than the original plan of 7:30, but you didn’t expect our first event to run entirely smoothly did you? My Third Leg were first off; their infectious reggae/ska beats were enough to get anyone tapping or nodding their head along, even if they didn’t want to. The difference between these guys to most other ska bands is their lack of brass instruments. However, this brings them somewhere between pop-punk and ska, almost putting them in a place of their own. The boys were just an appetizer for what was yet to come. Small Team Of Experts were to follow; they brought the punchy, upbeat sound that the rest of the bands of the night seemed to lack. They seemed to make you feel as if no matter what situation you are in life, everything was going to be okay, the kind of music that smacks a smile on your face. The cover of Pitbull’s ‘Hotel Room’ seemed to grab the most attention of the songs in their set and set people up to be more lively for the next band. Avenge Thee + Naime were the band that really seemed to wake everyone up; providing a slow crunching, slightly familiar sound, Avenge Thee + Naime are easy to move to, whether you’ve ever heard these guys before or not. Sticking with their ‘anti-stage’ slogan meant of course, leaving the stage open for slow motion mosh pits and all sorts of other antics going on whilst the boys threw themselves around in the middle of the floor. But the boys were just a

a taster compared to what was coming up next. Abandon The Faith came to the stage with the intention of tearing it apart. Showing no signs of holding back, the boys threw themselves in at the deep end, and as the set went on and the boys loosened up, it just got better. Scorching riffs, booming bass lines, double peddled-kick drums to scream about, make Abandon The Faith a difficult band to stand still for. The boys even had a little guest vocal session with their Parkway Drive cover, and although it has been

said that the choice of song may not have suited the type of vocals, they pulled it off pretty well with most people too busy throwing each other across the room to even notice what was going on. Guest vocals, topless singers and full on raging mosh pits; Abandon The Faith really did complete the night. Despite panicking the whole way through and the two crack heads that refused to leave, overall the Launch Party was an awesome start for the magazine, and has really got this boulder rolling. I’d

like to take this time to personally thank everyone from the bands that played on the night, and the staff of Leo’s Red Lion, particularly Terry. Welcome to the adventure that is WASTED! Magazine.

The fight scenes are fast-paced and funny, taking cues from comic books and classic TV where punches land with a visible “thud” and “pow”; computer games where verbal attacks and landed blows score points and power-ups, with the defeated enemy bursting into coins to sound effects from Zelda; and the stylised violence of anime. Each battle scene is equivalent of a level boss, suggesting Scott’s progressing relationship with Ramona. The fights themselves are well staged without any shaky camera that has been the mainstay of modern combat scenes. Michael Cera plays his character well, his trademark awkwardness and naivety as demonstrated amply in Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist is used sparingly, adding in cultural references, to TV and games mostly, with which Scott uses to define his world. The result is not so much an inherently cool but shaken twenty-something, but one who is entirely directionless, held back by male anxieties and routine, and almost so absorbed in his own personal problems that he’s near blinded to others’ issues. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is great as Ramona, who plays a strong female archetype but who is also stuck in the routine of running away from her own past and puts up barriers to prevent people from getting too close. It’s Wright’s direction Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim Vs The World has cult classic written all over it, most likely this won’t make waves in the cinema and it is this that really works in its favour. It’s based on a series of comics bearing the same name, but by not being as well known as the big Marvel/D.C. powerhouses allows this film adaptation some freedom to experiment with the genre: the end result is an energetic, funny movie that ticks every geek box imaginable, with Edgar Wright bringing a lot of the line bending between reality and fantasy he explored in Spaced to the big screen with a bigger budget. The story revolves around Scott Pilgrim’s (Michael Cera) attempt to win the heart of Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) by defeating her seven “evil exes” to the backdrop of a

battle of the bands competition and the reward of a record contract and also coming to terms with his own anxieties and perceived inferiority; in turn Ramona’s supercool, deadpan persona hides an emotional uncertainty that comes out more as Scott delves into her past. What may be surprising is the level of involvement music has to play in the film; key scenes revolve around a record shop, band practice and different levels of a battle of the bands competition. Even one of Scott’s main hurdles in the film is confronting his own ex- who had unceremoniously dumped him when her band became massively successful. The soundtrack is one of the film’s many highlights, taking influences from rock and indie bands such as Metric, Beck and T-Rex, which are featured in the score.

that is able to capture both characters’ developments convincingly. One one level this is a deeply personal type of comic book adaptation, more so than any other has been to date and until a movie of Strangers in Paradise is made, Pilgrim will be the most emotionally relevant comic book movie out there to legions of twentysomethings who can and will identify with the characters. On another, this is a movie made for geeks by geeks, combining the life- and generationdefining comics, videogames and music in a visually satisfying, near overwhelming package that will in turn become part of the culture it references so completely.

Words By Graeme Lawrenson

Robert Sae-Heng is a talented up-and-coming illustrator and the proprietor of ‘sniff sniff illustration’ I met up with him this week at the opening night of his exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery and discussed how studying in Kent sculpted his career. WHAT ARE YOU INSPIRED BY? We are surrounded constantly by visual images and various kinds of music whether it being in our homes or out in town shopping. Inspiration comes in all kinds of forms for me, through music, posters, patterns on clothes, but mostly I’m inspired by the urban art scene. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE? WHERE ARE YOU GOING? To travel around the world staying with relatives I have scattered all over the place with my sketchbook and camera documenting the culture and people. Guess it helps coming from a very cultured background, half Mexican and half Thai. My main goal is to find my feet and to travel around. I think it’s important to live life and experience your subject matters. But off course live off of my art one day. HOW HAS BEING AUDIABLY IMPAIRED AFFECTED YOU? It has affected me a lot of ways, the way I see things and through my art. YOU DRESS IN A WAY VERY CONNECTED WITH MUSIC - HOW HAS MUSIC INFLUENCED YOU? I don’t like following the crowds and prefer to listen to alternative music, which is probably where my fashion sense has stemmed from.

IT APPEARS THAT YOU TACKLE QUITE EMOTIONALLY DIFFICULT TOPICS TO ILLUSTRATE – EATING DISORDERS FOR EXAMPLE, WHAT DRAWS YOU TO THIS? I like to take on subject matters that are not illustrated normally. I also like expression my interpretation of these topics. I THINK OUR READERS WILL BE MOST INTERESTED IN YOUR... MACARBRE SCENES, LIKE THE LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD PROJECT YOU DID FOR YOUR MINOR, “glorifying vagina’s, pelvic scaffolding, paedophiles, disturbing sexual abuse, period blood, giving birth, surreal events - cute.” WOULD YOU SAY THAT THE SCENE CULTURE HAS AFFECTED THE WAY YOU PAINT AND THE SUBJECT MATTERS YOU CONVEY? Well actually the Little Red Riding Hood was so bloody because I interpreted it from a poem by . The poem itself was a completely different interpretation from the typical children’s story. So I wanted to illustrate this, allowing me to broaden my horizons and my style to develop. I always want to try something new and push the boundaries. IF YOU WERE TO DEVELOP SUPER HERO POWERS - WHAT WOULD THEY BE? It has to be flying powers; you can run away in a dash, travel the world, and maybe win the 100 meter race against Usain Bolt at the Olympics.

HOW ARE YOU FINDING THE ‘REAL WORLD’ AFTER GRADUATING? I don’t really know. After graduating, my life has been one hell of a rollercoaster and still is, with one thing after another. Working full time at a cocktail bar, I found one of my most interested subject matter to date being ‘Alcoholism’, which I’m currently working on. So I’m constantly keeping myself busy. DO YOU THINK DOING A DEGREE WAS WORTH IT? Well degree’s are differently for everyone, some gain from them than others, some are able to apply them to the real world, whereas some just never use them. For myself I started an art degree at 18, younger than most people on the course. Looking back now, I feel I was not ready and didn’t blossom till mid 3rd year of my degree. But I have to say I did come a long way, so off course it was worth it. The people, the lectures and most of all, the facilities provided allowed my work to be pushed. DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR OUR READERS THAT MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN PERSUING A CAREER IN THE ARTS? To go in with an open mind and pursue your passion. If it makes you happy, nothing can take that away. If you do anything this week make it a visit to the cultural hub that is Brick Lane, and have a look at Robert’s paintings in person. Robert believes that “A scan/photograph of your work never does anyone’s artwork justice in my eyes. To witness the full depth and atmosphere, one must come to the show. See my work first hand;” and I couldn’t agree more, there is so much that is lost in compression, seeing the painting in a 15cm² photograph on screen and then a floor-to-ceiling canvas reveals a lot. The painting ‘You never knew I was ill’ seems both simpler and more chaotic in life. You can really get in close and personal and look at the attention to detail Robert has applied, especially with the hair <3 Also the exhibition is the only opportunity to pick up an original painting for only £3. Robert has painted 100 signed/numbered pieces titled “Her 100 Sniff’s” (and they’re awesome) The ‘ArtInMind’ Exhibition is running til the 6th September and also includes the work of Emma Seymour and Adam Hemuss also not to be missed. Find more out about Sniff Sniff Illustration at his website

photography by JS

The genre of emotional hardcore, or emo, has over the last ten years been convoluted, diluted and ostracised from its roots down to mainstream popularity. Thus, many younger fans who claim to be a fan of the genre, or one of its subsequent subgenres, know very little about what true emo is and where it delineates from. I aim to set this straight with a small insight into the origins of this style of music.

These are arguably the first bands to create the musical landscape that later developed into emo, although neither band take credit for its invention or even their inclusion in such a music category. 1990s The early ‘90s saw the dissolution of Moss Icon and in their wake a splintering of genre creating different types of emo subgenre in Europe and across the globe as well as just in the U.S. The underground scene had at this point expanded to include the ascending grunge movement and this period was home to grunge musicians looking for something new that celebrated many of the same ideas of that genre. This melodic grunge influenced emo begin with bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate and Mineral in the U.S. and the brilliant and underrated Bob Tilton over here in the U.K (to this day the best British emo band ever). Also from 1989 until ‘95 the Chicago based Cap’n Jazz were another instrumental band in the creation of the genre, as well as Braid from Illinois. Both bands spawned second wave acts such as The Promise Ring and Hey Mercedes in the mid to late ‘90s. Parallel to this more conventional form of emo, another harsher and more aggressive beast was growing, called screamo. Originally coming from San Diego with such bands as Swing Kids and Heroin, screamo developed its style combining the DC hardcore punk and thrash qualities of speed and heaviness with Moss Icons melody and emotional power, also

albumnin REVIEW

1980s It all began in 1984 on the back of the emerging hardcore punk movement. In Washington DC a band formed called Rites Of Spring that blended punk rock with the harder more volatile urgency of hardcore and a melodic edge that had so far not been common practise in the DIY scene. They were an intense live band and a whirlwind of inventive and progressive punk music to influence many bands to come, yet they themselves were short lived – they broke up two years later leaving only a small collection of recordings to mark their existence. Two of the members later went on to enjoy a longer and equally influential career in Fugazi. The same year as Spring’s disbanding, in Maryland Moss Icon were working on a more melodic, instrumentally creative and vocally more nuanced sound than Rites Of Spring’s endeavours. Icon were equally DIY and rough around the edges, but without the speed and urgency of Spring’s punkier drive. Their influences were more far reaching, taking the post-

taking cues from early Joy Division (Swing Kids had a JD cover in their repertoire). This kind of emo was more up for experimentation musically and vocally, with some vocals and time signatures more akin to the extremities of the Scandinavian black metal scene of the period than that of punk or grunge. Europe’s underground embraced this subculture a little more readily than its more conventional counterpart,

friendly sound after previous success as a standard emo band.

France being the most prolific, to the point where any European screamo became known as ‘French emo’ – such bands included Vanilla, Anomie and Peu Être. From the mid to late ‘90s many more indie inspired emo acts cropped up, I call this the American second wave. These bands took their cues from alternative rock and pop punk as well as hardcore and grunge, bands such as The Get Up Kids. A couple of others on this splinter genre I mentioned above, but the real big fish in the ever increasing emo pond were Appleseed Cast, together with Sunny Day, Cap’n Jazz and Mineral early Appleseed Cast drew a line under ‘90s emo with the benchmark release of their debut, End of The Ring Wars which to this day remains unparalleled in style and intensity. Jimmy Eat World soon after shot to fame on the cusp of the new decade with their revised, more consumer

that bands such as Grade, Underoath and Poison The Well blended melodic metalcore with the more accessible forms of emo, as well as some screamed vocals. This is often miss labelled as screamo, but is really a new hybrid genre that has grown in popularity now to a point where it over shadows its convoluted roots. If it’s not that we now see bands that are polished and stylised

2000 – present By this time the more commercial and less heavy emo was rising to the mainstream and the original screamo movement remained firmly underground. What began to transpire in the late ‘90s and the early part of the next decade was

mainstream versions of Appleseed Cast or Braid like Dashboard Confessional it’s indie rock bands and pop punk with an emo influence like My Chemical Romance. It would serve anyone who has been involved in what they think of as emo over the last ten years to go and listen to the incredibly inventive, progressive and emotive collection of musicians that now too often can’t be seen for all the fake posturing and over stylisation of a shallow and ill informed contemporary scene.

A vagina. There. I’ve given you an example of what I am about to explain (and I’m not about to explain the origin of the crusted mucosa above your lip). Sex is used to sell almost everything, this is something we all know. It’s even used to sell things it shouldn’t be used to sell like, umm… prams? Cut to, I dunno, an establishing shot of a man and a woman having vigorous sex in all kinds of positions, followed by cheesy narration: “If you’re going to carry on like that… you might need one of these!” Cut to an empty pram. “New Lullaby prams and push chairs. Because if you’re fucking, you might have a baby!” So If you find yourself reading this column because of it’s title, then I’m afraid you are but one wisp of a pube amongst a myriad of gullible others, stuck to a scrotum made out of marketing campaigns. Only difference is this if free! Yeah! So who loses? Oh yeah. We do. There’s plenty of things I can rant about but I suppose I better start off with sex after that compelling intro. The definition of Self Fallatio on Urban Dictionary is: “The act of giving yourself a blowjob. It’s pretty damn impossible.” I will admit to achieving this feat, and when I say achieve… yes, I have blown a load in my mouth. But who cares? Some of my friends told me this was gay. You know… homosexual. That

thing where men frolic around in tight leather, with Freddie Mercury moustaches, suck each others willys, watch musicals, say fabulous loads, and engage in passionate bum sex, insert homosexual stereotype here with unnecessary bold font for arbitrary words. I’ve never ever seen any definition of homosexuality with the words Self Fallatio in it. The reason for this is quite apparent: MY COCK, is ON ME. I am not sucking someone else’s cock. I know my soldier is clean… Ish. And I know where it has been. So it’s a win win situation. And although the position isn’t the most comfortable, it‘s something to do when you don‘t have a girlfriend and wanking just seems all too familiar. Anyway, if sucking your own cock is gay because you have a penis in your mouth, then masturbating is gay because you have a penis in your hand. Bunch of gays. Another thing that really pissed me off is when I said I like anal sex with girls, and one of my friends told me that this was disgusting and gay. I don’t know about anyone else, but all the females I’ve had sex with have had both vagina’s and assholes. They seem to all come with the complete set. Only once did I find myself holding a semi erect penis, but I found out later on that this, was in fact, a man. Also, a girls anus is not disgusting. For some reason girls are very different to guys in this area. Girls assholes smell like the garden of Eden and you will find they are an erogenous zone on most females, and most men in fact. Oh come on, don’t tell me you haven’t slipped in a finger or two whilst choking the bishop? If you don’t make use of all the main erogenous zones, and stimulate all the available orifices, then that’s too bad, you’re missing out. But don’t call Me gay for that. Call me gay for touching another mans penis! I suppose my official verdict is that Self Fallatio and anal sex are not exclusively homosexual acts, and I’ll be buggered if God thinks either is blasphemous. And I’ll be buggered by Jesus no doubt.

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