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sarcastic and beautifully bearded Chaz to fill our agony aunt shoes and pretend to care Glad you’re wrapping your eyeballs round issue 26! We’ve about all your problems (he caught up with lots of big bands doesn’t really) so make sure this month including ‘GALLOWS’ you send your issues in for next issue! (See what we did there?) & ‘BLEED FROM WITHIN’. Hey everyone,

Also! Featuring our brand new article - ‘CHAT TO CHAZ’ we’ve found the most perfectly

Anyway, stop reading this bit, it’s boring as hell, turn over to the next page to feast your

eyes on some beautiful boys from Glasgow and get flicking (and maybe even reading and not just looking at the pictures, possibly?) Love you all as always, Zoe Blush xo


AWAKING ATHENA After walking for miles over rough ground we finally found a pub so we could sit down and chat to the Leicestershire lads “Awaking Athena” about their plans and to see what there all about.

SO FIRSTLY, HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELVES TO A FIRST TIME LISTENER? “I don’t know - dark as fuck! Pissing in your face and setting your balls on fire, experimental heaviness sprinkled with a few riffs here and there, blast beat boogie music and the sound of impending doom. WASTED! | 05

HOW AND WHEN DID YOU GUYS GET TOGETHER ? “It started in August 2010 our old band split up so me (Steve), George & Chris turned around and said let’s do something else a bit heavier and about 5-6 months later Kieran joined. We peaced it together and found Caleb from somewhere, Caleb went to college with a few of us so it was about December 2011 when I just turned around and asked him if he wanted to come down and give it a try and it’s been that way since. Kieran was our backup guitarist to start off with as we struggled for a few months to find band

members, we played out first gig a few months after we started and Kieran was gracious enough to fill in for it because we couldn’t find another guitarist. Turned out a few months later he ended up joining.”

YOU HAVE SHARED A STAGE WITH BOTH ‘THY ART IS MURDER’ AND ‘DEMORALISER’ TO NAME A FEW, WHO ELSE WOULD YOU LIKE TO SHARE A STAGE WITH? “Oceano, Whitechapel, August Burns Red, Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin & The Faceless. Just a massive range of bands that we

YOU HAVE A COUPLE OF TRACKS THAT HAVE HAD A GOOD RESPONSE RECENTLY, ANY PLANS FOR A FULL EP? “That’s a tough one. We have actually got an EP out but is been about a year and we have had a dramatic change in musical style from a meal-core base going to a more death metal style so we are looking to piece together an EP and releasing a few singles.”

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE COMING YEAR ? “Just to get some more songs done, do some recordings for them and get a video out. We have a few things in the bag, also looking to gig as much as possible in more places to more people all over the country. At the moment we seem to be staying local and we want to get out and spread our fan base.” WHERE CAN PEOPLE ACCESS YOUR MUSIC ? “We have a Soundcloud that can be accessed through or Facebook page “ Awaking Athena

“ , Youtube , Bigcartel ( with the purchase of our Katie Perry t-shirt you get an EP for free and a nice little sticker for only £5 ) “

HAVE AWAKING ATHENA GOT ANY FINAL WORDS FOR THE WASTED READERS ? “Listen to Abba – Abba is good , don’t hate the player hate the game – keep pimpin, stay Satan , spend all your money on hookers and crack, smoke meth - hail Satan .”

Words: Martin Davis Images: Carl Battams

all dig so it would be cool to play with them , at the same time we would play with anybody at this stage (definably Abba proclaims Caleb) .


We managed to catch up with this chirpy Scottish bunch before their short tour - this is what they had to say for themselves!

particular genre. We take influences from rock, pop, metal, reggae, punk, hard-core, acoustic, anything that’s needed for the song! We just like making good music.”



“We’re Fluorescent Hearts, a four piece pop rock band from Cumbernauld near Glasgow in Scotland.”

DESCRIBE YOUR SOUND TO A FIRST TIME LISTENER? “We are very much a rock band playing good, pop rock music. We like all sorts of bands and genres. We have a very diverse style and we try not to limit ourselves to a WASTED! | 07

“Yes! We have a track called ‘Guide You Home’ coming out in the summer along with a new live video of our cover of Savage Garden’s number 1 90’s hit, “To the Moon and Back” around May/June.”

TELL US ABOUT YOUR FIRST LIVE SHOW? “Our first ever show was PULP FEST in Glasgow’s St. Enoch Shopping Centre. An all-day kind of music festival put on by the

fashion outlet store PULP. It was excellent! There were so many people that turned up for it. We had been hyping it up for a while and we couldn’t have asked for a better turn out. We think people were quite surprised at what they heard. You can view some videos from it on YouTube.”

SUMMERS COMING! IMAGING YOUR RUNNING YOUR OWN SUMMER FESTIVAL, WHO WOULD BE PLAYING? WHAT WOULD IT BE CALLED? “It would be called Fluorescent Fest. We’d have our friends bands play it, probably get Mallory Knox on the bill along with Blink 182, The Script, One Republic. That’s just a few, there’s so many great bands making

great music, it’s hard to choose. But you have got us thinking, keep an eye out for a new festival coming out next year!”


“Sometimes there is some tension. We have our ups and downs like every other band. We always resolve things in a professional manner. We can’t be having any negativity or that in our unit!”


“We’d like to think that our music speaks

for itself. Most people don’t understand what we’re about until they see us live, so therefore we would have to perform for the dragons!! Hopefully that would win them over.“


Gary: “I’m full of useless knowledge and always spit out with random facts about things that are totally irrelevant to the situation – 200 billion chickens are killed each year by KFC alone, but that ain’t gonna stop momma from getting her fried chicken now is it?”

Andy – “I do free lance sound engineering and it through that I’ve met some famous people, like Pippin the Hobbit from Lord of the Rings!” Chris – “Scotland used to be in Africa.” Martyn - “When Heinz ketchup leaves the bottle, it travels at a rate of 25miles per year.”


Chris: “Lana Del Ray”

Martyn: “Hayley Williams”

Gary: “Rena Lovelis from the CherryBombs”


Andy: “Selena Gomez or Hilary Duff!” [laughs]



Gary: “At the moment, probably Bob Marley and The Wailers best of album & Bring Me The Horizon’s new one Sempiternal!” Chris: “The ‘GOD Delusion audio tapes’” Martyn: “The new recorded Fluorescent Hearts material.” [laughs] Andy: “Been listening to a lot of stuff recently like the ‘2nd Law’ by Muse and While She Sleeps recent album!”


Gary: “I’d play drums in Twin Atlantic!” Chris: “Always Read The Label”

Martyn: “CHVCHES because they don’t have a guitarist!” Andy: “I’d probably play for some old school cover band like ‘MacFloyd’ or ‘The Full Hog!’”


“We recently opened the show for FINCH at the O2 ABC MainStage in Glasgow. It was part of their 10 year anniversary. Mallory Knox we’re also on the bill. Great guys, making fresh new music, check them out!”


“By the time this goes to publication, we should be out on tour with the lads in The Last Carnival. We’re hitting up five dates on a small UK tour from the 1st to the 5th of May. Visiting a few new places and dropping by some familiar ground: 1st May - GLASGOW - Classic Grand 2nd May - MANCHESTER - Academy 3rd May - CARDIFF - Globe Theatre 4th May - BRIGHTON - The Haunt 5th May - LONDON - The Garage *All tickets can be purchased from*

opportunity for us and the biggest step in our career to date. We’re totally psyched and looking forward to the good weather!”


“Given the above information, if anyone wants to help us out and continue to support us then please stop by our website www. and pick something up from our merch store or better yet, download our debut album ‘Anthem’ from iTunes!!! We’re truly grateful for all our FH fan’s continued support. We like to run special offers and competitions regularly so we can give something back to them so make sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook and join our mailing list via our website!” We thank you for your time boys & hope you have fun on tour. Everyone who can, take the time to go & catch one of these dates, you certainly won’t want to miss these guys. All the best!

Following that we’re leaving the Uk and flying off to China to play the MIDI festival followed by a week spent at ‘Music Matters’ in Singapore in during May where we will be showcasing our music to major industry personnel. Obviously it’s a massive


WASTED! | 09


WASTED! | 05

TELL US THE WEIRDEST FACT ABOUT YOURSELF? Im a perfectionist , I always find something wrong about me lol WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO GET INTO ALTERNATIVE MODELLING & HOW DID YOU GO ABOUT IT? Well when I was a little girl I wanted to be different and become famous, growing up around my 13 years old I started to like tattoos, piercings, and all kind of rock n roll style from the punk grunge , metal gothic, glam rock ... The music that I love really gave me my own style, my identity. So yes im kind of obsessed with the looks, and I just want to be a model because i want to become an inspiration for many young girls and all kind of people, even though my first dream is to be singer in a rock band! WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME? (Hobbies, work etc) Actualy Im a housewife ! Im from France and I moved to L.A a little over a year ago when I got married, and I got my greencard not too long ago ... Beside that I go to the gym about 4 to 6 times a week, I like to eat healthy, go to the beach, listen to music, watch tv, play with my dogs and a bunch of other things. WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT FAVOURITE BAND/STYLE OF MUSIC? I have a few favorites , Marilyn Manson, Cinderella, The Prodigy and also the glam metal band Pretty Boy Floyd. WHAT WAS THE BEST LIVE SHOW YOU’VE BEEN TO & WHY? I have been to many great shows Manson, the prodigy... But my favorite I would have to say was Pretty Boy Floyd because that’s where I met my husband ( the singer ) TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOUR INK? (Your favourite, your first, your last, plans for any more) I currently have 5 tattoos, roses on my chest, 2 lightening bolt on each side of my neck, 1 my little poney on my arm ( just got it a month ago ) and a little demon on my arm which was my first tattoo when I was 17 CELEB CRUSH/HOTTEST MAN/ WOMAN IN MUSIC? Well my hottest crush man in music would be my husband Steve Summers (Singer of the Californian glam band Pretty Boy Floyd.) WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR FUNNIEST/ MOST EMBARRASSING SEXUAL/ ROMANTIC EXPERIENCE?

I think it was my first time with my first boyfriend , I think the first time is pretty interesting , when you dont know what to do... It can get pretty funny and embarrassing. WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 5 YEARS TIME? My goal is to work out what to do to make my dreams come true.

Heading down to the 100 Club early for the Gallows show tonight, the closing evening of the Converse Get Dirty festival. Martin Hobby (Will Shoot For Rum Photography) and I walk in on one of the opening acts

sound checking, Its evident that this evening is going to be VERY loud. We are lucky enough to get a quick interview with Lags (Guitars) round the back of the club on the stairs but every time we try to start

something gets in the way, either crew members, workmen or even Wade (Vocals) shouting at us.

WASTED! | 15

GALLOWS HAVE PLAYED WITH SOME OF THE BIGGEST BANDS IN THE WORLD AND SOME MASSIVE FESTIVALS AND VENUES. ARE THERE STILL ANY PLACES THAT YOU’D LOVE TO PLAY? “There’s always places I want to go. Wade recently played a show with his Alexisonfire in Brazil and he told me it was amazing, “We need to get Gallows over there”. Gallows, for me is a great vehicle to visit other countries and do that whole travelling thing. When you’re in a band you go places, you get so well looked after. Taken to the best bars and shown the best places to hang out, its travelling on a whole new level. We were talking today about maybe recording the 4th album in Thailand and just doing something different and weird.” WE KNOW GALLOWS HAS ALWAYS BEEN AN IN HOUSE PRODUCTION FROM THE START AND YOU HAVE A LOT OF HELP FROM FRIENDS AND FAMILY. IT MUST BE GOOD KNOWING THAT THEY ALL SUPPORT YOU THROUGH THICK AND THIN? “Fortunately for us we’ve made a lot of friends in other bands and obviously our own friends and family have stuck around for us, no matter what happens. Its hilarious ‘cos all our favourite bands hit us up saying “Mate, love the new record”. The support is there, Gallows isn’t just the 4 of us, Its a sound, its always been that way to me. Gallows is the nasty, edgey rock and roll punk hardcore sound that not many bands are doing. The reason I think that is because no one can do it the way we do it, We’ve just managed to cross all those genres. We’ve got friends in the hardcore scene, friends in the punk scene, friends in the fucking metal scene as well its weird. We’ll do gigs and there’s members of Weezer side stage nodding along, weird things like that happen but that’s what makes it cool being in Gallows.”

WASTED! | 17

EARLIER THIS YEAR WE HEARD STEPH WAS LEAVING THE BAND, FOLLOWING HIS BROTHER FRANK’S DEPARTURE IN 2011. IS THIS GOING TO CHANGE THE BAND AT ALL? “Not really, Steph only joined the band after Orchestra Of Wolves. That whole album was pretty much written by me with the help of Lee and Stu obviously, Frank wasn’t even in the picture at the time of recording the album. We actually went in there trying out new vocalists and Frank came in last minute. But its not going to change the dynamic at all, all the songs are pretty much written on one guitar its pretty much that simple. A lot of bands have one guitar player basically.”

AND FINALLY, CAN YOU TELL US WHAT YOU THINK OF THE ROCK SCENE IN THE UK AT THE MOMENT? “Yeah I think its good man... Having said that I cant think of any bands that I’m a fan of at the moment. Im basically one of those guys who’s stuck listening to the same bands he used to listen to when he was a kid growing up so... I’m sure its great. Terrible answer.” So that was a bit of a rubbish last answer but we will let Lags off as he obviously just hasn’t had enough alcohol yet. Lets see how he gets on this evening at the show.

Words: Chaz Barnes Images: Martin Hobby

EVEN THOUGH THE CARTER BROTHERS AREN’T WITH THE BAND ANYMORE, ARE YOU STILL CLOSE WITH THEM? “You drift apart and its understandable, they’re doing their own thing, we’re doing our thing. That’s just the way it goes. If your hearts not into it then you just want to step away and give it time to breath. we’re respecting of that.”

What made you want to get into alternative modelling & how did you go about it? My boyfriend secretly submitted some cheeky pictures I’d sent him to the Front Mag Alt Girl section - I got an email a week later asking me for more shots, ended up with 3 features and it’s all gone from there really! I’ve been very lucky.

What do you do in your spare time? I play an awful lot of Xbox, I’m cancelling anything resembling a social life as soon as I have Bioshock Infinite in my hands. I’m also an avid comic reader, my favourites tend to be indie comics like Chew, Powers and Y The Last Man.

What is your current favourite band/style of music? My favourite band tends to rotate between Alkaline Trio, Off With Their Heads and Teenage Bottlerocket - 3 distinct bands for 3 distinct

WASTED! | 19

moods! My favourite style of music is definitely punk, it’s a shame there aren’t more punk based club nights locally!

What was the best live show you’ve been to & why? Despite it not being punk and me not being a massive fan, the best gig I’ve been to was probably Rammstein. Mainly because there was SO MUCH FIRE! It was a really good laugh with really good people, the venue was sloped so I could actually see for once, there were Germans crowd surfing in blow up boats, flame-throwers, flaming arrows, a cauldron full of midgets, topless blokes covered in oil... what’s not to like?

Tell us a bit about your ink? I’m currently part way through a Dia De Los Muertos ¾ sleeve that I can’t wait to have finished, I was really surprised how little the outlining I’ve had so far hurt compared to

Weird Fact! I burn dead bodies for a living...

If you were a flavour of ice cream...? I’d be a lemon sorbet because I’m lactose intolerant and bitter about it!

all my others! I’ve recently had my

happened to me!) and it’s kind of a

Lose in Manchester (the only punk

thigh pieces finished - it took a few

heritage/memorial tattoo - English

club night I can seem to find!) but

months because of schedule clashes

rose, Scottish thistle and an anchor

hangovers plus my terrible immune

with my tattooist but they’re finally

for my dad who was in the merchant

system mean I get ill for weeks after a

complete and I absolutely adore them navy!

night out so it’s best for my health to

- there’s a galleon on one leg and a

just stick to the Red Bulls!

lighthouse on the other, and I have a

We find you passed out in your

pair of plugs to match because I’m a

town centre, drunk out of your

massive nerd like that. My first tattoo

trolley on a Saturday night. Where

was on my foot (BIG MISTAKE, it hurt

have you been & what have you

more than anything that has ever

been drinking? I’ve been in Bolton and I expect spiked as I don’t drink! I used to go out with friends for drinks a lot to Refuse to

WASTED! | 21

Where see your years


Tell us about your funniest drunken

myself and my friend - we were

ended up in A&E with concussions


drinking at a local Indie club and

and instead of the metal chain that

One night out ended pretty hilariously

my friend and I had had a few too

previously guarded the top of the

for everyone involved other than

many (mainly because we loathe

fire escape stairs, there’s now a thick

indie music!). Stood on the smoking

metal gate with a screen cap of our

platform,my friend grabs my coat to

fall from the CCTV cameras stuck to

get my attention, loses her footing,


do you rself in 5 time?

0 :(

flies backwards down the fire escape stairs and drags me with her. We

Do you have any unusual habits or

Celeb crush/hottest man/woman in

What is your claim to fame?



My sister was the last girl to kiss Ste

I wouldn’t think it counts as a

I used to have a big thing for Tom

from Hollyoaks before he came out as

hobby but when I get bored I have

Gabel of Against Me. Less so now

gay - I don’t blame him

a tendency to ring all my friends

since the trans-gender thing came

voice mails and leave them creepy

out and she’s now known as Laura

messages using comedy voices. It

Grace, but she’s still punk as fuck!

passes the time.

Give us your best chat up line? Do you like Star Wars? ...Cos Yodalicious

WASTED! | 23

What has been your funniest/most embarrassing sexual/romantic experience? I broke my ex boyfriend’s penis once. But the less said about that the better!

Sitting backstage at the Camden Underworld after nearly getting Bleed From Within run over outside while taking some photos, just a few hours before they go on stage for the third night of their headline UK tour. I’m surprised they are still letting us get this interview. Non the less, the lovely Scottish lads Scott (Vocals) and Goonzi (Guitar) are more then happy to answer some of our questions. SO GUYS, YOU HAVE JUST GOT BACK LAST MONTH FROM TOURING WITH TESTAMENT AND SHADOWS FALL. HOW DID IT GO FOR YOU? ANY GOOD STORIES? Scott: “It was probably the best tour

we have ever done as a band ‘cos it was the toughest crowed we’ve ever played to so we pushed our selves and I think for doing that tour it has made us a better band.” Goonzi: “It’s not the crowd we are used to playing in front of, its a kind of older audience but that’s the whole point of doing the tour, to kind of win over that audience. We need to prove that we’re a metal band and prove that we can play just as well as they can, Not like we’re trying to steal their crowd or anything but we just want to get out there and prove ourselves.”

AND TONIGHT IS THE THIRD SHOW OF THE HEADLINE UK TOUR WITH SILENT SCREAMS AND HEART OF A COWARD. YOU MUST BE USED TO PLAYING SHOWS LIKE THIS BUT DO YOU STILL GET PRE-GIG NERVES? Scott: “Yeah man, I’ve been nervous every single night of this tour! This is our first headline tour in four years and I guess there’s a bit of hype about the album, its nerve-wracking you know? I’ve been more nervous on this tour then I have on any tour ever.” Goonzi: “It’s like, seeing if our hard work has paid off because its the first time in four years that we’ve headlined the UK so we’re like “Will

people actually turn up?” But its been amazing so far.” Scott: “Its been so great man, way beyond our expectations. Goonzie: But yeah, we definitely get nervous but we enjoy it that’s the thing.” AND CAN YOU TELL US WHY YOU HAVE LEFT IT FOR FOUR YEARS SINCE DOING A HEADLINE TOUR? Scott: “We’ve not really been in a position to do a headline tour so we were just trying to do as much support slots as we could to promote the band. We had a lot of problems that we were going through when writing the album that we can’t really speak about. We couldn’t release the album until then so there was no real point in doing a headline tour, we just tried to do support slots to build the name of the band. And now we have the new album on century media...” Goonzi: “It just seems like the perfect time now to do one, it’s not like we deliberately left it this long. Things happened and that’s just how it went but we are ready to do it again.” NOW YOU HAVE RELEASED THE THIRD ALBUM ‘UPRISING’ WITH YOUR NEW LABEL CENTURY MEDIA, HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE JOINING SOME ALREADY MASSIVE METAL NAMES SUCH AS ARCHITECTS, CALIBAN, IN FLAMES AND ARCH ENEMY TO NAME BUT A FEW? Goonzi: “We grew up listening to so many bands on Century media, you never ever think that your band is going to be on that label eventually so...” Scott: “Its still not really sunk in for me yet, I just kind of take things as they come but this is... I don’t know... I guess maybe once the albums been out a while maybe it will sink in?” Goonzi: “It’s surreal.” CAN YOU TELL THE WASTED! READERS WHAT ‘UPRISING’ IS ABOUT AND HOW IT DIFFERS FROM YOUR PREVIOUS RELEASES? Scott: It’s all about looking to the light and realising you’re the one person in your life who can change things and make things happen for yourself. WASTED! | 27

Words: Chaz Barnes Images: Jake Owens


Goonzi: It’s a positive album, Scott: But is portrayed in an angry sense. Goonzi: “It’s angry because of what’s happened to us in the past but positive in a fact that we’ve got over it and we are in a better place now and better off as a band. Musically I think we have come a long way, it’s a lot more focused now.” Scott: “Since the last album we have done a lot of touring with bands like Testament, that’s shaped us and made us a better band because we were up against bands like that. I think it shows in the writing of the new album.” Goonzi: “There have been so many good albums out in the last few years that have inspired us and the things that have happened to the band have just made us want to push harder and try to write the best stuff we can. We have really put a lot of time and effort in to Uprising, making sure every song is exactly how we want it to be. We took elements from the last album Empire and worked on the stuff that we liked, trying to progress and hopefully people can hear that progression.” IT MUST HAVE BEEN AMAZING WORKING ON THE ALBUM WITH SUCH NAMES AS ADAM ‘NOLLY’ GETGOOD, MARTYN ‘GINGE’ FORD, ROMESH DODANGODA AND LOGAN MADER. YOU CAN HEAR HOW MUCH EFFORT HAS GONE INTO MAKING IT SOUND THIS GOOD. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO WORK WITH SUCH PRESTIGIOUS NAMES? Scott: “When I was growing up I saw all these names on these albums that I loved and to have them as a part of this album is mind blowing.”

WASTED! | 29

Goonzi: “They are all amazing at what they do and they’re all really nice guys as well. Its weird being friends with the guys now but I respect them all so much for what they do because they have made our album sound incredible. Nolly made me think about my instrument more, I’ve taken a lot of tips from him that’s made me a better guitarist. The guy is incredible.” EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE JUST RELEASED THE NEW RECORD, ARE THERE PLANS FOR A FOURTH ALREADY? Scott: “We constantly write music, we do have riffs and ideas that we are constantly writing on tour or at home. If someone has an idea in their head they will bring it to the table. There were riffs for album four before the third album was even released.” Goonzi: “We’ve not full on started writing full songs yet but there are plenty of ideas flying around and stuff so when we get home from this tour we will definitely start to get into it.” SCOTT, YOU HAVE JUST LAUNCHED YOUR OWN CLOTHING LABEL NAMED ‘NOTHING, NO ONE, NOWHERE’ JUST LIKE THE THIRD TRACK ON THE NEW ALBUM. CAN YOU TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT THAT? Scott: “When I come home from tour I don’t like sitting around doing nothing so I wanted something to keep me busy, I’ve always been into fashion. I’ve planned to do this for years but now I’ve had the time and the opportunity to get into it. The song means a lot to me so I wanted to use that.” WE HEAR A LOT LATELY FROM OTHER SCOTTISH BANDS SUCH AS TWIN ATLANTIC AND BIFFY CLYRO BUT WE DON’T HEAR MUCH METAL COMING

FROM YOUR END. WHAT IS THE METAL SCENE LIKE BACK HOME? Goonzi: “There is a healthy local scene, There’s a lot of venues in Glasgow and there are a lot of gigs every week.” Scott: “It’s kind of hard to say, we don’t play Glasgow that often. These days it’s lucky if it’s once a year, but when we do it’s incredible. That’s obviously going to happen at your home town show. There’s a good few metal bands in Glasgow, There’s a band called The Recovery who will be opening the home town show of this tour and they are an Incredible band. Dirty Rock and Roll metal, I hope people will hear a lot of them this year.” Goonzi: “Every Time I Die meets Cancer Bats. We’d like to think Glasgow and Scotland is represented well.” WITH THE BAND YOU PLAY WITH A LOT OF OTHER ACTS. WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS ON THE METAL SCENE IN THE UK AND EXPANDING TO THE GLOBE AS A WHOLE? DO YOU THINK ITS SEEING A RESURGENCE? Scott: “I think this is the best its ever been in the UK for Metal bands, for example bands like While She Sleeps being played on daytime radio and Sylosis and bands like that.” Goonzi: “Bring Me The Horizon getting in the top five in the charts, just mad. Its good for all metal bands in the UK really ‘cos its bringing it to a more commercial audience.” Scott: “Also the quality of the bands as well is far better then it has been. These guys have been a pleasure to interview and I can already feel the hype in the dressing room. The show tonight is going to go off!”

SILENT SCREAMS Jake and I have been trying to find a quiet place to Interview the guys from Silent Screams for the last 15 minutes, anyone that has been to a sound check at the Underworld in Camden will know that this is pretty much impossible. Even when we eventually use our brains and decide to go to the stair well by the main entrance, the security guard is listening to Mariah Carey on full blast! Anywho we decide to crack on as Joel (Vocals) and Tom (Bass) don’t have all day, they are due on stage in half hour to open the show.


Joel: “Really Cool man, really good.”

Tom: “It’s bloody awesome.”


Joel: “We are just writing currently.”

Tom: “We will be in the studio to record at some point this year.”


Joel: “Basically I had a really bad reaction to some medication I was prescribed and it left me with severe anxiety and impending doom

and loads of really crazy shit, it was seriously fucked up. It took everything that was me out of my own body and it was the worst time of my life. For days I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep, I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror, I kept going back to the doctors and telling them what was going on. The song is everything that I felt, the opening line is “I never thought I could get so lost in my mind” That’s exactly what it was. I was having such bad anxiety and such fucking horrible thoughts and feelings about everything, about my family, about myself, just shit you don’t want to think about. I wasn’t sleeping and it was messing me up so hard. Im still on medication to try and sort it out. The best way to get it out was to write it out on paper, thats why its

WASTED! | 31

called ‘The Way We Were’, take me back to the way I was before hand.” Tom: “The other spin on it is everything was so much easier when you were younger, you had no issues, no trouble. Get up, go to school, hang with your friends. But as you get older shit happens and you get down in the dumps and it’s hard to deal with.”


Joel: “We did Europe a couple of weeks ago and it was with the boys from Carcer City, good shows.” Tom: “They’ve probably got a lot more stories than we have I mean like, they party a lot more... And they crashed their van. Joel: Yeah they rang us in the morning to say “We’ve just crashed”” Tom: “Australia before that, not really any crazy stories other than the fact that it’s absolute paradise and the tour was amazing. We were with Buried In Verona, The Plot In You and In Hearts Wake. it was a lot of fun.”


Joel: “Its incredible man, I’m having the time of my life dude. I was a massive fan of these guys before I joined so its still got quite an overwhelming feature to it. It still realistically doesn’t feel like... I dunno, its crazy man.”


Joel: I would like to say we bring something different to the songs, I mean, we’ve only released one of the newer song we are working on but even with ‘When It Rains’ and stuff like that it was quite original sounding, it wasn’t your blue print document songs. Tom: We’re just normal dudes with every day problems and we just try to relate that through our music in a catchy form so people can relate to the lyrics and enjoy the music as well. Short and sweet, straight to the point. This is the tip of the iceberg for these guys. over the next year Silent Screams are going to be everywhere. Watch this space...

-CHAT TO CHAZa box of cleanex and an All Access pass to the New Look website while there is what sounds like a party that 17 year old me would have gone to all those years ago. The problem plauging my mind at this current time is, how do i get in? “Have a little look out the window” i tell myself, like thats not creepy. So people of Wasted! Magazine. I am a new edition to this lovely publication and i am here for a handful of reasons. 1: To tell you what ive been up to over the past few days (not that you give a shit) 2: To listen to/answer your problems in life (not that i give a shit) 3: Just to poke fun at things and people at the risk of getting Wasted! and myself in a little bit of trouble.

We will also have pictures and stuff... Plus advice from some of my friends abroad and on this hell hole of an island we call our home! Warning. If you are easily offended please turn over now and by no means should you attempt to get in contact with me for help, i will most likely laugh at you and tell you to stop being so fucking butt hurt about stuff! ...I digress, an insight into my life. I am currently sitting in my bedroom alone with nothing but

All i see is a bunch of kids wearing Onsies and Pajamas. Now i will let this slide as it is obviously a fancy dress party of some sort but as a rule, Pajamas should not leave the house. You are excused on some grounds. Dropping people off somewhere and coming straight home is one of them, if you are 10 years and under is the other but in NO circumstance should you feel it is exceptable to wear your bed clothes to the shops or

anywhere else, you look like a fucking mug. Other muggish outfits include, Geek... since when was it cool to be the exact opposite to cool? Its an Oxymoron. And please stop overloading Instagram with pictures of you in your thick rimmed glasses that are clear perspex, along with photos of babys or bumps, soon to be mothers, no one cares. In short, looking like a dick head is nothing

special... neither is having a mental illness. So lets get on with answering some questions from you guys, please remember that i don’t really give a shit about anything going on in your life. I will try to be as sympathetic as possible but i cant promise anything, also if i do make fun of your situation it is only to get a cheap laugh.

Chaz ????? in new cross I’m really self conscious about how small my boobs are. WHAT DO I DO!?

I know for a lot of girls out there this is a problem but seriously, coming from a guy who loves boobs. YOUR TITS ARE FINE! Some big boobs look ugly as hell! Stick where ya are and you’ll be fine my friend! send a photo over and i will gladly tell you what i think. I might even include it in the next page... While we are here, if anyone wants to send me photos of their boobs then please do.

Blessed in Bexley

Emmasculated in me-

My girlfriend complains during sex, not for any reason that I’m ashamed of. We can only do it with me on top because my penis is too big for her. What can i do to resolve this?

I want to get a tattoo but my parents are telling me not to. I’ve been planning it for two years now and know its definitely what I want. I’m over 18 and feel its my body so its my choice, but I don’t want to lose the respect of my parents?

Bro, don’t come here moaning that your dick is too big OK. There is a lot of men (myself included) that would be more then happy to be in your position. Tell your woman to STFU or GTFO. I’m done with this question!

molten cheese. How do I stop ruining the skin located on the top of my mouth?

appetent in ashford I’ve been in a band for 3 years now and we’re still stuck playing pubs and local gigs. We’re starting to argue over the fact that we’re not really getting anywhere because we just really wanna be famous for our awesome music. Any advice? Mate I’ve been in a band for 5 years and we have played festivals abroad and the shows of our dreams with some of our favourite bands and guess what... we still play pubs and local gigs, if you can’t handle that then you’re in the wrong game. No one ever got anywhere just by playing shows, you gotta suck a bit of cock to get noticed, ya dig? P.S. Your band are shit and you’re never gonna make it big, get used to it.

Pearls of wisIn America, we are the best because we say that we are. We have more guns than you, so we make the rules. Your healthcare isn’t any good if we kill you first.

Mortified in maidIstone love pizza, and anything with Now I could go in depth... but because I don’t have the time I’ll just say, wait for it to cool down. One less mouth to save.


Are you shitting me? I didn’t wanna have to use this phrase so early on but MAN THE FUCK UP! You are over 18 and you’re being a pussy bitch about your parents crying over a little tattoo? They are cool dude and you’re not a real man without one. Why not start off with a nice skull or an inverted cross? I hope you get it done and your parents go ape shit and kick you out or something.

- contact chaz

So i hope you have enjoyed the first installment of my stupid little page, if you have a question that you think i could help you with then send um in. now to finish of the day, an insight into the American Mind.

Do you know why we have so many immigrants? It’s because we share borders with others and we’ve got the jobs. England, you’re on your own. Maybe if you give Scotland their independence, you’ll get the immigration rush that we enjoy, and you can pay the migrant workers pennies on the dollar. Nothing boosts an economy faster than paperless workers paid underthe-table. It’s refreshing to hear that missile attacks didn’t stop during Obama’s visit to Israel. It reminds us that the rest of the world might still hate us. That keeps us on our toes. People go to great lengths to get some action. Some learn pick up lines, some play instruments. Others dress up like pirates and hang around dockside bars. But if you’re giving and not getting then there is something wrong.

The 69 is a bullet that should be in everyone’s clip. Casual oral is foolproof.

Fozzy are a band that you may never have heard of, but seeing as they’re fronted by Wrestling legend Chris Jericho, and have been around for over a decade, you should sit up and pay attention. We caught up with the man himself after a sold out show in London to see what he had to say for himself. Wasted!; So Chris, Fozzy have been a band for over ten years now, care to tell us how you formed, and what the bands sound is all about? Chris Jericho; Yeah, we started in ’99! We formed just like any band, just some guys who had the same love of music as I did, and over the years we’ve really worked on honing our sound to be very heavy with big melodic choruses, like if Metallica and Journey had a bastard child it’d sound like Fozzy. I think it takes a while for a band to find it’s identity, and we’ve been doing that since about 2009, and since then things have just gone through the roof and we think we’ve carved a niche out for ourselves, sounding the way we do. W; And your latest release ‘Sin and Bones’ came out last year, what’s the deal with that record? CJ; We really wanted to hone in on this sound of very heavy with super melodic vocals, we started that back in 2010 and on Sin and Bones we wanted to take it to the next level. We wanted to make it kinda like our “Black Album”, and by that I mean it’s a very cohesive collection of 12 songs, which all have a similar vibe and sound, which is what we were doing with Sin and Bones; if something didn’t fit the mood we didn’t use it on the record. It’s our biggest selling record, best reviewed record we’ve ever had, and we wanna continue the momentum on the next record. WASTED! | 35

W; Have you found it easier to be a band with the support of Century Media behind you? CJ; Yeah! Century Media is the best record company we’ve ever been with, and it’s on a worldwide basis, and we can see the difference in the size of the crowd, the amount of records that we’ve sold. I think any time you have a company with a great history and great distribution, great press, it all adds up and helps people hear the music.

packed and it’s been an amazing over all tour. I like doing co-headline tours because there’s a lot of fans of each band that get to see the others and vice-versa, and it helps put on a great rock show, which is what it’s all about!

W; What influences you when you’re writing lyrics and music in general? CJ; I usually work backwards from a song title actually, like if I hear a cool phrase or something I’ll write lyrics based on that. One example is “Spiders

W; And how was tonight’s show at the Garage? Did you enjoy it? CJ; It

In Your Mouth”, it was this old phrase I read in a Stephen King book and thought that’d make a cool song idea, and that’s how it goes you know. Some are personal experiences, others are historical, it varies really.

was insane! I’m still soaking wet, it was one of the craziest shows we’ve had. London crowds are always great but tonight they were off the

W; So you’re currently on the road with Drowning Pool, how’re you finding that? CJ; It’s going great! We did a co-headliner with Soil about 4 months ago, but this one’s been better; the crowds have been insane, places have been

charts, it was super hot, sweaty and a great rock show with a great reaction from the crowd! W; Do you have any favourite bands at the moment? Who do you listen to? CJ; I like Bullet, I love Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour I enjoy, but Avenged are my favourites! W; Speaking of Bullet For My Valentine, rumour has it that you helped Matt Tuck pen a track on that release? How did that come about? CJ; Well, Matt Tuck and I have

been friends for a while now, and one day he calls me up and says “I’m having some writers block, can you help me out on this track?” I said sure, how long do I have, and he was like, five hours haha. So he sent me the instrumental track and I started humming some melodies, wrote some lyrics and sent them back to him and he liked it! The song’s called Dead To The World. We did another one called Playing With Fire for a B side. W; We’ve got to ask a question about wrestling man, is that something you’re still looking to be involved in? CJ; Umm, if I get time off from Fozzy I’ll go back and do some,

but it depends on the schedule of the band. W; So fozzy is your full time commitment now? CJ; Yeah, the band has been priority for the last 3 years. When I was a kid I wanted to be in a rock band, and I wanted to be a wrestler, those were my 2 dreams so it’s cool to be able to live both of those out! W; And finally do you have anything to say to all your fans? CJ; We’re excited to be in England! It’s like our second home, and we’ll continue to come back as long as you’ll have us! We like to play all these towns out of the way, we always put in the time for the fans! Fozzy play Bloodstock Festival this summer, be sure to check them out for a good time with some banging tunes!

FOZZY @ THE GARAGE When you get the offer to go and see a childhood idol play in a small venue in London, you go. Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy are coheadlining a tour with Drowning Pool (who we didn’t get to see sadly), and tonight’s sold out show is set to be a cracker. Fozzy are a metal band who sound a bit like AC/DC on steroids, pumped up melodic, heavy metal. It’s a great sound, and it really works live, especially in this cramped venue tonight, the guitars and bass sound huge, as do the drums, and Jericho’s vocals cut through the mix nicely, to create a wall of sound with more impact than you can shake a stick at! The Garage is hot tonight, even before the band start making the crowd lose their minds (which they do), and by the time the 1st song is over, everyone is getting sweaty. The band are all brilliant performers in their own right, but when assembled as a group they put on a wonderfully energetic show, while remaining tight sounding and professional. The fact that they’re having so much fun inspires it of the audience, who waste no time in going nuts, screaming the lyrics, chanting and throwing their arms about. With a fanbase this dedicated, a live set so meticulously tight and full of showmanship, and a collection of great rock and roll tracks, it’s hard to see Fozzy being a band which can be ignored for much longer. Definitely worth going to see these guys, grab a beer and have a good time, you won’t regret it! Jake Owens - (8/10)

38 | WASTED!

BLEED FROM WITHIN @ CAMDEN UNDERWORLD Silent Screams (8/10) don the stage as the room starts to fill up. It’s already rather hot and you can smell the sweat in the air. The floors are lovely and sticky, just as they usually are here at the Camden Underworld, I wouldn’t expect any less. The lights go down and the intro track begins. Joel takes his place in the center of the stage, “LETS SEE SOME FUCKING MOVEMENT” as he beckons the audience forward. The band explodes into their first track ‘Assume The Worst’. The crowd is warming to the sound and the evening has well and truly started. Silent Screams are thrashing hard, they are only on their second song and the pit has already opened up with some very energetic throw downs. Their sound is so dynamic, amazingly heavy at times with gruesome screams that also make way for some lovely clean and excellently executed harmonies. It’s always hard being the second band of the night at The Underworld. Everyone has gone outside (which is upstairs) for a smoke and no one hears you start. Well today this isn’t the case as the guitar check rumbles through the venue and sends everyone running to the stage ready for the onslaught that is Heart Of A Coward (9/10). Jamie takes center stage “LONDON, WHAT THE FUCK IS UP?” The crowed erupts. “WE ARE HEART OF A COWARD, MAKE SOME FUCKING NOISE”. Tonight is such a mish mash of music, and now we hear ‘HOAC’ add their heavy/tech sound to the mix with jaw dropping beats and beautiful ambient breaks. Opening with Nightmare, the brutal blows are relentless. They keep them coming, track after track. The new single “Dead Weight” is the highlight of the set. Everyone screaming the words back at the band, dropping to the floor left right and center but they better save some energy for the headline act. And here they are, the band that everyone’s here for. I have never seen The Underworld so packed. People scream as the intro track rings out and Bleed From Within (9/10) walk onto the stage. Scott stands there and looks out to the crowd, “LONDON, GET THE FUCK UP NOW”. There is so much energy bouncing from stage to audience and back again. Hair and beer flying all over the place. It’s only the first song but already the audience has been ordered to split down the middle, a wall of death where everyone lays waste to each other. Solid, metronomic beats that will get your heads a’banging and your fists a’pumping. What I heard on recording could never match what this band do live! For a group that has been through so much in their career already, they are a solid, stomping outfit, a force to be reckoned with. Scotland should be proud of these boys who represent their homeland amazingly. These guys are not to be tested, strong with heavy beats and harmonised guitars. It’s safe to say I didn’t come with great expectations tonight but I have left eating my words. Every band on this bill was outstanding and it has been a pleasure to review.

40 | WASTED!

Words: Chaz Barnes Images: Jake Owens

GALLOWS @ 100 CLUB So here we are tonight at the 100 Club on Oxford Street, Which is quickly becoming the home of Converse in London. Tonight is a first come first serve show so just because you have a ticket, doesn’t mean you’re getting in. We all know Exclusivity makes a buzz and the crowed are buzzing like mad. Everyone was given a disposable camera on their way in (while stocks last) and told to snap away like crazy which is exactly what our Photographer Martin Hobby did. First on the stage are the band Hoax (7/10). Martin describes the singer as a “Bearded, where’s Wally look alike” I’m not sure if that’s good or bad? They are a very divers band. Mixing Rock, Punk and Metal which kind of reminds me of the band He Is Legend. Its obvious why Converse have put these guys on this evening and its a great way to start the show. The DJ is playing some brilliant tunes this evening including the amazing Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac. “I LOVE THIS TUNE” I shout at him and I couldn’t have wished for a better reply than “YEH, I HAD TO GET ALL OF THAT PUNK SHIT OUT OF THE WAY EARLY!” The room is so hot now you can taste the sweat pouring from the fat guy over the

WASTED! | 41

other side of the room at the bar. And along with it, the smell of the next band Carnival Kids (7/10), who’s sound isn’t great sadly; we can hear too much Bass and not a lot of Guitar. Their sound improves throughout the set leaving their sound apparent, rather like a Heavier Lostprophets. They keep the heavy tunes coming, powerful and energetic stuff. But no match for what’s in next. And here they are! Gallows open their set with the first song from their latest album Victim Culture and the crowed go mad. Moving straight onto the next tune Mondo Chaos as the audience screams every lyric back at Wade “HEY, SAY FUCK THE WORLD! I SAY ITS ALREADY FUCKED”. Although Gallows may only be a four piece these days, their sound is still blowing this small club up. Stu is getting pissed off with members of the crowed, “Hey, Why don’t you put your phones and cameras down and have a good time, fucking weirdos” The new school kids soon learn that they are at an old school punk show. Leaches rings out like the anthem it is and the crowed bounce up and down as ordered to by Wade. “MAYDAY MAYDAY” Abandon Ship has as much energy as it did the first time I saw the band about 6 years ago... maybe even more. No matter what is put in front of this band they will

over come it, evident as fans old and new scream every lyric back. Misery is a highlight to the evening, people are stumbling out of the pit with blood dripping from their faces. But sadly it is evident that the security have never been to a Gallows show as every person that sets foot on the stage is very quickly getting pushed off with some force, I think they will have to give up soon enough, which they don’t, until the encore. And of course, everyone is delighted to hear the biggest tune of the night, Orchestra Of Wolves. At this point I have had to kneel on the stage as I’m being pushed so much my knees were almost braking on the ledge. We all know that the bouncers have had a good go at keeping the audience in line tonight but even they can’t stop the inevitable. As usual the stage is invaded by as many people as can fit on it and the band just carry on as if its normal (which it is) and it sees the show out with a bang. Amazing. The Show this evening was so manic that I had a hard time finding somewhere to stand still and write my notes due to the movement, I think that writes the review for me. Converse are on to a winner here at the 100 Club and I sure hope they keep it up.


WASTED! Magazine issue #26  

WASTED! Magazine issue #26