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[W! #19] Hey everyone, glad to see you’ve got your eye balls on the 19th issue of W! Starting over on PAGE 3 we’ve got our brand new NEWS! page with articles on RANDY BLYTHE, the split of FOR EVERYTHING A REASON and a VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: BEST KEPT SECRET We introduce some of the newest bands over on PAGE 5. MALLORY KNOX hit us with their new acoustic E.P, Pilot. Head over to PAGE 7 to read all about it. We’ve interviewed the likes of ‘I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN’, (PAGE 10) and ‘DJERV’ (PAGE 17) We’ve featured the very beautiful Miss Anne Davey as this month’s ALT BEAUTY on PAGE 14. Jake managed to bounce over to the TECH METAL FEST, a full review and images of the weekend can be found on PAGE 23 We’re also keeping you up to date with the latest & greatest events over on PAGE 28. All this and more to be found in this month’s issue. STAY WASTED! Lots of love, Zoe Blush xo


The metal world was shocked in June when, in what sounded more like an April Fool’s joke than news, NME reported that ‘Lamb of God’ singer Randy Blythe had been arrested on a charge of manslaughter in the Czech Republic. The offence supposedly took place in 2010 and can be seen on YouTube by searching for ‘randy blythe manslaughter slow motion’. As shown in the video, a fan jumps onto the stage during the band’s set and is pushed back towards the crowd by Randy. According to the authorities in Prague, the fan (who is being referred to as Daniel) sustained a serious head injury and later died in hospital however, according to L.O.G’s manager Larry Mazer, no one from the band or the band’s management or label was informed of the fan’s death and consequently, when Randy returned to Czech Republic in support of his band’s latest album Resolution, he had no idea that he would be taken into custody. Shortly after the arrest, a W! | 3

spokesperson for Lamb of God announced that Randy denied all charges against him and that they “expect him to be fully exonerated”. Interestingly, the statement also claimed that the deceased fan “jumped the barricade and rushed Randy” a total of three times and it was during the fan’s third attempt that he was pushed back by the singer as the venue security were unable to get there in time. Since the end of June, the Blythegate saga has been a maze of rumour and mystery. We do know however, that a few days after the arrest, Randy’s bandmates submitted bail money to the tune of around £125,000; approximately a year’s wages for Blythe. According to however, Blythe was ordered to remain in jail for a further ten days despite paying bail whilst the Czech police gathered evidence against him. At the time of writing, Randy Blythe remains in a jail cell but is expected to be released on bail in the next few days on the condition that he

remains in the Czech Republic until a decision is made on whether to take the case to court. Big names in the metal world have come out in support of Randy in the past two weeks, the first of which was lead singer of GWAR, a band which simply shouldn’t exist. He did however make the intelligent point that he believed Randy was being persecuted for playing music often seen by outsiders as violent and aggressive. He also encouraged metal’s stars to come out in support of the ‘Lamb of God’ frontman and expressed his shock that many well-known faces had refused to get involved. First to respond to the call to arms was Killswitch Engage who released a well composed statement on their Facebook page which nicely summed up the thoughts of many by stating “A death is always a tragic thing, but Randy certainly does not deserve such accusations”. As the situation stands, the global metal community currently faces the serious prospect of losing one of its greatest voices to a jail cell for, potentially, years. And whatever the outcome, this case is sure to have repercussions that affect the way metal shows are carried out with possible consequences for venue security, crowd control and band responsibility. Moreover, this case could make metal gigs of all sizes incredibly difficult to organise as promoters and venues may no longer want to risk such energetic concerts. Words: Craig Elvy Image: Tom DiMaggio

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FOR EVERYTHING A REASON BREAK UP! We will be playing a goodbye show for you all as a thank you for the support over the last five years, which we will announce as soon as we can. We will be playing hard, and with whole heart, for you guys, for one last time. The 16th of May was a sad day as the Colchester boys, For Everything A Reason announced their split. This was posted on the boy’s Facebook page “However much I would love for this to be a message about us signing to a major label and touring the world, that is not the case. For Everything A Reason are calling it a day. In reality, F.E.A.R has been over for a while. We’ve spent a year working hard on writing an album for you guys, but due to record label cock ups and general failures, we were never able to get it down for you.

Don’t think this is the last you’ll hear of any of us; new projects are already on the horizon, but having grown as people and as musicians, continuing as we are would be a lie. Music is still a priority in all of our lives, and we’ll all continue to work hard to entertain your ears in some very different and more personal ways. Thank you so much for your support. Peace and love, For Everything A Reason.” This twanged the hearts of many, included that of the W! team as we had worked alongside the boys in the past at shows and had interviewed

them in a previous issue. They then went on to announce a final show on Friday the 20th of July which was a massive hit, playing alongside other well-known names such as Despite My Deepest Fear and Raise These Sails. It was certainly made one hell of a send off. Fans then littered their Facebook page with good lucks and goodbyes, showing just how much these boys shall be truely missed.It’s such a shame that we should lose such a decent band, it’s not often talent like this is brought to the table. Saying that, there have been rumors that certain members (if not all) are to be starting their own projects to make sure you keep your eyes and ears peeled. Once again, our love goes out to the boys and we wish them all the best for the future. Image: Lisa Roe

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE! Featured as part of issue #17’s Introducing section, Best Kept Secret have recently released a very flash looking video for their single ‘Suck It Up, Princess’, a catchy little number that’s had all of us at W! Bopping along. The video features, what we’re first led to believe, is an adorable little couple heading to a party, drinking and having a jolly good time but when he’s lured away by a curly-haired hussy, things soon make a turn for the worse and she (rightly so) ends up drenching him head to toe and telling him where to go. Girl power! Does anyone else think they sound like a female-fronted ‘A Boy Named Girl’? Just me? W! | 4



For fans of: Icon for Hire, Paramore, The Dirty Youth, The Pretty Reckless, Fit for Rivals

For Fans of: Scar Symmetry, Soilwork, Threat Signal.


UP FOR THE LET DOWN, KENT For fans of: Four year

For fans of: Attack Attack!

W! | 5

strong, Paramore, A day to remember, New found glory

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For fans of: Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Shinedown, Hinder.

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Words by: Charlotte Bones

Since late 2009, Mallory Knox has established their name as a five piece band. Collaborating their various influences, Mikey, Sam, Joe, Dave and James set about writing music that they wanted to hear themselves. After writing new material for three months, the band put on a couple of shows until they had grown a loyal fan base. Venturing into the studio, Mallory Knox recorded their debut EP, Pilot, which saw singles appear and reach as high as number 2 on the most requested Scuzz chart. Having signed to SGR management (Stuart Gili-Ross from Gallows),

W! | 7

Mallory Knox completed their first tour endorsed by Rockstar energy drink. On July Friday 13th, the British band released Pilot Acoustic EP, featuring brand new and never before heard versions of ‘Resuscitate,’ ‘Keeping Secrets,’ and ‘Oceans.’ Having recorded their track in Kent with Oz Craggs of Feed The Rhino, the band explained they had always planned on recording an acoustic demo of their tracks. We caught up with Sam (bass and vocals) for his reasons behind the new release. SO, HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO RECORD? “One day, which, to record three songs seems like it may have been rushed but the fact we recorded it all live saved

a lot of time. Obviously there were a few cock ups here and there and it may have took us 3-4 attempts until we got through the whole song without someone making a mistake, but in the end it was a really fun experience to record like that.” DID YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES WITH RECORDING THE EP, I.E, A CERTAIN SOUND DIDN’T FEEL RIGHT, AND YOU HAD TO AMEND RIFFS. WE HAVE KNOWN MANY BANDS IN THE PAST TO HAVE FALLEN OUT DURING RECORDINGS, HOW WAS IT FOR THE MK? “It was a bit of a weird one for us, it wasn’t like we were heading into the studio to record a bunch of brand new

songs, we were heading into the studio to record songs we had written 2 years ago. The whole reasoning of us doing this ep was to celebrate Pilot being out for a year, and it when it came to do these songs acoustically it was almost as if we were completely re-writing these songs we were so used to. There was no way we could have recorded these songs exactly the same as the original because it just wouldn’t have worked, and that would have been boring as hell. It was refreshing for all 5 of us i think to record these songs like this. We write all of our songs on acoustic guitars anyway so once we had been in a room together for a couple of hours everything just started to flow together rather nicely.

REVIEW Keeping Secrets Starting with a slightly odd and rap-like style, Mallory Knox dive into their acoustic session with the same energy you would find on any of their usual rock anthems. Vocalist Mikey Chapman ignores the slowed down acoustic cover of the track and treats this as if the pace and sound of ‘Keeping Secrets’ has barely changed, giving this tune a fresh feel. Joe, James and Sam strum along faultlessly while Mikey dominates the track with his edgy vocals together with Dave providing the perfect balance with the soft beat of his drums.

Oceans -

One of their most popular tracks, ‘Oceans’ delivers a tight sound from the boys, showcasing why Mallory Knox are a band growing strength from strength. With over a hundred ‘likes’ on Facebook, this acoustic cover has received nothing but praise from Mallory Knox’s loyal fanbase. The melodic riffs stride alongside the gorgeouse melting sound from Mikey, who really demonstrates his vocal ability on this number.

Resusicitate -

-How would you describe the EP to a first time listener It’s a more chilled out, relaxed version of what we are i guess. As i said it’s all 100 percent live because normally when we go into record a song in full we can have up to 5 guitars on one track, this way its just 5 of us in a room doing something there and then.” WHERE ARE MALLORY KNOX HEADING, WILL WE BE SEEING AN ALBUM SOON? “Yes, we have finished recording our debut album and we are all really excited to get it out there. There will be a little wait first, we are gonna have to sit on it a while longer but there will be singles coming out over the coming months

so people will be able to hear what we have been up to regarding the album. Hopefully it will be worth the wait!” The intimate live session was filmed in its entirety to provide a personal insight into the acoustic adaptation of the songs. The first video, ‘Resuscitate’ is available on the band’s Facebook page. Videos for ‘Keeping Secrets’ and ‘Oceans’ will be released later on in the coming weeks. Pilot Acoustic EP is available to purchase on Itunes, and if you are lucky enough, you can catch the band in a couple of weeks when they will put on a mucky set at Hevy festival.

One more for the girls, this slow track sounds more like a love ballad than an acoustic rock tune. Imagine Archtiects performing an intimate love sound and this is the effect we hear from Mallory Knox on this track.

W! | 9

Words by: Charlotte Bones

Returning Metalcore heroes I Killed The Prom Queen may have taken the best part of five years away, but they’re back now, and better than ever. With a new attitude, work ethic and a solid line up, they look set to take the world by storm all over again. Wasted! sat down with drummer and Deez Nuts frontman JJ Peters, and bassist Sean Kennedy to talk all things Prom Queen.


JJ: “It’s been amazing. It’s been 5 years since the last time we

were in Europe or the UK, so it’s been kind of a learning process I guess, kinda finding our feet again and working out what stage we’re at and who actually remembers us and wants to see us, it’s been really cool. Sean: “It’s been really exciting, starting again really, it’s been a lot of fun!”


JJ: “It’s hard because we’ve been doing festivals as well as smaller headlining shows, so there’s a totally different dynamic;

intimate small shows compared to With Full Force, which had 40,000 people, it’s pretty hard to compare but… I think tonight may be the best the headline show, we don’t know yet. If I HAD to pick one, I’d probably say With Full Force was my favourite, because we’ve never played to that many people before, and it was insane to have such a big stage and so many people watching!”


Sean: “I guess we never REALLY, on a technical basis, never really broke up, we were just on hiatus.

We just reached a point where I guess we needed to do our own things…” JJ: “We needed to solidify a line up!” Sean: “Yeah, that too! We had some trouble with line up stuff, mainly vocalists, and it took a long time to find someone who really suited, and now we have Jamie Hope from The Red Shore, and he just fits in with the dynamic so perfectly, and we’ve known him for years, so there was no teething period, it was like he was already in the band. I guess we figured once he was in the band then we can move forward, which W! | 10

we’ve always wanted to do, but there’s always been stuff in the way!”


JJ: “He’s great, we couldn’t wish for a better frontman really, he’s just got so much energy and aggression on stage, especially playing the older stuff, which is like, 95% of the set, which he didn’t write the lyrics or vocals on, so the fact that he can get up and give it everything he’s got and go nuts on stage takes a lot from someone, and he’s doing it tenfold better than the people who tried previous to him. Plus the new song that we’re playing is his own work obviously, so that’s a real chance for him to shine, but yeah, he’s killing it.”


Sean: “It is still Prom Queen, but with the bands that JJ, Kevin, Jamie and Jona are also in, there’s a lot more influences coming in, and I think it’s more individual coming into a group, sort of meshing to make a newer, more improved version of Prom Queen. It’s more melodic, but at the same time it’s HEAVY, it’s very aggressive.” JJ: “I think in my mind, the new stuff sounds to me like if we never stopped and had released another 3 albums, I feel like the stuff we’re writing now is what we’d be doing after having written those albums. This seems like the logical progression, it still sounds like us, but not like we’ve been doing nothing for 5 years. We’re really happy with it.”


JJ: “It’s been going down

W! | 11

extremely well over here, the crowds seem to love it. We all love it so when we play it, we go mental coz we’re enjoying it so much, it’s fresh to us and fun and new, and when we go crazy people seem to feed off of that, and in turn we feed off that, and it ends up being one of the best songs in the set, even though people don’t know it yet, which is really encouraging to know that people are still excited about the music we’re making.”


JJ: “It’s just one of those things, because Bring Me The Horizon for Jona is almost a full time job, and Deez Nuts for me is the same, it’s just a matter of when the stars align and we both have time off at the same time, then we work time in to write and record. We already spent time writing in Australia early in the year when we both had time off, and it’s just a matter of seizing any opportunities that come up, if either of us have the time we’ll work around it you know? If you really wanna make something work, then you just do it! It’s difficult but not impossible… Sean: All of us are putting in 100% effort with the time we have, and we’re all committed to doing it, so no matter what it takes we all wanna keep on doing it. It’s not just a side project, we’re like a full time band, part time!”


Sean: “We have a lot of writing to do, which we can do, even though everyone’s off in different parts of the world, with the wonders of technology. It means we can


Sean: “We’ve already recorded one song here, and sent it off to Jason Suecof, who resides in Florida I think? He’s been very helpful in pretty much everything haha!”

JJ: “And he’s recorded some of our favourite records; he’s done Beauty and The Breakdown, and a load of cool shit in recent times, and is just a really good producer so I think working with him is gunna give us that super heavy, aggressive, angry album. Which is pretty much what we’re going for. Not in a negative way though, it’s going to be full of… Sean: PASSION! That’s the word!”


JJ: “I go on tour for a month with Deez Nuts, starting in Germany, then off to America, and then back here on the Architects tour, so I’m pretty flat out doing that.

Then back to Australia to do the next Prom Queen tour with Parkway. Sean: “I think Jona is still writing on the new Bring Me The Horizon record, Kevin is the new Entreched album, they recorded a few months ago I think, and have a tour coming up. Jamie has got Carry Me Home, who’re a new pop punk band, they’ve got a few shows coming up, which he’s pleased with. I’m gunna go home and make some coffee’s, pay off my mortgage and get married! That’s a thumbs up to the recorder right there!”


JJ: “Thanks so much for all the support over the years, even though we’ve taken such a long break! Thanks for being patient with us while we get our shit together, and for coming out and supporting us, and hopefully you all stick around to hear the new album!” Sean: “There’s something good coming out, so you guys wanna keep with us!” JJ: “You’ve waited 5 years, just wait another few months. Don’t be a dickhead! We’ve got something really special lined up, and it’s really a step up.” Sean: “If you enjoyed old Prom Queen, whatever you hear from us now is gunna blow your dick and or your pussy or clit, I dunno… I feel a bit rude now… It’ll blow your genitals off, and into another stratosphere.” JJ: “Not to talk it up or anything, but it’ll be the best thing ever.” Thanks for taking the time to talk to us guys. We wish you all the best for the future!

W! | 12

Words and images by: Jake Owens

all write ideas down and send them to eachother wherever we are and bounce ideas off of one another, which means that we aren’t stuck in a position where we have to wait till we’re in a room together to write. So yeah, writing, then we’ve got the Parkway tour in Australia later this year, that’ll be cool, and then hopefully recording early next year in the states.

22 | KENT W! | 14


I also do photography & tend to buy heels I can’t walk in.


I pole dance, look after my two dogs A Chihuahua and a Yorkiepoo, I also I enjoy going to modified car shows.


My favourite song at the moment is Sirens – Get Me Home

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My first was a bow on my lower back, the last one I had done was start of my full sleeve. I’m also getting my ribs done as well as my bum! My favourite so far is either the one on my waist saying “I live For Fun Not For Life” or the one on my left wrist as it goes all the way round.


Most probably Dartford & it’s got to be a WooWoo Cocktail.

DO YOU HAVE ANY UNUSUAL HABITS OR HOBBIES? I suck my thumb when I’m tired still!


GIVE US YOUR BEST CHAT UP LINE? I don’t chat people up. I flirt until they ask me out haha!

WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 5 YEARS TIME? Hopefully shooting loads of sexy alt girls!

Images: David Glover

Djerv are an aggressive rock band, quite clearly metal but still retaining a sense of catchy melody. They have released an album that’s modern but also has elements of reference to black metal. They have achieved unanimous critical acclaim for both the album and live performances. Their debut album was released 2011 and after two days it chartered at number 8. Djerv appeared in early 2010 spawning from Trelldom, Animal Alpha and Stonegard. This summer they are playing 21 European shows including festivals, headliner shows and as special guests to industrial legends; Ministry. We managed to catch up with them during their tour of Belfast. WELCOME TO BELFAST, HOW’S THE TOUR GOING SO FAR? Stian: ”Its going great, it’s really cool to be on the road with Ministry, they’re great guys and they are treating us really well” WOULD ANY OF YOU CONSIDER MINISTRY TO HAVE BEEN MUSICAL W! | 17

HEROES AS YOU WERE GROWING UP? Erlende: ”One of the first shows I went to was a festival when I was 16, I saw Ministry, Fear Factory and Slayer all on the same day. It was a big experience for me. Those three bands were on tour together and Ministry were headlining. Awesome show on the Filth Pig tour, a special experience in my rock and metal upbringing.” HOW DO YOU FEEL THAT DJERV DIFFERS FROM YOUR PREVIOUS BANDS? Stian: “I think that you can still hear some elements because we try to use our personalities in the music that we create. It’s also very important especially with the vocals, to use what we’re most strong at. At the same time we didn’t want to be a blueprint of anything. You want to create your own style.” HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE YOUR SOUND? Stian: “It’s hard-hitting and also a crossover between many genres.” DID YOU ALL LISTEN TO





SIMILAR STYLES OF MUSIC WHEN THE BAND FIRST GOT TOGETHER? OR DID YOU COVER A VARIETY OF THIN GS? Stian: “Really different I think, when you are making music it’s not important what you like or listen to. There’s good and bad music and we all try to make the music that is good.” THE VIDEO FOR “HEADSTONE” CONVEYS AN INTEREST IN HORROR FILMS. IS THAT A PERSONAL - BAND INTEREST? OR WAS IT INFLUENCED BY A DIRECTOR? Agnete: “We all loved the idea when the director came up with it.” Erlende: ”It’s basically based on the lyrics of the track ”I’m coming for your headstone.” It’s very cinematic lyrics. The director is a steady collaborator that we have. He does our photos and he did our first video. He is working a lot with this type of graphic expression. He came up with the idea to do a video in that style and brought in a friend who also

works with 3d animation. We went out to the pub one evening,got hammered and made all these crazy dances. Having an ode to Michael Jackson and the Thriller video,then we just did it.” The 2nd video,is a different style,was it from a different director? Erlende”It is,but it was all that we could afford. It was recorded in my office. Both videos actually were recorded at my label office in a very small space” Stian”We did the Madman video first. We tried out a simple thing first and then we had a good time doing it. So we went for Headstone,I think its good because there is some rock in it” How did the band come together? Erlende “It was in Oslo,which isn’t the biggest city in Europe. The scene isn’t that big. Myself and Agnete(Stonegard and Animal Alpha)our bands disbanded at the same time. We decided that we wanted to form a band together. We were starting to discuss some different people to W! | 18

W! | 19

Erlende: ”It was very easy, very efficient, very little discussion and very little arguments.” Stian: ”Let’s just do it and not think about it too much” WHAT IS THE DEMOGRAPHIC OF YOUR AUDIENCES? DO YOU FIND THAT THEY ARE OLD FANS FROM YOUR PREVIOUS BANDS,NEW OR A MIXTURE OF BOTH? Erlende: ”A mix. There are fans from our old bands, it’s natural. At the beginning, it’s a good starting point but now we are hoping that people are getting into the band based on just what we do. Not based on prior achievements, or what people have heard about previous bands.” INDIVIDUALLY, IS THERE A TRACK THAT STANDS OUT FOR YOU? OR DOES IT VARY?

Stian: ”It is always good to not make them too similar.” Erlende: ”We try to make all the songs have a different unique signature to them. So they are not too much the same. A track like “Only I Exist” is more progressive and introvert. Whereas “Headstone” is naturally catchy and audience friendly.” YOU HAVE BEEN BUSY TOURING AND PLAYING FESTIVALS, IS IT TOO EARLY TO BE THINKING ABOUT NEW MATERIAL? Stian: ”Thinking a lot about it, in the writing process but we have the luxury of being on tour too much so it makes it a little difficult. We are still hoping to have a new record out early next year.” Thanks very much for chatting, hope tonight’s show and the rest of the tour goes well for you.

Images: Jorn Veberg


Erlende: ”It varies in terms of song writing, in terms of audience appeal, in terms of catchiness. It’s different tracks for different purposes.”

Words: Mark Dean

work with. We thought about Stian, gave him a call and just met up. Asked him,and he joined. It was pretty straight forward.”

@ CAMDEN UNDERWORLD One of the most influential metalcore bands of all time have recently reformed and are in the midst of a storming comeback (see interview with the band for details!), and tonight is the end of a European stint which has seen Prom Queen play pretty much everywhere. Wasted! was there at the Underworld to see how the tour wrapped up.

When I Killed The Prom Queen take to the stage it is which a delightful sense of nostalgia and that ‘This is just like the old times’ feeling, which is hard to find, but feels great. Sure, there are bands around pushing metalcore further than Prom Quuen now, but remember, their material is over 5 years old, and they really helped to create the genre we all love so much. Opening with “Your Shirt Sadly, due to the somewhat interWould Look Better With A Cuban esting nature of public transport, Neck Tie” and a HUGE sub drop, combined with a certain high Prom Queen tear through their set street bank (I won’t name names with such energy and enthusiasm but it rhymes with Droids TSP…) that it is infectious, and seems to opening band Romeo Must Die fly past. Special mention has to go were missed, which I’m sorry to new frontman Jamie Hope, who about. sounds like an absolute monster, and rules the stage, acting like he Main support band Bury Tomorrow was in the band all along. New are one of the UK’s most promising track Mementos sounds killer as upcoming metal acts, combining well, and should be released on heaviness with melodic singalong t’internet very soon, which is excitsections and a party atmosphere, ing. Closing the show with “Sharks they’re anything but dull. In fact, In Your Mouth”, roughly 100 fans Bury Tomorrow are really very rush the stage to party with the entertaining to watch live, and the band, which is a refreshing sight, crowd lap it all up. There is much displaying how much fun everyone leaping about and even a fun sized had tonight, both the band and wall of death. Lovely. Great effort fans. Pretty much a perfect set. from Southampton’s finest, who, Very impressive. incidentally, JUST released a new (10/10) cd! What more could you want? Not a lot you muppet! - Jake Owens (9/10)

W! | 22

Words and images by: Jake Owens

UK tech fest If you enjoy mind bending poly-rhythms, painfully fast guitar playing and bobbing your head, you really should have been at the UK’s first Tech Metal Festival, held in the sunny market town of Alton! Friday. Nexilva – Ok so it’s not tech metal, but it’s just too fucking heavy to ignore. These northern chaps absolutely destroy, even without a drummer. By far the heaviest act of the weekend, and one of the most enjoyable to boot. Awesome. (9/10) No Consequence – No Consequence have been out of serious action for a while as they write album number 2, but they’re still an incredibly tight unit. Now with just the one vocalist, the songs certainly sound a bit different to how we know them, but Kaan is a bit of a beast, so all is well. Oh, and the new songs sound ace. (8/10)

treat us to some pretty impressive guitar work by themselves before they are joined on stage by vocalist Jay for a few more songs. To finish, Chimp Spanner’s drummer Borris joins the band for the finale, which goes down a treat. Great fun, great tunes. (9/10) Chimp Spanner – Let’s be clear, Paul is a bit of a genius on the ol’ geetar. He’s a very competent player and is appreciated by the tech fans here tonight. That’s out the way then. The issue I have is that it’s just a bit sterile. Having no vocalist makes the set seem very slow, which it sort of is. The music is very impressive, but not too easy to get into, which kind of made it drag. A real shame, as the good bits are really good. (6/10) Saturday.

Mask Of Judas – One of the early highlights of a pretty tired (Hung Over) Hacktivist – Downtuned Saturday were Mask Of bass. Check. 8 String Judas, and the highlight guitar. Check. Two rappers. of their band may or Err… Ok then. It sounds a not be the gorgeous bit weird, but Hacktivist female vocalist. Looks make their odd blend aside, their sound is work brilliantly, generating crushingly heavy with a great crowd reception. some truly ridiculous Here’s hoping that they’re widdly bits and speedy a game changer rather drumming, which is than a gimmick band, as nice. All in all, a pretty they’re great fun and have solid performance. a pretty massive sound. A (7/10) nice change. (8/10) Bilo – Bilo kinda suffers Aliases – Poor old Aliases. the same issues as They are playing tonight Chimp Spanner did last without the aid of a night, he’s a stupidly drummer OR bassist. good guitar player, and Improvisation is the name plays some impressive of the game though, so stuff, but it’s just not all guitarists Pin and Leah that memorable. That’s

W! | 24

a shame as he’s a talented chap, and the crowd seem to enjoy the music. (6/10) The Algorithm – Oh my. Walking up to a desk with a laptop and a weird pad contraption to start a set seems a tad odd at a tech fest, but fear not. The Algorithm are/ is an absolute mindfuck. But in a good way. It’s like Djent and Dubstep at once. Djentstep? Possibly, either way it’s great fun, even if everyone does get horribly sweaty. What a laugh though, and the best way to break up the day of music. (9/10) Textures – Coming on stage 40 minutes after you were scheduled to start isn’t the best way to get a set going, but it’s nothing on the bands part. However they soon launch into what has to be the grooviest set of the weekend so far. The crowd respond suitably, and go mental, which only spurs the band on more. Great way to end another day of brilliant music, Textures are worth checking out. (8/10) Sunday. Destiny Potato – Yes it’s a silly name, and yes it’s that Bilo chap again, only this time, it’s different. Enter 2 female vocalists, one who screams and one clean singer, and you have a much more enticing blend of music. By simply adding some vocals to similar sounding tech tracks, Destiny Potato are genuinely entertaining. Much better. (7/10) Red Seas Fire – They’re amazing. They have so much groove and sound so heavy that the crowd

go nuts. It doesn’t hurt that guitarist Nolly just joined djent superstars Periphery either. One of the only bands who can blend that ‘djenty’ sound with genuine heaviness really well, RSF are a definite highlight of the weekend. Look them up. (9/10) Monuments – Considering that Monuments haven’t released their debut album yet, the buzz around them is huge. It’s sort of easy to see why, even if they aren’t especially different from everything else we’ve been hearing all weekend, they’re tight and their tunes sound pretty huge. New vocalist Matt Rose has a really good voice on him, and adds another dimension to the bands sound. A band for Britain to be proud of? Yepp. (8/10) Sylosis – The Shredding from Reading. That’s how Sylosis have been billed for quite some time now, and it’s pretty easy to see why. They shred like bastards. It’s not really Tech Metal, but they certainly have tech elements in their thrashy sound, and what a sound it is! Considering they don’t downtune at all, and only play on 6 strings, the riffs being played sound pure evil, and the shreddy sections are especially shreddy. If you like more extreme music, give these guys a go. Thank us later. (10/10)

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Words and images by: Jake Owens

Midnight Realm - Polarissima Typically, I’m not really a fan of genre-labels; I’ve always found that shoving ‘melodic’ or ‘core’ next to a random word is both meaningless and unhelpful. Having said that however, I couldn’t listen to ‘Midnight Realm’s debut E.P. Polarissima without coming up with a brand new genre tag that, for me at least, seemed to sum up their sound perfectly. Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce... Harp-core. Jokes aside though, ‘Midnight Realm’ should certainly not be taken lightly because Polarissima, despite having a title that could easily have been taken from Harry Potter’s spell book, is actually quite amazing. As all that Harp-core bollocks from earlier suggests; ‘Midnight Realm’ flit between symphonic bliss, razor sharp metal and filthy hardcore beat downs. Surprisingly however, they pull off all three sounds with equal success.

‘As Gods’ spend too much of their new E.P., Crystalline, trying to create a fusion of abrasive rock and spacey ambience and the resulting noise doesn’t quite work. The heavy guitars chug unimaginatively, whilst the clean riffs at the back of the mix are interesting but too similar throughout the four tracks. Crystalline also suffers from a lack of pace, with the entire E.P. seemingly sticking to one tempo and refusing to budge. Consequently, the record gets monotonous fairly quickly and future efforts from the band would seriously benefit from mixing it up a bit in terms of speed and rhythm. And if that doesn’t get on your nerves, the attempt at an evil-maniac laugh in the middle of ‘Wolves of Siberia’ and the ridiculously pitchy scream before ‘Faith’s guitar solo certainly will. There are bright moments though; the vocals are unique and utilise strong melodies and the chorus in the title track is something

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When Polarissima shifts into its hardcore gear, you wouldn’t believe the same band would be capable of stylishly orchestrated piano melodies but moments later, that’s exactly what happens and all of a sudden it’s hard to imagine you were two-stepping to a breakdown moments earlier. And it’s this willingness to take all elements of their sound to extremes that marks ‘Midnight Realm’ as a truly exciting band and it places them streets ahead of the hundreds of Nightwish clones who clumsily attempt to combine metal with symphony. Speaking of which, there is also a touch of goth here for those who are that way inclined, but if black make up and spiky leather aren’t your thing, it’s subtle enough to ignore if you so wish. E.P. highlights include the instrumental title track, clearly plucked straight from the branches of the epic tree, which leads into second track ‘Abstract Connections’ via a very Maiden-esqué lead guitar riff. Also look out for ‘Mystic Revelations’ which brings the band’s metal roots to the forefront with a ‘Still Remains’ kind of vibe. The Harp is in track three by the way. Craig Elvy - 9/10

to behold. Frustratingly however, whatever momentum ‘As Gods’ build up is often shattered by a misplaced instrumental section, just when you were about to start head-banging like a woodpecker on acid. What’s more, despite the awful scream before it, the solo in ‘Faith’ is quite brilliant but for all its majesty and proficiency you do wonder why these lead guitar skills are so underused. The only song which works on Crystalline is ‘Puzzle’ which leaves behind the heavier elements of the band’s sound in favour of electronic beats and soft echoed guitars. It’s a total deviation from the other three tracks and a welcome surprise. ‘As Gods’ seem to find a more natural home when they turn off the distortion and their downtempo tendencies don’t become frustrating because you’re no longer expecting them to induce any moshpits. You get the feeling that if the band could focus on this area of their music, they could become something special but as it stands, their attempt to mix metal with ambience haven’t yielded results. Craig Elvy - 6/10

Shattered Skies - Reanimation ‘Shattered Skies’ have made quite a name for themselves in the live circuit as of late. Having recently returned from playing Hard Rock Hell in Ibiza (what a chore that must have been...), the Dublin lads are now signed up for this summer’s Bloodstock and UK Tech-Metal festivals. Their latest E.P., entitled Reanimation, manages to translate that live success to record, giving a perfect of example of what this promising band are all about. The four-piece describe their sound as “melodic groove metal” which as far as genre labels go is frankly, bullshit. Instead of sounding like the diet-Pantera that phrase suggests, ‘Shattered Skies’ actually mix first class progressive metal with some unique symphonic elements. Perhaps they were just trying to avoid being called ‘Djent’... But whatever genre you burden the band with, Reanimation is undoubtedly an excellent effort that, despite its

Kissed By Kate – Ninety One Days On My first listen through Kissed By Kate’s debut EP release had me double checking my iTunes, convinced I’d accidentally started playing through a secret stash of unreleased Exit Ten tracks. This may sound derogatory, but don’t be misled – for a fresh-faced band to be able to pull of ET-style powerful , melodic vocals and understated but incredibly welljudged guitar work in such a confident, and above all, enjoyable way – I’m nothing short of impressed. Singer Steve’s vocal

six-song length, feels closer to album-quality than 90% of other E.P.s out there. Vocalist, Sean Murphy’s soaring melodies are reminiscent of Dream Theater’s James LaBrie at his peak and the musicianship is as tight and precise as you’d expect, despite the unpredictable rhythms and eccentric solo sections. However what really makes Reanimation a great listen is that unlike many technical bands, ‘Shattered Skies’ put “the song” first; the E.P is stacked with inspired choruses and dreamy piano-led breaks which allow the songs to breathe instead of becoming suffocated in a storm of technical ability. It goes without saying that, like any progressive band, ‘Shattered Skies’ are not for everyone. Every track penetrates the fiveminute mark and the record is rife with choral arrangements, orchestral pieces, instrumental breaks and every other prog metal hallmark that would make a punk fan recoil in fear. However if your musical taste extends beyond a few powerchords and two-step beat, then there’s something here for you. If you’re a fan of metal, prog, classical music or if you’re a musician then you’ll get a kick out of ‘Reanimation’. Craig Elvy - 8/10

work is passionate and accomplished, soaring across the canvas created by the atmospheric, but surprisingly punchy dual-guitar work, all tied together by the tight, powerful rhythm section. Kissed By Kate have serious potential. For a debut EP, ‘Ninety One Days On’ packs a punch above its class, without a single bad track rearing an ugly head. Some of the hooks need work, and they could probably do with divorcing themselves from the Exit Ten comparisons, but this is the sort of thing that only develops with experience – so head over to their store, part with a fiver, and give this band space to grow. Ryan Law - 7.5/10

vocals continues throughout the release, creating a pervasive atmosphere both emotionally raw and beautiful.

Montauk Demo EP Review It’s rare to find an initial offering from a band that leaves you lusting after a second release, and even rarer to find it for free; yet somehow, Montauk’s 4-track EP delivers just this. Combining early Underoathesque atmospherics with the hooks and lyrical honesty of The Used, Montauk bring a surprisingly endearing take on post-hardcore to an already overfilled table.

Opening track ‘Blinking In Reverse’ contrasts sparkling, delay-drenched clean-guitars with bass-line driven vocal passages à la Brand New, a combination that works far better than it initially sounds. This combination of genre-typical instrumentalism, combined with understated but impassioned

WOLVES - CYCLES Wolves are a 5piece hardcore outfit from the valley (Wales), and their new EP Cycles is ferocious and wild, with eerie calms and melodies, that personify the very essence of welsh valleys. The opening track Divide starts off fast and then flows into something slow and sinister that produces real atmosphere. This atmosphere then has its throat slit but a crunchy ending that just honestly wants’

Despite the fact that Montauk could very easily fall into the trap of being just another lo-fi post-hardcore band trying to cash in on a popular trend, there’s something about this release’s simplicity and clarity that makes their Demo EP fundamentally enjoyable. The recording isn’t perfect, and the lyrics aren’t as eloquent as they could be, but the overall impression of the record is one of inherent sincerity. It isn’t a ground-breaking release by any means, but it’s delivered with such honesty that you simply can’t fault them for it; you expect melody, you expect contrast between the heavy and the delicate, but you don’t expect it to feel so natural. Simply put, if you want your monthly dose of post-hardcore, and you want to get it from a band that understands it as well as they play it, then look no further. Ryan Law - 7.5/10

to make you hit something. The three songs that follow offer the same cocktail of channeled anger and melancholy riffs. A really awesome offering from Wolves, and a must listen for anyone with a passion for hardcore, or just good music. George Crome 8/10

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WASTED! Magazine issue #19  

WASTED! Magazine issue #19