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[W! #16] Hey everyone, glad to see you’ve got your eye balls on the 16th issue of W! Starting over on PAGE 3 we introduce you to the likes of ‘MIND MUSEUM’, ‘CRYBABY SPECIAL & THE MONSTERS’, ‘SUBSERVIENCE’ & MAINE RIVER. I give my opinion on ‘IN TIME’ in this month’s BLUSH BANTER over on PAGE 5. The very beautiful ‘MASUBI’ graces us with her presence for this month’s ALT BEAUTY on PAGE 16. We’ve interviewed the likes of ‘ANIMUS SADIST’ (PAGE 6), ‘INME’ (PAGE 20), We’ve been busy bees & could’ve been sighted at the likes of ‘TDWP’ (page 9), ‘ALESANA’ (page 10) & ‘INME’ (page 13) shows, go & see what we thought of them. Next month will be featuring an interview with the likes of ‘INME’ & more! We also hope to be featuring reviews of In Ruins latest & may even have a little catch up with Silent Descent about their new album which is set to be released late March. We’re also going to be featuring a new rant column provided by Mr Steve Cross (Cross is Cross) STAY WASTED! Lots of love, Zoe Blush xo


WHO ARE YOU & WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Were called Crybaby Special and The Monsters, and the three of us are from the Medway Towns in Kent. WHAT DO YOU SOUND LIKE? We’ve been described as ‘exuberant garage folk punk from the Medway Delta’ from Bugbear Promotion who run gigs in London, which was nice. Though our favourite one yet to describe our sound has got to be ‘Creepy, eerie, spider jiggery’ from WHY SHOULD WE LISTEN TO YOU? We’d like people to listen to us because even though there is a hell of a lot of talent coming out from all over the place at the moment, there doesn’t seem to be anyone playing the same sort of sound as us which allows us to stand out amongst other emerging bands. Also it’s quite hard to exactly pin point the genre we play, which is nice because it can attract all sorts of fans of different genre’s..not just specifically one.

WHO ARE YOU & WHERE ARE YOU FROM? We are Mind Museum an Alt rock band from Bristol, UK which consists of Justin E Percival singer/bass player, Guitarist Will Slater and Chas Bacon Drums

Monday 5th of March at Vibes Bar on Brick Lane, London - Free Entry

WHAT DO YOU SOUND LIKE? We’re a three piece Rock band that plays riff/melodic rock music. We mix quiet – Loud - Pop - heavy Rock. Urgent guitars & emotional wrought vocals and take influences from a wide range of artists influences from the likes of Biffy Clyro and Muse; Through to the likes of The Cure, Middle Class Rut and Placebo.

Wednesday 7th of March at The Bracket in Margate - Free Entry

WHY SHOULD WE LISTEN TO YOU? We put our blood, sweat and tears into this band and we like to think our music is a bit different and has a unique sound that isn’t really categorised under a set genre, something that’s a bit different to other bands out there at the minute. We really believe your readers will like what we are doing musically and we love to meet new people!

WHAT DO YOU SOUND LIKE? Hardcore Punk. We sound like Polar, Cancer Bats, The Bronx, Converge and Gallows.

UP COMING SHOWS March 10th The Thunderbolt, March 17th The Louisiana April 29th The Fleece & Firkin (Live Music Scene All Dayer) CONTACT INFO E-mail: Website:


UP COMING SHOWS Sunday 4th of March at Mojo’s in Chatham supporting The Pantomine Villains £5 entry

Friday 9th of March at Poco Loco in Chatham - £3.00 entry

Sheerness - Free Entry Saturday 17th of March at Googies in Folkestone - Free Entry Monday 19th of March at Vibe Bar on Brick Lane, London with The Flowing, Pity Party and Tape Error - Free Entry Wednesday 28th of March at Powers Bar in London - £1.00 Entry Friday 30th of March at Wired in Margate - £3/4.00 entry Saturday 21st of April at St Catherines Church in New Cross London Friday 4th of May at Style and Winch Maidstone for the Fringe Festival Smuggler’s Festival at the end of August CONTACT INFO Email: crybabyspecialandthemonsters@

Friday 16th of March at The Ivy Leaf in WHO ARE YOU & WHERE ARE YOU FROM? We are “Tonight, We Ride” from Rochester Kent.

WHY SHOULD WE LISTEN TO YOU? We’ve all come from a different genre of bands and together we wanted to create something brutal, but at the same time, something we could be proud of and have fun with. Smashing ear drums with our monstrous riffs, pounding drum beats and dual vocals not to mention our energetic live performances, we thrive on giving our crowd a good fucking time to remember! With the support of BBC Introducing, A Wolf At Your Door Records Showcasing and many awesome band’s, Tonight, We Ride are coming for you in 2012! Be ready! UP COMING SHOWS March 18th/ Red Lion Gravesend/ Teenage Cancer Trust Charity Show-All

day event March 24th/ Ivy Leaf Bar Sheerness/ Other bands tbc April 28th/ Oast House in Rainham/ Nightmare Theatre – Resurrected – All day event May 13th/ Westcoast Bar Margate/ Supporting Polar. CONTACT INFO E-mail/bookings: Tonight%2C+We+Ride

your venue! We want to prove that the underground metal scene is alive and well! WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT? We’ve had enough of identikit bands with skinny jeans playing technical but ultimately boring music, so we’re here to inject the scene with the much needed heaviness that it deserves. Our music punches you full force in the face and apologises for absolutely nothing. It’s brutal but catchy, with plenty of parts to scream along, bang your head and drink beer to. We give you an exciting new take on modern metal, so come to a show, grab a copy of the EP when it comes out and say hi! We really appreciate it when people come and chat to us after a show, lets us know we’re doing our job! We’re going to have a very busy 2012, so get hold of us on Facebook and keep up to date with the news in the Subservience camp and see if we’re coming to your town soon! WHO ARE YOU? We are Subservience from Brighton and our collective interests include metal, more metal, beer, and metal. We play very intense and relentless music that takes elements from Death Metal, Thrash, Melo-death, aand Grindcore and spits out what we can only describe as concentrated chaos. WHERE ARE YOU GOING? We’re just about to release our new EP

Dystopia and we’ll be touring the hell out of that for the rest of the year all over the country, and we’re also going to be recording a video for Masterpiece of Deceit from the EP, so expect to be seeing that on TV and Youtube within the next few months! We’ll definitely be coming to a town near you at some point so if you want to be aurally assaulted, get down to one of our shows and go mental! Also, promoters, get in touch with us as we want to bring the chaos to

FUTURE GIGS 29/3 – The Fighting Cocks, Kingston 31/3 – Tap N Tin, Medway, Kent 07/4 – Pandemonium Club, Maidstone, Kent (supporting BEHOLDER) 18/4 – The Forum, Hatfield, Herts CONTACT INFO E-mail:

music as much as possible. We have plans for a tour around the UK this coming summer, followed by one or two festival slots. We then plan to head back to the studio to release a brand new EP.

WHO ARE YOU? We are Maine River, a four piece Atmospheric Alt Rock band from Chatham, Kent. The band is made up of lead vocalist & guitarist, Damon Griffiths, Matt Bugby – guitar, Matt Marshall – Bass and Nick Rowe on drums. We have been together for around 8 months now after previous bands fell apart. We met each other through our old bands, sharing the

WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT? Its hard to say why we are different, as every band always gets compared to someone else on the scene but we feel that within our local scene at least, were bringing something fresh and new. We have been influenced by so many bands and have taken snippets from what we think are other bands best qualities and tried to combine them within our songs. stage several times. One thing lead to another and we got together and started writing music. WHERE ARE YOU GOING? Were currently practicing hard, making sure our set is as tight as possible and ensure our performance is engaging and captivating. We intend to tour the country, reaching out to new listeners and share our

FUTURE GIGS Sat 14th April – The Penny Whistle, Northampton w/ We Are Fiction Sun 22nd April – The Westcoast Bar, Margate w/ Closure in Moscow CONTACT INFO E-mail:


Keeper (Murphy) & is forced to go on the run with his beautiful, wealthy hostage. They end up having to live minute by minute back in Will’s side of town, their budding romance forming over time as they continue on their quest to fight the unfair system. It’s quite confusing actually, this film made me feel an array of emotions. On the one hand I was thinking ‘fuck yes, someone gets it, a film has been made here that really hits home’ but then in the same heartbeat you can really point out a lot of flaws within the film.

Despite it coming out back in November 2011, I stumbled across the chance to watch ‘In Time’ an action packed 109 minutes featuring the likes of Justin Timberlake, the very sexy Amanda Seyfried & the utterly gorgeous Cillian Murphy. Although, admittedly, Justin Timberlake is somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine when it comes to his music and dance moves, I’ve often found myself almost wincing at his acticing. When compared to his appearances in such films as ‘Social Network’ or ‘Alpha Dog’, I was half expecting over an hour of him walking round with a beer saying ‘mother fucker’ at every possible situation, reinstating his baby ganster act when actually, he displays a rather mature and impressive performance in this film. In this film, time really is money. Everyone is born with a year on the clock which starts counting down on their 25th birthday, never actually aging past 25. From then on they must both earn & spend their time rather than money. The rich can live infinately, where as those in the ghetto are forced to go day by day, watching the clock, doing whatever they can to survive. Will Salas (Timberlake) ends up with more time on his hands than he bargins for & as a result, meets the very lovely Sylvia (Seyfried) certain events lead to Will being accused of murder by the Time

In my opinion, in his role of the ‘Time Keeper’, Cillian Muprhy was slightly put to waste, & there was a lot in the film that they could have gone into more detail with. They seemed a little rushed for time themselves (oh, the irony!) In terms of acting and the film as a whole I would probably give it a 7.5/10 but in terms of morals and thoughts behind a film I’d definitely be giving this at least 8.5 if not 9. There are a lot of medeocre to decent films where you sit there after and are left thinking: fair enough, that pretty good and then nothing more, but this one left me thinking ‘YES’, there is actually a lot more behind this film than a hot girl and guns. I’d deffinitely watch this again and advise you to do so if you haven’t already!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now wishing everyone a very Happy Birthday this April! 1st - Russ Petch (25), Matt Overton (20) 2nd - Jon Cook, Adam Santer (22), Dan Peters 3rd - Graeme Lawrenson, Adam York (27), Grant Thurlow (23) 4th - Terry Lee 5th - Sophie Hatton 6th - Pheonix Bondi (28), Bernie Doyle (20) 7th - Jason Dean (22), Jack Biggs (20) 8th - DenDen (22) 9th - Danny Osborne (27) 10th - Jasz Conkie (22) 12th - Brett Smith, Pete Spence 22 14th - Luke Heaver (20), George Miller (20) 17th - El Neilous (32) 20th - Diviyen Mehta (19) 21st - Sam Blowey (20)


23rd - George Chrome (21), Tommy Tasker (25) 25th - Matt Hussey (26), Charlotte Bailey 26th - Joe Costello (22) Hope you all have a lovely day & get extremely WASTED! Lots of love, The W! Team



WE GOT A CHANCE TO CATCH UP WITH RISING LOCALS ‘ANIMUS SADIST’, HERE’S WHAT THEY HAD TO SAY ABOUT THEIR LATEST EVENTS AND GOINGS ON! FOR THOSE WHO DON’T KNOW, WHO ARE YOU? We are animus sadist, from London DESCRIBE YOUR SOUND TO A FIRST TIME LISTENER? Hmm tough one our first set of tracks (e.p) were just really heavy we were new to seven strings and wanted to make good use of the range. There’s a lot of black dahlia influence, but with new heavy

breakdowns, our newer stuff is more melodic, when I say melodic, people confuse that with being less heavy, people couldn’t be more wrong. As we have progressed as a band our music has been become just that, progressive. We have a Djent influence, technical metal influence with time signature changes, poly rhythms all that nice stuff. We wanted to

be way more technical and we have done it but we

get labelled death core because of my vocal style I mainly use gutturals, mids and shrieks. If you ask me personally I would say we are progressive death metal. YOU’VE RECENTLY RELEASED AN E.P, WHAT WAS THE GENERAL RESPONSE YOU RECEIVED? With the e.p we received quite a good response, a few more show offers and the live response has been incredible. People know the lyrics and they go chicken shit crazy. HOW DID YOU FIND THE WRITING & RECORDING PROCESS? The writing process was probably one of the hardest things we have gone through in the band, as well had literally just got

together and wrote songs so we could perform live. Cold dead hands was the product of a few bedroom jams, before we had a full line-up. Shortly after James wrote violence is the solution and then straight after Joe joined we wrote Praying to an empty sky and he contributed. The reason it was so hard was we had to really think about making it sound like us when now it is effortless. We ended up throwing out half of the riffs we had written because they weren’t ‘Animus’. The recording process for the e.p was pretty stress free for everyone apart from Kyron as he was on mixing and mastering duty. I tracked vocals at home in my bedroom and all the guitars were tracked at our guitarist house, so we were all super relaxed. The hardest thing for me was making sure everything was understandable and over annunciated. We toned down the highs quite a lot so that they fitted with the current sound of the band. Sounds crazy but that is what we went with. WHAT ARE YOUR PERSONAL FAVOURITE TRACKS & WHY? Jackson: Violence is the solution. Simply because of how huge and emotional it sounds and how long I have spent on the lyrics. Stuart: Cold dead hands Because it is the most enjoyable to play, it was the song that I first learnt to enter animus and I will always have a bond because that was the song that proved my worth to the band, even though they were already close friends.

Joe: Praying to an empty sky. Because was the first song I contributed too and it’s catchy as fuck. IF YOU GET WASTED WITH ANY DECEASED MUSICIAN OR BAND THAT HAVE SPLIT UP, WHO WOULD IT BE? Two words, Dimebag Darrell. TELL US ABOUT YOUR FIRST EVER GIG? We played with Beneath the tide, Charon, What the night brings

headlined the show. It was a really good feeling, finally getting up there and doing it was amazing. We played really fast because the whole band were so nervous. WHAT’S THE MOST DESTRUCTION YOU’VE EVER CAUSED AT A GIG? At our first headline show we counted eight black eyes, and Stuart before he became the bassist gave a chick a concussion (he didn’t mean too) WHO DO YOU THINK IS THE HOTTEST ALTERNATIVE MODEL/FEMALE BAND MEMBER? Julian from despite my Deepest fear me and Stuart love him <3 xoxo IF YOU COULD CREATE YOUR IDEAL SUMMER FESTIVAL, WHAT WOULD IT BE CALLED, WHO WOULD BE ON THE BILL & WHO WOULD IT BE SPONSORED BY? This is a good one, I’d call it DeathFest and it would have ambulances on standby for every set and air lifting. I’d get ROT (Reign of tyranny) to open, because I love those dudes,

Devourment, Putrid pile, Then us. Then betraying the martyrs, Carnifex, As blood runs black, The black dahlia murder, Cerebral bore, Dying fetus, Whitechapel, Born of osiris, After the burial, The acacia strain, The faceless and then Meshuggah to headline. It would be sponsored by Bassets because I fucking love milk bottles and Emerge because every practice that is all we drink, that 35p drink is our petrol to write the riffs. Rotary heaven because everyone loves a sick tattoo. WHAT IS THE MOST LISTENED TO TRACK ON YOUR IPOD’S AT THE MOMENT? Personally the Carpathian by the acacia strain because Vincent Bennet has the Eminem shock value sometimes I’m listening like FUCK did he just say that. A lot of death metal is ridiculous people spouting about gutting orphans raping pigs and what not. Vincent genuinely hates everyone, I think that’s cool as fuck. IF YOU COULD BE ANY OTHER BAND FOR THE DAY, WHO WOULD YOU BE & WHY?

Local I would play guitar for ROT (reign of tyranny) just because they are so ridiculously heavy and I would have so much fun on stage pulling stupid faces and ‘getting low’. Then for touring I would do vocals for The acacia strain, I would just love to go on stage and sing some hate filled songs and watch emos trash each other in pits. WHO HAS BEEN YOUR FAVOURITE BAND TO PLAY WITH SO FAR? I would say Silhouette of a ghost, because they have THE RIFFS. They are the nicest dudes and everything about them is just sick. If you get the chance to see these guys live, do. WE’VE RECENTLY HEARD ABOUT JAME’S DEPARTURE. WHAT BROUGHT THAT ON & DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT THE MATTER? Sadly James has decided to leave the band as he wishes to take his musical studies to university and his course will take up all of his time. We are going to start touring by summer so him staying in the band would have only held

technical instead of just following the guitars. The riffs are the sickest things I have ever heard Joe or James come out with, I am both proud and exited. I cannot wait to hear and see peoples reactions, the more progressive Djent sound is way more our style than our previous e.p. We have been described as ‘Whitechapel and Vildhjarta’s love child’ I am also super exited that we are touring this year. HAVE YOU GOT ANYTHING TO SAY TO THE W! READERS? Stay tuned for better songs on better gear, better live shows, our new bassist Stuart is nuts he gets us all pumped as fuck, be ready for some intense shows. Come to a show, buy a shirt, buy the e.p and stay tuned for the newer, better, heavier Animus fucking Sadist. Check out all of our homies Reign of tyranny, Silhouette of a ghost, Rotary heaven (, Ricky williams ( like our Facebook page (linked below) and support your local scene.

Words: Zoe Blush

WHAT’S NEXT ON THE AGENDA FOR ANIMUS SADIST? We have got a lot on the cards at the moment, as many of you have seen we have had a shitty time with members, we have had many bassists come and go which always made the band feel like something was wrong. Recently out bassist Charlie quit. At the time Stuart and I were getting our hair cut, I told Stuart that Charlie was leaving and that we wanted someone permanent who wouldn’t flake out. Stuart sitting the in chair getting short back and sides, instantly said he would fill in for a short period of time. After we left the shop we discussed at length and I explained to him that if he could learn the riffs and prove himself to the band there would be a warm welcoming as a permanent bassist. Stuart learnt the riffs, he stayed up till the early hours

of each morning practising and came to his first band practice and nailed it, we haven’t looked back since. The band has always been friends with Stuart since Animus started so this was the best move we could have made. It actually feels like we a strong and stable family with no members that will piss off like a little bitches like some have. He really upped the whole stage presence and general feel of the band so we are super happy to have him. Now that we have a stable line up we going to up our online presence, get a music video, promos, live shots, interviews, tours etc. We are also about to start tracking our second e.p it will be a 5 track e.p most politically motivated, talking about the corruption our world must endure. I’m done slating religion, everyone already knows it’s shit. There is also a nice personal one in there too. The instrumentation has really been stepped up, the guitar and drum work are FAR more technical, mature, well structured and extremely well written. The vocal patterns are far more

Images by: Jack Sheen

the band back, as he stated himself. This leaves us as a four piece, we are looking for a new lead guitar player now, if you wish to audition get in touch at

FORMED IN 2008, THE TREATMENT ARE “HIGH ENERGY ROCK WITH A TOUCH OF LYNYRD SKYNYRD & THE SEX PISTOLS” I HAD A CHAT WITH BEN BROOKLAND (LEAD GUITAR) AND MATT JONES (VOCALS) AHEAD OF THEIR DEBUT N. IRELAND SHOW AT THE DIAMOND ROCK CLUB. NEXT ON THE BANDS AGENDA IS A 5 TRACK COVERS E.P. WHAT WENT INTO THE SONG CHOICES AND WHO PICKED THEM? “It was a band choice, between all of us, just tunes that we have grown up with, love and there’s probably a few on there that people might not necessarily think that we like. We love our classic rock and stuff, and we delved into the archives. “We didn’t want to go for the obvious ones; a few people would have gone for just tunes from the ‘70s”.

HIGH? “It’s not something we have ever sat down and thought about. We have always wanted to play music and its developed from there. We have been very fortunate in the fact that was the start of things just starting to build. Last year things just went from strength to strength which was incredible, really. Definitely”. THE TOUR IRELANDS MILLION RELOAD


SEEMED TO BE A REAL SUCCESS. WHAT WAS IT LIKE TOURING WITH THAT PACKAGE NIGHT AFTER NIGHT? “We had a great time; I mean it was our first real experience of touring, with such lovely blokes, with MDR and the Lethargy guys. It’s great because tonight they are all here, because we are great mates. It was just a lovely experience. It was a great atmosphere”. DID ALICE COOPER, WHEN YOU TOURED WITH HIM, GIVE YOU ANY WORDS OF ADVICE? DID YOU GET THE CHANCE TO MEET HIM? “He recommended the pasta which was good advice. Professionally he was a lovely, lovely bloke, very welco-ming”. I’M SURE THAT WAS A HUGE BUZZ FOR YOU GUYS. WAS HE ONE OF YOUR MUSIC



HEROES MUSICALLY GROWING UP? “Yes, without a doubt. Meeting a legend like that was good enough for us”. YOU ALSO HAVE AN UPCOMING

TOUR WITH THIN LIZZY- WHICH IS AGAIN PLAYING WITH LEGENDS AND PERSONAL HEROES? “Yes one of my first ever gigs was Thin Lizzy, when John Sykes fronted the band. We are actually playing in the same venue with them- so its going to be unbelievable”. DID YOU GET TO MEET JOHN SYKES AT THAT SHOW? “No, I was very young and I just enjoyed it, a brilliant guitar player. Every line-up they have had, has been really good, I really like the new one. They are such great songs, and I think that they do it justice. Ricky puts the Irish charm into it and makes it sound like Lizzy again.” IT COMES ACROSS IN OTHER INTERVIEWS I HAVE READ WITH THAT BAND THAT YOU COME ACROSS AS CRAZY GUYS. WHO IS THE WILDEST IN THE BAND? (Tagore Grey points at Dhani) “He’s the joker”. “None of the band are massive drinkers. For us there is a time and a place for everything when we work, we work and when we party, we party. At the end of a tour, for example. Doing the music is enough. I don’t think we need to stick anything else in there. We have a great time anyway. For us we are passionate about it and don’t want anything to get in the way, so we can do the best that we can”. SO THE AFTER SHOW I’M ATTENDING, DRESSING UP FOR (THE BANDS FAN LIKE TO DRESS UP IN A MEDICAL THESE AS DOCTORS AND NURSES) THAT WILL BE A QUIET AND SEDATE AFFAIR THEN? “We have nothing coming up for a few weeks so this will be an opportunity, you’ll have to just wait and see…” WHAT PERSONAL SACRIFICES HAVE YOU GUYS HAD TO MAKE TO MAKE THIS BAND WORK? “Nothing much really, for us it doesn’t really feel like a sacrifice. Obviously with Laurie our manager (his son is in the band), it just felt like moving from one home to another, and its great because even when we are on tour- it’s a home away from home, we are never missing out on anything because we are always

with each other, it’s a great thing”. WHERE DO YOU DRAW YOUR MUSICAL INFLUENCE FROM? IS THERE A VARIETY OF SOURCES? OR DO YOU ALL COME FROM A CLASSIC ROCK BACKGROUND? “We wear out influences on tour sleeves. There’s certainly a DC element, definitely a Zeppelin in there, Thin Lizzy, Priest and stuff, Sex Pistols. We still listen to modern bands, Killswitch and other kinds of modern metal bands. I don’t think that we are the kind of people that just sit there and genre define what we listen to, if it’s a good tune and we like it, we like it”. “We diversify in the growth of the band, if we stay listening to the same bands we would just grow stagnant, as a band, as musicians. So it’s nice to take on board things from around the world”.

“Probably the new wave of British Heavy Metal, The First Monsters of rock would be cool, because that’s where it all kind of started for that sort of thing. It would be nice to be through a period of each decade, 69-73 and then 79-83”. BY PASSING THE GRUNGE ERA THEN? - “No some of it was good” (ALICE IN CHAINS?) “I wouldn’t say Alice in Chains are grunge. I would say they are a metal band. They get lumped into that grunge thing, just because they were from Seattle in


MEDICAL LINK? –SONG CALLED “THE DOCTOR”, FANS DRESSING UP ETC “It just kind of works, Dhani and all of us are big Dr Feelgood fans, we liked that name and thought we would get something like that. Because we are called The Treatment the whole medical thing goes with it”. IF YOU COULD BE A PART OF ANY MOVEMENT IN MUSICAL HISTORY BE IT A CERTAIN CONCERT, FESTIVAL OR ERA WHAT WOULD IT BE AND WHY?

the ‘90s. its almost like every band from the early ‘90s got labelled with the grunge tag. At the end of the day if you

like the music, you like the music”. DO YOU NOTICE YOUR FAN BASE INCREASING WITH EVERY TOUR? “Increasing especially with the ladies, just a perk of the job”. SMALL SWEATY CLUBS OR BIG CONCERT HALLS/FESTIVALS? “A mixture of both, sweaty concert halls. We like doing either because of the sort of clubs you can get in peoples faces, you can get a connection”.

FINALLY FAVOURITE SONG TO PLAY LIVE? OR DOES IT VARY NIGHT TO NIGHT? “Recently I have been enjoying “Just Tell Me Why”, the slower more groovy stuff.” ON THE ALBUM THERE IS AN

“Big venues the sound is better and you can get more room to move, its nice at the moment

AS I THINK THAT SEVERAL OTHER ALBUM TRACKS WOULD WORK IN THAT FORMAT? “Maybe in the future, if you have come and seen us a few times and get bored with the set, then perhaps we change it around a bit. It is definitely something we will keep in mind. Not something that we would want to do at the moment, because fundamentally we are still trying to establish ourselves, as we are still on our first album”. HAS YOUR RAPID SUCCESS CAUSE RESENTMENT/ JEALOUSLY FROM YOUR PEERS? “We have all worked very hard, particualry our manager Laurie we just on on with it”. “You can come and have a great night with us or not.”

where we go between tours where we can do both, it would get to a certain size wehre it would be difficult, bands do it occasionally e.g. Kiss.”


Images by: Kevin Nixon Words: Mark Dean

Thanks for chatting, enjoy the show.


I’m a designer by day, a cosplayer by night and I have a not so secret obsession with Junko Mizuno.


I got sooooo bored with traditional images of women, and i’ve always been interested in unusual fashions, tattoos and creative photography, that I just wanted to be a part of it. I started reading magazines like Bizarre and just seeing the awesome shoots they did inspired me to give modeling a try. It began when I started doing photography, I’d get bored and take self portraits and then I was asked to model for someone and it went from there.


Spare time? I’m not sure I know what this is, haha! When I do get ‘spare time’, I love cosplay, so a lot of my time before expos is taken up with costume and prop making. Then parading around as my fave characters - most of my friends will tell you I’m just a nerd through and through. I

suppose i do play computer games a fair bit and watch a lot of anime, films, cartoons.


Then as I mentioned before I do photography – iamsuko, feel I have probably been to a free to check it out sometime ;) mates house, it was meant to be a quiet one and then one And not forgetting the usual drink led to another. I usually stuff like hanging out with drink vodka mixed with friends, drinks, etc. something, but I’ve found a recent love for tequila WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT beer. YUM!


I always struggle with this kind of question as i hate ‘pigeonholing’. My taste in music is so varied, but I’d probably say Incubus or Utada Hikaru. J-pop is currently high on my list.


It’s not really band related but I went to see the Lion king stage show and it was ACE. Just awesome costumes and the actors were running through the audience and the stage and sets and props were just amazing.


Hmmm, favourite, it’s really hard to choose, I love them all. I think my Junko Mizuno nurse with the bunny chainsaw and my audrey kawasaki lady are my most loved though.


Come get drunk with me and find out :D


It depends what you consider unusual, I build giant boots out of yoga mats :) I do have this horrible habit of becoming obsessed with things. For example, I love Final fantasy, but I can’t just play it. I have to find every bit of artwork possible, design my own characters, get all the figures, all the games (even if I don’t have the console to play it on).


My first was my Junko Mizuno Bruce Willis mermaid, it was the start of the <3 looove shrine half sleeve. him and Miss Mosh I have lots of plans for more, – drool I want to finish my Junko half (She’s a sleeve first though, special celeb thanks to Tash for all her hard in my work on getting it finished.


WHAT IS YOUR CLAIM TO FAME? I was on the cover of Bizarre magazine once ;)


Did you just fart? Because you blew me away.

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR FUNNIEST/ MOST EMBARRASSING SEXUAL/ ROMANTIC EXPERIENCE? It was valentines night at Uni and my new boyfriend had put on a chocolate fondue set – he’d spent ages doing it. I went to the toilet and when I came back, my boyfriend was screaming pouring water on his groin. Turns out the douche had tried to be ‘romantic’ by putting his john-thomas in the chocolate fondue as a funny surprise. We spent the night in A&E. We split up some time after that. 8 hours to be precise.

In a massive Gloomy bear shaped throne, eating lots of cheese and onion crisps and making cute little things. I’m not 100% sure in all honesty. I try not to think of the future and live as much as I can right now. That way I won’t look back and think, hmmm what did I actually do with all that time?


Images by: ALX MLS


FIRST OFF, HOW ARE THINGS IN THE WORLD OF INME? Dave: “Yeah really good. Quite stressful and busy but on the whole, that’s probably because things are going really good at the moment. Yeah, we’ve released the album [The Pride] this week, we’ve been working so hard up to that so hard so it’s nice to get it out there but the work doesn’t really stop.” Gazz: “And album release week coincides with first week of tour so all the stuff we’d usually be doing like, just sitting round e-mailing or signing or on the phone, we’re also loading in and sound checking and travelling and having no fucking internet.” Dave: [laughs] “Yeah, it’s not handy when you’re in a band.”

SO ‘THE PRIDE’ WAS RELEASED TWO DAYS AGO NOW, WHAT HAS BEEN THE OVERALL RESPONSE FROM YOUR FANS? Dave: “Possibly the best I’ve ever experienced really, in a very real fashion not an overly-hyped kind of way. It just feels really good for us, it feels like the hard work over the last few years is paying off. We were always lucky to be where we were but we’re always wanting to grow and progress. We’re in the charts this week, which we’re not used to. Some people are overly biased and say ‘it’s the greatest album of all time’ Gazz: “It is though.”No but we’re really proud of it and it’s nice to get the feedback.” HAVE THERE BEEN ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS? Dave: “Yeah, there’s always going to be.” Gazz: “Yeah, four.” Dave: “And one review that mostly

slagged off our artwork which I didn’t really think was a review... But you’re always going to get that. We try to shift the direction every album, for ourselves and for people to not get bored of what we’re doing, some people aren’t always going to take to your new direction. Gazz: “One of the cool things about this day in age compared to previous years is, where you used to only really know the feedback of your album by record sales, reviews and people who came to your shows, with Facebook, Twitter and all that you can just see it everywhere we turn, every two minutes there’s someone writing something about how much they like the album and that kind of thing.” Dave: “If you deliver the goods, people will talk and they will spread the word.” HOW WAS THE WRITING/RECORDING PROCESS? Dave: “Pretty, mostly, relaxed. We thought we had until the end of November to finish it but then the

Images by: Chris Harris

After finally arriving at our destination, we loaded into the tour van where we were met by Dave and Gazz in a small cozy seating area, the guys had quite a lot to say for themselves so lets crack on!

producer we were using, he’s the guitarist in Fei Comodo and he had a tour that was starting at the beginning of November so we all of a sudden had to finish a 12 song album by the end of October and it was already October and I was going on tour with Charlie Simpson for two weeks so then we thought, some of our favourite albums are 10 song albums and we’d never done a 10-song album before so that idea appealed to us. The last two songs we pummelled out was quite stressful, I pinned a couple demos and it all came together, those tracks actually ended up being the first two on the album so it worked out. It was a bit stressful but if you’re a musician with a busy schedule then you can’t really complain because it means things are happening. It was also the first time we did it in bits, so it was nice to have a break in between tracks and come back to it.” WHAT ARE YOUR PERSONAL FAVOURITE TRACKS? Gazz: “I love Reverie Shores because, although it’s not maybe the strongest per say in terms of having the obvious

such as a radio sing-a-long chorus, it kind of both sums up and introduced the album perfectly, it has all the elements of what the album’s about like massive, ridiculous vocals from Dave, floaty kind of guitars like really epic leads, crunchy sort of riffy stuff, it’s got like everything. Escape To Mysteriopa, I love that just because it’s so prog and strange and different for InMe.” Dave: “Reverie Shores, there’s something, I can’t even put my finger on why there’s just something about the song that’s very fluid and then Legacy just because the lyrical content is very personal and quite a fitting tribute. We haven’t done a 6-8 song in a long time, which is the same as Faster The Chase kind of time signature, there’s something quite amphibolic about that. YOU RELEASED THE ALBUM IN CONJUNCTION WITH PLEDGE MUSIC TO HELP RAISE MONEY FOR THE ALZHEIMER’S SOCIETY. IS THERE ANY PARTICULAR REASON YOU CHOSE TO WORK WITH THIS CHARITY? Dave: “It’s not just that, you can choose a charity to work with. I did ‘Save The

Children’ last year and thought, who do I want to help? There’s people buying music and us funding the promotion of the album, it’s also doing this good thing. It’s something that all bands should do really, and all artists, especially bigger bands who actually make life changing amounts of money. My Grandad died last year of Alzeimers and so did our manager’s and his assistant who takes care of us so I think it’s quite close to home in our camp. It affects a lot of people and can help a lot of people and it kind of a universal charity so I think more people would want to jump on board and the charity themselves were really helpful as well.” WOULD YOU SAY THAT TRACKS FEATURED ON ‘THE PRIDE’ HAVE MATURED BOTH MUSICALLY & LYRICALLY COMPARED TO YOUR EARLIER WORKS? Dave: “Yeah definitely. It’s more poetic, lyrically. It’s quite uplifting, it’s more penitent, it’s more about redemption and not being bitter about things, so in that sense it’s more mature.” Gazz: “The first album was more about

Gazz: “Yeah, things like cheese and biscuits.” Dave: [laughs] “Yeah, and musically, like with Herold Moth it was quite a dark album but musically it was quite fun because of all the ‘widdly’ bits and challenging, interesting progressions but in some ways that’s childish, it’s more mature sometimes to pull in the reigns and I think because we done that little musical outburst and got it out of our system, with this one we’ve kind of refined ourselves a bit.” YOU’RE CURRENTLY TOURING ALONGSIDE LOSTALONE & MOJO FURY. HOW ARE YOU FINDING THAT? DO YOU GET ON WITH THE OTHER GUYS? Gazz: “They’re arseholes, honestly. No,

they’re awesome. Mojo, we’ve done a couple shows with them before and I’ve put them on a few times down in Brighton, lovely lads.” Dave: “Lovely sweet guys.” Gazz: “Great band musically, proper epic kind of arty stuff. LostAlone, we kind of only met up with them a few weeks ago when Dave was playing up in Derby, we got on like best mates then and yeah, we’ve been having a great time.” Dave: “Everyone’s very interesting as well, there’s no slackers.” Gazz: “Yeah and they’ve been doing a lot, they’ve been touring with Paramore and they’re very pally with Gerard Way, we’ll be like ‘ah yeah we met so-and-so and they’re like ‘yeah we were just with Gerard, having a pint’ bastards.”

Dave: “Haven’t had the chance to meet them yet, smiled at them. It’s always hard with local supports because everything’s rushed and when you have a local band on the bill it makes everything even more rushed. Sometimes you feel really bad for them because they’ll be really rushed and they might have to cut their set. They look like really sweet lads.” YOU’VE GOT 35 DATES BOOKED FOR THIS TOUR, DO YOU FIND IT HARD SPENDING A LOT OF YOUR TIME ON THE ROAD OR DO YOU PREFER IT? Gazz: “On tour for me.”

Dave: “But no, they’re really nice guys and really hard working. I think it’s an interesting line up for the audience, there’s not a weak band.”

Dave: “I tour even more than the boys as well, I love it, but I do like coming home and seeing my friends and chilling in my own bed and with the missus but it’s a lifestyle and it suits us as people. Some people find it tiring and it’s a chore, to me it’s just, every day is different and interesting and playing gigs is just so much fun for me. “



Images by: Chris Harris

Dave going into people’s rooms and being upset. The Pride has taken it to a new level, you can read the lyrics like it’s a poem and imagine landscapes and crazy stuff that Dave has come up with.” Dave: “I used to indulge in things, I don’t know if that helped my brain.”

PLAYED? Gazz: “Me and Dave are fairly similar on this answer I think – it’s Concorde 2 in Brighton which we’re playing tomorrow. Multiple reasons – it’s really well laid out and it’s right next to my house.” Dave: “And you can see the sea!” Gazz: “But yeah, it’s great because of the fact that it’s a hometown, it shows a lot of love and I’ve always liked it. Sometimes you have a venue that’s a nice size but crappy sound and sometimes it’ll be just right but it’s just too big. I think Concorde is just right.” Dave: “And gig, it’s got to be Sonisphere. It was kind of like ‘no one likes us anymore’ apart from our hardcore fanbase and then to go out last year and go ‘well six thousand people at this festival seemed to give a shit so, that was really really nice. Made us feel like we’re still relevant.” WHAT IS YOUR MOST LISTENED TO TRACK ON YOUR IPOD? Dave: “Well I have to be honest, it’s Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye. I know everyone’s talking about it at the moment. It’s just got the best chorus in the world.” Gazz: “The lyrics are a proper awesome description of a post-break up – you go from being everything to someone and then they’re like a stranger, the lyrics are really good.” Dave: “He’s had his heart broken, which comes in handy when you’re trying to write lyrics.” A LOT OF PEOPLE PANICKED UPON HEARING ABOUT THE RELEASE OF ‘PHEONIX: THE VERY BEST OF INME’ BECAUSE IT ALMOST SEEMED LIKE THE END OF THE STORY. WHAT WERE THE THOUGHTS & REASONING BEHIND THAT? Gazz: “We just wanted to make some money. Haha, no, you actually lose money on a ‘best of’ usually… So yeah. We wanted to lose some money. No, it was more drawing a line under things, we had this grand idea of (singing emerges from outside the bus)… hiring a barber shop quartet [laughs], so we did that with the money from the album We had this idea of playing all 4 albums because it’s a cool idea to re-visit, and it’s a good tie-in because we knew we were going to change direction, we’d done four albums. There is no thought of us quitting or splitting up.” “We also knew we were going to take a break because we’d completely over-

played, so that’s kind of a nice way to end a chapter, so people don’t need to worry about that.” FAN QUESTION – CHAD POWELL ASKS: “IS THERE A REASON THAT YOU [DAVE] HAVE USED A GIBSON SG THROUGHOUT INME? HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT TRYING SOMETHING ELSE?” Gazz: “Dave will be like ‘oh, is that what it’s called? – I just like it’.” [laughs] Dave: “Well, I’m quite a little guy and I was a very little guy when I was 19 [when InMe started] and the producer of the first album, Collin Richardson took me out, because I didn’t know what to do and he said ‘you need one of those, one of those and one of those’ and I just said ‘okay’ – It’s also really light and at the time I used to jump around like – these days I try to pay a bit more attention to what I’m playing. I used to jump around like a madman and it used to hurt my ickle skinny shoulders. I like the fact that the strings are slightly further apart, they look cool – they look timeless. I guess, just don’t fix what isn’t broken.” HAVE YOU GOT ANY ADVICE FOR ANY ASPIRING BANDS OUT THERE? Gazz: “If you want to make money, keep the office job and do the band for fun because unless you get to the top few percent, you’re not making loads of money. Really as well, the merch is where you’re going to make your money.” OBVIOUSLY IT’S EARLY DAYS INTO THIS TOUR BUT ARE THERE ANY PLANS FOR AFTER? Dave: “I bigger off to Portugal for a week, for a well needed holiday, then we go to tour Europe, then I’ve got some bits and bobs in May and then of course we’re also fulfilling all these pledges, so we need to get on that. Then festival season, but we’re not really sure about that yet.” Gazz: “Release some more singles, do some more videos.” Dave: “The rough idea is a headline tour of Europe in September and then a headline UK tour in November, but these things change. Would like to do another video as well, we’ve just done one that we’re releasing shortly [so keep an eye out for that].” We’d like to say a big thank you to the guys, shortly after this we caught them all in action. We wish them the best of luck for the future!

Words: Zoe Blush Images by: Robbie Candy

SILENT DESCENT WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE IN KENT ARE YOU FROM? Hey, I’m Tom Watling from Dartford based trance metal septet Silent Descent. WHO ARE YOUR INSPIRATIONS AS A GROUP? A lot of bands say their influences are from ‘a huge range of music’ and that’s what makes up their sound. Well, with a seven piece ‘trance metal’ band, this is a similar case. I’d like to say we all

exclusively listen to the ‘Boom Town Rats’, but unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. People who inspire me are Corey Taylor (slight man crush on this dude), Johnathan Davis, Frank Carter, mainly vocalists who have a lot of background and really bring a massive element of themselves to their music as well as their live performance. Though the person who has inspired Oxley (lead guitarist) most, would have to be Margaret Thatcher...

WITH HUNDREDS OF BANDS TRYING TO EMERGE FROM KENT, WHAT MAKES YOUR BAND DIFFERENT? Well, the ‘Trance Metal’ thing really hasn’t been done to it’s full potential, and we’ve been on this for years now! With our new album ‘Mind Games’ on the way, we’re confident we’ve now got something that really sets us apart from other acts; having a full time hard trance

producer as member of the band helps! Rather than kids playing with Korg we’ve now managed to blend the elements of the two genres so they sound like they belong together. With Pontus Hjelm from Dead By April & hard dance legend Technikal mixing the album for us, Sarah Jezabel Deva (Cradle Of Filth) putting in some guest vocals, it’s come a long way from 4 lads writing the tunes on a keyboard in a shed. Come see us live, you’ll see exactly what we’re about.

I’ve slept in land rovers, tents, back stage before shows and uni dorms. For any band at this level it’s hard on the road, but the stories you bring back from them at the end of the day are always priceless. Once we got put up in a house which was quite clearly usually used as a brothel. Condoms next to the beds, cages in the cupboards and some pretty gnarly stains on some of the sheets. Oh, and a hushed warning not to open the back door after midnight. I slept downstairs on the sofa that night...



We’ve hit Download twice now and played Bloodstock once, and to be honest, these were the best shows of my life. Watch this space for this years festival announcements. IT SAYS ON YOUR FACEBOOK YOU HAVE BEEN TOGETHER SINCE 2006. IS THAT WITH THE ORIGINAL BAND MEMBERS? Silent Descent actually goes back a couple of years prior to that, we’ve had so many line up changes over the years (check Wikipedia!) it’s hard to keep track. Suffice to say, none of the original members remain, but since we reformed and worked on the whole ‘Trance Metal’ idea, myself,

IN SIX YEARS, DO YOU AS A BAND, FEEL YOU HAVE ACHIEVED WHAT EVER IT WAS YOU WANTED TO ACHIEVE? My goals have always been to get the music out there to as many people as possible and play shows alongside people I’ve looked up to since I was listening to my Mini Disc player. So far we’ve just about managed to send out CD’s to every country in the world, we’ve played Download Festival to a tent at it’s top capacity, but I still haven’t toured with Corey Taylor… Yet! Hopefully this year we’ll tour outside of the UK and keep playing shows till we’re sick of this album.

WHO HAS THE WORST BAD HABITS ON TOUR/OFF TOUR? I have a terrible habit of not bothering to help the guys unload/ reload the van. I like networking and chatting to the people that took the time to come down and see us before we lug everything off! That, and I’m lazy as fuck when it comes to the labouring bit, and only have a microphone to switch on. Callahan picks his nose chronically on and off tour. COLLECTIVELY, DO YOU AS A BAND (OR INDIVIDUALLY) HAVE ANY GUILTY PLEASURES?

Kipster likes Eastenders, practicing skipping on dance floors, hitting on girls half or twice his age, and taking his top off in Swedish clubs - which over there was a good enough reason to get us all thrown out. DUPLICITY CAME ALMOST FOUR YEARS AGO. HAVE THE FANS ANY HOPE OF NEW MATERIAL THIS YEAR? March 8th we’re dropping our first video from the new album, and 23rd of April we’ll be launching ‘Mind Games’ our second full length album. You can pre order Silent Descent’s album online now.

Words: Charlotte Bones

We’ll problem then reel it all in, write another, and do it all again.

Images by: Jemima Daisy

Paul (keyboards) and Cal (Rhythm Guitars) have been there.

Billed as the South’s best alternative music event, Takedown had a fair old bit to live up to, and it certainly did! There was so much going on that it wasn’t actually possible to get to have a look at everything, so this review will cover some of the gems of the day. Feel free to write in with any photos of yourselves rocking out and whatnot!

Deadlines – Hailing from Southampton, metal/hardcore mob Deadlines were given the task of opening Guitar Central stage, the second largest at the show. They didn’t disappoint either, even with no drummer (He was ill I’ve been told), getting at least a bit of crowd reaction (and some of the funniest ‘2-step’ I’ve ever seen. They have the potential to go pretty far. Keep an eye on them (7/10) Desolated – Next on guitar central are hardcore troop Desolated. They certainly look the part with their matching camo gear and long hair, and sound promising in soundcheck with ridiculously downtuned guitar and bass and fat sounding drums. The crowd are impressed and jump around

and swing their arms appropriately to the breakdowns. That’s the problem though. Breakdown. After Breakdown. After Breakdown. Pretty boring after a few songs. If you like fighting, you’ll love them. If you don’t… possibly not… (6/10)

Mallory Knox – Something a bit calmer for the post lunch slot, Mallory Knox are, simply, really good. It’s hard to dislike something when it’s this upbeat and catchy, and the bands energy is infectious. They’re clearly pleased to be playing at todays show, and this is reflected in their top class performance. Only the lacklustre crowd detract from what is otherwise, a really good show. Sweet! (8/10)

Polar – I’ll keep this short. If you like the hardcore scene, you’ll love Polar. If you don’t… Probably steer clear of this lot. There isn’t a lot of variation in how the songs sound, but if all you want is something to move to – it’s perfectly serviceable. I imagine this band will

grow a fair bit. Arm swinging hardcore fans, check it out. (7/10) Feed The Rhino – FTR are awesome. Fact. They’re one of the finest bands to go and leap around to in an energetic, lunatic fashion, their vocalist has an EPIC beard, and drummer Chris always looks unbelievably happy when playing on stage. A joy to watch. A joy to listen to. AND a new album out soon too. Can’t beat that really now can ya’. (8/10)

Unknown band – If someone can help me find out who this lot are, I’ll be very happy with you! They played dubstep and other such electronic stuff like that. Their set was incredibly tight, and it was really refreshing to see something different like this being performed live. AND an electric double bass? That’s seriously cool. Really good show, if only I knew who you were! (8/10)

Lower Than Atlantis – One of the highlights of the day for sure, LTA are extremely tight live, and get their fans pumped up like something else. They managed to pack out the monster energy stage before Deaf Havana or Skindred even got to play, and that’s impressive in itself. More impressive is the energy the band have, and a clear love for playing live. With little games like drinking contests in the crowd, and commanding circle pits, they’re good fun to watch, and the big sing-alongs they get going are always a great indicator that this kind of music is actually on the up. Keep an eye on these boys. They will be huge. (8.5/10)

Bleed From Within – Scotland’s best band? Check. The UK’s best metal band? Check. Sorry everyone else, but BFW are looking pretty unstoppable right now. No other band blends

melody with such crushingly heavy riffs and some of the best vocals of ANYONE in the industry today. Showcasing 2 new songs tonight, the band are really on form and tear through a selection of their finest tunes. What is even more impressive than the power they have live is the fact that vocalist Scott is suffering from flu, yet is still powerful enough to make most other vocalists want to cry a bit. So much awesome. Best band of the night. Go see them if you can and rock out! (10/10)

Images by: Marianne Harris

Words: Jake Owens

Bury Tomorrow â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The closing band on Guitar Central, Bury tomorrow are incredible live. Their sheer energy is something to behold, and the crowd respond appropriately, going absolutely nuts for the whole set. The bands big tunes make even more sense live, and really come into their own with the addition of flashing lights and jumping around like a loon. Vocalist Dani is a top class front man, and is on top form tonight, providing really strong screams all the way through. The clean vocals also sound surprisingly good, even among the loud mix of instruments. Top performance. Go see them when they tour with the mighty Of Mice & Men in May! (9/10)

YOU’VE ALSO BEEN CONFIRMED TO PLAY MAINSTAGE AT READING FESTIVAL, HOWS THAT FEEL? “Well at first we were like nah, that’s a joke, no one would let us do that would they? Then we saw the poster and it was like… Yeah! We’re trying not to think about it too much otherwise we will cry from fear haha! It’ll be awesome, but I’m like… pooing my pants at

YOU’VE GOT A LOT OF SUMMER SHOWS LINED UP, WAS THAT BY CHANCE OR A DECISION THE BAND MADE? “Err a bit of both really… Not entirely by chance, we’ve known for a while that we wanted to do it. We wanted to do most of the smaller festivals and avoid the big ones, except Reading of course, then I think we’re gunna do another tour.” ANY REASON FOR PLAYING THE SMALLER ONES? “Pretty much those are the ones that have come forward really.” YOUR MOST RECENT ALBUM HAS BEEN OUT FOR ABOUT 5 MONTHS NOW, HOW’S IT BEEN RECEIVED? “Very, very well! Much better than we’d expected actually! It’s literally been incredible. I mean, we thought it was gunna be much more of people wanting the screaming back, or moaning

coz we didn’t have any, but it’s been pretty much 100% good comments from like… everyone! We certainly expected criticism and harsh comments but there’s not really been any, which is really good!” YOU GOT TO TOUR WITH ARCHITECTS LAST YEAR, HOW WERE THE SHOWS? “They were great! The line up was cool because it wasn’t like 100% metal, there was us, there was Tek One which was good. The show at HMV forum with them was really good too, so much fun!” FINALLY, ANY MESSAGE TO YOUR FANS? “Thanks so much for buying the album, and all the positive feedback! Makes everything worth it haha!” Full interview video coming soon to the new Wasted! Magazine Vlog!

Words: Jake Owens

SO HOW DO YOU GUYS FEEL ABOUT BEING SO HIGH UP ON THE BILLING TONIGHT? “Quite good actually! It’s a bit weird for us but yeah, its cool.”

the same time (James) It’s gunna be HUUUGE!!”

Images by: Marianne Harris


Every Time I Die – Ex Lives

Formed in August of last year, Broken Lungs haven’t taken things slowly with their music. The four piece from Liverpool released their brand new and highly anticipated EP WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER last month. Along with this, the lads have revealed plans for a UK tour, aiming to go ‘anyway and everywhere’. Opening their EP with We Stand Tall, front man Karl fights his way through the raw energy that leaps out from this track. I’m Done With Desperation is complete with thrashing beats from drummer Mark, with a tight break down perfect for mainstream radio. Although Broken Lungs have established their own sound, this likeable tune brings to mind artists including Lower Than Atlantis. Try As I Might is an energetic four minute tune, with Karl slightly resembling All Time Low singer Alex Gaskarth. The lively riffs with pounding beats are incredibly attractive, making this a track one for the repeat button. Finishing on their fourth track Alleyways, the soothing riffs from Karl and Carl’s guitar (honest!), resemble some easy listening soft rock from the 90s. The lyrics are simple yet slightly repetitive, with Karl promising at the end to ‘take you home’. With his silk like voice laced over the gentle rock rhythm, it’s no wonder their show at the Liverpool’s 02 Academy last month was sold out. Even if you are not a fan of pop- punk music, WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER is a great collection of songs which would undoubtedly be thrilling to watch performed live. Although the tracks are similar in their sound, there is little fault in the production of the EP, suggesting a promising start for the quartet. WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER is available from Itunes and Amazon. - Charlotte Bones

Frustration is something we have all had to face in our lives. Whether it be frustration in something we have done or in something we are struggling to do, it is a feeling that we have all experienced – and a feeling that we would all rather avoid. Frustrated is exactly how Every Time I Die singer Keith Buckley found himself writing the lyrics to Ex-Lives. Stuck in the middle of Europe whilst touring with his side-project, The Damned Things, Buckley was left with time to reflect on his life and achievements, and was not best pleased with what he saw. The result is Every Time I Die’s sixth studio album, Ex-Lives, the fastest and most pissedoff ETID record to date. More similar in tone to Gutter Phenomenon than the two albums released in the interim, Ex-Lives largely shuns the balls-out riffage and party advocation of previous ETID releases, instead questioning the worthiness of such a lifestyle. This album has no ‘New Black’, no ‘We’rewolf’ – songs that once careened around house parties chasing girls are now the ones at the bar sipping whiskey. There is regret in Buckley’s words, a questioning anger as to how he has found himself where he has, thanking God and those around him for “bearing witness while he wastes his fucking life”. More so than ever before, his sentiment is not hidden behind cryptic lyrics, but stated plain for all to see. Buckley has often been lauded as the pinnacle of metal lyricism, an intelligent voice in a sea of machismo and idiocy – and Ex-Lives¬ proves to be no different. From beginning to end there is

a wonderful fluidity to Buckley’s delivery, and his voice sounds stronger than ever. His cynicism reaches its peak midway through the album, in ‘The Low Road Has No Exits’ and ‘Revival Mode’. In the former, he asserts how “from the cradle to the grave it has been a walk of shame” before asking “will the machine gunners please step forth? There is only room on the boat…for men of hope” on the latter. For years, Buckley has toed the party line, and now, in 2012, he is unhappy with where it has left him. As is the case lyrically, Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams have raised their games on guitar. Banjos segue seamlessly into lead lines, those famous ETID riffs are still very much in place, but streamlined and refined – and all the more powerful for it. And with new drummer Ryan ‘Legs’ Leger frantically underpinning everything, tempos and rhythms chop and change at the drop of a hat. Make no mistake, these songs are fast. Where The Big Dirty largely took a step off the accelerator, replacing tempo with leadweight-riffs, Ex-Lives finds its power in the speed of its delivery. Only ‘Revival Mode’, with its laidback rock’n’roll rhythms, provides any respite to the onslaught. All of which makes for the most focussed and direct Every Time I Die attack yet, and by the time you’ve realised what’s happened, it’s skulked back to the dark corner of the bar from whence it came. It’s a cliché, of course, but Ex-Lives really does contain something for Every Time I Die fans old and new. All will surely agree, though, that is an extremely powerful and accomplished album, deserving of its place in ETID’s rich back catalogue. - James Tremain

Deprevate Deprevate are a four-piece heavy metal band from London, who take influences from every styling of metal, to make a sub genre of their own. The genre of this band is hard to classify, but if I had to, I would describe it as pic ‘n’ mix metal, the reasons for which will become clear shortly. The featured song on there facebook, “The Last Time”, which is taken from their up coming EP scheduled to come on the 19th March, is a showcase of the diversity of this band. There are flavours of old Killswitch Engage, with operatic clean vocals that contrast with the thrash guitar riffs that echo the likes of Metallica. The chorus is as catchy as an STI, and thanks to the clean, distinguishable vocals, you can hear the lyrics without googling them, so they

will be stuck in your head quicker than you can say Chlamydia. And it wouldn’t be metal without a face melting solo, which reaches lightening speeds that will have you wandering how many hands the guitarist has. All these chaotic mixes of metal sub genres make for an extremely interesting collection. A breed of metal that posses all the good bits from every genre, who knows, maybe in a couple of years Deprevate will be hailed as one of the pioneers of “pic n mix” metal. Or maybe not. But either way, you can not deny that these guys are onto something. - George Crome


to fund their degree courses, but what they actually do is quite quite different. Soooooo, where to start! Ok, so I enrolled at GSM to do my super awesome badass geek degree in computer science. I applied for student finance 6 months previously, filled out all the relevant paperwork and my loan was subsequently approved and I began looking for a suitable Uni. So this is my first ever column ha, I started video blogging about things that fuck me off, which is pretty much everything about a week ago. I’m now at over 50,000 views, which is absolutely insane. So, the lovely Zoe from WASTED! Magazine asked to me do a written version, so here it is. My subject is going to be on Student Finance and how much they fuck me off. Firstly what student finance are supposed to do is provide a swift, efficient service to allow students

Initially all was well in the world of Steve C but student finance had other ideas. I would like to start by saying that student finance are a straight up joke shop shit house and I really should report them to CrimeWatch for the repeated rape of my sanity. They are a LTD company run directly by the government. I tell you what, I’m pretty sure they just drag random crack heads in off the street to answer their phones and do their data input because

I shit you not I have now had 14 fucking letters from these wankers all saying different things, some even don’t have my name on them and some even think that I’m doing a degree in Social Care in Wales, which if you knew me, you would know how ridiculous that is. Every time I ring these jebends they have a new fucking story about why my application has not been finalised and why I now have, what can only be described as half the amazon rain forest sitting by my front door, if they send me any more letters I’m going to have to rent a fucking garage to put them in, for which they will be receiving the bill PLUS interest. The bottom line is when I eventually do get my student loan through I wouldn’t actually be surprised if it was delivered to my front door by a Mac user covered in his own excrement in enormous boxes filled with coppers and 5 pence pieces the cunts!

WASTED! Magazine issue #16  

WASTED! Magazine issue #16 Re-uploaded for correctional & credit purposes.

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