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Whitsunday Anglican School

Semester One 2013

Serving Our School Community Volunteers promote our Core Values We often talk of the Whitsunday Anglican School community and how we work together to achieve common goals and support each other. Without really thinking about it, we give up our time to assist when required, that is, we volunteer. Volunteering is an important part of this community engagement. At this school, we provide opportunities and encourage students, staff and parents to volunteer their time and expertise to participate in, and contribute to, the world outside of the school. Not only does this strengthen the community but it provides benefits to the individual. Students learn new skills, they meet new people and learn to engage in conversations with those of different generations. Their identity is broadened. They move beyond seeing themselves as students and see themselves as valued members of society with equal standing to other adults in the community who contribute. There is no doubt that volunteering takes time and we are all time poor but I believe the benefits to the individual, and society, are such that time must be made to participate. I would encourage all students to become involved in volunteering in some way no matter how small.

Darren Fleming,    Ac#ng  Principal t: (07) 49692000 e:

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Volunteers add value to our School community One of the greatest qualities of the Whitsunday Anglican School community is the willingness of students, staff and parents to lend a hand and volunteer in a variety of roles across our campus. This quality of generosity is engrained into the fabric of our School. Through our actions we are living out our Core Value of Christianity through Social Responsibility demonstrating to others that the donation of time is equal, if not more valuable than the donation of money. In this edition we highlight the many areas across our school that students and parents volunteer their time. There is also information for those looking at joining our team of volunteers.

Student Volunteering Student volunteers provide support throughout the School on a daily basis. Some of the roles that students fulfill include: Prep Student Duty Year 11/12 reading to the Year 1s and 2s Tuckshop and Library Assistance Sports Equipment Lending Coordinating Service Club Activities Coaching Club Sport Teams Kids+ Assistance After School Care Assistance Sound and Light Crew WASMart Assistance Students volunteer their time to assist at the following School and local events:

“International research into student engagement shows that providing students with meaningful opportunities to engage with their local communities through volunteering has positive impacts on student experience, work-readiness and employability.� ! ! ! Perry Hemburry. CEO Volunteering Qld

Whitsunday Anglican School will be celebrating National Student Volunteer Week from 5-9 August

Whitsunday Voices Literature Festival P&F Family Fun Day Service Learning Days Mackay Anglican Debutante Ball Mackay Marina Fun Run P&F Family Welcome BBQs Splendour in the Arts Middle School Bush Dance Troppo Markets 25 Year Dinner Students are always commended for their attitude, perseverance and manners that they display whilst volunteering.

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Whitsunday Voices Literature Festival Whitsunday Voices would not be possible without the support of the hundreds of volunteers, including parents and students, who give up their time and provide their energy to ensure the success of the Festival. Volunteering at Whitsunday Voices provides an invaluable service to ensure the Festival runs smoothly, and both presenters and audience members enjoy a fun and memorable experience. It’s an environment where parents, teachers and students come together, enjoy meeting the authors and leave the Festival with special memories. Volunteering is a great way for new parents and students to meet and mix with the Whitsunday Anglican School (and broader) community, while contributing to the success of the Festival. The various areas which require volunteer support are ushering; front-of-school information desks; Festival Bookshop; food service; Festival Launch; Literary Dinner; Volunteers Room; Author Book Signing events and pre-Festival preparation. There’s lots of fun to be had, in a social and relaxed environment. Sonia Andersen is the Festival Manager of the Whitsunday Voices Literature Festival

Parents & Friends Association All WAS parents are automatically members of the Whitsunday Anglican School Parents and Friends Association. Parents are actively encouraged to become involved in the P&F to help staff and fellow parents and friends to continuously build the School community. This is achieved by facilitating two-way communication between the School and the parent body, and fundraising and friendraising. The P&F is a great way for parents to give back something to the School in return for the first-rate education and all-round development of their children. There are lots of ways for parents to become involved. Parents can attend the monthly P&F meetings, which are held on the last Tuesday of the month during term time. Here they can learn about what's been happening in the School and the contribution of the School and the students to the wider Mackay community. They can also contribute to the debate on such diverse topics as changes to school policy, uniform design or strategy development. Alternatively, parents can volunteer to help out in the Plaza Lunchbox (tuckshop) or WASMart (book and uniform store). The P&F is always looking for a helping hand at P&F events, such as the regular welcome barbeques or the annual P&F Fun Day. Volunteering brings many benefits for both the P&F, as it helps to keep costs down, and the individual, who benefits from learning new skills, making friendships and assisting in building the School community. We encourage everyone to get involved in our P&F!

Lawrence Booth is the President of the P&F and parent of Emily (Year 11) & Cameron (Year 8)

Ways that parents can volunteer... There are a number of ways that parents can volunteer across the School community. The best way to volunteer at the School is through the Parents and Friends Association. The P&F assists in a number of ways across the School and any additional support would be appreciated. Additional volunteering opportunities include: Joining the Friends of Junior School (FOJS) group Sporting Club Coach or Manager Assisting in our School library Assisting at the Splendour of the Arts If you are interested in volunteering, please get in contact with one of our Heads of Sub School or the President of the P&F, Lawrence Booth. Contact details are available on the School’s website.

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Service Learning Coordinator


Service in Short The SSLF promoted a Men’s Health Awareness Week at the start of Term 2. Th is in iti at ive wa s or ga ni se d by Matthew Steggles and Murtaza Kahloon.

Year 12 students Emma Tait, Thomas Ruming and Teresa Fox are all heading over to Nepal in the mid-year break to undertake community service. Their trip is part of their RSL Scholarship that they were awarded earlier in the year. Welcome to our first edition of Service Learning News for 2013. It was fantastic receiving all the feedback from our two 2012 editions. I really hope that this newsletter provides you with a snapshot of the wonderful charitable works that our community undertakes. We should all be very proud of the difference that we make within the community. Along with our feature of volunteering within our community, we have some additional stories of service from an international context. As you will read, it is amazing to hear the stories from students and staff as they meet people who live lives with disadvantage and many challenges. Their efforts in making a difference to these people is to be commended. It is not long now until our first Pink Stumps Test which will be held between the Boarders XI and the Principal’s XI. The initiative for this event, which aims to raise funds for the McGrath Foundation, is being led by our boarding community. I am sure it will be a wonderful occasion that will become a highlight of our School calendar. Finally, congratulations to the students for their efforts in raising funds for those people affected in this year’s flood disasters. It is tempting to get in the car and head down to roll up your sleeves and assist with the recovery effort. However, providing a monetary donation is the next best thing. In total our students donated $2200 to assist in the recovery efforts. Thank you to everyone who donated and supported this appeal.

Matt Hodge Service Learning Coordinator

m Booth House A group of students fro e each week to have given up their tim Resthaven on visit the residents of the t Vi lla ge . Th e Qu ar ry Re tir em en ekly visits from residents love the we our students.

Year 4 students have been knitting squares to be put together to create wraps to be sent to charitable organisations throughout Australia and internationally. Thank you to the people who have been volunteering as ‘knitting tutors’ to assist the Year 4s. and her mother, Chloe Mullan (Yr 8) spent Easter in Kerry Mullan Muguira ed community Sydney and complet hen at Bondi. service at Our Big Kitc ge commercial Our Big Kitchen is a lar groups to come kitchen which allows als for the less in and cook, making me fortunate.

The Arts Captains raised over $1000 for the Oncology Ward at the Mackay Base Hospital. Thank you to everyone who supported their efforts.

For further Service Learning news and photos follow us on

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Dinasha & Duleesha Perera- Sri Lanka Our visits to Sri Lanka are quite common. Living abroad has in a strange way bought us closer to this beautiful land. From fruits and vegetables ranging across the spectrum, to the tropical flora and fauna and of course the friendliest people on Earth it seemed that we had grown a large debt toward this country that has given us so much. So in the month of December, 2012, my sister and I decided to do what was right; we decided to give it all back. A phone call and a few arrangements with the local monk signalled the beginning of a truly unforgettable journey. As Australian school students, we accepted the arduous task of conducting English language lessons for girls at a local orphanage. The place was home to 17 girls ranging from ages 5- 16 years of age. They were the victims of physical, mental and sexual abuse and their dire state of poverty meant that living at home was unthinkable. The home housed these girls, providing meals, and shelter, as well as sending them to the local school for an education and we could think of no better way to brighten their school holidays by spending much needed time with these beautiful children. Our first visit to the orphanage bought many surprises. Knowing the past of many of these girls it was difficult to predict what sort of reaction or reception we may have received. However, we were relieved to be met with cheeky smiles, curious personalities and intelligent children who accepted us as ‘sisters’ rather than strangers. Their enthusiasm to improve their knowledge of the English language was amazing. So began a month of English sessions, each lasting 2-3 hours. My sister and I designed a language course covering the basic units that were essential to life. Such topics included talking about oneself, geography, food, school life and simple skills such as telling the time. We brightened the lessons and brought a ‘fun factor’ into them every day by bringing in treats, playing games and creating fun activities such as self-portraits. The girls, who were marginally able to write their names, accomplished the task of writing a paragraph about themselves by the end of the month of lessons. We also planned a Christmas dinner, attended the annual children’s day festival, arranged a New Year lunch and bought each and every girl a new pencil case with stationary and books to begin the coming school year. The most satisfying experience during our time was getting the girls to write their first Christmas list. The smiles on their faces when we gave them their presents gave us the best feeling in the world. On our part, we realised that our biggest responsibility was to spend quality time with these girls and make the short period of our visit as worthwhile and memorable as possible. We gave them love and friendship; things they lacked heavily in life. My sister and I will always vividly remember playing ‘cops and robbers’ amongst the coconut trees and gaining the satisfaction when a girl finally learns how to spell a word correctly. The positive attitude towards life that these young girls upheld, despite their unfortunate past, was immensely inspirational. We saw life through their eyes and as shocking as we Australians may perceive it to be, we saw the beauty in the simple pleasures that they had. They valued every single day and led us to the realisation that our lives were how we choose to live it. We taught them English; they taught us life. Dinasha (Year 12) and Duleesha (Year 10) joined our School community in 2012. Whitsunday Anglican School

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Emma & Sophie Tait - India In December 2012, instead of spending the Christmas holidays with presents, decorated trees, beaches and wonderful Australian summer weather, the Tait family adventured on a 3 week tour of the vibrant and exciting country of India.

for cooking, she began to do cooking demonstrations for us unexperienced tourist cooks. She has now remarried and had two beautiful daughters through IVF. She has an incredible story, but unfortunately, it is a rare one.

The trip began in the bustling capitol Delhi; a city that crams everything the crazy nation has to offer into one city. Traffic where road rules are void, food where mild is never an option, streets where walking in straight line is idiotic and people that can stare, but at the same time, make you feel welcome.

Across to the coast of India, my family ventured further into the people’s stories by visiting a slum of Mumbai, where the people make money from handwashing, drying and ironing clothes. The children there, with bright smiles on their faces, were truly an inspiration to perseverance and determination. When arriving home, there is always the joy sleeping in your own bed, but the even better idea is returning with some fantastic memories and ideals of hope for the people. Our India experience, combined with Emma’s 2012 Vietnam & Cambodia expedition and our other international travels, added to our awareness and empathy of those who live in poverty. Opening your hearts and spending time with these people is a wonderful act of service that you will never forget.

Our trip took us to the small town of Jaipur, also known as the ‘Pink City’. That we met a lady whose life is an inspiration. At a young age, she had an arranged marriage, but after discovering she was infertile, her husband left. In a society where wealth can come from how successful your children are, her chances of marriage began to look slim. Her life, though, turned for the better when an Intrepid tour guide stumbled on her talent of painting henna tattoos. She painted tattoos for the whole tour group, and even declined payment, though they all insisted. Her generosity earned her a spot on the Indian Intrepid Tour agenda. When the company discovered she also had a talent

Emma (Year 12) and Sophie (Year 10) became members of the School community in 2002. Whitsunday Anglican School

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Miss Kathryn Pyatt- Kenya Over the Christmas holidays I was fortunate enough to be accepted as a volunteer on an Overseas Service Program to Kenya with World Youth International. Although Kenya is a beautiful country with beautiful people, there are many development challenges and a large proportion of the population live below the poverty line. I travelled to a small village called Yala, where I stayed for 6 weeks. There I spent most of my time at the Rangala Babies Home for orphaned and abandoned children aged between one day and four years of age. I performed the daily duties of feeding, bathing, changing nappies, washing and cleaning, as well as comforting and giving the children some love and attention. Sometimes I took the children next door to the hospital if they contracted malaria or other illnesses. Whilst I was there, some other volunteers and I held a medical ‘Jigga’ camp. Jiggas are small parasites that burrow their way into the soles of the feet and cause an immense amount of pain and sleepless nights. Hundreds of children lined up at different stations we had set up. Most children also needed to have their heads treated for ring worm. I was fortunate enough to be given donations before I left, from WAS and some family friends. With that money, I was able to provide a student in Year Ten with school fees for one year. Both of his parents had passed away when he was young and he and his brothers and sisters has moved in with his aunty who also has four children of her own, and had recently lost her husband. The fees have allowed him to attend a private school. He is ranked fourth out of more than 40 students in his class. Some public schools have over 200 students to one teacher so he will benefit enormously. I also bought 120 chickens for the orphanage. They are able to sell enough eggs to buy feed for the chickens and use the rest of the eggs for the children’s meals. Adjacent to the orphanage is a nursery school for children aged between three and six years of age. I spent some time with the teachers there and participated in lessons. I donated $150 worth of school supplies to the school before I left for which they were very grateful. I had an amazing experience with many wonderful memories and photos. I met some lovely, generous people and would love to return again one day. Thank you very much, Whitsunday, for your kind and generous donation, it made a huge difference to many lives. Kathryn is a member of the Middle School teaching team.

Whitsunday Anglican School

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Junior School Service Happenings The Junior School students and families are wonderfully supportive of many charities and worthy causes; however, the outstanding aspect of Junior School ‘Service’ as such has been set by a number of our Year 4 students throughout this semester. Bake Sale for East Bundaberg State School The flooding early in 2013 in Central and Southern Queensland inspired some of our Year 4 students to think about how they may be able to assist those most affected. The students organised and held a ‘Bake Sale’ to support a school in Bundaberg; for a gold coin donation their Year 4 peers and their Year 1 Better Buddies would be able to purchase a cup cake or other baked goodies. I was able to contact the Principal at the East Bundaberg State School who was delighted with the thoughtfulness of our students and was very grateful for whatever the students could raise. The students, with wonderful support from their families, baked over a weekend to ensure they had enough for all the Year 4 and Year 1 students. In the end the students raised $200 to support East Bundaberg State School, which was totally flooded, to enable them to get back to providing an environment suitable for their students and community. Relay for Life 2013 gave the younger students at Whitsunday Anglican School an opportunity to participate in Relay for Life. Seven eager Year 4 students, and parents, put up their hands to raise funds for this worthy cause and be part of the Relay for Life walk. Walking laps with their peers and interacting with older students, the students listened to stories of those who had been affected by cancer, reflected along with others in the candle ceremony and generally had a lovely time. Paige Smith, William Deeley, Emma Carroll, Matthew Worsley, Emmett Withers, Jayde McCarthy, Izabelle Ackerman and Mark Armstrong made up the Year 4 Team with the support of parents Liane McDermott, Sonia Ackerman, Colin Deeley, Margie and David Armstrong, Ross Armstrong, and staff Kerrie Dzadey, Rev Janet Story and Mick Martin. This group has set a platform for possibly more Junior School involvement in the 2014 Relay for Life and the continuing service that the Junior School community provides. Wrap With Love Wrap with Love is an initiative and charity that encourages members of the public to get together and knit squares that are then put together to create ‘Wraps’ to be used as blankets. These Wraps are then distributed to a variety of aid agencies operating in Australia and throughout the world; so far over 260000 Wraps have been distributed to over 70 countries. Year 4S students with the assistance of Mrs June Sticklan, Mrs Gloria Campbell, Mrs Dianne Jones, and Ms Lopa Ghosh have been partaking in this knitting program throughout this term to provide a wrap or two for this worthy charity; and along the way learn some great knitting skills. Thanks also to Ms Judy Bailey (Emmett Withers, Year 4D) for her support of this venture with the Year 4 students. Mick Martin Head of Junior School Whitsunday Anglican School

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Middle School Relay for Life

Middle School Giving Initiatives Our World Vision children receive tremendous support from the Middle School community through the innovative class and Character Counts Council initiatives. Impressive is the number of students who are reaching out to their community by giving so generously and selflessly of their time, energy and expertise to support worthy community organisations and events. Ashleigh Philips (8J) performed at the recent community fundraising event for Mackay Rugby League identity Greg Fatnowna who is battling cancer. Ashleigh was able to raise $800.00 to contribute to this very worthy cause. The awesome Year 8 Relay for Life team raised a total of $2322.40 for the Queensland Cancer Council. In the Year 8 Pastoral Program unit of work this term, ‘Stand up-Reach out’, students are developing a deeper understanding of community organisations such as the Cancer Council and the support they provide for families and individuals. Brianna Baker (5D) proved to be a tireless assistant preparing and serving BBQ food for the Eimeo Surf Club at a recent Club fundraising activity. Erika Cobb (8B) and Melinda Holloway (8B) participated in the recent RSPCA Million Paws walk at the Gooseponds, raising valuable funds for another very worthy community organisation. Steven Williams (8S) and Busani Ncomanzi (8B) showed great maturity in their roles as coaches of the MS/JS Basketball team that played against the Mackay Meteors and Meteorettes on Wednesday 29th May. The time and effort given to the younger students to prepare them for this opportunity demonstrated great initiative and responsibility. The recent Mothers Day stall was well supported by our Middle School families and ably led by the Fundraising committee who priced and auctioned gifts. The stall raised a total of $403.00. In total, initiatives organised by Tutor classes has raised a total of $677.50 which included bake stalls, an Easter raffle and a hamburger day. The Middle School Disco raised a total of $412.00 and our senior leaders, Dudley Faust and Taryn Shepherd, provided great support for our Middle School students at this popular event. Through the Cystic Fibrosis Service Learning day, students collected a total of $271.65 and wore red for this very worthy cause. Overall, a total of $1492.50 has been raised directly for our World Vision children with support for other community organisations exceeding $4000. Congratulations to all Middle School students and their families for supporting so many worthy School and wider community activities.

Karen Owens Head of Middle School

Whitsunday Anglican School

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Service Learning Days Each year the School holds four Service Learning Days to share awareness and raise funds for various local, national and international charities. These days are quite popular with the students and as a community we are able to provide valuable funds to our supported charities. Our Service Learning Day in Term 1 coincided with the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. This was a day to promote the Bullying. No Way! message and continue to develop and enhance positive relationships. A number of the Senior students spent time providing activities for the younger students. These activities included book readings, sports games and face painting. Staff and students wore orange for the day and the nonuniforms funds were added to our Captain’s Flood Appeal. Once again Whitsunday Anglican School turned red in support of Cystic Fibrosis Queensland. The students were very happy to support this charity again as we have a small number of students who are affected by the diseases. The day included the Senior School Leadership Forum (SSLF) picnic, which saw students from the Middle and Senior Schools come together and share their lunchtime participating in games, the horizontal bungee and being entertained by the Boarder’s Band. A highlight was the photo with the students standing in the formation of the letters CF. The day was a huge success and $1586.30 will be donated to this wonderful charity.

Principal’s List for Service Semester 2 2012 Year 5 Jack Tomerini Loman Smit Teana Reed Rahni O’Dea Jake Lamb Benjamin Jones Nicola Grobler James Claxton Year 6 Grace Furness Imaan Ashraf Year 7 Hannah-Leigh Jones Steven Williams Year 8 Meghan Dansie Liam Landrigan Year 9 Sophie Tait Hamza Ashraf Year 10 Alkira Taylor Thomas Brieffies Jessica Fleming Elizabeth Burrell Taylah Di- Filipo Year 11 Tazman Schmidt   Brittany Chambers   Emma Tait   Aliya Pais   Olivia Leibowitz  Thomas Ruming

Nicole Neilson Jarrod Hargreaves Matt Steggles Ashleigh Pigott Rachel Sharp Tanisha Mian Jordyn Taylor Joseph Howie Claire Sempf Stef Shearman Dylan Morris Annie Crossland Lexi Chisholm Emily Long Alex Morris Ryan Branch Teresa Fox Year 12 Nikki Greer Sylvie Giguere Kyra Martens Alice Plath Emma Froling Jazmin Bidgood Zahrah Andrews Graeme Saldanha  Jordan Kulmar Melea Ballantyne Sam Meinicke Subarna Raut James Harris  Manuela Weilbach Emily Fleming Connor Herron  Sagir Fahim Kelly Hoy Lewis Schmidtke Gabrielle Tickle Brendan Morris

To be  awarded  a  place  on  the  Principal’s  List  for   Service,  Senior  School  students  must  complete   a  certain  number  of  service  hours  in  various   school,  club  or  community  ac9vi9es  within  a   semester. Middle  School  students  are  eligible   for  the  award  at  the  end  of  the  year. Whitsunday Anglican School

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Relay for Life After being washed out in 2012, students from Whitsunday Anglican School were determined to be a strong presence at this year’s Relay for Life event. This year schools were invited to participate in a Lap of Honour as a form of recognition for the fundraising efforts of the schools across the Mackay Region. The School entered 5 teams in the event with students ranging from Years 4-12. Everyone had a great time, especially enjoying the fireworks where our campsite had a front row position. The participants this year raised $5723.50 for the Queensland Cancer Council, which is an amazing effort. Thank you to all the staff and parents who came along to provide supervision and support throughout the evening. We could not participate without your support. We encourage all students to participate next year and take up the fight against cancer. Ryan Branch & Emma Tait 2013 School Captains and Relay for Life Ambassadors

Charity in Focus... RACQ Rescue Helicopter The RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter has been serving the people of Mackay, the Whitsundays and Isaac region for over 16 years, as the community’s lifeline when it’s needed most. The service has touched the lives of thousands of people, helping the sick and injured by providing urgent medical transport to hospital while providing the highest level of clinical care. We fly to the scene of car crashes, horse falls and workplace accidents to help people with lifethreatening internal injuries and broken bones. We’ve winched people from the ocean after boating trips gone wrong and we regularly airlift sick patients from remote hospitals back to Mackay or Townsville to receive further specialist medical care. While the lives we save are priceless, it does cost a lot to operate our vital rescue helicopter service. In 2013 operating costs will reach $6.5 million and we need the community’s help and continued support to ensure we can keep on flying to the rescue. RACQ CQ Rescue thanks the Whitsunday Anglican School community for their support of our service over the years, with over $1,000 in donations received from the school in 2012. We acknowledge the giving spirit that is fully alive amongst the students and thank you all for your generosity. In May RACQ CQ Rescue will launch its 2013 fundraising appeal to raise $250,000 for the service through community donations. For more information about RACQ CQ Rescue, including the work we do and how you can help, visit or call 4998 5232. Whitsunday Anglican School

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Celeber Drive, Beaconsfield Qld 4740 | Po Box 3390, North Mackay Qld 4740 t: 07 49692000 f: 07 49692001 | e: CRICOS Provider 00993J ABN: 62 090 829 842

Whitsunday Anglican School Service Learning Newsletter Semester One 2013  
Whitsunday Anglican School Service Learning Newsletter Semester One 2013  

Snapshot of the charitable works done by the School