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Semester Two 2013

Service Learning News

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Whitsunday Anglican School

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Service in Boarding

Who can help? What can we do?

Boarders Serve Up a Storm In any typical boarding house you may find an abundance of charitable souls, always willing to lend a hand or to be there when times are tough. These traits of residential living are not new by any measure, however the way in which they are embraced as guiding principles of this wonderful lifestyle is. Booth House, the Whitsunday Anglican School boarding community of over 70 boarders and 10 residential staff, uses Service as one of three foundation pillars which form our ever expanding pastoral focus. Along with Kindness and Forgiveness, the pillars engage as the backbone of how we as a boarding house operate and engage with the wider community. As we see in boarding, Service is not just about an end result – money raised or causes supported, but much more than that. It extends to the larger processes of involvement and how we inject our support into a cause or situation:

How can we best support this situation or cause? What and where are our best resources? Will what we do be helpful? Much like a family approach, the process of involvement begins and remains with the ‘WE’ premise. It is only through this mantra that boarders and staff truly become engulfed in the tasks we set out to achieve. The success of Booth House service activities in 2013 is largely due to the enthusiasm and dedication of our extraordinary boarders, not some – but most. Many boarders reflect on their service learning experiences as integral aspect of their education, feeling as if these actions are on par with any academic outcome they have achieved. As the Head of Boarding, it is so rewarding to watch the young people in my care enjoy the act of giving and supporting their communities – there is no greater pleasure! Jaye Beutel | Head of Boarding

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Service in Boarding Pink Stumps Day On Saturday 24th August Whitsunday Anglican School hosted its first ever Pink Stumps Day in order to raise money for the McGrath Foundation through a twenty – twenty cricket match. The work of the McGrath Foundation is quite remarkable. The McGrath Foundation provides funding for Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia with each McGrath Breast Care Nurse being funded for a minimum of three years. These nurses are specially trained registered nurses who act as patient advocates, coordinating care for women experiencing breast cancer, their families and their carers. They provide accurate information, support and referral to services. It costs approximately $350,000 to employ each fulltime McGrath Breast Care Nurse over a three year period. It was a beautiful sunny day and the Principal’s XI and Boarder’s XI faced off in their quest to take home the much prized Pink Stumps Charity Shield which was kindly donated by Mrs Wendy Carson. The Principal’s XI were sent into bat first and did not waste any time putting runs on the board. Subarna Raut (Year 12 – 2012) and James Jarrett (Year 12) were stand out performers with the bat helping the Principal’s XI reach a score of 5/153. The Boarder’s XI knew this would be a challenging total but were determined to put a show on for the crowd. After losing a few early wickets, the Boarder’s XI found themselves to be in trouble at 4/12. This was until Jaye ‘Big Hitter’ Beutel came to the crease and started to blast the Principal’s XI bowling attack around the park. However, any chance of a comeback was short lived when he was caught in the outfield for 35 runs. With the last couple of wickets falling relatively quickly, the Boarder’s XI finished up at 10/77 and knew their quest for the shield was all but over. Congratulations must go to the Principal’s XI in winning the Pink Stumps Charity Shield for 2013. A big thank you needs to go all the players and spectators who came and added to the great atmosphere. A special mention must go to Mr Greg Landrigan, Mr Adam Shield and Nicholas Carroll (Year 6) for umpiring, Mrs Renee Dettmann and Taylah Di-Fillipo (Year 11) for their photography skills, Mrs Kathy Geogrehan, Mrs Fox and Mrs Summerfield for their help with the barbeque as well as Liam Landrigan (Year 9) and Mrs Janine Larsen for undertaking the role of scorers. The event was a great success with over $1500 being raised for the McGrath Breast Care Nurses.

Arnie Marraiya | Middle School Teacher & Boarding Master

Visiting Resthaven on Quarry This year the weekly boarding trips to Resthaven have been a huge success. Through the initiative of Stefanie Shearman, a bus load of up to 14 boarders visit the local nursing home every Monday afternoon. A roster system has been used to ensure that all boarders who wish to participate in this service activity are presented with an opportunity to do so. The boarders spend an hour with the residents of the nursing home talking, playing board games, doing jigsaw puzzles, and as well as other activities. The boarder’s band has also graced the stage at Resthaven, showing the residents their talent and brightening their day with a bit of music. This service activity has been a wonderful addition to Booth House, and is a very rewarding opportunity for the boarders to participate in. We would like to say a huge congratulations and thank you to Stefanie for her initiative and success in running !this activity all year. We wish the boarders the best of luck in continuing this service project next year. Teresa Fox & Dylan Morris | Booth House Captains

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Imagine your future Service Learning Charity From the Acting Principal Morning Tea Participation in Service has always been

highly valued at Whitsunday Anglican School. Throughout our 25 years, students have given back to both the School and wider community through their participation in Service Clubs and a variety of other projects. This year, there have been some new initiatives, such as the highly successful Pink Stumps Day and Mr Hodge talks of an exciting development for next year in his article.

In Term   4  Whitsunday  Anglican  School   hosted   our   first   Charity   Morning   Tea.     Representa?ves   from   local   chari?es   were  invited  to  come  to  the  School  and   learn   more  about  our   Service  Learning   So why be involved in Service? Shelly Billig in her article Research on K – 12 program.   Thank   you   to   the   students   School-based Service Learning, outlines some of the benefits. who  volunteered  their  ?me  to   present   at  the  morning  tea. • Students who engage in high quality service learning programs: • Showed increases in measures of personal and social responsibility, communication and a sense of educational competence

• Ranked responsibility as a more important value and reported a higher sense of responsibility to their school than did comparison groups • Perceived themselves to be more socially competent • Were more likely to increase their sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy • Were more likely to develop bonds with more adults, and agreed that they could learn from, and work with, the elderly and disabled • Reported greater acceptance of cultural diversity. Whilst this research is from an American context, I believe it holds true for us at this school. Perhaps one thing I would add is that participation is fun. Congratulations to those who have been involved this year. For those who have not yet had the opportunity, I encourage you to become involved in some capacity in 2014 and reap the benefits.


Darren Fleming | Acting Deputy Principal

From the Service Learning Coordinator By the number of pages in this edition, it is obvious that it has been another busy semester with the Whitsunday Anglican School’s Service Learning program. Thank you to all students, staff members and parents that help support our service initiatives.

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After all, it is the notion of giving back that drives our Service Learning program; having empathy and compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves.


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A new initiative that is being developed for 2014 is the Mackay Children's Holiday Camp. The camp will run for three days/ two nights as we welcome young people with special needs onto our campus for an action-packed experience. Our Year 11 students will take on the role of primary carers and be responsible for the well being of their camper. The camp aims to be a life changing experience for all involved. I have no doubt that the camp will become an annual highlight for our students as they aim to give back to the local community. WhitsundayAnglicanSchool

Matt Hodge | Service Learning Coordinator Whitsunday Anglican School |4

Junior School

Gifts that keep on Giving

Year 2 student Jessica Dean donates her birthday presents to Mr Clive Rogers from Anglicare Mackay

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Junior School

Service, in our Junior School context, has always been fairly low key yet meaningful. We have our traditional ‘service’ and ‘giving’ activities of support towards Anglicare, the RSPCA, the Cancer Council, School Service Days, ChildFund Australia and World Vision Fund. Our students and Junior School community have always responded appropriately to any other causes that may arise, such as the flooding in Bundaberg and in one case, a Year 2 student, Jessica Dean, donating all her birthday gifts to Anglicare. Year 4 McGrath Foundation fundraising Last term some of our Year 4 students held a small raffle (students were limited to a one dollar maximum purchase of tickets) in aid of breast cancer. The students baked over the weekend to have enough ‘goodies’ for our eager Junior School students. I would like to thank the parents of the Year Four students involved for their generous support of their children in their quest to ‘give’ in service to others. A cheque was given to Mr Jaye Beutel towards the McGrath Foundation. Headbands for Anglicare A number of our Year 4 students were busy finger knitting and making headbands and hair ties (in their own time) when they decided to turn their creations into a fundraiser. As we are coming to the end of the year, the students felt that Anglicare would be a worthy recipient of the funds raised.

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Junior School ‘Just a little effort from us and everyone that has supported our fundraiser may change a life. We would like to thank Mr Martin for letting us do this and also Mr Shield for letting us get out of class time to go tell all the classes about this fundraiser. Lastly we would like to thank everyone that has supported this fundraiser. So now we think that everyone should give up a little bit of their time to help change lives. Fundraising isn’t just for the pretty things you can buy, it is for helping to make a difference.’ Mali, Lowanna, Kennedy, Mia & Helen, Year 4S.

Save the Bilby Fund The Preparatory year level became ‘Friends of the Bilby’ in 2000. By fundraising near to Easter the students are able to support the ‘Save the Bilby’ Fund to build and maintain a feral free fence, and to help with the breeding program to safeguard the survival of the Bilby. Once again this is a Junior School community service that has been facilitated by Ms Shirley Wood and Mrs Wendy Adamson for 14 years and is a testament to the wonderful support given to a variety of worthy causes by our students, families and staff. ChildFund Australia Service in the Junior School is not the domain of the students only; many of the Junior School staff and other School staff sponsor needy children from other countries through ChildFund Australia, an independent and nonreligious international development organization that works to reduce poverty for children in the developing world. In July 2006, past staff member Rochelle Callinan (nee Seaborne) had a desire to be part of this programme and shared her dream with her colleagues at the School. Thus began a ‘staff sponsorship program’ and 5 needy children and their families from throughout the world soon became our focus. Proudly, 7 years on, we continue to sponsor 4 of these children, providing much needed healthcare, education, food security and income generation, water and sanitisation for their communities. These children are: Tariku Demisse from Ethiopia – Now 15 years of age; does not attend school due to severe crippling from polio; lives with his mother in a grass/mud hut; family survives on less than $300.00US per year; father deserted family. Ramadita from Indonesia – Now 12 years of age; lives with his parents and little sister; loves school and making good progress; helps his mother working in the fields; wants to be a doctor when he grows up.

around the home; loves attending school and one day wants to become a teacher. Rosa Margarita Hernandez Valle from Honduras – Now 15 years of age; lives with her grandparents, mother and 3 siblings in a small three room shack made of mud and stick walls, straw roof and dirt floor, no electricity. Suffers from asthma; loves school and progressing well. These children love receiving mail, cards and correspondence and, in return, we receive regular updates on their schooling and health matters. Sponsorship is an investment in the future of a child and their community. World Vision Fund Throughout the past 11 years the Preparatory and Kindergarten students, families and staff have sponsored 2 World Vision children. Joana Mae Rubio from the Philippines, who has transitioned from the program, has benefitted from our sponsorship with education and essential health services. We are now supporting Ivony Kapasa from Zambia. Ivony is 5 years old and lives in Mporokoso. Ivony has 2 brothers and 4 sisters. We know our contributions to World Vision can make a difference by raising awareness to the plight of other children in the world and for them to have a chance to have a happy, healthy future. The funds to sponsor Ivony come from our Preparatory and Kindergarten Market afternoons which are held 4 times a year. These are wonderfully supported by our parents who make and give the wide variety of goodies that are on sale to raise the funds needed. All things RSPCA Emmett Withers, Year 4D, a passionate long-time supporter of the RSPCA, took it upon himself to encourage the Whitsunday Anglican School community to get behind the RSPCA Millions Paws Walk Charity drive held in May this year. Emmett and a few classmates had been around to the Sub-Schools handing out sponsorship forms and challenging students to become involved. This is not Emmett’s only support of all things RSPCA. Last term Emmett, with the assistance of his grandparents and peers, held a Cup Cake Day sale in support of RSPCA. Emmett and his team made the cupcakes over the preceding weekend and managed to raise over $220 for this worthy cause. Congratulations to Emmett for his continued enthusiasm and support for the RSPCA as he facilitates the Junior School’s Christmas for Pets drive this term. Emmett began this passion as a young fellow back in Prep and the Junior School community has continued to support Emmett in his quest to provide pet food and financial support for the RSPCA over the past 5 years. Mick Martin | Head of Junior School

Seydouba Camara from Guinea – Now 17 years of age; lives in a village that has been devastated by numerous rebel invasions; father is a traditional farmer; helps mum Whitsunday Anglican School |7

Middle School Giving back to her Club

Brianna Baker (Year 5) discusses her volunteering at the Eimeo Surf Life Saving Club with some Year 9 students.

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Middle School Middle School Students Dig Deep for World Vision As part of the Middle School’s pastoral program, each Middle School Tutor Group, the Fundraising Committee and the Character Counts Council organise and host fundraising initiatives that support our four World Vision Children with their health and education needs. These fundraising initiatives provide a wonderful way for Middle School students to demonstrate leadership whilst raising funds to be donated to World Vision. Thank you to the Middle School Tutors and the parent community for their support of this program.

Character Counts Council President James Davis awaits a sponge as part of a fundraiser for the Middle School’s sponsored World Vision Children

The Middle School has raised approximately $4000 each year over the past 11 years for their four World Vision

children and international, national and local charities. Many of our sponsored World Vision Children have moved on from their support and have been replaced with other children in need. Service in the Middle School reflects our Character Counts program and is a focus in our class rooms, our Pastoral Care Programs and our Character Counts Leadership Program. Some of our service involves fundraising activities and giving willingly of ones’ time and effort for others. Our five committee groups (Media, Grounds and Environment, Fundraising, Chapel, and Assemblies and Activities) provide students with a choice of service opportunities. Students are always willing to volunteer their time and this semester we have had many students involved in a broad range of activities. The Fathers’ Day stall was well supported by students and raised $310. This semester we also had our very first Middle School “Lock In” coordinated by the Year 7 Fundraising committee. This involved 25 students camping overnight in the Ron Bourne Hall. In the early evening, activities challenged the students before a movie night took precedence. Students slept in the Hall overnight and were collected at 7.30am the following morning. $144 was raised from this initiative. Coming up this semester we also have an icey cup and jelly cup stall to be held by 6T. A dodge ball competition held by 8S and the pancake breakfast held by the Character Counts Council fundraising committee of Year 6/7 will be in the final week of school. 7F held a paper plane flying competition which was well supported by students who were keen to show their making and flying expertise. Year 7 students participated in a Read-a-thon. Held during Book

Whitsunday Anglican School |9

Middle School Week, the aim was to involve students in reading with their peers in a fun environment whilst raising funds for others less fortunate. Students look forward to the Head of Middle School for a Day raffle. One student has the opportunity to swap roles with Miss Owens for a day. This is a great fun day with the student declaring no homework and free icey cups for students. Miss Owens must come to school in a uniform and do some classes on the day. We have many students contribute time and energy towards assisting with the Voices Festival, as Sound Crew members for Middle School assemblies and broader school functions such as Awards night, Splendour in the Arts and Sports Awards night. Special mention must go to Mr Colin Deeley for training and organising the students to use the sound and lighting equipment and developing their skills in this specialised field. In the wider community, Brianna Baker (5M) completed many hours of community service with the Eimeo Surf Life Saving Cub and Chloe Mullan (8S) excelled with her commitments to the Big Soup Kitchen in Sydney, preparing meals for the homeless. Laura (5M) and Hanah Tibbles (7H) and Brianna Baker (5M) assist every month with the Mackay Pain Support Group education sessions. They welcome people and also help with morning tea and packing up by putting chairs away. At the 1st birthday celebration Hanah, Laura and Brianna received a special mention and an award for all their help with the support group. Great work! As a result of our fundraising we are delighted to be able to provide cheques to support the following organisations: RSPCA, Mackay Base Hospital Foundation Children’s Ward, CQ Rescue and Anglicare. We recognise students who go above and beyond their duties in providing service to others. I congratulate the students who were awarded Service Awards, especially the following major Service Award winner: Special Service Recognition (80+ hours) - Grace Furness I commend all Middle School students who have been involved in service activities this semester and their families for the wonderful support that enables innovation, initiative and the ability to make a difference in the lives of others less privileged than ourselves. Karen Owens | Head of Middle School

Middle School

Principal’s List  for  Service  2013   Year  5  (15  Hours) Stevie  Kea?ng-­‐van-­‐Es,  Alicia  Smith,  Ross   Armstrong,  Keegan  Cooper Year  6  (15  Hours) Jake  Lamb,  Nicola  Grobler,  Ben  Jones,   Kalaryn  Fisher,  Miriam  Elliot-­‐Haynes,   Annie  Harding,  Teana  Reed,  Jasmin  Banks Year  7  (20  Hours) Imaan  Ashraf,  Georgia  Herron,    Madeleine   Hornsby,  Olivia  Laval,  Grace  Furness,   Georgia  Wright,  Grace  Deeley,  Zoe   Bidgood,  MaYhew  Hildebrand,  Romy   Bridgeman,  Jessika  Randell,  Olivia  Evans Year  8  (25  hours) BriYany  Nicolas,  Samantha  Banks,   Monique  FeYell Whitsunday Anglican School |10

Senior School

Women in Sciences Breakfast

Z Club Members Alexandra Robinson and Emily Long are pictured with special guest Professor Adele Green (Australian of the Year)

Service Club Executive Members Members of the Executive Teams from our Amnesty, Interact and Z Clubs for 2013/204

Whitsunday Anglican School |11

Service Clubs

Interact Club

Local charities were presented with cheques at this year’s handover luncheon

Whitsunday Anglican School’s Interact Club invites students from Year 9 to Year 12 who are willing and enjoy contributing to the local community. Throughout Semester 1, Interact raised $2000 through numerous events and fundraisers. Valentine’s Day, a key event on the Interact calendar was keenly to start a new year. Whitsunday students and the occasional staff member were smitten and slightly embarrassed as they were presented with chocolates, lollipops, roses and the always hilarious serenades. Kick-starting the year’s fundraising and involving a wide age group of members, Valentine’s Day was a hit. Continuing this energetic attitude, the first semester was jam packed with numerous Interactors giving up their Sunday mornings to assist Mackay North Rotary Club in their Troppo Markets food van. Many thanks to the students who have taken the time to serve the community and strengthening the relationship between Whitsunday Anglican School’s Interact Club and our sponsor club, Mackay North Rotary Club. These ties were further strengthened at the WAS Interact Club’s Quiz Night. With the assistance of all members of the club, the night was highly successful. Six extremely competitive tables vied for their opportunity to be crowned champions, many funds were raised and a great night was had by all in attendance. Not only was the first semester of 2013 exciting but Interact assisted the Mackay Street Chaplaincy. Similar to the youth group Red Frogs, this new organisation works towards helping and assisting Mackay night life on Friday and Saturday evenings, Interact helped this group in their first year of service by donating $250 and a laptop. Following this we donated to Samaritan House0 an organisation that helps women and children get back on their feet again. $250 dollars helped a small 8 year old boy follow his dreams of playing in the National Basketball League. In the last week of Term 2, Interactors catered for the Middle School Bush Dance. Interact finished Semester 1 on a high and we maintained this throughout 2013. At our annual Handover Luncheon, the leadership of the Club was transferred to the highly capable Year 11’s and the lunch gave the incoming Executive, comprised of Jessica Fleming, Amy Lawless, Rachael Macdonald and Shannon Alexander, the chance to officially hand our donations to members of local charities. Thank you to all who made this year so successful for the Interact Club and I wish to personally thank my fellow outgoing Executive and Mr Fleming for the effort which they put into running the Club this year. Rachel Sharp | Interact President Whitsunday Anglican School |12

Imagine your future

Amnesty International

Co-President Murtaza Kahloon leading a discussion on human rights

2013 brought a change of focus to Whitsunday Anglican School’s Amnesty International Club. In order to better organise the year’s campaigns, the decision was made that one day of each term would be labeled as a Campaign Day – these were the days where the Club’s planning of protests was put into action. The first Campaign Day was in protest of Australia’s Asylum Seeker Policies. The pavement around the Senior School G Block area was covered in chalk facts and myths regarding asylum seekers. In addition to this, every Amnesty member put a piece of tape across their mouth, to symbolise that asylum seekers are denied their voice by the Australian Government. Our second Campaign Day focused upon the United States Government’s illegal detention of suspected terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. A wall of hands was made of all students who supported the protest and by the end of first break, it was completely filled. A photo of this wall was sent to Amnesty International to show that Whitsunday is in support of their repeated campaigns against Guantanamo Bay. The third Campaign Day protested Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories. The Amnesty Club visited each Senior School eating area and instructed students to move into a small area in the corner. We then presented a short speech to them, explaining that this is the situation Palestinians face on a day to day basis – Israel builds settlements on their land, displacing them and their families. The 40 Hour famine was also run through the Amnesty Club, with a sleepover being held in the Hall. Muhammad Khan and Hamza Ashraf organised this year’s 40 Hour Famine campaign and, along with Laura Carson, have been selected as the Co-Presidents for 2014. 2013 brought several successes for Whitsunday’s Amnesty Club, and we have no doubt that these successes will continue into 2014. Ryan Branch & Murtaza Kahloon | Amnesty Co-Presidents Whitsunday Anglican School |13

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Z Club

The new Z Club Executive is welcomed by Mackay Zonta’s Mrs Marie Cameron

Zonta is an international organisation which aims to advance the status of women worldwide. The WAS Z-club has developed a strong relationship with the Mackay Zonta Club. Together we spread the awareness of women’s issues in our community focusing on issues which are close to home. This year, the Z-Club has been involved in many activities in the wider community which include the annual birthing kit assembly day. The birthing kits are a good way to connect the community, and spread the awareness of poor hygiene during birth for women in third world countries. Though this is the largest event, the Z-club have also assisted the Mackay Z- Club with other activities which include: Global Groves, waitressing and the International Women’s Day functions. It is great to liaise with Mackay Zonta Club as they help facilitate, and support, our fundraising efforts. Since the start of our executive term, Claire McCormack, Teresa Fox, and I have worked together in bringing the Z-Club girls together- like a family. We believe that if we can encourage women to become aware of women’s issues now, it will only brighten the future of women around the world. In Term 4, 2012, the very first Women’s Health Awareness Week was heldfundraising and spreading the awareness of breast cancer. Throughout the week a bake sale was held; helium balloons were released in the Ron Bourne Hall (thanks to Mr and Mrs Faa for donating the helium); and pink ribbons were sold. All of the money raised was donated to the Mackay Hospital Foundation. It was so lovely to see the fundraising efforts being put to something that was so needed in our community. The first week of Term 4 every year is now known as Women’s Health Awareness Week. This year, one of our main focuses has been supporting local charities- in both Terms 1 and 3, the Z-Club has fundraised for the Samaritan House Mackay. In Term 1, we held a bake sale with scrumptious baked goods being quickly sold. Instead of holding another bake sale, in Term 3 we decided to hold a ‘used goods’ drive. Through this we have donated old cups, plates, cutlery and linen. Both of these activities were a success, as they were readily supported by the WAS school community. It has been an honour being a member of the executive team for 2013. I would encourage all Senior School girls to get involved as it is for a great cause and allows each grade to come together. This year has been extremely successful for Zonta. Emily Long | Z Club President Whitsunday Anglican School |14

International Service

Projects Abroad- Nepal

Namaste! (Hello) During the June school holidays Emma Tait, Teresa Fox and Thomas Ruming took a volunteer trip to Nepal for two weeks to paint class rooms at a local school, organized by the volunteering company, Projects Abroad. The three students along with 26 international volunteers of similar age banded together to turn six ordinary brick rooms into six exciting and engaging rooms for the students. A quick coat of white and blue and then the volunteers applied their artistic abilities to paint murals on the walls, making a great contribution to the school community in Kathmandu and gaining an experience which will remain with them for the rest of their lives. The three students also had the amazing opportunity to travel to Chitwan National Park and participate in an elephant safari, elephant bathing and several other activities which they enjoyed immensely. The students became aware of the Nepal Youth Foundation which does incredible work to aid youth within Nepal through several schemes including Nutritional Rehabilitation Centers, J and K houses (homes housing about 20 boys and 20 girls in a family environment) and the New Life Center (a center supporting children with HIV/AIDS). The work that the NYF has done and is doing in Nepal is amazing and is rapidly changing the lives of many poverty stricken children within the country. The students spent their lunch breaks at the Nutritional Rehab Center playing with the children staying there. The improvements in the children’s conditions were noticeable within a week with one child unable to sit up at the beginning of the first week and then being able to walk four days later. The students also managed to go sightseeing, visiting more of the traditional areas of Kathmandu. The trip became reality due to receipt of the 2013 RSL Youth Development Program grants to be put towards a project of their choice. Initially not all three had intended for Nepal to be their destination; however, it all worked out in the end. Being awarded the RSL scholarships was a big part of making this fantastic opportunity happen and all three are very happy to have had the experience. They have gained memories and friends that will last a lifetime. Thomas Ruming | Year 12 Student Whitsunday Anglican School |15

Imagine your future

Laura Carson- Mount Kilimanjaro 2013 was a year that would change my life. And so, in January of this year, the intense training program began. We were told that if you could do 5-6 laps of Pollock Street, you could climb the mountain. By the time we left, I could do four. Being a Type One Diabetic there were so many extra obstacles that I had to overcome, like what would happen if my insulin froze? What would happen if I become really sick? Fortunately, these were not an issue for me in the end, although… I found out that glucometers (the device I use for checking my blood sugar levels) do not like cold temperatures or direct sunlight. Rather, it was will-power and mind-power that set me back. All my schooling life I had never been good at sport or could even run an 800m track without stopping. And there I was, going for the summit of one of the tallest mountains in the world. It was about 3am of the night of the summit, and my guides were suggesting that I go back down because I had fallen behind everyone else. I turned around and started climbing down, when I remembered all of the people who would be disheartened if I didn’t continue, and how disappointed in myself I would be. And so I turned to my guide, and asked if I could go back up. He looked at me with a look that said, “You could try kid, but you’d be wasting your time”, but nodded anyway. So I decided to go back up. About an hour and a half later, I caught up to the rest of the group, and managed to make it to Uhuru Peak by about 7.30am – being the youngest Type One Diabetic ever to summit Kilimanjaro. My journey wasn’t just about the climb though. During training, I kept a blog about how I was progressing, which gained attention by Channel 7 News, and has now reached a total of 600 views. I was also able to spread my experiences to my fellow adolescent Diabetics at the bi-annual Diabetes Camp in Brisbane, hopefully inspiring them to not let their disease hold them back. Overall, my year has been one of opportunity, challenges and fantastic experiences, and I hope next year is as equally rewarding! Laura Carson | Year 11 Student Whitsunday Anglican School |16

Imagine your future Wendy Carson- Tanzania

2013 was destined to be a year of change for me. In 2013 I turned 50. My daughter Laura asked me to be with her to attempt to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa as part of the Whitsunday Anglican School Tour. Nothing like a little hike to cure a midlife crisis! At age 15, Laura we think, is the youngest Type One Diabetic in the world to successfully summit Uhuru Peak at 5895m. She remains my hero. My journey to Tanzania has been more personal. As a mother and a nurse, the journey affected me deeply. I returned to Tanzania in September 2013 determined to make a difference. I had been greatly affected by the statistics of Tanzania with a HIV rate approaching 70% and a subsequent soaring childhood orphan rate. The life expectancy is 40, and the highest maternal and infant mortality rate in the Sub-Sahara. With the support of three of the Tour Guides who attempted the summit with me in June, I have tried to affect some meaningful change in their community. I have founded the Kilimanjaro Children’s Education Project. My aim is to improve the educational outcomes for children in Tanzania. Initially, I am assisting one school, with the hope that the project will grow and in time be able to also help schools in the outer rural areas. The Mjpinjy Primary School is a community of 1200 students. The average class size is 90 students to one teacher. There are 200 AIDS orphans, 10 students with HIV, 6 students per text book, no running water, no electricity, 4 students per chair, no sanitation. The majority of these children go to school hungry. Schooling is only compulsory to Year 7, when the children sit a scholarship exam to try to enter secondary school. With no electricity it is very difficult for these teachers and students to participate in the additional hours of study needed. My first success was to provide enough food for this school for lunches for the remainder of the school year. My next goal will be to have electricity connected to the school. An outlay of $350 seems so little to make such a big difference. Uniforms for a child- $100, Textbooks- $6 each, lunch for the whole school for a month- $650, food for one child for the school year- $37, water connection- $3500. The project is in the process of being legally registered in Tanzania with the assistance of the Moshi Chamber of Commerce, and the Mayor of Moshi. In Australia I am working towards having the project registered as a charity with tax deductable status, and also having a web page built. In January I am hoping to return to officially launch the project and turn on the power for the start of the school year. I didn’t make it to the summit in June, but I have achieved a few other goals along the way. Next year hopefully…. Wendy Carson | School Nurse Whitsunday Anglican School |17

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Service Flashback Service has  always  been   an   important   part   of   life   at   Whitsunday   Anglican   School.  Staff   and   students  con?nue  to   roll  up  their  sleeves  or  donate  funds  to   many   local,  na?onal  and   interna?onal   chari?es. Over  the  coming   edi?ons,  we  will  delve   into   the   archives  and  look  back  at  how   Whitsunday   has   given   back   over   the   years.





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Imagine your future Principal’s List for Service- Semester One 2013 To be awarded a place on the Principal’s List for Service, Senior School students must complete a certain number of service hours in various school, club or community activities within a semester. Middle School students are eligible for the award at the end of the year. Meghan Dansie Julia  Boets Olivia  Jones Sam  Lawless Hamza  Ashraf Daimon  Bobby Harry  Bojack Jackson  Clarke Yemima  Ehrnst Brooke  Howard

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Muhammad Khan Duleesha  Perera Colby  Schmidtke Sophie  Tait Jade  Bidgood Nicholas  Baker Ryan  Branch BriYany  Chambers Lexi  Chisholm Teresa  Fox

Emily Long Natalie  MacDonald Claire  McCormack Nyasha  Mlambo Dinasha  Perera Thomas  Ruming Emma  Tait Joanna  Tomlin Stefanie  Shearman

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Imagine your future

Whitsunday Anglican School |20

Service Learning News | Semester 2 2013  
Service Learning News | Semester 2 2013  

A magazine highlighting the Service Learning program at Whitsunday Anglican School, Mackay.