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Utilities: Service Overview Utilities worldwide are navigating an environment rife with significant change across their internal and external operations. Executives are faced with challenges that are also opportunities, if handled with foresight.

Arthur Lawrence Utilities

Arthur Lawrence’s extensive consulting experience in global markets has helped clients assessing their performance against industry leaders, jump start client projects and accelerate program delivery. Arthur Lawrence understands the changing utilities landscape.

Our resources deliver business results in the following areas:

Multiple forces are shaping the utilities landscape, including shifting demand, unprecedented capital investment, evolving consumerism, “smart” technologies, security of supply and the demands of a lower carbon future. With over 10 years of experience working with utility clients world wide our experts bring deep industry knowledge, world class capabilities, innovation and cutting-edge technology to our clients to help them not only meet these challenges and opportunities but also raise their performance to new heights.

1. Providing a best practice model. 2. Evaluating the current performance Determining As-Is Position and the Gap. 3. Enhancing process improvement programs Accelerating Delivery and Benefits. 4. Focusing the project scope - What is our critical path? 5. Leveraging best practices - What can we learn and use from other industries 6. Improving management of Capital Projects How can we integrate New Units with the existing fleet?

Arthur Lawrence’s industry solution professionals have deep industry and software package knowledge. Combined with enterprise integration experience, a global strategic delivery approach and strong alliances with leading enterprise solution vendors help us improve your business's performance. Our extensive utility knowledge combined with an integrated suite of methods, people, and assets - provides executives and their teams with the necessary strategies and tools to position their organizations for success in the new market realities. In an industry where change and reinvention have become the norm, experience is a critical asset.

Arthur Lawrence idea of Cloud Utilities: The technology advances brought about by cloud computing, in conjunction with mobility and analytics, open up new vistas for utilities. In our view, the current gradual, yet steady, progress of cloud adoption will accelerate dramatically over the coming years as utilities reap the benefits cloud can deliver. As the momentum of cloud adoption grows, those players that move earliest to assess and seize the cloud opportunity also will likely seize the initiative from their competitors, by adjusting faster and more fully to the imperatives of the new environment. Copyright © Arthur Lawrence All rights reserved. Arthur Lawrence, its logo, and Exceptional Resources are trademarks of Arthur Lawrence

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