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APPENDIX JIMMA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NATURAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF SPORT SCIENCE Questionnaire filled by students This questionnaire is prepared to be filled by 1 st up to 3rd year sport science undergraduate students. The main objective of this questionnaire is to compare the extracurricular activities of female and male sport science students in Jimma University in their extra time. The information to be obtained through questionnaire is going to be used only for the study under taken. So you are requested to complete the questionnaire genuinely. The questions are presented in two ways.

 Questions that have choice should be answered by circling the letter.  Questions that have free space needs explanation briefly and genuinely. Direction:-

 Do not write your name  Please put marks in box ( )  Circle the letter for close ended questions Part I:- Background information

 Sex

□ Male

□ Female

 Age

□ Below 20

□ 21-30

□ Above 31 1


 Year









Part II:- Questions 1. What is your interest towards sport science education? A. Very interested

B. interested

C. less interested

2. If your answer for question number “1” is less interested, specify your

reasons here. __________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________. 3. Do you participate in sport activities during extracurricular activities? A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. Never

4. If your answer for question number “3” is, “yes” or “sometimes”, specify how

many days in a week on for how many hours in a day? _______________________________________________________________________ 5. If your answer for question number “3” is “Never” specify your reason here

__________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ 6. Do











extracurricular activities? A. Yes

B. No

7. If your answer for question number “6” is “No” put your justifications here

__________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ 8. Do you believe that there is any difference between male and female in

participating with sport activities conducted outside the regular class? 2

A. Yes

B. No

9. If your answer for question number “8” is “yes” specify the difference

here______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________ 10. Have you faced any problem regarding extracurricular sport activity? A. Yes

B. No

11. If your answer for question number “10” is “yes” specify the problem here

__________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________.

12. Before you became a student of sport science; had you an interest and

engaged in any sport activities? A. Yes

B. No

13. What is your current attitude towards extracurricular sport activities? A. Positive

B. Negative

14. List down the extracurricular sport activities at Jimma University?

__________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ 15. What suggestions can you give in order to make equal participation in

extracurricular sport activities for both sexes? __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 3

Thank you!!!


Appendix for the Research  
Appendix for the Research