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Professional Development

Business, Human Resources and Marketing


Critical Thinking and Decision-Making

Advanced Legal Research and Writing Discover advanced and specialized approaches for using the legal resources available in a law library and elsewhere. You will also learn how to formulate Westlaw search queries, and effectively and efficiently use other online and manual legal research methods for legal writing. We will also cover how to find, interpret and use various types of legal authorities, shepardize legal authorities, write a legal analysis and other types of legal writing and draft a memorandum of law and briefcase opinions.

Do you struggle with making a decision because you fear making a mistake? Do you want to know how can you approach work problems in a more thorough and decisive way? If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, this seminar is for you. You’ll receive an introduction to true critical thinking, explore thinking barriers and learn new and creative ideas that solve problems every time. BMG 1103 $70 | mandatory fee: $10

22174 Fri 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Kimberly Benjamin Apr 12


LAW 1006 mandatory fee: $729 | CEUs: 5 Center for Legal Studies

Leadership and Coaching Skills

22243 ONLINE: Open Registration

Jan 14 – Mar 1

22244 ONLINE: Open Registration

Mar 11 – Apr 26

As a manager or supervisor, you’re probably responsible for productivity, increasing the motivation and loyalty of your team, as well as dealing with problem employees is a must. This workshop empowers you to be a more effective leader by teaching you the allimportant teambuilding and coaching skills.

Conflict Management and Resolution Conflicts are bound to happen when a diverse group of people come together in a workplace. These can lead to a loss of productivity, unsafe working conditions, and an increase in disciplinary conversations, absenteeism and turnover. Learn how to improve communication, reduce conflict and support your goals and those of your team, department and organization in this workshop. BMG 1102 $70 | mandatory fee: $10


22175 Fri 9:00am – 11:00am


| Winter 2019

BMG 1106 $70 | mandatory fee: $10

22176 Fri 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Kimberly Benjamin Apr 5


Kimberly Benjamin Apr 5


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Winter 2019 Workforce Development/Community Enrichment Catalog  

Winter 2019 Workforce Development/Community Enrichment Catalog