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If you are responsible for embedded software testing, quality assurance or verifying and assuring application security, this class will provide you with an understanding of applied techniques and a well-rounded base of knowledge to perform your tasks.

Explore best practices in the design of secure software. Ensure that you are providing and managing the strategic direction and integrity of your organization’s IT architecture with the right capabilities to meet business needs. Workforce Development

22193 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Java Developer Security Develop a thorough grounding in Java application security concepts. Learn to recognize and remediate common Java web software security vulnerabilities and specific Java, JRE and J2EE constructs, including core implementation practices. CIS 4264 $300

Workforce Development

22195 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Mobile Developer Security Gain an understanding of how to identify common mobile application risks, use mobile application development best practices, create a mobile application threat model and apply platform-specific knowledge to iOS and Android. CIS 4261 $300

Workforce Development

22197 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Developer Security This class provides you with the tools to secure systems that transmit, process or store cardholder data. CIS 4271 $300

CIS 4274 $300

Workforce Development

22203 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Security for Software Architects Learn how to apply secure software architecture best practices to the requirement, design and implementation phases of your software development lifecycle.

IT Architect Security Curriculum Part 1: Core

Bolster project management efficiency by building security upfront into the software development life cycle.

Workforce Development

22191 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

CIS 4259 $300

Professional Development

Project Manager Security

Embedded QA/Test Security

CIS 4277 $300


Workforce Development

CIS 4258 $300

Workforce Development

22211 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Systems Leadership Security Develop a comprehensive baseline of application security knowledge to lead application development and design projects. You will get an overview of secure architecture, mobile development, cryptography, security risks and remediation. CIS 4276 $300

Workforce Development

22213 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Test/QA Security Arm yourself with the knowledge and skill you need, as a software tester or quality assurance professional, to ensure and verify application security. You will receive special emphasis on applied testing techniques and how to meet compliance requirements. CIS 4278 $300

Workforce Development

22215 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Web 2.0 Developer Security Equip yourself with the information to understand, avoid and mitigate the risks posed by web vulnerabilities. Gain a detailed background on the most common and recent attacks against webbased applications, such as cross-site scripting attacks and cross-site request forgery attacks. Learn platform-specific secure coding best practices, including coverage of HTML5 and AJAX. CIS 4268 $300

Workforce Development

22217 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

22199 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

PHP Developer Security Improve your understanding of risk analysis, cryptography and other important topics about secure PHP-based web application development. CIS 4272 $300

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Workforce Development

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