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Deluxe buses- safe and convenient traveling guaranteed The most popular and rampantly available transportation today is bus. Since traveling by bus has certain distinct advantages, many travelers choose bus journey over other modes to reach their destination. It is an acknowledged fact that traveling by bus is lot more safe, economical and convenient than traveling by car or other private vehicles. With the availability of deluxe buses, travel by bus has also become extremely comfortable. Travelling between places is an inescapable part of our lives. People travel for a variety of reasons - for business, holidaying, attending sports meet, religious pilgrimages, excursions, wedding/birthday celebrations etc. Many seasoned travelers tend to agree that bus travel is the safest and most reliable mode of transportation over cars, trucks, trains, planes and other commercial vehicles. To make your travel more pleasurable the luxury deluxe buses provide you extra amenities like air conditioner, on board toilet, television and in some deluxe buses the bus hostess will offer you drinks and snacks. It is found that people quite often travel from Washington to New York and vice versa. Assuming you are planning to travel between Washington and New York in a deluxe bus you can be sure of reaching the place in the exact time and in the most comfortable way as well. To select a suitable deluxe bus service you should read customer reviews and testimonials. This will enable you to know the quality of services you can expect from the bus company you have chosen. There are several deluxe bus companies that are operated independently and they are independently owned as well. Operating with a decade and half experience in bus transportation it is the duty of the passenger to check out for the reputation of the bus company that he is going to prefer. It is the solemn commitment of Washington Deluxe to offer traveler’s well- maintained vehicles with all conceivable amenities. Their luxury motor coaches can comfortably accommodate up to 55 passengers and each passenger can expect reclining seats and ample leg room. Furthermore, their buses are Wifi enabled for entertainment and communication needs of travelers and plug-Ins are provided to charge cell phone/laptop/mobile devices. Research studies reveal that each one of their motor coaches substitutes 56 cars on the road, immensely contributing to environmental preservation. Restrooms are well-kept always clean and hygienic. Difficult to believe, but the fact remains that their motor coaches have logged more than a million miles plying on the prestigious New York City/ Washington, DC bus corridor. Every

motor coach Washington Deluxe Bus use is fully licensed, insured, and regularly inspected to check for road-worthiness and the drivers maintain impeccable experience records. Interestingly, Washington Deluxe makes it a point to pick up and drop off passengers at Metro accessible locations in the Washington, DC Metro area, and New York City locations. Travelers prefer Washington Deluxe Bus because of dependable prompt departure and arrival, convenient pick-up and drop-off locations, affordable travel fares and unforgettable travel experience. Visit our Site: Washington Deluxe Bus - Daily Express Bus Services Between Washington, DC and New York, NY. Most popular bus services in North East USA. For information visit

Deluxe buses- safe and convenient traveling guaranteed