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Fall Bazaar 2014 Reflections on the Bazaar Ivan Charner, Alumni Parent Alumni parent Ivan Charner estimates that he’s been attending the Fall Bazaar for about thirty years. Although his daughter Megin graduated back in 1993, followed by his son, Sam, in 2003, Ivan remains a familiar face at the Bazaar Bistro, where he serves as cashier. Ivan’s knack for mental calculations makes him a perfect fit for the job, but it’s the chance to reconnect with old friends that draws him back year after year. He especially delights in seeing his

Sarah Heirman, Alumni, Former Faculty, Current Parent, Married to Chef Eron) Sarah Heirman’s connections to our school encompass most of her life: initially a student, she later returned as a teacher. Now she is the wife of our school’s chef, Eron Picus, and the mother of Nora in the Nursery Class and Isaac in the parent-child program. Sarah’s memories of the Fall Bazaar stretch from her childhood into the present. Particularly her memories of cake. Not just any cake, but fancy cake. Roulades, layer cakes, cakes crowned with whipped cream. Slices of these decadent indulgences were served in The Café, which was the

children’s former schoolmates enjoying the Bazaar with their own children. Ivan says that WWS was very special in the lives of his children, who were both ‘lifers’ at the school, com-

precursor to our Patisserie. Long a Bazaar staple, The Café was set up in the library, back when our school’s entire community could fit into that space. Customers sat at tables set with white linen tablecloths. Sarah remembers viewing the pastries, perched on towering cake plates, from a child’s perspective, with eyes that were level with the table’s rich bounty. Everyone knew who the top-notch bakers were, and scouted out their cakes. Sarah says that her mother’s cakes are still famous in some circles. All that fancy cake left an impression: Sarah is now a pastry chef. What will she and Nora do at this year’s Fall Bazaar? Sarah is looking forward to reuniting

pleting all twelve grades. His wife Kathy was long active on school committees, with the Bazaar, and with the spring auction. Ivan says that it was an added joy for them when Megin, who holds a doctorate in education from Harvard University, was asked to speak at last year’s graduation. Parent Organization Steering Committee Co-Chair and Bistro Coordinator Carolyn Crouch says, “You could have all the food and coffee, but without Ivan, there’s no Bistro. He’s the face you want to see. You won’t find a more affable cashier in your shopping life.”

with old friends. Nora would like to visit the magical maze and patronize the Children’s Shop. “And then,” says Sarah, “We’ll eat a piece of cake.”

Reflections on the Fall Bazaar  
Reflections on the Fall Bazaar