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THE PROGRAM Experience Washington from the inside. Develop a conceptual and practical understanding of U.S. foreign policy challenges through access to decision makers and experts in U.S. government agencies, U.S. Congress, think tanks, advocacy groups, embassies, and international organizations. This in-depth study of international affairs is accomplished through your interactive seminar, hands-on internship, and choice elective course. Our

program affords a unique and indepth study of international affairs. Participation in the Graduate Gateway International Affairs program helps you prepare for an international relations career and master’s degree.

COMPONENTS 3 DAYS / WEEK: International Affairs Internship in Washington, DC 3 CREDITS: Graduate Seminar in American Foreign Policy 3 CREDITS: Graduate Elective Course in AU’s School of International Service



Instruction by faculty holding academic appointments in the School of International Service Option to live in university-sponsored housing on Capitol Hill


THE SEMINAR Gain hands-on knowledge. Combine our traditional academic setting with valuable first-hand insights from foreign policy experts. This unparralled experiential model affords a fuller understanding of complex issues in international affairs; a critical asset.

SAMPLE SEMINAR TOPICS The Rising Power of China: Implications for U.S. Interests and Policy South Asia: Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Challenge to U.S. Policy Culture, Religion, and Conflict Resolution Genocide in Darfur: The Sudanese Conflict and Implications for U.S. – Africa Policy The U.S. and the Challenge of Weapons Proliferation

Putin’s Russia and the U.S. Energy Dependence and Implications for American Foreign Policy The U.S. and India – Parameters and Possibilities Transatlantic Alliance – Strategic and Economic Relations U.S. – Latin American Policy The Future Partnership with Japan

INTERNSHIPS We pride ourselves on the professional internships Graduate Gateway Program students obtain. You’ll have access to our extensive internship database available only to program participants.

Your internship will help you build your résumé, network with professionals in your field, and provide valuable experience to make you stand out in today’s challenging job market.

SAMPLE INTERNSHIPS Al Jazeera International

International Embassies

American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

Save Darfur Coalition

Amnesty International Asia America Initiative

TransAfrica Forum U.N. Environment Programme

Brookings Institute

U.N. International Fund for Agricultural Development

The Fund for Peace

U.S. Department of State

Human Rights Watch

U.S. House of Representatives

Hudson Institute for National Security Strategies

U.S. Senate

ELECTIVES Follow your passion and spur critical thinking in your field. Every student holds unique areas of interest, so choose an elective course from the wide array of graduate courses offered by American University’s School of International Service.

SAMPLE ELECTIVES Conflict and Development Environment and Politics Global Political Economy International Development International Relations in the Americas Theories of Violence and War


Washington Semester Program

American University, Tenley Campus


4400 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, DC 20016 @WashSem on Twitter


American University's Washington Semester Graduate Gateway Program in International Affairs  

A brochure for the Washington Semester Program at American University's Graduate Gateway Program in International Affairs.