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THE PROGRAM Experience Washington from the inside. Develop a direct understanding of applied politics through exposure to political practitioners and policy makers­—both elected and unelected —who influence legislation, execute decisions, resolve disputes, and help others win electoral office. Improve your skills evaluating policy proposals and increase your factual knowledge of the structures, rules, and processes of Ameri-

can politics with your interactive seminar, an internship designed to expand your knowledge through practical experience, and an elective course of your choosing. Participation in the Graduate Gateway Applied Politics program helps prepare you for a master’s degree and career in politics or government while helping you build valuable connections.

COMPONENTS 3 DAYS / WEEK: Applied Politics Internship in Washington, DC 3 CREDITS: Graduate Seminar in Applied American Politics 3 CREDITS: Graduate Elective Course in AU’s School of Public Affairs



Instruction by faculty holding academic appointments in the School of Public Affairs Option to live in university-sponsored housing on Capitol Hill


THE SEMINAR Gain hands-on knowledge.

SAMPLE SEMINAR TOPICS Politics Inside the Beltway How Washington works through the avenues of public communications.

Combine our traditional academic setting with valuable first-hand insights from political experts.

Elections and Campaigns National campaign organizations, political consultants, and a focus on polling, media, gender, and voter turnout analysis.

This unparralleled experiential model affords a fuller understanding of complex political science issues; a critical asset.

Congress The legislative process, appropriations and earmarks, committees and legislation. Interest Groups, Advocacy Organizations, and Think Tanks The role of organizations in influencing policy, strategies, and tactics. Economic and Social Policy What is the government doing on issues that dominate policy agendas:

jobs, health care and entitlements, energy, and education? Campaign Finance Reform How have recent laws and court cases affected future elections with an emphasis on spending/contribution limits, soft money, 527’s, and public financing? Presidency Working inside the White House and the execution of administration policies from legislation to implementation to rule making. To what extent is the Obama Presidency different? The Courts The federal court system and the impact upon public policy. Major cases on the docket and the nature of the Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts.



We pride ourselves on the professional internships Graduate Gateway Program students obtain. You’ll access our extensive internship database available only to program participants.

Follow your passion and spur critical thinking in your field.

Your internship will help you build your résumé, network with professionals in your field, and provide valuable experience to stand out in today’s challenging job market.

SAMPLE INTERNSHIPS AFL-CIO American Democracy Institute American Enterprise Institute Center for Strategic and International Studies Common Cause Emily’s List Feminist Majority Foundation McManus, Schor, Asmar & Darden, L.L.P.

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

Every student holds unique areas of interest, so choose an elective course from the wide array of graduate courses offered by the School of Public Affairs.

SAMPLE ELECTIVES American Political Thought Homeland Security

National Right to Life Committee

The Legislative Process

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Political Analysis

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Politics in the Electronic Age

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Voting Behavior, Elections & Campaigns Women, Politics & Public Policy

U.S. House of Representatives U.S. Senate


Washington Semester Program

American University, Tenley Campus


4400 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, DC 20016 @WashSem on Twitter


American University's Washington Semester Graduate Gateway Program  

A brochure for Washington Semester Program at American University's Graduate Gateway Program in Applied Politics.

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