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Recovering the Cost of Environmental Cleanup Washington Public Ports Association September 29, 2016 Mark Nadler, P.E. Liberty Waters The Nadler Law Group, PLLC Seattle, Washington


Two Routes to Recovery • Statutory Contribution – Washington Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) RCW 70.105D – Comprehensive Environmental Cost Recovery and Liability Act (CERCLA) 42 USC 9607

• Contractual – The Port’s Insurance – Additional insured and indemnity agreements – Assigned insurance claims

Identifying Other Liable Parties • Travis Zandi

Identifying and Locating Contracts and Policies • Insurance – Comprehensive General Liability Policies – Prior to 1986 – Northwest Marine Terminals Association • Single policies issued to all member ports • Policies have been proved up in court, recently affirmed in (as yet) unpublished Court of Appeals decision on August 2, 2016

– Port’s financial records (don’t need the actual insurance policies)

Identifying and Locating Contracts and Policies

Identifying and Locating Contracts and Policies

Identifying and Locating Contracts and Policies • Leases – Indemnities • Indemnity from tenant • Pursue insurance on claim assigned by tenant • Confirm tenant tendered notice and perfected claim

Identifying and Locating Contracts and Policies • Leases – Insurance • Additional Insured • Assigned claims if not additional insured

• Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements – Indemnities

Strategies For Funding Cleanup • Allocating Among PLPs – Travis Zandi

• Identifying and Preserving Evidence – Identifying Testimonial witnesses (trigger, expectations and intent) – Preserving • Leases and contracts (now) • Documentation of contaminant releases (now) • Testimony (now)

Strategies For Funding Cleanup • Tendering and Perfecting Claims – Contractual indemnities • Prompt (or prompt as can be made under the circumstances) notice and tender

– Contractual insurance benefits • Prompt notice and tender • Confirmation that notice and tender promptly passed on to carrier and claim perfected

– Notice to insurers • Whom to notify • “As soon as practicable”--OSS Concerns

Specific Problems and Opportunities • Working cooperatively with tenants and other PLPs – “Participation” or “Common Interest” Agreements – Leveraging insurance • Additional insured • Assigned claims (in exchange for a release to the extent of the Port’s net recovery on the assigned claim) • Can take assignments from PLPs even if not tenants

Specific Problems and Opportunities • Bankrupt PLPs – Proofs of claim – Bar date – Anti-annulment statute

• Insurance carriers – Insist on your benefits—you paid for them – Obtain your defense benefits—may be more valuable than the indemnity benefit

Specific Problems and Opportunities – Insist on a coverage decision, especially for big claims (non-waiver agreements usually only benefit the insurer) – Insist on prompt payment of costs – Insist on a remediation that works for your Port • Compatible with future site use • Removal rather than containment if at all possible—As long term owners Ports will have to be responsible for the waste a long time • Be proactive with Ecology to get a workable remedial alternative selected

Specific Problems and Opportunities – If you have to litigate remember • $200 million worth of NWMTA policies are now proven • Can get your attorney fees if successful

• Use all available sources – PLPs • MTCA contribution • Assigned insurance

– Insurance – Ecology grants (when and if available)

Specific Problems and Opportunities • Success stories – – – – –

Port of Anacortes Port of Skagit Port of Everett Port of Port Angeles Port of Longview


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WPPA 2016 Env Seminar - Recovering Cost of Environmental Cleanup, Nadler  
WPPA 2016 Env Seminar - Recovering Cost of Environmental Cleanup, Nadler