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azine n Lifestyle Mag a ic er m -A n a si South A The Areas Only


Welcome to Washington Masala Magazine

Washington Masala is the only South Asian-American entertainment and lifestyle magazine in the DC Metro area. Its mission is to bring to center stage the positive achievements, tastes, and styles of South Asian-Americans. It both connects its readers by giving a platform to their diverse voices and gives them a vibrant and colorful product to relate to. Covering a spectrum of topics from fashion and lifestyle to celebrity profiles, community events, and social issues, Washington Masala has steadily gained the trust and interest of the very people it seeks to highlight. We at Washington Masala try to expose the unique reality the South AsianAmerican experiences from the different colors and shapes that make its facade to the complex layers of thought and creativity that give it substance. We invite you to experience the journey of South Asian traditions, culture, and perspectives, as interpreted, changed, and molded by the community in the DC Metro area.

Rick Khosla Publisher of Washington Masala

To tap into this $5.2 Billion dollar South Asian-American market, please contact Rick Khosla, Publisher. 703.944.1276 • •

a l a s Ma ON WASHINGT


azine n Lifestyle Mag a ic er m -A n a si South A The Areas Only

the market

$5.2 Billion Dollars in Local Buying Power • $232,470 - the median income of South AsianAmerican families, nearly double the median income of all American families – DC Metro Area (Source: U.S. Census Bureau). • Over 225,000 South Asian-Americans reside in DC Metro area. • Average residential price of house owned by a South Asian $550,000 (Source: NVAR). • 300,000 plus - The number of South AsianAmerican millionaires (Source: Merrill Lynch). 10% of them live in Washington DC Metro area.

• 64.4% - percentage of South Asian-Americans over the age of 25 who have a college degree (BA or higher). • Over 84 Senior “C” Level Indian’s in Obama Administration i.e., Aneesh Chopra (CTO), Neal Katyal, Vivek Kundra (CIO), Preeta Bansal, Rajiv Shah, Preet Bahara, Farah Pandith, Arunava Majumdar, Vinai Thummalapally, David Faria. • Inc. 500 – CEO of 58% companies on beltway (Metro DC) are from Indian Origin. • About 40% of all South Asian-Americans have a Master’s, PhD or other professional degree.

Distribution Washington Masala’s reported a total readership is 30,000 in November 2010. The total distribution for 2011 will be 10,000 per print/issue. 5000 prints are directly mailed to household with incomes over $300,000. Another 5000 are distributed through local Asian Indian stores, restaurants, special events, and professional offices. Washington Masala also hosts many events during the year including special events such as the New Year Eve event at the Hyatt Regency Reston with over 1200 attendees. The total readership exceeds well over 30,000.

As an advertiser in Washington Masala, you can be sure that your marketing dollars are reaching those individuals and families that have discretionary income and can afford the full gambit of services offered. Targeted, focused and affordable advertising ... In a publication which is enjoyed and revered by the community for its commitment to the community. Your ad will reach over 30,000 readers.

To tap into this $5.2 Billion dollar South Asian-American market, please contact Rick Khosla, Publisher. 703.944.1276 • •

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azine n Lifestyle Mag a ic er m -A n a si South A The Areas Only

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To tap into this $5.2 Billion dollar South Asian-American market, please contact Rick Khosla, Publisher. 703.944.1276 • •

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azine n Lifestyle Mag a ic er m -A n a si South A The Areas Only

Wow! You guys are putting a lot of work into this thing. Looking good. A lot of engaging visuals. Ken Papa Never expected anything less from you. You are always professional in your approach. Nice Mag! Jerome Kaplan Congratulations on your achievement and all the best for the future of Washington Masala. Sameer Rohatgi I saw the magazine and happened to catch the article in the “Express”. Nice job. Magazine looks great. Sanjay Sardar, DCIO, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Great Magazine, good articles. I wish you all the success today and in coming years. Rahul Chhabra, Minister, Indian Embassy, DC Rick, it looks awesome. Full of rich contents! Congratulations on the launch of a wonderful publication. Nitin Adsul How exciting! I love the magazine. We all in the South Asian Indian community are very excited about these times and the Washington Masala. Go, Rick, go! Jasbina Ahluwalia I’ve just browsed through the pdf and all I can say is wow! When you decide to get on to something new, you certainly don’t do it by halves. You’ve done a great job of this with a good mix of articles that don’t seem to be overwhelmed by advertisements, when seems common in a lot of modern magazines. Wayne Walker


Rick, congratulations on the upcoming premier issue of your new magazine. I looked through the publication and it certainly is good looking and with diverse content. It looks like Mary Ford and the rest of your team have done an excellent job. Best wishes on your magazine’s success and that you have a great launch party. Wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Mark Zemelman Congratulations on the publication of the premiere issue of Washington Masala. As a second generation Desi growing up in the DC metropolitan area, I have always felt that there was a strong need for such a magazine which catered to both the area’s impressively mixed and diverse population and the ever growing Desi community. I strongly believe that you are targeting a very important niche. Archana Kaku Everything looks quite hip and peppy! I think the diversification of articles is going to cater all the different age groups’ didn’t get the time to read all the articles but couldn’t miss Mrs. .Kapoor ‘s article. Harpreet Kaur This press release reads pretty well! Bravo my friend and congratulations! Marion Segree The Magazine looks really nice! Good luck and hope the very best for you. Dr. Ajay P. Kothari Congratulations of a wonderful first issue of Masala! I admire your courage and enterprise and wish you every success! Let me know how I can help. Warm regards. Dr. Natwar Gandhi, CFO, District of Columbia

To tap into this $5.2 Billion dollar South Asian-American market, please contact Rick Khosla, Publisher. 703.944.1276 • •

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azine n Lifestyle Mag a ic er m -A n a si South A The Areas Only

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All rates are net.

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Emails will be sent to 23,000 potential South Asian Americans in the area once a month. This will be included in the price with 3X or 6X rates. Banner ad on the Washington Masala site will be displayed for 1 week per issue with 6X rate. The pages will differ based on the advertisement category. All advertisers will get coverage on our website. We will also include a coupon is provided with a reference number on the ad in our coupons page section for “FREE” with 6X rate.

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Ad dimensions SIZE Full Page 2⁄3 Page 1⁄2 Page (Horizontal) 1/2 Page (Vertical) 1⁄3 Page 1⁄6 Page 1/12 Page

WIDTH 8.5” 5” 7.25” 5” 5” 5” 2.5”

HEIGHT 10.875” 9.75” 4.75” 7.25” 4.75” 2.25” 2.25”

Trim: 8.5” x 10.875” Bleeds: Extend any bleed 1/8” (.125”) beyond page edge. Please direct production related questions to: or call 703-944-1276 to speak to the production manager.

To tap into this $5.2 Billion dollar South Asian-American market, please contact Rick Khosla, Publisher. 703.944.1276 • •

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5.2 BILLION $ A E R O N IG D R IT’S HA N MARKET A IC R E M -A N IA S SOUTH A contact... to get your share


was 703.944.1276 • sales@

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Washington Masala Media Kit 2011  

Media Kit Washington Masala

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