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Real Ghost Stories, Halloween candy, halloween activities, DIY Decorations...pgs. 6 & 7

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Marching Band & Color Guard...Pg 3 Staff Opinions...PG 7 Spirit Week and Homecoming Rewind...PG 8

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Above: Marching band performs on Homecoming. Photo provided by Kendra Bartholomew. Right: Color guard members Brandi Hagans, ‘14, and Allie Lonski, ‘14, marching with the band in costume in the Homecoming parade. Photo provided by Kendra Bartholomew. Left: Marching band playing in the halls before a game on Friday. This tradition started at the end of last year. Photo provided by Kendra Bartholomew.

Color guard, marching band wrap up the season with flying colors

Bailey Anderson, Newspaper Editor

Most of the school knows color guard as the group of students who wave flags in unison during halftime at football games. For the most part, the other activities that the color guard participates in are a question mark to everyone except the color guard and marching band members. For senior members of color guard like Emily Bell, ‘14, the last marching band and color guard competition is an emotional event. Bell has been in band since 5th grade and joined color guard in 8th grade. “I wanted to try something new and it looked really cool with what Mr. Hughes showed me so I decided to try it,” said Bell. Members of color guard choose between marching band and color guard, who perform

Bailey Anderson

together not only at halftime shows but also at competitions and even in Pella for their annual Tulip Time festival. Color guard, like marching band, is a seasonal activity that takes place during football season and in preparation for Tulip Time in the spring. Between seasons, many color guard members are also concert band members. “Color guard season is basically the beginning of the school year,” said Bell. Bell plays the clarinet in the concert band, and has played the clarinet since 5th grade. “I’m still in concert band, and I will be after color guard season,” said Bell. Each year, a theme is chosen which both the marching band and the color guard come up with music, costume, and choreography for. The theme for this year is Les Miserables. Themes prior to this year have been Songs

from the Motherland, Edgar Allan Poe, and Haunted Carnival. “My favorite would have to be Edgar Allan Poe because he is my favorite poet,” said Bell. While Friday night is game night for members of the color guard, Saturday is competition day, where marching band and color guard teams from other schools come together to perform and compete. “There’s a lot of adrenaline and no matter how many years you’ve been doing it, you still have a little bit of fear about being in front of people,” said Bell. Even between performances, the color guard and marching band members are vigilant in trying to improve their own performance. “If we’re in the middle of other people competing against each other, we will sit in the bleachers and watch other shows and see if

School Clubs

we can improve things like marching with our feet,” said Bell. Bell describes color guard as being a “sport”. Color guard does bear a striking resemblance to a sport: the practices, the exercises, the performances, the competitions. The members of color guard learn choreography the way a football player might learn a play; they build muscle the way a football player strives to. Bell gives advice to anyone in color guard or looking to participate in color guard in the future: “Build your muscle by doing drop and speed spins. Be on time; that’s major. Do the routine on your own time.” “It’s a sport that I love and showing other people what I can do with it is probably my favorite part of it,” said Bell.


Scary stories from students and staff Nancy’s Scary Story Nancy and her friends were driving to the Black Angel; it was dark out, but on the side of the road they happened to see a man riding a bicycle. They didn’t think anything about it until he got closer. They then noticed that he had no legs! They all started freaking out and when they turned around to get another look he wasn’t there! They were all shook up but kept going. They finally reached the Black Angel. When they were done, one of Nancy’s friends lost his wallet, so they went back and look everywhere. They then found it right in front of the Black Angel. He picked it up and went to his car. When he was going to back out he looked in his rearview mirror and he saw the ghost of his dead grandfather.

Favorite Halloween Candy Kristen Mead and Hannah Purner, Reporters Most people do differnt things on Halloween. Some carve pumpkins, go haunted housing, or even trick-or-treating. No matter what you do, there’s always candy involved! We asked several students and staff what their favorite kind of candy is, and these are the results. Chad Wieland, Spanish - “Starbust” Carl Sivels, ‘14 - “Fast Break” Erin Riley, Home Economics - “Twix”

Mr. Richard’s Scary Story Mr. Richard’s friend named Don, had knee surgery and he needed a ride. So Mr. Richard went to go pick him up and take him home. On the way home, they had to go to the drug store to get some medicine. Don didn’t want to go down, so he gave Richard his prescription and 5 dollars. Richard walked in and saw a young blind black girl sitting at the counter. He walked by the girl and she tilted her head towards his direction. He went to order Don’s prescription and as he was waiting, the blind girl randomly started to scream. He ignored her at first. Then it started to sound like she was trying to say something. It sounded like she was saying “Cajun”, Mr. Richard is from Louisiana so he is Cajun, “gonna have a wreck.” Then the girl started to say, “Ow, my foot!”. A few days prior to this Mr. Richard’s younger son, who was five at the time, said “Remember that time when we had to take you to the hospital in Iowa City for your broken foot, Dad?” Mr. Richard and his wife had no idea what he was talking about because he has never broken either of his feet. Back in the pharmacy, the girl started to yell for help and banging on her chair. The girl then said, “Eldon is a town in between Ottumwa and Fairfield.” Richard has to drive by there on his way home so he started to get worried. Then the lady at the counter announced that Don’s prescription was ready. The girl stopped yelling immediately. He goes to get the prescription, and the girl follows him with her ears. He leaves and tells his friend Don what happened. After all of this he doesn’t want to go home. Don insists that Richard should leave for supper. After leaving Richard gets a weird feeling. He decided to visit his friend Bruce, in Ottumwa. After a few hours, Mr. Richard finally felt that he could drive to Eldon. As he was approaching Eldon, there was nobody around him. He slowed his car down to 35 mph. All of a sudden a white car pulls out from a gas station in front of him. They stopped right in front of him. Richard quickly switched lanes, but the white car did also, this happened multiple times. After a couple of minutes of this the white car realized Richard wasn’t going to hit him so he zoomed off. After all of this happened he felt like he needed to thank the blind girl from the pharmacy. He finds her house and asks the girl if she remembers him and she says “Yes, you’re Richard”. The look on her mother’s face was bewildered that she would know that. Mr. Richard was then asked to leave.


Bailey Anderson

Caitlin Yeggy, ‘14 - “Sweedish Fish” Jeffrey Richard, Math/Engineering - “Kit-Kat or Almond Joy” Alex Kleinmeyer, ‘14 - “Mounds” Tom Langr, Math - “Butterfinger” Janna Threlkeld, Secretary - “Butterfinger’ Erik Buchholz, Principal - “Hershey’s with almonds” Libby Hinrichs, ‘17 - “Hot Tamales” Austin Bodkin, ‘15 - “Zero” Trevor Roberts, ‘17 - “M&Ms”

Things to do for Halloween Halloween. Some people love it, while others don’t really care to for it. Whether, you’re in the Halloween spirit or not, here are a few ideas on what to do for Halloween. Visit Haunted Houses A very poplar idea, get some friends together and go to some haunted houses. Field of Screams Where: 2991 Black Diamond Road SW, Iowa City, IA When: October 18, 19, 25, and 16 from 7:0011:00 pm. Cost: $7 per person

Watch Halloween Movies Halloween is always the time when they bring back Halloween movies. Who doesn’t want to revisit their childhood? Don’t like Disney movies? Most likey there are other channels are having a scary movie marathon.

Scream Acres Where: 3260 69th Street, Atkins, IA When: 18, 19, 25, 26 from &:00 to 11:00 pm Cost: $20

Go Trick-or-Treating Still a kid at heart or just want some free candy? Then go Trick-or-Treating. If you have a costume on, then people shouldn’t recognize you

Do It Yourself: Jack-O-Lantern Cutouts

Aubrey Zimmer, Reporter Steps: Is your home boring and not filled with any type of halloween decorations? Here is an easy do it yourself Jack-O-Lantern cutout! It’s quick and easy, it also makes your home look like it’s in the halloween spirit! Keep in mind that these cutouts don’t have to be pumpkins, mix it up with spiders, webs, candy, etc. You can also use different colors!

Materials: Orange Construction Paper Scissors Ruler Stencil/Pencil

1.) Take the orange paper and fold it four times. If you want perfect folds, use a ruler to mark the paper every 2 inches. 2.) Draw or stencil on a design of your choice. 3.) Cut out 4.) Unfold and now you have your cutout!


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Girl vs. Monster

Kaydin Harrill, Reporter

Girl vs. Monster is a movie where three monster hunters and an uncle have a lab in their basement. When Skylar, who is the daughter of the monster hunters, shuts off the power, she accidentally lets out three monsters that are evil. The monster hunters and the monsters escaped the basement and ran out the back door. Then, Desdemona, who is Skylar’s monster, who takes off to scare

people because it is Halloween. When Skylar was a baby, Desdemona knew her. Desdemona was still mean when Skylar was younger, so when Skylar grew up, Desdemona was going to get her. They go hunting for the monsters in the woods when there are tree stump monsters, who are actually in the forest, all over the place. Skylar caught a monster at the mansion where her grandfather lived before he die and after that, Skylar found a

photo of her grandfather and mother in the basement. My opinion is that I liked the whole movie because it wasn’t that scary. I would rate it a 2, because it was a good movie to watch on Disney Channel. I would recommend this movie to people who likes monsters.

4 out of 5 stars TVPG Disney Channel Cast: Olivia Holt, Brendan Meyer, Kerris Dorsey, Katherine McNamara, Luke Benward, Brian Palemo, Tracy Dawson, Adam Chambers, Jennifer Aspen, Donald Heng

TV shows that never should have been cancelled

Bailey Anderson, Newspaper Editor It wasn’t until high school that we got satellite television in my household, so as a child I didn’t watch a lot of the shows that inspire nostalgia among my classmates. I also had three older sisters that usually chose what to watch, and a lot of my television memories include them watching television with me. Most of the shows of my childhood can be found in full episodes on YouTube, and there are many more where this came from.

1.) Friends (1994-2004) For 10 years, a situational comedy about 6 friends in the Big Apple graced TV screens around the country and eventually around the

globe. The show took place in New York, mostly in a coffee shop called the Central Perk. The show had audiences rolling on the floor as well as in tears. I loved (and still love) Friends mostly because it was hilarious. It moved me to tears and made me laugh until I cried. The episodes never get any less funny. 2.) Supermarket Sweep (1965-1967, 1990-1995, 2001-2003) In Supermarket Sweep, pairs of contestants were given trivia about advertisements: slogans, logos and jingles. For each right answer, time was added on to the time that the pair had to shop in the “supermar-


ASHINGTONIANWashingtonian Staff

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Washingtonian Staff 313 South Fourth Avenue Washington, Iowa 52353

Bailey Anderson

Editor in Chief Bailey Anderson Lead Reporters Jasmine Mares-Davilla & Aubrey Zimmer Photo Editor Morgan Britton Business Manager Kailey Martin Reporters Luke Brown Kyle Collier Beretta Davis Emilee Enfield Kaydin Harrill Valeria Herrera Vazquez

ket”, which was the game floor. The value of the goods they picked up in the store determined their prize money. Inside the “supermarket” there are clues which lead contestants to $5,000 hidden inside the “supermarket” somewhere. As a kid, I was a big fan of game shows. I can’t place my finger on why, but Supermarket Sweep was one of my favorite game shows to watch with my sisters. 3.) Zoom (1999-2005) Zoom was a show that aired on PBS Kids. They featured a total of 32 “Zoomers”, who were the kids on the Zoom cast. They got a new cast each season. The cast took turns do-

ing crafts, telling riddles and jokes, and cooking. They received letters and would give advice as a group to those who sent them. My favorite part about Zoom was that the kids on the show were closer to my age than anyone else I saw on television. They weren’t portrayed as annoying or a pain, like they can be sometimes in the sitcoms we watched as a family, they were the stars of the show. My sisters and I watched Zoom together during the summers and when I got home from school in my elementary years, that was the show that always greeted me.

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MaryKate Horak escorted by Jiovanni Tapia at coronation.

Most of the 2013 homecoming court.

Homecoming 2013 2013 Homecoming King and Queen.

The Homecoming King and Queen along with Charlotte and Henry Soboroff.

The JV and Varsity football teams on their float at the parade on the square.


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