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Meyer plans on basic and hopefully Afghanistan Rebecca Dunbar Reporter Alex Meyer, ‘10, is a Senior at Washington High School. He is part of the Iowa Army National Guard, 1/133rd Red Bulls infantry unit. The unit is based out of Iowa City and is part of the 34th infantry division. On June 21st he will be starting basic which is the first training a person would experience if they joined the army. From there he will go on to AIT the next part of training for anyone who would join the Army. “The main reason I joined was to go over to Afghanistan.” said Meyer. While he is at basic his unit is getting de-

ployed to Afghanistan. “I might go over after basic or I could be put on the waiting list,” said Meyer. “I am in an infantry unit so my job is to find and kill the enemy.” said Meyer. This is one of the most dangerous jobs that a solider could have while overseas. Being in the infantry is being on the front lines. Those soldiers experience all the action. While there are several benefits for being in the Army one that benefits high schoolers, like Alex, the most is getting their college payed for. “If I do not get deployed or whenever I get back I plan on going to Kirkwood and probably major in Wildlife Conservation.” said Meyer. By going to a two year college Meyer can graduate sooner and continue working in the military.

“The main reason I joined was to go over to Afghanistan.”

How to Join and What you Should know before joining. 1. Contact a recruiting officer from a list in guidance. 2. Know expectations of what you are getting into. 3. Talk with your parents. 4. Talk with a member of the military.

Conrad joins because of family tradition Rebecca Dunbar Reporter Jon Conrad, ‘10, is a Senior at Washington High School and is part of the 133rd Red Bulls infantry division, which is based out of Iowa City. Everyone has a different reason for joining the Army. Conrad’s reason is his family. “Pretty much my whole family is in the military so I have wanted to do it since I was a little kid.” said Conrad. Conrad has been in the Army since October of 2008 and has completed basic and other training. Since Conrad has completed his training he will be deployed with his unit. “We start mobilization on August 10th but we have not been told the exact date we will leave for Afghanistan.” said Conrad. When you ask a solider why they joined the Army most will say to serve our country. That is exactly how Jon feels. “I believe in fighting for our country and if I have to die for

it so be it.” said Conrad. He wants to go over and serve our country. While Jon is over in Afghanistan he will be on the front lines. He will be able to experience all of the fighting. Conrad will also be putting his life on the line every single day. That is one of the draw backs of being in the Army, but with every job there comes benefits. “We get health benefits, insurance, and pretty much everything.” said Conrad. While a lot of jobs come with those kinds of benefits they come with other benefits. Some jobs people have they benefit from helping others. Being in the Army is different. The soldiers do not look forward to anything while they are over there, besides coming home to see their families again. For high schoolers it might be different. Some might look forward to college. Jon said that me might possibly go to college when he gets back but has not decided yet.

“Pretty much my whole family is in the military so I have wanted to since I was a little kid.”

How do you feel about students in the military?

“Someone has to do it.” -Tad Zwer, ‘10.

“It is a good choice for your future, and it helps with college because they pay.” -Arturo Sanchez, ‘10.

“Students in the military are cool and if you want to join come talk to me.” -Ryan Jones, ‘11.

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“I think it is good and it helps pay for college. You can afford nice things.” -William McConnell, ‘10.

Iowa Army National Guard Call SFC Lund 319-461-5269


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