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The Newsletter of the WHNA Winter 2012


WHNA 2011-2012 board of directors President Larry Kilmer The Highlighter is a quarterly publication of the Washington Heights Neighborhood Association. Washington Heights includes the area from Highway 41 to N. 60th Street and from W. Vliet Street to W. North Ave. You can expect your Spring Highlighter in mid-March. To submit an article, please contact Matt, or Jane,

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PRESIDENT Larry Kilmer, WHNA President Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays to all of our Heights’ neighbors. This is my favorite time of year. If the Brewers have performed to expectations, fans are cheering more than ever, if not, our emotions have migrated to our favorite local gridiron or hardwood teams. Around the neighborhood it’s easy to find neighbors putting final touches on yard work, teetering on the top step of their fully extended ladder installing that last storm window, dog walkers getting out for one last long journey, and children helping their parents drag out favorite holiday decorations. On very special years, we’ve come to the end of our highly energized political season. It’s finally time to focus our energy and emotions on activities with our families, friends, and neighbors. In keeping with neighborhood tradition, the Heights had another great Spooktacular turnout. More than 900 children and over 70 homes participated in the event. The streets of Area 6 were filled with families and neighbors interacting and enjoying the holiday. Thank you to the dozens of volunteers that assisted with

The Newsletter of the WHNA Spring 2011

Spooktacular 2012. Other seasonal activities this winter include Westside Holiday Happenings along Vliet Street and North Avenue, and the Wine Tasting event in March. Please continue to frequent the great businesses along both streets when choosing gifts for family, friends, and co-workers. There are a variety of dining options that make


our neighborhood unique. Take your out-of-town relatives to lunch or dinner right here in our neighborhood. And make plans to attend Winterfest in Washington Park in January. I will leave you with one last thought, with all of the excitement around the holidays don’t forget to reach out to the Block Watch and Safety Committee and the District 3 office to stay abreast of events and techniques to help keep yourself and your family safe during the holidays. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in becoming involved or have any questions, 414.899.1082 or ❆

You could be the next Highlighter cover photographer! Don’t forget to submit your best spring Heights photos for consideration – on Facebook or to

ABout the front cover The cover snowman was created and lived his brief but joyous life in the front yard of Ty Cashen’s home on North 60th Street. Ty built the snowman from scratch last winter, with the help of his daughter Ellie. Ty snapped the photo with a Nikon D80, while the snow was still falling. Rumors are that the snowman will be returning this winter for a visit.

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Andrea Skyberg and Squircle By Jon Rupprecht

A few years ago we introduced Andrea Skyberg, a budding Washington Heights author and illustrator of children’s books. She had just published Snickeyfritz, a delightful combination of rich, full-page illustrations, subtle instruction in common yet misunderstood English expressions, and a compelling story line. Snickeyfritz received the Mom’s Choice award, and over 2,500 copies have been sold, including a good number to Heights’ residents. Andrea has just published her second book, Squircle. It follows a little girl, Evie – named after Andrea’s six-year-old daughter – who tries to catch a squirrel and ends up wandering through the forest on a magical adventure which helps her see how we’re all, even the squirrel, connected in the circle – the “Squircle,” if you will – of life. Evie learns “how to live in the moment, listen to her inner voice, and go with the flow of life.” While the striking illustrations in Snickeyfritz were photographs of large papier mache dolls that Andrea herself designed and constructed, she has taken a different tack with Squircle. Andrea has been working as an artist in residence with students in four elementary and middle schools in Milwaukee, plus the Waukesha Community Art Project – more middle school students – to create banners for the book. These banners were then reduced to smaller-sized, embroidered designs; Andrea taught the students how to hand stitch. These smaller pieces finally became components of large 5 x 8 foot murals, which were then photographed to serve as page spreads in the book. Thus the schools could retain the original murals. While Andrea very much enjoyed writing and producing Snickeyfritz, she found Squircle to be an even more exciting project, with the involvement of these schools and students. And she is already working on her third book, to be called Shimmerling, about a creature who is part bird, part tree, and learns to simply accept what is. Andrea is currently looking for schools to work with her on this new book, so they – or you – can email her at the address below if interested. The release date for Shimmerling is set for March of 2014. Andrea is contracted with Arts@Large, a local consortium of artists. They sponsored her release of Squircle on October 19th. All the original artwork created for Squircle is currently part of an exhibition, “Threads That Connect: Fiber Art and Community” in the Arts@Large building, 908 S. 5th Street, runs through January 4th. Squircle will be Available at Rainbow Booksellers for Children, 5704 West Vliet Street, December 12th. But Andrea herself will be happy to take orders for copies any time before that; just visit her website,, or email her at AndreaSkyberg@ . ❆

Visit 908 S. 5th Street to see Andrea’s art through January 4th.

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a spectacular spooktacular! by Heidi J. Steeno

This year’s annual Spooktacular nighttime trick-or-treating event took place in Area 6 (South side of Washington Boulevard to the North side of Vliet Street, Hawley Road to 51st Street) with more than 70 homes handing out over 80,000 pieces of candy! The day began early with the annual Costume Bazaar sponsored by Washington Heights Rainbow Association. Youth of all ages visited Small World Daycare to borrow a costume and have their faces painted during the afternoon’s Costume Bazaar. The crisp, clear night brought out nearly 1,000 young trick-or-treaters, along with their family members for a fun-filled night that started at Spook Central with the Annual Costume Contest sponsored by Rainbow Booksellers. From 6:30 to 8:30, the streets of Area 6 were filled with spooks and ghouls of all ages collecting candy. Many homes and yards throughout Area 6 were fully decorated in a variety of styles and themes. Thank you to Area 6 for hosting a fun and festive night for the entire neighborhood!

Costume Contest Winners Winners were presented with a gift certificate to Rainbow Booksellers.

Ages 3 and under

Ages 4-7

Ages 8-12

Ages 13-17

Athena Swartz, Iris Straub, Amari Colbert

Emmitt Loew, Indigo Lubotzky, Elizabeth Mantey

Lucian Straube, Sawyer Feist, Abbi Binnow

Donny Hayden, Gabby Isham, Michael Siberling

6   ❖   Contact us at or visit us online at

Adult/Group Costume Winner Winners were presented with a gift certificate to McBob’s Pub & Grill.

Best Decorated Home Award Winners in Area 6 Winners were presented with a gift certificate to McBob’s Pub & Grill.

The Mueller Family: Ted, Carol, Joel, Paul, Steven/Kevin, Beth, Henry Wisniewski “Big Mama”

Best Decorated Home Outside Area 6

5231 W. Washington Boulevard – The Poggenburg Family as The Munsters!

5036 W. Washington Blvd – Big Black Cat


Spooktacular is made possible by generous donations from many individuals and businesses. Thank you for contributing to another fabulous Spooktacular! Washington Heights Rainbow Association – Costume Bazaar Sponsor ◆ Viking Communications – Walkie Talkie Provider ◆ Rainbow Booksellers – Costume Contest Prize Sponsor ◆ McBob’s Pub & Grill – Decorated Homes Prize Sponsor ◆ Divine Word Lutheran Church – Event Registration Space ◆ Cold Spoons Gelato – Event Registration Space ◆ Mt. Olive Church and School – Spook Host ◆ The Residents of Area 6 ALL the volunteers who contributed their time, talent and energy leading up to and on the night of Spooktacular

1619-21 N. 52nd Street – The Great Pumpkin Patch

1531-33 N. 54th Street – Shrek’s Ogre Swamp and hand carved “cat” pumpkins

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MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR Spooktacular 2013! Spooktacular will be held in Area 2 • Saturday, October 26th, 2013 Interested in helping with Spootacular next year? Contact Heidi Steeno (, 920.639.1476).

8   ❖   Contact us at or visit us online at

Why Get Involved with Block Watch? by Laura Burke

You and your family will be safer. When you work with your neighbors, you’ll learn to look out for homebound seniors or latchkey children, you’ll learn who’s looking out for you. You’ll help reduce crime. Decreases in burglary and related offenses are reported by law enforcement professionals in communities with active Watch programs. Assistance. You’ll have a way to get help addressing neighborhood concerns. You can learn new skills and get experience using them. You’ll learn crime prevention skills, including the ability to be the eyes and ears for law enforcement. Your whole family can get involved. There’s a role for everyone in Block Watch. Young children can pick up litter and take part in safety programs designed just for them. Youth can teach younger children how to stay safe. Retirees can operate telephone trees, write newsletters, and keep an eye out for daytime problems. Check out our block watch page at

You Can Do It! Feel like you don’t have the time? You don’t have to take on a leadership role. Offer to make a few phone calls. Write a story for the newsletter. Show up at community events. Touch base with your neighbors and show that you support the effort. As you go about your daily routines, observe your surroundings. It only takes a moment to notice something suspicious and record and report what you saw. Every effort helps. Newcomer to the neighborhood? Neighborhood Watch is a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors and find people who share your interests. Knowing your neighbors also makes it easier to recognize strangers who may not have legitimate business on your street. To learn more go to ❆

To join the Washington Heights blockwatch e-group, please email You will then be sent an invitation to join our group. If you would like to post a message, please email the address above.

McBob’s Pub & Grill 4919 W. North Ave. • 414-871-5050

$10.00 - Sunday Dinners • Whole Chicken • Open-Faced Prime Rib Sandwich (Both are served with American Fries or Mashed Potatoes & Gravy) McBob’s has gift certificates, clothing, hats & specialty teas for holiday gifts! Check out our Facebook page & for specials & events!

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The couple, due to be married in February 2013, are ecstatic to be able to share their passions with Milwaukee. As Washington Heights neighborhood residents, the couple says developing their businesses within their own local community makes things even more exciting. The building, located at 5425 W. Vliet Street, is busily under construction after undergoing a three-year vacancy. The new owners, and a team of great friends are determined to have construction complete by December 1st for their flourishing businesses. So what are these enticing businesses?

Energetic Entrepreneurs by Rebecca Schenkelberg

Want a hard body? Linda can help you get one. Need great clothing that fit your body? Rob can help you with that! Nearly-weds Rob Kessler and Linda Schenkelberg had a vision they decided to make come true. The young entrepreneurs, with quickly escalating businesses, have recently invested in Washington Heights property, which will showcase their separate businesses: N.E.W.D. Clothing Company and Transformation Room Fitness.

N.E.W.D. (Nothing Else Will Do) An upscale casual line of clothing and custom screen printer, NEWD has something for everyone. Currently offering three exciting brands of men’s and women’s clothing including: upscale casuals “NEWD Brand,” graphic tees “Urban Clothing Club,” and a fitness line “NEWD MultiSport.” The established business has grown so much that it is time to move from its six-year location, in the couple’s basement, into a larger area for print and sales. Founded in the fall of 2006, NEWD has always stood for quality, and is key to their success and growth. “When your name is Nothing Else Will Do, your products better

10   ❖   Contact us at or visit us online at

live up. We have our core values built right into our name, so it makes decision making pretty easy,” clarifies Kessler. Aside from designing his own clothing, Kessler offers custom screen-printing for individuals and businesses. Kessler explains, “Bringing a fashion sense to the custom tee shirt business has really set us apart from the competition. We do more than just print shirts, we will meet with you to find out your goals, and help design a shirt that meets your needs.” Kessler’s thriving business has been selling clothing in several Milwaukee stores. Companies, both large and small, have placed their profound trust, respect, and loyalty in NEWD for their custom screen-printing needs. For more information, visit

Transformation Room Fitness The Transformation Room offers specialty fitness classes that focus on Total Body Toning including: TRX® Suspension Training, ABnoxious AB classes, and X-Treme stations. Schenkelberg, a certified trainer, explains she wants to, “Teach high intensity fitness classes that are fun, different, and makes a noticeable difference to the body.” The training, for both men and women, is held in small personalized group classes; however, Schenkelberg also offers one-on-one personal training and couples/buddy training. Schenkelberg’s effective classes will make a difference. She explains, “Consistently attending the high intensity classes will make the difference on how your clothes look and fit on your body and how you feel about yourself.” Her goal is to make her clients uncomfortable; she pushes her clients to work outside of their comfort zone for maximum effectiveness. One of her mottos illuminates, “Who said a room had to be confined to four walls when the Transformation Room is a state of mind? Transform yourself, how you feel, how you look, how you live.” For more information, visit

Transform you body at 5425 W. Vliet St.

Kessler and Schenkelberg are two focused individuals who strive for excellence and look forward to meeting their fellow residents of Washington Heights. The foundation of respect and enthusiasm they share for each other can be seen through the development of their businesses. They believe “No business is built alone, having a strong home life is necessary to make all great things happen.” The business owners look forward to greeting curious neighbors and invite you to the establishment. You may soon find that the hardest, most attractive body that you possess came from your neighborhood Transformation Room. You may also find that the softest, most-comfortable and flattering clothes in your closet came from your neighbor at NEWD. ❆

N.E.W.D. Clothing Company Transformation Room Fitness 5425 W. Vliet Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208

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Dec. 12��������������������������������������������������������teacher’s Tea 3:00pm-7:00pm • All teachers welcom for a relaxed holiday experience at ARTibles in MARN. Visit for more info.

Mar. 2��������� washington heights wine tasting 6:00-9:00pm at Samara Garden and Home, RSVP at

Dec. 12�������������ART AT WASHINGTON PARK LIBRARY by A.W.E. 5:30pm-7:00pm • See page 11 for more details

Dec. 15��������������������������������������� Kids’ Shopping Event 10:00am-4:00pm • Holiday shopping for the youngest shoppers presented by the merchants on Vliet, North and Martin Drive, plus make & take projects for gift giving Dec. 19������������ART AT WASHINGTON PARK LIBRARY by A.W.E. 5:30pm-7:00pm • See page 11 for more details Dec. 19���������������������������gUYs’ night out shopping 5:30pm-7:00pm • See page 11 for more details Dec. 20-22�����������������������������������������artibles holiday shopping bazaar Thursday and Friday 11:00am-7:00pm Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm

january jan. 11����������������������������������������������������������������������salon III Opening at Milwaukee Artists Resource Network (MARN) Visit for more info. JAN. XX������������������������������������blockwatch meeting X:00pm • Email XXX for details JAN. 26������������winterfest at washington park 1:00pm-4:00pm

february Feb. 8���������������������������������������������������������������������� salon IV Opening at Milwaukee Artists Resource Network (MARN) Visit for more info. FEB. XX�������������������������������������blockwatch meeting X:00pm • Email XXX for details Have A neighborhood event you’d like to include in our SPRING highlighter calendar? Email the Highlighter at to let us know!

Mar. 2������������������������������read across america day Join your neighbors and read. This nationwide observance coincides with the birthday of Dr Seuss.

MAR. 8��������������������������������������������������������������������� salon V Opening at Milwaukee Artists Resource Network (MARN) Visit for more info. MAR. 8����������������������������������������� urban intersection Friday, March 8, 5-9pm, Show runs through April 12 at the James Steeno Gallery, 5700 W. Vliet Street. A group art show celebrating our urban landscape, featuring works in a variety of mediums from Milwaukee artists. Visit for more info. MAR. 23�����������������������������������������������EASTER EGG HUNT Opening at Milwaukee Artists Resource Network (MARN) Visit for more info.

APRIL APR. 5���������������������������������������������������������������������� salon VI Opening at Milwaukee Artists Resource Network (MARN) Visit for more info. APR 26-27�����������������������spring westside artwalk Friday 5:00-9:00pm • Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm Visit for more info.

highlighter Contacts Advertising Information����� or 206.349.5393 WHNA Voice Mail�������������������������������������������������� 297.9617 Highlighter Editors���������������������������������������������������������� or 426.9318 or 949.1577 Highlighter Distribution����������������������������� 771.7977 Rainbow Association�������������������������������������� 258.2991;;

community Contacts

Third District Non-Emergency��������������� 933.4444 Crime Prevention�����������������������������������������������935.7733 Graffiti Hotline�������������������������������������������������� 286.8715 Ald. Willie Hines���������������������������������������������������286.2221 Ald. Michael Murphy�����������������������������������������286.2221 Block watch���������������������������������������������������������� 588.5619

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We are always trying to make investments that will benefit a worthy endeavor and provide us with profits in return. In October, 104 neighbors chose to invest in our neighborhood with new or renewal memberships in the Washington Heights Neighborhood Association (WHNA). Their investment allows the association to bring together people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and concerns, through sponsorship of social events, publication of the quarterly Highlighter, and continue communication networks such as block watch programs. Their membership supports administrative expenses of welcome packets, event signs and banners, and block watch packets. Their membership investment included their expressed willingness to help with WHNA efforts such as: neighborhood clean-up, writing and distributing the Highlighter, helping with yearly events, and volunteering to help with youth events. In return they will join the current 670 WHNA members who receive profits on their investment with reduced-price access to


annual events such as the Wine Tasting, the Easter Egg Hunt, and Spooktacular. They will meet and become familiar with people next door, the neighbors on their block, and the people they pass daily as they walk their dog or send their kids out to play. A smart investment can easily be made by filling out a membership form on, and choosing a level of investment. The completed form can be mailed to the address found on the form. Membership Committee volunteers are also available at any WHNA event to receive your membership form. Remember that added “return” on your investment is received when you indicate a willingness to help with activities listed on the membership form. ❆

Joyce Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.


Jeffery Joyce Licensed · Bonded · Insured 5020 West Vliet St · Milwaukee, WI 53208


Washington Heights Highlighter, Winter 2012   ❖   13

Hearts in the Heights by Barb Haig

Winter and the holidays combine to make the perfect time to find romance in the neighborhood. We reached out on Facebook and found three couples who met in Washington Heights.

Joanne Wendelberger kayser & Dan Kayser, 58th Street When did you first meet? We first met in the fall of 1998 at a St. Sebastian choir practice. Joanne & Dan Kayser

What are your first memories of Washington Heights? Joanne was born and raised in the Heights, on 52nd and Vliet. Dan’s family lived in Wauwatosa, and he was drawn to the area because his sister lived here and attended Sebs. It was important to us after we married to stay in the Heights area not only because we knew we wanted to send our children to Sebs but also because we both really liked the neighborhood. We knew many people who lived in the area from church and wanted that closeness. How did your relationship begin? We began as friends, hanging out with a group of single people our age from choir. We would often go out after choir rehearsals and do things together on the weekends. After a few months, we began to date. We were married at Sebs in 2001.

Hugh and Jenny O’Neil

How would you describe your relationship now? Our relationship now focuses a lot on our family. We have an adult son, a ten-year-old and a nine-year-old. The younger ones are involved in sports and many school activities. We are often taking them to practices, scouts, or other activities. Our relationship focus has changed from being a couple to being parents right now. What are your favorite romantic activities in the Heights? Romantic – with two kids and their activities, we don’t have as many romantic moments as we should! We like the fact that there are more options than before though and have eaten at both Cafe Perrin and Meritage on Vliet Street. We enjoyed Wednesdays at the Shell at the Washington Park Band Shell this summer and often take walks together through the neighborhood (usually behind biking kids) – but that’s our romance for now!.

Hugh & Jenny George O’Neil, 52nd Street When did you first meet? We first met at a St. Sebastian Youth Organization dance. Hugh was playing basketball on the playground, and Jenny was at the dance. Fr. Bryan Massengale called Hugh over and introduced us. Hugh said later he couldn’t say “no” to a priest so he came over. Hugh is kind of a shy guy.

Erin & David Russell

What are your first memories of Washington Heights? Jenny has lived in the Heights on 51st Street for almost all of her life, and Hugh moved to Milwaukee – HiMount Boulevard, right through the alley from Jenny – his freshman year of high school.

14   ❖   Contact us at or visit us online at

Jenny remembers riding her bike in the neighborhood, walking to her friends’ houses and going to the corner store that is now the Fair Trade Store (penny candy and if you were lucky the person behind the counter wouldn’t ACTUALLY count out 50 gummy fish, and you’d get a ton extra!) Hugh’s first memories of the area include playing basketball up at Sebs – a lot.

How did your relationship begin? Friends first and slowly. How would you describe your relationship now? Best friends with lots of laughter. What are your favorite romantic activities in the Heights? We would take lots of walks in high school and still take them today – although now with one kid on a scooter, one kid on a bike and another trying to get Hugh to carry her. We also like to go to Meritage for a quiet meal out. Anything else or stories you’d like to add? Don’t settle. Life is too short not to have love with lots of laughter and adventure.

For us it was always just walking around together, especially down Washington Boulevard.

Any suggestions or advice for others? Wow. I guess if you fail once try again… Anything else or stories you’d like to add? After living a thousand miles apart we realized that the right person was right in front of us the whole time. ❆

Shelter Real With HUNDREDS of homes SOLD in Washington Heights! Call Tim 414.258.3570

Tim Stemper, Owner - Broker - Advisor T i m @ S h e l t e r R e a l E s t a t e. com

Erin O’Boyle Russell & David Russell When did you first meet? We don’t recall an exact date, but it happened sometime in grade school. Erin lived on Washington Boulevard and went to St. Sebastian for grade school. David lived on 58th Street. and went there starting in middle school. We were always in the same place at the same time, but really didn’t get to know each other until Erin’s senior year of high school at Divine Savior Holy Angels abd David’s sophomore year of college at UW-Madison. What are your first memories of Washington Heights? Our first memories are of spending time with friends as kids in the Heights, whether at St. Sebastian or just around the neighborhood. For our families, St. Sebastian, was the centerpiece of our Washington Heights experience. How did your relationship begin? We started spending time together during Erin’s senior year of high school. Much of our time together was during long walks around the neighborhood. Then we took a little hiatus while Erin started college at Wisconsin and David went to Scotland to study abroad. Three years later we started officially dating with David living out in New York and Erin finishing her senior year at Wisconsin. How would you describe your relationship now? We are happily married and loving all the adventures that New York and the world are throwing our way. What are your favorite romantic activities in the Heights?

Art Gallery & Yoga Studio Fusion of Art Gallery & Yoga Studio, Fine Art, Jewelry, Pottery, Art Glass, Works from Local Artists & More Gallery Hours Tuesday - Friday, 12 pm - 5 pm Wednesday, 12 pm - 8 pm Saturday, 9:30 am - 5 pm Sunday, 12 pm - 3 pm 5706-08 W Vliet St, Milwaukee, WI 53208 P: 414-774-4185 W:

Washington Heights Highlighter, Winter 2012   ❖   15


Holiday Gift Bazaar at the MARN Gallery The Third Annual Holiday Shopping Bazaar ARTibles — a six week long shopping center in the MARN gallery, 5407 West Vliet Street — runs from Friday, November 23 to Monday, December 24th. All work in ARTibles is handmade by local artists. Hours will be Thursdays & Fridays 11am to 7pm and Saturdays 10am to 5pm with special events and workshops happening throughout the weeks. Visit for special ARTibles events. ❆

THE WONDER BAR It’s Historic SINCE 1896 Open at 2pm with daily drink specials Best heated patio in Milwaukee ! s t u n a e p We ha ve 5520 W. Vliet Street • Milwaukee, WI • 414.257.9112 16   ❖   Contact us at or visit us online at

Shop while listening to live music at Samara Garden and Home.

DID YOU KNOW? by Debbie Knepke

• The Yoga Society at 5000 West Vliet Street offers programs in hatha yoga, meditation, and wellness. Visit www. • Samara Garden and Home at 5211 West North Avenue is hosting a piano concert series in January. For more information, call 414.444.8100. • You can save energy by changing the settings on your computer to shut off monitors, hard drives, and even the computer after a certain amount of time, and by turning off power strips at work when going home for the evening.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff Pipe Cutting and Threading Window & Screen Repair Lock Re-Keying

Custom Paint Mixing Key and Glass Cutting Small Engine Repair Many Other Services

M – F 8:30AM – 8:00PM SAT 8:30AM – 5:00PM SUN 10:00AM – 3:00PM

Celebrating 40 Years In Business

• Worms are the best way to compost vegetable scraps in winter. • There will be Icelandic ponies, a sled dog demonstration, sledding, and Community Pie will be served at Winterfest in Washington Park Saturday, January 26th from 11am to 5pm. Save the Date!! • If you need a street or alley light fixed on your block, call Thomas Hughes at the City of Milwaukee Infrastructure Section at 414.286.3457. • You can drop off old tires to recycle at the Self Help Center at 3879 West Lincoln Ave. • The Urban Ecology Center at Washington Park, 1859 North 40th Street, loves Winter! Members can check out cross country skis, snowshoes, sleds, and ice skates at no charge. To become a member, visit or call 414.344.5460. • Milwaukee Design Collection at 5205 West North Avenue is celebrating its second anniversary in November. Be sure to visit. • Donate your burnt out strings of holiday lights to Hawley Environmental School as part of their fundraising efforts. You may drop them off before the end of the year at 5610 W. Wisconsin Avenue between 7am and 6pm. • You can feed snakes, turtles and salamanders every Saturday at 1pm at the new Animal Roo at the Washington Park Urban Ecology Center. ❆

sins forgiven weekly Sunday Worship at 8:30 & 11:00 AM Saturday Worship at 6:00 PM Sunday Broadcast on WJYI AM-1340 at 9:00 AM

Mount Olive lutheran church

5327 W Washington Blvd


Milwaukee, WI 53208

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Maple Tree Children’s Garden by Lori Barian

Maple Tree Children’s Garden, a new nature-oriented, homebased preschool, is opening in the Washington Heights. Founder Lori Barian has been working in the fields of Waldorf education and LifeWays childcare since 1994. Her five years as Forest Kindergarten teacher for LifeWays in Milwaukee inspired her to open and run the Maple Tree Children’s Garden out of her home. She and her husband, Robert Karp, have begun to transform their yard and home, 2116-18 N. Hi Mount Blvd., into an early childhood paradise. So far, the outdoor space, which is surrounded by an attractive cedar picket fence, includes a tree swing, stumps to climb on, a sand pit, and raspberry and blackberry bushes. Indoors, there are many of the usual toys, including a play kitchen and workbench, building blocks and puzzles. What you won’t find are any plastic toys or furniture because the intention is to immerse children in the natural world and to nurture the child’s developing senses with wholesome and “real” sense experiences. The curriculum for children two through six years old explores and celebrates the seasons, emphasizing outdoor activities, including gardening, nature exploration and crafts, and seasonally inspired snack and meal preparation, projects, and festivities.

Lori and kids learn while playing.

Through books such as Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods and organizations such as Let the Children Play and The Nature Nurture Project, there is increasing recognition of the value and importance of nature experiences and outdoor play during early childhood. These lead to physically healthy children who care about their environment, develop strength, coordination and selfconfidence, and do well academically when they’re in school. The preschool program runs Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. Lori is also planning to host other programs for families, such as a Simplicity Parenting group, parent-child and parent-infant playgroups, and a nature club. For more information, contact Lori Barian, 414.616.1832 or 414.698.6694 or You can visit Maple Tree Children’s Garden on Facebook. ❆

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Snowman Pizza

Lynna Chirafisi, Owner

A fun and easy treat for dinner on a wintry night! You can use premade, frozen or a dough mix. Really, whatever you like. For the eyes, mouth, and buttons. Directions: Make dough of choice (following instructions for preheating oven).

25% OFF

Roll dough out into three circles varying in size.

your first visit!

Prepare your cookie sheet with either a piece of parchment paper or cooking spray and sprinkle a bit of cornmeal on top (you can skip the cornmeal if you don’t have it on hand).

y y y y y

Place the largest circle of dough at the bottom of your pan and top with your choice of toppings. Place the medium size circle on your pan and top with toppings of your choice. Make sure to overlap your bottom piece just a bit. Place your smallest size circle on pan at the top. Again, overlap the medium circle just a bit.

full service manicures and pedicures Gel polish and Gel Enhancements 11 year’s experience clean, private, quiet environment gift certificates available

For an appointment with Lynna, call 414.517.8942 or email

Apply the toppings after all of your layers are in place. Sprinkle one more layer of cheese over your entire pizza. For eyes, buttons and mouth, try olives or pepperoni. Cut a piece of pepperoni in half for a smile. For the nose, use a small carrot or even a piece of red pepper. There are no rules, use whatever you think tastes great!

Lower level of Bay View’s unique Delaware House 2499 S. Delaware Ave. (minutes away via the Hoan Bridge)

Bake according to your dough instructions and enjoy!

St. James Lutheran Church

    

 

• •

 

 


 


  •

  2028 North 60th Street, Milwaukee, WI Pastor Peter Kassulke, 414-453-5770

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what’s happening at washington park By Jane Konkel

New playground and play trail

Young scientists in the new Native Wisconsin Animal Room at the Urban Ecology Center

The Tree for All Playground and the Play Pod Trail introduce the latest in play technology which promotes bonding of families as we play together, getting fit, healthy, and active. Installation of this equipment make Washington Park a national demonstration site. Tree for All — located near Lisbon Avenue and Lloyd Street — is designed to inspire children’s imaginations. The realistic centerpiece is a “tree” made of glass-fiber reinforced concrete. It features slides, ropes, and climbing, spinning, and moveable components, and it’s wheelchair-accessible. Beneath the play area is a multi-colored rubber surface. The Play Pod Trail —located at 40th and Vliet, near the pool parking lot — is the first of its kind in Wisconsin. The trail is composed of six “play pods,” or activity components, interwoven with a meandering trail amid mature trees. Each nature-themed play pod has signs to help visitors understand the natural world around them. Themes include trees, leaves, mushrooms, bees, butterflies, and pond life. Each play pod is set upon a poured-in-place resilient rubber surface that mimics the green grass surrounding the play trail. Both children and adults are immersed in nature as they walk along the trail to discover the next play pod.

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Meet the Door County Sled Dogs at Winterfest in January

Young Scientists Club

From hiking to gardening, helping with land stewardship and research, canoeing and fishing, every day is a new adventure with the Young Scientists Club! They meet 4–6pm Tuesdays through Fridays and 1–4pm on Saturdays. The Young Scientists will meet several times in January with Community Pie — You guessed it! — to make pie that will be served at Winterfest (see below). For more information about the Young Scientists Club, contact Erick Anderson, Community Program Coordinator, 414.344.5460,

Home Remodeling Interior and Exterior

Building Maintenance New Construction

Winterfest Please plan to attend Winterfest at the Urban Ecology Center in Washington Park on Saturday, January 26th. Now in its fifth year, Winterfest offers free family activities including a sled dog demonstration by the Door County Sled Dogs, sledding, iceskating, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, sharing Community Pie and a few other surprises. ❆

Contact us today to discuss your project!


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a mission to help By Rachael B. Winkley

“Seek and ye shall find” is one of Jessie Spraggins’ favorite quotes from scripture. It’s also clear that this favorite quote has guided her in the process of developing and opening the Job Development Resale Center, LLC (JDRC) which she opened at 5624 W. Vliet Street. There is much to be found within this small shop with a big mission. It was Jessie’s search for a new job that led her to the idea of opening a job resource center. In the spring of 2011, the human resource management position she had held with Goodwill Industries for 15 years was eliminated. As she contemplated the next steps in her career, she found she had a desire to create a job for herself through creating job opportunities for others in her community. Jessie is a long-time Washington Heights resident. She asked herself, “How can I make the people and the community better?” She decided that offering her human resource management experience through a job development center was the answer. JDRC is strongly committed to assisting job seekers and employers in the Washington Heights, Washington Park and Martin Drive Neighborhoods while also serves all of Milwaukee. Jessie developed the business concept for JDRC during the summer of 2011 and opened the resale shop in February of this year. The mission of the shop is three-fold: to help her clients develop

Job Development Resale Center, LLC (JDRC) 5624 W. Vliet St. 414.771.4900 Tues-Fri: 9:30am to 5:00pm, Sat: 1-4pm

Jessie Spraggins at the Job Development Resale Center

customer service and business skills through on-the-job training in the store; to sell affordable professional clothing for job seekers; and to be the main funding source for the job development and coaching services offered. The mission of the JDRC is to be a multifaceted community resource where job seekers come to develop their skills, gain experience and find opportunities and employers come to find qualified candidates. “By the community, for the community” is another core concept at JDRC. Jessie said getting the business started and running has been a community effort. People have been generous in donating clothing and household goods to help the resale shop carry out its mission. Due to this generosity, they have been able to expand their merchandise to include casual wear, formal wear, and small household items. Items that don’t fit within JDRC’s mission are donated to La Casa or other organizations serving those in need around Milwaukee. Future plans at JDRC include: offering job skills workshops for larger groups at Washington Park Library or other facility with space for groups; continuing to develop the resale store; and putting on fashion shows, too. Job seekers and employers in the neighborhood are encouraged to contact JDRC regarding their job skills development and coaching or job posting and employee placement services at (414) 771-4900 or Savvy bargain seekers are welcome to visit the resale shop Tuesdays through Fridays from 9:30am-5:30pm and Saturdays from 1:00 to 4pm. Jessie and her staff will be happy to assist you with whichever you seek. ❆

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Young Scientists team up to make a decorative crust

Have You Tried The Pie? By Jane Konkel

Community Pie is a grassroots movement and creative effort to bring together neighbors and youth, natures’ bounty, and pie making as community building. Community Pie is part of the Washington Park Partners and is sustained by a dedicated group of neighbors and friends who see an opportunity to build community through their simple love for pie. The goal of Community Pie is to involve Washington Park neighborhood youth in harvesting fruit from both public and private sources throughout the area where it might otherwise go to waste. Kids learn to use math skills to make a floury mess while making crusts, preparing fillings, and baking the pies. The pie makers, their families, and friends are invited back to celebrate their efforts and indulge in pie. Please join Community Pie at the Urban Ecology on Saturday, January 26th during Winterfest to try a piece of community pie! ❆

Want to help with the pie? Here’s how! Donations: • Mixing bowls and measuring spoons • Commercial sheet trays • Reusable plates and utensils • Tin pie dishes and pie knives • Pie spices • Funds for free baking ingredients or supplies • OR: rolling pins, hot pads, trivets, pie carriers, pastry blender, kitchen towels, rolling sheets, apple corer, plastic pie servers

Volunteer opportunities • Harves and donate fruit • Collect and organize recipes • Bring your family and neighbors to pie-making activities • Serve pies at community evens • Help with communications and website design • Provide transport for field trips to local orchards

Thanks Outpost Natural Foods Coop for your generous donation of apples. You helped Community Pie serve 200 pieces of pie at the Autumn Festival held in Washington Park last Fall.

Washington Heights Highlighter, Winter 2012   ❖   23

Mount Mary College believes in the transformative power of education in our community and our world.

Schedule Your Campus Visit to learn more about graduate programs offered in day, evening, weekend and accelerated formats. Call 414-256-1252 or visit

Master’s Degree Programs Art Therapy • Counseling • Dietetics • Education English • MBA • Occupational Therapy Professional Doctorate Program Art Therapy Graduate programs are open to men and women. 2900 N. Menomonee River Parkway | Milwaukee | (414) 256-1252 |

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