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The Newsletter of the WHNA Summer 2012

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6/4/12 3:43 PM

WHNA 2011-2012 board of directors President Dan Cody The Highlighter is a quarterly publication of the Washington Heights Neighborhood Association. Washington Heights includes the area from Highway 41 to N. 60th Street and from W. Vliet Street to W. North Ave. If you have suggestions for articles, send them to: WHNA Newsletter PO Box 080140 Milwaukee, WI 53208

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6/4/12 3:43 PM


PRESIDENT Dan Cody, WHNA President


As my term as WHNA President winds down and I write my final President’s Pen, I’d


like to say what a pleasure and privilege it has been to serve as the President of WHNA over the past year.


While I’m very happy and proud of the accomplishments of the WHNA Board over the past year — increased attendance at the events we sponsor, moving towards becoming a 501(c)3 organization, increasing our online presence, etc… — the most rewarding thing for me personally was getting to better know so many of our wonderful neighbors, who


we now call, friends. Nearly a decade ago, when my wife Jenny and I were shedding our east side loft and


beginning the search for a home to start our family, one of the things that made the


number of people we noticed walking or working out in front of their houses, as we

Heights stand out compared to other areas — like Bay View or Shorewood — was the checked out potential homes in the area. To this day, one of my favorite things about the Heights is just how easy it is to meet new neighbors while out on a walk with our kids.


Our neighborhood is full of people who enjoy going beyond a simple “hello” as they stroll the sidewalks, and it’s that willingness to engage their neighbors that lays the


foundation upon which a strong community and neighborhood is built.

The Newsletter of the WHNA Fall 2012

While no longer the WHNA President, I am looking forward to remaining active on the WHNA Board as Area 6 representative and continuing to build upon the strong


foundation we’ve established throughout the history of our neighborhood. I hope you have a great summer and look forward to saying “hello” to you on the sidewalk sometime soon. Go Brewers! 

It’s that willingness to engage their neighbors that lays the foundation upon which a strong community and neighborhood is built.

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6/4/12 3:43 PM

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6/4/12 3:43 PM

Photo Courtesy of Liz Humphrey

Area 3 volunteers cleaned up more than a dozen bags of garbage.

Neighborhood Clean-Up

by Larry Kilmer, WHNA Housing and Appearance Committee, Chair This year’s Washington Heights Neighborhood Clean-Up was a huge success! The event was held on Saturday, April 21st — a brisk, sunny spring day. This year’s clean-up was a joint effort between the Washington Heights Neighborhood Association, which covered all nine areas of the neighborhood, and the Washington Heights Neighborhood Area 3 Council, which focused on Area 3. The event saw over 50 participants neighborhood-wide, with the majority being children. During the four hour event, 30 large garage bags and more than 10 small

trash bags were collected, leaving The Heights nearly spotless. For those that participated in the focused efforts of Area 3, treats were awarded for every bag of trash filled. A special thanks goes to Chris McRoberts for baking the main treats — super-delicious brownies. Also, we would like to thank Accent Child Care Center for allowing the Association to use their parking lot. Finally, thank you to all of the individuals and families that volunteered to keep Washington Heights one of Milwaukee’s cleanest and greatest neighborhoods. 

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6/4/12 3:43 PM

“Heeeere’s  Rocky!”

Featured Heights Resident: Rocky Marcoux by Jon Rupprecht When you’re concerned about the health, the progress, and the status of your city, it helps a lot to meet one of the main city government officials who turns out to be a very personable, positive, energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic, capable, intelligent, visionary leader. I got that help – and that string of adjectives – from spending an hour in the office of Rocky Marcoux, our City of Milwaukee Commissioner of the Department of City Development, and a proud resident of Washington Heights. Rocky was appointed to this key position by Mayor Tom Barrett shortly after his election in 2004. He had previously worked in the Milwaukee Housing Authority since 1986, ending up as its Manager of Development. He is a 1983 graduate of Marquette University, where he majored in communications and political science. His matriculation at MU was where Rocky first encountered Milwaukee. He grew up in eastern Connecticut in a small town of around 8,000 residents called Thompson, in an essentially rural, undeveloped part of that state, one of the few such areas still remaining in the entire northeast corridor. Rocky’s dad worked in a factory and did upholstery work; his mother was a nurse and a midwife. Rocky’s given name is Richard, but he’s been “Rocky” since his high school days. He is one of eight children – four boys, four girls - to whom his mother gave birth in 11 years; “no twins,” Rocky pointed out. All of his siblings still reside in New England Rocky loved Milwaukee and Wisconsin from the start, and has never left. He refers to himself as “a processed cheesehead” – a native at heart

even if not in fact. He met his wife Christine at MU; they have three daughters: Sarah, 21, attending Fairfield University in Connecticut; Shannon, 18, who will begin her college adventure this fall at Fordham University in New York City; and Colleen, 13, in 8th grade at St. Sebastian School. Christine has worked for the Social Security Administration since 1986; she is presently the district manager of the downtown Milwaukee office. The Marcoux family moved to Washington Heights in July of 1990; they moved to their present home on Washington Boulevard in 1997. One of the first things Rocky showed me in his office was a complete collection of every issue of this newsletter, the Highlighter, since it began in 1990. He also has a number of other very interesting historic WHNA publications in his collection. Rocky is not just someone who happens to live in Washington Heights; he has been very involved in our neighborhood since he first moved here. He has served as an area rep, WHNA Board vice president and secretary at different times, and has worked with many area residents in neighborhood promotions and activities. He gets very enthusiastic when discussing the variety and quality of housing in our neighborhood, the amazing ensemble of small businesses on Vliet Street and North Avenue, our churches and schools, and the close sense of community that we enjoy. In his spare time Rocky enjoys gardening, woodworking and photography. But his job really doesn’t spare him a lot of time. So what’s involved with being the Commissioner of the Department

R a

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6/4/12 3:43 PM

of City Development? This job encompasses a broad spectrum of vital responsibilities, especially retaining, attracting and developing industries and businesses, and thus jobs. Rocky is at the heart of planning and developing real estate in the city, which involves acquiring and remediating land, including cleaning up brownfields. He points out that of the 97 square miles within our city limits, “there’s not one acre that’s not worthy of investment.” He works with various neighborhoods; he is responsible for anything to do with zoning and permits; he works closely with the City Planner. And he works with a staff of around 200 people, some in the office and others in the field. The most highly-publicized projects under his purview are the former Park East Freeway area, the so-called 30th Street rail corridor, the re-development of the Menomonee Valley, and re-developing the former Tower Automotive site. Rocky points with well-justified pride to the wonderful progress so visible in the Menomonee Valley, and he looks with great optimism to equal if not greater success at the Tower Automotive and rail corridor sites. In view of all the development that is currently proposed and underway, Rocky feels that when future local historians look back on this period in our history, they will see it as a period of “Milwaukee’s Renaissance.” Preparing such old industrial sites for new industry is a difficult, expensive and time-consuming process, and it’s something that prospective industries themselves are generally not able to do, since they could never recover their costs. Thus Rocky points out that it’s an appropriate role for government to step in and prepare the sites for development, ultimately resulting in the opportunity for the private sector to create jobs. We often hear a lot of concerns about Milwaukee, the problems we face, things going wrong. Rocky reminds us that there’s a lot of good news about our community that too often doesn’t get enough coverage. Milwaukee remains “the heart of manufacturing in the U.S.,” with the highest percentage of its work force in manufacturing of any American city; there are 170,000 manufacturing jobs in our 7-county metro area. And we are not a one-industry town, where we’d be vulnerable to a downturn in one segment of the economy, such as Michigan with the auto industry. Compared to other cities, we are dealing more effectively with the foreclosure situation. Rocky also pointed out that between the 2000 census and the 2010 census, Milwaukee lost only about 2,000 residents. But Chicago, for example, lost 200,000 residents during that same time

period, and other Midwestern cities have lost even higher percentages. Milwaukee has essentially reversed what had been a 50-year trend of population loss. Rocky’s goals for Milwaukee are very basic; he’s doing all he can to bring employment up and poverty down. When I asked him what he likes best about his job, he replied, “It’s the best job in the city. I love coming to work!” He made a similar comment when I asked about his long hours: “It’s not so bad when you like what you’re doing.” And when I asked what the biggest challenges and obstacles are in his work, he said, “They’re all opportunities.” It’s hard to beat that approach to one’s work! We spoke of how so many newcomers and visitors are so positively impressed with Milwaukee. Rocky summed it up succinctly: “Milwaukee is a world-class city!” Some of our disgruntled or cynical residents may not go that far, but as a summary description of our fair city from our Commissioner of the Department of City Development, I say let’s go with it! 

Shelter Real

Tim Stemper


- Owner/Broker/Advisor - Executive Committee Vice President for the WI Realtors Association - By Milwaukee Magazine . . . "Five Star: Best in Client Satisfaction"!

T i m @S h e l t e r R e a l E s t a t e . c o m Successful marketing of quality homes for over 30 years! Contact Tim for advice you can count on!

St. James Lutheran Church

    

 

• •

 

 


 


  •

Rocky at home with daughters Sarah, Colleen, Shannon and wife Christine. Summer2012WHNAHighlighter.indd 7

  2028 North 60th Street, Milwaukee, WI Pastor Peter Kassulke, 414-453-5770

Washington Heights Highlighter, Summer 2012   ❖   7 6/4/12 3:43 PM


by Jean Anderson On May 23, 2012, at a reception at the UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning, the 2012 Mayor’s Design Award was presented to owners Chris Dobs and Tim Nechtaval for their work on the building located at 5322 to 5330 West Vliet Street. A long-forgotten, once unattractive building is now a welcoming presence to the Vliet Street business community. Built in the 1920’s, the site was home to a print shop, grocery store, multiple retail businesses, and at one time the ovens for the Meuer’s bakery located on the corner of 54th and Vliet. In the 1980’s and 90’s, a carpenter worked out of the building. Bought by an orthodontist, it fell into disrepair and was in foreclosure when Chris and Tim saw a diamond in the rough. Thanks to assistance from Alderman Michael Murphy, a façade grant helped to open the front of the building and restore the original layout of five separate businesses. Glass block windows once visible in the front have been reused in the rear of the building. Original plaster ornamentation near the roofline has been carefully preserved. Wood trim and doors have been restored and relocated within the retail spaces. A desk created by the former carpenter tenant has a work space made of reclaimed hardwood floor and is located in the Alchemy Art Glass store. The tasteful inviting spaces that now exist make it difficult to believe this was not long ago a building piled high with broken lumber, falling plaster and a buckling floor. Tim and Chris have a vision to emphasize the arts in Washington Heights—a destination for shopping, experiencing and even creating your own works of art. So what will you find when you visit this new destination on Vliet Street?

Starting on the east end of the building, there is Square One Art Glass, a glassblowing studio and gallery. Stunning glass creations are available for purchase in the gallery, including vases, ornaments, even jewelry. Back in the studio is where the creating happens, with a furnace heated to over 1,000 degrees. Classes are available for individuals or groups to learn the skill. An introductory glass blowing class begins at $45 for one hour of hands-on experience. More advanced classes are available to hone your skills. Or start a family tradition by gathering at the studio to create your own glass ornaments. Birthday parties and couples night are just some of the possibilities. Store hours are Tuesday and Thursday 12:00 – 9:00pm and Saturday 10:00am –2:00pm. Call 259-0811 or go to for more information.

Next is WorxSpace. If you are looking for a professional office environment away from you, WorxSpace is the solution. No more meeting in noisy coffee shops. WorxSpace offers an affordable way to rent your own office space; a perfect place for client meetings and presentations, conference room and work space, access to high speed internet/wireless, fax machine, office phone and mail handling, and a welcoming lounge area and access to kitchenette with a coffee maker. If your group has scheduled a glass blowing class at Square One, Worx Space can be made available for you to bring in your own refreshments. Email for details on renting this space.

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Moving west, we come to Families United of Milwaukee. Margaret Jefferson does advocacy work for people with disabilities and for bullied children, working with local schools. The Highlighter hopes to provide a more in-depth interview in an upcoming edition. Next is Alchemy Art Glass. The studio offers this description: Alchemy Art Glass is a proud, new resident of the Washington Heights neighborhood featuring the work of many local artists. Although Alchemy specializes in fused and stained glass work, it also offers an array of other handcrafted items and carries a selection of vintage stained glass pieces. Alchemy Art Glass is the “daughter store” of The Stained Glass Studio of Milwaukee. Shop owner Aimee Zaniewski has worked alongside her father, Ken Stanis, at Wisconsin’s largest glass retail supplier for almost 15 years. In addition to creating unique finished glass pieces, the staff at Alchemy can take care of any repair needs you may have, work with you to create a custom piece, and will be offering fused & stained glass classes beginning this summer. Call 491.3174 or visit Store hours Mon., Wed. and Thurs. 10 – 5, Sat. 10 – 3, Sun. by appointment. Stained glass repair services are also available. Call for more information. There is one suite remaining for rent in the building. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Chris or Tim at 259.0811. 

The State of Real Estate in the Washington Heights by Mary Jumes, CRS

As one of your neighborhood realtors, I have once again been called upon to provide an update about the “market” in our area. Overall, the Washington Heights continues to weather the popped real estate bubble rather well. Upon submission of this article, as posted in the (MLS) Multiple Listing Service, there are 45 active properties on the market in the Washington Heights, including 28 single family, 12 duplexes, three multi-family and two commercial properties. We are seeing a steady flow of closings, an indication that people are able to either qualify for financing or have found other means to gather the necessary funds for purchase (like savings, or liquidation of other assets). We still have a wide range of property options from the “dirt cheap needs just about everything” to the “willing to pay the price just because it’s that lovely.” If you are considering a move up or down, you should consult with a real estate professional so that you know all of your options. There are many choices to consider and you should really have a full understanding of those choices before you decide what will work best for you. And never forget, if you have friends or family looking to relocate, there is nothing like the Washington Heights. 

Washington Heights Highlighter, Summer 2012   ❖   9 Summer2012WHNAHighlighter.indd 9

6/4/12 3:43 PM

Bike Blitz in the Park

An Oasis in the Bicycle Desert by Dave “The Big” Schlabowske, from The Bicycle Blog of Wisconsin (adapted by Keith Holt) Many urban neighborhoods are virtual bicycle deserts with nowhere to get a bike repaired. On Saturday May 12th, the 6th annual Bike Blitz in Washington Park created a temporary oasis on Milwaukee’s west side where residents could get basic bike repairs and purchase inexpensive bicycles. The neighborhood event is organized by Keith Holt of Milwaukee Bicycle Works. Milwaukee Bicycle Works has plans for a permanent location in the area, with the mission to increase access to bicycling and its benefits through hands-on programs for youth and adults, through volunteer projects, and a neighborhood bike shop that will serve as a center of community cycling on Milwaukee’s west side. Keith is a former community organizer for the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, moved to Washington Heights about five years ago. Neighborhood volunteers joined with professional mechanics from Wheel & Sprocket and Milwaukee’s DreamBikes to do basic repairs and help fit people to the used bikes that were for sale at the Bike Blitz. Aldermen Michael Murphy and Willie Hines both showed up to lend their support for cycling as Washington Park is in both of their districts. 

Top: Aldermen Hines and Murphy with Blitz participants Bottom L to R: A hands on fix!; Keith Holt helps all the youngsters

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6/4/12 3:43 PM

WHNA Annual Meeting by Ed Szopinski

For the past few years our Annual Meeting has been held on the second Thursday of May. About 80 people attended this year—a little off the usual 100 or so. Normally the pre-meeting time is used for Area meetings and to elect representatives to the Board. We continued two things we started last year – holding the meeting at the Urban Ecology Center in Washington Park and providing food, shopping, community displays, and information from active Washington Heights committees. The shoppers and vendors add excitement to the meeting. Look at this lineup: Food: Mekong (spring rolls, chicken and a sneak preview of a new fried appetizer an imitation crab); Café Perrin (pulled pork sandwiches and their trademark homemade potato chips); McCoys Cyber Lounge (packaged snacks and beverages). Artists (Beehive Alchemy, Steeno Art Gallery, Milkweed, Open Book Journals); Local Businesses (Four Corners Of The World); Community Groups (ME2 [energy saving], Select Milwaukee [Foreclosure strategies]); Westside Business Guide (premier of the new Westside Business Guide); and WHNA Committees (Green info about Bloom and Groom; Block Watch and Safety (sold safety stickers and provided home security advice). In addition, both Alderman Murphy and Council President Hines were present to answer questions and hear from residents. The formal part of the meeting began with President Dan Cody’s welcome at 7:15pm. Dan thanked those present as well as the vendors and our aldermen. Dan provided an update on Association activities that concluded with a financial report from Anne DeLeo. Ann briefly described our financial situation ($10K CD and a checkbook balance of about $20K). She described our budget process and main source of revenue (membership dues). Dan also reported the Board’s interest in changing the Association into a 501c(3) tax-exempt organization. Doing so will allow individuals and companies to deduct contributions to the association, and may open the door to the Association qualifying for grants for various projects. He also described our increased presence on the internet and our use of the e-newsletter and Facebook to provide up to date information to supplement what is printed in the Highlighter and promoted with signage. Ed awarded the Mary Gibeaut Award to Kristen Leguizamon. According to Ed, “Kristen is a long time volunteer who shown

leadership as an area representative and association treasurer. She started delivering newsletters in Area 4 when she lived there and even continued to deliver in Area 4 after she moved to Area 1. She has long managed security duties for the Spooktacular and has developed a well-trained and loyal crew. Kristin setup and singlehandedly manages the e-newsletter where she collects and organizes the information you receive once or twice a month. Under her leadership the e-newsletter has become an important communication tool for the Association. It is for her long and steady involvement in the Association that we award her the 2012 Mary Gibeaut Award.” Our guest speaker this year was Willie Karidis. Willie directs the Urban Ecology Center (UEC) at Washington Park. Willie described a few of the improvements made by the UEC, like a prairie in the northwest quadrant of the park and an orchard in the northeast quadrant. When he talked about the UEC’s role in the community, education, and the effect of the UEC on lowering crime, heads were nodding throughout the audience; we all know about the reduction in crime and the increased feeling of safety in the park. Of course, Willie couldn’t speak without promoting UEC membership. It’s a great bargain at $35/year and allows you to attend classes, special programs/ events and rent summer and winter outdoor equipment. Pat Mueller also spoke about the Westside Business Guide and her vision of the Westside becoming a destination for people from all parts of town. Westside Guides are available at local businesses. Thanks to all who attended and participated. 

Residents elected representative from the even numbered areas and at-large representatives elected in even numbered years. Election results: Area 2 – Scot Silet reelected, Gary Haertlein, new co-rep Area 4 – Jim Grote reelected Area 6 – Dan Cody reelected Area 8 – Corbett Reinbold (new)

Building Maintenance

At-Large – Anita Dushak At-Large – Nora Trinidad-Scholle At-Large – Dan Stotmeister At-Large – Stephanie Moffett

Home Remodeling Interior and Exterior

New Construction Contact us today to discuss your project!


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6/4/12 3:43 PM

UPCOMING EVENTS JUNE Sun. June 17���� Vliet Street Community Green Market Senior Center 10:00am-2:00pm Thu. June 21�������������������������� WHNA Board Meeting St. Seb’s Community Room Sun. June 24��� Vliet Street Community Green Market Senior Center 10:00am-2:00pm Wed. June 27��������������������������� Bandshell: The Two Gentlemen of Verona 6:30pm-9:30pm

august Wed. Aug. 1����������������������������������������������������Bandshell: Mood Swing Orchestra Sun. Aug. 5������Vliet Street Community Green Market Senior Center 10:00am-2:00pm Wed. Aug. 8���������������������� Bandshell: Tweed Funk (Washington Park Arts & Culture Day 4:30-9:00pm) Sat. Aug. 11������� Hank Aaron Trail 5K Run/Walk Miller Park 8:30am


Sun. Aug. 12����� Vliet Street Community Green Market Senior Center 10:00am-2:00pm

Sun. July 1�������Vliet Street Community Green Market Senior Center 10:00am-2:00pm

Wed. Aug. 15����������������������Bandshell: Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound

Sun. July 8������Vliet Street Community Green Market Senior Center 10:00am-2:00pm

Sun. Aug. 19����� Vliet Street Community Green Market Senior Center 10:00am-2:00pm

Wed. July 11�����������������Bandshell: The Barrettes Brew City Bruisers Night

Wed. Aug. 22����������� Bandshell: Terry Sims Band

Sun. July 15����� Vliet Street Community Green Market Senior Center 10:00am-2:00pm Wed. July 18������������ Bandshell: R.A.S. Movement featuring Naima Adedapo from American Idol Thu. July 19��������������������������� WHNA Board Meeting St. Seb’s Community Room Sun. July 22����Vliet Street Community Green Market Senior Center 10:00am-2:00pm Wed. July 25��������� Bandshell: South End Blues Band WHRA Night

Sat. Aug. 25��������������������������������������Boulevard Bash! Sun. Aug. 26���� Vliet Street Community Green Market Senior Center 10:00am-2:00pm

SAVE THE DATE! 2012 Boulevard Bash Saturday, August 25, 2012

51st to 55th on washington Blvd.

Sun. July 29���� Vliet Street Community Green Market Senior Center 10:00am-2:00pm

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Crime Prevention�������������������������������������������������� 935.7733

Highlighter Editors������������������������������������������������������������� or 426.9318 or 949.1577

Graffiti Hotline������������������������������������������������������286.8715

Highlighter Distribution���������������������������������771.7977

Ald. Willie Hines������������������������������������������������������286.2221

Rainbow Association����������������������������������������� 258.2991

Ald. Michael Murphy��������������������������������������������286.2221;;

Blockwatch�������������������������������������������������������������� 588.5619

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6/4/12 3:43 PM

The spring westide artwalk 2012 by James Steeno

The Westside celebrated the Spring Westside Artwalk on April 27–28 with the mettle and humor most Wisconsinites share in regards to late April weather. A mixed bag of meteorological conditions was no match for the scores of enthusiastic art admirers and craft buffs participating in the expanding Westside arts stage from Vliet Street, North Avenue and the Village of Wauwatosa. The Westside Artwalk is an event to give local artists a public setting to present, share and sell a diverse array of creative endeavors through neighborhood businesses, restaurants, boutiques and galleries. The rewards are numerous; artists meet admirers and customers; business benefit from marketing and new inflow of customers, and outsiders are reintroduced to neighborhoods and business experiencing a resurgence of commerce. Back by popular demand, were the “make & take” projects, many of them completely free. Make and take projects consist of varying craft and art demonstrations conducted by artists, where participants have an opportunity to create a piece of work of their own. Many projects only required about 30 minutes or less to complete, allowing interested creators to experience several projects in one day. If you visited the James Steeno Gallery on Saturday, chances are you met our neighborhood beading instructor and designer Julie PaaschAnderson. She demonstrated charm necklace fabrication perfect for youth, adults, guys, gals or anyone begging for a dose of artistry. A few doors down, those visiting Art & Soul Gallery, were treated to a playful demonstration of bottle-cap necklaces led by artist and fellow Heights

resident Carla Van Lieshout. Neighborhood artist Jane Konkel set up shop at Worx Space on Vliet Street, taking her inventive Mermaid Jane Jewelry on the road for a “make & take & wear” pair of recycled-glass earrings. Samara Studio hosted a jewelry demonstration in time for all to fashion something from the heart for Mother’s day. Neighborhood painter Ann Baer and her works were found at Best Cleaners & Laundry and visitors had an opportunity to contribute their talents in a rain-barrel painting project. In true community mindedness, MARN (Milwaukee Artist Resource Network) built fun little free libraries that inspire creativity and reading in micro-size bookworm dream worlds. They also fired up the furnace for an opportunity to cast your own aluminum tile. Square One Art Glass also lit the fire for unforgettable glass blowing demonstrations. Nearby, the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center offered viewers the visual art and poetry of Frank Dettloff and Warren Garstecki, with exhibits of prayer shawls and yoga-mat bags created from recycled fabrics by Kathleen Hautala. Fine art prints and posters from Milwaukee power art duo Gene Evans and Bridget Griffith Evans were found at the deliciously innovative Eat Cake, and yummy Cold Spoons opened their doors to the upbeat rhythms of the Teeney Tiny Band on Friday night. The participating artists and businesses wish to thank all those for stopping by, getting involved, and making this unique arts event happen. Mark your calendars for the fall Westside Artwalk October 5–6, 2012. 

McBoB’s PuB & Grill 4919 W. North Ave. • 414-871-5050

Ride our NEW Shuttle! Ask for the “shuttle card” and earn a FREE BEER Plenty of Free Parking & great food & drink specials before and after games

GO Brewer’s!

Socks being made on a hundred-year-old sock-making machine. Demo at Alchemy (5328 W. Vliet St.).

Washington Heights Highlighter, Summer 2012   ❖   13 Summer2012WHNAHighlighter.indd 13

6/4/12 3:43 PM

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff Pipe Cutting and Threading Window & Screen Repair Lock Re-Keying

Custom Paint Mixing Key and Glass Cutting Small Engine Repair Many Other Services

M – F 8:30AM – 8:00PM SAT 8:30AM – 5:00PM SUN 10:00AM – 3:00PM

Celebrating 40 Years In Business


sins forgiven weekly Sunday Worship at 8:30 & 11:00 AM Saturday Worship at 6:00 PM Sunday Broadcast on WJYI AM-1340 at 9:00 AM

Mount Olive lutheran church

5327 W Washington Blvd


Milwaukee, WI 53208

Mark your calendar now for the lucky 13th annual Hank Aaron State Trail 5k Run/Walk on Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 8:30am at Miller Park. Come to the Valley and enjoy live music, refreshments, a silent auction, prizes for the fastest runners, and a wonderful prize drawing for everyone. New this year is a special entry fee for children with kid-size t-shirts available if pre-ordered by 8/1/12. Consider forming a Washington Heights team! A minimum of eight entrants are needed. Teams receive shirts with team logos and special recognition. This major fundraiser, sponsored by the Friends of Hank Aaron State Trail, supports free summer bike camps for youth along the Trail. 150 youth, ages 10 to 15, from five different schools and organizations will learn about bike safety, nature and healthy lifestyles as they experience the joy of riding in their neighborhoods and on the Trail. The next couple of years promise to be exciting ones for the Hank Aaron State Trail. The l.5 mile extension to the Waukesha county line was completed in the fall of 2011. This segment of the Trail is crushed limestone and will be paved once freeway construction is finished. The Menomonee Valley branch of the Urban Ecology Center will open its doors to the community and local schools in September. In June, construction will begin on the Airline Yards — a 24-acre site on the Menomonee River between 27th and 35th Streets. This former rail yard will be converted into a park and outdoor classroom for the Urban Ecology Center. It will open to the public in 2013. To register online or for more information about the Trail and the 5k Run/Walk, visit us at or call 262.781.8877 for all non-team-related information. For team information, contact Bob Peschel at 414.643.4150 or rpeschel@the Every participant receives a t-shirt, walkers are welcome and every 44th finisher wins a prize!  

14   ❖   Contact us at or visit us online at Summer2012WHNAHighlighter.indd 14

6/4/12 3:43 PM

“That one you are touching is poison ivy.”

Better than Ever!

Summer Camps at the Urban Ecology Center in Washington Park by Willie Karidis, Branch Manager, Urban Ecology Center in Washington Park Back in the day, I spent hours and hours exploring the nearby “crick” in our neighborhood, turning rocks to watch the crabs dart out, looking for basking turtles, swinging on the rope swing from one side of the crick to the other. My friends and I knew every hiding place, what rocks were the best to climb, and where the deepest part of the crick was, just by looking at the water. It was a sad day when the City decided to replace the crick with giant concrete culverts and plant grass on top of them. I will never forget those days of discovery, learning to be comfortable in the outdoors. Summer Camps in Washington Park help provide experiences for your children that last a lifetime. Any chance to get out and learn while you play in the outdoors is a good day for your children. We can learn so much about ourselves by being outdoors, finding out who we are and learning to ask questions about where, why and how natural systems work. These types of questions help kids understand other school subjects and often spur unintended results, pointing kids in new directions they’ve never thought about before. This really speaks to the heart of Summer Camps in Washington Park, learning about the outdoors while having fun, experiencing new things, and meeting lots of cool kids who share these experiences together. Every day I am impressed with the quality of education provided by our knowledgeable and dedicated Urban Ecology Center instructors.

There is one simple reason why our programs are so successful: Urban Ecology Center instructors love to teach and share their passion for the outdoors. Their professional enthusiasm makes each day here in Washington Park a true pleasure. Research shows that two things can help make a person environmentally aware: consistent contact with nature early in life and an adult mentor (a parent, teacher, friend, or in this case, an Urban Ecology Center naturalist) who demonstrates positive behavior toward the environment. Urban Ecology summer camps are the first step toward a greener future. For parents’ convenience, the Urban Ecology Center offers before and after care for our full day camps. At Washington Park, parents can drop off their children as early as 8am and pick them up as late as 5pm. Staff members will supervise games, reading time, play, and other activities. Register online: A limited number of scholarships are available for families who qualify for the free or reduced lunch program at their school. Please contact Sarah Rohe at 414.964.8505 with any further questions. Have a great summer and hope to see you here at the Urban Ecology Center in Washington Park! 

Washington Heights Highlighter, Summer 2012   ❖   15 Summer2012WHNAHighlighter.indd 15

6/4/12 3:43 PM

Master of Arts in Education

Mount Mary’s Master of Arts in Education degree program is designed for early childhood, elementary, middle school and high school teachers • Use these courses to meet DPI continuing education requirements. • Strengthen your knowledge base and broaden your repertoire of teaching skills. • Enroll as a master’s degree candidate or take individual courses at times that fit in your schedule.

Now accepting applications for Fall 2012! Visit to apply.

16   ❖   Contact us at or visit us online at Summer2012WHNAHighlighter.indd 16

6/4/12 3:43 PM

DID YOU KNOW? by Debbie Knepke

• The Emil Blatz Temple of Music opened in 1938 thanks to a generous gift of $100,000 by Emil Blatz. Today most people who live in the area simply call it “the bandshell.” • In 1919 the Washington Park zoo boasted the first polar bear ever born in captivity. • On October 9, 2004, Barack Obama spoke at a political rally at the bandshell. • You can call the Department of Neighborhood Services at 414.286.8282 for uncut grass and weeds, garbage carts on public sidewalks, vacant lot cleanup, street lights, or broken branches on city trees. • Due to “single-sort” recycling you no longer need to divide your glass and plastic from paper in your blue recycle bins. Just fill up the cart and the city will pick it up every three weeks. • The Washington Heights Rainbow Association (WHRA) will have a picnic at the Washington Park Bandshell Wednesday, July 25th at 6:30. All LGBT neighbors and friends are welcome. • Washington Park Partners is a collaboration of residents, organizations and businesses working to make the Washington Park community a wonderful place to live, work and play (defined as our neighbors to the east from 30th-47th and Meinecke to Juneau). Visit

• Kristin Leguizamon won this year’s Mary Gibeaut Volunteer of the Year Award. • Bruce O’Neill turned 70 on March 31. He has lived on HiMount since 1971, and grew up on 53rd and Garfield. For the birthday Bruce’s kids put together a Highlighter-style 24page magazine, The BCO Times, celebrating his colorful life. 


New York Trip

MARCH 31, 2012


College Drop-O ffs

EXCLUSIVE: Bruce O’Neill Happily Celebrates Birthday with Frien His 70th ds and Family



Joyce Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.


Jeffery Joyce Licensed · Bonded · Insured 5020 West Vliet St · Milwaukee, WI 53208


THE WONDER BAR It’s Historic SINCE 1896 Open at 2pm with daily drink specials Best heated patio in Milwaukee ! s t u n a e p We ha ve 5520 W. Vliet Street • Milwaukee, WI • 414.257.9112 Washington Heights Highlighter, Summer 2012   ❖   17 Summer2012WHNAHighlighter.indd 17

6/4/12 3:43 PM

Boulevard Bash 2012 by Jane Konkel

The Washington Heights Neighborhood Association (WHNA) is pleased to announce the 2012 Boulevard Bash. The Bash will take place on Saturday, August 25th from 2:00–8:00pm on Washington Boulevard from Hi-Mount to 53rd Street. The Bash is free and open to the public, and draws attendees not just from Washington Heights, but from all around Milwaukee. This neighborhood-wide event features: live music by Back Roads and Commander Tang with Brother Louie, and food from neighborhood restaurants such as: Fred’s, McBob’s, O’Brien’s, Mekong Cafe, Cold Spoons, Milwaukee Hot Dog Co., Dana’s Fieldhouse, and Caradaro Club. There will also be activities for kids of all ages, a bounce house, displays from area artists, crafters, organizations and businesses, a silent auction benefiting WHNA, and of course there will be chalk!

NEW FOR 2012 Our new neighbors to the East – Artists Working in Education (AWE) — will be joining us this year, providing additional art activities for kids. Also new are the addition of tables and chairs, and a 50/50 raffle. Tickets for the raffle will be one for $1, or six for $5. The winning ticket will be drawn towards the end of the evening announcing the winner who will split the prize money 50/50 with the WHNA. Space reservations from artists and crafters will be accepted through July 15th, with preference going to our very clever and talented Washington Heights neighbors. Do not delay in reserving a space for this great neighborhood event! Spaces are $25 each, plus a donation to the silent auction. Artists and Crafters: Please contact Heidi Steeno for more information and paperwork to participate. Email: Vendors: Please contact Jean Anderson for more information and paperwork to participate. Email:

MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK Even if you have just a little time to donate before, during, or after the Bash, your help is needed and so appreciated. We need people to set up and tear down tents, tables, and chairs. Help is also needed in the kids, silent auction, and other areas. Please contact Mary Jumes at 262.754.4502, or email Mary with “Blvd Bash” in the subject line at: Last year’s Bash was a success and we hope you’ll join us on Washington Boulevard for another fun-filled Saturday on August 25th. 

Washington Heights Event Yard Signs – Please Help! by Laura Burke

You have all seen them around our neighborhood. They are big and bold signs advertising the great things that go on in the Heights from the annual Easter Egg Hunt to Wine Tastings and everything in between. Sometimes these signs go missing, and the neighborhood association has to pay to replace them. We need your help. First, if you see a sign blown down, please put it back up. Second, please do not take the signs. They will be picked up the day after each event. If you have any WHNA signs now, please put them on my porch at 2024 N. 51st Street.

And, finally, if you know of a great location for a sign or would be willing to have a sign in your yard, call me at .414.475.9072. All WHNA signs must be placed in private yards. City rules prohibit signs in the space/grass between the street and sidewalk or boulevards. Thank you.

18   ❖   Contact us at or visit us online at Summer2012WHNAHighlighter.indd 18

6/4/12 3:43 PM


The annual Easter Egg Hunt on March 31 was a sweet success for scores of young residents

Junior Bowling Leagues at Highland Lanes by Sherry Jameson

In the early 1970’s, when the Scherbarth family became the proprietor of Highland Lanes, they formed an organized league for junior bowlers. That league still exists today! The junior league bowls on Saturdays afternoons from 12:00 to 2:00p.m., and runs for 30 weeks beginning Saturday September 15th. Children from ages eight to 18 years old are welcome to join, whether a beginner or experienced bowler. It is a fun, loosely structured league with accomplished adult bowlers present and available to help develop the group’s basic bowling skills as needed on an individual basis. As a junior league bowler, your child will be eligible to participate in the Wisconsin Pepsi Youth Bowling Tournament and the State Family Tournament, where prizes include various achievement awards as well as scholarship funds. The junior league gives the kids a social outlet outside the classroom, that won’t interfere with summer vacations, as well as something to do throughout the long winter. It is a great way for kids and parents to interact with other neighborhood families. Please contact Dave Scherbarth at 414.774.2166 if you are interested in additional information about the junior league, or if you are interested in joining an adult league, as there are openings for you as well!  

Washington Heights Highlighter, Summer 2012   ❖   19 Summer2012WHNAHighlighter.indd 19

6/4/12 3:43 PM

Wednesdays at the Shell  by Jane Konkel

Last year, in an article about Wednesdays at the Shell, I mentioned my concern: if attendance didn’t improve, concerts would be canceled for 2012. This year I channeled that concern into action. To learn more, I collaborated with others who are passionate about our park. Together we’re working to promote fantastic and free Wednesdays at the Shell. In April, after getting input from neighbors about how to fill the seats at the Bandshell, a few of us from the Washington Park Partners’ Park Committee met with Milwaukee County Parks Marketing Director, Jeff Baudry, to discuss ways we could get the word out about Wednesdays at the Shell. Together we chose a line-up sure to attract friends from around the park — yes, Milwaukee’s own Naima Adedapo of American Idol fame is scheduled to appear on July 18th and Paul Cebar happily agreed to play in his grandma’s neighborhood park on Aug. 15th. We agreed that reaching out to a two-mile area around our park would be both desirable and manageable. As a result of our discussions additional advertising will include lawn signs promoting Wednesdays at the Shell, a flyer with schedule included in each summer Highlighter, as well as additional flyers for our neighbors around the park. Please make copies and share, or link your friends to the schedule online. We will post reminders on the Washington Heights Neighborhood Association (WHNA) Facebook page and list the schedule on WHNA’s website, Make sure you use the very valuable coupons at the bottom of the flyer.

“One visit will be all it takes

Partnering With Locals

June 27: The Two Gentleman of Verona

Starting in late June, listen for “Wednesdays At the Shell” spots on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee; we will also post to their calendar, and reminders will go out to MARN’s listserv. To further promote Washington Park and celebrate a few of the talented people and dedicated nonprofits from around our park, on August 8th — Washington Park Arts and Culture Day — several arts organizations will feature information booths, exhibits, and (fingers crossed) workshops. MARN, Express Yourself Milwaukee, Community Arts & Funk vendors, and others will be at the park from 4:30–9:00pm on the night Tweed Funk plays. This is a collaborative initiative of partnering arts organizations, the Washington Park Partners, and Milwaukee County Parks.

Call to Action, Then Relaxation Here’s where you come in. Please bring or meet your friends and family and join us on Wednesdays at the Shell. Encourage your pals to meet at the park to unwind after-work, or consider organizing a shindig this summer with neighbors from your block during one of the Wednesdays at the Shell. See the “Bandshell Block Party” article on page 21 for picnic ideas, and contact your Area Representative for more information or to help organize an event. Save room for dessert! On Aug 29th, Community Pie will be back to serve tasty pie. Made with locally-sourced fruit and locally-sourced love by The Young Scientists at the Urban Ecology Center. Then, relax. Take in a sunset and some music with your friends and neighbors from around our park.   

to keep you coming back to Wednesdays at the Shell.”

Wednesdays at the Shell

Wednesdays at the Shell is an outdoor, local music concert series that Wednesday evenings, June 27th — August 29th, at the Washington Park Bandshell. Opening acts start at 6:00pm, with main acts running through around 8:30pm.

July 11: Brew City Bruisers Night featuring The Barrettes July 18: R.A.S. Movement featuring American Idol finalist Naima Adedapo
 July 25: Washington Heights Rainbow Association Night featuring the South End Blues Band Aug. 1: Mood Swing Orchestra Aug. 8: Washington Park Arts and Culture Day featuring Tweed Funk Aug. 15: Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound Aug. 22: Terry Sims Band Aug. 29: Community Pie Night featuring Randy McAllister

Dancing is recommended but not mandatory; for the grass-loungers, music is a bonus, but a backdrop for talking, eating, and relaxing.

20   ❖   Contact us at or visit us online at Summer2012WHNAHighlighter.indd 20

6/4/12 3:43 PM

bandshell block party! by Matt O’Neill

What’s that you say? You’ve never been to a Bandshell Block Party (BBP, for those in the know)? Time to change that. This summer, make it happen on a perfect Wednesday evening. The week before, lay the plans: invite all the neighbors to go to the shell the following week, assign simple tasks to each family, and talk it up with the kids. Before you know it, you’ll be having an epic time in our wonderful park, listening to good music with friends and family, and dining in the open air. For years, this is the best-kept secret in the Heights: each Wednesday night for most of the summer folks can sit on the soft, warm grass, set up a picnic, and relax while listening to great local artists. The kids run freely across the humongous lawn or dance in front of the stage,

letting the excess energy out in the best way. The fall, winter and spring melt away in the glory of the 9:00pm sun. So, do yourself a favor and clip the checklist below. Pick a week, save the date, make some memories. 

Party Checklist: ❑ Grill (don’t forget matches)

❑G  rillable meat (steaks, brats, dogs, burgers, chicken) ❑G  rillable veggies (corn, asparagus, peppers) ❑S  alads (potato, pasta, spinach, Steak & Strawberry)


❑C  hips (potato, Fritos, pretzels)

What will YOU bring to the Washington Park bandshell concerts this summer? Here’s a great recipe with all your food groups in one dish!

❑P  aper plates, napkins, cutlery, cups

Steak and Berry Salad

❑S  oda, Juice, Water

❑B  uns

Lyn Rivera

Fresh greens – lettuce, spinach, romaine; you choose 1 pound of grilled steak – cut into bite-size portions Cooled grilled vegetables – try yellow squash, zucchini, roasted sweet red peppers

❑B  eer, Wine (cooler, ice) ❑G  arbage bags ❑B  ug spray

Who Is Coming?

and what are they bringing?

Nuts – pecans, cashews or walnuts Whole berries - raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries Cheese – gorgonzola, blue cheese, bite sized chunks of your favorite Salad dressing – rice wine vinegar, olive oil with more fresh raspberries (a tip for dressing – ratio of oil to vinegar should be 3 to 1)

Washington Heights Highlighter, Summer 2012   ❖   21 Summer2012WHNAHighlighter.indd 21

6/4/12 3:44 PM

Shelly Armini, Debbie Knepke, Kristin Grote and a friend show their thanks to the Social Swirl Sponsors.

Dan Schley and Eric Anderson show off their matching Fair Trade shirts. All agreed that this shade of blue worked well for both.

Social Swirl Succeeds By Laura Burke

The Washington Heights Social Swirl was Saturday April 14th 2012. This year we tried a great new location, Samara Garden and Home at 5211 West North Avenue. What a great place to shop, sip, and enjoy getting reacquainted with your neighbors and of course, meeting new-comers. The best thing about the wine tasting in the Heights, is getting to see all of our neighbors after a long winter. The sense of community is overwhelming in the Heights. The evening was a total delight, thanks in part to some of your

neighborhood businesses. Here is just some of the wonderful food that we enjoyed. A big thanks to Eat Cake for the beautiful flour-less chocolate cake, Next time you need a great desert, don’t forget Eat Cake, it’s right on Vliet Street! Fred’s, on Vliet Street brought in some scrumptious potato puffs and chicken wings which were gone in a flash, and a big hit was the delicious pizza from Caradaro Club on Vliet Street. Highland Cafe brought in their Homemade Potato Chips; if you have not tried them, stop in for lunch at Highland Cafe... YUM. And boy did people’s faces light up when a tray of Cold Spoons Gelato was dished up and passed around. Mekong Restaurant, cooked up the fabulous crab Rangoon—just love their lunch buffet! Meritage graced us with something sublime: an appetizer of gourmet meatballs in an indescribably vibrant sauce. And we also enjoyed Caroline Carter—Certified Raw Food Chef Extraordinaire—with her raw dips and chips, and such a gracious smile! Also let me throw a few thank-yous out to the volunteers that made the event possible, including our bartenders Jesse North and Jim Grote. They were just Fab-U-licious, never a dry glass in the house. Others that helped include Nick Bambulas, Patricia Stotmeister, Kevin Ronnie, Anne Blom, Ruth Fishnick, Chris McRoberts, Ed and Szopinski. And a really HUGE thanks for Chris from McBob’s without whos there would be no Wine Tasting Event. Her organizing skills and wine connections really make the event special. Thank her by going into McBob’s and having one of the best corned beef sandwiches in the world! The wine was flowing, conversations were great, and the staff at Samara Garden and Home were so very accommodating. What a great place! The people who had not been in Samara before said it was a pleasant evening, sipping wine and strolling through the beautiful garden items and antiques. The store is such a wonderful mix of old and new items. I sent my husband over for the Mother’s-in-Laws Mother’s Day gift on May 14th, and she was thrilled with her gift. All in all the 2012 Social Swirl was a huge success, the wine was great and the appetizers were scrumptious! See what all you missed if you didn’t make the event! Don’t let that happen again next year! 

22   ❖   Contact us at or visit us online at Summer2012WHNAHighlighter.indd 22

6/4/12 3:44 PM

At Home in the Heights by Kristin Mainville

“I heard there were two little girls over here.” I turned and looked behind me to see a little girl — about the same age as my eldest child — and her mother all dressed up for playing in the snow. That was the first encounter I had with my new neighbors, which was a segue into living in the best neighborhood I could have ever imagined for my family. Over the past year of living here, we’ve been welcomed with apple pies, snow-plowed driveways, cocktail parties, play dates, and the list goes on and on.

I moved to Milwaukee from Appleton 10 years ago and immersed myself in the city that I grew up knowing as the “Big Mill.” After my husband and I married, we moved to Bay View into a loft-style condo. When we became pregnant with our first child, we decided to sell our condo and move out to the suburbs. Why did we do this? Not sure; but I suppose that’s what we thought we were supposed to do. We lived out in the suburbs for close to four years and it never truly felt like home; we missed the “city.” When I think about my time in the suburbs, I immediately think about the lack of community. No one in our subdivision knew each other, and no one was looking out for each other or watching each other’s home. I always tell the story about the nice old man that lived across the street. He was one of the only people in the subdivision that actually came over to talk to us. One day I came home from the zoo with the girls and when I looked across the street, I was able to tell that something was not right at the home of the kind old man. Not even 10 minutes later I sadly watched as a white sheet was placed over the only friendly person in our sad block. As I wiped away tears and was trying to contact my husband, I observed what was taking place at the neighbor’s house only two driveways away. A couple and their friend were giggling and conversing, undisturbed by what just happened two houses over. Over the winter months when we first moved into the neighborhood, I would arrive home from work with our driveway shoveled. Neighbors will come over to offer assistance with outdoor projects and have always notified us through emails or phone calls if anything suspicious has occurred around our home. We never have to scramble to find a place to send our dog when we are vacationing, since our neighbors gladly offer to take him out when we are away. In addition to all the above, Washington Heights has so many fun places to walk to, dine at, and shop. I had no difficulties finding at least half of my Christmas presents right here on Vliet street this past holiday season. Between Fred’s and Cold Spoons Gelato, my girls always have a place in the neighborhood to look forward to visiting, for a “special treat!” I am so proud to say I live in Milwaukee and the great neighborhood of Washington Heights. In this day and age the camaraderie, strength, and sense of community our neighborhood offers to its residents is priceless. Our family is finally at home, comfortably — and hopefully for a long time — here in the Heights! 

Summer2012WHNAHighlighter.indd 23

Kristen’s new Heights friends: Ann Jones, Jordan Rodgers, Beth Hudson, John Sealey, Cathy Burgoyne, and Leah Sealey


“In Washington Heights, I know my neighbors and my neighbors know me. I find comfort in knowing that my house is being watched over when I am at work and when we are away on vacation.”

Washington Heights Highlighter, Summer 2012   ❖   23 6/4/12 3:44 PM

Summer2012WHNAHighlighter.indd 24

6/4/12 3:44 PM

Washington Heights Highighter, Summer 2012  

Neighborhood newsletter of the Washington Heights neighborhood in Milwaukee, WI