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Meet Local Color Flowers’ Ellen Frost By Mika Park

Ellen Frost is the owner of Local Color Flowers, a floral arrangement company based in Baltimore. MD. Her background is in affordable housing and community development, with an undergraduate degree from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, in political science and Spanish, and an MBA from Loyola University of Maryland. Local Color Flowers designs arrangements for events and weddings using flowers from farms within 100 miles of Baltimore. We have long followed her as @LocalColorFlowers on Instagram. Washington Gardener staff recently ran into Ellen at the Maryland Master Gardener Training Day and asked her a few questions about local flowers. Q: How did you get into gardening? A: I first became interested in garden20


ing when I moved to Baltimore in 1999. My husband was gifted a bag of tulips for our wedding from his great aunt. This was the first time I grew anything myself. Soon after, I took the Master Gardener Training course at Cylburn and became a Master Gardener in 2002. As my interest grew, I started working part-time on a vegetable farm in Baltimore County called Briedenbaugh Farm. Q: How did you come up with the idea to start Local Color Flowers? A: Many things influenced the idea for Local Color Flowers. I read Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart when it first came out and began to understand the environmental and social problems that came with much of the global flower industry. Also, many of my friends were

getting married, and like me, they were interested in the environment and choosing products that had a smaller environmental footprint for their weddings. Local farmers markets were gaining popularity, as were farm-to-table restaurants, yet we were not seeing local flowers enjoy the same growth. However, we knew and worked with many local flower farmers that were looking for new outlets to sell their flowers. With all this, the idea of Local Color Flowers was born. We would be a floral design studio sourcing 100 percent of our flowers locally, primarily for weddings and events. Q: What is a typical day like for you? A: I usually start the day with emails, then head to the shop and meet farmers for the local flower deliveries. Then,

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