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3rd Quarter 2013 Memorials In memory of Randy Johnson Maurice and Judy Johnson In memory of Larry Bowsman Adrian and Cristy Brown Burl and Carmelita Jean In memory of Bryce Blair Kevin and Linda Baird Jeff and Karen Morgan In memory of Dale Miller Kevin and Linda Baird In memory of Lee Trueblood Little York Christian Church Friends of Little York Grade School Reunion Sam and Malvina Deaton Perry and Dorothy Fleenor Steve and Barbara Fleenor In memory of Monte Gilstrap Dan and Karen Davis Bill and Tanya Dustin Chris and Julie Fordyce Ralph and Doris Fordyce Vence and Karen Gay Burl and Carmelita Jean Jeff and Karen Morgan Todd and Angie Armstrong JD and Lindsey Wade-Swift

In memory of Paul Rudder Victor and Mary Dufour In memory of Donnie Martin Jack Etzler Jeff and Karen Morgan Jerry and Judy Myers In memory of Frank Walden Jeff and Karen Morgan In memory of Joan Rawlings Jeff and Karen Morgan In memory of Dale Martin Perry and Dorothy Fleenor Burl and Carmelita Jean Ray and Martha Oppel In memory of Geneva Royce Perry and Dorothy Fleenor In memory of Susan Jerles Chris and Julie Fordyce Todd and Jana Ewen Aaron and Malea Fordyce Kaden and Christy Karmire Ralph and Doris Fordyce In memory of Pete and Doris Brown Mark Hobson In memory of Paris Jenkins Burl and Carmelita Jean Jerry and Judy Myers

In memory of Carolyn Kirtley Jeff and Karen Morgan In memory of Patricia Corbin-Dickey Jeff and Karen Morgan In memory of Bonnie Myers Burl and Carmelita Jean In memory of Dick Wilson Bill and Phyllis Massey In memory of Aaron Blake Jeff and Karen Morgan In memory of Vickie Dotson Jeff and Karen Morgan In memory of Ken Cromer Jeff and Karen Morgan Fox and Kristy Purlee In memory of Betty Hardin Jeff and Karen Morgan In memory of Rita Niehaus Ray and Martha Oppel Bill Reister and Marji Morris JD and Lindsey Wade-Swift In memory of Gene Brewer Jeff and Karen Morgan In memory of Shirley Murrell Jeff and Karen Morgan

In memory of Hazel Morris Todd and Angie Armstrong In memory of Ralph Early Todd and Angie Armstrong In memory of Leon Zink Todd and Angie Armstrong Jerry and Judy Myers In memory of Mildred Rodman Jerry and Judy Myers In memory of Phyllis Barkley Jerry and Judy Myers In memory of Donnie Brough Lois Nichols Bill Richards Susan Porter In memory of Thornton and Marie Skelton Everett and Janet Skelton In memory of Roy and Louise Clark Everett and Janet Skelton In memory of John Morris on his birthday Butch and Anne Terrell In memory of David Brown Donald and Susan Wetzel

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Volume 11, Issue 4

Big Goals from Young Minds

“Leaving a legacy is like planting a tree that will provide shade for future generations.”


3rd Quarter 2013 Honorariums In honor of Carmelita Jean Jerry and Judy Myers In honor of Mary Margaret Arnold on her 90th Birthday David and Anita Arney Ernie and Carolyn Baird Max and Jeanne Bedwell Eva Colglazier Dan and Karen Davis Julia Dyer Jack Etzler Joe and Allison Ezzell

Mary Kay Fultz Carolyn Grossman Gene and Judy Hedrick Jim and Judy Johnson Clella Ann Lopp Mark and Susan Magner EE and Margaret Ann Martin Ginger Morris William and Alice Nevels George and Janet Richardson Jane Richardson June Rudder

Myron and Carolyn Short Reed and Carolyn Simpson John and Joan Stingel Erma Walker JD and Lindsey Wade-Swift Gilbert and Sharon White In honor of the 50th anniversary of Dr. and Mrs. Ron Heilig Morris and Joanne Hudson In honor of Sara Shields on her birthday Saralee Shields



3rd Quarter 2013 Dues Allen and Allen Law Office Diana Armstrong David and Anita Arney Harry and Miriam Baker Sam and Judy Barnett Amy Birkla Janet Bowling and David Sebastian Gary and Linda Chastain Leonard and Carol Chastain

Gary and Claudia Coffey Barbara Collins Lawrence and Diana Dick Don Hoar Farms Byron and Ruth E Fagg Mary Kay Fultz Keith and Marty Gran Carolyn Grossman Frank Habermel Jeanette Hart

Gene and Judy Hedrick Judi Howey John Jones GM City Leader Publishing Company Lifespring of Washington County Bruce and Marcella Mahuron Mid-Southern Bank Jeff and Karen Morgan Mike and Nina Motsinger Roxanne Nantz

Fox and Kristy Purlee Salem Public Library Everett and Janet Skelton Sharon Smedley John and Joan Stingel Bill and Terri Suvak Temple and Temple Butch and Anne Terrell Jason and Laura Temple Jason and Carole Clodfelter

How Much is 5%? Five percent is not a lot. Think about it: 5% of a dollar= a nickel

Have you thought about your goals for this year? If you are like many people, your goals may look like this:

• If a major retailer launched an ad campaign touting a 5% sale on their merchandise, would anyone even bother to check it out? • If our total, individual tax burden was only 5%, wouldn’t we all be jumping for joy? • A 5% chance of freezing rain? That won’t send anyone to the store to buy milk and bread. • Let’s face it, we tip our wait staff at least 15% and really don’t think anything about it.

Why is 5% so significant? Because if everyone in Washington County gave just 5% of their estate to the Washington County Community Foundation, in 10 years this could mean an additional $830,000 for our community every year. Even though 5% is not a lot, it can add up. Think about it. Call the Washington County Community Foundation at 812-883-7334 for more information.


An energetic group of high school students has gathered together to form the Washington County Youth Foundation 2013-2014 team. The group is led by Nancy Dalton, three year member and President, “Being a member of the Youth Foundation is, for me, an expression of my thankfulness for our community. I love being able to give back to my county in small ways by being involved in the projects of the Youth Foundation.” Community service projects this year will include: clean-up day at the Community Learning Center, Happily Ever After Project, Minis for Pennies, Christmas Assistance, and a new project which will address financial literacy. Rachel believes this will be a great service to offer, “I am excited about our new financial literacy service project. I see it as something that will be both very informative and fun for students.” The remaining officers for the Washington County Youth Foundation are: Dainah Burnett, three year member and W.C.C.F. Board of Directors: President John Roberts Vice President Jeff Souder

Treasurer Kim Scifres Secretary Adrian Brown

October 2013 Vice President; Abbey McClellan, three year member and Communication Officer and Emily Motsinger, two year member and Secretary. “I enjoy taking part in the Washington County Youth Foundation because it gives me a chance to give back to my community through different opportunities,” states Emily.

Front Row: Autumn Gibson, Tia-Shawna McQueen, Madison Smith, Beth Godfrey, Lilly Brown. Second Row: Abbey McClellan (Communication Officer), Dainah Burnett, (Vice President), Nancy Dalton, (President), Emily Motsinger, (Secretary), Katie Gibson, Third Row: Jon-Michael Beasley, Grant Newcomb, Adam Fisher, Lyndon Yoder, Rachel Hughes Absent from Picture: Kelsey Price

These young leaders all have their favorite projects. For Dainah it is the Hap-

pily Ever After Project. “The Happily Ever After Project is one of my favorite projects. It allows us to interact with children to show them a love of reading. The excitement they have getting new books is very rewarding.” Abbey appreciates the opportunity to give back through Christmas Assistance. “My favorite community service project is the Christmas Assistance Program because I feel like I am helping to bring joy to my community.” Established in 2001, the Washington County Youth Foundation has been making an impact in our community for over a decade. These leaders are following in the footsteps of dozens of youth leaders who have served before them, but all seemed to have the same intentions at heart. Summed up best by Dainah, “The Youth Foundation has shown me how important it really is to participate in community service. The great thing about the Youth Foundation is that all of our projects really do focus on helping out the youth in Washington County. Giving up some of my time to help out the community is something I hope to continue throughout my life.”

Shirley Batt Amy Birkla Janet Bowling Linda Chastain

Karen Davis Rita Elliott Reta Haub Sue Hawkins

Steve Miller David Morris Jeanette Nolan Kim Scifres

Marvin Clark

Judy Hedrick

Drew Wright

Administrative Staff: Judy Johnson Executive Director Lindsey Wade-Swift Program Officer

Fresh Faces and Ideas Join the Foundation

Local Artist Paints Her Way Into Foundation History

A lot has changed in the last twenty years at the Washington County Community Foundation…. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the transition of board members. The Foundation has been truly blessed with talented, dedicated board members working to improve Washington County through their service on the Foundation Board of Directors. Every year we have new people join our Board of Directors as others leave our board. This year we say goodbye to three board members who have certainly left their mark on our Foundation.

What do you want to be when you grow up? We ask this of our youth all the time. Many don’t figure it out until well into adulthood. Others, like Kayla Troutman, know at a very early age, “I have been an artist for as long as I can remember, since the day I could hold a crayon. The question has never been, what would I be when I grew up, only, what would I do with it? I knew after my first painting class in college that I was meant to be a painter. I love the smell of a studio, the light that floods in through my windows, the look of a freshly stocked palette.  Art in general comes with a sense of freedom and independence unattainable anywhere else in life. Creating art is a process of reflection that helps me understand who I want to be or who I really am.” “I met Kayla when she was a sophomore in high school as a member of the Washington County Youth Foundation”, states Judy Johnson, Executive Director of the Washington County Community Foundation. “She immediately struck me as an individual who was very comfortable in her own skin and confident enough to march to the beat of her own drum. Not surprisingly, she has grown into a mature young lady and talented artist. She was a natural choice for us.” When the Lily Endowment offered community foundations in Indiana grants to hire college students, the Washington County Community Foundation jumped on the opportunity, hiring several different students to work on special projects. After a suggestion from John Roberts, Foundation Board President, to

Sam Barnett

Sam joined our Board of Directors in 2004. He served on numerous committees and also as Secretary, VP and President of the Board of Directors. There was never a doubt that Sam loved being on our Board. His passion, always apparent through his leadership, helped us to establish the Youth First Initiative. That was one of Sam’s babies and he saw it through from conception, to early childhood, and finally into adulthood, at which time Youth First left our nest to flourish under another umbrella. Sam truly cares about our work and very often was the mirror that reflected our light.

Dottie Brown

Dottie joined our Board of Directors in 2007, so she is completing six years of service. Dottie has served on several committees, including the Annual Meeting, Grants and the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship. All of these committees take time and are a tremendous challenge…. But the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship is a real whopper!!! Dottie always accepted the mile high stack of applications with a smile. We will also miss her at the board meetings where she approached any discussion with common sense and practicality. She always tackled every situation with a can do attitude. She is a

great example of the old saying: “Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.”

Oliver Sizemore

Oliver has served as our Treasurer on two separate occasions. As an early board member he served from 1993-2001 and then came back in 2006. Oliver brought knowledge to the board meetings, often camouflaged under his dry wit. With Oliver’s guidance we have always incorporated sound financial processes which have resulted in stellar audits. We will miss his quiet wisdom in all matters financial. To say that these three people will be missed at future board meetings is a gross understatement. They have given so much and added so much flavor to our work. However, we are confident that the individuals who have recently joined our Board of Directors will add to our strength as an organizations and enhance our work.

Amy Birkla

Amy is a Director of Branch Administration, Vice President at First Harrison Bank. “Living in Washington County I was familiar with the Community Foundation through attending the annual dinner and reading about activities in the local papers. However, I didn’t realize the amount of thought, concern and reflection that went into the decisions made by the Directors of the foundation.  After attending only two meetings, I am impressed by the other Directors level of commitment toward making decisions that provide the residents of Washington County opportunities to grow and am inspired to be as dedicated as each of them.”

Linda Chastain

Linda is an elementary teacher at West Washington. “I am very honored to serve on the board of an organization that does so much for our county. The WCCF has  given many families in our county endless opportunities through the offering of grants and scholarships, including mine. In fact, one of the reasons I joined the board  was the impact that the WCCF had on my son through the Youth Foundation and the scholarships that he received.  I am looking forward to helping other hard-working students  achieve their educational goals. I hope to inspire these students to lead the community, strive for excellence, and live the lives of their dreams.”

Kim Scifres

Kim is rejoining our Board of Directors to serve once again as our Treasurer. She is a CPA and Director at BKD, LLP. “Serving on the WCCF Board, provides me the opportunity to make a positive impact on our community. The Foundation provides an avenue for many individuals and organizations to work together to strengthen our community and thus create a bright future for younger generations.  These proactive, collaborative efforts will create a community where: 1) there is a high quality of life; 2) residents enjoy opportunities for continuous growth and development; and 3) individuals respect and care for one another. WCCF works toward making Washington County a great place to call Home.” Welcome to our new Board Members. We thank you for your dedication.

me as an artist and let me know that my hard work is appreciated and is making a difference within the foundation. I hope that everyone added to the wall is as happy to be a part of this project as I am. I would also like to thank Judy Johnson, Lindsey Wade-Swift, and Jean Wilson for thinking of me when

they were searching for an artist. I am very flattered and deeply appreciative of their confidence in me and their support throughout this process. I could not have asked for better people to work with. Thank you so much for trusting me with a project this special. I am so happy I could be a part of this important

event.” The best part of this project is that we have a beautiful tribute to the members of the Morris Society. It is with deep gratitude for their generosity that we dedicate the wall. You are invited to the dedication on October 28th from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm. Please RSVP by October 18th.

Morris Society Never stop giving. That is the vision of the Morris Society members. They gave while living and also have arranged for a gift to our community through the Foundation in their estate plan. They will touch lives long after they are gone. They can’t see the future of Washington County, but they know they will be a part of it. Bob and Clarice Morris had a vision. They gave the Washington County Community Foundation its first planned gift in 1995 through a Charitable Remainder Trust. For this gift, they received a tax deduction and income for life. However, as Bob often stated, the best part is that the organizations and causes that they really cared about will receive a gift from them forever.

“Do something with the walls in the conference room to honor the Morris Society members,” Johnson and Lindsey Wade-Swift put their heads together to come up with an idea. After consulting with Jean Wilson, former board member and interior designer, the idea of a mural quickly rose to the surface. “Once we got that far, reaching out to Kayla was the next step,” explained Johnson. And the rest, as they say, is history. Kayla created an original concept and then got to work. “My favorite part of this project is the completed video that marks my progress, watch?v=ua6cmo48Dng Photographs were taken at 30 minute intervals and then compiled by Brandon Clements (another student working for the Foundation as an intern) to make the video. This is the first time I have been able to watch myself paint and I find it very fascinating to see my images come to life

with a movement of their own. I was particularly pleased by the visual effect created when the trees’ shadows were added to the leaves on the ground. I believe this is the moment when the illusion of perspective began to take hold and transform the painting from a flat coloring page to a realistic visual space. I also enjoyed watching the red bush in the front develop in a fountain- like movement. That was so much fun!” “I was amazed at what she did,” states Wade-Swift. “It was so exciting to come into work and see her progress. I don’t think we could have dreamed up anything better.” “I cannot thank everyone enough for all of the compliments and words of encouragement I received while completing this mural,” stated Kayla. “So many people have said that they love the bright colors, or that the illusion is so realistic that they wish they could step into the painting. These comments mean a lot to

Do you have a vision for our community? Be a visionary and join our current Morris Society members: Add and Mabel Gray Adrian and Cristy Brown Danny and Debbie Dean David and Carolyn Beck Diana Armstrong Garland and Norma Sue White Gene and Judy Hedrick JD and Lindsey Wade-Swift

Jean Wilson Jeanette Hart Jim and Judy Johnson John Roberts Kevin Johnson Marji Morris and Bill Reister Mimi Lewis Nancy Grossman

Robert and Clarice Morris Roy and Mae Lee Terry Schuler Thelma Mount Tim and Rose Anderson Tom and Libby Kruer Tony and Jeanette Nolan William C. and Martha Branaman

Morris Society Mural Dedication Invitation Please Join us on October 28th to Meet our Mural Artist & dedicate the Mural. Our reception will be from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm in our conference room at the Community Learning Center. Please RSVP by October 18. Hors D’oeuvres will be served.

WCCF October newsletter trifold edition  
WCCF October newsletter trifold edition