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P.O. Box 50 Salem, Indiana 47167

Volume 11, Issue 3

August 2013

“Leaving a legacy is like planting a tree that will provide shade for future generations.”

20 th Anniversary Edition By: Judy Johnson

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We knew we wanted to do something big to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. Lindsey and I actually started planning the 2013 annual meeting in July of 2012. Over the next few months we brainstormed many ideas and at our board meetings the celebration was a well-discussed topic. We even created a special logo. In the end, we opted for two big events, as opposed to several small ones: the Annual Meeting and the Wreath Laying Cer-

emony at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier. This edition of the newsletter is dedicated to our 20th Anniversary. It is my hope that you will get a sense of the joy we are experiencing at this milestone, our hope for the future and pride for the past. As David Beck said at our annual meeting, “Something big is always happening here in Washington County, thanks to our foundation. That is how I know that as the foundation engages peo-

ple, builds resources, and strengthens the community in the NEXT 20 years, even better years are yet to come. God Bless our community and God Bless the Washington County Community Foundation.” On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank you for your support and ask you to continue to support Washington County through the Washington County Community Foundation.

W.C.C.F. Board of Directors: President John Roberts Vice President Jeff Souder

Treasurer Oliver Sizemore Secretary Adrian Brown

Shirley Batt Amy Birkla Janet Bowling Linda Chastain

Karen Davis Rita Elliott Reta Haub Sue Hawkins

Steve Miller David Morris Jeanette Nolan Kim Scifres

Marvin Clark

Judy Hedrick

Drew Wright

Administrative Staff: Judy Johnson Executive Director Lindsey Wade-Swift Program Officer

2013 Annual Meeting “Jurassic Park” was the number one movie, “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston topped the Billboard Charts, The Chicago Bulls won the NBA Championship, and the Dallas Cowboys were World Champions in the football stadium. 1993 was a year of big events and one of the biggest events that year for Washington County was the establishment of the Washington County Community Foundation. We might not see the same movies at the box office or hear the same songs blasting on the radio today, but WCCF is still a clear vision to the residents of Washington County.

Angie Roberts, Chris Schmidt, and Beth Anderson enjoy the annual meeting festivities.

We held our annual meeting, “20/20” Vision”, on June 20, 2013 at Cornerstone Hall. To celebrate this milestone, the board of directors awarded a $20,000 endowment to a nonprofit organization serving Washington County. Fifteen of these hardworking organizations set up displays for the reception portion of the annual meeting. Over 300 attendees were given a ballot to vote for their favorite organization or display and it was a tough decision for many to make, since the $20,000.00 endowment was up for grabs. Judy Johnson, Executive Director for the Washington County Community Foundation, welcomed those in attendance and proceeded to highlight her favorite WCCF Program, the Happily Ever After Project. Her reason for supporting this fund is simple- she started school behind and she knows how hard it is for a

TWENTY YEARS OF GIVING. child to catch up. She can see a better future for the youth of our community through this program. She has clear vision for our county.

the value of being a helping hand, as opposed to giving a handout…a vision that has been realized and sustained through these last 20 years. We had 20/20 vision in selecting board members, 20/20 vision when we hired our first Executive Director, boards that followed a 20/20 vision, hiring a Program Officer and Youth First Coordinator.” “The future of the Foundation is in your hands and because of all of you, the future looks bright”.



Board Member, Judy Hedrick (center), visits with Ginger Morris (left) and Anne Terrell (right).

After the meal was served, reports given, new board members elected, goodbyes said to retiring board members, Johnson presented the video of the wreath laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. She stated “We wanted to acknowledge that the liberties and freedoms we have today, including the freedom to even have a community foundation, come with a price. “

“The original Foundation board had a vision, thinking we could do something good, that would last forever, for the community.” David Beck, Founding Board Member and first Board Chair, focused on vision and reflection of past Washington County Community Foundation boards. “The original Foundation board had a vision, thinking we could do something good, that would last forever, for the community. The founding directors had a vision of



An excited SOAR! board of directors showing off

the check for their $20,000.00 endowment.

The evening concluded with the official presentation of the $20,000 endowment to SOAR! of Washington County. A shaking Erica Schmidt, director of the program, accepted the check from John Roberts, Washington County Community Foundation board president. By having an endowed fund in the Foundation, SOAR! has a clearer vision of their future. So, what’s your vision for Washington County? How long does it last? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? 100 years? Will your vision last as long as the Chicago Bulls Championship or will it last forever? Washington County Community Foundation has a vision for the future and it is a vision that will never end.






The wreath laying team cross their hearts as Taps plays.

If you would like to see a re-cap of the events, please watch our video by clicking on the Movie Time icon at the bottom of our website. This will take you to our page of videos.

It Used to Cost a Nickel

$346,504.00 $80,400.00 $564,200.00 $714,000.00

Foundation Lays Wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier We wanted to do something meaningful and symbolic to celebrate our anniversary. As we thought about who to thank, our conversation became a retrospective of not only our gratitude for the Foundation, but for our freedom in general. We always attempt to acknowledge our donors, sponsors, volunteers and our nonprofit partners. However, we believed that we needed to “thank deeper.” We wanted to remember that all the freedoms that we take for granted, even the freedom to have a community foundation, come with a price. As Marvin Clark, member of the Board of Directors reminded us, “We need to remember those who gave all and their families. The grief and loss of every family is something we should never forget.” After reflecting on that premise, we decided to perform the Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

May 13th was a bright, sunny day… but a tad bit cold. We met with officials who instructed us on the protocol for the ceremony. We brought with us a wreath that contained a journal. The journal con-

$2,965,000.00 $7,100,100.00 $11,119.572.00 $17,773.000.00




“The Wreath Laying Ceremony was a poignant reminder of the tremendous sacrifices made by our military today and throughout our nation’s history.”

tained hundreds of signatures and notes of gratitude from Washington County residents. We were honored to represent our fellow citizens and were very excited that a simultaneous ceremony was being conducted at the Courthouse lawn in Salem. For us, “Taps” will forever conjure up a memory of this occasion. It is very difficult to describe the emotions that we felt, but it was an event that we will long remember. As John Roberts, Board President, stated, “The Wreath Laying Ceremony was a poignant reminder of the tremendous sacrifices made by our military today and throughout our nation’s history. It was an unforgettable and a great personal honor to participate in this solemn ceremony.”

Ceremony brought with it a flood of deep feelings as well as a lot of memories. The beauty of the National Cemetery is awe inspiring within itself. I believe that it is important for us to remember all that was given so that we can have what we have today.”

A member of the Old Guard passes in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

We performed the ceremony on May 13th, which is the actual “birthday” for our Foundation. Several of us travelled to Washington DC. Surprisingly, we all travelled separately, but managed to rendezvous the morning of the event. The day before, Jim and Judy Johnson reconnoitered the area with the assistance of Major General Michael Tucker, US Army. With his assistance, every detail of the following morning was planned. Marvin Clark reflected, “The Wreath Laying

REMEMBER WHEN: An ice cream cone was a nickel? A Coke was a nickel? Popcorn was a nickel a bag? Chewing gum was a nickel a package? Gas was a nickel a gallon?

Sounds like the “Good Ole Days,” right? So what can a nickel buy today? Not as much as it used to, that’s for sure. But five cents on the dollar can have a big impact in our community. If everyone in Washington County gave just 5% to the Washington County Community Foundation through their

estate in the next ten years, that would allow the Foundation to issue an additional $830,000.00 back to our county every year, forever. Imagine how our community could benefit from that that much money, every year, forever! With just 5%. It sounds easy and it is. Contact the Washington County Community Foun-

Five Fast Facts

Marvin Clark, Reagan Wade-Swift, John Roberts, and Judy Johnson display the wreath for the Wreath Laying Ceremony.

As of 6/30/13: • We have 1,386 donors • We have received 7,545 donations • Our direct impact to Washington County in grants and scholarships exceeds $10,708,000.00 (includes external grants and scholarships) • We have received $12, 826,533.09 in donations. • Our endowed assets exceed $16,700,000.00

dation to learn more. And remember, in the not too distant future, the residents of Washington County will be looking back at 2013 with fond memories. These are “The Good Ole Days!”

WCCF August newsletter trifold edition  
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