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Mark your calendar for Tuesday, October 18, 2011 and join Washington Appleseed in celebrating a year of pro bono achievements. Our work throughout the past year has touched so many issues—education, health care, housing, access to justice, and more. We are proud to have provided the pro bono resources needed to make a lasting impact on community. continued on page 3

Developing Best Practices for Civil Right to Counsel Pilot Programs Washington Appleseed is answering the call for more empirical evidence regarding the costs and bene�ts of providing counsel in civil cases affecting indigent litigants’ basic needs. Both judicial and legislative efforts to expand the right to counsel in “basic needs” civil cases have had limited success. Advocates cite the lack of concrete information about the costs and effects of expanding the right to appointed counsel as a signi�cant impedement to progress. It has long been suggested that running civil right to counsel pilot projects may help to produce this kind of data. However, many questions about pilot project design remain unanswered, such as: What is the best way to measure the

ef�cacy of representation? What kind of data should a pilot project collect? How big a population should the project serve to provide an adequate civil right to counsel model? How should a pilot handle the ethical challenges presented by conducting a study of real-life litigants? Washington Appleseed is working with local and national stakeholders to help answer these questions. Our work is focused on designing a pilot project that can both provide an example for how a civil right to counsel initiative could be implemented and also be a model for collecting data on the ef�cacy and cost of expanding appointed representation. By the end of the summer, Appleseed plans to produce a “best practices” manual and begin pilot project implementation. Washington Appleseed 2nd Quarter Newsletter, 2011

Protecting the Rights of the Homeless Washington Appleseed is working to reassert the rights of homeless people and prevent further destabilization of this vulnerable population.

As illegal encampments are cleared from state owned land, personal property of homeless individuals is often lost or destroyed.

Imagine if your ID, your prescription medicine, and a letter from a loved one were your only possessions in the world. Now imagine the sense of loss if these precious few items were taken away. Sadly, many homeless individuals return to their encampments to �nd that the Washington State Department of Transportation has cleared the area where they were living. While WSDOT has guidelines that suggest these personal items should be stored for a period of 70 days, most individuals do not know about their right to �le an administrative claim to recover property or receive compensation for

property that has been destroyed. Appleseed is working with Columbia Legal Services, the Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness and Garvey Schubert & Barer to develop a brochure for homeless advocacy groups detailing how to �le these claims within the appropriate timeframe. In the short term, this will increase claim reporting within the limitations period and provide additional data for longterm strategy development to help prevent unnecessary collection or destruction of personal property from homeless individuals.

Volunteer with Washington Appleseed Appleseed strives to craft meaningful, realworld solutions that impact underserved individuals in our community, and to provide opportunities for transactional attorneys and litigators to engage in expansive pro bono projects. Get involved today! Visit for details.

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Providing Opportunities to Law Students Washington Appleseed works to engage students in meaningful pro bono projects. In addition to leveraging support from pro bono attorneys at law �rms across Seattle, Washington Appleseed works to provide opportunities for law students to gain hands-on experience in meaningful pro bono work. This summer, we are pleased to host four summer legal fellows: Jessica Bukowski (Gonzaga University School of Law), Dylan LeValley (Seattle University School of Law), Fiona

McNulty (Trinity College, Thomas Addis Emmet Fellowship), and Cassidy Sung (Seattle University School of Law). Our summer team is tackling a host of research and policy related projects. Visit for additional fellowship opportunities. Special thanks to Riddell Williams and Foster Pepper for providing office space to our summer team.

In this photo: Fiona McNulty (left), Cassidy Sung (center), Dylan LeValley (right), Jessica Bukowski (seated).

Help Us Honor Sal Mungia This Fall At this year’s event on October 18, we will be honoring Sal Mungia with the Bradley C. Diggs Award for Outstanding Service.

to social justice—Sal’s long history of pro bono work, board service, and activism have set him apart from his peers and earned our highest regard.

This award is given annually by Washington Appleseed to honor a community member who exempli�es our values of service and commitment

Please contact for information about how you can participate in this year’s event. Photo: William H. Gates accepting the 2010 award.

Assessing Economic Impact At Washington Appleseed, we believe that everyone should have access to fair �nancial services, and like many consumer advocates, we have been concerned with the dramatic increase in high interest, short term payday loans within the state over the last 10 years. In 2010, the state legislature addressed this concern by restricting the size and number of payday loans a consumer may take out each year. Washington Appleseed is working to provide objective research assessing the effects of this legislation on Washington’s consumer economy for use in the 2012 legislative session.

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Washington Appleseed advances social justice by bringing together volunteer lawyers and community partners to develop systemic solutions to community needs.

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Washington Appleseed Second Quarter Newsletter  

Washington Appleseed is a state-based on-profit organization that strives to advance social justice by bringing togheter volunteer lawyers a...

Washington Appleseed Second Quarter Newsletter  

Washington Appleseed is a state-based on-profit organization that strives to advance social justice by bringing togheter volunteer lawyers a...