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The Bulldog Bark Written by the Students of Washington Caldwell School District

Volume Six Number 1

December 22, 2011


Fishing for the Freezing Monsters By Brady Francisco

What is freezing cold, smells fishy, and takes a lot of work? Oh yes, ice fishing, the freezing cold fishing sport, a fun time for anyone who can withstand the cold and wants to have a great time with friends and family. Ice fishing is all about patience and skill. You basically sit by a frozen hole waiting for something to bite your hook. Although, besides freezing your buns off, you can use tip-ups that basically fish for you while you do something like skating, having a fire, or sitting inside your house or ice shanty. When a fish bites whatever is on your tip-up, the flag attached to it goes up. You run to it and pick it up and pull the line and the fish up. The next thing is where you put it. Like real estate, location, location, location. That same concept applies to both fishing and ice fishing. What depth, what, lake, or what pond all involves location. Many times if ponds or lakes have drop-offs, weeds or any structure, fish tend to hang out in those areas. Also if there is any undercurrent in the body of water, fish swim against the current, even when the water is frozen. Another important key factor to catching the big fish in frozen water is the bait. Whether it’s live bait or a diving lure, the fish will be sure to bite. Largemouth bass usually don’t bite like crappie, sunfish, and other pan fish but they do bite. The live bait people usually use are wax worms, red worms, earth worms, and leeches. The color of the jig head or hook occasionally maters but usually doesn’t. Also with any bait you use, presentation is everything. Fish eat what looks tasty and alive, not a ball of worms on a hook. Another thing, fish are not like women. The big ones don't bite your line if it has ―jewelry‖ like two sinkers, a steel leader, and some colored beads. So now you know about everything there is to know about ice fishing. It isn’t just sitting by any old hole. It’s about the location, lures, bait presentation, and more. Whether you are fishing for a bunch of perch or trying to pluck a giant northern pike through the ice, ice fishing is a fun and challenging experience.

The First Year of Bulldog Time By Lauren Bluhm

This year, the middle school is trying something new called Bulldog Time. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday all the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders get into small groups and go to a different teacher for a special skill. There are all different groups that you can be in— including math, novels, explore and extend, and test taking skills. Although you can’t choose which one to participate in, they are all interesting and you get to try a new Bulldog Time twice every quarter. The first Bulldog Time that I was in was called explore and extend, which was taught by Mrs. Rohner. At first, I wasn’t sure what it would involve or if I would enjoy it, but after the first couple days, I thought it was kind of fun. We learned about the left and right side of our brains and did activities to test our brains. Sometimes we talked about our future careers and looked up colleges and their prices online. I really learned a lot about my future from this educational Bulldog Time. Novels is one of the other exciting Bulldog Times. In this class, Ms. Vogt has you read a novel step by step, so that you can really understand the book. You basically read a small portion of the book every class, and do activities that coordinate with it. Even though the novel would be easy to read very quickly, the purpose is that we always know what's happening in the story. I think this will also be an enjoyable experience. The third and maybe one of the most helpful Bulldog Times is test taking skills. Everyone gets nervous when taking tests, right? Well, in this Bulldog Time, you can focus on being better at taking tests. The teacher of this group is Mr. Speigelhoff and he will give you helpful hints on how to be better prepared for a test. In this class, you take a test each week and learn how to make the results better each time. Even though they had to shorten some of the other classes to make time for Bulldog Time, most of the information that these teachers give us is very helpful. We will be able to use these skills for a long time and I hope everyone learns something new.

Left: This color and word test tests your left and right brain, which you could learn about in explore and extend. Right: If you take test taking skills, many of your tests should look like this.

Archery: For Hunting and Sport By Mira Theriault

If you are a guy, you are probably someone that enjoys things like shooting and hunting. If you are a girl, chances are that you don’t like those things so much. Unless you are someone, that’s not afraid to get their hands dirty. Whatever kind of person you are, I’m sure that you’ll love archery. In archery, you can shoot targets, or go out and shoot real animals. When you are target shooting, the first thing you need to do is make sure you are in an area where nothing that you don’t want to break will break. Then you nee to check if there are any other people around, if there are, make sure that they stay behind you. Then make sure that you know how to shoot a bow properly, once you do those things you can go ahead and shoot at your target.

There are a couple different types of bows, some are a long bow, compound bow and a crossbow. For most things, you are going to want to use a compound bow, but that all depends on what you are going to do. When bow hunting, there are a ton of different places that you can go. One place is Cambridge, Wisconsin. Here you can hunt turkey, deer, or even a warthog. Sounds strange doesn’t it? If you want to get out of the state, even out of the US, then Canada would be a great location for you. In Canada you can hunt at least five different types of animals.

With bow hunting, you need to do the same procedures as you would when target shooting with a few extra rules. One thing that you don’t need to do but would probably be a good idea would be to wear camouflage clothing. The one extra rule you need to have when bow hunting is to have the right kind of equipment, including enough arrows. You can get many different kinds of bows at several different stores. Some stores include Bass Pro Shop, Gander Mountain and Buck’s Rub Archery. You can also purchase one online but that isn’t the best idea. If you do decide to purchase a bow online, you can find them at sporting goods store websites, eBay or craigslist. If you decide to buy one off eBay or craigslist, there is a good chance that it will work, but the quality won’t be nearly as good.

Archery takes patience and coordination.

The most popular animal to go bow hunting for is white-tailed deer, the second is turkey. Earlier in the article, I mentioned hunting a warthog. That, you have probably already guessed isn’t a very popular animal to hunt, but it’s said to be easier than you think. This is so, because warthogs don’t move very fast so it is easy to catch them in one area, and they are rather large animals which makes them pretty easy to hit. Not everybody will be interested in this type of thing, unless you are someone, that’s not afraid to get their hands dirty. Whatever kind of person you are, I’m sure that you’ll love archery. there is a good chance that it will work, but the quality won’t be nearly as good. There are a couple different types of bows, some are a long bow, compound bow and a crossbow. For most things, you are going to want to use a compound bow, but that all depends on what you are going to do. When bow hunting, there are a ton of different places that you can go. One place is Cambridge, Wisconsin. Here you can hunt turkey, deer, or even a warthog. Sounds strange doesn’t it? If you want to get out of the state, even out of the US, then Canada would be a great location for you. In Canada you can hunt at least five different types of animals. The image shown to the right, displays the different parts of a compound bow. A bow like this would make a great starting bow.

The most popular animal to go bow hunting for is white-tailed deer, the second is turkey. Earlier in the article, I mentioned hunting a warthog. That, you have probably already guessed isn’t a very popular animal to hunt, but it’s said to be easier than you think. This is so, because warthogs don’t move very fast so it is easy to catch them in one area, and they are rather large animals which makes them pretty easy to hit. Not everybody will be interested in this type of thing, unless you are someone, that’s not afraid to get their hands dirty. Whatever kind of person you are, I’m sure that you’ll love archery.

Josh Szeklinski: The New Kid on the Block By Rachel Szeklinski

Who came from St. Peter’s, is in fifth grade, and is ten? If you haven’t already guessed, it is Josh Szeklinski. Josh Szeklinski is in Mrs. Rohner’s fifth grade class. I asked Josh how he likes it here and he said, ―It is great being at a new school and making new friends.‖ A lot of people have favorite things to do, and Josh Szeklinski is one of those people. I asked Josh what his favorite color, subject, food, and sport was. His favorite color is red, and his favorite food would have to be tacos. His favorite subject is English. His favorite sports are basketball and football. As you can see, Josh has lots of favorite things to do. Do you have a favorite outside of school activity? I know I do, and Josh does too. Josh’s favorite outside of school activity is flag-football. He plays flag-football in Waterford. He also likes to participate in Boy Scouts. This is his third year in Boy Scouts. Josh also likes hanging out with his friends Ross, Jake, and Sean. As you can see, Josh is a very sporty person. Josh has a great family that some kids at Washington know about. Josh’s parents are Tim and Nancy Szeklinski. He has one brother and one sister. His older brother Nick is a freshman in in Waterford Union High School. His amazingly cool sister Rachel, is an eighth grader at Washington Caldwell. As you can see, Josh is very blessed to have a good family, and an amazingly cool sister. Now that you know about Josh Szeklinski, say hi to him when you see him in the hall.

Top Corner: Josh is smiling very nicely for the camera. Bottom Corner: Look at his fabulous pose.

The Wolf: Wild Animal or Childhood Antagonist By Danielle Alba

What's furry, is part of the canine family, and is a character in Little Red Riding Hood? That's right, the wolf. The red wolf is a very interesting wolf. It is bigger than a coyote but is smaller than the gray wolf. They are grayish in color when young but eventually become the reddish brown color of the adults. It is critically endangered but has been reintroduced during the past few years. Some scientists believe red wolves are coyote-wolf hybrids. The grey wolf is the most widespread wolf. The largest populations live in Canada and Asia (Siberia). These wolves are the biggest wolves of all the breeds. Genetic studies concluded that the gray wolf is the ancestor of the domestic dog. They feed mostly on ungulates, (deer, bison, etc.) which they hunt by wearing them down in short chases.

The grey wolf is the most widely known wolf because it has the widest range of all the species of wolves.

Arctic wolves are also called polar wolf or white wolf, and is a subspecies of the gray wolf. They live mostly in Canada, Greenland, and Alaska. These wolves are the only subspecies of the gray wolf that still live in their original range. As you can see there are many species of wolf whether it is the grey wolf, red wolf, or arctic wolf and that they can live anywhere whether that place is the arctic, the forests, or the deserts wolves live on. The red wolf is one of the rarer species of wolf since it is critically endangered.

It’s Finally Here! By Elizabeth Osborne

What is your favorite TV show? I bet you have many favorites, but my two favorites would be Glee and Modern Family, and I bet many middle school kids have heard of these shows. As I said, one of my favorite shows was Glee, and it’s on Tuesday nights seven to eight p.m.. The main idea are kids at a high school in Ohio who are in a Glee Club where they sing and perform in competitions. As you all know there has to be a ―bad guy‖ and her name would be Sue Sylvester. Sue is the coach of the cheerleaders, and her job is to destroy the Glee Club. All the characters in Glee would be Rachel, Finn, Puck, Quinn, Tina, Mercedes, Artie, Santana, Mike, Brittany, and the Coach of the Glee club, Will Shoester. Maybe a few in the middle school kids and some of the teachers know this show, it’s a comedy and it’s on ABC on Wednesdays, it’s name is Modern Family. Modern Family is a show that is a big comedy, that you could laugh to on every episode that you watch. The funniest character on the

(top) This the cast of Modern Family and on the top row on the left are Phil and Gloria right next to each other. (bottom) This is the cast of Glee and in the middle holding her ears is Sue Sylvester. My dad thinks she is hilarious at times.

The Next Great Quarterback By Ian Remington Who is 6 feet 5 inches tall, weighs 248 pounds, can bench press 225 pounds 15 times, and can sprint the 40 yard dash in 4.56 seconds? Cam Newton of course. The quarterback out of Auburn can really throw the football. In Cam’s first game he threw for 422 yards. In his second game, against the Packers Cam Newton threw the football 432 yards. When the Panthers played the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cam Newton threw for 158 yards. Week four against the Chicago Bears Cam Newton threw the football 374 total yards. As you can see Cam Newton really has a throwing arm. Cam Newton is not a scrambling quarterback but as I said before Cam Newton can run the 40 yard dash in 4.56 seconds. If he needs to he can really run. Cam has not thrown many interceptions but many of the NFL commentators still think he has a lot to learn in the NFL because he is still a rookie.

Cam Newton’s jersey number is one. Cam Newton plays for the Carolina Panthers.

The Changes By Jamie Schneider

If you take a walk around the school in the year 2011 and you took a walk around the school at the same time last year, you will notice some changes to the school. Have you noticed them yet? If you haven't, look a little closer next time. You will soon notice them. Each improvement makes our school better in every way. The new improvements on our playground gives students a more suitable environment. Have you noticed the painted basketball hoops in the middle school area? Now the basketball hoop is more useful because the paint is more noticeable. The hoops in the elementary area gives students another activity to do at recess. When I saw it, I was disappointed that I couldn't use it because I am not in elementary anymore. I hope the elementary students are getting good use of it. The redone bathrooms gives students a cleaner and safer place to go to the bathroom.. Before, most of the stall doors did not lock so that means someone could walk in the stall by accident while you are using the bathrooms. Now all the stall doors can lock properly. The sinks have also been redone. Before, the sinks were difficult to use for the younger children and rust covered the faucets. Now, the sinks are motion activated so water pours out when it senses a hand or movement. The sinks no longer have rust on them..The main door to the bathroom has been replaced and the walls have been freshly painted. Before the door looked like someone had been kicking it and it looked like it was going to fall apart each time you tried to use it. Another new improvement is the fountain The new fountain gives students an option of milk or water for lunch. This new fountain makes it easier for students to get a fast drink if they are out of milk and do not want to pay for another milk. Now they can get water for free, but I think business for the water bottle vending machine is going to drop. They made the height of the fountain the perfect height so elementary students and middle school students can have accessibility to it. Each improvement makes our school better and better. The school is slowly looking at the things that need to be fixed or improved and making them better one improvement at a time. Each improvement gives students another reason to attend this school.

The water fountain on the left looks very similar to the new one in the multi purpose room On the right, is an example of kids playing funnel ball.

New Teacher Joins Washington School By Jessica Weir

Who recently just became the new science teacher? Who took over Mrs. Johnson’s job after her retirement? That’s right it’s Mr. Spiegelhoff. Mr. Spiegelhoff does many different things other than just teach at Washington School. He is also married and has one seventeen month old son named Tanner. He loves spending time with his family and taking care of them. He also enjoys waterskiing with his friends Mr. Spiegelhoff went to high school in Burlington. He was a back-up quarterback for Tony Romo in high school. After high school he went to college and spent seven years learning there. He went to the University of Wisconsin Madison and University of Wisconsin Whitewater. He got two degrees in business operation and elementary education. He also helps teach the sports elective with Mr. Collins on Fridays. The sports that he helps with are golf, Frisbee golf and many more sports that they will play. As you can see Mr. Spiegelhoff is a very busy person. He teaches, water-skis, takes care of his family, and much more. We are very happy to have a new science teacher that loves science and can teach us many different things. Also in his free time he will joke around with us.

Books and Their Genres By Matthew Lilla

Do you like reading? If not why? Is it too romantic? Is it too boring? Does it have too much action? Or have you not found the right series or genre? There are many types of genres including fantasy, survival, and realistic fiction. What would it be like to live in a world of wizards and monsters? Well, this is what books from the fantasy genre are like. They include The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Twilight. Fantasy books often have talking animals and magical powers. If you were stuck in a forest and no one knew you were there, how would you survive? This is what happens to Brian in Hatchet and Brian’s Winter. Those are two of the many books in the survival genre. In this genre characters try to survive in the wilderness.

The Twilight series has been read by millions of people.

When reading a book do you ever say, ‖I’ve done that before‖ or ―Wow that sounds like something that could happen to me.‖ If you have, then you were most likely reading a book that belongs to the realistic fiction genre. In this genre books are about characters that don’t exist but could. Books in this genre include the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Holes, and The Outsiders. As you can see there are many books with many different genres. You need to find the right one for you and escape in to wonderful world of reading.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a very popular series.

Angry Birds 101 By Morgan Dailey

I would think that most if not all of the world has heard of Angry Birds. Angry Birds is an online sensation and is very popular in countries all over the world. Many people love to play Angry Birds and some are obsessed with the sensation. Angry Birds was created by Rovio, and is an entertainment company, and located in Finland. How did Angry Birds come to be? Angry Birds started out as a proposal for a new game. They pictured angry looking birds with no visible legs or wings. Rovio realized that the birds needed an enemy. At this time the swine-flu epidemic was in the news. The team came up with pigs as the enemy. Swine is another word for pig. To play Angry Birds, you have a certain number of birds that you can use. You have to shoot them at the pigs to eliminate them. You get five thousand point for each pig. The objective is to eliminate all the pigs on each level and to get three stars. The key to getting three stars is to use as few birds as you can and to destroy as much as you can. There are some levels that can be very difficult. Some of the birds have different abilities. The yellow bird has the ability to move at lighting speeds at the touch. The blue bird has the ability to go from one bird to three birds to cause even more damage. The black bird can be blown up if he lands somewhere and you leave him there or you can blow him whenever you like. Those are just some of the Angry Birds. Rovio has made other Angry Birds games as well. They have made Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. They both are very popular. I really like Angry Birds Seasons the best, because I love the holiday months. I hope that other people will see the joy and excitement of Angry Birds and that they will play Angry Birds too.

These are the five Angry Birds. The blue bird [far left]. The red bird [left]. Black bird [middle]. Yellow bird [right]. White bird [far right].

Those evil little pigs stole our eggs. Vengeance against the pigs.

A Month Dedicated to the Cure By Natalie Allred

It kills hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. There is no found cure for this terrible disease. October is a very significant time for fundraising for the cure of this here in the United States. What do you think it is? If you guessed breast cancer, you are exactly right. Cancer- a disease caused by an uncontrollable amount of dividing cells in one part of the body. The key words are one part of the body. You never just get cancer. This deadly disease attacks certain parts of your body and slowly spread to the rest of your body. For instance, you can have breast, colon, lung, prostate, skin, liver, pancreas, stomach, esophageal, neck, kidney, bladder, testis, ovarian, thyroid, and many more. There are many factors that contribute to actually getting diagnosed with one of these kinds of cancer. Bladder cancers normally infect people under 40, being of the white race, a male and if you smoke. But for breast cancer you are at risk if you are a female, under 45, it runs in your family, you are of the white race, and you have dense breast tissue. Just because males do not have breasts, they are still at risk of breast cancer. It is just not as common. Many hospitals do charities to raise money for the research of breast cancer. The most common is a Walk. Walks in different places will have many different names. Some of them are: Avon: Walk for the Cure, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Long Island: 2-Day Walk, Atlanta Walk for Cancer, and there is one that many high schools participate in called Relay for Life. Relay for Life is not just for breast cancer though. It raises money for research on all types of cancers. Walks are not the only fund raiser you can participate in in October to raise money for research. The NFL has been raising money for years by wearing pink cleats, towels, gloves, hats, and water bottles. Two more local ones are Sullivan’s Steakhouse’s Special Menu, and the Banet Academy Volleyball vs. Cancer. One that many teenagers and some adults have done is the Clip for the Cure. It is a clip on hairpiece that is bright pink. It costs ten dollars. Five of that goes to breast cancer research and the other five goes to the hair salon that you get it put in at. As you can see there are many ways that you can participate in the research for breast cancer. Many people believe that it is a deadly disease that no one can stop. But if you donate for the research thousands of women can get MRIs and doctors can discover new things about the disease.

Cleveland is celebrating breast cancer awareness month by supporting the survivors and sponsoring a walk.

The 3DS: Three D or Not Three D (That is the Question) By Carson Bragg

What is one of the hottest video game systems around right now? Hint: You can find them at any store that sells video games. That’s right, it’s the 3DS! So how does the 3DS 3D work without 3D glasses? Well, Nintendo basically uses something called a parallax barrier LCD. It uses a switching liquid crystal to change the light patterns your eyes see. In the 3D mode, the barrier separates the light into two images. Your eyes mash these two images together to create one eye popping 3D image. The 3DS also has amazing games. Some games are sequels that we have been waiting for or part of a series. Some of these games are: Luigi’s Mansion 2, Super Mario 3D Land, Star Fox 64 3D, and Kid Icarus Uprising. You can also get hot downloadable games and software such as Netflix, Donkey Kong Arcade, Pokedex 3D, and Mario Brothers Arcade. You can download these from a special internet shop called the e-shop.

As you can see, this is what the 3DS looks like.

One of the many amazing games you can play on the 3DS.

Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands By Natalie Deaton

What candy melts in your mouth but not on your hand? What candy brings joy to people all over the world? What candy comes in colors of the rainbow? M&M’s are one of the most popular types of candy in the world and come in many different varieties! They are sold worldwide. The candy coating outside of the chocolate has made M&M’s what it is today! There are many different types of M&M products. Some varieties are peanut, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Pretzel, mint chocolate, wild cherry, crisped rice, coconut, and peanut butter. The most well known flavors are Milk Chocolate and Peanut. My favorite is Pretzel. M&M’s are produced by Mars Incorporated. The candy shells have the ―m‖ printed on them. The production started in 1941 in Clinton Hill, Newark, New Jersey . They were first produced in only five colors. They were red, yellow, green, brown, and violet. When peanut M&Ms were produced they only came in one color, tan. But now they come in many different colors. Two main components of the ingredients of the M&M are, hardened liquid and a hard candy shell. The chocolate comes from a blend of whole milk, cocoa butter, sugar, and chocolate liquor. The candy shell is made from a blend of sugar and corn syrup. That sure does sound good to me right now! One packet of M&M’s are 100 calories. Thirty M&M’s are put into each packet. By chewing just one M&M you are burning off 3.33 calories. Its sort of cool to think you’re putting calories in your body while burning of calories too!

M&M aren’t just delicious, they are friendly too.

Here is an M&M dispenser.

The M&M’s aren’t just candy, they are much more. Today they make figurines of the M&M characters. They also make stuffed toys and dispensers. Also, some are shown on commercials. I think the M&M characters have made M&M’s more popular and have increased sales greatly. M&M’s are meant to bring joy to people all around the world and I think they accomplished that.

The M&M characters come in 5 different colors.

Anyone Need a Good Vacation? By Page Peterson

Where would you want to visit in the world? Disney World, Italy, or California? What would you do when you are visiting the place you dream of going? Would you go to the park or have a very long tour of the place you would like to see while you are there? Do you like relaxing while you are on vacation or do you want to be on the go the whole time you are on vacation? The top ten places to visit are listed below; 1. New Zealand– for their beautiful views. 6. Fiji– for the warm tropical warm waters. 2. Italy– for their astonishing artwork. 7. Puerto Rico– for the beautiful animals. 3. Walt Disney World– for their theme park. 8. Rio De Janerio– for the rare animals. 4. France– for sight seeing. 9. Greece– for the old temples. 5. Hollywood– for seeing the props for movies. 10. Hawaii– the resorts. When you are at the place you dream of going to, what would you do there? Would you go sight seeing, exploring, or just relaxing? On November 19 I went to Washington D.C. and the Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian Museums, Mount Vernon, U.S. Capitol, Supreme Court, Spy Museum (personal favorite), Martin Luther King Memorial, Lincoln Cemetery, Washington Cathedral, where Lincoln was shot, and the National Mall. Where have you visited in your life? Have you just stayed in the state? Have you ever gone out of the state or country? Out of the continent? What is your favorite place you have visited? The only places I have visited are Florida, Chicago, Mexico and now Washington DC. I questioned Lauren Bluhm on where she has been and what was her favorite place and she responded, ― Mount Rushmore, South Carolina, and Kentucky and my favorite place I have been is Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.‖ I also asked Danielle Alba and she said her favorite place is, ―France, Illinois, and Florida and my favorite place is France and my favorite place I have been in France is the Eifel Tower.‖ Where is the place you treasure the most? When are you going to go to the place of your dreams? When you finally go to the place of your dreams, make sure you pack your suitcase!

Do you prefer clear water beaches or murky water. The picture on the right was token at a beach in Hawaii. On the right is the statue that stands at the highest point of Rio De Janaerio.

Waterford High School Homecoming Freshmen Representative By Paige Serdynski

We all know a person on homecoming court at Waterford High School. His nickname at the high school is Bacon. This year he is a freshmen and a football player. The freshmen representative for the Waterford High School is Troy Serdynski! The story that Troy told me was that he was at football practice and the coach asked for volunteers to be the homecoming representative. Troy was not paying any attention to what the coach had said. Everyone was yelling, ―Raise your hand Bacon!‖ So Troy raised his hand and then he was told that he was one of seven people racing for homecoming court when he didn’t even want to go to homecoming. A couple days later they announced that there were then five people left for the race for the crown. Troy was still in. He still did not want to be the freshmen representative. Troy and one other were saying that the freshmen representative was going to be one of them. Bacon waited on the Friday before homecoming to buy his ticket incase he didn’t have to go. Then they announced the names on the representatives. Troy Serdynski was one of those names that was called. I imagine that people were yelling, ―Yeah! Way to go Bacon!‖

Troy’s nickname is Bacon because of his funny T-shirts.

Muskellunge By Sam Krebsbach

If you are like me, then you love to fish. But what do you love to fish for? I personally like to muskie fish. Muskie is a shorter term for muskellunge, And they are Wisconsin's stated fish. Muskie are freshwater fish, and they are big ones too. The world’s largest muskie was 68 inches, which is equal to five feet eight inches. That’s almost as tall as I am! They can also weigh as much as 50 pounds or more! They feed on other fish such as bluegill, bass, walleye, and perch.

In this picture you can see how big these fish are and the lures they like.

Since these fish are so big, you can imagine how big your tackle has to be. It seems as though it might need to be indestructible. The rods you have to use are almost equivalent to the kind a deep sea fisherman would use. The same thing is for the reels. Except they need to be able cast because when you are muskie fishing you need to be able to cast many big lures Big fish must be easy to find right, wrong. I have gone muskie fishing every year since I was seven and I haven't caught anything. I have all the gear and a nice boat, but they are just really hard to catch. I go every year with my Grandpa and he has caught many muskies in his lifetime, but every year I have gone with him he hasn't caught a thing. He said I’m just bad luck, but I think he is losing his touch. If you think you are a big shot, then try it, but I guarantee you will have a tough time because Muskie fishing takes time and skill.

These are just baby muskie; they will grow to be about four times that size.

Wow that’s a world record!

Flying Cars of the Future By Nate Schmidt

Have you ever wondered what the future would be like? Have you ever wondered what the future cars would be like? I can tell you one thing— there will be flying cars. I know what you’re thinking, how will it work? I’m not exactly sure but, I have an idea. I think it will have an engine that will run on air. Now you’re thinking—how does the air get out to let it hover? It will have a system of tubes that run through the car. They will barely stick out the bottom. You practically won’t be able to see them. Just in case though it will have a back-up engine that will run on vegetable oil.

A futuristic flying car

Your probably thinking how will it look? Some will look like this. They will mostly look like today's cars. You will have monster trucks, sports cars, and so on. Instead of doors opening in and out like today, they will open up and down. It will have lights on the top, bottom, front, and back so people can see you where ever you are. When will it come out though? I predict that it will come out in 20 years, so it will probably be 2031.When flying cars do come out, it will be worth the wait. Some will look like a UFO. Make sure people don’t mistake you for an ALIEN!

Can you imagine driving this? (left) Here’s a flying car of today. (right)

Changes at Washington School By Emily Baker

Have you looked around school? Many new and exciting changes have happened. Doesn’t the display case look fabulous? I think that the new changes to our school were a great choice. All of the changes help our school look very nice. One of the many new changes this year is the display case. It is located in the hall by the library. It is very clean and sharp. I think that its location was a smart choice because it is in the front area of the school, so all the parents and visitors can see it. The old display case, which is still up is closer to the office. It is right behind the door that always stays open so not many people can see it. Some displays that were shown this year were Mrs. Frost’s Norwegian collection and Ms. Vogt's crayon collection. If you haven't seen any of these displays, you should definitely go check it out. This next change is really going to help many students. The bathrooms in the second grade hallway were redone. They have been painted, there are new sinks, towel dispenser, the stalls were also painted, a new door, garbage can, and mirror. Pretty much everything is new and improved. All of the stalls lock too! This bathroom looks very sharp and clean now. Are you ever thirsty at lunch time, and you have nothing to drink? Now there is a bubbler or water fountain in the cafeteria. No more being thirsty, just take a short little walk across the cafeteria to the bubbler. If you haven't seen it yet, it is because it is kind of hidden. It’s by the door you come out of from the hot lunch line. I think this addition will be the most used.

Kyleigh Klawitter says ― I think that it is good, because if you forget to bring something to drink you can easily get a drink.‖ Do you wish there was more to do outside at recess? Well, the elementary students got two funnel ball hoops use. Funnel ball is pretty much a tall pole and at the top there is a hole that you try to throw a ball into, then there are three holes that it will come out of. It falls out and you catch it. Hopefully the younger kids will have a fun time with that.

― I think they are cool‖ says Rachel Szeklinski. The fence outside looks a lot newer, like it’s a new fence. It is not though. Dr. P and Mr. Vergenz spent a lot of time painting the fence. It is now shiny. I’m sure it was a very time consuming job, but they worked very hard and it paid off; it looks very nice. The walls by the black top of the elementary recess were also painted. They are now a tan and gold color. The middle school basketball hoops also got painted. These changes will help improve our school very much!

September 11, 2001 By Luke Herman

Can you think of how many other events in your lifetime that changed American life so drastically? Any other event to be put in every textbook in every school in America? No? I thought so. There is only one event in your lifetime that changed everything. And it all began on a crystal clear Tuesday morning. September 11, 2001. September 11 began like any other day. Adults were going to work, students were at school, and the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan dominated the skyline. However, in Newark, New Jersey, radical Muslim men were in charge of an event that would become the most devastating event in American History. American Airlines flight 11, bound for Los Angeles made a drastic change in its flight path. The pilot hijacker assured the passengers that they’re heading back to the airport. He was lying. At 8:46 am the sound of an abnormally loud freight train followed by a loud BANG shook lower Manhattan. Just one problem, there was no freight train in lower Manhattan. After a few minutes, the people of New York saw a mortifying sight. Floors 91 and above were covered with smoke. The north face of the North Tower had been struck by a Boeing 767. For the first time, during a period of peace, America was under attack.

For a while, most people thought it was an accident, a crash, a freak incident. That thought quickly changed when at 9:03 am, on live TV, three of the four faces above floor 86 were blown off in a fiery explosion. United Flight 175 had crashed into the tower, making the thought of an attack painfully apparent. The NYPD first responders that were dealing with One World Trade Center had no idea Two World Trade Center had been attacked. They had thought the explosion was a secondary explosion occurring in the upper floors.

The twin towers of the World Trade Center were a proud symbol of American success.

Moments after the second plane hit.

This left American flight 77, also originally bound for Los Angles, now flying towards Arlington, Virginia, at 9:37 crashed into the western side of the Pentagon starting a raging inferno. After a long period of time, people began to fret about when the north tower (which had been struck first) would survive. At 9:59, the collapse of the South Tower was a bitter slap in the face. The South Tower had sustained more damage, and the impact was lower. There was a gleam of hope in this tragedy; the North Tower was still standing. At this point, there was only one remaining hijacked plane, flight 93, which was currently in Pennsylvania, and was heading towards D.C. The passengers organized a revolt and were about to storm the cockpit. They formed a line and made it past the three muscle hijackers and broke into the cockpit. The pilot hijacker listened for the words “Al Terra� which signaled him to plummet the plane straight down into the ground. Every passenger died as the plane is incinerated by the ground. Hope for One World Trade Center still existed as the smoky tower stood out in the dust cloud that covered lower Manhattan. After one hour and forty-one minutes of burning and the explosion from impact, the north tower collapsed leaving a billowing smoke cloud. America was decimated. Everybody was in tears as the once prominent World Trade Center was nothing now but a pile of rubble and a memory. It is hard to believe that, in just one moment, that the towers were no more. At 5:20 pm, Seven World Trade Center, also known as the Salmon Brothers building collapsed due to heavy damages sustained from the raging inferno and debris damage from the collapses. After the events of September 11, airport security tightened up insanely. As a result of these deadly terrorist acts, and to help prevent future attacks, the Department of Homeland Security was formed. This is a day we remember for the 2,977 people that died on this day.

Auction Hunters Hunt for Treasure By Devon Smegal

Image buying a storage unit without knowing what items are in it. You’re not just buying it, you’re bidding on it. This is a show called Auction Hunters on Spike TV. The main two people on the show are Alan and Ton. They are friends, though the show doesn`t show what good friends they are. They bid on units for a reason. They bid on the units against other people. Then they go through the units looking for rare items like safes, gold, and more. If the auctioneer finds a gun, he will check to see if it’s stolen. If it’s not stolen, they can auction it off. There are things that can get the police involved in a unit, like a corpse or drugs. They take the items and sell them to people who want them, like collectors.

Alan and Ton are the main people in Auction Hunters.

They do this for money. This is extra cash they use to supplement their incomes. Though everyone needs extra cash here and there. They have fun doing this and they sometimes take items home with them. Some of the coolest things they found were samurai swords (sometimes not real ones). Though I like when they find army items like tank parts, outfits, helmets, and equipment. The show is a great one because you might not know what’s in the unit. That’s why I like the show. Also I like the way they act during the show. The show show’s a lot of old movie props and painting’s. They can be funny sometimes like taunting people into buying a item. If you have not seen Auction Hunters, give it a chance and watch it.

In one of the episodes they found swat supplies.

Electives Offer Students a Choice By Caleb Galkowski

What is a fun class and where you can often choose what to do? It lets you do really fun things in school that you probably won’t do at home. This enjoyable and amazing class is called an elective. Some of the fun things you do in this class are construction, rocketry, gardening, printmaking, comics, ceramics, sports, computer animation, and mind games. My favorite class is construction because I like to build things. Electives are really fun and teach kids to go for new goals. In rocketry class, we build rockets and launch them to very distant heights. Every quarter there is a new selection of electives usually in four categories. The categories for first quarter were foods, printmaking, sports, rocketry/ gardening. In foods you make foods and learn how to make different recipes and of course you eat the food afterwards. In printmaking you make pictures and experiment with them. In sports you play sports and have fun with new games. In rocketry and gardening you garden and build rockets. The teachers for the classes were: foods—Mrs. Bozio, printmaking— Ms. Vogt, sports is taught together by Mr. Spiegelhoff and Mr. Collins, and Rocketry/gardening—Mr. Thompson. Seventh and eighth grade students enjoy electives and look forward to them each quarter.

The rocketry elective used rocket plans like these as a basis for many of their rocketry designs.

Ultimate Frisbee was a favorite activity of the sports elective.

The Time has Come for MW3 By Myles Theriault

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there was a World War 3? Have you ever wanted to feel that burst of adrenaline that our everyday troops experience? Well only 30 days come between us, and Modern Warfare 3. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, the game that all gamers are just itching to get, is the newest of the game series Call of Duty. A company called Infinity Ward was the genius behind this incredible game, same as Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. In any type of game such as this one, one of the biggest building blocks of it all would have to be the guns. Without them, these games would be nothing, and when we have nothing, we are forced to sit around and wait until nothing becomes something. In pretty much all of the Call of Duty games, you get one main gun, the primary weapon, and one second, smaller gun (most of the time), called your secondary weapon. In this game, there are five classes of guns, the assault rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, the shotguns, and the sniper rifles. Then there are three classes of secondary guns too. (That I know of.) There are the machine pistols, handguns, and launchers. The guns, of all things, are the main source of joy in these games. Not nearly as many people would

This is the new logo for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

The Model 1887 shotgun is one of the secondary weapons in MW3

Another major rival of MW3 is definitely Battlefield 3.

Winter Coloring Sheet

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Buldog Bark December 2011  
Buldog Bark December 2011  

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