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Washburn University School of Law

Honor Roll

Fall 2014

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The Washburn University School of Law Honor Roll is a publication provided by the Washburn University Foundation, which is committed to leading and coordinating the efforts to expand the University’s and Washburn Law’s base of private financial support. For more information or questions regarding the Honor Roll of Donors, please contact Washburn University Foundation at 785.670.4483 or go to GiveToWashburn.org.

Washburn Law Honor Roll Thomas J. Romig, Dean Washburn University School of Law JuliAnn Mazachek, President Washburn University Foundation Editors and Contributing Writers: Kathy Busch Lauren Cunningham Kim Gronniger Pam Kaufman Julie Olson Shelia Summers Sarah Towle


Alumni and Friends, On behalf of Washburn University School of Law, I would like to thank you for your support this past year. Through your generous contributions, Washburn Law has remained a leader in legal education. As alumni and friends, you take pride in Washburn Law’s long tradition of excellence. That tradition continues today. Washburn was above the state average this year in Kansas bar passage for first-time takers, and was first among all law schools in bar passage for first-time takers in Missouri. We made the greatest gain in U.S. News & World Report rankings than any other school in the Midwest. Today, we are at a pivotal moment in Washburn Law’s history. As we look to the next 50 years and beyond, we know we must position the law school for the future – adapting our learning environment to accommodate new trends in legal education, while preserving our longstanding tradition of providing the best legal education to our students. As you may know, we have embarked on a $20 million fundraising campaign to build a new law school facility. The university will invest an additional $20 million in the project. This is a significant investment in the future of Washburn Law and represents the single largest building project undertaken by Washburn University in size, budget and level of university and philanthropic support. This campaign will help ensure Washburn Law is well positioned for the 21st century. This is an opportunity to be a part of Washburn Law’s history. We are so fortunate to have loyal donors like you who support both our mission and our vision for the future. Thank you for your continuing support of our great law school.

Thomas J. Romig Dean and Professor of Law Washburn University School of Law


Law student finds encouragement to succeed through scholarship support Scholarships have defined Beth Crosland’s experience at Washburn University School of Law. The financial support she has received as a Washburn Law student has given her confidence in her successes and motivated her through her struggles. “Scholarships are what drew me to Washburn,” Crosland, a third-year Washburn Law student, said. “I had already decided to come here when I had my visit.” Crosland had worked as a paralegal at law firm in Cassville, Missouri, and, while studying psychology at Missouri Southern State University, was a paralegal at a firm in Joplin, Missouri. That experience sparked her interest in studying law after she received her bachelor’s degree, but, as a mother of two, she was concerned about supporting her family as a law student. “I didn’t think law school was an option,” she said. “I didn’t know what resources were available, and I didn’t know if I would be able to support my family.” The amount of scholarships offered, some encouragement from a Washburn Law alumnus at the Cassville firm where she was a paralegal, and a panel of students she spoke to about the Topeka community solidified her decision. Crosland said her first year at Washburn Law was a great experience because she got to meet students through mandatory study groups and build

camaraderie while helping each other through their first year of law school. She has also been impressed by the accessibility of her professors. “I really like the size of the school and that professors are approachable,” she said. After a year of trying to juggle her focus as a law student and her responsibilities of being a mother, Crosland’s GPA fell, and she lost her scholarship. “Coming here as a single parent, I wondered how I was going to keep up with everyone,” she said. “I had to accept that I wasn’t going to perform at the same level as everyone else because of my family responsibility.” Crosland became more involved in her church community and was able to recover her GPA, which she said gave her more confidence in herself. In the meantime, she received financial support for her education from the Washburn Women’s Alliance. Most recently, Crosland has been involved with the Washburn Law Clinic. She worked in an internship at the clinic over the summer and in a directed internship there this fall helping with domestic and criminal law cases. She said her interest in psychology and social work led her to want to pursue domestic law after she graduates next spring. “I’ve grown to appreciate domestic law because I think I excel in it. I fell in love with it over the summer, especially working on adoption cases,” she said. “I just want to help build up families.”

“Scholarships are what drew me to Washburn. I had already decided to come here when I had my visit.” – Beth Crosland, third-year Washburn Law student

Scholarships provide a pathway to success for every student, regardless of field or finances, and reinforce what is at the heart of Washburn Law – to provide a world-class education for anyone who is willing to work for it. To support scholarships and 150 Forward: The Campaign for Washburn University please go to GiveToWashburn.org/GiveNow.

“Every time you do something like teach or study abroad and work with different cultures, it really stretches your mind.” – Tonya Kowalski, Washburn Law professor

Our faculty are the very core of the Washburn Law educational experience. Our distinguished programs set us apart from other institutions. Supporting faculty and program initiatives is a major component of 150 Forward: The Campaign for Washburn University. To support the work of faculty members at Washburn Law, please go to GiveToWashburn.org/GiveNow.


Experience abroad enriches curriculum, strengthens school’s international ties Tonya Kowalski, professor of law at the Washburn University School of Law, is one of the many faculty members working to expand the global reach of the law school by stretching its cultural boundaries through international faculty workshops and visiting professorships. With a personal interest in yoga, meditation and indigenous nations, she was eager for the opportunity to deepen her scholarship in legal analysis and writing when she was invited to be a visiting scholar at Symbiosis Law School, Pune in India in the summer of 2013. Kowalski spent five weeks as a scholar in residence, learning about Indian law and legal education, presenting her research, and teaching an intensive course on legal reasoning, writing, and oral advocacy skills. These legal skills are something Washburn Law is known for as it was recently ranked No. 11 for its Legal Analysis, Research, and Writing Program by U.S. News and World Report. “Washburn is a pacesetter in legal writing education,” she said. “This relationship with the law school in Pune is a great opportunity to help exchange resources in legal skills instruction.” Kowalski, who is a contributing faculty member in the Institute for Law Teaching and Learning, noted legal writing in the U.S. is at the forefront because of its structured curriculum, while many countries are just starting to implement legal skills education. She also noted that Symbiosis Law School is considered a pacesetter in India, and among the few to train students in such “mooting skills” in their first year. Many of the students she taught in Pune were just out of high school, and it was a “sink or swim” environment for them. The young law students were required to write and argue a legal brief in their first week, something that isn’t required until the second semester for students at Washburn Law.

Tonya Kowalski, Washburn University School of Law professor, was invited to be a visiting scholar at Symbiosis Law School, Pune in India in the summer of 2013.

“It drove home the fact that if you set the bar high, but let students know you are behind them, they will rise to the occasion and succeed,” she said. “I find myself challenging Washburn’s students even more now.” In India, she also worked with second- and third-year law students on advanced legal writing skills. Kowalski will be going back to India next summer, and will continue efforts to help Washburn Law create a closer, permanent relationship with the school in Pune. Incorporating Washburn students into the law school in India is also important to Kowalski. She said scholarships would play a pivotal role in making sure students can have a similar international experience and continue to broaden their viewpoints. “Every time you do something like teach or study abroad and work with different cultures, it really stretches your mind and also creates awareness of the cultural biases you have,” she said. “It’s always a wonderful opportunity for faculty and students to study and work abroad.”


Alumna’s annual gifts reflect confidence, conviction in Washburn Law education Sunee Mickle, jd ’06, is fulfilling her lifelong aspirations to improve the lives of others, from pharmaceutical sales success to insurance reform meetings in Kansas communities and lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill. As director of government relations for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, Mickle, 38, coordinates activities with elected officials and regulatory agencies at state and federal levels. She attributes her career path to the myriad associations she has with Washburn University School of Law professors and alumni and honors their support by making annual gifts and internship opportunities available to students. From 2007 to 2012, Mickle made a significant gift each year to the School of Law. “Donors show enthusiasm for the school, and prospective students recognize that. My financial support of the law school is one of the most positive obligations I have in giving students advantages that donors gave me,” she said. In 2013, she made a $10,000 pledge toward the new learning facility. “Millennials are looking for so many more technological advances in a school setting, and investing in a new building that will fulfill capacity needs for the next 50 years is more cost-effective than renovating the current structure,” Mickle said. Mickle came to Washburn in 2003, leaving a lucrative career as a sales representative with Merck Pharmaceuticals, where she earned the company’s prestigious Vice President’s Award within an unprecedented three years. Mickle’s parents, both

Merck employees, instilled in her a passion for science and public health that she believed could be furthered by obtaining a law degree. “Washburn Law faculty, staff and students were so welcoming when I visited, and the atmosphere seemed much more collaborative than competitive,” Mickle said. Earning a law degree in the capital city facilitated fortuitous encounters beyond the scope of classroom instruction and faculty interaction. Mickle, a new member of the Washburn University Foundation Board of Trustees, secured an internship with Kansas Health Institute, followed by a full-time position there as a senior policy analyst after graduation. In 2007, Bill Pitsenberger, a senior vice president with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas and an adjunct professor, encouraged her to join the company in her current capacity. “The opportunities I had to interact with people at the Kansas Health Institute, the Kansas Insurance Department and the Statehouse would not have been available to me had I not gone to law school in the capital city,” Mickle said. Initially Mickle planned to pursue positions with California pharmaceutical companies after graduation, but the KHI internship exposed her to the number of Kansans who needed health care and the scarcity of attorneys in the state working in the industry. In her role with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, Mickle said, “I find it gratifying to visit with our customers and members and share their stories to improve the lives of Kansans and millions of others

too. It’s similar to my sales experience in that we influence people to do things in the best interests of our customers, company and country.” Mickle, a Piscataway, New Jersey, native, received scholarships as an undergraduate at Douglass College at Rutgers University, as well as the John and Grace Bohannon Endowed Scholarship and the Delano Lewis Award for Excellence at Washburn Law. “I know how important the endowed scholarship was for me in selecting Washburn, and I know what my donations can do for someone else,” Mickle said. Connection is a common theme for Mickle, whether she’s caring for her daughter, Ainsley, or volunteering at Health Care Access Clinic in Lawrence to improve patient wellbeing and alleviate emergency room costs and congestion. She values relationships cultivated with classmates and alumni from other eras who share a commitment to their alma mater.

“I am amazed at how many people who aren’t Kansans know about Washburn’s great reputation because of positive experiences they’ve had with graduates who work in D.C.,” Mickle said. “People think you have to go to Harvard to open doors, but when I go to Capitol Hill, I’ve found that a Washburn Law degree works well too. My friends who went to other schools marvel that I know so many alumni from different decades who have a sincere interest in reaching back to help others.”

Annual giving helps sustain Washburn Law’s focus and is the foundation of everything we do. It helps us meet immediate needs and gives us the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. To support annual giving and 150 Forward: The Campaign for Washburn University, please go to GiveToWashburn.org/GiveNow.


New building will position law school for the future For more than 100 years, Washburn University School of Law has been committed to educating highly skilled attorneys who provide access to justice across Kansas and the nation. The majority of practicing attorneys, prosecutors, and justices in Kansas are, in fact, Washburn Law graduates. As we look to the next 50 years, now is the critical time to position the law school for the future – adapting our learning environment to accommodate new trends in legal education, while preserving our long-standing tradition of providing the best legal education to our students. “Legal education is at a critical juncture,” said Joseph Mastrosimone, associate professor of law. “The competition for students is fierce. If Washburn is going to continue to provide the type of high-quality, skills-based education that it has for more than a century, we must compete on a local, regional, and national level. The new building is an indispensable part of our ability to do that.” Teaching today is much more hands-on, giving students more skills-based training in the classroom as compared to the lecture method most commonly used even 10 years ago. “We must consider what current employers expect of our graduates,” said David Pierce, professor of law. “They expect them to be practice-ready. That comes with skills-based teaching and hands-on experience both in the classroom and in the courtroom. The new building is designed to accommodate these kinds of activities.”

Why a New Facility – Numbers Matter  40% increase in numbers of courses over the past 30 years 20% increase in number of courses over the past 10 years alone In 2002, 3 Centers for Excellence In 2014, 6 Centers for Excellence In 1992, 3 certificate programs In 2014, 9 certificate programs Current facility has 10 classrooms and 2 group study rooms New facility will have 16 classrooms and 11 group study rooms Current facility has 1 Appellate Courtroom New facility will have 1 Appellate Courtroom and 1 Trial Courtroom

Each campus space houses the spirit of Washburn and fosters an environment where students can maximize learning, develop lifelong relationships, and pursue their dreams. Creating and maintaining these innovative spaces is a significant part of 150 Forward: The Campaign for Washburn University. To support new projects like the new School of Law building, please go to GiveToWashburn.org/GiveNow.


Estate gift establishing scholarship fund shows deep commitment to Washburn Law E. Lou Bjorgaard Probasco, jd ’81, met her late husband, Wayne, ba ’50, jd ’51, nearly 34 years ago. Both were eager to make a mark in the legal community – Wayne was a practicing attorney focusing on real estate and Lou a Washburn University School of Law student who would become a prominent attorney with an expertise in health care claims and reimbursements and debt collection. For more than 30 years, the Probascos practiced law and traveled the globe, riding motorcycles, hiking trails and climbing some of the most renowned and challenging mountain peaks in the world, including the Grand Tetons, Wyoming; Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania; and Mount Kinabalu, Borneo. Wayne, a native Topekan, had a deep commitment to Washburn. “Wayne and I both received excellent educations at Washburn,” Lou said. “Wayne developed many lasting relationships with fellow classmates and with his professors. He always felt that his education was a solid foundation for his legal career and set him on the path to a very successful practice.” Lou was in one of the first classes with an equal number of men and women. As a single mother at the time, Lou balanced taking care of her young daughter, going to class and studying, and making ends meet. When she graduated, Lou started a solo practice in Bonner Springs, Kansas, and her legal representation ran the gamut from domestic cases to business law to criminal jury practice. “My experience at Washburn and my time in the Law Clinic and Moot Court gave me the hands-on

The late Wayne Probasco, ba ’50, jd ’51

training I needed to start a practice from the time I graduated,” Lou said. In 1985, Lou and Wayne were married and Lou relocated to Topeka, practicing banking law both at Merchants Nation Bank and then Eidson, Lewis, Porter & Haynes. In January 1989, she returned to solo practice at Probasco & Associates, PA and Hospital Assistance Program, specializing in third party financial assistance for medical providers. The Probascos are longtime donors to Washburn University and Washburn Law. Throughout the past 37 years, they have supported scholarships, athletics and building projects. Most recently, the law school received a generous gift from Wayne’s estate of more than $385,000 to establish the Wayne and Lou Probasco Law Scholarship Fund. “Washburn has been such a huge part of our lives, I think it is fitting to establish a scholarship that will help future law students get the kind of education they need to be successful attorneys,” Lou said. “I know Wayne would be really proud of the fact that we can help other students achieve their dreams.”


Financial Information Funds Made Available to School of Law $2,500,000


$1,500,000 Capital Current $1,000,000




FY 09

FY 10

FY 11

FY 12

FY 13

FY 14

Cash Contributions $2.12 Million Cash Contributions: $2.2 Million 2013-14 2013-14

Student Support 1%

Professorships 12%

Capital Projects 34%

Scholarships 25%

11% Program Support

1% Faculty Support

16% General University Support

Cash contributions may be directed to endowments or currently expendable gift funds. Includes new donations and payments on pledges.


Honor Roll of Donors The Washburn University Foundation and Washburn University School of Law extend their thanks to each and every donor. Every gift makes a difference at Washburn Law. The Honor Roll of Donors is a way to recognize those who made gifts to Washburn Law during the fiscal year July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014. The Dean’s Circle recognizes donors giving $1,000 or more each year to Washburn Law. Members are invited to an annual dinner hosted by the Dean and to select events at the law school and around the country. They are recognized on a donor plaque, prominently displayed in the lobby of the Washburn Law building. Membership is renewable on an annual basis.

The Washburn University Foundation and Washburn Law have made every effort to ensure the information in the Honor Roll of Donors is as complete and accurate as possible. Despite our best efforts, errors may have occurred. Please contact us in regard to inaccurate information. Washburn University Foundation Julie Olson, Director of Donor Relations 1729 SW MacVicar Ave. Topeka, KS 66604 785.670.4483 jolson@wufoundation.org

Donor names listed herein are strictly for the purpose of acknowledgment by the Washburn University Foundation. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

Dean’s Cabinet ($10,000+)

Thomas A., ’69, and Ann Adrian George A. Barton, ’77 Bill D., ’75, and Claudia J. Berkley Brandon J. Berkley, ’03 Paul D., ’56, and JoAnn Berkley John T. Bird, ’74 Harriet E. Caplan, ’76 James M. Caplinger Sr., ’53 Stephen W., ’80, and Annette M.  Cavanaugh Prof. James M. Concannon III Wendell (Bud) Cowan, ’74, and   Peggy Martin Cowan Daryl V. Craft, ’77 Ronald D. DeMoss, ’80 The Hon. Robert J. Dole, ’52 Emerson The Hon. Jesse D. Euler, ’65 David A., ’79, and Hannah L.  Fenley Lori A. Fink, ’85 Foulston Siefkin LLP Daniel S., ’72, and Mary Carol  Garrity Dr. Max M. Halley, ’66 John R., ’65, and Louise B.*  Hamilton Cynthia G. Heath Jeffrey R. Hewett, ’95 Richard C. Hite, ’53 Paul R., ’75, and Jeanne M.  Hoferer Kansas Women Attorneys  Association Robert W. Kaplan, ’57 Daniel D. Metz, ’66 Frank C. Norton, ’56 Polsinelli PC Wayne Probasco*, ’51, and Lou   Bjorgaard Probasco, ’81 Zackery E. Reynolds, ’82 Dean Thomas J. and Pam Romig Keith Quail*, ’37, and Geri Schott Mary J. Wiegers Wendell D. Winkler, ’51 James R. Yoxall, ’51

Dean’s Advisors ($5,000 - $9,999)

AT&T Corp. Dana, ’77, and Tina Brewer Prof. John E. and Carol W.  Christensen Marck R. Cobb, ’89 William M. Cobb, ’65 The Hon. Sam A., ’52, and Ruth  Crow S. Lucky, ’78, and Pamela A.  DeFries Dwight D. Dumler, ’93 Prof. Myrl L. Duncan Prof. Linda D. Elrod, ’72 Dr. Robert F. Hartsook, ’79 The Hon. William H. Helsper, ’73 The Hon. Philip T., ’78, and The   Hon. Karen S., ’79, Kyle Lee, Gurney & Hess


C. Michael Lennen, ’74 Scott K., ’80, and Pam Logan Charlie H. Manh, ’88 David K. Martin, ’84 W. John McGuire, ’86 Timothy P. O’Sullivan, ’75 Prof. David E., ’77, and Martha   A. Pierce W. Bradley, ’54, and Carolyn L.  Post Prof. William and Kathleen F. Rich Joyce R. Simmons Rubenstein,  ’76 James C., ’75, and Linda L.  Slattery J. Elwood and Joned C. Slover Sue Jean White, ’80

Delmas Hill Fellows ($2,500 - $4,999)

Bever Dye Foundation Bever Dye, L.C. Wm. David Byassee, ’75 Steven G. Cooper, ’73 Terry C. Cupps, ’82 M. Wayne, ’60, and Carolyn J.  Davidson The Hon. David B. Debenham,   ’80, and Glenda L. Cafer John R., ’84, and Kristina D.  Dietrick John M. Duma, ’81 Allison L. Herr, ’90 Hite, Fanning & Honeyman, L.L.P. Robert M. Hughes, ’82 Edward, ’88, and Carole Kainen Kansas Bar Foundation Robert L. Locke, ’66 Thomas A. Loftus III, ’80 James F. Long, ’74 Michael J. Manning, ’69 The Hon. Christel E. Marquardt,  ’74 Prof. Nancy G. Maxwell David L. McComb, ’59 Larry K. Meeker, ’67 Ronald W. Nelson, ’81 Jerry E. Norton, ’62 Rosemary Saldan-Pawson, ’83,   and Kenneth R. Pawson R. Douglas Sebelius, ’76 Gloria E. Shaw, ’67 Roger M. Sherwood, ’64 Sabrina K. Standifer, ’99 Wiley Rein, LLP Calvin K., ’78, and Diane Williams

President’s Club ($1,000 - $2,499)

Jodi M. Adolf, ’02 Martin R. Ahrens Comm. Shari M. Albrecht, ’84 John M. Alston, ’05 Terry J. Anderson, ’64 Paul E. Artzer, ’68 Assured Life Association Dennis L. Bieker, ’66 Russell E. Bishop, ’76

12 – DONORS The Hon. J. Patrick Brazil, ’62 Bradley A. Buckles, ’74, and   Monique D. Korn Mert F. Buckley, ’77 James M. Caplinger Jr., ’82 Tracey Samantha Chechele, ’88 John M. Collins, ’91 Christopher G. Costello, ’82 Henry R. Cox, ’81, and   Stephanie L. Spring, ’85 Lawrence A. Dimmitt, ’68 Steven M. Ellis, ’06 William J. Fitzpatrick, ’67 Jack Focht, ’60, and Gloria Farha  Flentje Carol L. Foreman, ’80 John R. Frazier, ’57 Janet L. Frickey, ’80 Alex and Yumiko Glashausser Arthur A. Glassman, ’65 S. Jack Glaves, ’50 Lawrence M., ’84, and Annette,   ’83, Gurney Bradley E., ’80, and Terri S.  Haddock Eric S., ’96, and Amy E., ’96,  Heath Charles W. Hess, ’86 Hinkle Law Firm, L.L.C. Donald F. Hoffman, ’77 Gwen S. Holmes Leigh C. Hudson, ’75 Jo and Al Hunt Laura L. Ice, ’84 Prof. Jeffrey D. Jackson, ’92 The Hon. Lee A. Johnson, ’80 Prof. Patricia L. Judd John D. Jurcyk, ’84 Kansas Chapter of American   Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Lawrence Kassin and Susan Lynn Craig H. Kaufman, ’82 W. Terrence, ’77, and Marianne   M. Kilroy Jack H. Kim, ’95 Dr. Theodore and Dr. Sheila  Kitowski Kurt F. Kluin, ’82 Philip M. Knighton, ’71 Kyler G. Knobbe, ’74 Lynda Koenemann, ’00 Eric J. Larson, ’76 Joel and Becky Lauer Robert R. Lee II, ’84 Sophia S. Lee, ’96, and Russ Sims Luanne C. Leeds, ’06 Rex K. Linder, ’74 Anthony D. Link, ’81 Gordon K., ’46, and Margaret H.*  Lowry Stuart S., ’85, and Lauren, ’85,  Lowry Jonathan J. Martin, ’99 Joyce A. McCray Pearson, ’89 Lynn S. McCreary, ’94 Manuel B. Mendoza, ’58 Sunee N. Mickle, ’06 Darrell E. Miller, ’72 Clyde E. Milligan*, ’49


Michael C. Moline, ’73 Lawrence F. Montague, ’79 The Hon. Nancy L. Moritz, ’85 David H. Moses, ’79 Jenny D. Nguyen Erick E. Nordling, ’85 Gene M., ’63, and Judith L., ’82,  Olander Kelly and Tyann Orton The Hon. C. William, ’77, and   Catherine Ossmann Stephen R. Page, ’77 Linda S. Parks, ’83 Gary E. Patterson, ’90 William D. Powell, ’69 David M. Rapp, ’76 Sidney A. Reitz, ’76 Prof. Sheila Reynolds Dr. Denise D. Riemann, ’01 Keith L. Roberts, ’80 Prof. Reginald L. Robinson Lawrence R., ’73, and Kay Y.,   ’80, Rute Duston J. Slinkard, ’03 Alejandro J. Solorio, ’99 William M. Spieler, ’81 Pamela H. Stabler, ’81 Don B. Stahr, ’53 Kyle, ’95, and Shelly Steadman,  PhD Thomas G. Teichgraeber, ’72 Jeffrey L., ’82, and Mary Ungerer The Hon. John L. Weingart, ’77 Erika L. Winters, ’99 Paul S. Wise, ’47 Jill A. Wolters, ’86 James J. and Susan D. Woods Larry N., ’00, and Angel R., ’06,  Zimmerman

Cum Laude ($500 - $999) Charles H. Apt III, ’80

Bruce L. Bachman, ’77 David M. Baer, ’78 Larry R. Baer, ’77 Albert R., ’78, and Denise E., ’78,  Bandy Bank of America Robert M. Barnes, ’83 Corey S. Berger, ’80 Jeanette S. Bertelson, ’77 John J. Bryan, ’68 Cynthia L. Burch, ’78 George E. Burket III, ’72 Chane C. Carpenter, ’03 The Center for American and   International Law James W. Chipman, ’94 Maj. Saul Contreras, ’86 Russ Davis, ’57 K. Alan Deines, ’77 Barton L. Duckworth, ’80 Betty and Gunther Fischer Prof. John J. Francis The Hon. Kenneth G. Gale, ’80 The Hon. Bruce T. Gatterman, ’78 Michael G. Glover, ’79 Frederick W. Godderz, ’69 Alan C. Goering, ’76 Lewis D. Gregory, ’83 Daniel J., ’87, and Kim Gronniger John A. Hageman, ’80 Lowell F. Hahn, ’61 Jay R., ’07, and Danielle M., ’09,  Hall Kenton M. Hall, ’88 Ronald E. Henke, ’83 Rex W. Henoch, ’83 Charles H. Herd, ’86 Chad L. Hooker, ’93 Prof. Janet Thompson Jackson   and J. Patrick Jackson KaMMCO Norman R. Kelly, ’80

Jeff Kennedy, ’84, and Patricia A.   Gorham, ’77 Prof. Ali Khan Richard C. King, ’76 John W. Lann, ’74 Jae M. Lee, ’95 Gary W. Long, ’88 James S. and Kathleen E. Maag The Mack Law Offices Steven D. Mank, ’86 Keith L. Mark, ’86 Garry J. McCubbin, ’81 Timothy E. McKee, ’70 Craig R. McKinney, ’84 Daniel L. Muchow, ’81 Edward J. Nazar, ’78 Jason C. Neal, ’98 Victoria L. Nilles, ’98 Mahmud Noormohamed, ’90 Paul D. Oakleaf, ’76 Arthur E. Palmer, ’63 Robert J. Perry, ’79 Prof. Lynette Petty, ’87 Larry J. Pitts, ’86 Dwight E. Rahmeyer, ’76 Scott H., ’02, and Amy S., ’02,  Raymond Karen D. Wedel Renwick, ’84 Erica P. Rios, ’10 G. Craig Robinson, ’79 Theodore D. Roth, ’76 Susan S. Saidian, ’88 The Hon. Edward P.   Schneeberger, ’73 Debra L. Schrock Mark A. Shaiken, ’81 Leslee R. Sharp, ’85 The Hon. Wm. Neil, ’67, and   Marty Shepherd Kent P. Smith, ’66 Luke A. Sobba, ’02 Edward H., ’73, and Jill R. Sondker

DONORS – 13 Donald T. Taylor, ’87 Trisha A. Thelen, ’85 Tittel Law Office Gertrude E. Ueoka C. Geraldine Umphenour, ’86 Prof. Curtis J. Waugh, ’87 The Hon. Evelyn Wilson, ’85 Ronald E. Wurtz, ’73 David N. Zimmerman, ’79 The Robert E. & Polly A.   Zimmerman Foundation

Dean’s Honors ($250 - $499)

William “Trey” A. Alford III, ’99 Anton C. Andersen, ’86 The Hon. John Anderson III, ’75 Susan D. Andrews, ’86 Prof. Rory D. Bahadur Anne L. Baker, ’79 Judy A. Barta Gregory K. Barker, ’77 Christopher C., ’05, and Jamie   L., ’05, Bates The Hon. James G. Beasley, ’66 Mark V. Beshears, ’76 Terri L. Bezek, ’86 Tanya E. Bidwell, ’05 Galen E. Biery, ’75 Bruce E. Borders, ’69 Wade H. Bowie Jr., ’99 The Hon. Paul L. Brady, ’56 Kevin J., ’99, and Kelli N., ’95,  Breer The Hon. Joseph Bribiesca, ’77 Prof. Ellen Byers Timothy J. Carkhuff, ’79 John F. Carpinelli, ’96 Michelle M. Carter-Gouge, ’99 John F. Caton, ’73 Rex S. Chang, ’00 Robert L., ’56, and Claire Chesnut Michael L. Clutter, ’71 Angela D. Coble, ’09 The Hon. John E. Conway*, ’63 Malcolm L. Copeland, ’80 Whitney B. Damron, ’87 Steven C. Day, ’78 Dr. Esther W. Digh, ’00 The Hon. J. Charles Droege, ’84 Alan Dunaway, ’10 Thomas H. Duncan, ’76 Eisenhauer Family Investments  LLC Bart E. Eisfelder, ’71 Eland Law Office Judith Crane Elliott and Robert   H. Elliott Jeffrey O. Ellis, ’77 Joseph M. Fast, ’80 Clint W. Floyd, ’04 Ann C. Frigon, ’80 Margaret A. Gatewood, ’73 Michael C. Germann, ’76 John H. Gibson, ’72 H. Marvin Gilmore, ’79 Firman G. Gladow, ’63 G. Verne Goodsell, ’74

Linda K. Graves, ’78 Paul S. Gregory, ’85 Mary K. Hanisch, ’06 Sean C. Harlow, ’02 Charles F. Harris, ’78 Ashley G. Hawkinson, ’10 Elizabeth Hayes Ronald R. Hein, ’74 Arne T. Henricks, ’68 The Hon. Stephen D. Hill, ’75 Debra A. Hockett-Clark, ’93 Bob, ’80, and Judith Hoehn The Hon. Paula D. Hofaker, ’93 Harold A. Houck, ’96 Yolanda D. Ingram, ’95 Christopher M. Irby, ’04 Curtis M. Irby, ’71 Robyn C. Euler Johnson, ’88 Jeffrey W. Jones, ’81 Jeffrey C. Joy, ’77 Melissa E. Kasprzyk, ’99 Richard J. Kastner, ’85 William J. Kelly, ’75 J. Michael Kennalley, ’76 Bruce W. Kent, ’70 Janet Kroell Kerr, ’87 Bruce W. Kinzie, ’77 Kirkpatrick Oil Company, Inc. Eric J. Kjorlie, ’73 Albert P. Kovac, ’51 Prof. Tonya Kowalski Craig A. Kreiser, ’80 Steven W. Kruse, ’87 Ronald D. Kurtz, ’03 Greer M. Lang, ’89 The Hon. Jeffry J. Larson, ’87 Mark J. Lazzo, ’86 The Hon. Daniel L. Love, ’76 Jeffrey N. Lowe, ’05 Assoc. Dean Jalen Lowry, ’87 Kurtis I. Loy, ’80 Jenifer L. Lucas, ’75 Norbert C. Marek Jr., ’95 Cliff Marine and Melaine Martin Markel Corporation Callie A. Marks, ’97 Barry D. Martin, ’77 James E. Martin, ’73 Charles M. Masner, ’82 Shane T. McCall, ’91 James R. McEntire, ’77, and   Joann E. Corpstein, ’88 David L. McLane, ’70 The Hon. Eric F. Melgren, ’85 Karl A. Menninger II, ’75 Dr. Stephen D. Minnis, ’85 Brenton B. Moore, ’76 David D. Moshier, ’77 Christina D. Moss, ’91 James D. Murray, ’61 Deletria L. Nash, ’99 Patrik W. Neustrom, ’77 D. Dani Noe, ’94 Rita L. Noll, ’84 Larry D. Nuss, ’67 The Hon. J. Stephen Nyswonger,  ’73 J. Larry Odom, ’77 Jason P. Oldham, ’93

Allen E. Olson, ’92 Fred F. Paoli Jr., ’79 Dana L. Parks, ’87 Kerri A. Pelton Roger Pepper Marjorie D. Petty, ’90 H. Wayne Powers Jr., ’74 Carl W. Quarnstrom, ’57 Bryan L. Query, ’70 James N. Reardon, ’73 Patrick G. Reavey, ’95 Elizabeth J. Shannahan   Redmond, ’81 John A. Reynolds, ’88 The Hon. Cheryl Rios Kingfisher,  ’93 Marie, ’94, and Steven A. Robb Robert L. Roberts, ’61 Jacquelyn E. Rokusek, ’93 Michael W. Ryan, ’74 Richard E. Samson, ’74 Robert J. Sandilos, ’77 Melvin J. Sauer Jr., ’90 Steve A. Schwarm, ’87 Ronald L. Shackle, ’76 John P. Sheahon, ’76 John R. Shirley, ’73 Sandra Sigler, ’11 Carolyn R. Simpson, ’97 Narra Smith Asher, ’53 Richard D. Smith, ’89 The Hon. Dale L. and Judyanne  Somers Edward B. Soule, ’65 Julia S. Spainhour, ’96 Anthony L. Springfield, ’02 Laurence A. Stanton, ’72 S. Philip Stover, ’76 Ken W. Strobel, ’65 Roger D. Struble, ’82 Timothy J. Suttle, ’74 James D. Tack Jr., ’77 Gerald V., ’82, and Kathleen A.,   ’83, Tanner Taylor, Krusor L.L.P. Kelly M. Thomas, ’85 Frederick T. Thompson, ’66 James H., ’75, and Sherry L.  Thompson Richard G. Tucker, ’73 Roger L. Unruh, ’76 Thomas A. Valentine, ’69 William A. Vickery, ’83 H. Reed Walker, ’77 Dr. Howard N., ’79, and Marilyn   S. Ward Roger W. Warren, ’88 Kenneth W. Wasserman, ’72 Mary F. Weir, ’95 Colin D. Wood, ’00 Ronald P. Wood, ’79 Warren B. Wood, ’74 Roy H. Worthington III, ’74 Julia L. Young, ’78

Contributors ($.01 - $249) ABWA Career Chapter Carolyn A. Adams, ’81 Dan O. Adkins, ’78

Gary and Mary Adkins Rick and Sherry Adkison Julia A. Ahrens and Tom Wolf Alan F. Alderson, ’74 Evelyn L. Allen, ’85 M. Lou Allen, ’85 Marian Amrein, ’84 Don, ’85, and Rebecca Andersen Richard A. and Nancy E. Anderson Christina I. Apperson, ’97 Linda H. Asay, ’65 Kenneth R. Ashlock Gary M. Austerman, ’74 The Hon. Brad E. Avery, ’87 John, ’73, and Judy D. Badger Ricky E. Bailey, ’83, and Deena   M. Hyson Bailey, ’97 Carmen D. Bakarich, ’89 Mildred J. Baker Tom and Karne Balbierz The Hon. Richard T. Ballinger, ’77 Michael A. Barber, ’89 Randy M. Barker, ’84 Patrick R. Barnes, ’82 Tom R. Barnes II, ’88 Justin A. Barrett, ’04 Charles D. Baskins, ’99 Greg, ’79, and Susan Bauer Don Baxter, ’53 David A. Bayles, ’96 Terry E. Beck, ’75 David Becker, ’08, and Vera  Scharrer Col. Thomas G. Becker, ’77 Kevin T. Beckwith, ’92 Harold S. Beims, ’68 Timothy, ’09, and Asha Belsan Col. Jack S. Bender III, ’69 Leigh P. Bennett, ’86 Jennifer M. Berard, ’96 David S. Berman, ’68 Mary Beth Bero Eric R. Bidwell, ’03 Dr. Peter V. and Margaret J. Bieri Amy J. Bipes, ’98 Gary E. Bishop, ’86 Karen A. Black, ’76 Richard M. Blackwell, ’80 Jordan G. Blanton, ’10 Alexandra E. Blasi, ’11 Charles L. and Alice M. Blasi Capt. Mark P. Blenden, ’74 Daniel G. Blythe, ’77 Matthew W. Boddington, ’81 Paul R. Boeding, ’72 The Hon. John D. Boeh, ’77 Stuart P. Boehning, ’95 Brett C. Bogan, ’92 David P. Bolda, ’09 Cline I. Boone, ’96 Richard C. Borton, ’76 Dennis O. Bosley, ’90 Marsha L. Boswell Hillary J. Boye, ’06 Brenda L. Braden, ’80 Paul E. Braden, ’80 Clark C. Bradshaw, ’69 James V. Bransten, ’81 David R. Brant, ’84

14 – DONORS Jill Bremyer, ’80 Jeffery R. Brewer, ’82 William E. Brewer, ’82 The Hon. Daniel L. Brewster, ’72 The Hon. David F. Brewster, ’68 E. Richard Brewster, ’74 J. Robert Brookens, ’78 D. Scott Brown, ’86 Robert L. Brown Jr. Russell A. Brown, ’85 Alan and Marie Bruna Col. David H. Brunjes, ’80 The Hon. David E. Bruns, ’84 David V. Buckley, ’62 Leonard L. Buddenbohm, ’76 Lawrence T. Buening Jr., ’76 Forrest A. Buhler, ’77 The Hon. Benjamin L. Burgess   Jr., ’72 Paulette R. Burgess, ’96 Patty Burley, ’01 Roger D. and Nancy Burton The Hon. Thomas A. Bush, ’52 James G. Butler, ’69 The Hon. Larry L. Campbell, ’75 Pamela D. Campbell-Burton, ’99 Robin K. Carlson, ’04 Jeffery Carmichael Derrick C. Carpenter, ’96 Marlee S. Carpenter, ’99 Michelle D. Carpenter, ’04 Lyndzie M. Carter, ’13 Richard A. Caspermeyer, ’82 Robert F. Chase, ’85 Leslie K. Ching, ’82 Bob and Carol Chipman Mark J. and Laura J. Christophel Mary E. Christopher, ’01 Michael and Angela Chundak Juni Clark, ’78 Brenda J. Clary, ’98 Kurt F. Clausing, ’85 June Ellen Claydon, ’79 James and Dorothy Clopton Jane K. Coates Dr. Irving A. and Dr. Lauren A.  Cohen Nathan R. Coleman, ’02 Chad, ’00, and Jessica Colgan Clinton D. Collier, ’94 Dr. Merrill R. and Kandra Conant Ray L., ’76, and Carolyn Connell Brian and Terry Cook Kent M. and Pamela Cornish Richard F. Corson, ’85 Andrew, ’07, and Karen M., ’07,  Couch Jeffrey L. Cowger, ’90 Craig D. Cox, ’77 Vincent M. Cox, ’05 Rebekah S. Crawford, ’89 The Hon. Daniel D. Creitz, ’85 Terry D. Criss, ’87 Douglas M. Crotty, ’75 Wright W. Crummett, ’57 The Hon. Kim W., ’89, and Mark  Cudney Christopher R., ’04, and Kristy   K., ’06, Cuevas


Robert F. Cunningham, ’59 David Curotto, ’94 David L. Dahl, ’78 Dennis R. Davidson, ’80 Kevin Davis, ’84, and Cathy  Leonhart Marc C. Davis, ’01 Reggie Davis, ’00 James M. Day, ’83, and Joanne   Sorrentino, ’82 Christina Dean, ’00 Lara L. Delka, ’96 Douglas D. Depew, ’80 Stephen Derochick Sue E. DeVoe, ’87 Christine A. Dickerson de  Galindo Theodore M. Dinges, ’79 Dwight and Brenda Dinkla Frederick J. Dodds III, ’74 Kyle D. Donnelly, ’12 Daniel L. Doyle, ’82 Greg A., ’02, and Cameron, ’02,  Drumright Mark A., ’07, and Shanelle E.,   ’07, Dupree The Hon. Steven R. Ebberts, ’93 Robert D. Eggleston, ’75

Junior F. Elder, ’51 Carrie J. Ellison, ’09 Martin and Linda Eslinger Jack R. Euler, ’53 Douglas R. Everley, ’74 Jackie L. Eyer Dana L. Fanoele, ’93 Maj. Rebecca L. Farrell, ’02 Katherine Fellows-Kofman Dr. Rosemary and Stuart  Fessinger Keith R. Fevurly, ’76 Stephen C. Fiebiger, ’83 Alison N. Fields, ’05 Richard L. Finn, ’67 Peter and Deanne Fiorini Bart A. Fisher, ’04 George J. Fisher Alice M. Fitzgerald, ’79 John and Susan Fitzgerald The Hon. John T. Flannagan, ’64 Christopher L. Flattery, ’81 Jane A. Fleeker The Hon. Lori A. Bolton Fleming,   ’01, and Kyle M. Fleming, ’00 Matthew D. Flesher, ’90 Michael N. Flesher, ’85 John P. Foley, ’05

Richard V. Foote, ’58 Jerry and Barbara Ford Michael Foster and Ada  Amerson-Foster The Hon. Thomas E. Foster, ’78 Michael V. Foust, ’72 Jay F. and Barbara A. Fowler John G., ’86, and C. Leslie, ’90,  Fowler Karen L. France, ’84 Curtis A. Frasier, ’76 Tom A. Friedmann, ’75 Steven R. and Anita K. Fry Tom D. Fulzenloger, ’81 Norman J. Furse, ’67 Ed and Annie Gallagher Mary Ann Gerrard, ’82 John J., ’79, and Jill R. Gillett, ’13 Cydni K. Gilman, ’78 Barry S. Ginsburg, ’78 Diane M. Glynn, ’85 Ruth F. Goldberg Kevin and Kammie Good Gerald L. Goodell, ’58 Clinton M. Goos Christopher A. Gordon, ’94 Roarke R. Gordon, ’06, and Molly   E. McMurray, ’07 The Hon.Thomas H. Graber, ’67 Kevin A., ’95, and Peggy, ’95,  Graham Lynne M. Graves, ’82 Jacob S. Graybill, ’67 Kimberly S. Green, ’88 Vincent S. Green, ’78 Al Grieshaber, ’76 William H. Griffin, ’73 Carlene J. Griffith, ’93 Karen L. Griffiths, ’78 Dominique Z. Guerrero, ’03 Tracy M. Gullickson, ’04 Kenneth S. Gully, ’87 Keith A. Haas, ’91 E. Charles Hagemen, ’49 Connie S. Hamilton, ’87 Byron K. Hammond, ’94 Philip W. Hardman, ’81 Ronald H. Harnden, ’73 Colleen Harrell, ’93 Thomas D. Harris, ’80 The Hon. Gerald W. Hart, ’76 The Hon. Amy L. Harth, ’94 Richard R. Hartley, ’66 Alan N. Hassler, ’81 Michael W. Hastings, ’87 Jerry D. Hawkins, ’97 David A. Hawley, ’90 Michael E. Hazel, ’81 Stanton A. Hazlett, ’77 Randy M. Hearrell, ’70 Jack L. Heath, ’88 Robert L. Heath, ’70 James C. Heathman, ’90 Robert D. Hecht, ’58 David J. Heinemann, ’73 Thomas D. Henderson, ’76 The Hon. Larry D. Hendricks, ’82 Mark and Anita Hendricks Elizabeth R. Herbert, ’77

DONORS – 15 John C. Herman, ’78 John E. Herman, ’58 Paul C. Herr, ’87 Janelle M. Cascini Herres, ’86 Gary S. Hess, ’87 John J. Hesse Jr., ’69 Roger L. Hiatt, ’71 Richard A. Hickey, ’07 Gary M. Hilgers, ’55 Cathleen M. Hobson, ’04 Larry C. Hoffman, ’88 Robert A. Holubec, ’99, and   Susan M. Loy, ’99 The Hon. E. Leigh Hood, ’82 Jennifer N. Horchem, ’10 Patricia Horner, ’87 Brent W. Houston, ’96 Meghan M. Houtsma, ’05 Mary V. Hower, ’79 Sara N. Huerter, ’04 Michael R. Hull, ’87 Jeremiah C. Humes, ’03 Edward J. Hund Jr., ’71 Patrick J. Hurley, ’67 Prudence Hutton, ’79 Rusty Hymer, ’90 David V. Igliozzi, ’86 The Hon. Fred S. Jackson, ’60 Shirley A. Jacobson Brian M. Jacques, ’99 Kurt L. James, ’96 James R. Jarrow, ’88 Judy Y. Jenkins, ’07 Lori Jenkins Lora M. Jennings, ’05 James M. Jeweler, ’90 Kevin B. Johnson, ’81 Paula N. Johnson, ’98 Robert E. Johnson II, ’97 Tracey D. Johnson, ’08 Jerry and Lisa Jones Michael G. Jones, ’88 Michael W. Jones, ’86 Valarie L. Jones, ’04 Franck Joseph, ’05 Michael J. Joshi, ’89 Stanley R. Juhnke, ’74 Ronald D. Jung, ’87 Richard Justis Kansas Gas Service Lawrence G. Karns, ’75 Nicole M. Kean, ’99 Darren K. Kearns, ’93 Douglas J. Keeling, ’84 Timothy R. Keenan, ’82 Herbert A. Kelley, ’53 John W. Kelley, ’83 Timothy P. Kelly, ’87 Norma Jean Kemmerly John D., ’74, and Sameta Kemp Ronald M. Kendrick, ’85 Courtney T. Kennedy, ’05 Kenneth L. Kerns, ’68 Cheryl A. Kessler, ’05 The Hon. Paul J. Kilburg, ’74 Amanda J. Kiefer, ’03, and Curtis   D. Von Lintel Jeffrey E. King, ’81 Larry K. King, ’83

Dennis D. Kirk, ’75 C.W. Klebe, ’05 Maj. Lewis V. Kliem, ’03 Erik C. Klutman, ’02 Jeffrey C. Knapp, ’97 Don J. Knappenberger, ’75 Alfred B. Knight Thomas J. Koehler, ’79 Jeremy B. Kohn, ’94, and Laura   M. Graham, ’93 Berend J. Koops, ’07 Christopher Korth, ’85 Eric G. Kraft, ’99 Paul R. Kramer, ’86 John L. Kratzer Jr., ’65 Steven A. Kraushaar, ’85 Laurine R. Kreipe, ’82 Dominic J. Kujawa, ’06 The Rev. Victoria M.   Kumorowski, ’75 Joslyn M. Kusiak, ’12 Andrew L. Kynaston, ’02 Michael J. Laden, ’85 Steven M. Laiderman, ’82 Joe A. Lang, ’77 John E. Lang, ’62 Paula D. Langworthy, ’06 Mike and Melanie Laseter Ronald J. Laskowski, ’83 Eric K. Lau, ’05 Gerald R. Lau, ’82 Jo Ann Laughlin Melissa S. Lavonier, ’08 Nathan D. Leadstrom, ’01 Joseph R. Ledbetter, ’09 Jeffrey C. Leiker, ’01 Pamela S. Leinwetter, ’95 Amy L. Leisinger, ’06 Thomas G. Lemon, ’93 Jeffrey D. Leonard, ’91 The Hon. Jan W. Leuenberger, ’61 Jane E. Lindhout, ’87 The Hon. Tyler C. Lockett, ’62 Kevin W. Loeffler, ’89 Hollis B. Logan, ’51 The Hon. C. Frederick Lorentz   II, ’69 Mollie L. Loving Nathan J. Lucero, ’02 Thomas G. Luedke, ’86 Charles S. Lyman, ’77 Gregory M. Dennis*, ’82, and   Catherine A. Lynch Carol S. Lyon, ’77 J. Scott MacBeth, ’92 Keith C. Magnusson, ’74 Douglas K. Manion, ’82 Christopher D. Mann, ’10 Melissa Mann Robert W. Manske, ’70 David K. Markham, ’77 Quent and Leisa Martens Chantz N. Martin, ’11 David K. Martin, 76 John O. Martin, ’71 Ralph Ilaria and Nila Martin Ronnie D. Martinek, ’86 Megan E. Massey, ’11 Mark D. Masters, ’82

Fernando E. Mata, ’72 Teresa A. Mata, ’10, and Joe  Dougherty Mary L. Matthews, ’91 Julius P. IV, ’03, and Molly J., ’03,  Maurin Ruth Maus Paul A. McAlister, ’52 F. Lawrence McAulay Jr., ’74 The Hon. Timothy P. McCarthy,  ’82 The Hon. Joseph L. McCarville   III, ’77 Dennis M. McCool, ’77 C. David McDermott, ’80 David E. McDonald, ’10 Lawrence J. McDonough, ’68 Michael McGivern Andrew J. McGowan, ’93 Aaron C. McKee, ’01 Julia A. McKee, ’90 Sarah McLean Acosta, ’02, and   Arel D. Acosta Calvin L. McMillan, ’58 John R. McNee, ’74 Rich McNelley, ’02, and Amanda   Bundren McNelley, ’02 Thomas W. McNish, ’80 Larry T. McRell, ’82 Kendall M. McVay, ’06 J. Byron Meeks, ’68 James B. Mefferd, ’72 Cheryl R. Meier, ’11 Frederick L. Meier II, ’87 Willard M. Mellott, ’76 David J. Melusky, ’84 Gregory G. Meredith, ’86 DeLayne G. Merritt, ’06 The Hon. Jerry L. Mershon, ’61 Christopher Mesa Karen Mesa Patrick J. Meyer, ’96 The Hon. Kristen D. Mickey, ’94 Joshua S. Mikkelsen, ’10 Monte L. Miller, ’84 Michael A. Millett, ’97 James M. Milliken, ’69 William G. Mills II, ’73 Charles E. Millsap, ’78 Laura K. Moen, ’00

Dara E. Montclare, ’06 Michael A. Montoya, P.A. Melissa A. Moodie, ’05 Deborah L. Moody, ’06 Joseph P. Moore, ’09 Alan P. Morel, P.A. Joseph and Diane Morrey Robert Moss and Mira Mickler William E. Mowery III, ’83 Scott A. Mugno, ’83 The Hon. William E. Muret, ’84 Cleo A. Murphy, ’79 Pamela C. Musgrave, ’00 Jennifer L. Myers, ’03 Francis A. Natchez, ’74 Clark R. Nelson, ’73 Gale S. Newton Jr., ’60 Gerald E. and Charlene M.  Niernberger Jonathon L. Noble, ’10 The Hon. Donald R. Noland III,  ’76 Laura E. Nordgren, ’12 William T. North, ’76 Gary A. Norton, ’84 R. Austin Nothern, ’64 K. Kirk Nystrom, ’79 Donald C. Oakley, ’99 Louis K. Obdyke IV, ’75 Steven J. Obermeier, ’85 Lisa A. Ochs, ’95 Nancy A. Ogle, ’91 Steven K. O’Hern, ’88 Kevin J. O’Keefe, ’08 The Hon. Maurice P. O’Keefe   Jr., ’53 William C. O’Keefe, ’67 Jody R. Olberding, ’76 Jason E. Oller, ’10 Shirin T. Oman, ’09 ONEOK, Inc. James S. Oswalt, ’77 Sen. Thomas C. (Tim) Owens, ’74 Adam T. Pankratz, ’06 Gregory J. Pappas, ’84 Daniel L. Parker, ’03 Ellen C. Montgomery, ’09 The Hon. Nancy E., ’85, and   James W., ’73, Parrish Joey M. Parsons, ’09


Mahesh I. Patel, ’90 The Hon. James A. Patton, ’75 Eric M. Pauly, ’08 William J. Pauzauskie, ’76 James P. Payne, ’70 John A. Pazell, ’99 George H. Pearson III, ’81 Joe W. Peel, ’55 Terri J. Pemberton, ’07 Lynn L. Perkins, ’67 Clarice J. Peters, ’82 Deborah A. Peterson, ’80 Philip C. Peterson, ’60 N. Trey Pettlon III, ’91 Larry D. and Rita F. Pfannenstiel George and Marilyn Phillippy Jan R. Pierce, ’71 Dale E. Pike, ’79 The Hon. Mark B. Pilley, ’79 Jeremiah L. Platt, ’06 David D. Plinsky, ’77 Theresa D. Poindexter, ’10 The Hon. Sally D. Pokorny, ’78 Victor F. Poulos, ’77 Gene A. Powell, ’55 Harry J. Pratt, ’84 Robert A. Prentice, ’75 The Hon. Terry L., ’78, and Patti  Pullman Larry J. Putnam, ’76 William K. Quarles, ’64 The Hon. James F. Quinn, ’83 Richard N. Raleigh, ’73 Stephanie A. Ralston, ’10 Stephanie A. Randall, ’13 Jackie A. Rapstine, ’83 John M. Rasmussen, ’99 Randall K. Rathbun, ’78 Gary H. Ratzlaff, ’70 Col. (Ret) Charles R. Rayl, ’75 Dr. C. Patrick and Miriam D. Reid Mindy B. Reynolds, ’92 Kim K. Richards, ’91 Kent A. Richins, ’85 Brandi L. Dunning Ridgeway, ’92 Roger A. Riedmiller, ’87 Lt. Col. Julia A. Rivera, ’87 Bruce E. Roach Jr., ’95 Angela M. Robinson Markley, ’06


Christopher M. Rohrer, ’91 Ronald D. Rome, ’75 Angel Romero, ’13 Nicole M. Romine, ’06 William P. Ronan III, ’80 Mark A. Rondeau, ’79 E. Jolene Rooney, ’76 The Hon. Eric S., ’84, and Dr.   Libby A. Rosen Richard D. Ross, ’75 The Hon. Steven M. Roth, ’89 Judith A. Rountree Dist. Prof. David L., ’65, and Dr.   Rita Kay Ryan Ronald S. Ryburn, ’86 Patrick M. Salsbury, ’74 Theodore D. Salzer, ’87 The Hon. Keith Sanborn, ’50 The Hon. Christopher D.   Sanders, ’90 George J. Savin Jr., ’73 Lawrence E. Schauf, ’71 William T. Schemmel, ’95 Scherer & Scherer Bryon R. Schlosser, ’71 Michael A. Schlueter, ’86 Stephen S. Schmelzle, ’80 William K. Schmidt, ’09 Michael K. Schmitt, ’74 Ronald L. Schneider, ’92 Michael and Claudia Schodowski Mark T. Schoenhofer, ’93 Lt. Steven and Joana Scholtz Delilah J. Schroeder, ’90 Sherri L. Schuck, ’02 Richard L. Schultz, ’60 Randall Scott and Kay Graham  Scott Roger L. Seedorf, ’94 R. Scott Seifert, ’92, and Lori E.   Reyes-Seifert, ’92 Mark A. Sevart, ’85 John H. Shaffer, ’54 Patricia A. Shalhoob, ’91 Chip, ’03, and Stephanie Shaner Michael Sharma-Crawford, ’02 Richard Shaw, ’72 Kevin P. Shepherd, ’00 John C., ’76, and Judith Sherman

Steven C. Sherwood, ’74 Douglas T., ’94, and Michelle  Shima Mary Ann Shirley, ’90 Donald H. Shoop, ’76 John A. Showalter, ’72 The Hon. Scott I. Showalter, ’84 Timothy A. Showalter, ’81 David G. Shriver, ’75 Anthony M. Singer, ’98 Ralph E. Skoog, ’59 Andrew D. Smith, ’01 Christine M. Smith, ’00 The Hon. Dean J. Smith, ’59 Eric B. Smith, ’94 Richard E. Smith, ’68 Virgie A. Smith Ardith R. Smith-Woertz, ’87 Laura J. Smithson-Corl, ’95 John M. Solbach III, ’77 Douglas C. Spencer, ’69 Hayden B. St. John, ’70 The Hon. Guy R. Steier, ’82 Robert D. Steiger, ’75 Martha R. Steincamp, ’71 Gregg and Debbie Stewart Col. Michael J. Stewart, ’77 The Hon. Charles A. Stokes, ’82 Gary D. Stone, ’95 Jason M., ’00, and JoAnn M.,   ’00, Stone Michael D. Strohbehn, ’78 Bruce L. Stubbs, ’92 Lynette C. Stueve, ’97 David B. Summers, ’78 Shelia Summers Ward Summerville, ’67 Randall C. Sumner, ’74 Scott S. Sumpter, ’83 John S. Sutherland, ’75 Avis A. Swartzman, ’71 Elizabeth H. Sweeney-Reeder, ’01 Christopher D. Swickard, ’92 Robert N. Symmonds, ’74 Rodney H. Symmonds, ’78 Wayne R. Tate, ’80 Richard D. Terrill, ’79 Fred and Marcia Terry Mark and Denise Thomas Terri D. Thomas, ’88 Laura L. Thompson, ’07 Linda D. Thompson Linus A. Thuston, ’95 The Hon. Nelson E. Toburen, ’67 John D. Tongier, ’82 Irwin S. Trester, ’68 Timothy E. Troll, ’78 B. Scott Tschudy, ’84 Russell Y. Tsuji, ’89 Amy L. Turner, ’09 Eric V. Turner, ’11 Martin E. Updegraff, ’61 The Hon. David W. Urbom, ’77 Kathleen A. Urbom, ’80 The Hon. James W. Van Amburg,  ’82 Randall D. VanVleck, ’82 Peter J. Vanderwarker, ’98 Debra A. Vermillion, ’86

J. Ronald Vignery, ’69 Paul K. Voelker, ’74 Rolf J. and Shelley Von Merveldt Donna M. Voth, ’77 Kelly M. Vrana, ’11 Jeffery B. Waddell, ’09 Shelly R. Wakeman, ’91 Megan K. Walawender, ’06 Patrick G., ’87, and Janet C., ’87,  Walsh Jennifer D. Walters, ’09 The Hon. Mark A. Ward, ’81 Teresa L. Watson, ’94 Dawn S. Wavle, ’00 Shannon D. Wead, ’97 Wesley A. Weathers, ’69, and   Patricia E. Riley, ’77 Aarika A. Wellnitz, ’13 Douglas E. Wells, ’79 Peter M. Wells, ’07 William, ’68, and Lois Wells Julian F. Weltsch, ’59 Eric Weslander, ’10 R. Clark Wesley, ’59 Charles B. Wesonig, ’72 Wayne K. Westblade, ’79 John R. Westerman, ’73 John P. Wheeler, ’76 Vince P. Wheeler, ’85 Karla E. Whitaker Margaret F. White, ’92 The Hon. John C. Whitehead, ’64 Larry H. Whitt, ’73 Gregory A. Whittmore, ’80 Jennifer L. Wickersham, ’03 James S. Willard, ’76 Charles and Emma Williams Jeffrey L. Willis, ’79 The Hon. Michael T. Wilson, ’88 June S. Windscheffel Kathryn J. Winters, ’78 Martin E. Wisneski Douglas P. Witteman, ’91 Joseph I., ’79, and Karen L., ’91,  Wittman William R. Wood II, ’86 Bruce D. Woolpert, ’84 Rudy E. Wrenick Jr., ’70 Keron A. Wright, ’07 Mitchell D. Wulfekoetter, ’87 Wendy A. Wussow, ’94 Phylemon C.M. Yau, ’93 The Hon. Frank J. Yeoman Jr., ’73 Lori L. Yockers, ’91 Patricia Young Suter The Hon. Rene S. Young, ’86 Michael W. Zehner, ’79

Class of 1937 Keith F. Quail*

Class of 1946 Gordon K. Lowry

Class of 1947 Paul S. Wise

DONORS – 17 Class of 1949

E. Charles Hageman Clyde E. Milligan*

Class of 1950

S. Jack Glaves The Hon. Keith Sanborn

Class of 1951

Junior F. Elder Albert P. Kovac Hollis B. Logan Wayne Probasco* Wendell D. Winkler James R. Yoxall

Class of 1952

The Hon. Thomas A. Bush The Hon. Sam A. Crow The Hon. Robert J. Dole Paul A. McAlister

Class of 1953

Don Baxter James M. Caplinger Sr. Jack R. Euler Richard C. Hite Herbert A. Kelley The Hon. Maurice P. O’Keefe Narra Smith Asher Don B. Stahr

Class of 1954 W. Bradley Post John H. Shaffer

Class of 1955 Gary M. Hilgers Joe W. Peel Gene A. Powell

Class of 1956

Paul D. Berkley The Hon. Paul L. Brady Robert L. Chesnut Frank C. Norton

Class of 1957

Wright W. Crummett Russ Davis John R. Frazier Robert W. Kaplan Carl W. Quarnstrom

Class of 1958

Richard V. Foote Gerald L. Goodell Robert D. Hecht John E. Herman Calvin L. McMillan Manuel B. Mendoza

Class of 1959

Robert F. Cunningham David L. McComb Ralph E. Skoog The Hon. Dean J. Smith

Julian F. Weltsch R. Clark Wesley

Edward B. Soule Ken W. Strobel

Class of 1960

Class of 1966

M. Wayne Davidson Jack Focht The Hon. Fred S. Jackson Gale S. Newton Jr. Philip C. Peterson Richard L. Schultz

Class of 1961

Lowell F. Hahn The Hon. Jan W. Leuenberger The Hon. Jerry L. Mershon James D. Murray Robert L. Roberts Martin E. Updegraff

Class of 1962

The Hon. J. Patrick Brazil David V. Buckley John E. Lang The Hon. Tyler C. Lockett Jerry E. Norton

Class of 1963

The Hon. John E. Conway* Firman G. Gladow Gene M. Olander Arthur E. Palmer

Class of 1964

Terry J. Anderson The Hon. John T. Flannagan R. Austin Nothern William K. Quarles Roger M. Sherwood The Hon. John C. Whitehead

Class of 1965

Linda Asay William M. Cobb The Hon. Jesse D. Euler Arthur A. Glassman John R. Hamilton John L. Kratzer Jr. Dist. Prof. David L. Ryan

The Hon. James G. Beasley Dennis L. Bieker Dr. Max M. Halley Richard R. Hartley Robert L. Locke Daniel D. Metz Kent P. Smith Frederick T. Thompson

Clark C. Bradshaw James G. Butler Frederick W. Godderz John J. Hesse Jr. The Hon. C. Frederick Lorentz II Michael J. Manning James M. Milliken William D. Powell Douglas C. Spencer Thomas A. Valentine J. Ronald Vignery Wesley A. Weathers

Class of 1967

Class of 1970

Richard L. Finn William J. Fitzpatrick Norman J. Furse The Hon. Thomas H. Graber Jacob S. Graybill Patrick J. Hurley Larry K. Meeker Larry D. Nuss William C. O’Keefe Lynn L. Perkins Gloria E. Shaw The Hon. Wm. Neil Shepherd Ward Summerville The Hon. Nelson E. Toburen

Class of 1968

Paul E. Artzer Harold S. Beims David S. Berman The Hon. David F. Brewster John J. Bryan Lawrence A. Dimmitt Arne T. Henricks Kenneth L. Kerns Lawrence J. McDonough J. Byron Meeks Richard E. Smith Irwin S. Trester William A. Wells

Class of 1969

Thomas A. Adrian Col. Jack S. Bender III Bruce E. Borders

Randy M. Hearrell Robert L. Heath Bruce W. Kent Robert W. Manske Timothy E. McKee David L. McLane James P. Payne Bryan L. Query Gary H. Ratzlaff Hayden B. St. John Rudy E. Wrenick

Class of 1971

Michael L. Clutter Bart E. Eisfelder Roger L. Hiatt Edward J. Hund Jr. Curtis M. Irby Philip M. Knighton John O. Martin Jan R. Pierce Lawrence E. Schauf Bryon R. Schlosser Martha R. Steincamp Avis A. Swartzman

Class of 1972

Paul R. Boeding The Hon. Daniel L. Brewster The Hon. Benjamin L. Burgess Jr. George E. Burket III Prof. Linda D. Elrod Michael V. Foust Daniel S. Garrity II John H. Gibson Fernando E. Mata James B. Mefferd Darrell E. Miller Richard Shaw John A. Showalter Laurence A. Stanton Thomas G. Teichgraeber Kenneth W. Wasserman Charles B. Wesonig

Class of 1973

John Badger John E. Caton Steven G. Cooper Margaret A. Gatewood William H. Griffin Ronald H. Harnden David J. Heinemann

18 – DONORS The Hon. William H. Helsper Eric J. Kjorlie James E. Martin William G. Mills II Michael C. Moline Clark R. Nelson The Hon. J. Stephen Nyswonger James W. Parrish Richard N. Raleigh James N. Reardon Lawrence R. Rute George J. Savin Jr. The Hon. Edward P.  Schneeberger John R. Shirley Edward H. Sondker Richard G. Tucker John R. Westerman Larry H. Whitt Ronald E. Wurtz The Hon. Frank J. Yeoman Jr.

Class of 1974

Alan F. Alderson Gary M. Austerman John T. Bird Capt. Mark P. Blenden E. Richard Brewster Bradley A. Buckles Wendell F. Cowan Jr. Frederick J. Dodds III Douglas R. Everley G. Verne Goodsell Ronald R. Hein Stanley R. Juhnke John D. Kemp The Hon. Paul J. Kilburg Kyler G. Knobbe John W. Lann C. Michael Lennen Rex K. Linder James F. Long Keith C. Magnusson The Hon. Christel E. Marquardt F. Lawrence McAulay Jr. John R. McNee Francis A. Natchez Sen. Thomas C. (Tim) Owens H. Wayne Powers Jr. Michael W. Ryan Patrick M. Salsbury Richard E. Samson Michael K. Schmitt Steven C. Sherwood Randall C. Sumner Timothy J. Suttle Robert N. Symmonds Paul K. Voelker Warren B. Wood Roy H. Worthington III

Class of 1975

The Hon. John Anderson III Terry E. Beck Bill D. Berkley Galen E. Biery Wm. David Byassee The Hon. Larry L. Campbell Douglas M. Crotty


Robert D. Eggleston Tom A. Friedmann The Hon. Stephen D. Hill Paul R. Hoferer Leigh C. Hudson Lawrence G. Karns William J. Kelly Dennis D. Kirk Don J. Knappenberger The Rev. Victoria M. Kumorowski Jenifer L. Lucas Karl A. Menninger II Louis K. Obdyke Timothy P. O’Sullivan The Hon. James A. Patton Robert A. Prentice Col. (Ret) Charles R. Rayl Ronald D. Rome Richard D. Ross David G. Shriver James C. Slattery Robert D. Steiger John S. Sutherland James H. Thompson

Class of 1976

Mark V. Beshears Russell E. Bishop Karen A. Black Richard C. Borton Leonard L. Buddenbohm Lawrence T. Buening Jr. Harriet E. Caplan* Ray L. Connell Thomas H. Duncan Keith R. Fevurly Curtis A. Frasier Michael C. Germann Alan C. Goering Al Grieshaber The Hon. Gerald W. Hart Thomas D. Henderson J. Michael Kennalley Richard C. King Eric J. Larson The Hon. Daniel L. Love The Hon. L. Barry Mack David K. Martin Willard M. Mellott Brenton B. Moore The Hon. Donald R. Noland III William T. North Paul D. Oakleaf Jody R. Olberding William J. Pauzauskie Larry J. Putnam Dwight E. Rahmeyer David M. Rapp Sidney A. Reitz E. Jolene Rooney Theodore D. Roth R. Douglas Sebelius Ronald L. Shackle John P. Sheahon John C. Sherman Donald H. Shoop Joyce R. Simmons Rubenstein S. Philip Stover Roger L. Unruh

John P. Wheeler James S. Willard

Class of 1977

Bruce L. Bachman Larry R. Baer The Hon. Richard T. Ballinger Gregory K. Barker George A. Barton Col. Thomas G. Becker Jeanette S. Bertelson Daniel G. Blythe The Hon. John D. Boeh Dana Brewer The Hon. Joseph Bribiesca Mert F. Buckley Forrest A. Buhler Craig D. Cox Daryl V. Craft K. Alan Deines Jeffrey O. Ellis Patricia A. Gorham Stanton A. Hazlett Elizabeth R. Herbert Donald F. Hoffman Jeffrey C. Joy W. Terrence Kilroy Bruce W. Kinzie Joe A. Lang Charles S. Lyman Carol S. Lyon David K. Markham Barry D. Martin The Hon. Joseph L. McCarville III Dennis M. McCool James R. McEntire David D. Moshier Patrik W. Neustrom J. Larry Odom The Hon. C. William Ossmann James S. Oswalt Stephen R. Page Prof. David E. Pierce David D. Plinsky Victor F. Poulos Patricia E. Riley Robert J. Sandilos John M. Solbach III Col. Michael J. Stewart James D. Tack Jr. Larry D. Tittel The Hon. David W. Urbom Donna M. Voth H. Reed Walker The Hon. John L. Weingart

Class of 1978

Dan O. Adkins David M. Baer Albert R. Bandy Denise E. Bandy J. Robert Brookens Cynthia L. Burch Juni Clark David L. Dahl Steven C. Day S. Lucky DeFries The Hon. Thomas E. Foster The Hon. Bruce T. Gatterman

Cydni K. Gilman Barry S. Ginsburg Linda K. Graves Vincent S. Green Karen L. Griffiths Charles F. Harris John C. Herman The Hon. Philip T. Kyle Charles E. Millsap Edward J. Nazar The Hon. Sally D. Pokorny The Hon. Terry L. Pullman Randall K. Rathbun Michael D. Strohbehn David B. Summers Rodney H. Symmonds Timothy E. Troll Calvin K. Williams Kathryn J. Winters Julia L. Young

Class of 1979

Anne L. Baker Gregory L. Bauer Timothy J. Carkhuff June Ellen Claydon Theodore M. Dinges David A. Fenley Alice M. Fitzgerald John J. Gillett H. Marvin Gilmore Michael G. Glover Dr. Robert F. Hartsook Mary V. Hower Prudence Hutton Thomas J. Koehler Karen S. Kyle Lawrence F. Montague David H. Moses Cleo A. Murphy K. Kirk Nystrom Fred F. Paoli Jr. Robert J. Perry Dale E. Pike The Hon. Mark B. Pilley G. Craig Robinson Mark A. Rondeau Richard D. Terrill Dr. Howard N. Ward Douglas E. Wells Wayne K. Westblade Jeffrey L. Willis Joseph I. Wittman Ronald P. Wood Michael W. Zehner David N. Zimmerman

Class of 1980

Charles H. Apt III Corey S. Berger Richard M. Blackwell Brenda L. Braden Paul E. Braden Jill Bremyer Col. David H. Brunjes Stephen W. Cavanaugh Malcolm L. Copeland Dennis R. Davidson The Hon. David B. Debenham


Ronald D. DeMoss Douglas D. Depew Barton L. Duckworth Joseph M. Fast Carol L. Foreman Janet L. Frickey Ann C. Frigon The Hon. Kenneth G. Gale Bradley E. Haddock John A. Hageman Thomas D. Harris Bob Hoehn The Hon. Lee A. Johnson Norman R. Kelly Craig A. Kreiser Thomas A. Loftus III Scott K. Logan Kurtis I. Loy C. David McDermott Thomas W. McNish Deborah A. Peterson Keith L. Roberts William P. Ronan III Kay Y. Rute Stephen S. Schmelzle Wayne R. Tate Kathleen A. Urbom Sue Jean White Gregory A. Whittmore

Class of 1981

Carolyn A. Adams Matthew W. Boddington James V. Bransten Henry R. Cox John M. Duma Christopher L. Flattery Tom D. Fulzenloger Philip W. Hardman Alan N. Hassler Michael E. Hazel

Kevin B. Johnson Jeffrey W. Jones Jeffrey E. King Anthony D. Link Garry J. McCubbin Daniel L. Muchow Ronald W. Nelson George H. Pearson III Lou Bjorgaard Probasco Elizabeth J. Shannahan  Redmond Mark A. Shaiken Timothy A. Showalter William M. Spieler Pamela H. Stabler The Hon. Mark A. Ward

Class of 1982

Patrick R. Barnes Jeffery R. Brewer William E. Brewer James M. Caplinger Jr. Richard A. Caspermeyer Leslie K. Ching Christopher G. Costello Terry C. Cupps Gregory M. Dennis* Daniel L. Doyle Mary Ann Gerrard The Hon. Larry D. Hendricks The Hon. E. Leigh Hood Robert M. Hughes Craig H. Kaufman Timothy R. Keenan Kurt F. Kluin Laurine Kreipe Steven M. Laiderman Gerald R. Lau Douglas K. Manion Charles M. Masner Mark D. Masters

The Hon. Timothy P. McCarthy Larry T. McRell Judith L. Olander Clarice J. Peters Zackery E. Reynolds Joanne Sorrentino The Hon. Guy R. Steier The Hon. Charles A. Stokes Roger D. Struble Gerald V. Tanner John D. Tongier Jeffrey L. Ungerer The Hon. James W. Van Amburg Randall D. VanVleck

Class of 1983

Ricky E. Bailey Robert M. Barnes James M. Day Stephen C. Fiebiger Lewis D. Gregory Annette Gurney Ronald E. Henke Rex W. Henoch John W. Kelley Larry K. King Ronald J. Laskowski William E. Mowery III Scott A. Mugno Linda S. Parks The Hon. James F. Quinn Jackie A. Rapstine Rosemary Saldan-Pawson Scott S. Sumpter Kathleen A. Tanner William A. Vickery

Class of 1984

Comm. Shari M. Albrecht Marian Amrein Randy M. Barker

David R. Brant The Hon. David E. Bruns Kevin Davis John R. Dietrick The Hon. J. Charles Droege Kenneth J. Eland Karen L. France Lawrence M. Gurney Laura L. Ice John D. Jurcyk Douglas J. Keeling Jeff Kennedy Robert R. Lee II David K. Martin Craig R. McKinney David J. Melusky Monte L. Miller The Hon. William E. Muret Rita L. Noll Gary A. Norton Gregory J. Pappas Harry J. Pratt Karen D. Wedel Renwick The Hon. Eric S. Rosen The Hon. Scott I. Showalter Stephanie L. Spring B. Scott Tschudy Bruce D. Woolpert

Class of 1985

Evelyn L. Allen M. Lou Allen Don Andersen Russell A. Brown Robert F. Chase Kurt F. Clausing Richard F. Corson The Hon. Daniel D. Creitz Lori A. Fink Michael N. Flesher Diane M. Glynn Paul S. Gregory Richard J. Kastner Ronald M. Kendrick Christopher Korth Steven A. Kraushaar Michael J. Laden Lauren M. Lowry Stuart S. Lowry The Hon. Eric F. Melgren Dr. Stephen D. Minnis The Hon. Nancy L. Moritz Erick E. Nordling Steven J. Obermeier The Hon. Nancy E. Parrish Kent A. Richins Mark A. Sevart Leslee R. Sharp Trisha A. Thelen Kelly M. Thomas Vince P. Wheeler The Hon. Evelyn Wilson

Class of 1986

Anton C. Andersen Susan D. Andrews Leigh P. Bennett Terri L. Bezek Gary E. Bishop

20 – DONORS D. Scott Brown Maj. Saul Contreras John G. Fowler Lynne M. Graves Charles H. Herd Janelle M. Cascini Herres Charles W. Hess David V. Igliozzi Michael W. Jones Paul R. Kramer Mark J. Lazzo Thomas G. Luedke Steven D. Mank Keith L. Mark Ronnie D. Martinek W. John McGuire Gregory G. Meredith Larry J. Pitts Ronald S. Ryburn Michael A. Schlueter C. Geraldine Umphenour Debra A. Vermillion Jill A. Wolters William R. Wood The Hon. Rene S. Young

Class of 1987

The Hon. Brad E. Avery Terry D. Criss Whitney B. Damron Sue E. DeVoe Daniel J. Gronniger Kenneth S. Gully Connie S. Hamilton Michael W. Hastings Paul C. Herr Gary S. Hess Patricia Horner Michael R. Hull Ronald D. Jung Timothy P. Kelly Janet Kroell Kerr Steven W. Kruse The Hon. Jeffry J. Larson Jane E. Lindhout Assoc. Dean Jalen Lowry Frederick L. Meier II Dana L. Parks Prof. Lynette Petty Roger A. Riedmiller Lt. Col. Julia A. Rivera Theodore D. Salzer Steve A. Schwarm Ardith R. Smith-Woertz Donald T. Taylor Janet C. Walsh Patrick G. Walsh Prof. Curtis J. Waugh Mitchell D. Wulfekoetter

Class of 1988

Tom R. Barnes II Tracey Samantha Chechlele Joann E. Corpstein Kimberly S. Green Kenton M. Hall Jack L. Heath Larry C. Hoffman


James R. Jarrow Robyn C. Euler Johnson Michael G. Jones Edward Kainen Gary W. Long Charlie H. Manh Michael A. Montoya Steven K. O’Hern John A. Reynolds Susan S. Saidian Terri D. Thomas Roger W. Warren The Hon. Michael T. Wilson

Class of 1989

Carmen D. Bakarich Michael A. Barber Marck R. Cobb Rebekah S. Crawford The Hon. Kim W. Cudney Michael J. Joshi Greer M. Lang Kevin W. Loeffler Joyce A. McCray Pearson Alan P. Morel The Hon. Steven M. Roth Richard D. Smith Russell Y. Tsuji

Class of 1990

Dennis O. Bosley Jeffrey L. Cowger Matthew D. Flesher C. Leslie Fowler David A. Hawley James C. Heathman Allison L. Herr Rusty Hymer James M. Jeweler Julia A. McKee Mahmud Noormohamed Mahesh I. Patel Gary E. Patterson Marjorie D. Petty The Hon. Christopher D. Sanders Melvin J. Sauer Jr. Delilah J. Schroeder Mary Ann Shirley

Class of 1991

John M. Collins Keith A. Haas Jeffrey D. Leonard Mary L. Matthews Shane T. McCall Christina D. Moss Nancy A. Ogle N. Trey Pettlon Kim K. Richards Christopher M. Rohrer Patricia A. Shalhoob Shelly R. Wakeman Douglas P. Witteman Karen L. Wittman Lori L. Yockers

Class of 1992

Kevin T. Beckwith

Brett C. Bogan Prof. Jeffrey D. Jackson J. Scott MacBeth Allen E. Olson Lori E. Reyes-Seifert Mindy B. Reynolds Brandi L. Dunning Ridgeway Ronald L. Schneider R. Scott Seifert Bruce L. Stubbs Christopher D. Swickard Margaret F. White

Class of 1993

Dwight D. Dumler The Hon. Steven R. Ebberts Dana L. Fanoele Laura M. Graham Carlene J. Griffith Colleen Harrell Debra A. Hockett-Clark The Hon. Paula D. Hofaker Chad L. Hooker Darren K. Kearns Thomas G. Lemon Andrew J. McGowan Jason P. Oldham The Hon. Cheryl Rios Kingfisher Jacquelyn E. Rokusek Mark T. Schoenhofer Phylemon C.M. Yau

Class of 1994

James W. Chipman Clinton D. Collier David Curotto Christopher A. Gordon Byron K. Hammond The Hon. Amy L. Harth Jeremy B. Kohn Lynn S. McCreary The Hon. Kristen D. Mickey D. Dani Noe Marie Robb Roger L. Seedorf Douglas T. Shima Eric B. Smith Teresa L. Watson Wendy A. Wussow

Class of 1995

Stuart P. Boehning Kelli N. Breer Kevin A. Graham Margaret A. Graham Jeffrey R. Hewett Yolanda D. Ingram Jack H. Kim Jae M. Lee Pamela S. Leinwetter Norbert C. Marek Jr. Lisa A. Ochs Patrick G. Reavey

DONORS – 21 Bruce E. Roach Jr. William T. Schemmel Laura J. Smithson-Corl Kyle Steadman Gary D. Stone Linus A. Thuston Mary F. Weir

Class of 1996

David A. Bayles Jennifer M. Berard Cline I. Boone Paulette R. Burgess Derrick C. Carpenter John F. Carpinelli Lara L. Delka Amy E. Heath Eric S. Heath Harold A. Houck Brent W. Houston Kurt L. James Sophia S. Lee Patrick J. Meyer Julia S. Spainhour

Class of 1997

Christina I. Apperson Jerry D. Hawkins Deena M. Hyson Bailey Robert E. Johnson II Jeffrey C. Knapp Callie A. Marks Michael A. Millett Carolyn R. Simpson Lynette C. Stueve Shannon D. Wead

Class of 1998

Amy J. Bipes Brenda J. Clary Paula N. Johnson Jason C. Neal Victoria L. Nilles Anthony M. Singer Peter J. Vanderwarker

Class of 1999

William “Trey” A. Alford III Charles D. Baskins Wade H. Bowie Jr. Kevin J. Breer Pamela D. Campbell-Burton Marlee S. Carpenter Michelle M. Carter-Gouge Robert A. Holubec Brian M. Jacques Melissa E. Kasprzyk Nicole M. Kean Eric G. Kraft Susan M. Loy Jonathan J. Martin Deletrai L. Nash Donald C. Oakley John A. Pazell John M. Rasmussen Alejandro J. Solorio Sabrina K. Standifer Erika L. Winters

Class of 2000

Rex S. Chang Chad Colgan Reggie Davis Christina Dean Dr. Esther W. Digh Kyle M. Fleming Lynda Koenemann Laura K. Moen Pamela C. Musgrave Kevin P. Shepherd Christine M. Smith Jason M. Stone JoAnn M. Stone Dawn S. Wavle Colin D. Wood Larry N. Zimmerman

Class of 2001

Patty Burley Mary E. Christopher Marc C. Davis The Hon. Lori A. Bolton Fleming Nathan D. Leadstrom Jeffrey C. Leiker Aaron C. McKee Dr. Denise D. Riemann Andrew D. Smith Elizabeth H. Sweeney-Reeder

Class of 2002

Jodi M. Adolf Amanda Bundren McNelley Nathan R. Coleman Cameron V. Drumright Greg A. Drumright Maj. Rebecca L. Farrell Sean C. Harlow Erik C. Klutman Andrew L. Kynaston Nathan J. Lucero Sarah McLean Acosta Rich McNelley Amy S. Raymond Scott H. Raymond Sherri L. Schuck Michael Sharma-Crawford Luke A. Sobba Anthony L. Springfield

Class of 2003

Brandon J. Berkley Eric R. Bidwell Chane C. Carpenter Dominique Z. Guerrero Jeremiah C. Humes Amanda J. Kiefer Maj. Lewis V. Kliem Ronald D. Kurtz Julius P. Maurin IV Molly J. Maurin Jennifer L. Myers Daniel L. Parker Chip Shaner Duston J. Slinkard Jennifer L. Wickersham

Class of 2004

Justin A. Barrett Robin K. Carlson Michelle D. Carpenter Christopher R. Cuevas Bart A. Fisher Clint W. Floyd Clinton M. Goos Tracy M. Gullickson Cathleen M. Hobson Sara N. Huerter Christopher M. Irby Valarie L. Jones

Class of 2005

John M. Alston Christopher C. Bates Jamie L. Bates Tanya E. Bidwell Peter B. Bieri Vincent M. Cox Alison N. Fields John P. Foley Meghan M. Houtsma Lora M. Jennings Franck Joseph Courtney T. Kennedy Cheryl A. Kessler C.W. Klebe Eric K. Lau Jeffrey N. Lowe Melissa A. Moodie

Class of 2006

Kelly-Rose Bieri Hillary J. Boye Kristy L. Cuevas Steven M. Ellis Roarke R. Gordon Mary K. Hanisch Dominic L. Kujawa Paula D. Langworthy Luanne C. Leeds Amy L. Leisinger Kendall M. McVay DeLayne G. Merritt Sunee N. Mickle Dara E. Montclare Deborah L. Moody Adam T. Pankratz Jeremiah L. Platt Angela M. Robinson Markley Nicole M. Romine Megan K. Walawender Angel R. Zimmerman

Class of 2007

Andrew Couch Karen M. Couch Mark A. Dupree Shanelle E. Dupree Jay R. Hall Richard A. Hickey Judy Y. Jenkins Berend J. Koops Molly E. McMurray Terri J. Pemberton Laura L. Thompson

Peter M. Wells Keron A. Wright

Class of 2008

David Becker Tracey D. Johnson Melissa S. Lavonier Kevin J. O’Keefe Eric M. Pauly

Class of 2009

Timothy M. Belsan David P. Bolda Angela D. Coble Carrie J. Ellison Danielle M. Hall Joseph R. Ledbetter Joseph P. Moore Shirin T. Oman Ellen C. Montgomery Joey M. Parsons William K. Schmidt Amy L. Turner Jeffery B. Waddell Jennifer D. Walters

Class of 2010

Jordan G. Blanton Christine A. Dickerson de Galindo Alan Dunaway Ashley G. Hawkinson Jennifer N. Horchem Christopher D. Mann Teresa A. Mata David E. McDonald Joshua S. Mikkelsen Jonathon L. Noble Jason E. Oller Theresa D. Poindexter Stephanie A. Ralston Erica P. Rios Eric Weslander

Class of 2011

Alexandra E. Blasi Chantz N. Martin Megan E. Massey Cheryl R. Meier Sandra Sigler Eric V. Turner Kelly M. Vrana

Class of 2012

Kyle D. Donnelly Joslynn M. Kusiak Laura E. Nordgren

Class of 2013

Lyndzie M. Carter Jill R. Gillett Stephanie A. Randall Angel Romero Aarika A. Wellnitz

Profile for Washburn University Foundation

Washburn University School of Law Honor Roll - Fiscal Year 2014  

Washburn University School of Law Honor Roll - Fiscal Year 2014