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WAS H U N ITED INDIA F ELLOWS HIP PRO GRA M Conceptualize, Create, Connect

Are you adventurous, curious, creative, interested, and interesting? Are you socially conscious and passionate about development & public health, particularly in India? Do you quickly adapt to different environments and have an ability to keenly observe them? Are you fascinated by the idea of long journeys through rural India ? Do you want to help change the world and save lives through film, photography, and design? “No...” Feel free to close this document.

“Yes!” Please Continue!

India’s Sanitation Crisis Lack of adequate sanitation is a huge problem in India. 626 million Indians live without access to safe sanitation, making India the country with most people living without toilets in the world. This leads to problems spanning health, economics, human rights, & the environment Human Impact

• More than 1,000 children die from preventable diarrhoea every day. • Shame and lack of dignity is a constant companion as people are forced to defecate in full view of others. • Women suffer from reproductive tract infections due to poor hygiene • Human rights abuses are a common occurrence as women are often molested or raped as they are forced to use isolated locations for open-defecation. • 443 million school days are lost each year due to water-related diseases.

WASH Fellowship Program

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Economic Impact

• India loses approximately USD 53.8 billion (>6.4% of India’s GDP) due to increased health costs, productivity losses, and reduced tourism revenue due to inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene. • Halving the proportion of those globally without access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation by 2015 is estimated to result in 272 million more school attendance days a year. • The value of deaths averted, based on discounted future earnings, would amount to US$3.6 billion a year. • For every $1 invested in water and sanitation, $8 is returned in increased productivity. • 3.5% of all work time is lost due to sanitation related

WASH United

WASH United is an award winning international NGO that pioneers the use of the use of sport star ambassadors, interactive educational games, and innovative campaigning formats to make toilets & hand-washing hygiene “cool & sexy” and to facilitate behavior change. WASH United has country programs in India and 8 African countries. Key partners in our work include Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Swiss Agency For Development & Cooperation, GIZ, WSSCC, Arghyam, WaterAid, FC Bayern Munich, German Foreign Office, Norwegian Foreign Office, French Foreign Office, FC Bayern Munich. WASH United has launched several large sanitation and hygiene projects such as the Nirmal Bharat Yatra (Great WASH Yatra) and has received broad international recognition for its success in promoting sanitation and hygiene in India and Africa.

WASH Fellowship Program

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Joining the WASH United India team will link you to a growing team of youthful, ambitious and fun-loving social innovators / entrepreneurs within New Delhi’s swiftly emerging social innovation community as well as more established organizations such as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Acumen Fund, IDEO, Planning Commission Of India, Ashoka, PATH, J-PAL, Dalberg, Harvard Kennedy School, The World Bank, Water & Sanitation Program and many many more. Fellows will have an opportunity to use these networks to further their work.

Nirmal Bharat Yatra





WASH WASHFellowship FellowshipProgram Program

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WASH United in India recently conducted the Nirmal Bharat Yatra (The Great WASH Yatra : / www., a mega sanitation-themed carnival that featured unique games, performances, & labs. The Yatra was a mammoth undertaking traveling 2000 Km across rural India over 50 days and reached 230 million people with messages of sanitation and hygiene.

The Yatra was a particular resonant format because it built upon all the things Indians are really passionate and excited about – Bollywood song and dance, popular TV formats, but above all India’s favorite sport cricket – and used them to tackle persisting taboos related to sanitation and hygiene and charged these issues with positive emotions.

The Nirmal Bharat Yatra had three key goals: 1) promote lifesaving toilet adoption + handwashing with soap behaviour among at-risk children, youth, & adults; 2) raise awareness about sanitation & hygiene amongst rural & urban populations by getting exciting, positive stories about sanitation and hygiene in mass media; & 3) advocate for improvements in sanitation and hygiene IEC programs among key stakeholders in the government, media, & other sector organizations. .

The Yatra benefited immensely from having 7 extremely talented Fellows with diverse backgrounds such as choreography, professional filmmaking, & photography from India, Germany, the US, & the UK. See details of the Fellowship here: After the immense success of this first Fellowship program, we are now launching WASH United Fellows Program Edition 2.


A B O U T T H E F E L LO W S H I P S Conceptualize, Create, Connect

Yatra Fellowship Program

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The WASH United Fellowship 2nd Edition | Mar 2013 onwards Having just wrapped up the successful Yatra Fellowship with 7 international and Indian fellows, WASH United India is launching it’s second Fellowship Program. The program is looking for talented individuals in search of a fun, challenging, and high profile experience in the Indian social innovation space. The program is structured to allow for creative freedom as well as high impact work that gets implemented on the field through collaborations between WASH United and its partner organizations.  In this Edition, we are inviting Filmmakers, Photographers, and Graphic Designers. This team of Fellows will be central to WASH United’s communication, advocacy and awareness raising efforts across a variety of projects over the next 6-12 months. If any of this sounds interesting to you please read on! WASH Fellowship Program

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Fellowship Structure Three Fellowship opportunities are open for applications, all based out of New Delhi / Gurgaon, India. The Fellowships will start in mid March - mid April 2013 and will range from 3-12 months based on mutual agreement. During the Fellowship, the Fellows will work on 2-3 projects especially structured for the Fellowship. These projects will either pertain to one or more specific projects that WASH United is undertaking in 2013 (such as Sanitation Carnivals or Loo Tunes) or will be aligned to WASH United’s organization level goals. During the Fellowship, Fellows will work on 2-3 projects specially structured projects. The fellow projects will centered aroundt he creation of extremely high quality content for WASH United’s sanitation/hygiene based advocacy (see below for specific project possibilities) for 15 days of a month. The fellows are free to use the remaining time at their discretion. These projects will be designed carefully so as to balance WASH United’s strategic objectives and ensuring creative challenge for the Fellows. Additionally fellows will be housed comfortably in a central and fun neighborhood of Delhi.

WASH WASH Fellowship Fellowship Program Program

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Fellows will play a critical role in the following projects Nirmal Rajya Yatra / Nirmal Gram Mela

Loo Tunes

After the success of the Nirmal Bharat Yatra across 6 states, WASH United is designing two new carnivals filled with games & performances that communicate messages of sanitation and hygiene to specific States within India and to remote villages.

WASHÂ United is commissioning leading Indian and international musicians to compose songs for a music repository (to be called Loo Tunes), which will be used to generate awareness about the sanitation crisis in India & abroad. The repository is being launched to reach out and create awareness amongst a growing urban population and to recruit volunteers and to raise support for sanitation and hygiene innovation within India. The program has already recruited recognized Indian bands such as Indian Ocean and Rabbi Shergill and is going to grow exponentially in the next year with international acts being signed up.

WASH United will launch these carnivals and journeys in partnership with Indian states and our partners. Our team of Fellows will be involved in creating compelling content for this project through film, photography, & design (of games + communication materials). Depending on interest, the Fellows will also get the chance to travel thousands of kilometers across rural India in caravans spreading messages of hygiene and health.

Our team of Fellows will be involved in creating compelling content for this project through film, photography, & design. We are envisioning things such as behind the scenes footage of music recordings, interviews with artists on the power of music for social change, and creating audio-visual materials for a viral marketing campaign for this project. Depending on interest, the Fellows will also get the chance to be involved in the campaign launch in multiple countries.

WASH Fellowship Program

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Fellows will play a critical role in the following projects Toilets are Beautiful

Common Light

The TAB program will use the power of art to bring sanitation into the mainstream. One of the problems with sanitation in India has been the taboo tag associated with sanitation. It makes it very difficult for the issue to be taken seriously as people are hesitant to discuss it. Art is a medium that brings fringe and / or taboo issues into the mainstream.

Common Light is a non-profit project that partners with photography & film enthusiasts to capture image & film footage of important social issues. This footage is then made available under a Creative Commons License for use by non-profits & media globally to address these social issues. The program is run through specially curated field trips organized by experts in the sector. The collected material will then be made available to NGO’s, stakeholders, and individuals who can’t afford hiring professionals to collect such material.

WASH United is in the process of partnering with leading Indian artists, art institutions, & museums to launch large scale public art on the 19th of November 2013 (World Toilet Day), commission leading artists to produce sanitation themed art that is then auctioned to collectors globally, and to launch a pan-India tour of an original Van Gogh painting to raise awareness and support for sanitation and hygiene. Our team of Fellows will be involved in creating compelling content for this project through film, photography, & design. We are envisioning things such as interviews with the artists, behind the scenes footage within their studios, the process of making public art (even getting involved in the making of it), capturing the Van Gogh campaign, interviews with youth on their reactions to art for sanitation, creating marketing materials & a website to reach out to art collectors.

WASH Fellowship Program

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WASH United is one of the organizations behind Common Light and anchors several Common Light field trips in urban slums and (going forward) rural areas. Fellows will have the chance to be part of and give shape to Common Light field trips, communication materials, & outreach efforts.

Why Apply High Impact Social Innovation: Fellowship projects that are extremely well designed so as to provide maximum impact and learning

opportunities. The Fellowships will have clear goals or problem statements, adequate resources, mentoring and regular feedback, and a dynamic working environment.

Access To The Social Innovation Network In Delhi: If one might say that Bangalore or Gurgaon is the “tech hub” of India, then Delhi is rapidly becoming India’s creative hub for designers, programmers, filmmakers, and social entrepreneurs. This is a wonderful opportunity to become part of this growing community.

Living In A New City / Country: For those not from Delhi, and especially for those not from India, this Fellowship provides the chance of a

lifetime to live and work in this city, while not having to worry about living expenses and searching for rooms and roommates. You’ll have at least two other fellows with you through this whole process, too!

Independence To Pursue Interests Outside The Fellowship: We recognize that most of us want to set aside some time to pursue our

interests or just explore a new environment, in addition to planned work. The Fellowship will allow Fellows to spend up to 15 working days a month on personal interests, goals, & projects if they so choose.

WASH Fellowship Program

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WASH Fellowship Program

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Filmmaker Description Storytelling is extremely important to social innovation. Nothing conveys the truth of a situation or the potential of a new innovation more than visual narratives. High quality audiovisual materials are a vital input into mobilization, communication, and advocacy within the social sector. The WASH United Fellowship program is looking for a filmmaker + video editor who will be able to capture interesting aspects of WASH United projects and then construct meaningful audiovisual narratives from the footage.

Yatra Fellowship Program

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Responsibilities • Brainstorming creative possibilities for the use of film in projects • Storyboarding short films aligned to project objectives • Planning field visits and capturing compelling quality footage for these films. • Creating a catalog of raw footage and tagging it for future retrieval • Editing and production of high quality films & video, and obtaining an understanding of previously captured footage • Editing of captured material to produce a professional quality video.

Skills/Experience • Experience in and passion for documentary filmmaking: shorts & medium length. • Experience working with a range of video equipment. • Experience in field research & constructing story boards for films • Deep experience editing on Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. After Effects and Cinema 4D will be a plus. • Sound mixing using software such as Logic is a plus. • Being able to speak Hindi or other Indian languages is a huge plus.

Digital Graphic Designer Description Good design can be powerful. Extremely powerful. WASH United recognizes the power of design and design thinking & tries to leverage the power of design across all our activities: be it the design of our programs, our games, or our communication materials. All our programs require compelling communication material (online + print) to achieve their awareness raising & advocacy goals. The WASH United Fellowship Program is looking for a Digital Graphic Designer who will work on program brand identity development, websites, brochures, presentations, environmental graphics for carnivals & games and much more.

WASH Fellowship Program

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Skills/Experience • Involvement in the developing brand identities for WASH United programs such as the Carnivals, Loo Tunes etc. • Development of new marketing/ communications material; brochures, flyers, posters, web page design for WASH United and for our programs • Visual design on games, environmental graphics within our programs • Creation of adaptable template formats for communication material to be used on WASH United projects

Responsibilities • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in graphic design, visual design, or art from a top program in India or abroad (NID, RISD, SVA, St Martins etc) • A fantastic portfolio that blows our mind away. The portfolio should display the ability to bridge styles and cultural paradigms. • Deep technical expertise in the tools of design: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, AfterEffects) and in presentation software (Keynote + Powerpoint) • Knowledge and experience in CSS, HTML, and PHP (for Wordpress)


Description The old adage, of pictures being worth a thousand words, is absolutely true and nothing mobilizes people and organizations around social issues more than the right picture capturing the right scene. In sanitation, traditionally a taboo topic, pictures play an even more important role in shedding light on the issue and the often extremely uncomfortable facts. The WASH United Fellowship program is looking for a photographer who will be able to capture interesting aspects of WASH United projects and then construct meaningful visual narratives from the photography. WASH Fellowship Program

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Responsibilities: • Brainstorming creative possibilities for the use of photography in projects • Planning field visits and capturing compelling pictures. This will include field trips to rural India and to urban slums among others. • Creating a catalog of raw footage and tagging it for future retrieval • Editing and production of high quality visual essays that are used by WASH United in our work

Skills/Experience • An amazing portfolio that blows us away and shows us that you have your heart in the right place and that you have an incredible eye for photography • Significant experience in photography & photojournalism (professional or serious amateur) • Thorough knowledge of photography principles, optics, equipment, and technique. • Knowledge of production processes for online publishing and offline printing of pictures • Fluency editing digital pictures with Adobe Photoshop / Lightroom

Sound Interesting? Applicants to the Fellowship will need to do the following: • Submit a thoughtful cover letter explaining your experience, life trajectory, and why this Fellowship is exciting to you. Interesting ideas on how you would be able to contribute to the Fellowship are very welcome. • A detailed CV • A link to your portfolio (for filmmakers, photographers, & designers)

Send the above to Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed by the WASH United team and final decisions taken after that.

WASH Fellowship Program

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WASH United India Fellowship  

This is the second round of Fellowships being initiated by WASH India for the year 2013.