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Passing on the torch of operative management In the middle of April, Peter Balzer took over the operative management of WASCOSA as the new CEO. Philipp MĂźller will continue to oversee the company in his function as Delegate of the Board of Directors and will devote more of his time to strategic tasks.

ten years in various topics as an external advisor. With Peter Balzer we have managed to land a very dedicated and competent Managing Director who will ensure both continuity as well as the qualitative further development of WASCOSA. The independent management of the operative sector by the Management, leaving the Board of Directors to concentrate on purely strategic management tasks, now permits the correct and comprehensive separation of functions that is required in a company of WASCOSA's size nowadays. Retirement from Board of Directors


After more than 20 years at the helm, Philipp MĂźller has decided to hand over the operative management to Peter Balzer at the general meeting in mid April 2014. This step aims to continue the successful expansion and further development of the PAGE 8

EDITION 23 / JUNE 2014

company. Peter Balzer, the new CEO, is 57 years old and lives in Oberwil near Basel and Lucerne. He brings with him decades of experience in management, logistics and project management and has assisted WASCOSA for more than

A further change relates to the Board of Directors of WASCOSA. Norbert H. Kern, a long-standing member of the Board of Directors, retired at the middle of April due to old age and for health reasons. During his many years in office he left his mark and played a key role in shaping the company. During this period WASCOSA profited from Norbert Kern's good personal contacts to leading European freight traffic companies, something that on the whole contributed to the very pleasing growth of the last few years. We would like to thank him for his untiring dedication and his wealth of experience, which he was able to pass on to the entire team at WASCOSA.

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