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Eyes of God

3000 Cups of Tea

Paul’s Boots

Canyon Song

A to B Rollerski

My Hero Brother

Holy (un)Holy River

Wisdom of the Mountains

Under an Arctic Sky



Holy (un)Holy River

Elk River


Holy (un)Holy River



Devotion Under an Arctic Sky




Ueli Steck

Fledglings Dodo’s Delight


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In 2013, Stuart Derman and Shane Baldwin began working on a project aimed at connecting people with the outdoors. Over the past few years this project has snowballed into the local non profit organization, Wasatch Mountain Arts. Early on, the team identifed film as an incredibly powerful medium to create a lasting bond. It was in that moment that the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival was born.

WMA was started in 2014 with the foundational ambition to change what being passionate about the Wasatch Front really means. As an organization, Wasatch Mountain Arts has a vision that extends far beyond the annual film festival. In time WMA aims to develop consistent year round program as well as the construction of a mountain culture and arts center to serve as the hub of all outdoor program in the area.

With your continued help and support we can make this dream into a reality. Please visit our website to learn more about getting involved.


BOARD of DIRECTORS Our Mission: Wasatch Mountain Arts is dedicated to providing limitless inspiration to our communities along the Wasatch Front by creating diverse year-round events and programming that emphasizes mountain culture, sustainability, and the outdoors.

Stuart Derman

Angela Brown

Stuart is a Co-founder of Wasatch Mountain Arts and currently

Angela ran SLUG Magazine for 15 years—turning a small black &

serves as Chairman & CEO of the organization. He is driven by his

white ‘zine into a full-color print and digital magazine. In her spare

passion for the outdoors and connecting people with nature.

time, Brown loves to print silver gelatin images..

Shane Baldwin

Kyle Muir

Co-founder and treasurer, Shane sees each day is an opportunity

For the past few years Kyle has founded and run numerous

to grow and learn.. Growing up in Utah he has been skiing, and

businesses. His passion for entrepreneurship and the community

hiking the Wasatch Mountains for 40 years.

led him to WMA where he currently serves as board secretary.





A Word About Public Lands Chris Adams, Wasatch Backcountry Alliance

Spending time in the outdoors is a popular activity, especially for people who live in Utah. We like to go hiking, camping, backcountry skiing, biking, trail running, climbing, kayaking, and so much more. There are so many things to do outside on such beautiful land that it’s no surprise that public lands always seem to be swarming with people. Yet, despite the

consists of red rock, high plateaus, juniper forests, Native American artifacts, and the pair of towering buttes that it gets its name from. It was given the status of national monument shortly before the end of President Obama’s term.

When the new president came into office an executive order was signed that threatened Bears Ears and all national monuments that had been made in the past 21 years. This is a controversial act by the administration because it is not clear whether the Antiquities Act can be used to shrink or rescind a monument.

popularity of the outdoors and public lands, these lands consistently come under threat to be taken away. In the

Since the executive order, a 15-day comment period was

effort to keep these public lands open for all, many

opened up so that the public could submit their comments

individuals and groups have come together to do what they

about the monument to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. The

can to protect them.

option to comment on the matter closed on May 26 but a large number of people commented and the vast majority of

Bears Ears

those 658,000 responses urged Zinke to keep the monument

Bears Ears is a 1.35 million acre national monument that

intact as it is.


Bonanza Flats

18,000 skiable acres and include over 100 lifts.

Bonanza Flats is the alpine forest you see when driving

However, not everyone thinks One Wasatch is a good idea.

through Guardsman Pass. These 1,350 acres of backcountry

Chris Adams is the Board President for Wasatch Backcountry

access lead to many trails and lakes such as the Wasatch

Alliance - an organization that’s mission is to be a voice for

Crest Trail and Bloods Lake, and is home to black bears,

human-powered winter recreation such as backcountry

moose, elk, birds of prey, and other wildlife. The property,

skiing, splitboarding, and snowshoeing – and doesn’t want to

which was privately held, went up for sale last year. Those

see One Wasatch become a reality.

bidding on the piece of land are a high-end private developer

“Our group is about backcountry skiing,” Adams says, “if you

and Park City who wants to preserve the land.

connect these resorts it is going to inherently impact the

In November 2016, Park City residents overwhelmingly voted

backcountry. That is what’s going to be taken away – more

to tax themselves up to $25 million dollars to purchase the

backcountry access.”

land. However, the amount needed to obtain the land is $38 million - $13 million more. In order to bridge that gap, support

“There is no real data that if we connect these resorts then

from the public and government agencies are needed. In the

all of a sudden our numbers will jump from 4 million skier

effort to preserve the land, individuals have donated money,

visits a year to 5 million,” Adams says. “When ski resorts were

events and auctions have been held with all proceeds going

connected in the past, the numbers increased slightly but

towards purchasing Bonanza Flats, and nonprofits have

didn’t jump through the roof.”

joined together to fundraise. Adams says he and his group are not anti-ski resort but that If the amount needed for Park City to purchase Bonanza Flats

they do want to have a balance between ski resorts and

is made, the land will forever be preserved, undeveloped, and

land for backcountry skiing. He says that there is very little

open for the public to use as well as for wildlife to live on.

backcountry available already and that One Wasatch would

If the land is bought for development it will likely become a

just take more of that away.

gated community, changing the landscape from scenic alpine forests to a field of houses and rooftops.

To get their message out, WBA attends community events where they pass out stickers and have conversations with

One Wasatch

the community. They also have a regular presence at

One Wasatch is a concept or idea to connect the seven

backcountry trailheads where they gather user information

central ski resorts around the Wasatch mountains to each

and educate backcountry skiers on the issue.

other through lifts. Proponents say that by connecting all


seven resorts Utah’s ski industry will be differentiated from

In the end, the people and groups that come together to take

the competition by offering the largest contiguous ski circuit

a stand typically go through two steps: realizing what is

in North America. The proposal would encompass more than

important to them and deciding how involved they want to be.




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KARL MALONE TOYOTA Draper 801-553-5800 malonetoyota.com

TOYOTA BOUNTIFUL Bountiful 801-295-3481 toyotabountiful.com

LARRY H. MILLER TOYOTA Murray 801-264-3800 larryhmillertoyota.com

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MARK MILLER TOYOTA Salt Lake City 801-364-2100 markmillertoyota.com

YOUNG TOYOTA Logan 435-752-5636 youngtoyota.com

The Story Behind 3000 Cups of Tea: The Mission and the Madness Jennifer Ringger

The film 3000 Cups of Tea: The Mission and the Madness addresses allegations leveled by the television program 60-Minutes and author Jon Krakauer against philanthropist Greg Mortenson. Jennifer Jordan explores the controversial fall of Mortenson, the once beloved founder of the Central Asia Institute and the subject of the international best-selling book Three Cups of Tea.

In 2011, a scathing report was broadcast on national TV accusing Mortenson of lying about the events that led to his founding a successful non-profit organization dedicated to building schools and educating children

philanthropist was taken down by one of the world’s most

in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Jordan says, “I couldn’t

powerful news organizations.

reconcile the person I knew with the villain that was

In her film, 3000 Cups of Tea, Jordan aims to answer the

portrayed on television. I’d been to Pakistan and I’ve seen

questions that remain uvnanswered from the 60-Minutes

the schools with my own eyes. I know Greg and I know

report. Having returned to Pakistan and visited the schools

his character.” She continues “The things I saw in the

and interviewed witnesses, she saw for herself the evidence

60-Minutes broadcast didn’t match my experiences of the

behind the accusations of wrongdoing against Mortenson.

man or what I had witnesses on the ground.”

3000 Cups of Tea suggests that there is more behind this story that’s worth exploring.

That’s when Jordan decided to launch her own


investigation into what had happened. The result was a

Jordan interviews Mortenson’s supporters in this new film

story worth telling – one of how a successful education

who refute the claims of the 60-Minutes piece. Some of these

backers accuse CBS and 60-Minutes of poor journalism.

don’t want to join the Taliban. They don’t see Americans as the

Jordan examines the damage this report did to the Central Asia

enemy. We’ve lost potentially thousands of people who won’t

Institute, founded by Mortenson, and its work in Pakistan and

turn the Taliban away now. To lose the presence of schools is

Afghanistan. She says, “The Central Asia Institute took an 80%


donation cut. Schools and teachers have suffered immensely. The Institute is beginning to recover, but some schools have had

While Jordan addresses the accusations leveled against

to close. Scholarships have dried up. Children are now back in

Mortenson and his Central Asia Institute, the film also focuses

their villages, without the education they need to change their

on Mortenson’s mission to build schools and educate children,

lives and circumstances.”

particularly girls, in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The mission that Mortenson began has been wounded by scandal, but it is

Jordan continues, “The false claims against Greg Mortenson

certainly not dead yet.

will have a long-term impact in the region. Educated children


2017 FIL Film: Alpine Wall Tour



Directed by Jennifer Jordan | 60 mins

Directed by Graham Zimmerman & Jim Aikman | 7 mins

This is the story of bringing education and peace to a corner

Beth Rodden is one of the greatest climbers in history.

of the world largely without either. It is also the story of Greg

‘Above the Fray’ tells her story, starting with a terrifying

Mortenson (author, ‘Three Cups of Tea’) and of the difference

expedition to Kyrgyzstan and recurring injuries while

his work is making in some of the most remote and dangerous

being wholly self-defined by athletic ambition. Through

parts of the world, his meteoric rise, and the scandal that

reflection on these experiences and the joy of her son

brought him to his knees and nearly destroyed his mission.

Theo, Beth discovers a new-found community of mothers and the ability to open up to a balanced life defined by love rather than fear in the stunning Yosemite Valley.



International). The film is an invitation to discover Antarctica

Directed by Stéphanie & Jérémie Gicquel | 30 mins

through the eyes and feelings of Stéphanie. It highlights

2045 km, 74 days, -50°C. From November 14, 2014 to January

some of the moments she experienced during this long

27, 2015, Stéphanie Gicquel (French woman) skied across

expedition - when she waited at Union Glacier base camp,

Antarctica through the South Pole, with two other polar

started the expedition on the coast at the same place

explorers, including her husband Jérémie. An expedition

where the mountaineer Reinhold Messner began his

she had imagined, planned and prepared for three years.

own kite-ski expedition across Antarctica in 1989, when

This is notably the longest ski expedition for a woman in

she skied up and reached the South Pole on Christmas

Antarctica without kiting (Sources: Guinness World Records,

eve and arrived on the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf floating

ExplorersWeb, AdventureStats, Adventure Network

on the Weddell Sea after 74 days of extreme effort.




Directed by Otávio Lima & Mickael Couturier | 9 mins

Directed by Jen Randall | 10 mins

Agora is a poetic Docufiction about the physical and

The Bothy Project is about exploring the wilds on your

mental journey of climber Lucas Lima who tests his

own terms, in your own style. Artists Tessa Lyons, Natasha

determination on a difficult ascent. A story of discovery

Brooks and writer Claire Carter take themselves into the vast

and awakening through a communion with nature

emptiness of the Sheneval bothy in the Scottish Northwest to let go and unravel. A run, a hike, a swim; a painting, a poem,


an animation. Each woman’s experience is woven into this

Directed by Matt Pycroft | 10 mins

beautiful short film by Jen Randall of Light Shed Pictures.

Opposites attract. There isn’t a more appropriate statement to describe the unlikely yet formidable climbing partnership


that is Nick Bullock and Tim Neill. They met on the

Directed by Peter Mortimer & Nick Rosen | 18 mins

mountains of Scotland in winter, and despite walking

Matt Segal and Will Stanhope have spent a decade

their own paths in the mountaineering world they are

climbing the world’s hardest cracks. Crack climbing is

both drawn inexorably back there each winter. The fickle

a bold, traditionalist discipline in which climbers “jam”

conditions that define Scottish winter climbing frequently

their hands, feet and even entire bodies into cracks,

lead to frustration, but the prospect of discovering an

while skillfully protecting themselves from a fall by

obscure gem presents an irresistible allure to them both.

placing their own removable gear in the rock. In an age of elite athletes, fad diets and training regimes, Matt and


Will harken back to the old school of climbing, where

Directed by Arnis Aspers | 100 mins

guts and spirit make up for their lack of planning and

“A to B Rollerski” is a feature documentary film that

healthy lifestyle. Now they travel deep into the Canadian

tells the story of Raimonds Dombrovskis’ epic rollerski

wilderness to the infamous Bugaboo Mountains where

journey from Arctic to Baja back in 1988, covering 4200

they are looking for the ultimate next-level crack climb

miles in 90 days. Raimonds is a Latvia-born US Olympic

– following a long, thin break in the rock so narrow that

biathlete whose sudden life-threatening health condition

only the tips of their fingers fit inside. It’s the beginning

forces him out of the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. Instead

of an epic, multi-year quest that will change their lives.

of giving up on his dreams, Raimonds recovers and


embarks on a 90-day rollerski trip from Inuvik, Canada,


to Baja, Mexico. Fast forward 26 years, and Raimonds,

Directed by Josh Lowell & Nick Rosen | 17 mins

now an experienced adventure traveler in his 50’s, is

24-year old Brette Harrington is a rising young talent

back to Inuvik to relive the trip, try find the same people,

in the climbing world. From overhanging free climbs

and reflect on how his life turned out after A to B.

to long alpine solos, she excels at all disciplines of the

sport, while forging a life path defined by adventure. Join Brette on a global journey from the frozen waterfalls of the Canadian Rockies, to the big wall free climbing proving ground of Yosemite’s El Capitan, and onto a landmark solo of Chiara di Luna in the alpine mecca of Patagonia’s Cerro Torre Range.

CANYON SONG Directed by Amy Marquis & Dana Romanoff | 14 mins A Navajo family balances modern life with the traditional “Navajo Way,” teaching their children their language, Film:Boys in the Bugs

culture, and ceremony within the sacred walls of Canyon de Chelly National Monument. This is the second film in the National Park Experience film series.



Directed by Jon Glassberg | 20 mins

Directed by Josh Lowell, Nick Rosen,

China Doll is a provocative exploration of gender stereotypes,

& Peter Mortimer | 28 mins

romance, and rock climbing. Witness Heather Weidner battle

Jump on board a madcap sailing adventure to the biggest

personal demons in the world of hard traditional climbing.

rock walls in the Arctic Circle with a team of elite climbers

With her ascent of China Doll, a 5.14- R traditional route in

as zany as they are talented. Sean Villanueva, Nico

Upper Dream Canyon, Colorado, U.S.A., Heather Weidner

Favresse, Olivier Favresse and Ben Ditto have made cutting

nabs the first female ascent, and becomes the fourth woman

edge first ascents in remote mountain ranges around

in the world to climb a 5.14 traditional route. In the process,

the world -- climbing hard, making music and goofing off

she discovers that loving herself is the ultimate project.

thousands of feet in the air. Now they embark on their greatest expedition yet, voyaging to the massive walls


of Greenland and Baffin Island on the good ship Dodo’s

Directed by Matt Pycroft | 5 mins

Delight, skippered by the spry 79-year old Captain Bob

Libby Peter is one of the UK’s most respected climbers, with

Shepton. Amongst rough seas, falling rocks and freezing

years of experience in expeditions, instructing, coaching and

temperatures, this hilarious and badass gang of adventurers

guiding around the world. In “Devotion” Libby reflects on

forge bold new routes and have the time of their lives

how - quite unintentionally - climbing has shaped her life.


Chinese border. The Eyes of God are in fact two huge


caves in the rock face that look like a pair of eyes.

Directed by Jenny Nichols | 28 mins Scientist Arthur Middleton, photographer Joe Riis, artist


James Prosek and filmmaker Jenny Nichols join forces in

Directed by Cedar Wright | 18 mins

this documentary that captures the migration of elk in the

As longtime professional climbers who eat, sleep and live

Yellowstone area through a multidisciplinary lens. For many

the sport, Cedar Wright and Matt Segal are used to being

of the elk herds that summer in Yellowstone National Park,

competent, comfortable and at the top of their game. Then

home is outside the protected park boundaries the rest of the

they get into paragliding, and what starts as a toe dip turns

year, as far as 70 miles away. Mirroring a similar expedition

quickly into a consuming addiction, as well as a lesson in

undertaken in 1871 that fused science and the arts, this

what it’s like to be bumbling, naïve, gung-ho beginners.

modern band of explorers join their ungulate counterparts on

Tree landings, sketchy moments and junkshow launches

a trek from Wyoming’s rangeland through snowy mountain

become part of the new normal. With only six months of

passes and treacherous river crossings to the rugged beauty

flying under their belts, and professional flier Matt Henzi

of Yellowstone’s high-alpine meadows. Along the way, they

as a sensei, Wright and Segal embark on an audacious

meet backcountry guides and cattle ranchers whose lives are

objective: to climb and fly off Orizaba, the third-highest peak

intricately tied with the fate of the elk and other migratory

in the America’s and the highest in Mexico. What ensues

species that call the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem home.

is disaster-style climbing, iffy weather, broken gear and a lesson in jumping into the deep end and being forced to swim.

EMPOWERED Directed by George Wilson | 5 mins


Climber, Molly Mitchell, searches for first ascents

Directed by Wojtek Kozakiewicz | 3 mins

in the Utah Desert with Pamela Shanti Pack. She

G4G Project is a collaboration between 4 slacklining and

ends up putting up two hard sketchy routes.

highlining females from 4 countries, who all share similar passions and hope to encourage and promote more women



to participate in the sport of slackline and the lifestyle it entails. Their project is not meant so much as a separation

Directed by Olaf Obsommer | 31 mins

between men and women, but more as a focus on females

Tomass Marnics from Latvia has put together a team

and their limitless possibilities, even in male dominated

of the world’s best extreme kayakers. Together they

extreme sports such as slacklining and climbing. They hope

plan to descend the legendary Saryjaz River in the no-

this project will become a global movement connecting girls

man’s land between Kyrgyzstan and China. The ultimate

everywhere in the knowledge that they can do everything

goal of the expedition is the final gorge before the

they want, and nothing should or can stop them.


GOOD AS EVER Directed by Nate Gunn | 6 mins Nate Leavitt and Spencer Higa take their fishing passion to new regions in hopes to explore a bit of the unknown. We present a film that explores modern fishing, while staying true to anglers and their craft.

HAPPINESS – 99 YEAR OLD SKIER GEORGE JEDENOFF Directed by Timothy Roberts | 4 mins 99.5 year old skier, George Jedenoff is back at Alta and Snowbird for his 57th consecutive year of skiing in Utah. George reflects on the happiness skiing has given him throughout his life.finding value in that and I fear that brand of satisfaction is, ultimately, pretty unsatisfying for most people.

HOLY Directed by Lindsay Daniels | 9 mins When opportunity knocks, a middle-aged man told he should never run again defies doctors’ orders and ends up finding himself doing 100-mile mountain races. More importantly, he finds a holy awe in the Wasatch mountains and through thoughtful poetic writing shares what he sees and feels as he runs with his dog Echo.

HOLY (UN) HOLY RIVER Directed by Jake Norton & Pete McBride | 60 mins Holy (un)Holy River follows the world’s most revered and reviled rivers, the great Ganges River of India. The film’s directors, Jake Norton and Pete McBride, followed the river source-tosea in 2013, documenting its intense beauty and struggles.


Film: Holy (un)Holy River

The film tells the story of the River and all its dichotomies and complexities; a river that is revered by a billion people, depended upon by 500 million, and is at once a source of life and inspiration as well as death, pollution, and tragedy.

JOHN SHOCKLEE: A FAIRY TALE Directed by Grayson Schaffer | 9 mins Refusing to act his age has worked out well for John Shocklee. The 51-year-old has devoted his life to doing what he loves, skiing. Powered by old school hip hop and a passion for fresh powder, Shocklee makes turns down untamed slopes with the vigor and freedom of a man half his age. He’s found the fountain of youth and has no plans to grow up anytime soon.

JOYFUL IN THE NIGHT Directed by Matt Pycroft | 5 mins What is it that draws climbers from the warmth of their beds to the dark and foreboding mountains of Scotland and Alaska? Why do they endure hardship, misery and fear? Is it masochism, is it intrigue, or is it something else entirely? Written by poet Ben Silvestre and directed by Matt Pycroft, Joyful in the Night is a gloomy love letter to the darker mountains.

THE LAPPNOR PROJECT Directed by Ville Kurru & Tommy Vänskä | 34 mins In 2013 Nalle Hukkataival was introduced to a boulder project that came to occupy him for the following seven seasons. In late October 2016, he finally managed the first ascent, naming it “Burden of Dreams” and suggesting the unprecedented grade of 9A. The film follows Nalle’s efforts over the seasons as the original physical challenge of climbing the world’s hardest route becomes more of a mental battle against himself and uncontrollable variables.

19 Film: John Shocklee: A Fairy Tale

Film: The Never Melting Story

MIRROR WALL Directed by Matt Pycroft | 39 mins The need for adventure and a changing horizon is a natural instinct for many people. In the case of renowned adventurer Leo Houlding, this has manifested itself in the form of completing world class expeditions with tight-knit teams to unclimbed peaks around the world. Following the death of his long term climbing partner Sean ‘Stanley’ Leary and birth of his daughter Freya - ‘Mirror Wall’ finds Leo approaching his latest expedition with a

Parks, a Powder Productions Original presented by REI CoOp, celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the U.S. National Park Service by paying homage to these monuments of nature and solitude, reminding us skiers where we came from, and that we belong to something greater than ourselves. Follow contemporary explorers through the lens of KGB Productions with skiers Andy Mahre, Lynsey Dyer, Griffin Post, Colter Hinchliffe, Kalen Thorien, Greg Hill, Max Hammer, and Connery Lundin at Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Glacier National Park, and Olympic National Park.

reconsidered mentality and a completely new team.




Directed by Chris Kitchen | 45 mins

A group of remarkable young people with Down syndrome

A ski film unlike any other, Monumental: Skiing Our National

embark on a demanding trek through the Indian Himalayas,

Directed by Yonatan Nir | 80 mins

accompanied by their brothers and sisters. Unresolved

we needed to make a sequel. No one takes you serious

conflicts and the complexities of growing up with a Down

in the movie business unless you make at least two of

syndrome child in the family come to surface, while a

something—more is always better right? And this is serious

heart-warming and special closeness develops among

business. Serious off-road bicycle riding business. So get

the siblings as they deal with formidable physical and

ready for a whole lot of more. More antics. More deep

emotional challenges. The difficult trials and poignant

thoughts. More Xtreme mountain cycling. And more slow-

relationships, set against the richly colorful backdrop

mo… especially more slow-mo. Yeah… that sounds Not2Bad.

of India, open new horizons and greatly deepen our understanding of special needs people and their families.

OBSESSION Directed by Matt Pycroft | 7 mins


Tom Randall is a modern-day institution in the world

Directed by Guillaume Bertocchi | 23 mins

of British climbing. Well known for his acquired taste

They had never met before, but they shared the exact

for offwidth crack routes, Tom consistently sets himself

same dream. So the two young Frenchmen Guillaume

the highest standards and the hardest lines. For Tom,

and Manu left together for an island far from home,

climbing is all consuming, but this hasn’t always been the

covered in snow, ice and white isolation: Baffin Island in

case. In ‘Obsession’ Tom provides a unique insight into

Canada’s Arctic. Their ski expedition was as demanding

his formative years spent in a world entirely different

as it was magical, after a false start that almost made

to the one we associate him with now, and how he

the whole expedition fail from the very beginning…

copes with conflicting priorities that are fundamental to his continued happiness and ambitious drive.

NOT2BAD Directed by Darcy Wittenburg, Colin Jones


& Darren McCullough | 25 mins

Directed by Fitz Cahall | 38 mins

Anthill Films—the crew that brought you unReal and

M’Lynn’s husband, Paul, passed away in July 2015. He left

NotBad—and the Trek C3 Project have joined forces yet

behind polished hiking boots and a backpack for his dream

again, this time in Spain, to bring you more shenanigans &

hike: the 2,189-mile Appalachian Trail. “How good would it be,”

unbelievable bicycle riding than ever before. And of course,

M’Lynn asked, “for his boots to make the journey even if Paul

more unbelievable riding and bicycle mastery you’d come

couldn’t?” Her plea launched an incredible journey. Paul’s

to expect from the Trek C3 Project. What’s better than one

Boots follows the boots and the people who carried them

of something? Two of something. One is less than two. Therefore, logic dictates that two must be better than


one. Faced with these indisputable facts, we realized that

Directed by Brody Leven | 9 mins


A small team of skiers strapped an obnoxious amount

With constant eruptions, the Santiaguito Volcano in

of gear to bicycles and rode through arctic Norway.

Guatemala is a volcanologists’ laboratory in the field. Its

Connecting craggy islands by underwater tunnels, they

frequent activity is optimal for research, but the volcano

climbed and skied mountains along the length of the

poses a significant, growing risk to the local population, in

Lofoten archipelago. Gear failed, partners bailed, and spirits

addition to severe hazards for the scientists who study it.

wavered. But after camping on snow-covered beaches,


what they found at the end of the peninsula made them

Directed by Celin Serbo | 5 mins

look deeper inside themselves and their motives.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the


first person to walk up to a wall with no established

Directed by Rob Aseltine | 7 mins

climbing routes anywhere in site? That sense of curiosity

Driven by a pursuit of adventure and a quest to

and a desire for solitude and adventure are what spurred

explore new terrain. Two friends escape to the north

myself and other three like-minded friends to take a chance

in a small plane to chase winter and deep powder.

and float a forty-five-mile roadless stretch of the Green River in southeastern Utah to see what we could find.


Inspired by the desert climbing pioneers that came before

Directed by Stefan Huynt | 11 mins

us and eager to make our own small contributions to our

In 2011, Norwegian Model Aleksandra Orbek-Nilssen was

sport, we quickly realized that the experience would have

living in New York City full-time when she began to strongly

lasting impressions that went well beyond the climbing.

desire a life with more substance and purpose. With the turn of a globe she sought adventure in Namibia, Africa.


Throughout her two week trip, she was exposed to new

Directed by Max Lowe | 9 mins

cultures, environments, wildlife and what she described

Slacklining to many is a mystery, a line where impossible

as poverty. Instead of returning home to continue her

and possible collide. For Terry Acomb it’s simply a way of life.

career, she extended her stay with the hope to learn more

This Fruita based geologist has pioneered the sport in North

about an indigenous tribe called the Ju/’Hoan San and

America and is doing everything it takes to spread the passion

see how she can help them out of their impoverished

nationwide. “Slacker” takes you inside Terry’s life uncovering

life. It didn’t take long for Aleks to gain the knowledge

his fundamental role in the slackline community and the work

that these people were not living in poverty, but that it

he’s put into the progression and accessibility of this sport.

was her own poverty of perception that needed help.




Directed by Tim Roberts | 5 mins

Directed by Zach Voss | 10 mins

Take a look behind the scenes with the men and women

Film: Not2Bad

Film: The Eyes of God

who make our powder days a possibility. In this episode

decade, he invites his brother to go with him for the final

of Powder People, Ski Utah teams up with Snowbird Ski

attempt…. The only problem is his brother is not a climber. But,

Patrol to show you what really goes into safely managing a

they share the blood, bond and belief of brotherhood–and

resort like Snowbird. From avalanche control to responding

something even deeper–the desire to answer the question

to injuries, Ski Patrollers work hard so we can have fun.

their grandmother instilled in them: Why ration passion?

Ski Utah says thanks to all of Utah’s ski patrollers for keeping us safe on The Greatest Snow on Earth®.



Directed by Dom Bush | 8 mins

Directed by Craig Norris | 41 mins

Tom is 11 and just loves riding his bikes with his dad, no

Surviving the Fundy Footpath follows first-time hiker, Bruce

matter what the terrain, no matter what the weather. Having

Persaud, as he attempts to complete one of Canada’s toughest

completed 2 Strathpuffer 24hr races he has racked up the

multi-day hikes. Follow along as Bruce and his team of guides

miles over the last few years. Driven to just enjoy being

climb in and out of nineteen steep ravines, traverse stunning

out, he has big plans as he looks to drag his dad along the

Bay of Fundy mega tidal zones, and navigate their way through

2,700+ miles of the Great Divide route later in the year.

65 kilometers of dense old growth Arcadian fog forest.

TIGHT LOOSE Directed by Blake Campbell | 30 mins Come join us to celebrate TGR’s 21st Birthday. The tighter your show the looser you can be. With over 21 years of traveling the globe and pushing the boundaries of what is possible we have experienced the full spectrum of adventure. Our latest film “Tight Loose” is TGR’s highest achievement to date. From India to Alaska, come join us as we discover

Film: Paul’s Boots

unridden spine walls, massive airs, and full throttle riding in some of the wildest and most spectacular places on earth.

THE TIME IS NOW Directed by Margaret C King Mike Libecki has been seeking out the most remote first ascents on the planet for almost two decades. When he finally has a chance at a climb he’s been denied for over a


Film: Tom Siepp: A Mountain Journal Short

Film: The Time is Now

journey to Iceland’s north coast in search of perfect waves during the largest storm to make landfall in 25 years.



Directed by Chris Alstrin | 12 mins

Directed by Anson Fogel | 12 mins

Carlo Traversi is no stranger to difficult bouldering. He

How can you express everything that you want to

has ticked some of the most difficult boulder problems

somebody you love, knowing that if you don’t, that

in the world. He spends much of his time traveling and

might be the last opportunity that you have? That is a

searching out new routes to climb. The summer of 2016

reality that we all face, but for BASE jumpers, the risk

he opted to stay in Colorado and climb a goal he and

of death sometimes results in something amazing and

many other professional climbers have talked about

unexpected - love. This is the real story of a pure love

but such a featl nobody has accomplished or even

between two friends in the face of risk and tragedy.

tried. This film showcases Carlo’s longtime dream to climb the Triple 14 in Rocky Mountain National Park.

WILD AND WONDERFUL Directed by Mike Call | 13 mins


That wild and wonderful West Virginia. The first deep-water-

Directed by Chris Burkard | 45 mins

solo climbing competition ever held on real stone in America.

A group of surfers along with photographer Chris Burkard,

The Catch? Deep water soloing on Summersville lake is


Film: Dodo’s Delight

illegal and these bold solos over warm lake water have never

book back to its source. He speaks with farmers about the

been attempted. Watch a community of volunteers, athletes,

struggles they are facing: can the Pamiri people stay true

sponsors, spectators, representatives of the US Army Corps

to their old traditions while adapting to a new world?

of Engineers, rescue divers, medical personnel, and a whole film production team converge in a once in a lifetime event, where the impossible becomes possible for just one day.

YOUNG GUNS Directed by Josh Lowell & Peter Mortimer | 28 mins Meet the new faces of climbing: 14-year-old Ashima Shiraishi and 15-year-old Kai Lightner are the leaders of a


new generation poised to take the sport to the next level.

Directed by Daan Jongbloed | 38 mins

Ashima, a New York City native, has already become the

The Pamiri people of Afghanistan and Tajikistan are among

youngest person and the first female to climb the benchmark

the most isolated communities in the world. They live

elite grades of 5.15a and v15. Kai, one of the few African

according to centuries-old traditions. Slowly but surely

American climbers rising to the top of the sport, became a

Western influences enter this remote mountain region.

national climbing champion as a high school sophomore.

In this documentary film we travel through the Pamir

Now these two prodigies and friends travel to the rugged

Mountains with Frederik van Oudenhoven. He is the author

coast of Norway, where a legendary cave is filled with

of ‘With our own hands’, a book about the traditional

the most difficult climbs on earth. Pushed outside their

dishes and the food and farming culture of the Pamiri

comfort zone, Kai and Ashima learn some hard but important

people. It is the first written source about their culture that

lessons that will carry them to even greater heights.

is accessible in their own language. Frederik brings his


Film: Fledglings

Film: Under an Arctic Sky


Our favorite part of the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival is the amazing and diverse group of people that we get to work with each year. Over the past couple of years we have bonded with filmmakers and adventurers from around the globe. We have listened to their tales of exploration and seen first hand their desire to experience life to the fullest. However we wanted to catch up with some of them from last year to find out what they have been up to and where life has taken them.

Mike & Lilliana Libecki Mike is back at it again with his new film, The Time is Now, where he and his brother travel to a remote part of Greenland to climb and explore new and exciting terrain. While he may be a local, Mike and his daughter can typically be found traveling the globe from one expedition to the next.

Mathieu Le Lay In 2016 Mathieu was the recipient of our Cinematography Award for his beautifully shot film, The Quest For Inspiration. Since then he has gone on to produce direct Several new films including a feature film In The Starlight. He also released A Sense of Wonder which recently received a Vimeo Staff Pick Award


Peter McBride Last year Peter’s film, Martin’s Boat, was a huge hit at the festival The film swept both our Environmental Awareness Award and People’s Choice Award. This year he has teamed up Jake Norton and Created a new film, Holy (un)Holy, which has already been nominated for several awards.

Conrad Anker Way back in 2015 Conrad Anker was the first recipient of the George Mallory Award. This is our lifetime achievement award for adventure and exploration. Conrad was recently the 2017 Commencement speaker for the University of Utah.


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Capturing The Moment: The Search For the Perfect Shot Michael Adam Fondren

With camera in hand, you can then begin to think about the photo you wish to capture. Photography is using the dance of light to paint an image, so seeing the light is paramount. Always notice the light around you and what it is doing. Keep your eye out for the long shadows; high noon sun makes for the worst photographs. The closer the sun is to the horizon,

As Ansel Adams, arguably the greatest outdoor photographer,

the more interesting the photograph will be.

once said: “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it!”. Photography equipment doesn’t matter; the newest and most expensive gear will not make great photographs. It is the photographer that makes great images. When going on an adventure, the single best camera to have is the one you take with you.

Light is an obvious necessity for a photograph, but equally as important are the aesthetics of an image. Every outdoor photograph should have a proper foreground, mid-ground and background. Foreground is about scale and context— photographs need to be relatable on a human scale. So, when planning outdoor shots, place an item such as a person,


tree, or animal in the foreground to give the image context and relatability. Mid-ground is about subject—this is where you tell the story of your photograph. Every photograph needs to tell a story to have interest. Finally, background is about depth and ensuring that your story is told without interference, as the story within the image needs to have a clear message. This is where most photographs fall short failing to provide a clutter free medium to tell the story of your image. Make sure your background is clean and free of distractions. You do not want the background to distract from the story told by your mid-ground.

“The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it!” —Ansel Adams As every photograph has an end, the process of making a photograph has an end, too. That ending is the editing process where your image will emerge in its final state. Here expense isn’t a necessity as there are many editing options. In the end, all that really matters is you as the artist. The process of making an outdoor image is simply a matter of having a camera, being aware of your surroundings, and using the available light to your advantage.


Photo: Michael Adam Fondren

Jim Harris and the Perpetual Weekend Megan Richardson

He’s been called the ultimate badass. Paralyzed in 2014 while preparing for a 30-day ski traverse of the southern Patagonia Ice Cap, artist and adventurer Jim Harris has come back braver, badder, and more inspired than ever.

It was nothing like the the hazards he was used to facing while photographing expeditions in some of the world’s most remote and unforgiving places. It was not a scenario he would have taught in his Utah Avalanche Center safety courses. This was totally different: a small snow kite in a cow pasture [grassy knoll strikes again] and a rogue gust of wind that picked him up and slammed him into the ground, breaking seven vertebrae and leaving his entire body below his sternum without feeling or mobility.


For the last two and a half years, Harris has been working his way to recovery one movement at a time. After seven long months relearning how to simply walk, he finally made his way back to the slopes. On the one-year anniversary of the accident, Jim was making victory turns on the bunny slope at Alta. He suspects he won’t regain the same level of athleticism he had before, but he’s found another good outlet in mountain biking—something he can crush whether or not the legs get shaky.

The physical pursuits aren’t all that have changed since the accident. Since well before he formed his business, Perpetual Weekend, in 2009, Jim had been filming, photographing, and writing for increasingly rad projects and expeditions (think Camp 4 Collective, Powder Magazine, National Geographic). But now, having moved from Utah to small-town Carbondale, Colorado, Harris has been taking more time to focus his creativity on printmaking and illustrating.

Printmaking is something that had come rather naturally to

Jim, channeling his former 15-year-old graffiti-artist self,

But it’s in a flow state, Harris says, where some of the most

when he took art classes in college. It was here that he honed

critical healing takes place—that state where the conscious

his relief printing techniques and his ability to pre-visualize

mind, the decision-making prefrontal cortex, pipes down

sequences of color, light, and structure.

and lets the back of the brain make quicker, more accurate, non-conscious decisions. Just like creating art. Just like skiing

This mental sequencing—seeing a finished piece from back to

through trees. Rather than thinking about every detail and

front and piecing together all the steps needed to get there—

trying to maintain control, the flow state allows the brain to

is a lot like Jim’s recovery strategy. Severed nerve pathways

do the work that the conscious mind can’t always process

don’t reconnect unless they are used. Visualization helps the

fast enough. For Jim, this is a boon to the healing of pathways

brain to send signals to the right places, eventually healing

that his mind couldn’t otherwise access.

pathways as the nerves realize there are signals trying to get through. Harris is even using 3D modeling to help his brain

So what is his advice for adventurers and folks in recovery

visualize his shattered spine being made perfect again.

like himself? Say yes to new experiences; don’t be put off by imagined or surmountable barriers. And remember

On the macro level, a string of goals keeps him moving

that passions are flexible. The things you love are often

from one success to the next: stand, walk, ski . . . drive, trike,

just means to greater ends: connecting, learning, moving,

mountain bike . . . ride the Wasatch Crest with a shuttle one

mastering . . . Whether you’re learning wheelies on a bike or

way, then do it again (only one month later!) as a full loop.

in a wheelchair, exploring deep wilderness or pottering in

Next on his list are bikepacking and river trips, if he can ever

your own garden, there is always joy to be found. Jim Harris’s

score a permit (hint, hint).

indomitable spirit is living proof of this.


Photo: Jim Harris

Photo & Artwork: Jim Harris







Created in honor of the great explorer George Mallory this award is given to an individual who has consistently worked to push the boundaries of exploration and adventure. Recently the outdoor community lost a giant. Ueli Steck, known as the

“Swiss Machine�, recently passed away on an expedition in the Everest region. Ueli is best remembered for his almost inhuman athleticism and ability to climb at speed. In 2015 he was the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and holds numerous records including the fastest ascent on the grueling North Face of the Eiger and the first Solo Climb on Annapurna. Given his unquestionable life devotion to pushing the limits, we have decided to Award Ueli with the 2017 George Mallory Award.

We reached out to members of the mountaineering community to find out how what Ueli Steck meant to the climbing community.


“All I can say is that it was a tragic loss of one of the greatest

“Today the heart of our climbing community has been

of our times. Pushing standards to that level exposes one

taken. I met Ueli a few times and always enjoyed his talks.

to extreme risk and that he achieved so much at the cutting

His humble style, matter of fact delivery on feats that in

edge is testament to his skills. ”

some case only he had achieved and no one ever repeated,

Guy Cotter

captivated my spirit and feed my imagination. Ueli never sought publicity, or blogged while climbing, keeping his focus

“Ueli Steck was one of those climbers a generation witnesses

on the task at hand. Only after his achievement did he reveal

once. He ushered in a completely new mentality on how

the details, and the challenge. Thank you Ueli for showing us

mountains can be climbed. While few if any will be able to

what could be done, to live bravely and give back unselfishly

follow in his tracks, within the boundaries of our own abilities,

with your generous spirit. You will be missed.”

we can be inspired to know that while we can’t do everything

Alen Arnette | Speaker, Climber, Alzheimer’s Advocate

we put our minds to, we can do a helluva a lot more than we think. His approach and humble attitude and all he did will carry forward forever as inspiration in the same way that the

“Ueli was a kindred soul but completely unique in his talent

legends like Shipton and Tillman and Messner and Habler

and vision. I’ll miss marvelling at his next great cliimbs, and

have before him.“

I’ll miss his friendship.”

Mike Marolt| Owner at 8K Peak Technologies

Jeff Lowe



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Festival Director Kelly Kloser Director of Marketing & Communications

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Film: Under an Arctic Sky

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Jim Santy Auditorium/ Park City Library, Park City, Utah 7:00PM Screening

Directed by Nate Gunn | 6 mins

BRETTE 4:00PM Screening Cliff Lodge

Directed by Josh Lowell & Nick

1:00PM Screening Cliff Lodge

Rosen | 17 mins

SCENES FROM THE GREEN Directed by Celin Serbo | 5 mins




Directed by Craig Norris | 41 mins

Directed by Timothy Roberts | 4 mins

Directed by Matt Pycroft | 5 mins





Directed by Jenny Nichols | 28 mins

Directed by Max Lowe | 9 mins

Directed by Zach Voss | 10 mins

Directed by Matt Pycroft | 10 mins

HOLY (UN) HOLY RIVER Directed by Jake Norton & Pete McBride



Directed by Lindsay Daniels | 9 mins

Directed by Ville Kurru &

DODO’S DELIGHT Directed by Josh Lowell, Nick Rosen, & Peter Mortimer | 28 mins

THURSDAY JUNE 22ND Mt Jordan Middle School Sandy, Utah 7:00PM Screening

Tommy Vänskä | 34 mins


7:00PM Screening Cliff Lodge 3000 CUPS OF TEA Directed by Jennifer Jordan | 60 mins

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) Salt Lake City, Utah 7:00PM Screening





Directed by Olaf Obsommer | 31 mins

Directed by Josh Lowell & Peter

Directed by Anson Fogel | 12 mins

9:00PM FREE Screening Tram Deck

Mortimer | 28 mins

Directed by Grayson Schaffer | 9 mins


Directed by Fitz Cahall | 38 mins

Directed by Matt Pycroft | 39 mins

TOM SEIPP: A MOUNTAIN JOURNAL SHORT Directed by Dom Bush | 8 mins

EMPOWERED Directed by George Wilson | 5 mins

SNOWBIRD SKI PATROL Directed by Tim Roberts | 5 mins

BOYS IN THE BUGS Directed by Peter Mortimer & Nick Rosen | 18 mins

FRIDAY JUNE 23RD Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort 10:00AM Screening Cliff Lodge

WILD AND WONDERFUL Directed by Mike Call | 13 mins


Directed by Stéphanie & Jérémie

Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort 10:00AM Screening Cliff Lodge

WEDNESDAY JUNE 21ST Mt Jordan Middle School Sandy, Utah 7:00PM Screening DEVOTION

Directed by Brody Leven | 9 mins

Directed by Daan Jongbloed | 38 mins

Directed by Chris Kitchen | 45 mins

23 mins

G4G 1:00PM Screening Cliff Lodge

Directed by Wojtek Kozakiewicz | 3 mins


Directed by Matt Pycroft | 7 mins

Directed by Yonatan Nir | 80 mins



Directed by Amy Marquis & Dana


Romanoff | 14 mins

Directed by Stefan Huynt | 11 mins

Directed by Graham Zimmerman & Jim Aikman | 7 mins

PEREGRINE Directed by Rob Aseltine | 7 mins

4:00PM Screening Cliff Lodge A TO B ROLLERSKI Directed by Arnis Aspers | 100 mins

7:00PM Screening Cliff Lodge NOT2BAD Directed by Darcy Wittenburg, Colin

CHINA DOLL Directed by Jon Glassberg | 20 mins


THE FLEDGLINGS Directed by Cedar Wright | 18 mins

THE NEVER MELTING STORY Directed by Guillaume Bertocchi


Directed by Matt Pycroft | 5 mins


TIGHT LOOSE Directed by Blake Campbell | 30 mins



Directed by Chris Burkard | 45 mins

THE TRIPLE 14 Directed by Chris Alstrin | 12 mins

Couturier | 9 mins

Jones & Darren McCullough | 25 min s

ACROSS ANTARCTICA Gicquel | 30 mins

AGORA (NOW) Directed by Otávio Lima & Mickael

THE TIME IS NOW Directed by Margaret C King

60 mins

Directed by Jen Randall | 10 mins