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Congratulations on securing a place at the University of Warwick and welcome to the UK! You are about to begin an amazing chapter in your life and all the team here at the Students’ Union is here to help you through your time at Warwick. We understand you may feel a bit homesick at first, that the most basic things can seem complicated or confusing and the language and different accents are a bit daunting. Please do not worry, you will get lots of support and understanding and you should be very proud of having taken the huge step to come to a new country to learn. We at the Students’ Union will do all we can to help you.

Warwick University is a respected International institution and almost 40% of students here are from outside the UK, so you won’t be alone. This new adventure will see you meet and make new friends, have new experiences, try new food and drink, travel to new places and get involved in lots of fun and exciting new activities outside of your academic life. Just remember to take advantage of the opportunities available to you, don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help and come and use all the facilities and services the Students’ Union has to offer you. We are here for you so, you will never be alone and we look forward to welcoming you in person into the Students’ Union and helping make a difference to your time at University.

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Every university in the UK has one, so what’s the big deal? Well, a Students’ Union is a representative organisation that seeks to represent and advocate the needs and wants of students to their respective universities. SU’s are independent of universities but work with them to enhance the student experience and equip students with transferable skills to go into the wider world. Students’ Unions are run by full-time elected student representatives who have individual mandates and responsibilities. These are referred to as Sabbatical Officers. They sit in high-level meetings with the university and run everything the Students’ Union does.

who runs it?

Every year, Warwick students elect seven students to work full-time and run the Union, representing your interests. These seven individuals direct Warwick Students’ Union campaigning for change in the local area and lobbying the university to improve the lives of all Warwick Students. Every student has a vote and any student is able to run for an elected position. Look out for elections in February (Also be sure to check out your seven Sabbatical Officers for the 2013-2014 year on the next page).

These are student-run extra-curricular groups that all students can join, depending on their individual interests. If you love Football, Hockey or Rugby or if there is a sport you would love to try but have never had the opportunity, then you can do so while here at Warwick. Societies are groups set up by people who share the same interests – whether that is academic (Economics Society for example), cultural (Chinese Society), musical (Revelation Gospel Choir) or just something fun (Cheese & Chocolate Society). There is also a society called World@Warwick which has been set up to celebrate all things international, including culture and language. You can join one or more societies or sports clubs to make your time at Warwick an experience to remember. Check out

The majority of courses at Warwick University have their own Student-Staff Liaison Committees (SSLC), which is made up of both students and staff members within your department. SSLCs work to discuss important issues relating to the lives of students within respective departments. Any student can run to be elected onto an SSLC. Look out for elections announcements at the beginning of term! It is also a great way to meet people, great for personal development and great for your CV. If you have any questions, email

your team for this year... As your elected representatives, the Sabbatical Officers, together with the Union Management staff , are responsible for helping you get the most out of your Warwick experience. Based in the SUHQ building, they are available for advice and support on a whole range of issues, so please come and see them anytime about anything you want to talk about while at Warwick. Each has their own area, so check out who’s who below:

Hi everyone! My name is Ben Sundell and I’m your SU President. My job is to represent YOU! I’m your lead student representative at the Union, to the University and externally, and I’m here to make sure that your voice is heard at every possible chance. My personal priorities this year are to get all your lectures recorded so that you can listen to them again, to increase the work we do in the local community through volunteering projects, and to further develop the University and SU’s Widening Participation Agendas. If you have any questions, please just ask, send me an email or just drop by my office. Have a great year!

PRESIDENT Hi, my name is Erin, I am your Education Officer for this year. I’ve been here four years studying Law and Sociology, and have spent three years involved in the Union: two as Social Sciences Faculty Rep and last year as the Chair of Council. I’ve also worked in the outlets and been involved in loads of socs and sports – I’m a MASSIVE fan of our SU! I’m here to help on all things Educational (whether that’s related to your course or wider issue), so please get in touch if you need me – pop into the office or send me an email, I’m always happy to chat. .

EDUCATION OFFICER Hello my name is Cosmo, although not officially an international student, I grew up in Germany, went to Munich International School and did the IB. My job at the Union has two parts. One aspect is overseeing and facilitating democratic processes. The other is responsibility for the Union’s £7 million turnover. That means ensuring that spending is solely geared towards benefiting students. It also includes making sure that the Union’s outlets are delivering the services that students want and expect at a price you agree with.


Hi, my name is Lucy, It’s my job to represent all Postgraduate students here at Warwick and I meet with the University regularly to improve the quality of Postgraduate education. Postgraduate life is very different from undergraduate study, so I’m also here to help you with welfare issues, run events just for Postgrads and make sure that our services take into account your needs. If you have any problems with your course or department, feel free to send me an email or pop into my office so that I can do my best to help you!


Hello! I’m Cat, and I’m your Welfare & Campaigns officer this year. Student life is new and often lots of fun, but isn’t always easy – particularly if you’re living in a foreign country for the first time. I can assist you with accommodation problems, how to have a safe and happy time while studying abroad, and developing a positive relationship with your community. I can also advise you on issues surrounding sexual and mental health, immigration, reporting hate crime and student safety. I have a welcoming office with lots of tea, so please come and let me know how I can be of help to you!

WELFARE OFFICER Hey! My name is Ant, at Warwick we have over 240 societies, which are groups of students interested in a particular activity or cause. Many societies have a great international vibe – particularly World@Warwick and our annual One World Week, which celebrates Warwick’s cultural diversity. Societies regularly put on socials and events which provide an excellent opportunity to meet new people, make friends and provide support as you settle in to your new surroundings. The best way of finding out all that we have to offer is by coming along to the Socs Fair at the start of term – there is so much to get involved with!

SOCIETIES OFFICER Hello, my name is Zoe, sport has really shaped my time at Warwick, and I'm passionate about getting everyone participating at some level – be it in high-level competitions, keep-fit sessions, adrenaline-fuelled weekend trips or just a kick-about with your flatmates. Sport not only keeps you healthy, it’s awesome fun - you’ll meet so many amazing people and even enhance your employability. Please do email me or come and see me in my office in SUHQ with any suggestions or ideas you have, as I'll always try my best to deliver what you guys want!


You can talk to Cat, your Welfare officer, anytime by email, phone or popping into her . office in the SUHQ building. The Students’ Union also has a free and confidential service called the Student Union Advice Centre. It is on the top floor of SUHQ and the advisors are there to help you with issues such as immigration, academic worries, accommodation, discrimination and all aspects of your welfare. They are really friendly and helpful and they deal with over 7000 queries a year, so nothing will shock or surprise them. They are there to support you, so please use them!

The University runs an invaluable confidential counselling service, together with a faithbased alternative (if you feel it is more appropriate to speak to someone of faith). The University Counselling Service provides an opportunity for all Warwick students to access professional counselling so that they may better develop and fulfil their personal, academic and professional potential. Go to for more information.

Disability Services work to help address barriers to study for students with hearing and visual impairments, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, mobility impairments, dysgraphia, ‘unseen’ disabilities such as asthma, epilepsy and diabetes, plus any other conditions. Find out more at





Socialising and having fun are essential parts of your university experience. There are no better places to meet new people and make lifelong friends than at our regular events in the different areas of the SU, where all tastes and styles are catered for. If you’re in the mood to party, head to our two-room nightclub, The Copper Rooms, where you’ll find some of the biggest and most popular student events anywhere in the Midlands. From cheesy midweek favourite Pop! and the ever-popular Skool Dayz to our retro night, Flashback, the SU’s regular events are interspersed with an array of society nights which cover everything from House and Bhangra to Salsa, Dubstep, live music and much more.

Alternatively, The Terrace Bar is a sleek, modern bar overlooking the Piazza which sells a fantastic range of international drinks and plays host to a series of smaller-scale music nights. Mixology plays brand new Tech House and Electro while offering a lip-smacking array of cocktails, while things get a little ‘old skool’ on Fridays as Captain Funkwash spins classic hip-hop, soul and funk cuts at Get Funked. For students who speak English as a second language, World@Warwick run regular Language Cafés in addition to their own fortnightly event, Global, which showcases music, art and dance from the many different cultures here at Warwick. There’s even the chance to be the DJ and play your own music out at MiTunes! If you prefer more traditional forms of entertainment in a relaxing pub environment, The Dirty Duck is home to our weekly acoustic night, Un-Plucked, together with regular Karaoke and Quiz Nights. There’s also a big screen tucked away in The Mighty Duck which shows key sports fixtures! Look out too for special one-off events throughout the year, such as the massive Summer Party at the end of Term 3, the decadent Christmas Ball, a Bavarian Bierkeller, paint parties, foam parties and our massive international festival, One World Week! Make sure you keep checking for tickets and more details, and follow @warwicksuents on Twitter for all the latest info!



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