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the bubble issue 62|24.10.11 - 06.11.11

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intro • news in brief • and finally... a word in your ear

Now that the madness of Freshers is out of the way, you’ll all have suddenly realised that there’s plenty of work to be getting on with – but never fear, we’re still here to make sure you stay relaxed, watered, fed and having fun! Hopefully you went to the Sports and Societies Fairs in the first week, but if not then it’s never too late to get involved – just visit the respective websites, browse, and join up. Trust me when I say they’ll always be glad to receive new members at any time of year! Everything we do is for the benefit of students, which is why we hope you enjoyed our events, services and outlets during the start of the year – but we know there’s always room for improvement. If you’ve got any ideas or feedback, just get in touch – it’s my job to care and enact change on your behalf! Either e-mail me ( or grab me for a chat if you ever see me around. Read on into The Bubble to find out what’s going on around campus over the next couple of weeks and make sure you don’t miss out. PS - Snow Tour went on sale last Friday – if you’re not signed up then why not?! George Whitworth

news in brief hall wars With a sell-out capacity and innumerable ludicrous antics on display, we can confirm that the first Hall Wars event during Week 2 was a roaring success – congratulations to Cryfield, who were officially crowned the best halls on campus after a close tie-breaker with Rootes! Of course, we wouldn’t like them to get complacent, so we’ll be giving you all a chance to challenge them for their crown again in the future. Watch this space…

g.u.m. clinic

tuesday week 4

Right then! Let’s talk about sex – or, more specifically, sexually transmitted infections. A thoroughly nasty business, we’re sure you’ll agree – and that’s why we run free, confidential G.U.M. Clinics during term-time here in the SU so that you can get yourself checked out for STIs. Whether you’ve had unprotected sex or not in the last few weeks, come along and get tested just to be certain - it never hurts to have a clean bill of health! Our first clinic of term will run on Tuesday 25th October (Week 4) from 10am in Copper Rooms 2.

warwick student cinema – free screening On Tuesday 25th October (Week 4), your very own student-run campus cinema will be hosting a free screening of The Butterfly Effect – the event is open to everyone, and there will be a quiz afterwards with prizes. Don’t forget that the society also runs a rolling season of films throughout the term, including Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2, X-Men: First Class and a midnight screening of Apollo 18 during Weeks 4-5. To check out the full schedule, visit (n.b. Warwick Student Cinema’s All-Nighter will take place on Friday 18th November, not Tuesday Week 4 as previously advertised on the Warwick SU Wallplanner).

and finally… a word in your ear! On the next page, you’ll find out all about the new developments in the building over the last couple of months. Needless to say, the new furniture and facilities are for the benefit of everyone, and so we politely ask that you look after your SU building and its contents! In particular, please don’t stand on the sofas (particularly those in The Copper Rooms if you’re wearing heels!) as obviously this is liable to cause damage to the upholstery. Aside from that, feel free to relax and lounge to your hearts’ content in the new-look Warwick SU!

your new-look Warwick SU

your new-look union

Through the Big 5 survey, RANT Week, Have Your Say and other feedback channels last year, many of you said you weren’t happy with the Atrium of your Warwick SU building. Well, we’re pleased to say that in line with your feedback we’ve transformed the Atrium space. Hopefully you’ve popped by to check it out but, if not:

○○ We’ve introduced a range of seating – from booths and comfy chairs to tables that you can work at.

○○ There’s colour on the walls to add a bit of atmosphere! ○○ Your Sabbatical Officers are more prominent so you know who represents you. ○○ We’ve added a blackboard for you to give us your feedback. ○○ Our mission and vision are up so you know why we’re here. ○○ We’ve added a ‘Thank You’ wall to thank you for everything you do to make Warwick SU as good as it can be.

We’ve also made some changes to The Copper Rooms…

○○ There’s some new seating so you can take a breather on a night out.

○○ We’ve added some copper to the radiators. ○○ The cloakroom has a new (permanent) home. ○○ We’ve given each different space a lick of paint to add to the atmosphere! We’d love to hear your thoughts on what we’ve done with the spaces and are always looking out for new suggestions! Feel free to send in your feedback at any time to or

halloween offers at your students’ union

halloween offers in our food and beverage outlets A bit like those scheming witches at the start of Macbeth, our fiendish Food & Beverage outlet leaders have been slaving over a hot cauldron to bring you a range of tantalising treats this Halloween. Read on for all the details...

xananas xananas R E S TA U R A N T

We have a range of Spooky Sarnies on offer during Week 4 designed to unleash your inner nosh-monster: Our chefs have cooked up an entire Halloween menu:

hell fire bat wing £6.95 Spiced chicken wings roasted and served with hell fire sauce, salad and seasoned fries.

hobgoblin stew

£6.95 Winter vegetables, pan fried and brewed in a cauldron with devilled herbs and spices.

Devilled Salmon £3.25 Smoked Salmon with hot wasabi sauce, cucumber and lettuce.

Hot as Hell £3.00 Pepperoni, Jalapeño peppers & hot chili sauce, topped with melted cheese.

Blood & Bones £3.00 Chicken & Mozzarella in a tomato and basil sauce.

gnarled witches fingers on a swamp sauce

£7.45 Pan fried Piri Piri chicken, served on a Swamp Sauce of pea and mint puree with seasoned fries.

beef ghoulash and worms

£6.95 Spicy beef casserole served with linguini.

tomato goolies

£6.95 Spiced meatballs in a rich spicy tomato sauce, served on a bed of penne pasta.

creepy cookies & i scream £4.45 Ginger spider cookies with ice cream and a ghost meringue.

Lip-smacking potions and delicious desserts to warm your chilly boots:





As always, don’t forget that every penny you spend in an SU-run outlet is directly reinvested back into the organisation for your benefit!

have your say

get involved • have your say

get involved

warwick student arts festival 2012 Are you passionate about the arts? Or perhaps brimming with creativity? Warwick SU will be recruiting coordinators in the coming weeks to organise and run a fantastic Arts Festival on campus next year. We are looking for students with innovative ideas who are willing to take on a challenge – this festival is run by you, and you should decide how it takes shape! For more information about this fantastic opportunity, contact Matt Rogers via

warwick sports fest

sat/sun week 4

Warwick Sport is hosting a number of development Fresher sports tournaments across campus on the weekend of 29th and 30th October (Week 4). These will feature a range of clubs, including Ladies Hockey, Women’s Football, Athletics, Floorball and Lacrosse: Saturday 29th October




3v3 Tournament

Sunday 30th October Athletics

Track Races

Hockey (mixed)

Round Robin Tournament

Women’s football


N.B. Lacrosse - TBC Head over to to find out everything that’s going on, and come along to support your friends as they battle it out! For more information, please contact the SU Sports Officer, Chris Sury, via

movember It’s back! Get your tash on for prostate cancer with the annual global event that is Movember. The concept is simple – shave your face clean on 31st Oct (Atrium 11am-5pm) then grow a mo (shaving all around it) all through November. Get friends and family to donate to the cause and then attend the big end of November Pop! on 30th where the best mo’s will be paraded and judged. Dare or be square!

you say... why aren’t students aged under 18 allowed in The Copper Rooms?

we say... Purely a legal issue, we’re afraid – as a licensed premises serving alcohol, we’re not allowed to grant access to under-18s. Apologies to those of you still aged 17!

you say... can i bring a guest to an SU event - and, if so, how?

we say... You can indeed – you’re welcome to bring up to 3 guests to any event. The easiest way is to buy their ticket on your card, then they’ll just need to arrive with you and bring their own photo ID!

got feedback? it’s your union so have your say give us a few days and find out what

we say...

what’s on

what’s on week 4

thursday 27th

thursday 3rd


warwick debating union debate

9pm - 1am the terrace bar

Lesser-known leftfield indie and alternative tracks for discerning music fans.

what’s on week 5

friday 28th from 7pm MR 4, SUHQ

get funked

from 4pm curiositea

9pm - 1am the terrace bar

Live music and poetry in campus’s favourite tea shop.

Kick-start your weekend with jumping funk, soul and breakbeat classics as Captain Funkwash continues his search for the perfect groove!



A selection of the very best homegrown student bands, live and loud!


top banana

Compete for top prizes.

tuesday 25th


Protected sex? Unprotected sex? Come and get yourself checked out! It’s free and confidential.

hitch info meeting from 7pm MR 4, SUHQ

WSC: FREE SCREENING from 7:30pm L3 9:30pm - 12am the dirty duck

Tip-top acoustic talent at our regular student showcase.

the dirty duck

mixology 9pm - 1am the terrace bar

The perfect blend of cocktails and beats, featuring house music from student DJs.

the halloween ball 2011 Get your most ghoulish get-up on and prepare to get freaky as we deliver a night of terrifying thrills!

wednesday 26

sunday 30

warwick sports fest

10pm - 2am (circling from 7pm) COPPER ROOMS 1

Your chance to win £500 by wolfing down cream crackers – the perfect complement to our weekly cheese-fest!

GRANT THORNTON PIZZA EVENING 6pm - 8:30am the terrace bar

cupcake creations

all day campus

pop! cREAM CRACKER challenge



tuesday 1st

x-factor screening

warwick sports fest

10pm - 2am The copper rooms


from 7:30pm the mighty duck

For more info: /sports/sportsfest.

Time for a little more monkey business as Spank and chums bring the cheap drinks, banging tunes and Friday night hi-jinks!

saturday 29th

from 7:30pm The mighty duck

rag quiz

Take our advice and avoid the stuffy corporate presentations this autumn term. Instead, come and grab a slice of pizza and a drink and get to know our people. We are looking for students with an interest in business and an ability to build relationships with our clients. What better way to find out if a career with Grant Thornton is right for you? Visit our facebook page to register: ThorntonRecruitmentUK

10pm - 2am the copper rooms


all day campus

x-factor screening the dirty duck

Global Join World@Warwick for an evening of socialising and celebration at this international student night!

monday 31st

beats & bars

‘This house would stop aid’. from 9pm the terrace bar

hitch info meeting monday 24th

from 6pm atrium

from 4pm curiositea

hitch info meeting from 7pm MR 4, SUHQ

rocksoc social from 7pm the dirty duck

un-plucked 9:30pm - 12am the dirty duck

wednesday 2nd

wUDS PRESENTS ‘faustus’ 2nd - 5th november warwick arts centre

hitch MEAL social meet 6pm the dirty duck

POP! 10pm - 2am (circling from 7pm) room 1

More midweek mayhem and retro hits courtesy of Disco Dave.

10pm - 2am COPPER ROOMS 2

Missed out on the first event? Come see what all the fuss is about as Propaganda DJ Sam Flanagan delivers another set of slamming indie anthems!

friday 4th

lacrosse charity beer pong event from 7pm Copper rooms 1

warwick hitch info meeting from 7pm MR 4, SUHQ

get funked 9pm - 1am the terrace bar

top banana 10pm - 2am the copper rooms

It’s Friday night, and the monkey’s coming out to play…

saturday 5th

x-factor screening the dirty duck

mixology 9pm - 1am the terrace bar

kenilworth bonfire & fireworks gates 5:30pm kenilworth castle

Buy tickets online via the SU website for Kenilworth Round Table’s popular bonfire night!

sunday 6th

x-factor screening the dirty duck

featured event • don’t miss

featured event:

saturday wk 4

don’t miss:

wk 5




HALLOWEEN BALL Malevolent mayhem & fang - tastic foolery 2011 !

Watch a LIVE Alien Autopsy and fend off Flesh - eating Zombies as the Union hosts an array of freaks, horror and visual frights to a scarily dirty soundtrack!

We British don’t half love coming up with ridiculous festivities, and in Week 5 we’ll be celebrating British Sausage Week by offering different sozzie specials in our food outlets. In short: lovely bangers (well, that was rather inevitable, wasn’t it?) For more details check out

The foulest stench is in the air; The funk of forty thousand years... and grizzly ghouls from every tomb Are closing in to seal your doom !



don’t miss:

mon wk 5

saturday 29th october

10pm 2am

& Guests Only photo ID Required @ THE COPPER ROOMS £6 NUS

warwick su • coventry • cv 4 7al


This is a special fundraising event & all bar & ticket sales go back into Union activities

don’t miss:


throughout term


AT THE MIGHTY DUCK Don’t miss a minute of the action





Careers in audit, tax and advisory


dvisory GrantThornton RecruitmentUK

Campus ates





d advisory



d advisory




Pizza anyone? Why not take our advice and avoid all those stuffy corporate presentations? Instead, come and grab a slice of pizza, a drink and get to know us at our informal pizza evening. What better way to find out if a career with Grant Thornton is right for you?

Date: 1 November Location: The Terrace Bar, Warwick SU Time: 6.00pm - 8.30pm To sign up and get more info on our graduate, intern, placement and school-leaver positions, visit:



Get a FREE starter when you order any two main courses together.

Curiositea: Upgrade your drink from small to large for FREE!

The Bread Oven: Add an extra filling of your choice to your baguette, salad box or jacket potato for FREE!

The Dirty Duck: Get a pint of coke/lemonade/diet coke for the price of ½ a pint.

Save all year round for only ÂŁ11 Visit now!

xananas xananas R E S TA U R A N T

The Bubble - 11/12, Term 1, Week 4  
The Bubble - 11/12, Term 1, Week 4  

The Bubble - 11/12, Term 1, Week 4