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Warwick Prep Life MARCH 2018

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Upper One’s street dance workshop with Warwick Junior School boys.





Welcome from the


It is a pleasure to introduce this term’s edition of ‘Warwick Prep Life’. As you will see, the children and staff have been incredibly busy in what has been another very successful term at Warwick Prep School. The weather may have been on the chilly side since the new year but, as ever, this has not deterred our children. They have been out and about, competing in sports competitions, visiting local supermarkets and theatres, surveying Warwick Castle, singing with thousands of other children at the Genting Arena… the list goes on and is so well covered by our super team of editors in the following pages. This term has also seen many joint events with our schools across the foundation and I hope you enjoy reading about our collaborative work with our brothers in the Junior School and our sisters at King’s High. I particularly enjoyed our first assembly with King’s High when we joined together in Warwick Hall to share the wonderful array of leadership opportunities our children have and qualities they demonstrate ; they certainly taught me a thing or two! 

Ella and Jessica

Meet the Editors

We are delighted to introduce our four new editors for this term’s edition of Warwick Prep Life: Ella, Jessica, Sienna and Ellie. The girls have been out and about conducting interviews and busy writing up their articles. Let’s find out a little more about them: Ella said: “I liked the opportunity of telling the readers of Warwick Prep Life what all the different year groups got up to over the term. It’s been really fun .”

Jessica said: “I liked being an editor because it has given me the opportunity to interview people and show off my school to everyone who reads the magazine!”

“I think being an editor has helped me to improve my writing and I like the thought of being part of the Warwick Prep Life team. I found out a lot of new things and enjoyed interviewing people within school.”

“I liked being an editor because I got the chance to do more writing which I love. I have really enjoyed finding out more about the school and the people in it. I also know a bit more about some of our new clubs too!”

commented Sienna.

commented Ellie.

Mrs Hellen Dodsworth

Sienna and Ellie


Warwick PrepLife NURSERY NEWS

Musical Extravaganza!

The Nursery children enjoyed a brilliant week of musical events during Music Week. They visited the chapel at Warwick School to learn about the organ and they welcomed Upper One handbells, Warwick School jazz quartet and girls from King’s High School with their string instruments into the Nursery. They also enjoyed listening to Sam’s sister, Emma who played the oboe and Mr Timmis who played the guitar and introduced them to the ukulele and the mandolin. The guitar was the inspiration for some super observational drawings. The week ended with a special musical workshop run by Miss Griggs with the help of some very musical parents: Mr Laing, Mr Loeffler and Mr Bell. During the workshop, the children learnt all about the French horn, told the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff ’ and finished with a lesson in conducting to the ‘Grand Old Duke of York’! Most of all, the children have loved playing their musical instruments that they made at home; what a truly fantastic assortment of instruments!

Alishia Su Overton playing homemade Panpipes

Tai Chi The children enjoyed a special visit from Master Jacqui Fisher who led a session of Tai Chi helping them to develop their physical skills through a series of slow, focused movements. They developed their concentration and listening skills at the same time.

Lily-Rose, Emily, Karen and Miles enjoying some meditation

The children finished with a very peaceful minute of meditation! Guitar drawing by Natalia Arafa, Nursery T



People Who Help Us The children in Reception have thoroughly enjoyed the ‘People Who Help Us’ topic this term. They began by hunting around school for people who help them and discovering a bit more about the jobs they do. The children visited the office where the ladies were all very busy and then found Mrs Dodsworth in her office who was having a very important meeting. Finally they found Mrs Gardner, the librarian, who let them stamp some books and treated them to a story. Parents have very kindly continued to support this topic throughout the term, enriching the educational experience for the children. We now have many budding doctors, vets, firefighters and police officers!

Vittal, Grace and Faith

Nurse by Ayah-Sofia Bajallan

Max with our 'lollypop' man

Astronaut by Harrison Bryce

Trip to the Supermarket! During the second half of the term, the focus changed to ‘Healthy Eating’ and ‘Where Food Comes From’. Each Reception class has enjoyed a visit to our local Tesco store to find out how food reaches the shop shelves. Firstly they visited the bakery where they learned about the ingredients needed to make bread; there they made their very own pizzas with delicious healthy toppings. Secondly they visited the fish counter where they got to handle mackerel, prawns and sardines. The fishmonger demonstrated how to fillet a fish.

Reception S in the vegetable aisle!


The children then collected their baskets and ‘shopped for a rainbow’ in the produce aisle. They filled their baskets with strawberries, satsumas, bananas, mangoes, blueberries, raspberries and plums. The greatest excitement proved to be taking turns to sit at the till, scanning the produce through the checkout! Finally the trip ended with snacks and a goody bag to take home. The children were perfectly behaved and received lots of compliments from the shoppers in Tesco.

Warwick PrepLife

Some of the cast of the Bee Musical 2018


Och Aye the Noo! The children in Lower One have really enjoyed finding out about life on a Scottish island this term, by reading the stories of Katie Morag and her life on Struay. They were excited to find out that Struay is based on the real island of Coll and have compared life on this tiny island to their busy lives in and around Warwick. The children have woven their own tartans and looked at Celtic art and the work of Rennie Mackintosh too.

Thinktank Museum

Noah Laird, Lower One W

Oliver Withers kilt, Lower One K

Another highlight for this term has been their visit to the Thinktank Science Museum in Birmingham. The children had a busy time exploring all the interactive resources and were particularly enthralled with the Planetarium where they learnt about day and night, and the story behind the Bear constellations. Everybody enjoyed the Kid’s City area, where they were quick to become doctors, chefs, animators, dentists and explore the water play. Lots of interactive resources informed us all about our bodies and our senses. A great day was had by all!

The Bee Musical The term ended with their brilliant performance of ‘The Bee Musical’. Everybody was so proud of the children’s fantastic performance! They looked amazing in their costumes and wowed the audience with catchy songs and fabulous characters.

Pupils enjoying the Body Zone at the Thinktank Science Museum!



Elves and Fairies! The Lower Two children have been continuing to work hard in all their lessons. They have been privileged to be in communication with Bon-Bon Elf, the Mayor of Fairyland, who has asked the children for their help twice. Firstly, they helped with a missing punctuation problem when all the punctuation had been stolen; the boys and girls were glad to be able to help so proficiently. Then, the fairies requested their help with instruction writing to help guide visitors around Fairyland; they made great use of ‘bossy’ verbs, time connectives, adjectives and adverbs. Bon-Bon was thrilled with the helpful instructions!

Maths and Science In Maths, the children have been continuing to work on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They have been practising spending money – the ‘shop’ in Lower Two certainly had some bargains in it! There was a lot of work on their map skills during the first few weeks; learning how to read and use map symbols, grid references and follow simple routes. In Science, they have had great fun investigating ‘Electricity’ and ‘Magnetism’ by building circuits, exploring the different batteries in devices and finding out which objects are/are not magnetic.

To Be or Not To Be The term ended with an enjoyable visit to Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon where the children (and staff!) discovered lots of interesting facts about William Shakespeare. They handled and examined artefacts, wrote with quills and made their own hornbook for school in Shakespearian times. Some of them even had time to dress up or play with Tudor toys and games. The staff at the Shakespeare Trust were full of praise about the children’s behaviour, enthusiasm and participation. Thank you for being such great ambassadors for our school, Lower Two!

Juliet Routledge's visitor guide to Fairyland

Harry being Pyramus from A Midsummer Night's Dream at Shakespeare's Birthplace

Poppy learning to write with quills, just like William Shakespeare used


Warwick PrepLife MIDDLE ONE NEWS

Walk Like An Egpytian! Earlier this term, the Middle One girls thoroughly enjoyed their Egyptian Day. They transformed themselves into ancient Egyptians with their fantastic costumes (many thanks to their clever parents!) Professor McGinty came in to tell the girls about life in Egypt in ancient times and showed them a real cat mummy and some Egyptian bread. He was very funny! The girls worked hard to mould a clay mummy, make a sarcophagus and even baked delicious pizza mummies. The day ended with some very creatively choreographed Egyptian dances. Well done, girls! In Geography, they have been learning all about mountains and imagining what it would be like to climb up Mount Everest as well as designing posters for different mountains. The girls thoroughly enjoyed studying this topic during their Project Fortnight. In English, the girls have been looking at poems written by Robert Stevenson. They wrote their own poems using rhyming couplets. Here’s a lovely Mother’s Day poem from Claudia Shepherd, Middle One R:

Middle One girls learning to write in hieroglyphics

My Mummy is caring And always sharing My Mummy is bright But never fights My Mummy is kind And never minds My Mummy is special to me And leaves me be She is always funny And loves me like a bunny!

Saskia and Nancy's 'Pizza Mummies'

After hearing Professor McGinty talk about life in ancient Egypt the girls were relieved that they live in the 21st Century!

Hannah’s class poem on display in the hall as ‘Middle One: Writer of the Week’.



A Riotous Royal Time! This has been another busy term in Middle Two! Starting their new topic, ‘Riotous Royalty’ in January the girls enthusiastically began learning about the British royal family starting from 1066. On a bright (but chilly!) day in February, the whole year group walked up to Warwick Castle and spent the day immersing themselves in local history. Walking the ramparts was a particular highlight, where they surveyed the local landscape and considered why it was a good location for a castle.

Cressida Cowell Visit Middle Two were also privileged to join the boys from Warwick Junior School at an amazing workshop with Cressida Cowell, acclaimed author of How to Train your Dragon. Her most recent book Wizards of Once which has won the 2018 Blue Peter Best Story Award. The girls were then inspired by Cressida Cowell’s passion for writing and are hoping to use her writing tips in their creative work.

Portrait by Emily Mills


Portrait by Jessica Lock

Warwick PrepLife UPPER ONE NEWS

Girls get in the Groove! Upper One started the term with an enjoyable trip to the Birmingham Rep to see ‘101 Dalmatians’. The girls loved the dog puppets and were suitably scared by Cruella de Vil! The ‘Tudor Explorers’ topic concluded this term and the girls thoroughly enjoyed becoming maritime archaeologists investigating artefacts from the wreck of The Mary Rose. We know many of the girls would love to visit the historic shipyard in Portsmouth. The highlight of the term was performing with thousands of other children at the Young Voices concert at the Genting Arena in Birmingham (see page 15). This experience will no doubt be a special memory for the girls for many years to come. During the performance the girls were ‘wowed’ by the Street Dance sensation, Urban Strides. They were lucky enough to spend a day with Urban Strides at Warwick Hall taking part in a workshop in collaboration with Warwick Junior School and finished the day with a fantastic performance!

Isabella Comerford and Emily Stanton's Mary Rose poster

“I liked the workshop because it was a hard challenge.” Grace “We had to push ourselves harder than normal to do all the moves.” Marina “I liked the way that it wasn’t always easy and it made us think about what we needed to do.” Kerenza

Urban Strides Workshop Following the excitement of Young Voices, the Upper One girls joined with boys from Warwick Junior School in an Urban Strides workshop, which gave the girls another opportunity to show us their fantastic dance moves and learn more about street dance.



Sweet dreams By Ella It’s been a busy and exciting term for Upper Two. It kicked off with a trip to the theatre to see ‘101 Dalmations’ along with the rest of Middle and Upper School. One exciting thing we learned this term was what our Upper Two end of year play is to be! We can’t wait to perform Annie next term! We all had great fun auditioning and finding out what part we would play… Watch this space! This term in English we have been working towards our LAMDA and now eagerly await the results. We have covered lots of interesting topics in Science including The Solar System, Forces and Acids and Alkalis. In Sports lessons we have played lots of matches and won lots of them too! In Dance and Gymnastics we have been working towards our routines for our Summer Term Sports Day.

Scarlett Littell

PSDP Bedroom makeover project One of our PSDP (Personal Skills Development Portfolio) modules was to create our very own bedroom makeover, we had so much fun designing our dream bedrooms! Here are a sample of the mood boards we created. Amelie Field-Williams

Isla Hirst

Rainforest websites

Rainforest website by Laura

Watts and Lucy Roberts In Computing we have been creating Rainforest websites linked to our Geography topic. We had to select a focus such as the Amazon, deforestation, or rainforest animals. We then had to plan our sites, think about the different information to include and the range of images. We then used ‘Weebly’ to create a password protected website. Rainforest website by Jessica Long and Hope Brotherhood


Warwick PrepLife

Bringing the Rainforest to Life! By Ellie and Ella Earlier this month educational visitor, Dave Shaw ran an interactive workshop called Rainforest Roadshow for Upper Two. What an exciting day we had! In the morning Dave shared his personal experiences of the rainforest with us before showing us some of the creatures found there. Most of us were really brave and held a millipede, milk snake and a giant spider. Dave then showed us some rainforest jewellery including some underpants!

Ellie and Ella with Amelia the tarantula

In the afternoon, we studied some insects from the rainforest and then created drawings of them. Whilst we were doing this Dave came round and painted our faces with a tribal pattern. He had different patterns that he used and explained to us what tribe we were from. Our last activity was making jewellery using ‘Hama’ beads and string. We made necklaces, bracelets and headbands. We all thoroughly enjoyed Rainforest Day and learnt a lot about the animals and insects that live there and the danger that the Rainforest is in.

“I really enjoyed rainforest day. The best fact I learnt was about the blow pipes and that the poison darts go 150 miles per hour. Dave shot a balloon on the writer of the week display!”


Ellie holding Carlos the milk snake

“I found the talk really interesting and enjoyed holding the animals that you can find in the rainforest; some of them like the snake and the spider were quite scary!”


“I enjoyed finding out about the nose flutes that attract the animals. Dave showed us how he called a gibbon and then played the alphabet with his gibbon nose flute.”


Some of our Upper Two tribal team





Our hockey club has been given a huge boost by moving to the two Astro Turf pitches on a Tuesday morning. The girls have been joined by Mrs Richardson, now a 3-18 qualified hockey coach, and Mrs ParkinsonMills, Director of Sport from King’s High, so we can extend our provision to include Middle Two girls. What better way to start the day than with hockey training! Rugby Tots have joined our range of sporting provision, offering the Lower Two pupils some super coaching to supplement their games lessons. We have also recently introduced Orienteering into our sport curriculum for Middle One, Middle Two and Upper One girls. They will learn a range of skills including how to navigate and follow a route.

Finding New Opposition… We have enjoyed fixtures in five different sports this term with all the girls from Middle Two to Upper Two taking part. We continue to find new opposition far and wide, so we can introduce galas for our optional swimmers and so our newly formed football teams could enjoy some fixtures before the IAPS football tournament.

Upper Two and Upper One Hockey Club

Cross Country There have been some notable performances with our cross country runners this term which again is testament to the girls’ commitment to training. Annabel Waters, Middle One and Caitlin French, Middle Two have excelled in competition and Caitlin has even won herself one of the six places in the school’s cross country team.

Upper One Cross Country team


Middle Two A and B teams

Netball Our netball teams have shown teamwork and focus in their matches, gaining some good results and our U11As performed strongly at the IAPS regional tournament in February. Well done to the following girls in Upper School who have shown super effort and focus in their training and matches: Eleanor Surrey, Amelie Field-Williams, Jessica Long, Isla Hirst, Marina Webb, Laura Thomson, Ropa Kazora and Esme Rae.

Gymnastics We have been most impressed with the commitment and dedication of the gymnastics squad (and their parents!) who represented the school at their second national event this year. The Independent Schools Gymnastics Association’s competition in Cambridge required Charlotte Ash and her team to compete in the vault and floor routines against 12 other schools. With the girls overall scores of Grace 37th, Izzy 30th, Holly 8th and Charlotte 6th they came away with an overall 6th place. Congratulations girls!


We hosted two archery competitions during March in conjunction with the Coventry and Warwickshire School Games competition. Each event had a team of ten Upper Ones and a team of boys from Warwick Junior School.


Warwick PrepLife



By Jessica


This term our Skills for Life programme has focussed on Reflectiveness and Focus which includes Decision Making, Good Judgment, Ambition, Conscientiousness and Self Control. The children are encouraged to make decisions, reflect and use good judgment. For example when to put wellies on, when to stop eating more sweets, how high to climb a tree and when is it safe to cross the road.


Jessica reports that; “Everybody has tried to reach for their goals and achieve more. In sport the girls and boys have been focussing on trying to improve their skills or make good decisions during matches and display great teamwork skills.”

“I like Skills for Life, because it makes you focus on what you are doing and reflect on what you’ve just done.” Isla Hirst, Upper Two M “I like the fact that it makes you push yourself a lot more in sport.” Ottelia Tetley, Upper One W “I like trying my hardest.” Olivia Osborne, Middle Two G

World Book Day 2018 By Sienna During World Book Day the teachers were transformed into an array of different book characters and they looked fantastic in the whole school assembly. My favourite has to be Cruella de Vil, formerly known as Mrs Hill, I thought she looked very realistic and maybe enjoyed the role too much! During the assembly we talked about sharing stories, then we all took part in a fun bumper book quiz, which consisted of lots of book-tastic questions such as, ‘In which book would you find Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker?’ We also had a video clip of the famous Cressida Cowell asking a question! The winning houses were Dudley and Greville who each gained 20 house points! Other activities included Middle One creating front covers for their favourite books and Middle Two who wrote new blurbs for their favourite books. Some of the Middle Two girls were inspired to write Kenning poems after they had taken part in the Cressida Cowell workshop (see page 8):

A motivating-writer A best-selling-author A dragon-believer An idea-maker A children-inspirer A fantasy-creator An amusing-illustrator A legendary-think A magic-caster

A bookwriting-master!

By Charlotte Boak, Middle Two D

The children in Lower Two have been working with the Ozobot robots with focus, reflectiveness and curiosity! They were challenged to define the rules that the robots followed and then created their own colour code maps for the robots to follow. Great work! We have also focussed on the characteristics of Responsibility where we have encouraged children to look after their minds and bodies, and to behave honestly and with integrity. We completed a small survey amongst some of the children asking them why it is important to tell the truth. Some of the excellent responses were:

“So it doesn’t turn into a bigger problem.” Miya Jandu, Middle Two D

“So you can forget about it and move on.” Jessica Lock, Middle Two D

In Nursery children brought their favourite books in to read and share with their friends.





Reeds Rule! By Sienna and Ellie Earlier this term Cyril headed off to the Music department to investigate a brand new club, Reeds Rule! Reeds Rule! is made up of eight girls, with three on the saxophone and five on the clarinet. The group was set up by Miss Griggs and Miss Price to give the girls the opportunity to practise together and then eventually play in concerts. They are all around Grade 1 standard so the group works really well. Miss Price runs the club each week and has a Masters in Music from Birmingham Conservatoire. She teaches the group a mixture of different jazz pieces which they enjoy. They’ve even begun to tackle some improvisation as well! Ropa told Cyril that she is really glad the new club was set up. She thoroughly enjoys it and said Miss Price is an excellent teacher.

Behind the Scenes By Sienna and Jessica Sienna and Jessica went to interview Mrs Dudley (Catering Manager for both King’s High and Warwick Prep) to find out more about the Catering Department and to their surprise they learnt that chocolate brownies are not the most popular food choice! Q What is your favourite meal to cook? A Chicken curry. Q What is the most popular main meal on the menu? A The new recipe Cottage Pie is really popular and of course most people love fish on Fridays! Q What is the most popular pudding? A Syrup sponge and custard, the children love the traditional puddings. Q Where do you get your inspiration from for the menus? A All the different cultures that we have in the UK. Q Do you enjoy working with the Food Council? A Yes, very much. I love the fact that every class in school from Reception upwards is represented and that the children really can influence the menus! Q What would you make for Cyril to eat? A A nutty raisin bar, however I would be very careful not to make that in school because some of our children have nut allergies.


Sienna and Jessica then interviewed some Food Council members to see how they like being involved with the Catering Department.

“It’s fun and exciting! We talk about food and see what people like along with what improvements there could be.” Maida Edwards, Middle One C

“In the Food Council we try and listen to people’s ideas about food and try to change what we eat to match these ideas.” Rory Danylko, Lower Two S

Warwick PrepLife


Musical Matters Young Voices After an extremely industrious Autumn Term, we started this term with a fabulous Young Voices concert at the Genting Arena, a first for the girls at Warwick Prep. Upper One joined thousands of children from across the region to form part of one of the largest choirs in the world. They sang a variety of songs, from classics to pop with added choreography, as well as joining with Urban Strides dance group in a battle against the parents. The parents were very impressive but we think the girls won! Performing with a full seven-piece live band made up of some of the UK’s leading musicians, backing singers, and the internationally acclaimed conductor David Lawrence – made for one of the most exciting and memorable musical experiences for the girls and one I think they will remember. We enjoyed it so much that we have already registered for next year.

Musical Horizons The Junior Choir and two Upper One soloists, Kerenza and Celia, performed in the Musical Horizons event at King’s High. Choir rehearsals are always a lot of fun and this was a great opportunity for the younger girls to show us how much they love to sing! Kerenza and Celia have recently started vocal lessons with Dr. Smith and sing beautifully.

Tea Time Concerts Our series of informal concerts continued this term with the addition of Morning Melodies, giving more children the opportunity to perform in front of a smaller audience in the main hall. These informal concerts are an extremely important part of the girls’ musical education, building their confidence in performing and allowing them to demonstrate their talents and musicality.

The King’s High Orchestral Day was a great opportunity for many of our Middle Two and Upper One girls to gain more experience in playing in a large orchestra. Many new friendships were made whilst enjoying a day of music-making.

Spring Concert The Spring Concert was an exciting evening, showcasing some of our talented musicians. The Senior Choir got our feet tapping with their energetic and very entertaining performance of That’s Entertainment! There were memorable performances including Jessica Zhou on piano, Megan Flood on the cello and Laura Watts on the guitar. The ensembles delighted us with their performances; their hard work and commitment to rehearsals throughout the year culminated in some exciting and confident performances. Everyone left buzzing and we look forward to the summer concert in June.

Nursery Music Week Nursery’s Music Week also took place in February, you can read more about this on Page 3.

Harp Harp Hooray Earlier this term some of our harpists took part in a small competition held locally in Warwick. The adjudicator for the competition was Sophie Rocks a freelance harpist based in Manchester. Tamira Surendra Kumar and Jessica Hartshorn took part in the Intermediate and Composition classes. And congratulations to Teagan Eivers who won the Beginners' class. Mr Bell, Mr Loeffler and Mr Laing during Nursery's Music Week


foundation Miss Wilby also teachers a STEAM lesson every week to the Upper One and Upper Two girls where they have designed and made LED bracelets, constructed ‘bionic’ hands, taken part in the ‘Mystery STEAM Bag Challenge, and ‘engineered’ a Mars Lander designed to keep two Marshmallow Aliens safe when it comes into land on the surface of Mars!


STEAM Introducing our new Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) and Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) STEAM Coordinator, Miss Sara Wilby. Miss Wilby aims to bring the STEAM subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths to life. Miss Wilby is one of our Science teachers at Warwick Prep and comments that “I have enjoyed taking on this new role and working across both schools. I believe that exposing and empowering girls in STEAM subjects is so important.” Miss Wilby has coordinated a number of events such as trips to the Big Bang and the Science Lectures at Warwick University as well as working on the Warwick Mars project and setting up the after school STEMillions club for King’s and Prep girls. (You can read more about Mars and STEMillions in the Summer Term edition of Warwick Prep Life). Boys from the Third Year in the Junior School visited our Pre-Prep to read Mr Men books that they had written in English lessons. Mahim said the aim was to “create a new series of Mr Men books to read to the pupils at the Prep” and Freddy commented that he “really enjoyed illustrating the book”.

We have enjoyed numerous joint collaborative events, here are two of our highlights from this term; In February girls from King’s High joined the Prep girls on the stage at Warwick Hall for a special joint KS2 and KS3 assembly which focussed on the topic of Leadership. Senior and Junior House Charity representatives from King’s High, and House and Vice House Captains from Warwick Prep talked about the opportunities for responsibility within the schools and the work they carry out. This included information on our House system requirements of being a School Councillor and updates on charity events, including our joint charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind.


Pupils, parents and staff were also delighted by some beautiful Harp music played by the ‘The Harpeeters’ from the Prep. Our Head girls recently joined forces for a ‘working lunch’. Poppy Landreth, Head Girl and Isabella Forsythe, Deputy Head Girl at Warwick Prep met up with the girls from King’s; Alexandra Solt, Head Girl, Saffron Rai, Deputy Head Girl and Penelope Islef, Senior Prefect for lunch at the Prep. Poppy said: "It was really fun getting to know the girls better and hearing more about King’s High School. We even took them on a tour around the school”.

Warwick PrepLife

Artist in Residence This year’s Artist in Residence was sculptor Philip Cox, who specialises in life-sized figures made from recycled paper and corrugated cardboard. The Upper Two girls were fortunate to work with him over two days this term, each form group spending a day creating an amazing sculpture entirely using sheet cardboard and glue. The sculptures were based on design work produced in an earlier Art lesson. The girls looked at Totem Poles from the North American Indians for their inspiration. They studied the various animal shapes used, and the significance of their individual characteristics and qualities then choose an animal which they thought symbolised their own personality. Philip Cox is a self-taught artist whose interest in Art began at an early age. He spent most of his youth drawing and modelling figures, and this experience developed into a love for creating sculpture out of paper, his preferred medium. He has produced window displays for the prestigious Harvey Nichols, in London, and was commissioned to create 60 figures for Nottingham-based visitor attraction, The Tales of Robin Hood. Philip has appeared on numerous television programmes with his work, and a portion of his art belongs to permanent museum and art collections in the UK.

Charlotte getting creative with cardboard

Jessica Long’s Monkey

Juliana Stüber’s Cougar


Floral Friday

This term the children in Rich and Dudley Houses held a ‘Floral Friday’ sale on Friday 9 March, raising money for the Helping Hands community project and the Birth and Babies appeal. Floral Friday was launched during a morning assembly where pictures of the completed work were shown and children learned how donations would be used to support the charities. As part of their Design and Technology lessons, the children made simple posies or creations of handmade flowers to sell and purchased raffle tickets to win four lovely fresh flower bouquets. Congratulations to Rich and Dudley as a grand total of £XXXX was raised!


landor association

An Evening with Sophie Turner Hollywood came to King’s High for the inaugural Landor Association Lecture. Sophie Turner, known to millions for her starring roles in ‘Game of Thrones’ and the ‘X Men’, addressed the King’s High and Warwick Prep family, in her old school hall. Sophie wowed everyone with her delightfully puckish sense of humour, her warmth and her energy. She spoke very fondly of her days at Warwick Prep and King’s, and talked about growing up on a film set, her ambition to play Lady Macbeth one day, and her important work with Hollywood’s Time’s Up. Sophie revealed: “I experienced my first real live audience at Warwick Prep. I fell head over heels in love with acting – the freedom, the opportunity for expression, boundaries torn down, and that sense of being transported to another world. One of my biggest strokes of luck was getting into King’s High, where I hit the jackpot in my Drama teacher, Sarah Barker-Doherty. She cast me in my first big break, playing the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz – and I nailed it!” “I wouldn’t be anywhere without the friends I made during my time at King’s. The chance to spend five days a week with people I love was, for me, the most

important part of school. My friends and I left with conviction in our values and our potential. The idea of self-empowerment is part of King’s High’s DNA.” Sophie continued: “I’m proud to be involved with the Time’s Up campaign, fighting sexual harassment in the film industry and other workplaces. When I first discussed the project, sitting there with actresses I have idolised all my life, all I could think about was how the preparation and life skills I received from Warwick Prep and King’s High have set me up to face the challenges life throws at us. They gave me the tools to be successful without even knowing it!” Sophie answered all the girls’ questions, and told them: “Perseverance and persistence is the key to everything. Do your research, be prepared and be passionate about what you do. Whether you’re talented or not, who cares – so long as you work hard and show commitment. Being modest doesn’t get you anywhere, especially in Hollywood. Don’t let yourself hold you back. You have the right to pursue whatever you want to do, without prejudice or exploitation. And you will be able to say you were a part of change, and your daughters and granddaughters will live in a better world because of that.”

Warwick Prep School 2000 – 2007

“I experienced my first real live audience at Warwick Prep. I fell head over heels in love with acting – the freedom, the opportunity for expression, boundaries torn down, and that sense of being transported to another world.”


King’s High, Warwick 2007 – 2013

Warwick PrepLife

project one campus

Question Time Michael Quinney, Project One Campus Project Lead, Speller Metcalfe by Ella and Jessica Just before half term Ella and Jessica were lucky enough to meet Michael Quinney who kindly answered their questions and gave them unprecedented access to the new King’s High site.

Who designed the building? A firm called Nicholas Hare Architects who are based in London. How many staff work with you? We have a core team of ten Speller Metcalfe staff, but on any day there could be around 30-100 people on site ranging from brick layers to steel erectors.

Is Project One Campus going according to plan?

What’s your favourite part about undertaking a building project of this size?

Yes, we have a project plan that we are following and we’re on track!

It’s very hard work but watching it all come together is rewarding. When the scaffolding comes down this is an exciting stage as it means the outside envelope and roofing have been completed.

How amazed were you when you found the Roman remains?

How many cranes do you need? We have about 50 mobile cranes that we will use for the whole project. We don’t use tower cranes on this site but we have mobile cranes that can weigh between 30-160 tonnes. We use between five and ten different types of cranes.

We were very amazed as we’ve never found anything so interesting before!

How many different jobs are there?

Which building will be completed first? The sixth form block, this is the smallest building and it will be finished in the summer of 2018.

The girls were allowed onto the furthest part of the site by the main King’s High building where no one had previously been able to walk!

The timber roof in the dining hall takes longer to manufacture than the steel that is used in most other buildings on the site.

There are about 40 different types of jobs on site which are all sub contracted out to specialists. Where does all the earth and soil go after you have dug it up? Various suitable places that have been identified such as old landfill mines and designated tips locally.

It takes around 10 weeks to get the steel on site – from initial drawing, to approval to manufacture to delivery to site.


Project One Campus continued...

Sixth Form Centre

Site safety briefing. Each visitor has to be finger print scanned before being allowed through the security gate

© Nicholas Hare Architects

Ella and Jessica are pictured at the foot of the stairs in the sixth form centre

A grand ‘open’ timber stair that creates a visual link between the two floors and provides informal seating and presentation space

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Warwick Prep Life March 2018  
Warwick Prep Life March 2018