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Simon Kaan, Untitled Waka Series, Oil on Board, 162 x 120cm, 2003

Tyrone Layne, Young Forever, Oil on Canvas, 124 x 224cm, 2009

Dorothy Kate Richmond (1861-1935 - New Zealand) Ploughing the Field, Watercolour on Paper, 34 x 24cm, 1930, Signed and Dated

Octavious Clark (1850 - 1921 - British) English country Scene, Oil on Canvas, 49 x 74cm Signed

Charles Leslie (c.1835-1890 - British) Highland Landscape with Lake, Oil on Canvas, 1883, 20 x 58cm Signed and Dated

Philippa Blair, Hybrid Diptych, Oil on Canvas, 202 x 101cm, 1996

Something Different - A collection of designer valve radios 1930s - 1950s

Barry Brickell, Waveomorph Pot Salt glazed, 2009, H. 72cm W. 40cm

A collection of pottery and ceramics Sylvac (England) A superb pair of Sylvac Scottish Terriers in powder green and fawn glaze. In outstanding condition. Height: 27cm

Admiral 1930s Palm Tree Travel radio finished with Brass accroutrements and faux crocodile skin.

Classic 1950s Westinghouse green plastic valve radio.

Stylish motorola brown bakelite valve radio, c.1930s - superb condition.

Newton Pottery Sydney, Australia A fine blue and brown glazed vase by Newton pottery Sydney c. 1920 Height: 21cm

Red Vase A striking burgundy glazed stoneware ceramic pot in excellent condition. c. 1970s. H:30cm W: 38cm


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