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New home for Hospice of Dubuque 2255 J.F.K. Road Dubuque, IA 52002 563.582.1220

Greg Birkett, President, Hospice of Dubuque Board of Directors Hospice of Dubuque is pleased to announce that, with the help of a major donation from the late Mrs. Ralph W. Aigler, the organization has purchased the former Steve’s Ace Hardware building located at 1670 John F. Kennedy Road. The building will be the future home for the Hospice of Dubuque administrative and clinical staff. “This purchase will allow Hospice of Dubuque to continue our tradition of quality care for the terminally ill well into the future,” stated Barb Zoeller, Hospice of Dubuque’s Executive Director. “The community has been supportive of the organization for over 25 years, and once remodeled, this building will give Hospice of Dubuque a place to call home.”

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The new office building will provide a good working environment for the staff and, at the same time, help control overhead costs. Yet, it is a huge undertaking to convert the building from a hardware store into an energy efficient office space. The first step is to have floor plans drawn that will utilize the space efficiently and create a good workflow. Also, by planning now for energy efficiency, it will help reduce utility costs down the road. The facade of the building will also need updating. Once the drawings are completed and the estimates are in, the Board of Directors will launch a capital campaign to help raise the funds necessary to remodel the building. A few supporters have already stepped up to help, including: Kevin Doyle of Tri-State Home Inspections, Dave Miner of Miner Plumbing, the Kopp Family, the John Flynn Family and Marty Johnson of Straka Johnson Architects. Thanks to them and to all who will be assisting in this undertaking. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Vote now for BestFest 2009 Plans for BestFest 2009 have begun! This year’s big event will be held Thursday, March 5, from 5:00 to 7:30 pm at The Grand River Center. The entire community is encouraged to be part of the fun by voting and supporting their favorite businesses. Ballots are available throughout the month of January in The Dubuque Advertiser or at A completed ballot (with 40 categories filled) will enter your name in a drawing for a prize from Radio Dubuque. See page 3 for additional details on BestFest.

Medical Directors Mark Hermann, M.D., Co-Medical Director Brian Sullivan, M.D., Co-Medical Director Jeffrey White, D.O., WI Medical Director Alternate

Hospice and palliative care Brian Sullivan, M.D., Co-Medical Director

Administrative Staff Barbara Zoeller, Executive Director Lavonne Noel, Financial Director Shelby Wartick, Community Relations Facilitator Linda Wolf, Community Relations Facilitator Jackie Brehm, Accountant Jill Wilming, Accountant Nancy Harrelson, Secretary Debbie Horch, Secretary Pat Pierce, Filing Secretary

Palliative medicine has emerged as a field of medical specialization over the past several years. It is now possible for physicians to be board certified in hospice and palliative care. However, even physicians do not always totally understand the distinction between hospice care and palliative care.

Coordinators Judi Carr, Program Development Coordinator Mary Franzen, Volunteer Coordinator Melissa Warren Spoerl, Spiritual Care Coordinator

Social Workers Nancy Diehm, Psychosocial Director Sue Welu, Bereavement Coordinator Sheila Devaney Herbst Chelsea Deines Nichole Kraft Stephanie Lampe Lisa Patterson Kathy Schroeder Jennie Schwartz

Music Therapist Meganne Masko

Dietitian Ann Scott

Pharmacist Consultant Jessica Purcell

Hospice Nurses Bonnie Hancock, Patient Care Director Katy Morrow, Nursing Services Director Renee Frith, Admissions Director Rose Guler, Hospice Intake Nurse Karen Hayes, Hospice Intake Nurse Amy Koeller, Hospice Intake Nurse Kristina Baur Ann Blesz Jennifer Cavanagh Amy Crittenden Jennifer Duehr Dawn Dominguez Diane Fasselius Mary Greil Dawn Hardin Amy Jewell Barb Kennicker Traci Kieler Jim Miller Sherry O’Leary Kathy Pitz Melanie Root Edna Scherbring Megan Schmitt Kelly Simpson

Team Nurses Rosie Carr Jennifer Friederick Kay Herman Mary Hoelscher Phyllis Hoerner Jean Krueger Nancy Reilly Dorothy Schlueter Ruth Turnis

Speech Therapists Mary Green–IA Mike Parks–WI Mercy Medical Center–IA, IL, WI

Occupational Therapists Mercy Medical Center

Physical Therapists Carole Carroll Scott Schaber Alecia Thiele Shawn Thiele FinleyComp Rehab Mercy Medical Center

Officers, Board of Directors Greg Birkett, President Brad Heying, Vice President Darlene Conzett, Secretary Bruce Rehmke, Treasurer

Members, Board of Directors Cindy Burdt Susan Bushman Carole Carroll Larry Cremer Jared Freiburger, M.D. Jodi Bertsch Hagar James Hall, M.D. Fr. Bill Joensen Allen Meurer, M.D. Rev. Kathleen Milligan Francis “Chip” Murray Stephanie Savage Betty Takes

Hospice Aides Jen Rupp Jane Schadle Jayne Schonhoff Heather Steines Lynn Sutton


Honorary Members, Board of Directors

Palliative care is active total care of a patient whose disease is not responsive to curative treatment. Symptom control is the focus of the care. This includes managing symptoms that are physical, psychological, social, or spiritual in nature. The goal of palliative care is to achieve the best possible quality of life for patients and their families. Many aspects of palliative care are applicable in the course of an illness before the patient qualifies for hospice care. Symptom control is a component of medical care at all stages of life and illness. However, we tend to call it palliative care when symptom relief becomes the primary focus of the care. Palliative treatments are interventions that enhance comfort and improve the quality of a patient’s life. No specific therapy is excluded from consideration. The test of a palliative treatment lies in the agreement by the patient and the health care providers that the proposed treatment will provide relief from distressing symptoms and enhancement of quality of life. The decision to intervene with an active palliative treatment is based on the treatment’s ability to meet the stated goals rather than its expected effect on the underlying disease process. Hospice care is provided by hospice programs that offer palliative care to terminally ill patients as well as providing supportive services to their loved ones. This care can be provided in one’s home as well as in institutional settings. Physical, social, spiritual, and emotional care is provided by an interdisciplinary team throughout the course of hospice care including during the dying process and during bereavement. Thus palliative care is always a component of hospice care, but not all patients receiving palliative care are in a hospice program.

Bereavement support groups SPRING 2009 April 6 – May 11 April 8 – May 13

Monday morning 10:00 am – Noon Wednesday afternoon 3:30 – 5:30 pm

Kay Frommelt Judy McDermott Ruth Turnis

Celebrating over 25 years of compassionate care

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Join us January 24 for Bowling for Hospice of Dubuque The annual Bowling for Hospice of Dubuque will be held Saturday, January 24, at the Diamond Jo's new Cherry Lanes. Check-in starts at noon and bowling will begin at 1 pm. Sign up at Courtside, Knicker's, P.J.'s or Hammerheads to join in the fun! The cost is $20 per two person bowling teams. The after bowling party will be held at Knicker's for all who participate. Food will be provided by Houlihan's and music by Mobile Moosic. Hope to see you there!

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Details for BestFest 2009 Once volunteers have counted the votes, BestFest will recognize “the best” of over 50 area businesses. Winners in each category will be encouraged to participate and thank the community for this honor by showcasing samples of their products. In addition, the winner of the Best Band will be invited to perform from 6:30 to 9:00 pm. The night will also include raffle and attendance prizes. To join us in the “best the tri-states has to offer” in great food, products and live entertainment, be sure to get your tickets early. Advance tickets will be available in February at all Dupaco Community Credit Union locations and the Hospice of Dubuque office. The price of a ticket is $25. Tickets are limited. To donate a prize toward the raffle or for more information, contact Hospice of Dubuque at 563.582.1220. Another popular addition to BestFest is the prize package to the highest online bidder. The package includes a trip to and from BestFest via the “Bud Bus”, courtesy of Kirchhoff Distributing, free BestFest admission tickets for you and 10 of your friends, an opportunity to enter BestFest 15 minutes before the doors officially open as well as other prizes. Bids will be taken between January 15 and February 15. To place a bid, or for more information, go to,, or and look for the BestFest logo. Vote today and support your favorite business! Then, plan on joining us Thursday, March 5, at the Grand River Center for this great community event.

Celebrating over 25 years of compassionate care


Services of Hospice of Dubuque Katy Morrow, Nursing Services Director In the Dubuque area, there has been an influx of new businesses advertising their hospice services. Many community members have contacted us to question how the services offered by these businesses compare to the services provided by Hospice of Dubuque. While all Medicare-certified hospices must provide the following services, as a not-for-profit hospice, Hospice of Dubuque’s care is mission-driven. Thus, consumers should not only compare what services are offered, but how services are delivered.

What Medicare Requires


How Hospice of Dubuque Delivers

Physician services

Dr. Brian Sullivan from Medical Associates and Dr. Mark Hermann from Dubuque Internal Medicine serve as Hospice of Dubuque’s medical directors. Hospice of Dubuque also works closely with each patient’s primary care physician to coordinate and deliver individualized end-of-life care.

Nursing services

All of Hospice of Dubuque’s nurses are Registered Nurses. Forty-three percent (43%) of Hospice of Dubuque’s nurses have achieved certification by the National Board for Certification of Hospice and Palliative Nurses. Among hospices throughout the state of Iowa, this percentage is only 14%.

Medical social workers

At Hospice of Dubuque, all social work services are delivered by individuals holding either a Bachelors or Masters degree in social work (BSW or MSW). These professionals work closely with the patient and family to identify needs and resources.

Hospice aides

Hospice aides are available to assist with the activities of daily living, personal care needs including bathing, and companionship for patients. Aide services are available to all patients, even those residing in assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

Counselor services

Hospice of Dubuque has both spiritual and dietary counselors on staff, and the spiritual counselor is available to provide funeral services, as requested.

Therapy services

Medicare requires that physical, occupational and speech therapy services are available to all patients. Although not a Medicare requirement, Hospice of Dubuque offers a comprehensive music therapy program to enhance patient care. A board certified music therapist is available to visit patients, make favorite CDs for patients and provide bedside comfort during the dying process.

Bereavement support

Bereavement support is provided while the patient is receiving care from Hospice of Dubuque. Mailings, support groups, and one to one counseling are available to the survivors of Hospice of Dubuque patients for 13 months following the patient’s death. Hospice of Dubuque also offers these services to any member of the tri-state community who has experienced a loss through death.

Volunteers must provide 5% of care

The Hospice of Dubuque volunteers are your neighbors. They have completed a seven-week, twentyone hour educational course and have successfully passed a screening process that includes background checks and interviews prior to assignment as a Hospice of Dubuque volunteer.

Prescription medications and medical equipment

Hospice of Dubuque provides for all prescription medications and medical equipment related to the patient’s terminal illness and does not discontinue all of a patient’s medication upon admission. Hospice of Dubuque maintains contracts with a full array of local pharmacies and medical equipment providers so that patients may generally continue with their preferred provider.

Medication review

Hospice of Dubuque employs a pharmacist to be an active member of the Interdisciplinary Team. Each patient’s medications are reviewed for potential drug interactions.


Hospice of Dubuque contracts with the following local hospitals: Finley Hospital (Dubuque), Mercy Hospital (Dubuque and Dyersville), Midwest Medical Center (Galena), and Southwest Health Center (Platteville). These contracts enable Hospice of Dubuque to arrange for acute hospitalization for patients and also allow for up to five days of respite care in consideration of fatigued caregivers.

Continuous care

If a patient experiences a symptom crisis, Hospice of Dubuque may provide continuous care for as long as needed, with a registered nurse remaining at the bedside.

Celebrating over 25 years of compassionate care

Services of Hospice of Dubuque continued Hospice of Dubuque: • Does not require a do-not-resuscitate order (DNR). •

Is Medicare and Medicaid certified in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. All services are available to all patients regardless of the patient’s place of residence. Patients residing in assisted living facilities and nursing homes are entitled to the same services that are provided to a patient residing in a private residence.

Allows patients to continue any medical treatment which will bring them comfort and quality of life. This includes continued blood transfusions and palliative radiation as approved by the Hospice Interdisciplinary Team, in consultation with the patient and family. Hospice of Dubuque’s highly qualified and experienced clinicians are experts in explaining medical interventions and helping patients evaluate the benefits and burdens of treatment options.

Provides 24-hour care from an Interdisciplinary Team who knows each patient’s medical history, medications and family members.

Admits patients as soon as the family and physician request hospice services.

The Hospice of Dubuque office is located in Dubuque and the organization is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of community members. The size of the service area allows for the utmost responsiveness within a maximum 30 minute driving radius from Dubuque. All Hospice of Dubuque staff and volunteers live and work in the greater Dubuque area. No slogans, no catch phrases, no gimmicks—just 25 years of fulfilling a mission of providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones.

Special thanks

Laura Berning and The Market House Restaurant, for the $500 donation from sales during National Hospice Month. St. Raphaels Cathedral, for the $200 loose change collection as part of their budget outreach. The Asbury Juliens 4-H Club, for the $77.25 donation from their ornament auction. This gift was given in memory of Mary Haberkorn. St. Anthony Church, for the $1,326.35 donation from their second collection throughout the month of November.

McGraw-Hill employees give to Hospice of Dubuque Each year a local division of McGraw-Hill raises money for a non-profit organization. In 2008, because of the employees who have been touched by the care and services provided to their family and friends by hospice, Hospice of Dubuque was selected to receive this honor. McGraw-Hill employees held raffles and other fundraising events throughout the year which resulted in a donation of $1,545.31 to Hospice of Dubuque. The McGraw-Hill Employee Giving Campaign matched the amount raised for a total donation of $3,090.62. The support and generosity shown to Hospice of Dubuque and the families of our community by McGraw-Hill is greatly appreciated.

Sandy & Arnie McDowell of MidTown Marina for donating a recent silent auction prize to benefit Hospice of Dubuque. Peach Pfeiffer, for sewing coasters and donating a portion of the sales to Hospice of Dubuque. The coasters are for sale at the Hospice of Dubuque office.

Celebrating over 25 years of compassionate care


Thank you to Paula Giese for the portable CD player and headphones from our Fall Wish List.

Thank you to the following for donating supplies for our loan closet: Family of Darlene Ahrndt Family of Edward Berning Family of LaVada Brunskill Family of Joe Clancy Family of Mary “Bunny” Clancy Family of Donald Cox Family of Norman Dorst Family of Sherry Gassman Family of Delbert Guler Family of Agnese Hayes Family of Allan Hayes Family of Ted Heinz Family of Rosemary Helmer Family of Mary Hoff Family of Kathleen Horton Family of Janice LeGrand Family of Steve Makovec Family of Luella Pfiffner Family of Janice Quere Family of Thomas Schink Family of Donald Stuart Family of Darlene Tenney Family of Joan Vogt Robert Doerr Dubuque Nursing & Rehab Finley Hartig Home Care Peg Hennagir Hoffmann-Schneider Funeral Home Medline Industries, Inc. Mercy Home Care April Santana Bill and Janet Spoerl Weber Paper Company

Thank you for donating the following book to our lending library: Healing after Loss, Daily Meditations, by Martha Witmore Hickman, donated by Mary Sack

Living out a resolution Melissa Warren Spoerl, Spiritual Care Coordinator I, Melissa J. Warren Spoerl, Spiritual Care Coordinator for Hospice of Dubuque, on this random day in the middle of winter, wish it to be known that the following ideas stem from nearly 4,000 years of history and practice and may appear out of season and highly unusual, but stick with me. Whereas, people of many cultures make resolutions on the premise that a single resolution can positively and profoundly create lasting change in their lives; and Whereas, making resolutions can help make the world a better place; and Whereas, making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and, ultimately, reinforces humility; and Whereas, the date of January 1st as New Year’s Day (the traditional day for making resolutions) is an arbitrary date based on neither astronomical nor agricultural significance; Therefore be it resolved that I will daily strive to encourage those who I meet and those with whom I interact to look at the good gifts that they have been given and use those gifts to the utmost of their ability regardless of the date or the stage of their life. Be it further resolved that the living out of this resolution will be my own personal goal beginning February 3rd, 2009, and continuing for the length of time permitted to me by my position, my desires, and by my own life. Did your New Year’s Resolutions look like mine? I’m guessing probably not. Actually, I’m hoping not. I hope that your resolutions were personal, heartfelt, and completely individualized. Also, I’m guessing that you don’t usually pick February 3rd as the day to start the “new improved you” every year like I do. But the concept … allowing ourselves to forgive (ourselves and others) and choosing to give the world a gift of our best selves is a good idea at any time and in any form. Spiritually speaking, it’s a great idea.

If You Have Nothing The gesture of a gift is adequate. If you have nothing; laurel leaf or bay, no flower, no seed, no apple gathered late, do not in desperation lay the beauty of your tears upon the clay. No gift is proper to a Deity; no fruit is worthy for such power to bless. If you have nothing, gather back your sigh, and with your hands held high, your heart held high, lift up your emptiness!

If you no longer wish to receive the Hospice of Dubuque newsletter please contact the Community Relations Department at 563.582.1220


Jessica Powers Carmelite Monastery, Pewaukee, WI

Celebrating over 25 years of compassionate care

Volunteers Mary Franzen, Volunteer Coordinator

Kathy Bromberg receives the 2009 Dr. Larry Kukla Volunteer of the Year Award

2009 Volunteer In-service Calendar All meetings will be held at 7:00 pm at the Hospice of Dubuque office at 2255 JFK Rd. unless otherwise noted.

January 29, 2009**Note date change Join in the fun of ballot counting for BestFest. Please call Mary or Linda at 582-1220 prior to the 29th if you are interested in helping. Vote counting will take place from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

On Thursday evening, December 4, at the annual Volunteer Open House, Kathy Bromberg was awarded the 2009 Dr. Larry Kukla volunteer of the Year Award.

February 26, 2009

Kathy came to Hospice of Dubuque in 2001 stating “if I can help one family, one person, the way we were helped, I would be happy”. Kathy has met her goal by providing direct patient care to many patients. She is also part of the bereavement calling team and recently began facilitating grief support groups. In addition, Kathy served on the 25th anniversary committee and was involved in events related to this celebration. We truly appreciate Kathy’s involvement and commitment to Hospice of Dubuque!

Join us for viewing The Last Lecture. In 2007, college professor, Randy Pausch, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Before his death in July 2008, he delivered his final lecture, which is a message of hope for all.

Volunteer mileage reminder Volunteers should remember to keep track of mileage associated with a patient visit or other Hospice of Dubuque related event at which they are volunteering their time. These miles may be used for a deduction on your taxes.

Welcome new volunteers Hospice of Dubuque volunteer, Charlie Green, recently accompanied patient, Wayne Koons, to Fagan’s Shoe Repair and Hobbies. Wayne has a passion for trains and his volunteer is happy to take him on outings to view train merchandise.

In the fall of 2008, fourteen individuals completed the seven-week course and other requirements necessary to become a patient care volunteer. We welcome new volunteers Johanna Boettner, Don Gibson, Charlie Green, Carol Heying, Ron Ludwig, Monica Lynch, Kay Newton, Sue Hird Pregler, Thelma Schlueter, Diane Sweeney, Sara Uthe, Linda Wolf, Kim Worthington, and Ann Zeller to the Hospice of Dubuque team.

Celebrating over 25 years of compassionate care


Hospice of Dubuque The Community’s Not-For-Profit Hospice

Annual Report—Fiscal 2008 NOVEMBER 1, 2007 — OCTOBER 31, 2008

Sincere thanks to: iThe Hospice of Dubuque Board of Directors for their commitment to the mission and leadership for the organization

iMedical Directors, Drs. Brian Sullivan and Mark Hermann for their expertise and guidance

iThe dedicated Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers for their contribution of 4,600 hours of service during 2008

iThe highly skilled and compassionate Hospice of Dubuque Staff, who embrace and implement the mission

iThe greater tri-state community for supporting Hospice of Dubuque for 25 years

iThe individuals and families with whom Hospice of Dubuque has been privileged to journey these past 25 years

Our Mission: Providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones. 8

25 Years of Compassionate Care Since 1983, Hospice of Dubuque has evolved from an all-volunteer hospice providing Dubuque County families with support and respite care to a fullservice Medicare/Medicaid certified agency with over 60 employees and more than 120 volunteers serving the tri-state area. In Hospice of Dubuque’s early days, virtually all patients were admitted with a cancer diagnosis. During the past 25 years, the services provided by Hospice of Dubuque have broadened to “You cannot believe include patients with a variety of non-cancer diagnoses. the difference In 2008, 61% of those admitted had a non-cancer Hospice of Dubuque diagnosis. This increase in the variety of admitting has made in my diagnoses has necessitated a change in medical life...I’m living like interventions. Yet, throughout Hospice of Dubuque’s I’m living instead history, its mission of providing compassionate care for of living to die.” the terminally ill and their loved ones has guided client care and organizational decisions. Lynne W., Hospice of Dubuque patient

After 25 years of caring, Hospice of Dubuque has touched many lives. A testament to that care was the warm reception that rippled through the crowds watching the Hospice of Dubuque 25th anniversary float and, more formally, the positive benchmarking results noted below. It is affirming to note that the organization, even with the significant growth over the past 25 years, continues to respond to the needs of the families served. As the local not-for-profit community hospice, Hospice of Dubuque’s growth is based upon the need for services among community members, not a desire to expand into additional markets. The Hospice of Dubuque service area has been managed to allow for the responsiveness of care that has always been a hallmark of this organization. eds Ex c e nal natio d n a state ngs! ranki

2008 Family Evaluation of Hospice of Dubuque Services

1) Willingness to recommend Hospice of Dubuque to others


2) Patient was treated with respect


3) The overall care provided by Hospice of Dubuque was rated as good, very good or excellent


4) The family received the right amount of emotional support


5) The patient received the right amount of medicine for pain


6) The family received the right amount of instruction regarding the care of their loved one


Celebrating over 25 years of compassionate care


Anniversary Activities

During 2008, Hospice of Dubuque once again experienced growth in Serving Dubuque County, and admissions; since 2000, portions of Delaware, Jackson Hospice of Dubuque’s and Jones Co. in Iowa, portions of Jo Daviess Co. in Illinois, and admissions have portions of Grant and Lafayette increased by 115%. Co. in Wisconsin. Approximately a 30 minute distance This year, Hospice of from the city of Dubuque so care Dubuque provided care is responsive to client needs. to clients ranging in age from infancy to centenarians. Although about one third of those admitted to Hospice of Dubuque died within one week or less, Hospice of Dubuque continued to successfully provide the needed support and symptom management to enable 99% of clients to die in the location they desired, whether private residence, nursing home, assisted living or hospital. The size of Hospice of Dubuque’s service area ensures that all clients receive the responsive, personal care for which the organization has been known since 1983. The dedicated, collaborative efforts of the Hospice of Dubuque staff and volunteers enable patients and their families to establish, and realize, their end-of-life goals. In 2008, 95% of the goals established by patients and families were met.

How did Hospice of Dubuque recognize 25 years of excellence in end-of-life care? By raising awareness regarding Hospice of Dubuque’s services, while sharing our celebration with the tristate community!

Ahead Throughout 2008, Hospice of Dubuque prepared for the revised Medicare Hospice Conditions of Participation. The staff resources needed to meet these new regulations have been significant, but Hospice of Dubuque was in compliance on the December 2, 2008 implementation date. New processes will be reviewed and refined throughout 2009 to ensure not only compliance with these mandates, but also the continued delivery of the most responsive and effective hospice care. As in other communities, Hospice of Dubuque, as the local hospice, is facing considerable competition by proprietary and corporate hospice businesses. As the community’s only not-for-profit hospice, Hospice of Dubuque will continue to provide client care based upon the mission and community needs.

i The Hospice of Dubuque 25th anniversary float appeared in thirteen area parades i With the professional help of, and donations from, Hickey Smith Productions, a television commercial featuring Hospice of Dubuque clients and staff was produced, and appeared on a variety of channels i A Hospice of Dubuque art exhibit, The Journey, was displayed throughout the tri-state area, featuring donated works from local artists i An anniversary banquet was held in September, featuring The Journey art auction i The Hospice of Dubuque logo, newsletter, website and brochure were updated to reflect the 25th anniversary i Billboards were visible throughout the Dubuque area i A video produced by Lisa Aird, Shelby Wartick and Linda Wolf featured Hospice of Dubuque workers and clients telling their stories of compassionate care

Welcome to: i Dr. Jared Freiburger, Rev. Kathleen Milligan and Betty Takes, Members, Board of Directors

Farewell to: i Amy Kalb, Social Worker

i Hospice Nurses: Kristina Baur and Amy Jewell i Social Workers: Chelsea Deines and Nichole Kraft i Hospice Aides: Heather Steines and Jayne Schonhoff i Interdisciplinary Team Pharmacist: Jessica Purcell

Thank You to:

Congratulations to: i Sue Bateman, Linda Erpelding and Phyllis Ungs, who were named the 2008 Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers of the Year

i Barbara Zoeller, Executive Director, who received

i Fr. Scott Bullock and Dave Horstmann for completing nine years of service on the Hospice of Dubuque Board. Both completed the maximum number of terms allowed by the bylaws. We also thank Rich Bean and Dr. Don Kahle for their Board service.

the University of Iowa College of Nursing Alumni Achievement Award for 2008

i Hospice Nurses, Mary Hoelscher and Katy Morrow, authors of the book, Caring for the Dying, which was published in 2008

Celebrating over 25 years of compassionate care


Alice Ann Ungs, author of the book, From God’s Front Porch, recently held a book signing at River Lights 2nd Edition in Dubuque. Her heartfelt words, poetry and photographs are a result of her own experiences as a hospice nurse. Alice has donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale of her book, $220, to Hospice of Dubuque. We thank her for this gift and for sharing her own hospice experiences in this unique way. Thank you to the following businesses, churches and organizations for their support of Hospice of Dubuque: Addoco, Inc. Clemens Welding, Inc. Conlon Construction Curtis-Straub Co. Plumbing & Heating Contractors Dubuque Bank & Trust

Congratulations to Michael Lange, vice president at McGraw-Hill Companies, for being named Premier Citizen of the quarter by Premier Bank. Michael received the award as a resident who goes above and beyond to enhance the community of Dubuque. Hospice of Dubuque has been fortunate to work with Michael and the Dubuqueland Irish Association on the Irish Hooley Committee.

Dubuque Rheumatology, P.C. Dubuque Theresians Dunleith Township Clerk E. J.Voggenthaler Co. Eagle Window & Door Friedman Group, Inc. Galena United Methodist Church Women Immanuel Women’s Fellowship Kathy’s Krystals Ludovissy and Associates Insurance

Van’s Liquor Store donated $1,169.70 from the ticket sales of their Fall Wine Tasting Night. This annual event was held November 4 at Timmerman’s Supper Club. Thank you to all who attended and to Jeff and Van’s Liquor Store for the opportunity to be associated with this fun night.

Maiers Barber Shop Midwest Business Products MVRA Mississippi Valley Running Association Oberbroeckling Insurance, Inc. PLF Enterprises, Inc.

Hospice of Dubuque was pleased to receive the 2008 Special Recognition Award from our friends at Area Residential Care on Tuesday, October 21, at their annual recognition dinner.

Rainbow Corporation and Kwik Stop River Bluffs, Inc. Siegert Casper Colonial Funeral Home The Sinsinawa Dominicans St. Jude’s Quilting Circle

Sympathy to ... Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers ... Connie Bries on the death of her sister, Darlene Ahrndt, December 7.

Spahn & Rose Charitable Foundation Thank you to the following organizations that have provided matching gifts, on behalf of their employees, to Hospice of Dubuque: Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program First Data Corporation McGraw-Hill Education


Mae Elgin on the death of her sister, Helen Ahmann, December 7.

Hospice of Dubuque Staff ... Barbara Zoeller, on the death of her father, Francis Zoeller, November 29. Jen Friederick, on the death of her father-in-law, Earl Friederick, December 4. Kathy Schroeder, on the death of her mother, Wilma Wiegman, December 6.

Celebrating over 25 years of compassionate care

Hospice of Dubuque Welcomes ... Jennifer Cavanagh recently moved back to Dubuque after residing in St. Louis, MO for the past seven years. She graduated from Barnes Jewish College of Nursing in St. Louis and worked as an ICU nurse at Missouri Baptist Medical Center before joining Hospice of Dubuque. She also holds a master in social work degree from St. Louis University and has worked as an oncology social worker. Jennifer welcomed her first baby, Samuel Robert, in September of 2008. She and her husband, Brad, are thrilled to be back home in Dubuque and enjoy spending time with family.

Megan Schmitt joined Hospice of Dubuque in November as a Staff Nurse. She received her RN degree from Northeast Iowa Community College in Peosta and then worked at Southwest Health Center in Platteville as a labor and delivery/nursery nurse. Megan and her husband, Jared, live in Centralia with their three children, Lexi, 11, Jackson, 10, and Sullivan, 2. They are anxiously awaiting the birth of their fourth child, a boy, in April 2009. In her spare time Megan enjoys reading, decorating her newly remodeled home and spending time with family and friends.

Jayne Schonhoff recently joined Hospice of Dubuque as a Hospice Aide. Jayne previously worked at Mercy Hospital in the Medical and Oncology Units for 12 years and for the past three years at the Sisters of the Presentation. Jayne is married and has two daughters and five grandchildren. She spends her free time reading, being with her family and spoiling her two cats—Sassy and Skeeter.

Congratulations to ... Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers ... Patty Feller, on the birth of her great grandson, Hunter Paul Spauge, November 5. Hunter is the son of Nick and Stacy Spauge. Lynn Noonan, on the birth of her grandson, Brennan Michael, December 8. Brennan is the son of Michael and Melissa Hinderman.

Staff Updates Renee Frith, RN, BSN, CHPN of Hospice of Dubuque has become the Nursing Services Director. Renee previously held the position of Intake Nurse and recently celebrated 10 years of service with Hospice of Dubuque.

Renee Frith, RN, BSN, CHPN

Hospice of Dubuque Staff ... Barb Kennicker on the marriage of her daughter, Amy, to Travis Jackson, October 18. Kathy Pitz, on the marriage of her son Brian, to Megan Block, October 24. Jen Rupp, on the birth of her son, Landon James, October 16. Landon join a brother, Dakota. Dawn Dominquez, on the birth of her first grandchild, Elaine Christine, October 19. Elaine is the daughter of Dillon Lemonovich and Theresa O’Brien. Jen Duehr, on the birth of her daughter, Maisey Isabella, December 11. Maisey joins a brother, Chris, and sisters Molly and Kate.

Rose Guler, RN, CHPN and Karen Hayes, RN, CHPN of Hospice of Dubuque were promoted to Intake Nurses. Rose has been with Hospice of Dubuque since 2001 and Karen since 2004.

Celebrating over 25 years of compassionate care

Rose Guler, RN, CHPN

Karen Hayes, RN, CHPN


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Hospice of Dubuque

Winter 2009 Honorariums/Memorials We gratefully acknowledge these donations received between October 10 and January 5. If a name is inaccurate or missing, please call Community Relations at 563.582.1220.

Honorariums Ronald Connolly & Linda Kramer, Marriage Dolter Family, Christmas Gift Mary Fritz John & Betty Fox Irma Gibbs Ken & Audrey Hindman Dave Horstmann Hospice of Dubuque Staff Inez Hying Mr. & Mrs Richard Kokemiller 40th Anniversary Gift Mona Kupferschmidt, Birthday Gifts Patricia Manders, Christmas Gift Libby Miller Howard Mottet Carol Peterson Audrey Reiter Don Schlader Family Margaret and Thomas Simon Tammy Theill, Christmas Gift Todd Theill, Christmas Gift Ellen Vogel Sandy Walker John & Betty Welu


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Celebrating over 25 years of compassionate care

Bill Hartmann Gerry Harves Mrs. Herb (Betty) Hauth Ralph Haxmeier Agnese G. Hayes Allan Hayes Kenneth C. Hayes Matt Hefel Frances Heiderscheit Ted Heinz Matt Helle Rosemary Helmer William G. Heming Peter Henrichs Will Hensley Florence Herburger Ana Hernandez Louis Hernandez Forrest W. Hinds Mary K. Hingtgen Jerry Hirsch, Jr. Curt Hocking Bev Hodge Harold H. Hoeweler Dale D. Hofer Mary Hoff Armella M. Hoffmann Dr. Eugene Hoffmann Suzanne Hollingworth Frank Holz Kathleen Horton Irene Hosch Muriel Howe Ralph Howe Gertrude Howes Marge Hrynkow Harlo Hubanks Leonard Ihm Mike Imhof Nettie Irby Marcella Isbell Alan Jackson Louis Jaeger Don Jannette Ned & Colleen Jividen Ernie Jogerst Carl Johnson Mildred L. (Greene) Jones Janell Jostmeyer Helen Juergens Don Jungk Leo Kane Louis Kasel Betty Kastner Bob Kauffmann Philip E. Kauffmann Dolores Kean Virginia Kean Germaine Kelchen Dee Kelley Harold Kemler George Kennedy Leona Kennedy Dorothy Kennicker Helen M. Kern Marie G. Kern Glendoris Kessler

George Ketoff Rosina Kieffer Rosetta Kilburg Roger Kirby Barbara Kirkpatrick Marion Kirmse Mary Kirsch Rev. Raymond Klaas Bendina Klett Donald J. Klinkhammer Alex Klocke Nick Knepper Anna Mae Koelker Raymond Koenig Eileen Kolbe Robert Kolf Phillip Konrardy Kenneth W. Konz Roger Kramer William C. Kramer, Sr. Elizabeth Kraus John & Elsie Ed Krueger Howard Kuhl Delila Kutsch Kelli Kutsch Theresa Lahey Jerry Lange Mary Lee Lange John Langel Family Gladys & Jim Langin Mary Rita LaPrell John A. Larkin Bruce Lauritsen A. J. Lechner Becki LeClere Audrey Lee Janice LeGrand Ray Leibold Katherine Lesch Richard Leslein Harold Letcher Michael Levins Dennis Licht Clara V. Liedtke Delores Link Lyle P. Link Sylvester Link Betty & John Lippert James Lucey Alberta Ludwig Jeanette Lynch Susan & Linda Lyons Juanita MacDonald Jack D. Magee Loretta Maiers M. Connie Maiers Ronald N. Maiers Steve Makovec Juanita “Hannah” Manternach Luella Manternach Orland Manternach Vi & Vern Markus Gert Marsch Alvin Marshall Duane Massey Linda Maury Vern Mayer Leo McCarthy Rose McCaughey Elinor & Bill McDevitt Wayne McDonnell Judy McElmeel William McGeehan

Sally Melton Robert Menning Leona Menster Francis Merfeld Lawrence G. Merritt Janet L. Meyer Loras Meyer Manly Michaelson Robert E. Miehe Shirley A. Miller Ann Mills Rosemary A. Monson William Montgomery Cletus J. Mootz Lois Morarend Jean Moses Robert J. Mulgrew

Carl J. & Frances Pfeiler Leonard & Salome Pfeiler Luella Pfiffner Carol L. Phillips Bob Pierce Viola Pitz Donald Ploessl Joan W. Pollitt Clarence & Myrtle Porter John & Rita Pothoff Anna Potts Betty Purcell Janice Quere Rawson Family Robert Reggelson Agnes Reistroffer Eugene Reiter

Ray Schmitt Ronnie Schmitt Rosemary Schmitz Magdalen & Bill Schockemoehl Urban Schonhoff Melvin Schrobilgen Alvin Schroeder Janet Schroeder Jerome “Jerry” Schroeder Jim Schroeder Kay Schroeder Marcella Schueller John Schuler Virginia Schumacher Schweitzer Family Louis & Levina Schwendinger

I had volunteered a short time with Hospice many years ago. At that time I was struck by how profoundly spiritual a program it was along with high quality nursing, social work, pastoral care and volunteer commitment. I have been grateful and blessed to be receiving these services for my mother and myself as the caregiver. It has made a great difference in my life these past two years. Ann F. Carl E. Munson John Murphy Louis Murphy Gemma Myers Donald Narquis Lawrence Nauman Robert & Charlotte Neenan Richard Nesteby Joyce Ney Jeanette Nieland Marvin Nielsen Claire Noonan Michael J. O’Meara, Jr. Alois Oberbroeckling Deb Oberbroeckling Edwin “Bud” Oberbroeckling Donald Oliver, Jr. Gordon W. Olson Beth “Bunny” Overman Irvin F. Overman Evelyn Pape Patricia Papenthien Rosemary Patters Steve Paul Linda J. Pemsl Robert E. Peryon Keith Peterson Mary Pfab Pam Pfab

Merlin Reiter Ted Reiter Steve & Dorothy Ressler Judy Rettenmeier Michael Rhomberg Anne T. Richardson Rosemary Richman Jean T. Riesberg Aloysius L. Riniker Otto Riniker Shirley Riniker Fern Roe Thomas J. Roling Audrey Root Eleanor & F. Jack Rose Lloyd Rosemeyer Barbara & Gerald Roth Ozzie Roth Joe & Margie Runde Joseph Runde Sam Santillo Elmer Schaefer Madlyn Schilling Thomas Schink Clifford Schlarmann Patricia Schlidgen Philip, Steven & Karen Schlueter Robert Schmit, Sr.

Jerry A. Scott Arthur & Anne Servais Wayne Shellhorn Lillian Sherlock Lawrence Sherman Ramona Sherman John S. Shifflett Rosemary Shumard Lawrence Sieverding Lucille Sieverding Thomas Simon Velma Simon Anthony Sinsky Lois Smith Margaret Smith Marvin Smothers Armella & Vincent Snyder Cindy Soppe Gary Soppe Kathy Spahn Adelaide M. Spielman Charles M. Spielman Ione Spoerre Ted Stackis Laura K. Stafford Donald Steil Don & Colleen Steinbach Velma Steines Betty & John Stillmunks

Celebrating over 25 years of compassionate care

Lemae Stoffel Lois Strader Jim Straka Jim Strang Ann Streif Edward Streif Helen M. Streif Donald Stuart Ralph Stumpf Opal Sumpter John F. Sweeney Bud Takes Dorothy (Rea) & Francis Taylor Darlene Terry Janet Theisen Nettie & LaVerne Theisen Florence “Pat” Thill Helen Thomas Oscar Tigges Viola Tjarks Mary Agnes Tranel Polly Traynor Ande Trilk Bernice Troester Anita Udelhofen Edna Udelhofen Jane Ungs Donald Vaske Grant Vogt Joan Vogt Jim Waddick Fred Wade, Jr. Jean Wagner Robert Wagner Celeste Wahlert Velma Walleser Dorothy Watkins Janet Waul Phil Weber Ronald M. Weber Lynne F. Welter Norbert Welter Daniel Welu Helen Welu Clara Westphal Joseph White Wilma Wiegman Charles F. Wieneke Werner Wiese Mike Wiezorek Mary Ellen Wilkison Marvin Willenborg Patricia J. Willett Brooke Williams Harvey Wilson Lorraine K. Wilson Mark Wilson Andrew Wimer Mark Winter Verle Winter Mildred Wirzbach Margaret Wolf William Woodward LeRoy F. Wubben John F. Yager Edward Young James Young Norman Zeckser Francis Zoeller Mr & Mrs William Zumhof, Jr.


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2255 J.F.K. Road Dubuque, IA 52002 563.582.1220 Phone: 563.582.1220 A Quarterly Publication of Hospice of Dubuque Volume 21, Number 4 Winter 2009 Our Mission Providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones

“Even though we used the services only a few days, the care was extremely helpful and needed as we dealt with our mother’s final days. We will always be grateful that you treated her with such compassion.”

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Patricia G. Celebrating over 25 years of compassionate care

Winter 2009 Hospice of Dubuque Newsletter  

Winter 2009 Hospice of Dubuque Newsletter