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1670 JFK Road Dubuque, IA 52002 563.582.1220

National Hospice Month November is National Hospice Month. In 2009, more than 1.5 million patients were served nationally by hospice providers. Locally, Hospice of Dubuque was privileged to serve 42% of the individuals who died in Dubuque County during 2009. (Statistics not available for Illinois and Wisconsin service area.) Throughout each year, Hospice of Dubuque is honored to hear countless stories of gratitude from the many families we have served. In response, the following reflection by Megan Schmitt, Hospice of Dubuque RN, describes her experiences and emotions as a hospice nurse. On My Heart Sometimes I miss being a labor and delivery nurse. Helping deliver a new baby into this life and being the one to hand that baby over to his or her proud parents is a very special and fulfilling job. I have often felt the same way as a hospice nurse. I have the opportunity to be involved in my patients’ lives in a way that I was never able to experience before. I feel so blessed and privileged to be a part of their journey. Symptom management is an important piece of our work, but often it is more about being there to provide support and an open ear and less about taking someone’s blood pressure.

Community Open House

People often wonder how I do the job I do when often it is so hard. I tell them that it is hard. Sometimes it does hurt; however, I have had far more inspiring and beautiful moments in my work than depressing ones. The simple answer is that I do this job because I am inspired to. It is a part of who I am.

Fall 2010 Issue Bereavement Groups and Educational Workshops Special Thanks

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Executive Director


Congratulations/Sympathy 8 Open House




I met a very special patient, Ethel Peake, in November of 2009. On my first visit, Ethel told me she felt she was close to the end of life. Ethel was at peace with this but felt she still had many things she wanted to do. Because of her disease process, she was unable to walk even a short distance without considerable assistance. We used a variety of interventions to help manage her symptoms and, within time, she was able to get around a little on her own. Ethel accomplished ten goals while in our program, which included going to dinner with her grandson and getting her hair professionally done. No one left Ethel’s house without a great big kiss, hug and a sincere thank you. Ethel was an amazing woman. She made me laugh with her stories and made me want to emulate her love for her family. I cried with her when we realized that her seven months of time (which she didn’t think she was going to have) was coming to an end and she was going to die. Ethel died peacefully at home in June of 2010. The morning she died was very hard. My family and my coworkers supported me and gave me the strength I needed to go forward and serve my other patients and families. I feel so grateful I was able to experience that journey with her. My 3-year-old son, Sullivan, asked me the other day if I still miss my friend. I told him that I did. He asked if I will see her again. I said that I knew that I would someday, but it would be a long time from now. He then asked me if I had put her on my heart. This immediately brought tears to my eyes. He had gotten it so perfectly. Yes, I said, I did put her on my heart.

Medical Directors Mark Hermann, MD, Co-Medical Director Brian Sullivan, MD, Co-Medical Director

Green—the color of life Bonnie Hancock, Patient Care Director

Administrative Staff Barbara Zoeller, Executive Director Lavonne Noel, Financial Director Nancy Diehm, Psychosocial Director Bonnie Hancock, Patient Care Director Katy Morrow, Nursing Services Director Renee Frith, Nursing Services Director

Officers, Board of Directors Greg Birkett, President Brad Heying, Vice President Darlene Conzett, Secretary Bruce Rehmke, Treasurer

Members, Board of Directors Cindy Burdt Susan Bushman Carole Carroll Larry Cremer Jared Freiburger, MD Amy Gilligan Fr. William Joensen Eileen LeMay Allen Meurer, MD Rev. Kathleen Milligan Francis “Chip” Murray Stephanie Savage Chris Schiesl Betty Takes

Members, Foundation Board Rita Helle Mike Martin Bill Maiers Deanna McCormick Bob Miller Bruce Rehmke Chuck Schrup III Ken Snodgrass

One year ago an endeavor was established to create an identifiable color for the Hospice of Dubuque staff. The intent included the effort to create an identity by which patients, families and facilities could easily recognize and access each Hospice of Dubuque employee. Our hope was that this consistency would breed confidence and comfort. Walking into a nursing home, a family member who had not previously met a member of their primary team has reached out, stating “You must be from Hospice of Dubuque!” Our promise to the people we serve is that despite individual personalities and styles, each of us is committed to providing a similar effort toward quality of care. Initially each of us talked about purchasing clothing marketed with the color identification of Pale Emerald. Now we all have witnessed the positive outcome of wearing what we have begun to call Hospice Green. Green, a symbol of life—that each day be one of comfort and assurance of care.

It does take an entire community Linda Wolf, Community Relations Facilitator Hospice of Dubuque conducts two major fundraisers each year—the Tree of Life Memorial Service and November National Hospice Month Fund Drive. Yet, throughout the year, Hospice of Dubuque has been associated with many other fundraisers. These are community sponsored events, organized by members of the tri-state area, to show support, provide funds and give back to their area’s nonprofit hospice. Elena Dominguez and Mimi Ottavi set up a lemonade stand The busy month of August began with Bill’s Tap Fish Fry. This event along the Tour de Dubuque route. Hospice of Dubuque was defines community at its best with a large group of supporters working happy to receive $23 from their efforts. together to give back to Hospice of Dubuque. The Tour de Dubuque, Irish Hooley and Jim Bertsch Memorial Golf Tournament were all held August 28. The success of each event is dependent on the involvement of different groups of people sharing their ideas and time to achieve a very enjoyable and profitable day for our organization.

Fundraising events and activities are an important and vital means of receiving additional funds to supplement programs that support hospice services. The staff of Hospice of Dubuque is aware of the connection made with those we serve. It is very gratifying to see the wide array of community support at events and enjoy the opportunity to listen as family members share their hospice story. Each event, each gift and each story represents a valuable part of the longevity and success of Hospice of Dubuque. The next time you send a memorial for a loved one, fill out a ballot for BestFest, set up a lemonade stand for the Tour de Dubuque ride or tell others your Hospice of Dubuque story, be assured it does take an entire community to support your nonprofit hospice.


Upcoming Bereavement Support Groups If you are interested in attending an upcoming Bereavement Support Group, or would like more information on the classes, call 563.582.1220. WINTER SUPPORT GROUPS January 18 – February 22 6:30 – 8:30 pm January 19 – February 23 Time to be determined

Death is part of life

Hospice of Dubuque presents Life Lessons Educational Programs in conjunction with National Hospice Month Each workshop will be held from 7– 8 pm in the Theisen Education Center at Hospice of Dubuque, 1670 JFK Road. Call 563.582.1220 or go to to learn more!

Life Lesson #1: Knowledge is power Hospice care workshop Tuesday, November 2, 2010 Presenter: Shelby Wartick, Community Relations Facilitator Learning about hospice care is just as important as preparing a will. Knowing the facts will enable you to make an informed decision when you or a loved one face end-of-life care choices. Join us to learn the benefits of hospice care. Life Lesson #2: One person caring for another is a gift Caregiving workshop Tuesday, November 9, 2010 Presenter: Ann Blesz, RN As a caregiver you spend time supporting and caring for a loved one. This can be a demanding task. Join us to learn how to provide the greatest level of support to your loved one, while also taking care of yourself.

Nancy Diehm, Psychosocial Director One of the most challenging and one of the most necessary tasks for a hospice staff member is to initiate discussions about difficult topics. Hospice personnel do this on a daily basis. At the time of a hospice referral, it becomes apparent whether end-of-life conversations have already occurred within a family. If so, a conversation about hospice care and philosophy is a natural flow from the conversations hospice patients and their loved ones have already had. If not, it is up to hospice staff members to begin to gently explore the patient’s and family’s preferences for care and their goals for the future. Our job is to honor these preferences, whatever they might be. One of the ways we ensure that these preferences are honored is to review an advance directive if one has been completed, or to assist in the execution of an advance directive if one is not in place. Although these documents require a great deal of thought beforehand, the actual process of completing them is quite simple. Hospice of Dubuque will be offering a series of educational sessions entitled Life Lessons throughout the month of November. One of the sessions in the series, “Today is the Present” is devoted to the topic of advance directives. A brief presentation will be made on November 16 at 7 pm at the Hospice of Dubuque office and various advance directive forms will be made available.

Life Lesson #3: Today is the present Advance directives workshop Tuesday, November 16, 2010 Presenter: Nancy Diehm, Psychosocial Director Communicating your end-of-life wishes with your loved ones can be difficult, especially during a crisis. It is important to learn more about your health care options and make decisions for the future. With your advance directives and power of attorney in order, future worries can be alleviated. Life Lesson #4: Grief shared is grief lessened Grief workshop Tuesday, November 30 , 2010 Presenter: Sue Welu, Bereavement Coordinator While many of us look forward to our annual traditions, these special events throughout the year can be difficult for a person who has lost a loved one. The first year after a loss can be especially difficult. Learning more about grief and how to deal with it can help with the healing process.


Tour de Dubuque Over 250 motorcycle, bicycle and classic car riders gathered August 28 to join Custom Riders, the Dubuque Bicycle Club and area car clubs for the Tour de Dubuque. Riders followed routes throughout Dubuque County and ended at Summer’s Last Blast in downtown Dubuque. Donated prizes were awarded to those who collected the highest amount in pledges. The Tour de Dubuque is a very personal journey for many who ride in memory or honor of family, friends and loved ones, as reflected by our Tour de Dubuque Memorial List.

Riding in memory or honor of the following loved ones … 2010 Tour de Dubuque Memorial List In Honor Monica Digman Gary Hancock Wanda Otto Nancy Pauly

In Memory All Veterans Donna Adams Rosemary Amos Alvin Bakken Al Barry Penny Baumhover Sue Beecher Laverne F. Benz Joe Bitter, Sr. Eldon Bonifas Lois P. Bowerman Wally Brecht Margaret Bries Keith Brown Jim & Mary Burdt Mae & Joe Bushman Nancy Bye Maynard Calgaard Peter Carroll Peggy Crahan Dad Paul & LaVern Eisbach Bev Eppler


Patty Eppler Toni & Bob Ewert Family and Friends Aggie Finn Dorrance Fleege Leona Fluhr Jack Fluhr Jane Galle Leo & Virginia Gau Leo Glaser Grand Baby Sophia Lefty Green Dean Guler Mike Hansen Jean & Bud Hayes John Heim Brenda Heim Elaine Heiring Corinne Henkel Herbie Hoffmann Evelyn Hohnecker Kathy Hohnecker Gene Hottenstein Genevieve Iles Milo Ista David Juarez Velma & Bob Kammerrude Donald Kearney Todd “TJ” Kelleher Jack & Lenore Kenkel

Claudia Kennedy Bruce Kerkenbush Amy Kienzle Doris Kirsch Jerry & Muriel Kotz Mary Jane Krier Marie Kronlage Jessie Kueper Bernadette Kurt Laurence Kurt Chris & Gladys Kurt Ruth Lahann Theresa Lahey Marjorie Lake Kathy Clapham Lange Becky LeClere Ed Lenz Jack & Lenore Leytem Lloyd Luber Grace Lutgen Gordon Lynch Lt Jack Lynch USN Ronnie Maiers Don Malek Rosemary Manahl Patti Martin Bob McGovern Jane McGovern Harry McLees Elinor Meek

Kelly Meier Dennis Meyer Merlin Meyer Ernie Miller Pat Miller Morgan Kaye Mueller Jerry Muntz Debbie Muntz Duve Jim Murray Glenda Nickol Becky Nickol James Norton Michele Olson Elaine Ousley Dorothy Jane Palm Pam Park Steve Paul Bob Pautvein Ethel Peake Marian Pfab Loretta Pitz Michelle Pitz Lonnie Plumley Carolyn Reafsnider Jerome Reindl Rebecca Rettenmaier Judy Riniker Tom Roling Barb Ross Dave Rusk

Sam Santello Larry Sawvel Donald J. Schmidt Ley Schroeder Albert Schulte Karen Scremin Tom Skemp Frank Smith Leonard T. Smith Armella Snyder William Art Sprague III Diane Stewart Jerome “Romie” Stieber Mary Stuart Andy Swartz Ambrose Tauke Laura Tomkins Thomas A. Tully Bill & Earl Turnmeyer Joe Urban Donald Voels Buddy Wall Janis Wathen Dr. Dave Wertz JoAnne Whitt Floyd Wiederholt Mary Wiederholt Irene Williams Stan Williams Howard Zimmerman

Tour de Dubuque Thank you to the Tour de Dubuque committee, consisting of Kevin Pike, Jim Kirchhoff, Bryan and Tracy Meloccaro, Bob Steinmann and Tony Lake from Custom Riders, Mike Heiring of the Dubuque Bicycle Club, Shawn Fluhr representing the area car clubs, Mary Larmore of 7G Distributing and Carole Carroll from the Hospice of Dubuque Board of Directors. A special thank you to 7G Distributing for the use of their facility for committee meetings and registration and to Cumulus Broadcasting and Summer’s Last Blast for graciously agreeing to be this year’s Tour de Dubuque sponsor. Lastly, thank you to everyone who participated, either by riding, sponsoring the event or pledging a donation to a rider. Because of your generosity, over $14,000 was raised for Hospice of Dubuque.

Irish Hooley The Dubuqueland Irish Association recently presented Hospice of Dubuque with a $6,362 gift from the proceeds of the annual Irish Hooley, held August 28, at the Port of Dubuque. Thank you to those associated with the Irish Hooley and everyone who attended or contributed to this popular cultural event. Hospice of Dubuque is pleased to be associated with the Irish Hooley and is very grateful for this generous contribution.

Tour de Dubuque Committee - Pictured Left to Right: Bob Steinmann, Barb Zoeller, Bryan Meloccaro, Tracy Meloccaro, Kevin Pike, Carole Carroll, Mike Heiring, Shelby Wartick, Shawn Fluhr, Jim Kirchhoff and Linda Wolf. Not Pictured: Tony Lake and Mary Larmore

New Diggings Music Fest Thank you to everyone associated with the annual New Diggings Music Fest for the $805 donation from their quilt raffle. For the past four years, Mrs. Kat Hines has donated a quilt to the music fest and requested that the proceeds go to Hospice of Dubuque. We very much appreciate her kindness and generosity.

Jim Bertsch Memorial Golf Outing A group of devoted golfers and friends recently presented Hospice of Dubuque with a $2,838 gift from the proceeds of the annual Jim “Big Duffer” Bertsch Memorial Golf Outing held August 28, at the Lacoma Golf Course. Thank you to those who organized the event and the 50 golfers that attended. This golf outing is an annual affair held in memory of Jim Bertsch. This year marked the 10th anniversary of his death.

Members of the planning committee present Lavonne Noel, Finance Director, with $2,838 from the Jim Bertsch Memorial Golf Outing. Pictured Left to Right: Dennis Fleer, Ron Kane, Lavonne Noel and Phil Schwinn.

Special thanks to ... The Moracco Supper Club, for the donation of $670 from their golf outing held August 9th. Bill and Caryn Evans, Shirley Maas and Rick Ross for the donation of CD’s for our Music Therapy Program. Dorothy Beaves for the donation of homemade lap robes and blankets and Sr. Mary Ellen Schulte for the donation of prayer shawls. Julie and Hannah Chapman for their donation of $50.63 from their Fight Like a Girl booth at Dubuque County Fair. Kwik Stop/Rainbo Corporation for the $727.51 donation from their Kwik Kare days throughout the month of September. Common Cents Resale for their latest donation of $571.15. Common Cents Resale donates a portion of their proceeds each month on all donated items. Stop in and visit Tammy and thank her for her generosity!


Fall 2010 Honorariums/Memorials We gratefully acknowledge these monetary donations, and donations made to our loan closet, received between July 15 and October 8. If a name is inaccurate or missing, please notify Community Relations at 563.582.1220.

Hospice of Dubuque is committed to respecting your privacy. You have received the Hospice of Dubuque newsletter because you or a family member have used Hospice of Dubuque services, have made a donation or have volunteered for one of our fundraisers. You can be assured we will never disclose our mailing list to anyone for any reason. If you would prefer to have your name taken off the list, or choose to receive the newsletter by email, please contact us at 563.582.1220 or

Honorariums Dennis Bellrichard Birthday Kathy Bromberg Doug & Ann Butzier Betty Fox Mary Fritz Margaret Robinson Charles & Mary Schweitzer Donna Sieverding August Thill Michelle Watters & Nancy Knipper

Memorials Walter Ahern Harley Amundsen John Andersen Joanne Anthony Rita Arensdorf Roy Argo Paul Auterman Leonard Backes Charles Banwarth Louis Barrett Allan Barry Paul Barton Betty Kay Bass Florabell Bass Marshall Bass Joseph J. Behnke Melvin Bennett Robert Bertsch Lee Bisanz Paul F. Bisanz Joe Bleile Mary Kathryn Bolt Jim Boughton Lois Bowerman Mary Breitbach Mary & Verle Bryant Robert Buelow

Rosemary A. Burds Nicki Busch Gretchen Bussan Wanda Butts Florence Cairns Tom Casey Helen Chapman Willis Christ Joseph P. Clancy Vivian Clark Betty Clemen Marie Connolly Vincent Connolly Dale Conzett Nan Corken Phildred Craven Michael Culbertson Jean Daugherty Mary Decker William Delaney Bernice Dietz Eldon B. Digman Monica Digman Lyle Dittmar Richard Dolphin Richard A. Dolter Coletta Downey Lorraine Dunkel Mary Helen Easterly Gary Elgin Dominic & Lou Mae English Julie Faley Louis & Jeanette Fangmann Thomas L. Feipel Katharine Friedman Joe Frommelt Keith Gaber Mary Eileen Glay Bonnie Gloeckner Duaine Greenfield Catherine Griffin

Ginny Grimes Marie Grismer Tom and Mike Gulick Madeline Hanley Lois Harbaugh James Harrison Peggy Harrison Gordon Hartbecke Lorraine Healy Jerri Hefel Doloras Hendricks Florence Henry Herb Herber Mercedes Herrig Irma P. Hess Shirley “Sue” Hill Florence Hird Jeannie Hitzler Gen Hoeg Keith Hoffmann Carol Hovind Marge Hrynkow Marion J. Goodman Huber JoAnn Hunstad Sam Incontro James Isaacs George H. Jecklin Barbara Johnson Carol Pope Johnson Pauline Johnson Gerald Juergens Geraldine Kann Linda Kauffmann Mary Kelchen Erma Kerkenbush Jerome Kern Iola Mae Kerper Betsy Kiefer Gerald & Virginia E. Kieffer Ruth Klauer Dolores A. Klein Robert Knepper Frank Konzen Margaret Koopmann Kim Krapfl Howard Kuhl Betty Kurt Beverly Lahr Jeanette Lanser Becki LeClere Sally Leeser Larry Lenz Ellie Leuchs Dennis L. Licht Robert Lindauer Gene N. Loes

Judy Lucas Phyllis Lucas Beryl Lucker Arthur & Clara Ludovissy Ronald N. Maiers Richard Majerus Betty Malone Dan Markham Charles Martell Joe McCarthy Imelda McDermott Patricia McDonnell Anna Jane Mescher Pamela S. Meyer Rita Meyers Shirley A. Miller Paul Moor Howard Muth Kay Nemmers Evelyn Neubert Cleone O’Brien Stephen O’Brien Charlotte O’Rourke Alois Oberbroeckling Wanda Otto Ethel Peake Ruth Perkins Mary Peretti Dorothy Phillips Phyllis “Mary” Pike Richard C. Pike Loretta Pitz Lavita Pleiser Bob Pool Leo Pottebaum Jerry Price Timothy Puls Ardith Randsell Wilma Rawson Eunice Redding Madonna Redmond Kay Reiter Laura Rhoades Rosemary Richman Madaline Ries Gary Leo Robinson Jay Rokusek Jeanette Rottinghaus Roy & Melita Ross Kathy Ross-Conzett Dave Rusk Dorothy Sands Bill Scherrman Don Schlader Don Schmit Orpha Schneider Harold Schuster

Mark Scott Eunice Segebarth Dan Sickles Sr. Julie Siggelkov John Snyder Bob Spofford Howard Stampfli Robert Steuer Francis “Fritz” Sweeney Julie Techout Jolene Temperley Alfred Tigges Arthur Trausch Herbert Van Zile Dale Veach Walter Voigts Adeline Volker Betty Vrotsos Hank Waechter Elma Wagner Mr. & Mrs. R.C. Wahlert Vince Walsh Bert Wampler Paul Weber Gilbert & Florence Weidemann Lynne Welter Bill Welu Dr. David C. Wertz Floyd W. White Joyce Wiese Patricia J. Willett Lorraine K. Wilson Tommy “T Bird” Winner Virginia Wright LeRoy F. Wubben Ernie Zalaznik

Groups or Businesses Behr Funeral Home Clarke University, “Wheels for the World” campaign Dubuque Rescue Mission Hoffmann Schneider Funeral Home Home Instead Kathy’s Krystals Morocco Supper Club St. Columbkille Catholic Church—Social Concerns Committee Sisters of the Visitation State Central Bank

Are you trying to think of a gift for the person who has everything? Honorarium gifts can be made at any time of the year to Hospice of Dubuque and a card will be sent to notify the honoree of your generosity. 6

Commitment of care Barbara Zoeller, Executive Director Every fall, as Hospice of Dubuque is completing another fiscal year, I wonder what has happened to the summer! Throughout the spring and summer, Hospice of Dubuque’s staff, volunteers and supporters are always busy with a myriad of events that benefit the Hospice of Dubuque care program, but this year was especially busy with the move to 1670 John F. Kennedy Road. The organization is now settled into its beautiful new facility and was privileged to host a private open house for the Hospice of Dubuque volunteers, a public open house for the community at large and the official Dubuque Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony. As I stated at the building’s dedication on September 19th, this wonderful new office is a community testament to the care that has been provided by the Hospice of Dubuque volunteers and staff over the past 27 years. It is also a commitment by Hospice of Dubuque to continue to provide the kind of hospice care that has been this nonprofit organization’s hallmark since 1983.

Although Hospice of Dubuque has always been prudent with community funds, it is the organization’s mission and the client family’s needs that determine how care will be provided, rather than the bottom line. Hospice of Dubuque is committed to ensuring that, to the best of our ability, we will enable individuals to die comfortably and with dignity, surrounded by their loved ones in the place they call home. This may require multiple visits, day or night, or longer visits by on-call nurses who are available around the clock. In addition to this level of responsiveness, the Hospice of Dubuque staff members are willing and able to take the time to address the “elephant in the room” so family members can say the very important “Goodbye”, “I love you” and even at times, “I forgive you.” Facilitating these conversations, which encourage client and family processing, is the hard work of hospice care. The experience and ability of the Hospice of Dubuque staff to skillfully facilitate these conversations helps to differentiate this organization from other hospice providers.

The tri-state community generously supported the successful Building for Compassion capital campaign. Yet, the support did not stop there. Throughout the summer, multiple fundraisers were held on behalf of Hospice of Dubuque. The work of hundreds of volunteers ensures that Hospice of Dubuque can continue to provide care, to those who seek hospice services, regardless of financial status or insurance availability. This community support ensures continued delivery of end-of-life care by Hospice of Dubuque in the way envisioned by the hospice pioneers. As the hospice “industry” has evolved, many hospices have chosen to provide hospice care in the most lucrative manner.

The Hospice of Dubuque staff members truly follow the lead of client families to journey with them. We are blessed and proud that this community values the kind of care that Hospice of Dubuque provides and we will continue to meet our covenant with our tri-state community by providing hospice care that is true to our hospice roots. Good hospice care is not necessarily cost-effective, but it is priceless to the families in need of the care. Thank you for the support that enables Hospice of Dubuque to continue to offer individualized care to the tri-state area’s dying and bereaved residents.

“...providing hospice care that is true to our hospice roots.”

Bill’s Tap Fish Fry Thank you to the following organizations that have provided matching gifts to Hospice of Dubuque: Allstate Giving Campaign Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program IBM Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign McGraw-Hill Companies Community Partners Employee Giving Campaign

A large crowd filled Bill’s Tap in Farley, August 2, for the Annual Fish Fry for Hospice of Dubuque. Randy and Annie Schroeder have graciously hosted the fish fry for the past 12 years in thanks for the care provided by Hospice of Dubuque to their families and neighbors. Many from the area contribute toward the event by donating fish and produce, cleaning corn, delivering meals to those unable to attend and serving the hundreds who came to the event. Thank you to those who attended and helped in any way with the fish fry. Hospice of Dubuque was honored to receive $10,745 from this year’s fish fry.


Congratulations to Hospice of Dubuque Volunteer, Kathy Bromberg, for receiving the 2010 Volunteer Service Award from Wells Fargo. Kathy was selected to receive this award in appreciation for the incredible contribution she makes to the community. In her honor, Hospice of Dubuque has received $1,000 from the Wells Fargo Foundation. Kathy has been a volunteer since 2001. In addition to providing direct patient care, she is also part of the bereavement calling team and was the recipient of the 2009 Dr. Larry Kukla Volunteer of the Year Award.

Congratulations to ...

Sympathy to ...

Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers ...

Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers ...

Kay Newton and her husband, Gene, on their 35th anniversary, August 30.

Helen Meyer, on the death of her sister, Carol Gudenkauf, July 24.

Sam Schmelzer and his wife, Sarah, on the birth of their grandson, Parker Steffen, June 14. Parker is the son of Angela and Jason Steffen.

Lynn Kerker, on the death of her brother-in-law, Sam Incontro.

Hospice of Dubuque Staff ...

Ramona Kartman, on the death of her sister, Beryl Lucker, July 24.

Rosie Carr and her husband, Bob, on their 50th wedding anniversary, May 21. Nancy Harrelson and her husband, Jeff, on the marriage of their son, Michael, to Shannon Bourroughs, August 21, in Kansas City. Jean Krueger and her husband, Rick, on the birth of their grandson, Graham Richard Krueger. Graham was born September 1 to Nate and Taressa Krueger and joins a sister, Olivia, in the Krueger home.

Helen Lindauer, on the death of her husband, Robert, July 29.

Charlotte Danner, on the death of her sister, Doloras Hendricks, August 15. Pat Oppelt, on the death of her son-in-law, David Caldwell.

Hospice of Dubuque Staff ... Jan Phillips, on the death of her mother-in-law, Dorothy Phillips, September 28. Diane Fasselius, on the death of her stepmother, Dorothy Splinter, October 8. Jim Miller, on the death of his mother-in-law, Margaret Miner, October 9.

Hospice of Dubuque Board ... Sue Bushman, on the death of her mother, Monica Digman, September 19.

Debbie Horch of Positive Creations has created a beautiful card for the upcoming holiday season entitled Autumn Afternoon at Eagle Point Park. The package of eight blank cards sells for $8.00 with proceeds benefiting Hospice of Dubuque. If you plan to buy cards for the upcoming holiday season, or would like to keep some on hand, these beautiful cards may be purchased at the Hospice of Dubuque office.


Van’s Wine Tasting Van’s Annual Fall Wine Tasting will be held, Wednesday, November 3, from 5:30 – 8 pm, at Timmerman’s Supper Club. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door, with all ticket sale proceeds benefiting Hospice of Dubuque. Free hors’d oeuvres will be provided along with the opportunity to sample over 100 wines, malts, scotches and bourbons. A free commemorative wine glass will be given to the first 250 guests. Tickets are available at Van’s Liquor Store, Hospice of Dubuque and Timmerman’s. For more information, call Van’s at 815.747.3631.

Big Apple Bagel and The Market House Restaurant Throughout the month of November, Big Apple Bagel will be supporting Hospice of Dubuque by contributing 20% of their profits on Monday mornings from 7 – 9 am. Stop in for a bagel and cup of coffee! Also, The Market House Restaurant in Galena will donate 10% of their sales throughout the month of November to Hospice of Dubuque. Take a ride to scenic Galena and enjoy their hospitality and great food.

Hospice of Dubuque Hockey Night Dubuque Fighting Saints vs. Indianapolis Saturday, November 27, has been designated Hospice of Dubuque Hockey Night. Grab your green shirt and buy your ticket to see the Dubuque Fighting Saints take on Indianapolis. A section will be reserved for Hospice of Dubuque supporters the night of the game. Each ticket is $13 and can be purchased at the Hospice of Dubuque office or online at A portion of the ticket proceeds will benefit Hospice of Dubuque. The game will begin at 7 pm at the new Mystique Community Ice Center. Please join us for a fun-filled night of hockey and friends! To purchase tickets online follow these simple instructions: 1. Go to 2. Click on the Group Ticket tab in the top right-hand corner of the home page 3. Enter the password hospice (all lowercase) 4. Click on the Buy link 5. The Hospice of Dubuque reserved section will show. Click the seat (dot) you want, then click Buy 6. Follow the prompts to complete your order

Bowling for Hospice of Dubuque Mark your calendars and plan on joining in the fun Saturday, January 29, 2011, at the annual Bowling for Hospice of Dubuque. This year’s event will be held at Bowling & Beyond. Watch for more information and updates at, in the winter newsletter and on Facebook.

Funding Needs Continue Lavonne Noel, Financial Director The new Hospice of Dubuque facility at 1670 John F. Kennedy Road is a reflection of the tri-state community’s generosity. The Hospice of Dubuque board of directors, staff and volunteers gratefully acknowledge the overwhelming response to the Building for Compassion campaign. With the support of businesses, organizations and individuals in the greater Dubuque area, a beautiful new facility has been created that offers Hospice of Dubuque operational efficiency, easy access, adequate space and room for program growth. The successful capital campaign, which funded the new facility, is separate from all other organizational funding. Gift income is still needed to fund the programs of unreimbursed patient care, bereavement services and educational offerings. In addition to the memorial gifts and community sponsored fundraising events that are vital to the support of these programs, Hospice of Dubuque will conduct its annual mail appeal in November in conjunction with National Hospice Month. Thank you to our generous supporters for helping Hospice of Dubuque achieve a permanent facility. Thank you, as well, for continuing to support our service programs. Your support of this organization and its programming allows the Hospice of Dubuque staff and volunteers to fulfill the mission of providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones. It is our privilege to touch the hearts of your tri-state neighbors.


Community Open House, September 19

The new offices were filled with supporters, proud staff and board members at the Hospice of Dubuque Open House at 1670 JFK Road on September 19. Those in attendance had the opportunity to tour the building and view the Building for Compassion Donor Board. Hospice of Dubuque was thrilled to share with community members the new, larger space which was necessary to accommodate this growing organization. On Monday, September 20, the Dubuque Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony to a standingroom only crowd. Thank you to the members of the community for the wonderful turnout at each of these events. A special thank you to Butt’s Florist and Betty Jane’s Homemade Candies for the donations of flowers and candy, respectively, at the Open House and to Hy-Vee for providing the lunch at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Dubuque Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting, September 20

Greg Birkett, President, Hospice of Dubuque Board of Directors, does the honors at the Dubuque Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony.


Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers join us December 2, from 4:30 - 6:30 pm for our Volunteer Christmas Open House

Volunteers like you are people who reach out to others and, in so doing, become extraordinary! You bring joy and sunshine, and set an example, wherever you go. Thanks for all you do. You are truly a treasure!

The 2010 Volunteer of the Year will be announced and a plaque will be presented at 5:30 pm. Stop in and receive your 2010 Hospice of Dubuque ornament.

Special open house for volunteers Hospice of Dubuque volunteers were given the opportunity to preview the new office building on Thursday, August 26. Tours of the building were provided and everyone enjoyed a reception in the new Theisen Education Center.

2010 Volunteer In-service Calendar Mary Franzen, Volunteer Coordinator October 28, 2010 Compliance Review, HIPAA and OSHA Update Judi Carr, RN, Hospice of Dubuque Program Development Coordinator, will review our compliance program and HIPAA. The yearly OSHA in-service will also be provided. This is a mandatory meeting.

November Happy Thanksgiving – No Meeting December 2, 2010 Volunteer Christmas Open House

New volunteer class

Join us for an open house at the Hospice of Dubuque office from 4:30 - 6:30 pm. The volunteer of the year award will also be presented.

The education program for volunteers interested in patient care began in September. Ten individuals have started their journey to join the Hospice of Dubuque team.We thank those individuals for their commitment as they join us in our mission.


1670 JFK Road, Dubuque, IA 52002 Nonprofit Org. US Postage


A quarterly publication of Hospice of Dubuque Volume 23, Number 3 Fall 2010

Our Mission Providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones

“I never felt alone while I was with my husband because I

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knew Hospice of

Life Lessons Educational Workshops November 2, 9, 16 and 30

Dubuque was just a

Van’s Wine Tasting - November 3

phone call away. I had to call three times for help and each time

Hospice of Dubuque Hockey Night November 27 Bowling for Hospice of Dubuque January 29

someone came BestFest - March 3

immediately.” Dorothy K.

For more information on these events or how to participate, please call 563.582.1220 or check out

2010 Fall Newsletter  

2010 Fall Newsletter

2010 Fall Newsletter  

2010 Fall Newsletter