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Tiffany Estes Switzerland BE ORANGE

Heri Rokatoarivelo Madagascar

>> Dear Future Knight, e FCoulletgeuVirew

Be a Star on the field or on stage

It’s so cool that you’re thinking about studying at Wartburg College. It’s an amazing place.

pages 20 & 22

World Travel Where do YOU want to go? page 26

How to spot a Wartburg student page 6 What kind of roommate are you? scratch & sniff Be Orange!

page 9

Tiffany Estes Switzerland


Heri Rokatoarivelo Madagascar

Not that long ago, I was living in Switzerland and wondering where I would go to college. I found out about Wartburg, and the rest is history. Wartburg is located in the U.S. Midwest, but I’ve got friends here from around the world. Our international students come from 40 countries, and we present and awesome show every year during Culture Week. Search for Wartburg Culture Week on YouTube and see us in action! When you come to Wartburg, you’ll understand what it means to “Be Orange.” It’s how we describe finding and following your path. Professors, not graduate assistants, will teach all of your classes, and they are always ready to offer help. The International Admissions Office will work with you to meet all the deadlines for visas and forms. Wartburg is a place where you can be active and involved. Many international students play on athletic teams, participate in music, join service trips, and provide leadership to campus organizations. Most of us graduate in four years, and many of us go on to graduate and professional schools. International students also qualify for scholarships. You can find out more about Wartburg on the following pages. I think Being Orange is about being part of something bigger than myself and feeling a strong connection with the U.S. and international students who share that with you. I hope you decide to Be Orange, too! Sincerely Tiffany Estes Switzerland, Class of 2011



At Wartburg College, everybody wants to help you find your path. But if you are looking for real support, there is no better place to turn than our Pathways Center. Pathways is here for you the moment you step on campus. At Pathways you’ll find: • First-year experience Orange EXCELeration program that helps you transition to college life. • Academic advisers who will help you find your passion and develop an academic plan. • Senior-Year Experience Programs that prepare you for life after graduation. • The Writing/Reading/Speaking Lab, where you can find help with some of those really tough assignments. • Information and special faculty advisers if you are not sure which major is right for you. Wartburg will help you explore. • Career Services, which can help you research possible careers, prepare for job searches, learn about grad school or network with Wartburg alumni to find jobs or internships. • Supplemental Instruction from students who have taken a course and completed special SI training. 15 You and your classmates can compare notes, discuss ideas and predict test items.

Wartburg College >>


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Guidance for Success

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Yes, you can graduate in four years!


What does it mean to Be Orange? Be Orange is more than a slogan at Wartburg College. It describes the warmth of our friendly campus ... the spark of intellectual curiosity fueled by top-notch professors and small classes ... the inner glow created by involvement in nationally recognized leadership and service programs ... the energy unleashed in finding your unique calling ... the fire of turning your dreams into reality with impressive placement rates for jobs and graduate schools.

It’s about being different. It’s about being real. It’s about being you.

Still need convincing? Check out to get the scoop.


Wartburg: daily diary

ass of 2010 Jarrett Williams, Chicago, Cl of a typical ? We pulled a couple of days out life nge Ora the live to like it at’s be Wh a. Well, Jarrett Williams might not ide an you e giv to r nne pla t’s Wartburg studen minors in with a management emphasis and jor ma ss ine bus a ’s He l. ica typ exactly ive in tons of ship, yet also finds time to be act Deal leadership and social entrepreneur pany he owns and operates–Real com The l. bal ket bas y pla and s organization motional products. Promotions—makes and sells pro

t’s a h T

! Me

November 18-19 18 Chapel, CHA, 10:15 a.m. Women’s Basketball, Simpson, W, 6 p.m. Men’s Basketball, Simpson, W, 8 p.m.


Wednesday, November 18

Faculty Group Meetings, LH 330, SC 134, WBC 116, 11:30 a.m. Christmas with Wartburg Special Performance, NA, 5 p.m. Student Senate, WBC 214, 6 p.m.

9:00 a.m. - Breakfast 9:30 a.m. - Workout 10:45 a.m. - Class - Comp uter Graphic Design 12:00 p.m. - Class - Huma n Resource Management 1:15 p.m. - Lunch 2:30 p.m. - Class - Nonpr ofit Management 3:45 p.m. - Nap 5:00 p.m. - Pre-game meal

8:00 p.m. - Basketball gam e

Thursday, November 19 9:30 a.m. - Breakfast 10:00 a.m. - Meet with adv iser 10:45 a.m. - Workout 11:30 a.m. - Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) meetin g 12:00 p.m. - Lunch 1:00 p.m. - Class - Leader ship Theories and Practices 2:50 p.m. - Class - Portfo lio Management 4:00 p.m. - Basketball Pra ctice 6:00 p.m. - Dinner/meeting with Student Senate 7:00 p.m. - Study group 10:00 p.m. - Real Deal Pro motions


Wartburg: spot a student On the iPod: The Fray, Seether, Nirvana and a live recording from the Castle Singers’ tour of Brazil.

How to a Wartburg Student A Wartburg Ambassador– a volunteer who spends time with prospective students to help them learn what it means to Be Orange!

Term paper ready to turn in, printed by swiping his student ID. Campus paper usage and printing expenses have decreased 33 percent since Information Technology implemented card-swipe printing.

The next Tower Agency meeting is in her planner. She can’t miss a meeting of the campus PR firm– she’s the CEO!

This safety’s always ready for football practice. As Iowa Conference men’s all-sports champions for 10 straight years, Wartburg athletes excel both on the field and in the classroom.

Full from an earthfriendly lunch at The Mensa. Dining Services now serves local produce in season and uses green cleaning solutions.

Be Orange

“Deciding to attend Wartburg was much like trying on a prom dress: When Abby Goltz Amana, Iowa you come to campus, you just know.”


Schedule for a New Orleans service trip. Wartburg students have gone to work on the Gulf Coast 10 times since Hurricane Katrina hit.

Toting groceries home the “green” way.

Andrew Creary Knoxville, Iowa

“My favorite things about Wartburg are the small classes and the chance to be someone, not just a number.”

The Dos & Don’ts of First-Year Students

... what you can do to conserve energy. Plan ahead with your roommate to share appliances. Remember, smaller is better! ... remember your RA is always there to help. ... use the new W wellness center. ... remember that your parents and your professors read your MySpace/ Facebook page. Nuff said. ... hold on to at least $300-$500 for your first-semester textbooks. (For real. Textbooks are expensive!) ... bring a 10-day supply of underwear and socks. Mom won’t be around to do your laundry. ... get involved in activities you love and check out the Volunteer Action Center for ways you can make a difference. ... study and go to class! ... go to eWart—Wartburg’s online classifieds—for great deals on furniture, books and other dorm essentials. (Yeah, they’ll be cheaper.) ... get into the music, study and fellowship opportunities that Campus Ministry offers. ... know the Pathways Center is always here for you, whether you need help adjusting to college life or just need someone to talk to.

... do anything on the weekend you won’t want your friends to talk about on Monday. (You know they will.) ... skip classes to catch your favorite soaps. The characters will be doing the same thing tomorrow (and tomorrow ... and tomorrow). Once a week is enough to get your fix. ... think you can get good grades without studying— even if you squeezed by in high school. ... talk on your cell in the library. That’s what texting is for. ... forget to ask your parentals for monthly care packages. You’ll miss those cookies! ... get caught throwing away a pop can or water bottle. There’s no excuse not to recycle when there are bins all over campus.


• • •


Creative Spaces

be orange It’s all about being you. Make your dorm room a place you want to be! Whether you’re studying, hanging out with your peeps or just sleeping, it’s home for the next 10 months—so you might as well make it (at least your half of it) feel like your own. So go ahead. Hang your skateboards on the wall. Display your vintage picture frame collection. Being Orange is all about being you. (Even if your favorite color is green.)

Check out all your residential options at: 8


Wartburg: roommate quiz

What Kind of ROOMMATE Are You? Some of you have spent your whole lives sharing bedrooms with siblings, while for others, college will be the first time you’ll ever have to share your personal space. Are you ready to take the leap from big sister or sole dweller to roomie? Take our quiz to find out!

1 4 5

You get your roommate’s name and contact info a few weeks before the semester starts. You: a. Send him an e-mail introducing yourself and asking some questions about his interests. b. E-mail him to say hi and find out when he’s getting to campus, then get there first to get the best bed. c. Nothing. You have enough to do before you leave without one more thing to worry about. You’ll meet him when you get there. d. E-mail him to tell him you’re not interested in new friends and warn him never to touch your stuff.


When it comes to neatness, you: a. Have a place for everything, keep everything in its place and get very upset if anything is out of place. b. Might get a little bit messy, but never have mold growing on things under your bed. c. Believe that laundry is something that must be done once a semester, whether you need it or not. d. Can’t remember the last time you saw your bedroom floor, dresser or chair, but swear you know where everything is!

A couple of weeks ago, you loaned your roommate $50, which has not been repaid. You just saw her eating dinner at the Den with a group of friends, and they were headed to a movie at the Palace Theatre. You’re too broke to go the movies. You: a. Assume her boyfriend is paying her way and let it go. b. Calmly ask her about it and remind her you could use the money. c. Figure she just charged it all and lecture her about managing her debt. d. Flip out and demand she pay you back right away. You notice something in the fridge that looks like your little brother’s science project. You: a. Put on rubber gloves, bring it to the dumpster, disinfect the fridge and never say a word. b. As nicely as possible, ask your roommate to dispose of the offensive item. When he doesn’t, ask nicely again. c. Go find your roommate in his friend’s room and yell at him about it. d. Put it in your roommate’s bed.

3 6

It’s a Tuesday at midnight. You: a. Have been sound asleep for two hours. b. Start thinking about turning in, since you want to hit The W before class in the morning. c. Figure you can work on editing your new YouTube video for at least another hour. d. Decide it’s the perfect time for your band friends to come over and practice.

Your roommate borrows your best coat without asking and spills coffee all over it. You: a. Forgive him quickly and take it to the cleaners yourself. b. Are angry, but get over it when he gets it dry-cleaned and returns it promptly. c. Scream and yell, make him take it to the cleaners and refuse to talk to him for a month. d. Tell him he has to buy you a new coat and never speak to him again.






You are a model roommate. As a matter of fact, you’re so perfect, you’re hardly human. You may lack confidence to stick up for yourself and allow others to take advantage of you. You also may lack fun in your life. Before you move into the dorms, loosen up and relax!

You have it all figured out: the perfect balance between self-respect and respect for others. You know when to be responsible and when to cut loose. You maintain the right balance between friendship and privacy. You live by the Golden Rule. Congratulations! You really are the perfect roommate.

You have a few things to work on before moving in with someone else. A refresher course on consideration, respect and anger management might be a good place to start. Start trying to think about others a little bit when you’re making decisions. There’s hope for you yet—you just need to make the effort.

You are hereby forbidden to live with another human being! You have some work to do, but all is not lost. Start with getting a lesson in common courtesy and go from there. Good luck changing your ways before you move to campus. Your roommate is counting on you!



Wartburg: knight life

KNIGHT LIFE Search When you’re ready for a study break, there’s plenty to do on campus, in Waverly and in nearby Cedar Falls and Waterloo.

Downtown Waverly Downtown offers a variety of specialty shops for unique art, antiques and gifts. It’s homey. It’s quaint. It’s Main Street Iowa at its finest. Be sure to check out Christmas Greetings on Main, an annual downtown event featuring carolers, live store window displays, special performances, characters and much more.

Outfly Most of the fun you’ll find happens right here on campus. Outfly is a spontaneous holiday that includes canceled classes and planned activities. Students love this Wartburg tradition that’s been happening for more than a century.

Movie Theaters With 23 screens within 25 miles, you can always find your favorite flick. The Waverly Palace Theatre downtown shows new releases, has premiered Wartburg student productions and is the site of monthly Movie Knights for students.

Waverly Restaurants Sometimes you just need to get off campus for a bite to eat. From pizza and burgers to home cooking, what you crave is never far away. When it comes to restaurants, Waverly boasts nine national chains and 16 local/regional favorites.

Outdoor Recreation The Waverly Rail Trail offers eight miles of famous Northeast Iowa biking. Fish, kayak or canoe on the Cedar River. And don’t forget the parks, a soccer complex, two 18-hole golf courses ... anything you could want in the great outdoors. (click visitor info)

The W Try our rock wall, hot tub and waterslide to relax and have fun. This brand-new facility has everything from basketball courts to the latest in fitness equipment. After your workout, watch the Knights take on the Norse in Levick Arena, or stop at the Zesty Orange for a smoothie.

Malls: Cedar Falls/Waterloo American Eagle, Aeropostale, Buckle, Old Navy, Von Maur, Dillard’s, Younkers, Express and more... all within 25 minutes. Enough said.

Cedar Falls Main Street Sushi, pottery painting, live comedy and live music galore — Cedar Falls Main Street is perfect for a day of shopping or a night on the town.


@ tU Mee DEN! the

Wartburg: campus events


events Want to live in a sleepy, boring little town where nothing ever happens? Don’t come to Waverly! The Fray. David Cook. Chris Cagle. Maroon 5... They’ve all performed at Wartburg in the past few years. That’s right: You don’t have to drive to Chicago or Minneapolis to see your favorite recording artists. Big-name, big-city entertainment comes to Waverly often, thanks to student-run organizations like Entertainment ToKnight (ETK). ETK fills your social calendar all year long, with tickets for even huge shows costing around five bucks.

Politicians tend to stop by as well. Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton all visited Wartburg during the 2008 campaign. And if you’re looking for your spot on national TV, reality shows just might come back around for a casting call, as CBS’ Big Brother did in the spring of 2009. 11

Wellness Wow!! The W Includes: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Rock climbing wall 25-yard, six-lane-wide pool Hot tub Waterslide Steam room Sauna Training room Cold-plunge pool for avoiding injuries after athletic training sessions ● Field house with volleyball and basketball courts and an eight-lane, 200-meter track ● Auxiliary gym with a walking and jogging track, racquetball courts, a basketball court and a golf hitting room ● Hall of Champions ● Student health center, including massage therapy and orthopedic care ● Zesty Orange restaurant ● Intramural athletics ● Wide variety of fitness classes ● Instructor certification classes ● Employment opportunities for students, including lifeguarding and personal training

Have fun, stay in shape and learn something new at The W, Wartburg’s latest and greatest addition. The Wartburg-Waverly Sports & Wellness Center is 200,000 square feet of fitness and fun, right on campus. One of the largest NCAA Division III facilities of its kind in the nation, The W opened in 2007 and reflects a $31 million investment.



Wartburg: the W

Well-Being l Weights l Workout l Walk l Welcoming

Wartburg l Waverly l Wellness l Wow



Celebrate Diversity You’re thinking Waverly, Iowa. You’re thinking a small college in a small town. Think again. At Wartburg, we embrace and celebrate our diverse student population. We are among the state leaders in percentage of diversity enrollment, with students from 27 states and more than 40 countries. Students of color and international students comprise 14 percent of our enrollment. Sure, you could room with a student from a farm community—who also happens to be a computer genius. But you could also be lab partners with a biology major from Nepal. Share lunch with a student from Africa. Run sprints with a placekicker from Chicago. Be folder partners with a soprano from New Jersey. You'll have free admission to four yearly Artist Series programs featuring drama, music and dance. Convocation speakers will challenge your thinking on a variety of world issues. At Wartburg, we not only help you discover the world, we bring the world a whole lot closer you.



Wartburg: activities

Campus ivities


Honor Societies

American Chemical Society American Marketing Association Artist Guild Cercle Francais (French) Deusche Kulturstunde (German) History Club Honor Council MENC (music education) Missing Bytes (computer science) Phi Beta Lambda (business) Pre-Law Club Psi Phi (physics) Psychology Club Social Work Club Society for Collegiate Journalists Student Music Therapy Association Student Science Teachers Association Wartburg Association of Student Educators Wartburg Engineering Society Wartburg Film Society

Alpha Chi—top 10% juniors and seniors Beta Beta Beta—biology Delta Mu Delta—business Kappa Delta Pi—education Kappa Mu Epsilon—mathematics Lambda Pi Eta—communication arts Phi Alpha—social work Phi Eta Sigma—first-year students Pi Gamma Mu—social sciences Psi Chi—psychology Sigma Delta Pi—Spanish Theta Alpha Kappa—religion, theology

Student-Managed Campus Media The Castle—literary magazine Wartburg Television KWAR-FM The Fortress—yearbook The Trumpet—weekly print, online editions Tower Agency—integrated marketing communications

Interest/Service Groups Alliance (LGBT) Ambassadors AWARE (alcohol education) Best Buddies EARTH (environmental awareness) Entertainment ToKnight Green Party Homecoming Committee OrangeBand Service Trips SMART (sexual misconduct) Sojourners Student Alumni Council Student Center Council Student Orientation Staff Students for Peace and Justice Student Senate Wartburg Democrats Wartburg Republicans Wartburg Students for Life

GET INVOLVED HAKE THINGS UP FYI: About 20% of Wartburg students end up marrying each other. Not that you’re going to college to meet your future wife or hubby—but it happens!



Wartburg: majors

What major

is right for me Your parents ask you. Your neighbors ask you. The pizza delivery guy asks you. But the answer isn’t coming any quicker. What are you going to study in college? Take our personality quiz, then check out the profiles at the top of the next page to find out what kind of majors fit your unique style. To discover career areas related to academic majors, go to

Time for a study break. You quit channel-surfing when you find:



Dancing with the Stars. It’s not just about the glitz and the gossip; you’re more into studying their techniques.

It’s Friday! You plan to:


Mythbusters. Science plus stuff blowing up? Sweet.

Head to the coffeehouse for Open Mic Night. You want to see how the crowd receives your latest performance poem.



The Big Idea on CNBC. If those people can make millions, so can you!

Rent WALL*E. You aren’t really into “cute” movies, but the animation techniques are fascinating.


Be at the big game. Forget watching it—you’re in the starting lineup.

You take out the trash and notice your mom has tossed out her beat-up old hair dryer. You bring it back into the house because:


It’s not made of biodegradable, eco-friendly materials. Plus you can make it into a cool sculpture.


You want to dissect it for parts and post a listing of its internal components on your blog.


You can get her money back. If you post complaints and reviews on enough consumer protection and product-rating sites, you know they’ll respond. After all, they always have in the past.

It’s election year, and you learn that your favorite candidate is coming to town. (Eight presidential candidates came to Wartburg in 2007!) You:


Analyze with your friends the enormous consequences riding on the voter turnout, the weather on the day of the elections and the hideous color of the opponent’s shirt.

It’s time for your school’s huge annual senior production. How do you take part?



Check out the poll numbers—haven’t these people heard of margin of error?!?

You’re the artiste, dahling. Whether you’re painting the set, playing in the pit or acting on stage, your creative talents steal the show.



Blow up balloons, stuff envelopes, put up posters, make phone calls, go knocking on doors and lead a campus voter registration campaign.

You man the light booth. Everyone would be lost without your technical expertise.


See all of those loyal assistants? That chair with your name on it? You inspire confidence in others; that’s why you’re the director. Just make sure you lose the beret.

Still Unsure? Wartburg’s Pathways Center—our advising and counseling center— 16

is here to help you figure it out. Visit for details.


Mostly a:

The Thinker

As a Thinker, you have the heart of a lion and the soul of a poet. You “get”stuff like Shakespeare, opera and The History Channel. Your inflated need to fight injustices has gotten you in trouble once or twice, but how badly can staging a couple of walkouts for vegetarian rights REALLY blemish your permanent record? Consider a major where you can put your artistic braininess to good use, like Art, Music, Philosophy or Modern Languages.

Mostly b:

b The Solver

Problem solvers like stuff. They like to build stuff, they like to take stuff apart, and they like to see what happens when they put stuff in places where it doesn't belong, like the microwave. Your talents for tinkering, calculating and manipulating have given you a keen sense for how the world works. They've also gotten you grounded more than once for taking apart the kitchen appliances. Look into majors where you can problem-solve to your heart's content, like Biochemistry, Engineering Science, Computer Science or Mathematics.


Mostly c:

The Doer

Doers do. Doers are movers and shakers. Your mantra is “Lead, follow or get out of the way.” However, you can’t ever remember choosing the latter two. In school you've chaired every committee, captained every team (football, speech, chess—you name it) and been class president every year since kindergarten—although you did have to call for a recount in the third grade. Choose a major like Business Administration, Political Science, Economics, Elementary Education or International Relations.

Check out all our awesome

@Wartburg Accounting Art Art Education Biochemistry Biology Business Administration: • Finance • International Business • Management • Marketing • Sport Management Chemistry Church Music Communication Arts: • Public Relations • Electronic Media • Print Media Communication Studies: • Speech Communication • Theatre Communication Design Community Sociology Computer Information Systems Computer Science

Economics Education: • Christian Day School • Early Childhood • Elementary • Middle • Secondary • Special Education Engineering Science English Exploring Fitness Management History Individualized Major Interdepartmental Major International Relations Mathematics Medical Technology Modern Languages: • French & French Studies • German & German Studies • Spanish & Spanish Studies Music, Applied Music Education (B.M.E) • Instrumental • Vocal Music Performance (B.M.) Music Therapy (B.M.E.) Music Therapy (B.M./M.T.) Philosophy Physical Education Physics Political Science Psychology

Religion: • Camping Ministry • Preseminary • Urban Ministry • Youth & Family Ministry Social Work Sociology (Community Sociology) Writing

Interdisciplinary Minors: Environmental Studies Intercultural Studies Leadership Certification Social Entrepreneurship Women’s Studies Worship Studies

Preprofessional Study: Dentistry Engineering Medicine Nursing Occupational Therapy Optometry Pharmacy Physical Therapy Pre-Law Veterinary Medicine

Cooperative Professional Programs: Engineering Medical Technology Nursing Seminary

Design an individualized major, like criminal justice or music business, or combine coursework from up to three departments to create an interdepartmental major.

Be Orange


Wartburg: celeb monitor

What‘s black and white and read all over? Education professor Kevin Fiene finds a comfortable spot to check up on what’s happening on the Wartburg campus.

Celebs on the move: History professor Daniel J. Walther takes a moment to smile for the cameras before rushing off to grab a latte before class.

Campus Who is that mystery woman? Stylish religion professor Brian C. Jones is spotted with one of the art world’s hottest leading ladies. The only question is, which one has the better smile?

>> >>

monitor Wondering who you might spot on campus? Check out what's happening with some of Wartburg's high-profile staff and stars.

>> You’ve got questions, she’s got answers.


Psychology professor Cynthia Bane pauses to say “hi” while helping her students with their undergraduate research.

Wartburg: campus ministry



”:-)” “I’ve found my place—it’s right here at Wartburg College” Male 21 years old Ankeny, Iowa

WBKnight-09’s Blurbs About me: Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my page. When I was deciding where to go to college, I knew I wanted to attend a small liberal arts school where faith was not only tolerated, but actively encouraged. Wartburg provides all kinds of outlets for my faith, like Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Eucharist and an active Campus Ministry. Plus, I’ve met amazing friends who both nurture and challenge my faith each and every day. Wartburg has given me plenty of opportunities to grow into the man I want to be and given me a strong foundation to continue on to medical school. But it’s the people who really set this place apart and make Wartburg my home.

Memorable Experiences: Nate Palmolea Ankeny, Iowa

Stained Glass Casting Crowns

+add+ +view+

Service trips have given me the chance to interact with all kinds of unique people in diverse settings and have added another dimension to my education.

Memorable Experiences: Favorites:

WBKnight-09’s Interests

This is just a short list of things you can get involved with in the Wartburg faith community:

WBKnight-09’s Friend Place Adopt-a-Grandparent

WBKnight-09 has 31 friends NI❤



Worship Leadership Psalm 149 Dance Faith Alive Bible Study/Faith Talk


A Knight’s Armor Fellowship of Christian Athletes Peer Helpers


Habitat for Humanity

LOL...I know, what an experience! Great energy. Totally ready to do it again next month!

Service Trips Spiritual Emphasis Week Catholic Knights

WBK!!! Have you caught up on sleep from the last Faith Alive lock-in? I think I am still picking cheese puffs out of my hair. The kids had an amazing time though—they asked us to set up another lock-in next month. Woo hoo!!! Laters…

OrangeRulz Ora dude i m sooo pumped 4 our habitat for humanity trip. just dont give superchick any powertools… haha!


Be a Shine as a Wartburg Knight Turn up the heat with Wartburg athletics. Shoot the winning basket. Kick the perfect field goal. Sink the spot-on putt. Cross the finish line in an orange blaze of glory— because at Wartburg, you’re the star. Wartburg has everything you need to succeed. You’ll work with seasoned coaches who care about you winning on the field and in the classroom. You’ll have access to state-ofthe-art training facilities and outstanding sports venues in The W—our brand new sports and wellness center. You’ll receive support from a community that appreciates student-athletes who have become AllAmericans, Academic All-Americans, NCAA postgraduate scholarship winners and conference, regional and national champions. Our teams have won 40 Iowa Conference championships in the past five years. And Wartburg was one of only two colleges in the country to win three NCAA Division III national titles in 2008-09.


Be Orange

Wartburg: athletics Women’s Sports: Basketball Cross Country *Golf *Soccer *Softball Tennis * **Track & Field (indoor and outdoor) Volleyball

Men’s Sports: *Baseball Basketball Cross Country *Football Golf Soccer Tennis *Track & Field (indoor) Track & Field (outdoor) * **Wrestling *2008-2009 Conference Champions **2008-2009 National Champions

Other Athletic and Recreational Groups: Ballroom Dancing Club Cheerleading Dance Team Fitness Instructional Team Intramural Athletics Knights Defense (martial arts) Pavement Pounders Student Athlete Advisory Committee Ultimate Frisbee Women’s Rugby Club


Wartburg: arts & music

Let your

creative spirit

move you


Wartburg: arts & music owever your creative spirit moves you, you’ll find your muse at Wartburg. Whether you sing, play an instrument, paint, dance or strum, Wartburg’s performing and visual arts programs give you an opportunity to shine.


Join the Wartburg Choir and work with renowned opera star Simon Estes, who joins the choir on U.S. tours and trips abroad, most recently in Germany, South Africa and Prague. Travel the world with the Wartburg Wind Ensemble, the first Wartburg group to perform in Japan. If vocal jazz is your forté, check out the Castle Singers, who entertain at U.S. jazz clubs and tour abroad every third year. They just toured Brazil in May 2009. Get involved in Wartburg Players on stage or behind the scenes. Two Wartburg productions have been selected to perform at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. Bring Christmas to Iowa in the annual production of “Christmas with Wartburg,” which travels to locations throughout the state and airs on Iowa Public Television. Perform in “Kastle Kapers,” the annual Homecoming variety show. Get involved in Artist Guild or enjoy monthly art exhibits in Wartburg’s art gallery. Compete with the Forensics Team at intercollegiate tournaments throughout the region.

Music Groups: Castle Singers (vocal jazz group)

Ritterchor (men’s choir)

Chapel Choir

St. Elizabeth Chorale (women’s choir)

Gospel Choir

Symphonic Band

Knightliters Jazz Band

Wartburg Choir

Ninth Street Jazz Band Opera Workshop

Wartburg Community Symphony Orchestra

Pep Band

Wind Ensemble

Theatre & Speech: Wartburg Players Forensics Team


Wartburg: notable knights

They’re Orange. Are You?

Ray McCaskey Wartburg ’65 Retired President / CEO Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois

Scott Harves Wartburg ’97 Producer ESPN



Wartburg—Nationally Recognized One of five colleges in the nation to receive the Washington Center’s Higher Education Civic Engagement Award for service-learning and community engagement Nationally classified by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as one of 12 exclusively baccalaureate colleges that foster experiential learning and community engagement Sarah Albertson Wartburg ’98 Director ME&V Healthcare Marketing

Among 109 schools named “with distinction” to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, recognizing volunteer service by Wartburg students Ranked among the country’s top three chapters by Break Away alternative break organization, based on percentage of students who participate in service-related trips during spring break One of only 34 colleges in the central U.S. region profiled by Colleges of Distinction Listed in Peterson’s Top Colleges for Science among 200 schools with outstanding programs in science and mathematics Ranked in Barron’s Best Buys in College Education among 247 schools providing first-rate education at an affordable price

Coleen Rowley (center) Wartburg ’77 Jack Salzwedel Wartburg ’82 President / COO American Family Insurance

FBI whistleblower named a Time magazine Person of the Year in 2002

Included in U.S.News & World Report’s listing of America’s Best Colleges Expanding diversity, with U.S. students of color and international students comprising 14% of total enrollment State-of-the-art science center, communication arts facility and sports and wellness center (The W) Only Iowa college in any NCAA division to finish in top 25 of national Director’s Cup competition in each of the past nine years, based on national finish in men’s and women’s sports 25

Wartburg: world view

O Pack your bags and get ready to get out of town, because Wartburg students are on the go! From New York to San Diego, Argentina to New Zealand ... May Term, study abroad, internships and service trips have students jet-setting across the globe.

Study Abroad & Service Trips 2008 Being Orange means making a difference in your world. Wartburg takes students to cities like Atlanta, Denver and New Orleans to pitch in on all different kinds of projects. Since Katrina, our crews have been to the Gulf Coast 10 times to help rebuild.

. . . . n a n o Go e r u t n e Adv . ... . .

Scotland Study Abroad Ashley Kieler

Czech Republic May Term Eric Golder

“As a pre-med student, Tanzania has forever imprinted itself to focus my future career in Africa. It is so fulfilling to have a direction and purpose for my education.” —John Kuckelman

Brazil May Term Cree Xing-Xing



Study Abroad Michelle Kuecker

May Term John Kuckelman

2007–2009 May Term Experiences Service Trips Internships

Adventure Blogs:

Study Abroad


Wartburg: world view

pportunities . . . . – t r o p s Pas m r e T y Ma ture Ad. ven. . ... Japan May Term Lalaina Rabary

May Term 2008–2009

Study Abroad 2008–2009

Bahamas Brazil China Dominican Republic England France Germany Israel Italy Jordan Mexico New Zealand Nicaragua Spain Tanzania

Argentina–Buenos Aires Australia–Sydney Botswana Czech Republic–Prague England–London France–Grenoble Germany–Bonn Hungary–Budapest Ireland–Limerick Italy–Rome India–Jaipur Mexico–Puebla New Zealand Scotland–Aberdeen Spain–Seville Switzerland–Fribourg Tanzania

Our History: Australia

Wartburg is named after the Wartburg Castle, a fortress founded in 1067 on a wooded hilltop overlooking Eisenach, Germany. Today the castle is one of Germany’s most popular tourist attractions. It’s the same castle that inspired the look of the Wartburg College campus.

Study Abroad Sky Paxton


41% 25% 10% Studied May Term Semester Abroad



Where did we start?

Wartburg Castle, Eisenach, Germany

Wartburg music groups often visit the castle during May Term European tours, and it is a favorite stop on alumni trips.


Wartburg: plan a visit

Immerse yourself

2009-2010 Visit Days Oct. 9 Social Work Day Oct. 10 Fall Visit Day Oct. 12 Illinois Visit Day Oct. 15-16 Minnesota Visit Days Oct. 26 Church Vocations Visit Day Nov. 6 Education Visit Day Nov. 3 Social Science Visit Day; Math, Computer Science, Physics Visit Day Nov. 7, Jan. 16, 22 & 30 Meistersinger

Don’t just visit Wartburg. Totally immerse yourself in campus life. Meet our friendly students. Grab an ice cream Avalanche at The Den. Check out a class. See a game or go to a concert. Visit with a professor.

Music Scholarship Auditions Nov. 7 Junior High Church Youth Day Nov. 8 & 15 Fall Scholarship Days

Learn what it’s like to Be Orange. We do more than one-size-fits-all visits. Contact us in advance and your day at Wartburg will be customized around your interests, your questions and your schedule. If you want to set up an overnight visit, just give us a call.

Nov. 9 Social Science Visit Day Nov. 9 Business Visit Day Nov. 13 Exploring Visit Day Nov. 16 Communication Arts Visit Day Dec. 2 Music Visit Day Jan. 16 Cedar Valley Science Symposium Jan. 17 & 23 Winter Scholarship Days


March 19 Transfer Visit Day

What do I Ask?

April 17 Multicultural Visit Day When you’re here, get straight answers from our students. Wartburg’s Ambassadors will tell you what you need to know, like:

May 7 Spring Visit Day

How easy is it to meet with faculty? Can you usually get into the classes you want? What do most people do on weekends? How big are your classes? What do you think of your adviser? How is the food?

College Choices: Video Links

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More information and registration: 1-800-772-2085

Wartburg: plan a visit

this e v i . G dad it. ts— r n o e Stud ur mom eading r o to y bother ’t Don

Dear Parents: We know you have questions about Wartburg College. Here’s what you really need to know: • Wartburg is one of Iowa’s top-ranked small colleges. The average class size is about 21. • More than 90% of students receive financial aid and graduate in four years. • Wartburg has 100% placement in optometry, podiatry, veterinary medicine, nursing, occupational therapy and physician assistant programs. • Our job and graduate school placement rate for all majors is 98%. • Our 91% medical school placement rate (1997-2007) is double the national average. • Wartburg is safe. Most of the 1,799 students live in campus residence halls. The best thing you can do is take your son or daughter on a personalized tour of Wartburg College, where you will meet professors, visit a class, eat in the dining hall, see the outstanding facilities and visit the residence halls. You and your student will know right away if Wartburg is a good fit for your family. I enrolled at Wartburg expecting to be a high school German and English teacher, but my journey took a different course. I spent my junior year at the University of Vienna, and my Wartburg education prepared me for one of the nation’s top graduate programs in German at Washington University in St. Louis. After a year in Munich, Germany, and then completing my Ph.D., I taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for nine years. But then my path took another turn. I returned to Wartburg and eventually became vice president for enrollment management. Now I help students like your sons and daughters embark on the next phase of their life’s voyage. As you gather the information you need to help your child make this significant life decision, we are here to answer your questions. Visit or call us at 1-800-772-2085 to let us know how we can help your child find out what it means to Be Orange.

Edie Waldstein

Vice President for Enrollment Management

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✓ 93%

of graduates get a degree in four years or less.

✓ 41%

of graduates have studied abroad.

✓ 28%

of Wartburg students are from outside Iowa.

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Wartburg customizes your visit. You will get a personal tour, meet with faculty in your area of interest and meet one-on-one with the admissions staff. Call today to set up a visit.

1-800-772-2085 100 Wartburg Blvd. Waverly, Iowa 50677-0903

Global Admissions Viewbook - Wartburg College  
Global Admissions Viewbook - Wartburg College  

Global Admissions Viewbook - Wartburg College