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Editor’s Letter LEN FRETWELL


A huge thank you to Danny Green for his exclusive interview and for promoting WARR Magazine to his over 500,000 Facebook and Twitter followers. Also, special thanks to Danny’s Ford XB Coupe for gracefully posing for our photo shoot, so very close to Xmas. Two thing worth mentioning happened just before the festive season. The first one: my work car air-conditioning started to blow hot air, I took the car to a well-known Perth auto electrician and was told that my compressor had failed and it could not be repaired. Luckily, I remembered having a compressor reconditioned some years ago so, I surfed the internet for a second opinion. As it turned out, it could be repaired at around half the cost of a new one. If you come across this common car air-conditioning problem and are told that you have no option but to buy a new compressor, I suggest you give Mike at Autocool Components a call, he has been repairing car air-conditioning compressors in Perth, for over 30-years. The second event took place on a freeway. A car was pulled over a few car lengths in front of me by the Police but it wasn’t speeding. The car was pulled over because it was travelling in the right lane level with the car in the middle lane. It would appear that ‘Keep Left Unless Overtaking’ is not a suggestion, you can actually get booked for not doing it. Traveling a lot on our Perth freeways, I have seen many cars veer to the extreme left lane to overtake a vehicle sitting in the right lane beside another vehicle in the middle lane. Sitting in the right lane doing 95kmh beside another vehicle is not just inconsiderate, it can cause road rage, accidents and it can also get you a ticket! I would like to thank Greg Collins for helping me to source a few local features for the 1st and 2nd editions in 2014. Now that Greg has resigned from all involvement in WARR, we would also like to wish him all the best for the future. For those interested, I personally have no problem with fishing or camping but considering that WARR is a race and restoration publication, these leisure activities will not be featured in this magazine. Now that the dust has settled, WARR print and e-copy distribution is well established and this being my first solo edition at the beginning of the new year of the Goat in 2015, I am proud to launch the WARR Twitter and Facebook pages. If you like what we are doing here at WARR, follow us on:

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On behalf of my features team, I sincerely apologise for the spelling typo of the owner/ driver’s name in the 2014, WA Group A, V8 Jet Sprint Boat season winner feature/interview with Nigel Johnson. We are always looking for unique racing machines or restoration and rebuild project cars, bikes, boats and trucks so, please contact us to discuss a possible special feature article. We wish you a safe, prosperous and very Happy New Year!

Len F retwell I dedicate this edition to Lena and Maxim. WARR welcomes comments and suggestions, as well as notification about errors that may call for corrections. We are firmly committed to presenting information as fairly and accurately as possible. Disclaimer: Reasonable care is taken to ensure that WARR magazine articles are as up-to-date and accurate as possible, as at the time of publication but no responsibility can be taken for any errors or omissions contained herein. The opinions expressed are those of the individual article authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of WARR magazine. The publisher, editor, contributors and related parties accept no responsibility for any action or omission by any other contributor, consultant, editor or related party.

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WARR recently caught up with four-time world boxing champion, two-time Sydney to Hobart yacht race sailor, founder of the Fighting Chance Foundation and really great guy, Danny Green for this exclusive interview and photo shoot with his black custom 1974 Ford XB coupe. WARR: Did you pay for your first car or was it a gift? How old were you, what do you remember about your first car and driving for the first time? DANNY GREEN: Paid for it. 1974 Gemini 1600 Isuzu Motor, imitation brown leather HAHAHA bloody loved that thing, was often sideways and seemed to burn a lot of rubber. WARR: Who taught you how to drive and did you pass your driver’s licence test the first time? DG: Passed first time. Dad taught me but he would redline it more than me!! Self-taught as well, when family where out my sisters sigma had a few runs down the freeway at a young age HAHAHA WARR: What made you choose to buy this particular 1974 Ford XB Coupe to restore and customize? DG: It was part of a sponsorship deal from my former major sponsor, mining company NRW. Always loved it from Mad Max movies. Hardest looking model. The project took 18 months, it turned out better than I had planned. WARR: What are the mechanical specifications, engine and running gear set up in your Ford Coupe? DG: 460 stroked out to a 514 big block… Enough said! WARR: What work have you done to the car? DG: Reduced the rubber on the tyres!! WARR: What’s more painful for you, a 12 round fight or sitting in peak hour traffic when you’re late? DG: Peak hour traffic by far. WARR: What was the most unusual vehicle you have driven? (Where was it? Who talked you into it? How did you find that experience?) DG: A V8 Supercar. Bathurst winner - Paul Morris was silly enough to let me drive it at Barbagallo’s! Put me in a fight or a fast car, I will go hard! Down changing gears, compression lock up and I put her in the sand!! WARR: What is the most important criteria when you pick a car? What’s the perfect combination? (i.e. engine, tyres and leather seats, etc.,) DG: 1. Speed.. Fast & Explosive 2. Looks.. Tough mean slick & stylish 3. Sound.. Think Apollo 11 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM January-March 2015 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014 99 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014 9

WARR: Who had the greatest influence on your driving manner? DG: My close mate Nigel Harbach is a stuntman & taught me how to do 180’ hand brakies. Very useful skill hahah! WARR: Let’s talk about your Sydney to Hobart Yacht race.... How did you come across this idea? Invited by Anthony Bell, from Perpetual Loyal. What do you remember about the crew? A great bunch of blokes, awesome crew. What stood out during the race? Lack of sleep and I think I was the first to vomit. What precluded you from returning to the race in the following years? Injury.. back on this year!! WARR: If you were to pick one car to race, one car for work, one car for a family trip to the country and one car to take Nina out what those four cars would they be? DG: Race: V8 Supercar. Work: Ford Ranger Holiday: Ford Ranger Nina: Morris Minor!! WARR: One punch advertising - an incredibly important message to make our communities safe! Powerful campaign. Would you do something like this for the Office of Road Safety? What messages would those be? ......... How about “learn how to merge” or “don’t park like an a**hole”? DG: It takes 1 second out of your day to create harmony! WARR: Blitz: DG: I’m known for ... 4 times world champion boxer & being bit of a clown. My first car was ... Gemini Since then I have had ... cars. 8 My first accident ... taught me... being a knob will hurt people. I prefer to drive unless... I always drive. First item on my bucket list ... Base jump. I want my kids to know this about cars ... Economic & reliable. And this about life ... My son to learn about fast expensive women at the start and then settle down with an economic & reliable one!! Hahahah As for my daughter there are no cars at the Nunnery!! WARR: When I...: When I have a flat tyre I... DG: Take the jack out and get dirty Call roadside assist Call my wife to pick me up I never had a flat tyre When I’m overtaken I... Don’t pay attention See it as an invitation to race


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Try to take a note of the car make and model so I can later check its characteristic I’m never overtaken When stuck in traffic I .... Turn the music up and sing with my windows rolled up Turn the music up and sing with my windows rolled down Start making phone calls on hands free I am never stuck in traffic WARR: Can you tell our readers about your new Foundation and who it will assist? DG: Danny Green’s Fighting Chance Foundation is a public fund for the relief of Australian residents in circumstances of financial necessity, consequently unable to obtain a modest standard of living in the Australian community

WARR: Who are your sponsors and what is your dream or your plans for the future? DG: Retravision a great WA Company & I have had a proud partnership for years. We are looking for sponsors at the moment to support the DGFCF so we can continue to assist those that need our help. Our annual ride is in March, 2015 which will be another huge success building on last year’s inaugural event. WARR: We appreciate you taking the time and interest in participating in this exclusive interview. In closing, do you have any advice that you would like to share with our readers? DG: Appreciate all you got. Look out for those less fortunate. Interview by Len Fretwell WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM January-March 2015 11 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014 11

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Can now tune Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep

1,000 HP Plus N/A RHS Tall Block

308 Stroked to 355ci in HX Kingswood




5/6 O’Malley Street Osborne Park WA 6017 Phone: +61 (8) 9446 1913 Email: westracing@swiftdsl.com.au www.westracing.com.au October-December 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM



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WARR: Congratulations on building and racing your new blown displacement racing boat. How did it all begin for you with boat racing, what boat did you start with and what other boats have you raced?

down and goes over 90-miles per hour and we’ve got that class of boat to run 100 miles per hour today. Runs on pump fuel, easy maintenance and a cheap boat to run, possibly the cheapest competition motor sport in Australia.

Peter Price: About 30-years ago, my Brother raced a boat down on the Swan River with Western Australian Speed boat Club - WASBC but he ended up giving it away after 5-years. About 10-years ago, we both went down to the river to see what boats were racing and were still interested but I didn’t have a boat. Took it up again about 10-years ago and have now been racing for 8-years.

WARR: What can you tell our readers about your boat and your race team?

My first boat was 6-litre restricted carburettor boat, entry class 6-litre racing, it keeps costs 16

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PP: The boat is a Bruce Everingham 17’ hull with a standard bore, standard stroke 350 cubic inch small block Chev with iron heads and 23 Degrees are its rules with a 750 cfm carburettor and V-Drive gearbox with two blade propeller. My team is made up of great friends who like boat racing. The new boat is also a Bruce Everingham 19’ with retro fitted capsule to meet the current APBA rule for its class (blown alco-

hol displacement), it runs a 400ci blown SBC estimated power 12-1300hp WARR: Did you have many teething problems with the boat with your first races in Adelaide? PP: Yes, we had quite a few, engine temp issues and propeller issues, to name a few. WARR: Can you tell us about your first boat and what happened to it? PP: My blue boat was the first boat I bought and it was a 16’ Bruce Everingham and it broke up. We must have been hitting its maximum speed down the start straight and hit something solid in the water, probably a log, it took our turn fin out from underneath the gearbox and con-

sequently took all of the fibreglass out between the rails back to the transom (engine mounting) of the boat. In an instant, the boat went from flat out to a complete stop, as the included pictures show, I went through the steering wheel which was totally buckled but my life vest took the brunt of the impact and I wasn’t hurt at all. WARR: Was there ever a time that you wanted to walk away from racing? PP: Yes, every time I lunch an engine and there has been a few of them. WARR: What is your biggest hope or dream? PP: To complete a race meeting in the east, being competitive. WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COMOctober-December January-March 2015 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM 201417 17

WARR: What are your top tips you offer to someone thinking about starting up in racing displacement boats?

WARR: Who are your supporters/sponsors?

PP: I will keep being involved with this sport while I still enjoy it. Racing costs are reasonable, Nomination fees are only $50 to race for the day and $650 membership fees through the National APBA. WASBC is a member of the WAWSA Group - West Australian Water Sport Association.

PP: I’m self sponsored with help from family and friends.

This is a fun sport, we run once a month, the second Sunday, each month of the season,

PP: Start with a class that doesn’t take a lot of free time to understand the engine set-up and you can do a lot of the work yourself without employing others.

18 18

WARR: What does the future hold for you and your boats?

January-March 20152014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

Images: Downunder Rescue which runs from November to June. Race days are open to the public with free entry, family friendly and access to the pits with some safety restrictions and dress code requirements. In my opinion, ours is the best boat racing venue in Australia which is situated on the Swan River, right in front of the Casino.

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sales@motorplex.com.au (08) 9419 6622 20

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Top Fuel Dragsters World Series Sprintcars Monster trucks Jet Dragsters Burnouts Demolition Derbies Motorvation Street Machine & Custom Car Show Race your own street car

Perth Motorplex has got you covered. Find out what’s on this week at motorplex.com.au facebook.com/motorplex

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Owner/Rider of NitroMojo After Les Holden submitted a formal proposal to the board members of ANDRA for approval, a new Australian Nitro Bike class was introduced in 2014. With the joint efforts of Les Holden, Gordon Crawford, Terry Jongen (ANDRA) and Hawaya Racing Products (HRP) in America, “Top Fuel Motorcycle/M or /T� class is now in place. WARR caught up with Les Holden just before Xmas, 2014 for this exclusive interview.

Dragracing Nitro Bike

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WARR: Congratulations on your success riding one of the fastest Nitro drag bikes in Australia. How did it all begin for you and what were the steps you took to get to where you are now in racing? Les Holden: I first started drag racing motorcycles in 1984 with a Z100 Kawasaki street bike at Ravenswood Raceway in Perth. Once bitten by the bug I built my first wheelie bared bike in 1996 and competed at the Perth Motorplex to eventually win the 2005/2006 modified bike championship In 2011 I had an opportunity to go to the Hawaya Racing Nitro Harley School in North Carolina with Gordon Crawford who had purchased a Nitro Harley.

Images: Michelle Porobic 24 October-December 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

Having completed the crew component of the Nitro Bike School, I was hooked on nitro. The school used 121ci carburetted Nitro Harley’s. Australia did not have a bracket for these bikes so I submitted a proposal to the ANDRA for the introduction of Carburetted nitro bikes (NB/T) in group 2 racing in Australia, and ordered one. WARR: Do you manage a large team? LH: The NitroMojo Team consists of myself and two good friends Mark Byrne on clutch and Allan Dobson on tune up. We all pitch in for servicing and rebuilds. We have a great time in the pits as well as on track.

WARR: How does it feel handling a machine with so much power? LH: The acceleration is amazing. Trying to guide these big tyre bikes down the track requires skill and experience. Tuning and racing Nitromethane fuelled motorcycles requires finesse and can bite you big time if you get it wrong. WARR: What is the build year, model and mechanical specifications of the Top Fuel bike that you ride and does it have a nickname? LH: 2013 Hawaya Racing Products (HRP) 121 cubic inch Derringer V twin. Built to race in Compe-

tition Bike and Top Fuel Motorcycle WARR: Can you give us a step by step description of a competition run from burn out to finish line. LH: The nerves run high while waiting in the staging lanes, but once you get the nod to fire up, they disappear and total concentration kicks in. With eyes wide open you approach the water box picking the best approach to start line. Grab a handful of front brake and crack the throttle to start the burnout and hold for a few seconds then release the brake allowing the bike to creep forward cleaning and heating the tyre and approach the start line as straight as possible. Roll into the beams, eyes even wider. Laying over the chassis you try to mould into it, getting as low as possible. The yellow light flash and you snap the throttle as hard as you can, trying to break the cable, and HANG ON. The bike launches hard, get your feet onto the pegs so you can steer because the front wheel is in the air. Once the bike launches you may need to lean a little to correct your line, steering is light, the front wheel is still in the air, all the way to halftrack, the front wheel hits the ground and you feel movement as the wheel rotation speed catches up with the track speed and then you find out if you are straight or not. Still holding the throttle wide open you aim for the centre of the finish line. Pass the finish line, back off, fuel shut off, ignition off, handful of brake then you can put your head up and breathe again. WARR: Why did you decide to start your own Racing Team? LH: The need for speed and the enjoyment of racing and working on bikes WARR: Do you have a story or experience that you can share with our readers? LH: Lots of life experiences from racing and stories that can’t be repeated, lol WARR: Was there ever a time that you thought it was all too hard and wanted to walk away from racing? LH: Not really, drag racing is an exciting sport that has its challenges but once hooked, you are there to stay and drag racing people are really cool and helpful to be around. WARR: What is your biggest wish? LH: To move up to a 190cubic inch Nitro Harley and successfully compete in all the Top Fuel Championship rounds throughout Australia.

WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM January-March 2015 25 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December October-December 2014 2014 25 25 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

WARR: What are your tips for those who are about to start racing bikes?

Moose from Ranch Auto’s (More sponsor welcomed to join our team, and to compete nationally.)

LH: Listen to the experienced racers and do it for the right reasons, the enjoyment of it.

WARR: What does the future hold for you?

WARR: Who are your supporters/sponsors?

LH: Continue to learn about nitro and enjoy each racing moment.

LH: Moving Man Removals (Gordon Crawford), PowerOn Electix, Dave from AUTO 1 Balcatta,

Left to Right: Allan ‘Dobbo’ Dobson, Roger Kilvington, Les Holden, Mark ‘Burnsy’ Byrne


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We specialise in the chroming of HOT RODS, BIKES and any STREET MACHINES Contact Us on: 08 9248 4220 87 Holder Way, Malaga WA

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7 Times Australian Top Doorslammer Championship Winner WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014


WARR had the great pleasure to catch up and spend a few hours with John ‘ZAP’ Zappia at the Perth Motorplex Nitro Slam meet in January, 2015. Driver of the world’s first Super Stock car to hit 7’s, first Doorslammer in the 6’s, the 2nd driver to join the 200mph club, first Doorslammer in the 5’s and most recently 7-time back-toback and 2014 Top Doorslammer Championship winner and recently, the new track Top Doorslammer record holder at Perth Motorplex. ZAP has raced a few drag cars during his long career with a personal best time of 5.683 @ 253.52mph. ZAP celebrated his 38th racing Anniversary on Sunday the 28th of December, 2014 and we are proud to publish this exclusive interview with such a truly iconic Australian drag racing champion. WARR: Congratulations for winning seven back-to-back ANDRA National Pro Series Top Doorslammer Championship’s in your Fuchs Lubricants/Striker

Crushing and Screening “Crusher” HQ Monaro. What was your first drag car and how many cars have you raced during your career? JZ: I started racing in a 194 CI, 14-second Torana. Then in 1981, I jumped to a 383 Chev in a 4-door HQ ‘71 Monaro and fitted a WB Statesman front and rear onto it, the spare parts had come out for the WB but the cars hadn’t hit the Showroom yet and I already had the front end, back panel and tail lights. It had a turbo 400 trans’ and 9” diff which ran a best time of 12.86 at 113mph. Later we fitted a LS7 454ci with 550HP but it was thirsty and a bit hard to drive a hot 454 on the street and wasn’t using it much so, I started dragging it with a best time of 12.76 at 125mph. In Easter 1983, I started to build a drag car in a factory unit. I bought the original 2-door Monaro body for $350 and then decided a pro-chassis car was the way to go. So, I built my own box tube chassis out of mild steel and fitted

30 October-December January-March 2015 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM 30 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

stainless steel interior and wheel tubs with the help of Kounis Metal Industries. Then with Southside Engine Centre’s help, I fitted the big block 454 LS-7 with crower fuel injection, a roller cam, 3 speed trans and a McLeod clutch. My white, all steel bodied HQ Monaro called Zaps Rat ran 9.39 at 148mph on its first pass and later at 460 ci, this early Zap’s Rat ran a best time of 9.11 at 151mph normally aspirated. Then we fitted a 427 crankshaft making it 434ci and a Khul 8/71 Supercharger and on its first pass, it went 8.64 at 164mph running in AA/Gas and the Australian record was 8.68 at the time. Zap’s Rat with a steel 2-door body, became the world’s 1st Super Stock car to hit seven’s with a 7.98 at 173mph and my 452ci later produced a record 7.95 at 174mph. I designed and built the entire chassis at home and USA chassis guru, Tom Alston proclaimed Zap’s Rat to be the quickest ladder-bar rear end car in the world at that time.

Next came a change to a 484ci Hemi engine and a 14/71 supercharger, and the car ran 7.68 at 184mph. The car progressed with a fiberglass front and 511ci Hemi and got it down to 7.19 at 194mph. I went to America and bought a 540ci engine from World Champion Blown Alcohol racer Pat Austin at Walt Austin Racing and with that we went from 1600 hp to 2200 hp and straight away, there went 6.93 at 209.90. We missed 200 with and went straight to 210. With a bit more tuning I went 6.74 at 214mph making it the fastest tin top Doorslammer in the world. From there the motor grew to a 557ci and top qualified at the 1995 Calder Nationals with a 6.54 at 218mph, then won the final against Brendon McSweeny, after mowing the lawn in the first Top Doorslammer Championship race. I made my final run in Zap’s Rat in 1995 at Willowbank Winternationals, with a strong 6.60’s pass but burst into flames near the finish

Images: Luke Nieuwhof‫‏‬

line, I kept the power on to finish the run at 199mph. I stopped the car near the fire truck, Victor Bray was first to me and dragged me out of the car. The front fibre glass panels were burned but the car survived the potential tragedy. The car was repaired and I sold it to Kim Soia from Soia Seminars. In 1994, I started planning the series II, Zap’s Rat Statesman Doorslammer with state-of-the-art centre steer chassis and TFX engine and it took six-months to fabricate the VR Caprice steel body with extensive modifications to the original steel Statesman panels on this steel bodied funny car with operating doors. On its first ever full pass, the 554 ci blown alcohol engine funny car ran 6.88 at 209mph but unfortunately, the chutes failed to open and I hit the grass zone at the end of the track at over 160mph. The brakes alone were unable to slow the car enough before it dug into grass and it jumped sideways, rolling 3 ½ times, destroying the body and

bending the chassis. I was not hurt but I remember telling myself, never again! The Statesman body was destroyed but the chassis was only damaged in the front half and the mechanical components were salvageable. Rick Matson from Legend Boat Builders generously offered me funds to fix the chassis and some friends also assisted in the rebuild. In 1995, Pacific Performance in QLD helped me purchase a Pontiac Firebird Funny Car body from Jeff Burnett. Murray Anderson Race Cars replaced the front half of the chassis and bolted on the new body. The new car was then transported to Perth and a few weeks later, my crew finished Zap’s Rat III which débuted at Ravenswood for licensing runs, six weeks after the demise of Zap’s Rat II. Zap’s Rat III ran an easy 6.60 at 218.5mph and came home without a scratch. I qualified 7th running a 6.16 at 227mph in my new Top Alcohol class for supercharged Funny Car

WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014


and Dragsters (rails) running on pure methanol fuel only, no nitro. Once they sorted out the rules for Doorslammer we started to build a proper chrome molly chassis HQ Monaro Top Doorslammer and we débuted that car at the Western Nationals in March of 2003. Striker came on-board and said let’s build a second car, we went full-time and we built Crusher for Craig Pedley from Striker Crushing and Screening. Since then we have won seven Championships, two in my car and then we changed over to his car and we have won another five.

the Motorplex, prior to that was 251mph. We were pretty happy to do that and Craig Pedley, the owner of the car was there so, it was really good. We went out and won the next meeting and ran a 5.77 in the final so, we’ve had two wins since the crash and the car went dead straight in the last meeting so we know we got that all sorted out. We also ran a 5.718 at the next meeting during qualifying. We have made some other modifications as well as including a weight reduction program and we are trying to get the car into the mid to low 70’s consistently. On January 9th, 2015 at the Nitro Slam at the Perth

WARR: What year model HQ Monaro is the current Top Doorslamer drag car based on and what engine, blower and running gear is set up in your car? JZ: The car has a 1971 HQ Monaro body running original tail lights and original grill, we tried to keep as much of the original lines and shape as possible. The engine is based on a 426 push rod Chrysler HEMI from the 70’s but now they basically make every part Billet so, it has a Billet block, Noonan NRE Billet heads, Billet crankshaft, Billet rod’s, forged Billet pistons, PSI-D Supercharger run at 108% overdrive, which is our limit in Doorslamer. It has to weigh a minimum of 2,700 lbs and is 514 cubic inches. It makes about 3,200 hp and around 2,500 lbs of torque so, it can be quite a handful when traction on both tyres isn’t even. It runs a B&J 3-speed transmission with a titanium, 3-disc clutch and a Mark Williams 11-inch rear end. Best time so far is 5.683 at 253.52mph. WARR: How did it feel to return to Perth Motorplex to race the WA Championship meeting and win the final, after hitting the wall in Sydney? Was there very much damage to the car? JZ: It was good. We won the championship in Adelaide before we went to Sydney. We came back to Perth and did some testing and went 5.77 and all was looking good. We went to Sydney and tried too hard, the car was going to the right and I was fighting it to come back, the wheel shudder shook the car so badly that I lost vision for a split second, Thinking I was in the middle of the track before I realized I was on the edge close to the centre line. I over corrected as well as punching 2nd gear, the thing went up on two wheels heading for the wall. Luckily, I managed to straighten it up and hit the wall sideways which made minimal side and door damage. It was a disappointing way to win the championship and finish the national season. We came back and worked hard with the help of Bravo Resources we fixed the chrome moly chassis, shortened the rear wing, which we were ordered to do by ANDRA for the new season, so we said let’s do it now while we are fixing the car and we worked on it for nine days solid to get it ready. We came to the Perth meet and ran 5.80 at 252.8 mph running into a head wind, which was our best speed at


October-December 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

7 Motorplex we ran a world class 5.683 @ 253.52 mph with a pedal and into a 15-knot head wind. WARR: What was the worst thing that happened to your car while racing and how did you handle with that situation? JZ: Any of the crashes were bad but I guess the worst one was when I crashed Zap’s Rat at Willowbank about six years ago. That was a big accident, the car was up on two wheels and hit the wall sideways, got up on the wall and slid along the wall for 34-meters and then came back on the track. There was a lot of damage and luckily it didn’t catch fire, I

had a bit of a sore chest and back from landing back on the track without a head restraint system so, now I have a head restraint system in the car. WARR: What are your tips to those who are about to start racing? JZ: Starting off in drag racing, yes you’ve got to go quick but you also have to be consistent. Consistency will win more races than just going quick. People are always asking me about how they can get sponsors. Go out and win some races, you have to prove yourself before you can get sponsors.

MACA Limited a Mining and Civil Contractor has come on board as a Major Sponsor in 2015. SPEEDMASTER have been with us for four years now and all of our sponsors are proudly listed on my website. This car runs on people power, it’s not just John Zappia or the crew guy’s, it’s a combination of everyone involved, which is around thirty people. The crew, their partners plus our sponsors and friends all come down to help. There have been so many people that have helped to make Zappia Racing what is today and I am so very grateful to everyone who has helped, now and from the very early days. WARR: How did you go at the January, 2015 Perth Motorplex Nitro Slam meet? JZ: We ran a world class 5.683 @ 253.52mph and Top Qualified then won the meeting against Maurice Fabietti with a 5.864 @ 250mph. For a more detailed report go to zappiaracing.com.au. WARR: What does the future hold for you and Zappia Racing? JZ: We want to win eight championships, at the same time are talking to a team in America about driving the second car over there, at a few selected events, doing some testing and also helping them develop their car. There is the possibility of going over there to drive a pro-mod car in the NHRA as part of a two car team in 2015 but our priority is the ANDRA series race dates. We would like to get further ahead in this sport but it takes dollars. It’s hard to improve as you reach the pointy end and it costs a lot of money to race and improve at any high level of motor sport. We’ve done what we’ve done on a tight budget, without a dyno, without a fuel flow bench, we’ve just done it by looking at the data and tuning at the track. This is an expensive game and we would like some more sponsors to help us keep being competitive and to get further ahead in this sport. Interestingly, my car is on Australian television six-times at every meeting and USA cable TV also telecasts Australian drag racing.

WARR: Who are your supporters/sponsors? JZ: I want to thank Craig Pedley from Striker Crushing and screening for giving me the opportunity to race full time, FUCHS Lubricants who are conaming rights with Striker, who have been with us for many years now and continue to support us and have a great product that we use and recommend. I am also a FUCHS distributor and sell their oil products so, if you need to buy some quality FUCHS Lubricants, just let me know and I can have it delivered to you.

Potential sponsors are welcome to contact me direct to discuss major and minor packages at; zappiaracing.com.au and zappiaracing FaceBook page or email me at zappiaracing@ozemail.com.au.

Interview by Len Fretwell

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Leigh Fallon W.A.’s #1 Super Sedan

All our Hi Stall torque converters feature:

Hi quality Torrington needle roller bearings Furnace Brazed turbine and pump Hi torque stator assemblies Hardened steel splines Thick Wall steel pump drives Lock Up Converters are fitted with High Carbon Heavy Duty Lock up Plate Computer designed to suit your application

Leigh Fallon W.A. Super Sedan Champion


9249 3066 allfast.com.au allfast@iinet.net.au 34

6 Vale Street, Malaga, Western Australia 6090 October-December 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

1915 Model T Ford

Turtle Deck Roadster

WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014


Owner/Restorer: Frank Fogliani

The Ford Motor Company built over 15 million Model T Ford’s from 1908 until 1927 and they were manufactured in Detroit and Highland Park, Michigan, and this iconic vehicle was also assembled at a Ford plant in Manchester, England and at other plants in Europe. The Model T, known popularly as the “Tin Lizzie” or the “flivver,” changed the way of life for many US workers. The Model T was the first car to be affordable to average Americans due to Henry Ford’s revolutionary advancements in assembly-line automobile manufacturing. It quickly became known for its low cost, durability and ease of maintenance, at a cost of less than $300 in 1925. The Model T became an American symbol and Frank Fogliani restored one of these American folkloric vehicles from a collection of dismantled parts. This is Frank’s 1915 Model T story. I acquired it in 1981 in a 44-gallon drum from

a lady that had imported it from New Zealand. The chassis was cut in half to make it transportable to Australia to restore it. All I initially wanted to buy the bits for was to see how the motor worked, I had no intention of restoring it and it ended up taking me 20-years. I acquired all of the parts, prior to the internet using letters and long distance and international telephone calls. Towards the end of the restoration, it was much easier because I could get onto the internet and buy anything that I needed but prior that, I had to physically search and it was very hard and people that had the parts, didn’t want to sell them. As I got more into the restoration, I could see what it was going to be and got more interested, buying books and doing my homework. The parts that I initially bought were all original and the engine and transmission were included. We put Aluminium pistons into the motor and we put Turbo 400 clutch plates from the USA into the transmission which gives you a perfect neutral and take off. The original steel plates would occasionally grab and could pin the perWWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM January-March 2015


son starting the crank to the wall when starting. When it was finished, the motor was so tight, I couldn’t crank it. I made up an electric motor with a reduction box and duplicated a crank with a gear with a big drill at the top and ran it round very slowly for half an hour at a time every week, to wear it in. I started the restoration by doing the chassis and the motor, a year or two into the restoration a friend dropped in to ask how my old heap of rubbish was going. I said great and he told me he knew where there were some parts. I went to see but it was a four-door Model A Ford, I bought it and restored it instead. After restoring the Model A, I realized the mistakes I was making with the Model T so, I dismantled the Model T chassis and running gear and started again.

so, you’ve probably used a 100 year old magneto, I didn’t know, I just used the parts I had. He gave me another one but it was in a different position and I knew it would backfire and I was terrified. I walked around the car for 40-minutes, I just didn’t want to do it to my arm again. I turned the ignition and it started by itself. I thought that someone was playing a trick on me with the crank and turned it off. I turned it on again and it started again. If you prime the carburettor, then adjust the magneto to just the right position, turn on the ignition and it will start.

Finding the proper headlights was difficult, remetaling the body and the woodwork were the biggest challenges. All the metal is stressed around wood, we got a woodwork kit from the USA and had a lot of trouble working out how it went together. A guy in Mundijong got so conThe 1915 Model T turtle deck was the first mod- fused over it that he didn’t even charge me but el to be supplied with electric head lights, makhe got it pretty close. Harvey Green stressed ing it necessary to upgrade the flywheel Magthe metal around the wood on this body perneto system which previously only had to supply fectly, using the Ford book that I gave him. I power to the ignition system. The transmission bought the guards, bonnet and running boards has two forward gears and one reverse that are from the USA. I got the tyres from a guy in Baycontrolled by three foot pedals instead of the swater who brought in original brand new tyres more common hand lever used in transmissions from New Zealand. The paintwork was done by at the time. Spark and throttle are controlled by a friend of mine, I didn’t want it too shiny bea hand lever attached to the steering column. I cause they never were. The windscreen frame never did understand why Mr Ford didn’t use a has brass channelling that brings the glass clutch and gear stick, which was available then, thickness down to 4mm and our safety glass instead of the three foot pedals. is 5mm. I couldn’t get the screen in so, I got a glassier to bevel around the edges to make it fit. When it was finished, I still didn’t know how to drive the car, I worked it out from knowing how Driving it is a bit difficult but it only has a transthe transmission worked. I cranked it and it mission brake. Originally, they are thermosstarted, the next time I cranked it, it backfired syphon cooled and the only aftermarket part I and nearly broke my arm and then I was terrihave added is a water pump to handle Australfied to do it. I was talking to a guy in the club ian temperature conditions. and he said you’ve restored a 100 year old car


October-December 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

After 20-years of restoration, I rushed for the last week and picked it up from the trimmer to get it ready in time for my daughter’s wedding. My fondest memory of this car was driving my daughter in it on her wedding day. One of Mr & Mrs Adrian and Gemma Fiore’s wedding pictures show that the car was having trouble starting. It ran like a dream that day and we set up the scene for the photo. It was a wonderful day. I would like to thank Glen Chaffin from CHAFFIN’S GARAGE, INC. from Corona, California in the USA. I sourced many parts for this restoration from and through this man and his garage.

UNDER THE HOOD: Engine: Four cylinder, four stroke, 20 HP Cooling: Water cooled by radiator and thermos-syphon Transmission: Two speed spur planetary type Drivetrain: Torsion tube to final drive Chassis: 100-inch-wheelbase Top Speed: 40-45 miles per hour (65-70 km/h)

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OUTBACK THUNDA MONSTER TRUCK Owner/Driver: Clive Featherby

WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM January-March 2015 41 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014 41



January-March 2015 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014


OUTBACK THUNDA MONSTER TRUCK Outback Thunda originated in the year 2003 following two years of being a Bronco Horse for a Brisbane based Rugby League team the Brisbane Broncos. At its Birth in the year 2000 this horse shaped body was known as Bronco Magic and was a very dark brown colour. After travelling to the USA to promote a number of shows on the east coast Clive Featherby decided it was always in his thinking to take this truck further afield and hopefully one day even venture to the big world of America hence a more overall Aussie name was needed and something with the outback in it, at the time Thunderstruck was playing everywhere so Clive thought one day Outback Thunda would be a cool name and from there a Australian monster truck star was born. Next the brown colour had to go it didn’t suit night time shows the truck was lost in the dark, it didn’t appeal to the kids so again the outback is red and bright so again Clive decided it would take away from the Horse theme but the colours would certainly signify the Outback and would make the truck show friendly and Kid friendly and it has, Thunda is now the most popular truck across the southern Hemisphere and is now launching its popularity across the USA where already fans are taking to the truck in droves. There have been four versions of Thunda this one being the brand new truck Build by monster truck Maestro Dan Patrick in Mid, 2010. The truck was then shipped 12,000 miles to Australia for just two appearances where our brilliant fabricator Lindsay Houston from LDI Kustom signs fitted the new multi piece body then it was shipped all the way back to Westville Indiana were it now lives at Paul Shafer Motorsports.



January-March 2015 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

Thunda made its USA debut on March 12 and 13, 2011 at the Sears Center Chigago taking out its first ever USA victory winning the Skywheelie and Doughnut comps in a field that include the Likes of Bigfoot and Lucas Oils Stabiliser. Thunda is a Patrick Chassis Thunda is powered by a 541 Big block Chevy Thunda uses a two speed powerglide transmission Thunda weighs approximately 10,000 lbs Thunda drinks almost 50 gallons of methanol (alcohol) at an average show Thunda is most definitely shaped from a horse. Thunda’s driver is Clive Featherby In 2012 Outback Thunda won contests in the USA against trucks like Bigfoot #18, Ramunition and Ramunator. Thunda in his different forms has contested in over 600 shows in Australia in every state and territory and the new thunda is now permanently based full time at Paul shafer Motor sports in Westville Indiana. Outback Thunda is available for bookings both in Australia and the USA and Thunda has a full merchandise range at most shows and online. www.outbackthunda.com

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ANDRA Championship drag racing to return to Calder Park in 2015/16 The Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) wishes to announce the ANDRA Championship Drag Racing event at Calder Park in Victoria featuring Top Fuel, Top Fuel Motorcycle, Pro Stock, Pro Stock Motorcycle and the Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series on February 7-8, 2015 will not go ahead as planned. As works are set to begin shortly and carry through the New Year, it was determined it would be unrealistic to run the event as scheduled. Calder Park Promoter Peter Pisalidis acknowledged it was unfortunate however it was not all bad news as the upgrades are set to catapult the venue back on it’s way to once again becoming a premier drag racing facility. “With the clock ticking and our first event only four working weeks into the New Year, we just won’t have the time to prepare a newly laid surface even if construction commences immediately after the holiday break,” he said. “It is unfortunate we are in this position - however we aren’t far away from getting a world class track and ask for everyone’s understanding as we are better off making this call now rather than the week prior to the event in anticipation of trying making it.”



January-March 2015 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

ANDRA CEO Malcolm Bulley expressed his disappointment that this call has to be made, but remains determined that ANDRA Championship Drag Racing is coming back to Calder Park at the highest level very soon. “It is with much regret that the ANDRA round on the 7-8th February has been cancelled,” he said. “With time and availability before Christmas closing in on us, the only viable option is to cancel this event to ensure the track is in A1 condition at the time the first ANDRA round is to be staged at the upgraded venue. “The feedback and support by local racers and clubs has been tremendous and this small set back will not stop the project or our desire to have ANDRA Championship racing back in full flight in Melbourne.” “Calder Park, ANDRA and Peter have all worked damn hard to get to where we are now and must remain positively focused that we are only into year two of the rebuilding of Championship Drag Racing back in Melbourne.” Some of the cosmetic changes fans can look forward to besides a world class track surface will centre around the start line shifting further along. This will allow more flexibility directly behind the start line for turning longer vehicles and allowing easier preparation for each subsequent pairing of vehicles. “This is certainly a case of short-term pain for long term gain,” added Pisalidis. “We know the Melbourne public have been starved of high level drag racing and once these upgrades are completed those same fans will be rewarded for their patience.”

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Rocky Princi is a 52 year old Engineer and is the owner/driver of Distant Thunder, one of Australia’s fastest drag boats. WARR caught up with Rocky in January, 2015 for this exclusive interview. WARR: How did you first get involved with drag boat racing and what were the steps you took to get to where you are now in racing? ROCKY PRINCI: I started racing in late 1980 with an Everingham boat and then got into circuit racing and purchased a hydro called She’s the Piece. Once I had ownership, I changed the paint and the name to The Piece and got the engine set up from Bill Davis out of his boat called Tinker Toy. I stopped racing for a few years to save some

money to buy the Distant Thunder hull, then there was no looking back, learning as I went along with help from the awesome people at the VDBC. The hull was top fuel hydro in the USA and once held the world top alcohol title, then the boat was purchased by Craig Cook and it came to Australia. The boat was then purchased by Gary James and later, I purchased it off Gary and still own the boat today. The more wins I had under my belt the more addicted I became. I started in a low class and moved through the ranks over the years. WARR: How does it feel handling a machine at over 150mph on the water, the boat must be almost uncontrollable? RP: Depending on the water, 6-8 seconds and it’s all over. The lead up is nerve racking but the faster your pass, the quicker it goes...obviously. You only have 30-40cm of hull in the water and that water is

tapping you on the backside. You don’t even realise how fast you are going, it’s all one big adrenalin rush. WARR: Can you walk us through a description of a run, from start to finish line. RP: Mechanic and crew check over the boat from top to bottom, this is where I rely on my crew, my life is in their hands and I trust them with it. The preparation work is always done well before the start line by my crew. Before heading to the ramp I have that nervous pee. My helmet goes on last. Once in the capsule, the boys check the oxygen and seat belt (harness) is all done up correctly. Harness has to be set up just right, very important but not too tight, or I will not be able to reach the rope at the start line.

Once we are ready to go, the Jet Ski tows me to the start line, with crew looking on from the pier. Sitting at the start line, a million thoughts are going through your head. Checking water, hard to see start lights (Xmas tree) and have to make sure the boat is straight for when I get the thumbs up. Lights are flashing amber, get ready and time for countdown to solid amber, this is run down time, nearly ready, heart is racing with anticipation. I always take off 3-4 seconds before and head for the beam at the start of my race. Always trying for that perfect reaction time. I pick a point at the other end and that’s my target for the race. Kinda like aim and shoot for that 6-8 seconds, then chute out but only if I need it for a short run off. The National Water Sports Centre has a good run off and I only use my chute, if stopping quickly is required. If on a short course, chute out straight away after engine shut down.

WARR: What is the build, type and mechanical specifications of your top fuel drag boat?

it was all too hard and wanted to walk away from racing?

RP: Distant Thunder is a 501 Curtis Hydro with an Aris 525 cubic inch engine, 2 speed Lenco soft clutch and Cassal gear box with a 2 blade Mackins prop.

RP: Every time I think it’s too hard….when something breaks and I need to spend more money that I don’t have yet, the club and the supporters get behind you and give you that lift you need to keep going. Mentally, they are what keeps me going. The club members help you out whenever they can, with parts and support. A great bunch of people! Don’t think I will ever leave as I’m addicted to the rush, the lifestyle and the mateship on the water.

WARR: Can you tell us about your crew? RP: Between Bob Sherry and Chris Perrin, who helps Bob with mechanical work and other things, Steve Perrin also does whatever is needed, including driving and packing the chute. The guys have their own jobs but also work well together as a team doing whatever is required. I thank my wonderful pit crew, without them I could not race.

WARR: Do you have a drag boat story or experience that you would like to share with our readers? RP: The second time I raced at Eildon, a shy little girl came up to me and showed me a drawing she had created of me and my boat. Not long after, on a live TV interview I was asked why I race? I explained that was why, it’s all about the kids and the fans. WARR: Do you have a Drag Boat story or experience that you would like to share with our readers?

WARR: What is your biggest wish? RP: My biggest wish is to race at every meet and get more exposure for the sport. Once you have a sponsor and crew with Tee Shirts and quality promo

gear, things fall into place and the supporters do come. It’s all about the image and unless you have lots of cash or fantastic sponsors, it is very difficult to race at every meet. I was doing it red neck style at times but that didn’t stop me from doing what I love lso, having the best of everything on race day would make it all much better. Image is everything and I’m hoping the best is yet to come..... WARR: What are your tips to those who are about to start racing drag boats?

RP: Best moment on the water was beating Scott Price from the USA, he was the fastest man on the water at the time. USA vs Australia demonstration at Windsor in New South Wales, back in the 90’s. A definite highlight of my boat drag racing career.

RP: Anyone wanting to get into boat racing.... beware of what you’re doing... research everything over and over. Pick a class and stick with it. Join a great club like VDBC, their experience cannot be beaten. You can’t buy that experience and their knowledge!

WARR: Was there ever a time that you thought that

Foremost, you need a reliable crew that are preWWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM January-March 2015


Left to Right: Rocky Princi, Steve Perrin, Chris Perrin and Bob Sherry

pared to back you all the way, like my crew. Get your family involved since you will spend so much time doing it. Better to have them on board rather than them thinking you’re going overboard. Select a class that suits you and your budget and stick with it. Don’t chop and change and stick with it to make it work. WARR: Who are your supporters/sponsors? RP: My sponsors include Perrin Transport for cartage of my boat. Bob Sheery, mechanical guru who travels from Adelaide for every meet. The crew boys prepare the boat to get everything ready the night before a meet. Every one chips in and does their jobs on the day, then we all clean up and start again. Without the crew it would not happen. I take this opportunity to say thank you to Bob Sherry, Steve Perrin and Chris Perrin. I’ve seen kids growing up and offering support all along over the last 20 years with The Piece, and


October-December 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

some are now racing at regular events themselves. They got to know and see me race over the years, heard me on radio in Denis Clarke sports reports, magazine write-ups and interacted I’ve with lots at boat displays. I’ve always had a good following of supporters over the years... from the radio. WARR: What does the future hold for you? RP: The future will depend on Sponsorship. Racing is great, how could I give it up? A solid sponsor would get good exposure and would make it easier for me to get to every race meet and to future events. I’d love to race at every meet but I need the sponsorship to be able to do it financially. WARR: Anyone interested in sponsoring Rocky Princi’s hydro drag boat Distant Thunder, can contact him through the Victorian Drag Boat Club. Please don’t be shy. http://vdbc.com


WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014


Now that 2015 has arrived the 25th Anniversary of BOSS HOSS motorcycles USA is being celebrated.From a humble beginning in Dyersburg Tennessee in 1990 to produce the largest and most powerful production motorcycle was conceived which sets the bench mark of V8 Motorcycles which exists today. From these humble beginnings, Boss Hoss has created a huge customer base which extends across the world from New Zealand, Europe, Japan to Australia and with the assistance of ever growing dealer and sub dealer network distribution expands ever year supplying motorcycles and trikes to almost all the corners of the world. Although early involvement of Pacific Boss Hoss in Australia goes back to 1997, as result of delays in establishing the necessary Australian approvals and completion of testing it wasn’t until 2002 the relationship was established which we currently enjoy with the factory. Boss Hoss have been producing V8 powered bikes since 1990 in various configuration from a single speed 350 300hp machine to 502 big

blocks and today’s machines have the powerful yet smooth LS3 6.2LITRE 445HP alloy V8 and optional 485hp LS3 with hot cam fitted. Today’s bikes utilise a unique specially designed and developed 2 speed semi-automatic transmission with reverse. The bikes are imported into Australia made to order, and painted in Australia any colour our customers prefer. Two frames configurations are available, Standard and Super Sport, the SS is 75mm shorter and 75mm lower seat height. Boss Hoss have also achieved ADR approval for road use of the TRIKE in Australia and will soon be featured exclusively in WARR Magazine in 2015. Boss Hoss is imported into Australia by Pacific Boss Hoss in Victoria and proudly sold in WA by Colin Payne of Midland Road and Trail a key element in Boss Hoss distribution in Australia. For more information, Colin Payne can be contacted on 0412 027 814 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014


Images: Craig Eccles - CE Photography

This photo shoot in Perth is the first of its kind in Australia, with such a diversity of bikes, number of bikes gathered and with a combined value of almost $500,000.00 this WARR feature is an Australian exclusive.

56 56

January-March 2015 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

HANS HASELEU - 97 Model 350ci It was the 97 Toy Run when I saw my first Boss Hoss, right then I knew I wanted one.I was 41 yo at the time and I decided Boss Hoss was going to be my 50th birthday present to myself. I kept seeing the bike at bike rallies so it was the 2000 Awareness Ride I decided, can’t wait till 50 so, I approached the owner and made an offer. It is a 350ci 300hp single speed foot and hand clutch, weighing 500kg and a 215x 15 car tyre on the rear. The V8 engine is smooth even though they’re rigid mounted. The Brembo brakes fitted to today’s bikes are a definite improvement over the brakes on my 97. I also have a 2010 Super Sport LS3 445hp and both my bikes were the first of their models to be imported into Australia, there are only 2 clutch bikes in Australia.


My Missus bought me a Triumph Rocket 3 for her Birthday but after a while, I felt I needed more. I stumbled across a U-Tube clip of BOSS HOSS V8 Bikes and I was hooked. Agrona is the last big block V8 muscle bike registered In Australia. I picked the colour whilst waiting for the bike to arrive and Adam from Adrenalin Panel and Paint painted my bike in blood clot red over bare metal with a flap disc, a coat of clear, a bit of gold base, 3 candy blood clot reds and then James Collier from Creative Works did his air brush magic. Two more clear coats and she was done. Argona has a 601ci V8 putting out 674hp and 713ftlb with a 300 rear tyre. At 2.7m long with a 2-speed Nesco trans with reverse and a 2000 stall converter, she makes for smooth and predictable handling at all speeds.


I grew up on a farm around machinery and gravitated toward motorbikes starting with a Honda 250cc. Later I bought 1100cc Virago, which I still have and then I added to this a Triumph Rocket 111. I saw videos of insane people riding V8 Boss Hoss bikes operating with fitted Nitro bottles and I decided then that one day I would buy one. In 2012 I bought my Boss Hoss LS3 and was blown away by the ease in which it can be Ridden, the controllability of the V8 engine and its smooth and comfortable ride. You need to push the handle bars to make the bike corner but the reverse gear makes parking a breeze. A tick for me is the power band, you have this huge 6200cc motor between your legs, it’s great for passing those long haul truck’s.


Looking for a Harley in 2010 I couldn’t decide on a model. I was without a bike for 23 years, the choice was difficult. I met Colin Payne and his Boss Hoss at a hot rod show in Pinjarra, one look and I knew Boss Hoss was the bike for me. After discussion with Colin I placed my order in 2011 and my Boss Hoss ZZ4 350 385 HP Super Sport bike arrived. In 2014 Colin and I went to Daytona for bike week, we visited the Boss Hoss display and viewing the new LS3 6.2 litre engine with cam kit I decided to upgrade. 40 kg lighter than my 350, much more responsive and the new cam sounds great. The bike is easy in traffic, no clutch to engage you just use throttle and brake. Reverse gear makes parking so easy and with an overdrive, the fuel economy is excellent.

LES RUSH - ZZ4 350 I’ve owned a Harley for many years and still do, but I’ve been a Boss Hoss enthusiast since the mid 1990’s. At the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in 2008 I spent a lot of time at the Boss Hoss display, I left having a feeling I would own one given the opportunity. I contacted Colin Payne of Midland Road and Trail in 2009 about Boss Hoss in 2012 and saw his demo bike, A 350ci 355hp Standard Frame in GM Phantom Black, just the right colour. A quick call to the love of my life back home in Northampton and I left Midland with a Boss Hoss. No clutch, lot’s of usable power and a low centre of gravity give it easy handling. I’m very happy with my HD but my Boss is special.

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In 1925, the South Australian Municipal Tramways Trust purchased 40 Mack buses. The first (no 51) was imported complete. The other 39 (no’s 52 – 90) had bodies built by Holden Body Builders in Woodville, South Australia for the Adelaide Metropolitan Transit Trust. The State Government created the Metropolitan Omnibus Board to license all buses from 3 April 1927. This was aimed at the private bus operators who were taking revenue away from the SA railway buses and MTT trams. Brian Copley, a motor mechanic by trade, has an impressive collection of vehicles including a Jaguar and Maserati but his labour of love is his Mack bus. Brian had a truck restoration business when he found the bus in South Australia and this is his story about this historical vehicle.


October-December 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

Over 20-years ago on my way home to Perth from Adelaide, I broke down in my truck. A fella put me up for the night and while waiting for parts I noticed this Mack MTT bus sitting in the back of his shed. The owner was putting it up for auction in that shed the following weekend so, I asked the bloke that put me up to bid for the bus for me. I bought it because it was so rare, different and looked like a great challenge. The whole bus has been fully rebuilt and restored to original condition and that took about 12-15 months. The vehicle was in very poor condition although was complete, which made an accurate restoration a little easier. The chassis is steel but the frame and couch work was made out of pine and everything had rotted. The roof and seats had a canvas skin filled with horse hair, I couldn’t get any so, I put Dunlop pillow stuffing in. The engine needed rings which we had to get made in Sydney and we had to make the radiator surround due to rot. Everything went pretty well, there weren’t too many problems with the restoration. The cost to restore the wood work and canvas was around $2,000, which was quite a lot of money 20-years ago. Virtually all of the wood had to be recast and moulded, which I did with a couple of my guys using the machines in my workshop. The yellow glass panels at the top of each hand-wound window had to be replaced with plastic due to safety regulations. This is the only fully restored 1923 Mack bus in the world today. There are only two other unrestored Mack bus bodies in the world, both in the Eastern States. WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM January-March 2015




October-December 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

UNDER THE HOOD: Make/Model: 1923 AB Mack bus. Body: Fitted in 1925/26 by Holden Motor Body Builders. Engine: 28.9 horsepower 4-cylinder, petrol Rear brakes: Two wheel rear brakes Front Brakes: Handbrake connected to tail shaft Top speed: 35-miles per hour Life expectancy: 5 years Actual life: 20 to 25-years.

WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM January-March 2015 63 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014 63


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Show ‘N’ Shine

WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM January-March 2015 65 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014 65

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We specialise in the repair of bent and buckled steel & alloy wheels created by pot holes and kerbs, etc. We also polish, paint and refurbish wheels to as new condition. YOUR WHEELS AS NEW FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST OF REPLACEMENT



2/25 MONTGOMERY WAY MALAGA WA 6090 www.alliancerimrepairs.com.au WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014 69

Bree Connor WARR Cover Model

Interests: I am interested in dancing and I also write and produce my own music so, anything creative or to do with music, I love. Ideal Man: My ideal man is confident with nice eyes and is also musical. Photo Shoots: I have competed in a few modelling competitions and I recently went to Queensland to represent WA in the Miss V8 Supercars contest and got to go on track and have shot’s taken with all the Supercar drivers and I was also on Channel 7 and national newspapers for that. I’ve also done Miss Red Hot and Miss Hawaiian Tropic’s competitions. I have had a lot of photo shoot done but mostly for my own personal portfolio. I would like to thank the following people: Kellie Germain, she is awesome and has

helped me heaps, including introducing me to Len Fretwell for this opportunity with WARR Magazine. Crazy Sexy Cool, modelling company they are so supportive and helped me so much. If you want to start modelling, I recommend that you contact them, they can help in every way. Procon Leisure International, model events management company has also helped me a lot.

Name: Bree Connor Age: 23 Hair: Black Eyes: Green Height: 168 CM Shoe Size: 7

Photo’s: Craig Eccles @ CE Photography (Boss Hoss V8 Bike photo shoot at WA Railway Museum) Mr & Mrs Smith Photography (Miss V8 Supercars photo shoot)



Nationwide Auto Electrical Top Quality Service With A Difference

Nationwide Auto Electrical uses the latest electronic diagnostic tools and a computer database of wiring systems to diagnose and repair electrical faults quickly and easily. We repair all types of electrical problems, from auto and air conditioning components to industrial and healthcare applications – if it’s got a wire, we can fix it! If you can’t come to our Malaga workshop, no worries! We can arrange for one of our mobile service vans to come to you.

Our Services • Custom Control Systems • Starter Motors • Fuel Injection • Alarms

• Immobilisers • Central Locking • Rewires • Reversing Safety Systems

Unit 2/726 Marshall Road
Malaga WA 6090

Phone: 08 9248 5324

• Air Conditioning • Alternators • Mobile Phone Car Kits • Marine

For more information visit:

www.nationwideautoelectrical.com.au WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014




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The glow of the jet dragsters might have come in handy at Perth Motorplex, with an unusual power outage in December, 2014 bringing an early conclusion to the event and pushing its completion to Friday, the second of January, 2015. With Jet Car Max Version at Perth Motorplex, you will always be in for one heck of a show, if what we saw from recent proceedings was any bet. Let’s recap a little shall we! The night a star was born. Western Australian Rhiannon Allison (who won Rookie of the Year last season for her performance in her 300kph Supercharged Outlaws dragster) didn’t hold back in the nights only jet car match before the power went out. Allison went 0.03 on the reaction timers to put a massive holeshot on American Chuck Haynes and cross the finish line first, despite Haynes’ 400kph+ chase. Rhiannon was then straight to the ‘ropes’ to sign autographs for young fans. The jet dragsters will be back for a full three rounds of racing in January, 2015.

ACTION Image: Luke Nieuwhof‫‏‬

Pieter De Wit meanwhile was settling back into the seat and made a comfortable pass, shutting down around three quarter track as he got into the groove in the new look Iron Horse. John Zappia annihilated the track record when he made arguably the best run seen so far this season at Perth Motorplex, a 5.718 that was the quickest ever pass by a Top Doorslammer in Australia. Zappia went for broke again in the 6pm session but shook the tyres and needed to jump on and off the throttle to settle the car down. Good opportunity to take a look at those massive new timing boards too. By the way, if the numbers are coloured yellow (day) or green (night), it means you’re a winner!

WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014


Images: Phil Luyer

Jet Car Max Version 2.0 was thankfully a much smoother affair than last year’s power outageaffected event, with some quick times from WA’s best drag racers appearing on the timing boards. Big thanks have to go out to all the spectators who made their way back to Perth Motorplex for the second running of the event, getting to witness a near faultless show with no major oildowns or incidents and plenty of quick runs! American Chuck Haynes was the overall winner for the night in the Jet Dragsters, taking wins in every round as well as the top speed of the night at 445kmh. Rhiannon Allison continued to impress, still in the early stages of her Jet Dragster driving career. Allison ran a new personal best time of 5.83 seconds, as well as topping 400kmh herself with a 418kmh charge in the final round. While John Zappia had the headlines in Top Comp following his 5.71 effort in Jet Car Max

74 74

January-March 2015 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

V1, and a 5.74 in V2, Shane Weston was the man with the trophy at the end of the night, defeating Zappia in the final round. Weston’s Endangered Species dragster, painted by Perth Motorplex commentator Corey Marriott, was consistently in the 5.6s and launching like an absolute bullet. Zappia’s big wheelstands, while spectacular for photographs, eventually caught him out, with a pedal required in the final which gave Weston the edge he needed to take the win. Technical specifications for the jets. • Custom designed chromoly chassis • Weight: 565kg plus fuel & driver • Ex US Military Pratt & Whitney J60 jet engines with custom afterburner • Thrust: 4500 pounds • Chuck haynes holds the 3rd fastest jet dragster pass on record. 4.956 seconds at 513.59kph

FELICITY DRAGWELL DRIVER PROFILE - RHIANNON ALLISON Age: 19 Nationality: Australian Hometown: Penrith, NSW In 2006 Rhiannon competed her first junior dragster season at the age of 12. Having her father, Craig Allison racing in modified got her whole family involved and racing naturally became a family hobby. She finished in junior dragsters in 2011 and after selling her car, she started crewing on her dads altered turning spanners, doing data and learning the steps of a fine tune up. Her family bought her a spitzer dragster to start off her senior racing career and they relocated to Western Australia where her dad debuted the dragster in 2011 coming runner up in the supercharged outlaw’s championship in 2011-2012. She proved to her dad that she was ready to jump in the seat and licensed the dragster to race with the big boys. The 2013-2014 was a successful season for Rhiannon and her team, running the fastest ET the car and engine has gone, quickest mph and kph for the car, hitting the 300kph mark, and placing 4th in the supercharged outlaws championship. The biggest highlight to the season was her receiving the ‘rookie of the year award’ which is something she can only achieve once in her racing career! ‘After working hard with the boys to get the cars finished we recently have began licensing the jets alongside my team mates. The jets are once in a lifetime experience and I always watched them fly down the quarter mile but never thought I would be lucky enough to be asked to join the team and drive one of the 3 jet dragsters in Australia. I am really looking forward to shooting down the strip.’

VULCANO DRIVER PROFILE - CHUCK HAYNES Nationality: American Hometown: Billings, Montana USA ‘True to its name, when the Volcano goes off, it demands attention and respect and he’ll show them young guns how it’s done’ Chuck has been bringing his jet dragsters to Ravenswood International Raceway and now the Perth Motorplex for almost 21 years! He has raced Jet Dragsters all around the world including USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Australia and currently holds the third quickest jet dragster pass in history. Before getting into jet dragster racing, he used to race Funny Cars & Dragsters in the USA. ‘Jet Car Max is gonna be huge. Three world class jet dragsters on the same night, the show should be fantastic! What a great addition it is to have a local talent, in particular Rhiannon representing the women and girls out there! These cars all have the same J-60 Pratt & Whitney jet engines so, expect some close side-by-side racing’

IRON HORSE DRIVER PROFILE - PIETER DE WIT Age: 38 Nationality: South African Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa Combine these three fire forced juggernauts with all the supercharged action of Top Comp and Supercharged Outlaws, high revving Super Comp, wheelstanding Competition Bikes and Western Australia’s best sportsman drag racers in round four of the state championship and you have a recipe for a night out you’ll never forget.‘Gravity storm wasn’t up to the task for Pieter de Wit so we have built him a new stallion. The IRON HORSE!’ Pieter started crewing on TA FC, TF Dragster and J34 Jet Dragster back in South Africa in 1996. In 2001, he started racing a TA dragster before moving on to racing TA FC in 2004. In 2008 he started driving the J34 jet dragster. He moved from South Africa to Perth with his family in 2012 where he was offered to drive the Gravity Storm Jet Dragster next to Chuck Haynes’ Volcano. He survived a horrific crash in 2013 driving Gravity Storm at 450km/h and is set to make his jet dragster comeback this year. ‘It’s good to see the next generation getting an opportunity to race these things! I’m looking forward to racing the Iron Horse jet dragster. I’ve always been a fan of Johnny Rocca and his ’49 Mercury also called Iron Horse so, it feels like this drive is meant to be!’


w o w n o k n e k w e w NEW


S G N I V A rs Trailers S E V I S Campe L MNAES E D O WM on

Coorang Gt Hard Floor Off Road Camper Trailer • Independent suspension • Extended hot dip galvanised drawbar • Utility box containing 2 x fridge slides • Extra 2 slide draws with pole storage • 4 burner gas cooker • 80 lt stainless steel water tank • Queen size bed • Luxury dinning area • Led lights • 12 volt sockets with 2 x USB outlets • 100 amp deep cycle battery • 15 inch alloys • 10 inch electric brakes





196 Bannister Rd, Canning Vale

Call: 9455 1454 76

Stockists of:

Buckland SE Camper Trailer • Alloy checkerplate toolbox • Powdercoat kitchen • Optional 4 burner cook top • 7 leaf suspension • 75 lt water tank • Powder coated finish • 5 year structural warrenty



NEW STORE Unit 2/21 Dellamarta Rd WANGARA


October-December 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM



Buckland LX Camper Trailer • Large storage box with fridge slide • Optional 4 burner cook top • 7 leaf suspension • 75 lt water tank • Advanced E - Coat Undercoat preparation • Powder coated finish • 5 year structural warranty



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WARR first saw Jon’s Hot Rod when Cherrie Red, our second edition cover model, sent us some of her photo shoot images with this hot Ute, for her model profile page. We were so impressed, we just had to track Jon and his Ute down for this feature and interview. WARR has recently bumped into Jon at a couple of custom vehicle events and his 1939 Ford Ute never fails to draw a crowd of admirers. WARR: What initially made you want to buy and restore a Hot Rod and why did you chose this particular Ute? Jon: I always had an interest in hot rods even before I really knew what they were. There was a spot on the train whilst going into Perth that I would hang out for because there was always some rods you could see from the window. I never found out whose shop it was. As for choosing a 39, I’d always steered towards them as a kid collecting Hotwheels cars. When I progressed to building plastic ones, they were still a favourite year choice. All the models I built were Hot Rods. The only kicker was that the guys in the magazines all made it look so easy and did it so quickly. When I first bought it I thought 12-months would do it. Rebuild the flatty, lower it and a bit of body work. WARR: How did you find this vehicle and what condition was it in when you found it? Jon: The car actually found me. One of my uncles rang my dad. His brother had bought the 39 a few years before. He collected some running gear bits but decided it was too big a project. My brothers and I were the only ones in the family into older cars

78 78

January-March 2015 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

so the uncle rang my dad. When I found out that it was a 39, I had to have it. At the time, the thought of the Ute body style didn’t excite me but I’d never part with it now though. The other fact with it is the original market garden where it spent its working life, my dad worked there in his twenties. He can remember driving in it, but was never the driver. The car was complete and original when I bought it and it still had the flatty on it. The rego sticker on the screen was from 1965. Years of market garden use had beaten the life out of it and somewhere during that time, the passenger door had been replaced with a sedan door. During the build years the initial body was swapped for another Ute from Ray Towell. WARR: Have you owned any other Hot Rod’s? Jon: The only other Hot Rod that I’ve owned was my first car, a Mk1 Cortina. There wasn’t much on that thing that I didn’t change. WARR: How long did it take to restore and what challenges did you run into with this project? Jon: I originally bought the 39 in 1993. I completed my apprenticeship that year but lost my job soon after. Throw in a few small jobs, house changes, no money and starting as a contractor doing fitting and the years fly by. All this time the 39 moved with me and got torn down more and more. Through the model car scene I met and got to know Alan Barton. He gave me a mountain of advice. I then met the late Neville Marney. I copied a lot of things that his 39 coupe had. At the starting point there was no internet to grab parts or information from. I also knew nothing about chassis fabrication or body

Owner: Jon Triscari work. That’s where Neville helped and I joined W.A Combined Rodders. By the time my paperwork was submitted, it took me ten years to build it. I was also renting a house with no shed and had very few tools. At the start, the flathead in it was staying with a C4 and quick change diff. The stripped and blasted chassis was given to Steve Houlahan to straighten and put back together. Later this changed to the current combo so, Ray Towell got it to fully box and mount the 302W-C4-9 inch. This chassis was later painted by Carlisle TAFE. I bought my first house and built a decent shed. The body work then started by the ridiculously talented Tom Bujna. I watched him form by hand, three pieces that make up a spot at the driver’s door bottom hinge. Each piece is slightly smaller than the one before and all had to fit into each other. Once installed, they’ll never be seen, aside from my pho-

tos at the time. From there I watched a lot of panels on the 39 formed over wooden bucks and with shrinker/stretchers. All in my shed and the flat black paint job was done there too. This seemed to label it as a “Rat Rod”. I always wanted the colour that it is now but it took a smash to make that happen. Fellow Combined Rodder member and panel maestro, Pedro Calautti took care of business there. His paint job won a trophy on one run. WARR: What model, make, running gear, brakes and suspension have you used in your Rod? Jon: The car is a 1939 Ford Deluxe Coupe Ute and it’s an all steel Aussie bodied car too. There’s only two more that I know of in Perth that are rodded and on the streets, (1939 or 1940). Neville Marney once said, “Real Hot Rods have I-beams. Street Rods have independents.” Mine has an I-beam and it always was. It also was always going to be a Ford power plant. In 1993 when I rang Al Barton he said,

WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM October-December 2014


“You get a Chevy and a Holden front end.” I don’t know what he said after that because I tuned out. The 302 Windsor has gone from stock, to worked, to blown. The blower is a baby so, the internals (crank & rods) are still standard. It has Dart alloy heads and all is balanced. The cam’s a special grind to suit the engine and the initial engine build was done by the Chapman Brothers. I put the blower and cam in later. The fully manual C4 was USA bought. Enter Simon from Allfast Torque Converters and now, it actually works. At the rear is a disc brake 9 inch diff with an XB booster under the floor. The diff’s on parallel leaf springs and this combo’s gotten me a 12.2 at the Perth Motorplex. WARR: Who helped you with this restoration project? Jon: Neville (Mick) Marney; A lot of his time to answer questions and give advice in the starting years. Dave Duncan; People still think the dash is actually made of wood. Steve Houlahan; First time chassis build - Flathead running gear. Ray Towell & Charlie Blogna; Second chassis build. 302-C4 combo. Tom Bujna; Bodywork. Initial build - Flat Black. Les Smith; First Class Motor Trimmers. Pedro Calautti; Body and paintwork after smash. Simon at Allfast Torque Converters. Rocky; Keeping guard of the shed. Also friends and family that have helped when I’ve called to lift body parts or remove engines. Images: Thanks to Andrew Goodwin Photography (Cherie Red Shoot) and Viva Photography (Studio Hot Rod Shoot). Owner: Jon Triscari

Cystic Fibrosis WA organized a Bikini Car Wash to raise funds to help 17-month old Maddison Scriver, who is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. The Bikini Car Wash images with Jon’s Hot Rod were taken at this special event by Dan Grant from Dan Grant Photography and this image to the left features Maddison Scriver at this event. If you would like to help little Maddison Scriver and for more information, go to; www.cysticfibrosis.org.au/wa/

80 80

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OFFICE & WORKSHOP 49 Candlewood Boulevard, Joondalup 6027 Tel: (08) 9300 3135 Fax: (08) 9300 3236 Email: mark@mechbro.com.au

MechBro Australia has been set up to respond to the demand for Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanics and Fitters involved in the repair, maintenance and servicing of earthmoving, mining and transport equipment as well as light vehicles. Our business is based in Perth and also services regional areas, including the Pilbara. Our people are highly skilled and motivated to provide the highest level of service to companies throughout Western Australia. With a fleet of mine specified and fully equipped service utilities, we are unique in that we are not simply a labour hire company. Because with MechBro you don’t just get a capable individual, you get the strength of our entire team! MechBro’s team of mechanics and fitters are committed to the economic success of our customers. And so, before joining us, must demonstrate they possess the passion, skills and attitude required to satisfy our customers. Accordingly, we believe this set of values will help to ensure the mutual economic success of all parties.


Whether it be a civil or mining project, every person on our team knows that to keep plant operating means productivity. We work hard and use our heads! As a collective, our team of highly skilled mechanics diagnose, repair and maintain a wide variety of plant and equipment, dozers, excavators, graders, scrapers, profilers, dump trucks, bobcats, heavy haulage road transport, etc. Our team has the experience, qualifications and equipment to work on all aspects of these machines including engine rebuilds, hydraulics, track and frame, electrics and air conditioning on all brands, including, but not limited to; CAT, Hitachi, Komatsu, Terex, O&K, Volvo, Bell, Vermeer, Cummins. As a team of mechanics, fitters, servicemen and fabricators we keep machines going, as well as being involved in site mobilization where we establish containerized workshops complete with domes and commission machinery ready for operation. Upon project completion we demobilize workshops and plant and are often the last to leave site.

Throughout a project we are able to manage all parts ordering and delivery, including urgent hot shots. Our tilt tray can pick up and deliver parts and 20’ containers up to 8.5T.




During the last 18 months we’ve worked at many major mine sites owned by BHPB, RIO, FMG, Sandfire Resources and more recently Onslow Quarry. Our people understand the rigorous requirements of working on these sites and act accordingly.


Our aim is to conduct our business using systems and practices which will ensure that our workforce and the community are protected from injury and harm. Safety and productivity go hand in hand with our people working as problem solvers to get the job done.


MechBro has the capability and authorisation to repair your air conditioning units. Mechbro can provide a variety of machinery and vehicles to suit your needs. MechBro currently have 6 mine specified service vehicles supported by a tilt tray truck capable of loading and unloading 20’sea containers and moving items of plant up to 8 Tonne. Having established MechBro Pty Ltd on May 9th, 2011 with 2 mechanics we have experienced rapid growth and now have a great team of mechanics and servicemen. In 2012 we also acquired a light vehicle workshop in Joondalup. Within the next 12 months we will be establishing a heavy duty workshop where we can service, repair and store larger equipment.

We have the equipment and the facilities to service your machinery and vehicles. We will also invest in our business and tailor to your requirements.

For more info, contact Mark Nielsen

Mobile: 0438 005 655


V8 Supercar Champion

heralds race-winning Caltex engine oil


October-December 2014 WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM

The 2014 V8 Supercar champion, Jamie Whincup, said a late-season decision to switch to a new Caltex racing engine oil had paid dividends for Teams Championship winner Triple Eight Race Engineering. Formulated by Caltex Australia’s lubricants product team, the new racing engine-oil was introduced to Triple Eight’s two V8 Supercar entries – Jamie Whincup’s #1 car and the Craig Lowndes piloted #888 car – ahead of the Gold Coast 600 in late October. In the five races since the switch, Whincup has recorded two wins, along with second, third and fourth placing’s in the other events. Meanwhile, teammate Lowndes claimed two secondplacings across the three races held at Phillip Island. The strong performances helped secure Whincup the 2014 Drivers Championship heading into this week’s Sydney 500, the final

race meeting of the season. With a strong performance in Sydney, Lowndes could claim second-place in the driver’s championship behind his Triple Eight teammate. “Success in this sport is about every member of the team making a solid contribution,” Whincup said. “Caltex is an important member of our team and has made a big contribution with this new racing oil, which has certainly performed well since we first introduced it to the cars four weeks ago.” Caltex Australia’s product manager for automotive, transport and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) lubricants, Luke Brand, said the new racing-specific engine oil was developed and tested over several months in partnership with the Triple Eight team. “The goal was to enhance each vehicle’s engine performance under race conditions without sacrificing engine durability,” Mr Brand said. “Working with our proprietary lubricant additive suppliers and the race team, we have developed this product to enhance the efficiency of the engine at peak output, while providing maximum engine protection, particularly during endurance races and those run in hot climates.” Mr Brand said the adoption of the product reinforced Caltex’s reputation for being responsive to its lubricant customers. “We pride ourselves on providing a product line backed by technical support and on-the ground expertise,” Mr Brand added. Caltex is a leading supplier of lubricants to the Australian market, with more than 70 million litres of finished product delivered each year to customers in the automotive, mining, transport, agriculture, rail and OEM sectors. The Caltex lubricants range features more than 800 products and includes the Havoline, Delo and Specialty Lubricants sub-brands. More information on the Caltex lubricants range can be found by visiting www.caltex.com.au or by calling the Lubelink technical support line on 1300 364 169. WWW.WARRMAGAZINE.COM January-March 2015



nmental Graphics Dec '02

Watermark Category 1&2 Not only do Auto One have a huge range, they are run by the most knowledgable staff in the business. With competitive pricing and everything from bumper to bumper plus A1 Club for everyday special prices and advanced catalogue releases, it’s your one stop shop!



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