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Meaning of Leadership Leadership is a process in which a person influences others to accomplish a goal and

directing the organization in such a way that makes the organization more consistent and

logical. Program administrator can use this resource to maintain great teamwork in the

organization. It’s a most important aspect of managing and applying change in the

proper way. It’s an approach of developing responsibility at the work place by focusing

on the qualities and skills of the each person and moving them according to their ability.

Leaders carry out all the processes by applying leadership attributes like beliefs, ethics,

character, skills and knowledge.

A person’s position as a supervisor and manager gives the authority to achieve some

tasks in the organization but this power does not make her/him a leader. Leadership

helps the follower to achieve high goals and target rather than bossing people.

Good leader should provide honorable and selfless service to the organization.

People want their leader should have clear strategies and sense of directions and they like

to be guided by those they respect.

So it’s very important that good leader should understand the behavior and feelings of the



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