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The Owl Warren Central September 25, 2009

Cosmetology Salon, Threshold open in WCC

Cosmetology and threshold begins a new year: (left) Larika Robinson grade 12 is taking culinary classes in the threshold. (center) Riana Paul does the nails of a customer in her cosmetology class. (right) Cosmetology student gets the full experience of working in the Walker Career Center.

Photo/Derrick Combs/ Rachel Baxter

Preparing for the SAT By Elizabeth Dixon News Writer Many Educators are disappointed about the results from the 2009 SAT score from last year. Results showed that the students average dropped by 2 points in the state of Indiana but Warren Central’s scores stayed the same despite all the hard work preparing. Not only did Indiana’s average score drop but the national average dropped as well according to the The SAT is comprised of Critical Reading, Math, and Writing. The test is mainly used for college admissions. The average for the state of Indiana for the year 2009 was 1,483 out of 2,400. Other states like Maine, Massachusetts, and Virginia have higher scores as well as a higher percent of students that take the SAT. Indiana is 16 out of 22 states that have more than half the students take the SAT according to the The state of Indiana wants to mandate that in order to graduate students must have a CORE 40 diploma instead of just a completion diploma. This would affect the students to work harder and take more rigorous classes. The harder the student works in the classroom the more likely students will do better on the SAT test because they will have learned and studied what is on the SAT test. “Students will do better the more academically prepared they are,” Counseling Service Director Ms. Joanne Hawks said.

Sophomores and juniors that are college bound are encouraged to take the PSAT to prepare for the SAT. If students were to take the PSAT their sophomore year as well as their junior year they would be more accustomed to the SAT format and better prepared to take the test. There are programs to help students study for the SAT such as ZAPS, which is a two day workshop that teaches students testtaking skills. ZAPS averages score increase of 50 to 200 points on the SAT. The ZAPS forms were mailed home the end of August to college-bound juniors and seniors. Another location to get free or reduced priced practice materials for the SAT is College Board is the central location which takes care of all the SAT test takers and is one of the best places to find out information about preparing for the SAT, what your scores could mean, and what colleges would be in your best interest. Warren Central has incorporated reviews within the curriculum to help students who want to take the SAT. Free practice booklets are located in the CSC; students just have to go down and ask for one. “We encourage students to take advantage of the free practice tests,” Hawks said, “and take a rigorous curriculum all four years of high school.”

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The Owl Warren Central September 25, 2009

Washington construction still affecting small businesses, drivers

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Student Council The leadership retreat for juniors and seniors is Oct. 1, and Oct. 8 is the retreat for freshman and sophomores.

The 20.8 million dollar Major Moves Project still not finished after over a year and date of completion this fall has been moved to a later date By Ayla Hardy News Writer

After over a year of road blocks and traffic jams, the first part of the construction on East Washington Street is set to wrap up this fall. Construction first started in spring 2008. The project consists of two segments, one starting on Franklin Road and ending at Washington Square Mall, and the second from Washington Square Mall to downtown Cumberland. The construction is to set to improve traffic flow and the safety of the motoring public by increasing lane capacity and improving intersection configuration, Ashley Hungate, director of the Indiana Department of Transportation, said.            While the construction was set in place improve situations on Washington Street, in many ways it has done more harm than good. Although it will eventually widen all the lanes and improve traffic flow, the construction has caused also some conflict and loss of business to people in the area. When the construction first started, our sales went down about 28 percent. Now after a year of construction and with the way the economy is, our sales are down about 33 percent,” Karen Pell, owner/manager of Flowerama at 8202 E. Washington street, said. “I know that it may not sound like much, but for a small business that was really just getting started it is a lot, we almost went under.”             The construction is a part of a $20.8 million Major Moves project. This, however, only covers the construction between Franklin road and Washington square mall. With the construction causing many traffic jams, and blockage, many businesses want to be compensated for lost profits and employees. However, according to INDOT there is currently

no way for them to be repaid. “INDOT maintains access to businesses throughout projects, allowing customers to access businesses if they so choose,” Hungate said. “Its hard to get there, not to mention it takes a lot of time. Since the construction, we have went from about eight employees, to three,” Pell said. “Since our sales have been so far down, it is hard to make pay and give hours.” “The official numbers vary daily, some days out lost profit can be as much as $1,000 or higher, Tina Sanchez, manager of CICI’s pizza, said. As

of now, there isn’t even a good way to get into the plaza.” Although the construction is supposed to end this fall, there is no set date in which the construction will end. When the construction ends may depend on many things, mainly the weather, Hungate said. Also, just because the actual street construction will be over, does not mean the streets will be clear. There may be short term lane closures for final finishing touches.


Just say no Red Ribbon Week in October is used to help fight against drugs.

Brain game Practices are every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 6:55 a.m. to 7:25 a.m. in room G131. fca Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets at 7:00 a.m. Every Thursday in room H109 all students and staff are invited to attend. radio broadcasting Make sure to tune into WEDM 91.1 FM, to listen to Warren Centrals very own radio station. girl scouts Girl Scout registration is Friday, Oct. 2 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Moorehead Elementary.

Washington construction: The backup on Washington Street has caused much turmoil and loss of profit among businesses in the area. “The official

numbers vary daily, some days out lost profit can be as much as $1,000 or higher, Tina Sanchez, manager of CICiís pizza, said.

The intersection of Washington and Mitthoeffer which was set to open September 23 now will open on September 28, officials say.

Recycling The recycling schedule is as follows: Freshman AcademyWednesday and Friday WCC-Friday only Main office and downstairs copy room-Daily WCHS-Monday Downstairs Hall L , E, S Tuesday-downstairs hall H, D, C, B Wednesday-downstairs hall G, M, P and PAC Thursday-Upstairs Hall S, E, H, D, C Friday- Upstairs hall G, M homecoming dance This Saturday, Sept. 26 from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m. Cost for tickets are $10.


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