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November 26, 2008

The best Eastside cuisine you never knew existed

Threshold and OWL staff members compare notes on two new local restaurants House of Fajitas: East Washington Street.

By Chris Mills SENIOR

Looking for zesty Mexican authenticity? You should head to Fajitas Mexican Restaurant and Grill on East Washington Street, located where Grindstone Charles used to be. When it came down to the food, the meal started with chips and salsa; unfortunately, the salsa was hard to pour. It had to be tapped like a ketchup bottle. The combo fajita meal came with lots of good, flavorful food, which included rice and refried beans, as all of the entrees do. (The prices are cheap and reasonable for the amount of food) The service seemed reasonable, but the waitress seemed preoccupied with her lunch. The waitress started to act snippy at the end, but overall the service was fast. The tables were clean, and the restrooms were pretty nice. The towels were out, but they had foamy soap, which I like. It was fairly professional; server had an abnormal hairdo and did not look proper.

By Ingrid Arreola EVENTS EDITOR

If you are looking for a fine taste of New Orleans’ authentic Cajun Food, then come visit Papa Roux on 10th Street and Post Road for Cajun home-style cookin’. I ordered pork chops, which came with red beans, rice, applesauce and two slices of corn bread. It was absolutely delicious, and filling and cost $8.75, well worth the price. My dad; however, ordered the daily special, Jambalaya Rampage, made up of chicken breast, spicy smoked sausage, vegetables, rice, and a blend of Cajun spices which only cost $7.75 and was well enjoyed. Not only does Papa Roux offer dishes for meat-lovers, it also includes several entrees for vegetarians. The Cajun food tasted delicious, it is unique; it is different than what normal fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King have to offer. Papa Roux is also the only Cajun restaurant on the Eastside. Stepping through the screen door, I was welcomed by friendly, smiling faces and music. I was immediately attended, given a menu and told what the day’s special was. The waitress showed my father and me to our table. The restaurant was very well decorated with colorfully painted chairs, tables and walls. Normally, walls are bare or have very few details on them, but the walls at Papa Roux are distinctly different from those of any other restaurant I have ever seen. Not only do the walls have paintings on them, they also have graffiti that covers every inch of it. The walls are covered with thoughts and comments on the food, life or anything that comes across the customer’s mind. When I asked Art Bouvier, the proud owner of Papa Roux, why the walls have graffiti all over them, he explained that when a food critic wrote about his restaurant, he said positive things about the food but stated that the dining hall was too simple and boring. So, Bouvier hung up paintings and let his customers finish the rest of the artwork.

FAJITAS: One of the House of Fajitas cooks prepares a delicious Mexican dish. House of Fajitas is famous for none other than their, well, fajitas. Other popular items include toquito, burrito, chimichanga and enchilada entrees that all come with a side of refried beans and rice. (Photo - Brittaney Wright)

Papa Roux Cajun Restaurant: 10th and Post

Additional Questions: What would you recommend for someone order if it is their first time eating here? I would recommend the combo plate Vallarta that offered two choices, and Veracruz which had three choices. On a scale from 1 to 10, how authentic was your food when it came to ingredients used and preparation? A solid 8. What do you think is their signature item on the menu? Any fajita combo. Some observations made were overwhelmingly large booths, loud music and awkward places for TVs. My fork was ridiculously skinny; it was just wider than the knife. Overall, I would come here again. I give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

CAJUN PRIDE: Art Bouvier, owner of Papa Roux Cajun Restaurant, prepares a fine Cajun meal. Starting this month, Bouvier is inviting local bands to play at Papa Roux, and Papa Roux lovers can join in the fun for a fee of $15 that covers both the meal and the band show. Popular dishes include Shrimp Po-Boy, You Dirty Dirty Rice, Dark Roux Rustic Cajun Gumbo and Best Red Beans This Side Of Dixie.

Additional Questions: Do you have any special dishes? “There are two dishes that I would stake my reputation on, the spicy sausage and red bean gravy po-boy sandwich. The other dish being the smoky chicken and sausage stew.” A majority of the customers that go to Papa Roux are regulars. Bouvier estimated that about 50 percent of his business is made up of regulars. I know I will be back to try more tasty entrees at Papa Roux.

(Photo - Allyson Reynolds)

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Release Date- Dec. 5 Genre- Action MPAA Rating- R for violence Starring- Ray Stevenson, Dominic West

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Release Date- Nov. 26 Genre- Comedy MPAA Rating- PG13 Starring- Reese Witherspoon, Vince Vaughn

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       



  

 

 

   



   

 

 

   

  


Release Date- Dec. 5 Genre- Drama MPAA Rating- R for language Starring- Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch By Chris Mills SENIOR By Haley Payne LIFESTY...

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