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Warren Central High School

November 26, 2008

By Erik Jones

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Cream, lying in a pool of Crimson It’s one thing to be bad. It’s another to want to be. Granted, I don’t honestly think that Indiana University actually wants its football teams to suck more than a vacuum cleaner, but the higher-ups are sure making me wonder. There is potential in Bloomington. The problem is no one can figure out who to put at the helm. In the eight years preceding Terry Hoeppner’s tenure, the Hoosiers cycled through two coaches in Cam Cameron and Gerry DiNardo. Neither of them finished better than a game under .500 and DiNardo’s squads cranked out just five wins in 28 tries. Some will say that Cameron’s Hoosier background gives him immunity here. Wrong. The man has a talent, and it is losing. Cameron was just 18-37 in his unfortunately long stay at Indiana and managed to make it back into coaching positions in the NFL twice, posting an immaculate 1-15 record with his 2007 Miami Dolphins. After finally escaping football purgatory, Athletic Director Alan Greenspan did probably the sole good thing that he has ever done for the university: he hired Hoeppner, then the coach of Miami (OH). All of a sudden, there were two competitive sports at IU. Sure, the rebuilding process took time, Indiana didn’t immediately jump to the level of Texas or USC (and never has or will), heck, they were barely even hitting 500, but teams like Iowa and Michigan State, who had regularly abused Indiana units, started becoming beatable. And the best part was that even Purdue became a stepping stone for the new-look Hoosiers. The stats and records may have seemed mediocre, but there was a feeling, an innate knowledge, that things were about to blow open. But just as Indiana seemed on the cusp of this new era, Hoeppner succumbed to complications from the several brain tumors he had been fighting, passing suddenly in July of 2007. The passing of that coach, that man, that cause, did more to derail any bowl hopes than any Heisman candidate running back or nationally ranked defense. It was as if after his death, the glaze came back over the eyes of Indiana’s powers-that-be. In comes new coach Bill Lynch, another master of the art of mediocrity. The man had led Ball State through a few above average seasons, as well as a number of forgettable campaigns, such as going oh-for-11 in 1999. His only bowl appearance was a 13-15 loss to UNLV. The University of Las Vegas. Come on. I guess the house does always win. Lynch’s first year was acceptable, as the Hoosiers managed a bowl bid on a 7-6 record, sealed with a beautiful victory over the Boilermakers. But it was not he who carried them to the post season. I think that can be contributed to the drive and will of the players, all of whom donned small black stickers reading just three letters: “HEP.” The Hoosiers won in spite of Lynch, not because of him. The salt just keeps pouring on the wounds. The trend of the day is hiring lousy coaches to long contracts (see my later rant about Notre Dame for that one) and Indiana did just that. Lynch got a pretty deal, and the losses started piling on. The Hoosiers now sit at 3-9. No hope for a post-season, yet again. The icing on the cake came Saturday when Lynch watched befuddled as Purdue butchered his squad 62-10, giving the Boilers back the Old Oaken Bucket, as well as the Lynch-led Hoosier’s last shred of dignity. And to think all of this could have been prevented. IU is not the graveyard it once was. There are selling points now. The Hoosiers boasted the nation’s best pass rush last season, and with a little polishing and guidance, quarterback Kellen Lewis could lead this team to the oh-so-elusive bowl victory. There are coaches who would take this job. Try Ty Willingham, for starters. He may not have the most desirable record of late, but let none be confused, he was the reason that Notre Dame posted its best season under Charlie Weis. Those were his recruiting classes, and good recruiting is exactly what IU needs. But no, the athletic board found it better to hire a man with no real qualifications to carry on the push that Hoeppner had made. And honestly, everything that he may have done may now be for naught.

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Defense makes difference in start of Lady Warrior basketball season By Alyssa Jennings The Lady Warrior basSports Writer ketball team started their season with a win against Noblesville on November 15. Junior Brandi McKinney led the team with 24 points, eight rebounds and six steals along with sophomore Jordon Barton who had 18 points, 9 rebounds and 4 steals. “Once we got past the first game jitters, I felt like we settled down and played some fairly decent basketball,” head coach Michael Brooks said. He expects to be a team that gets up and down the floor and looks to attack teams defensively by applying full court pressure and playing good team defense. The expectations are set high for the program as a whole. Since becoming head coach, Brooks has taken the extra step in getting to know his players. “As a coach you have to understand each girl is unique and you must figure out how to motivate each one,” Brooks said. The first day he met the girls, he gave them all hearts to carry around with them. This was a symbol of Brooks’ commitment to both them and the program. He then went out to talk to the parents. Brooks believes that parent support is huge in trying to build a program. In taking on the difficult task of becoming a new head coach and coaching a new team, Brooks is trying to build on the foundation that has already been built from previous coaches. “Coach Burton did a great job with the girls last season. Hopefully the school and community will rally around our efforts to become one of the elite programs in the state,” Brooks said. This year there are a lot of capable leaders. Brooks defines a leader as one who is willing to dive after a loose ball, cheer on a teammate when

not in the game and stick around practice to get up shots when others have left. Goals for this season are to improve daily. They understand that they play one of the toughest schedules in the state, but they accept the opportunity to compete against the best in an attempt to be the best. Brooks encourages all fans to come out and support the Lady Warriors.

“The crowd at the first game was outstanding, and we hope to continue to give the school and community something to be proud of,” Brooks said. The team is now 3-0 dominating in all three games. In their win against New Pal, the girls forced 36 turnovers in their 59-37 victory last Friday. The girls played great defense and are looking forward to continuing their winning streak on their pursuit of resurrection.

THE DEFENSE MAKES IT HAPPEN: Sophomore Bianca King and freshman Kalliste Haskins hustle for a loose ball during the Brebeuf game. With great defense and team chemistry, the girls dominated the game with a final score of 75-35. (Photo-Brittaney Wright)

New coach gets Gymnastics hopes to ball rolling for boys improve with new talent basketball team By Hannah Godby Wi t h a Sports writer new assistant coach and new freshmen gymnasts on the team, gymnastics is looking to have a great season this year. The team is hoping that former Lawrence Central head coach Larry Russell will be a good addition this season. A Warren Central graduate, he helped to bring the boy’s gymnastics team to a state championship in 1980. Last year, they lost a few teammates, leaving them with only a fourman team. They only had a team of four people, which meant they could only participate in the individual

The Warriors are starting fresh with a new coach, a new line up and a brand new way of getting things done. Coach Greg Graham isn’t just a normal high school coach. Graham is a Warren Central grad as well as a former IU basketball star. Before he decided to coach at Warren, he was a coach for a semi-pro team in Anderson that had a record of 34-5 under him. This will be his first year coaching a high school team. Graham was also a first round pick into the NBA after his first year of college. With his experience as both a coach and a player he hopes to get the boys to understand his ways of coaching. They have to learn his ways of doing things. It is a long and strenuous process but will bring them closer as a team for the long season that’s ahead. “They adjust to me,” Graham said. “They will do things my way or they will hit the highway.” He wants the boys to improve in practice and in games. Graham is anxious for the challenges that lie ahead and wants to prepare the boys for anything. He knows that Warren plays one of the toughest schedules in the state, but he is ready to accept the challenge. Graham has been working with the boys since May and he knows what he is getting into. He is learning to push buttons to get them to be more aggressive earlier in games. Graham has become very

interactive with the boys and is working to try and bring home a sectional win this season. The Warriors have never had to work hard to be good athletes, they’ve always been handed their talent. Graham hopes to make it a mental and physical game for the boys. Graham is hoping to break bad habits such as no work ethic, bad practices and their lack of basketball knowledge. “They think they are good, but if they practice poorly, they will play poorly,” Graham said. Graham is going to work more on showing than telling. He wants the boys to see their mistakes, except the criticism and then find ways to fix them. Basketball isn’t just a physical sport. Their is a lot of mental preparation that goes into preparing for a basketball game and that is one major thing Graham hopes to rub off on the boys. He wants to show the boys his passion for them, connect with them on a different level than just physical. Graham hopes that the boys will understand

By Shelby Harris The wrestlers are working Sports Writer hard this season in order to improve on their 14-10 season record from last year, and to win sectionals and MIC Conference titles. Even with the loss of key graduates Kyle Willis and Michael Van Skyock, seniors Nick Odom, Matt Mooreland, Gabriel Berry, and junior Michael Johnson-Jones are going to lead the team to accomplish their goals. The team has been practicing strong for their season everyday by doing preseason conditioning. This is the longest preseason condition program that the boys have ever done, eight consecutive weeks. They have been lifting weights two times a week, and practicing everyday. The boys are also focusing on having a stronger team bond this season. In order for this to happen, they are doing activities outside of practices and competitions to improve on their team unity. The Capital City Classic meet went well on Saturday. Odom, Johnson-Jones, and Berry all won their weight classes. Senior Daniel Blackburn placed fourth after stepping into varsity. The next meet for the Warriors will be on Dec. 4 at North Central.

By Haley Dickey Sports Editor

By Haley Dickey sports Editor

competition. This year, they have a complete team with many talented additions. Joining the team this year are freshmen Jodi Willis and Caitlyn Ward. Returning to the team this year are seniors Ashley Douglas and Anni Mooreland, as well as sophomore Shelbie Whitaker. “I’m looking forward to the season. I feel as if we will do well and hopefully win some meets,” Douglas said. Be sure to go out and see them compete in their first meet of the season, here at home, on January 8 against Perry Meridian.

that he can show what he knows better than he can tell it. The players are anticipating another winning season, even without the 2008 graduates. “Seniors like Derrick Spight and I are really trying to step it up as leaders for the new players,” senior Jordan Kennedy said. Their first scrimmage of the season didn’t go quite as planned because of a lack of practice time. The Warriors will be in action next Friday at 7 p.m. against Cathedral. Revenge will hopefully be granted after the disappointing loss to the Irish in the sectional final game last season.

Swimmers work year Starting off on round to prepare for season right foot Most sports only play for one season, but if you are really dedicated and love the sport, you practice all year round. Even though the Warrior swim team only has seven varsity swimmers, the ladies love what they do. “Summer training really prepares us for meets in the winter,” top swimmer Ali Chorpenning said. “We train really hard and bond a lot over the summer so we’re all pretty close once the season starts up. We all look forward to that first meet.” Chorpenning was the most valuable swimmer last season as a freshman and has been making huge improvements ever since. Junior Haley Dickey is also a big factor along with freshman Monica Mendez. Mendez had knee surgery at the beginning of the summer and is still training to get back to full strength with their first meet coming up this Saturday against Lebanon. Senior Olivia Spaulding is captain this season and hopes to lead the team to just a few more wins

than last season. Head coach Jason Lancaster also coaches the boys swim team, and they have also been making huge strides since the sectional meet at the end of last season. Captains Preston Walker and Chandler Kent are both experienced swimmers that hope to lead the other eight varsity boys onto an even better winning record. With close meets against rivals Ben Davis and Lawrence North the Warriors are training every day to get those close wins. All boys have high hopes of breaking records from decades ago. The MIC tournament will be a true test of the Warriors talent because they take on three of the top ranked teams in the state, North Central, Center Grove and Carmel. The boys have their first dual meet against North Central Dec. 2 in the Panther pool starting at 5:30 p.m.

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UNDERCLASSMEN SHOW THEIR TALENT: Sophomore Ali Chorpenning competes in the 200 yard individual medley. Chorpenning placed second against Lebanon and was only five seconds off of the school record. The Warriors lost the meet 71-103, but placed first in all but two events. The Lady Warriors will face North Central next Thursday. (Photo credit-Daryl Hollonquest)


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