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Writing A Universe of Ideas- The Original Writings of Warren Brown

Creative Honey

I have written a few articles about the special qualities of Honey and those tiny miracle workers, the bees. Honey has a number of medicinal uses and is beneficial for infants and adults. Honey is also helpful in weight control. A spoonful of honey can take away a number of health problems.Read More In nature we can find a number of things which are good for our health. But, there is a special collection of three of nature’s gifts to mankind which are Honey, garlic and vinegar. Honey is one of nature’s sweetest food and is created by the bees who work tirelessly to produce this special preparation. Read More

The bee is a truly remarkable creature with a unique body structure which defies the principles of aeronautics. The bee is also the creator of such important products like bee’s wax,honey,bee pollen and royal jelly. Read More Miracles, Laughter and Steven Seagal

There are individuals who possess great abilities but who are not aware of them. This article will help you to discover if you happen to be one of those silent and undiscovered geniuses who has a great talent, which can lead to a great fortune in years to come. Read More

“Laughter is the best Medicine” and the best antidote to sadness and unhappiness. If you love to laugh you will discover that you do feel better after having a good hearty laugh. Read More It is truly rewarding when you can help a person to get control of his or her life. A Life Coach should always be close at hand to help an individual to understand, solve and create a plan to gain a better perspective into life's challenges. Read More My late Mum, Joan was a great fan of Steven Seagal. Mum liked to watch all Steven Seagal’s movies and thought that he was a great action movie star. Mum would say that she liked Steven Seagal because he was always very cool when he would confront the bad guys and you would never see him losing his temper. Read More Amazingly discover your soulmate. The truth is inside you! Read More

Views on War, Valentine’s Day, Anglo-Indians and Christmas There are a number of movies set during World War II, from which we can learn a lot. I have seen several World War II movies growing up. I would read a lot of books by Alistair McLean as well, set during World War II like “Guns of Navarone”, “Force 10 from Navarone” and “Where Eagles Dare”. Read More

Celebrate Love and Valentine's Day List Read More

Meant purely for entertainment and not to ridicule any person, place or object. If there are any resemblances to persons past or present, or to incidents and places, they are purely coincidental. Read More A collection of four heart warming Christmas short stories written by Warren Brown. Read More Journalists are always on the lookout for News and they like to know, What happens during the course of a day, When it happens? Read More The limericks on the Anglo-Indian race in India. Read More

That special season is near at hand, when homes are decorated with holly, bells, Santa Claus and Christmas trees, all preparations are made to receive the Christ child in our homes and in our hearts.Read More My Publish Success site My Positive Writing site The Legend of Tarzan Join me on Twitter Email Me Today with your Feedback on my Writing. Thank you!

All Writings are Copyright@ Warren Brown. United Kingdom. 2009

Universe of Ideas by Warren Brown  

The collected creative writings of Warren Brown, on a variety of topics from Honey, Miracles, Valentine's Day, Steven Seagal,Life Coaching,...

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