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Opening Scene

The movie open up with the voice of Prue Halliwell speaking as flashbacks of the Avatars, Christy, and the Source are being vanquished and the charmed ones are reunited. Prue: 11 years have gone since the day I was killed by Shax. Piper and Phoebe were since reunited as charmed ones again when another sister was discovered. Many battles were fought after that day. Innocents were taken and close relatives were lost. The elders won't allow me to see all that goes on. Every now and then I get a glimpse of that life I once had. I don't know all that happened in the years that passed but what I do know is the Source is are the Avatars, but something worse is on the way. Film appears showing a black screen with the sounds of a man breathing hard and running on a dark street. After a minute there's a flash of blue light and a sound of a man screaming. The camera closes in on the victim. It's Wyatt Halliwell dying from the blast of an energy ball to his back. Wyatt is holding a small piece of paper in his right hand. The demon who cast the deadly blow is approaching the fast fading Wyatt. As the demon draws closer, preparing to hurl another energy ball, Wyatt extends his left arm and utters words that open a time traveling portal. Wyatt: me ouvir, para a primeira abençoado comandos para abrir a portþes que vão reverter As the portal opens, the demon (Orcus) cast another energy ball at Wyatt, but it's too late. Wyatt used every ounce of his strength to jump through the portal, which takes him back to the moment when the Halliwell sisters are at the dining room table with the Book Of Shadows, preparing the next generation. The demon shimmers back into the underworld where other demons are standing around a fire and awaiting his return. Demon #2: he dead? did you kill the Charmed first born? Orcus: No..but his time is very short. Demon #2: What about the it good?

Orcus: it wasn't the scroll, but that's not my greatest concern. it seems he went back in time to get help. Demon #2: you mean the sisters!!! we can't beat them. we need to The other demons who were talking suddenly stopped and started looking worried Orcus: No..we will not run.. I’m too close Demon #2: but they'll kill us Orcus: we're already dead.. quit winning like a coward. All of you. we have strength in numbers. they're the only two good witches left. The camera shifts back to the Manor where all the Halliwell sisters are back at the table with the Book of Shadows. Piper: I think we should write everything down. everything that happen, everything we want future generations to know so we can pass it down just like it was past down to us. Phoebe grabs the Book of Shadows about to write when she hears a sound in the attic Phoebe: OK..did anybody hear that besides me? Paige: yeah..sounds like it came from the attic Piper: Leo.. Leo orbs back to the manor Piper: was it you making that noise in the attic? Leo: Piper how could it be me when I was just with your mom and grams? Paige: I'll go see what the commotions about Paige orbs up to the attic Leo: what commotion..what's she talking 'bout? Paige is in the attic where she see a badly injured future Wyatt. Paige: Oh my God...Piper..guys get up here. Leo, Piper and Phoebe all head up to the attic and they're shocked at the sight of a bleeding Wyatt

Piper: Wyatt..(Piper screams) Leo and Piper run over to Wyatt. Leo tries to heal him but he can't Phoebe: why is he not healing? Leo: I don't know Piper: How could this happen. they just went home..(Piper starts crying) Who did this? Piper hugs Phoebe and Leo orbs Wyatt downstairs to the couch.. Paige: I hate to be the one to bring this up but if Wyatt is hurt..What happened to future Chris? Piper gathers herself and wipe away the tears as she and Phoebe head downstairs. Paige: Guys..I’ll stay up here for a minute and clean up. Leo: we'll find Chris soon. First we need to get Wyatt to safety. Assault On The Manor

The Camera is focused on Phoebe and Piper walking downstairs from the attic. Phoebe: You know.. I don’t get this. I thought Billy and Christie were the ultimate power Piper: Come on Pheebs, after battling Zanku, The Triad and Cole, you really thought Christy was the ultimate power. Hell..we didn't even have to vanquish her. Phoebe: Yeah maybe you're right. Where's the angel of destiny when you need him? Piper and Phoebe arrive in the family room where Wyatt is resting alongside Leo Piper: How's he holding up? Leo: He said the demon was a powerborker. So we need to find him pretty soon and destroy him. Otherwise... Phoebe: otherwise. Wyatt is not gonna die. We just need to figure this out like we always do. Wyatt, in total pain, tries to speak as he is laying on the couch. Wyatt: He's not just a power broker...(Wyatt struggling to speak)

Piper: What do you mean? What is he? Wyatt: His name is Orcus. Piper: Paige..(Piper screams her name) Paige orbs from the attic Paige: Piper..can you yell just a little louder? Piper: The demon you have to look for is Orcus Wyatt: He's not in the book. Piper: What do you mean he's not in the book? all the bad guys are in the book. Wyatt: Not Orcus. Everyone is silenced by another sound coming from the attic. Phoebe: Did you guys here that? Paige: Demon? Piper: Noooo..don't they know who's house they're in? Leo hears a jingle from the elders Leo: uh oh..this can't be good Piper: What? no...Leo your son is hurt they can wait. Leo: I think he's the reason they're calling. I promise I'll be back soon. Leo kisses Piper and orbs away The camera shifts back to the stairs where footsteps are rapidly coming down. The footsteps are from Pipers youngest son Chris. Chris: Piper turns her head and look toward the stairwell Piper: Chris.. Chris comes down the stairs with a torn t-shirt and blood on his shoulder. Piper see her youngest son and hugs him.

Piper: Chris what happened? Chris: It's Orcus Chris turns and look at Wyatt. Chris: How's he doing? Piper: Paige.. Paige: I know..I’m on it Paige walks over to Chris and heels his shoulder by placing her hand over it. Phoebe: Why is it you can heel Chris but not Wyatt? Chris: I wasn't hit by an energy ball, just the blast effect. Phoebe: who is this Orcus? What kind of demon doesn't have a mug shot in the book of shadows? Chris: A Newbreed Paige: A what? Chris: That's what we call them in the future. They're nothing like the demons you guys faced. They're hybrids...Stronger, faster and have a hell of a lot more powers. Think Zanku on roids..but theirs only a couple Phoebe: So what makes them different from any other demon we faced? Chris: For starters..these demons aren't just demons. Some of them are Part Warlock, Part Grimlock. The worst we call Destiny Demons.. Phoebe: Destiny what? Chris: Part Power broker, Part Witch Piper: mean to tell me Phoebe: Witches and Demons at the Super 8 Chris: That's the new ultimate power. Phoebe: And this Orcus is what? Chris: Something else. Noone knows exactly what he is. We just know he's out to free some trapped guardian from ancient times.

Piper: Leo...Leo...(Piper looks up and yells for the white lighter) Leo orbs back to the Manor as he is shocked to see Chris Leo: Chris... Chris: Dad... Piper: What did the Elders say? Leo: They have no clue..the only thing they told me is to make we keep our eyes open. Most of them had this look on their something is troubling them, but they won't say Paige: The Elders have no clue..what a surprise. Leo: Yeah, this time I think they're being honest. Phoebe: So what do you know about this Orcus? Chris: Not much other than he's a billy bad ass.. Leo: umm..umm..language Chris: Right..sorry..what do i know? well.. he can orb and shimmer out.. he throws...... Phoebe: Wait back up. you said he can orb and shimmer..what's the difference? Piper: Oh no.. Chris: Exactly Paige: Hello it something we're missing? Piper: If he can orb, he can kill Elders and cloak himself in the underworld. Chris: Yes..and it gets worse. Phoebe: Really? (laughs with sarcasm) it gets worse.. Chris: He can freeze time... Just like you Piper: We have to find this guy...soon Leo: I'll get the boys up to magic school for their safety Chris: No.. take Wyatt. I have to stay here..Orcus is coming

Paige: Why is he coming here? Chris: He wants the Scrolls Of Patmos Piper: The what? Phoebe: Did you just say Patmos? Chris: Yes Piper: Why would he think we have some stupid scrolls? Paige: What are these scrolls? Phoebe: Oh my've never heard of the Scrolls Of Patmos? Paige: Well duh.. care to fill us in old wise one Leo: The Scrolls Of Patmos are supposedly the most powerful scrolls ever. Legend has it of the disciples was banished to the island of Patmos. Some say he was crazy. He believed he was being tormented by demons..Anyway, while he was on the island, Jesus visited the island and got rid of the demons and had John record the event to bare witness to his work. Piper: OK..Leo..what's on those scrolls? As Piper was talking, the Angel Of Destiny appears like a glowing ball to warn the sisters. When Piper see the Angel Of Destiny, she stands in front of Leo. Piper: You're not here to.. Angel of Destiny: I'm not here for Leo. I'm here to warn you of an immediate threat. One unlike you've ever faced. Piper: You said that about Billy and Christie Angel Of Destiny: This demon is different. Piper: Why is everyone so afraid of this demon? It's pretty simple, we find him and blow his ass back to the future. Angel Of Destiny: Tread lightly..He's very crafty. Paige: Can someone please explain why these scrolls are so important. Angel Of Destiny: The scrolls hold the location and spells to free six of the most powerful beings ever. Phoebe: I'm getting too old for this.

Piper: So you're saying these scrolls are here? Phoebe: They can't be. I searched that attic up and down for 8 years, 10,000 times, I haven't seen anything that resembles a scroll. Paige: What I don't get, is, if this future demon is so powerful, why don't he just come here and take'em Angel Of Destiny: Be careful of what you say. Phoebe: What's that supposed to mean The Angel Of Destiny orbs away in the same manner she came. Piper: I wonder what she meant. 3 demons appear in the family room and start throwing energy balls at the sisters Phoebe: Leo get Wyatt out of here. Leo lays his hand on Wyatt and orbs him to magic school. Piper blast a demon and Phoebe start using her Karate skills on the second demon. Piper: How dare you come into this house. The third demon throws an energy ball at Paige. Paige: Energy ball. Paige intercepts the energy ball and hurls it back at the demon who then vanishes and throws another energy ball at Piper when he reappears. Chris jumps in front of the energy ball Chris: out (Chris screams) The energy ball hits Chris on the side and Piper blows up the demon. Phoebe runs over to the slightly injured Chris Phoebe: Chris.. Chris: Don't worry about me, just get up to the attic..this was just a diversion Leo orbs back down to the attic where Orcus is tearing the place apart until finally he finds the scrolls within the walls. When Leo see Orcus, he blast Orcus with a massive

dose of electricity from both hands, sending him flying against the walls. Paige heads up to the attic where Leo is battling Orcus. Paige: Leo... Leo turns around for a second when he here's Paige and Orcus shimmers out and appears again behind Paige, where he grab her from behind and vanishes with her and the Scrolls Of Patmos. Chris, Piper and Phoebe all head up to the attic just after Orcus vanishes with Paige. Piper: Leo..where's Paige? Leo: The demon took her. Chris: This is so not good in so many ways. Phoebe: We have to find her. Chris: Yeah, no kidding.. if we don't, he's going to sacrifice her to free the Guardian. Leo: First we need to get you up to magic school for your safety. Phoebe can you stay with Chris and Wyatt until we find Paige? Phoebe: don't have to ask me. These are nephews. Just hurry and find Paige. Piper hugs Chris and Leo waives his hand sending Phoebe and Chris to magic school. Piper: Now what? Leo: Try scrying for Paige Leo hears the Elders calling him again. Leo: Not again.. Piper: Leo: Piper, this sounds pretty urgent. Piper: Our sons are more important right now.. Leo: I promise I’ll be back soon. Leo kisses Piper again and orbs away.

High Court Scene

The camera shifts to the heavens where a meeting is held with Elders, Reapers, Angel Of Death and Angels Of Destiny. Leo has just arrived and is greeted by Laura, one of the Elders. Laura: Leo.. we're sorry to bother you, but this is an extraordinary circumstance Leo: What's going on? Why are Reapers and Death Angels here? Laura: The higher order called this meeting.They said it had something to do with one of the Charmed sisters. Is everything alright down there? Leo: it couldn't get any worse right now. Wyatt and Chris are both hurt. Paige has been taken by one of the demons. As Leo and Laura are walking around, the highest ranking Elders has come out through a gate to explain what the meeting is about. Joseph (Elder Leader): umm..umm.. quiet everyone. It seems we have a catastrophe on our hands. A catastrophe of biblical proportions. A threat to our very own existence is upon us. Potonus (Reaper Leader): Why did you Call us here Elder? Who are you to summon us? Whatever problem exist with the humans don't pertain to us. Leo: It will.. soon Potonus: Who are you to even speak to me? Leo: I'm the one who can help stop this threat. Potonus: Yes.. and what is this threat you speak of? Angel Of Destiny: A demon Potonus laughs at the thought of a demon threatening the Reapers. Potonus: They're nothing to me or my kind Leo: This demon is. He's from the future. A future where they are called Newbreeds Angel Of Death: So what of this Newbreed? he can be reaped just like the rest. Leo: This demon is different The second Reaper in command (Liana) steps forward.

Liana: How is this one different from the others? Leo: This demon is just one of many in the future that defied the laws of God himself by taking good witches and forcing them to lay with them. So they can create children with limitless ability. Joseph: That's impossible. Leo: Is it? because the Elders way is the only way? Because you lay down a law the world is supposed to obey. Joseph: your tongue or else... Leo: Or else what? you'll clip my wings, vanquish me? You'll still have this problem. Liana smiles at Joseph as Leo is speaking. Liana: And how do you know of these things? Leo: My son Wyatt, from the future, came through a portal wounded by a Newbreed. Angel Of Death: because your son is weak..we're in danger? Leo grabs the Angel Of Death by his robe and pushed him against a pillar. Leo: Dammit..Wyatt is the most powerful witch this world has ever seen and he stood no chance against this new threat. Joseph: Release Leo releases the Angel Of Death Angel Of Destiny: What about the power of three? Laura: Is not an option. Paige was taken by the demon and phoebe doesn't have an active power. Joseph: Then we'll give her one Leo: You just don't get it..the power of three weren't half as powerful as Wyatt. Liana: Why is this demon of the future here? What does he want? Leo: What he wanted..he now has Joseph: You mean Paige

Leo: I mean he got Paige and the Scrolls Of Patmos Everyone stops talking and look at Leo when he speaks of the scrolls. Joseph: How come you didn't protect the scrolls? Leo: Protect them..I didn't even know they were in the house. Laura: All of this means nothing now..the charmed ones have to stop this demon. Liana: Is Piper strong enough to kill this demon? She has tremendous power. What if we heal your sons..can they team up with her and stop him? Leo: Both my sons were hit by energy balls from the Newbreed. Their time is running out Joseph: Then maybe we can stop him Leo: No..we can't. Chris told me this demon has Dark lighter abilities Joseph: So what, we just stand around and be killed? Angel Of Death: There is one other possibility. The Angel Of Death stares at Joseph. Joseph: That's forbidden.. Angel Of Death: Excuse me everyone..I need to talk with Joseph for a moment in private. Leo walks over to Liana while Joseph and the Angel Of Death converse. Leo: What do you think they're talking about? Liana: Something God won't approve of. Leo: I don't know what to do..I've never been in this situation Liana: Don't worry Leo..when the Angel Of Death makes a suggestion, it's always in the best interest and he always gets what he wants. A couple moments later, Joseph and the Angel Of Death separate and head back to the area of the meeting. Joseph: colleague made a suggestion on how to help the charmed ones stop this demon. But before we go to that extreme..we want to look a little more into this situation. Leo: My sons are hurt, Paige is gone and Piper's in the Manor alone. If this demon strikes.. The Angel Of Destiny interrupts Leo

Angel Of Destiny: Leo..he's in the Manor Joseph: Who? Angel Of Destiny: The Newbreed Leo: Piper.. Leo orbs back to the Manor where he find Piper on the floor badly hurt and coughing up blood. He walks over to her and tries to heal her but her injuries are to severe. Piper: Leo..I tried..he's too strong Leo: Save you breath.. Leo continues to hold Piper, when he notices a glowing sphere coming towards him. The glowing sphere was the Angel Of Destiny. Angel Of Destiny: I'm sorry..but all is not lost Leo: How do we stop this demon? Angel Of Destiny: Leo if I’m here, than you know it's not over As the Angel Of Destiny is talking to Leo, another unexpected surprise arrives in the midst of smoke. It was the Angel O f Death. When Leo see the Angel Of Death, he's afraid for Piper. Angel Of Death: Fear not've seen me before. I came for you but I ended up taking one of the sisters. This time I’m not here to take Leo: Then why are you here? Before the Angel Of Death can tell Leo the purpose of his visit. A final surprise visit came from the Elder Laura. Laura: We're here to give back. Piper looks up at Laura and tries to laugh but she's in too much pain. Laura: The Halliwells have done a wonderful job of tipping the balances of power in favor of good. For've earned our undivided loyalty. Angel Of Destiny: Leo.I'll take Piper to a place where she can rest and heal until this is over The Angel Of Destiny takes Piper and orbs away. A scene all so familiar to Leo. Laura hands Leo a vase with a glowing sphere inside. The sphere is moving in the

same manner of a firefly. Leo: What's this? Laura: To defeat this demon and the powerful guardian you're going to need a stronger presence then the sisters. Leo takes the vase and stare at it for a moment Leo: Is this.. Angel Of Death:'s the soul of Prudence Halliwell Angel Of Destiny: She was the strongest witch the world has ever seen and for these troubling times the world needs Prue..and we know, the sisters along with us, miss Prue. Laura: But you must not tell the other sisters of her presence until the demon is gone and Na'isa is stopped for good. Leo: But Prue alone... Laura: The powerful Guardian is a world ender. In the Wastelands Prue will find powerful allies Angel Of Destiny: You know the ritual? Leo: Of Course, but it's forbidden Laura: Not on this day. This is God's will. So let it be written ( Laura orbs away) Angel Of Death: so it shall be done (The Angel Of Death shimmers out)

Prue's Resurrection Ritual As the Angel Of Death vanishes, lightning strikes twice and Leo is transported to the cemetery and now is standing in front of Prue's tombstone. Lightning flashes in front of the tomb revealing her name and life span. Leo looks around for a place to put the vase holding Prue’s soul. After he put the vase down for a second, he extends his arms to use his powers. Leo: goes nothing.. Leo extracts the coffin and grabs the vase, then he places one hand on the coffin and orbs back to the Manor's basement. Once Leo and the coffin are in the basement, He places the soul of Prue on top of the coffin and steps backwards to call upon the Nexus' power. "Nox ubi me .. spiritus metus. Precipio tibi da mihi potestatem."

Translation: "Here me..spirit of endless night. I command you to give me your power". As Leo recites the spell to free the Nexus, The house starts to shake with the lights flickering until finally, the ground beneath him cracks open, allowing the Nexus to be free and enter his body through his mouth and nose. In an instant Leo's eyes turn black. After the Nexus enters Leo, the house stop shaking and the lights are no longer flickering. Leo Uses his power by releasing, what looks like, millions of lies from his hands. The Flies are circling Prue's coffin and soul as if they are guarding them. Leo then orbs away into the underworld. The camera shifts to the underworld where Coronations for a new Source is held. Leo arrives there, only to be greeted by a Dark Priest, who bows to him after noticing his eyes were filled with the Nexus. Dark Priest: greetings oh powerful one. I was told you would come. Leo: by who? The familiar voice of a woman is heard in the background saying (by me) as the Seer shimmers into the cave. Leo: That's impossible.. you're supposed to be dead. The Seer: So are you..Leo..but here we stand engaging in a rather awkward conversation. Leo: How did you get here? The Seer: That is not important.. what is..The fact good and evil are fighting the same fight for the same purpose and your side is trying to bring back a legendary witch. But you do know she won't be 100% good. Leo: I'm counting on that. This isn't a fight that good or evil can win alone. Leo looks at the seer then bows to her. Then Leo focus his attention to the Dark Priest. Leo: Are you ready to perform this ritual? Dark Priest: We have to meet on sacred ground. Do you have the bones and soul? Leo: It is protected at the Manor Leo and the Dark Priest both orb to the basement of the manor where the Angel Of Death, Laura and the Angel Of Destiny are waiting. Leo: What's going on?

Laura: To perform this'll need 5 elements of power in the form of a pentagram Leo: Since when? Dark Priest: Since we're going to give Prue and added element of power to compliment her own. Now turn around and focus. Leo turns and face the soul of Prue and extends his arms. The Dark Priest aims his staff at the coffin of Prue. while the Angel Of Death bows his head and close his hands as if he is praying. Laura and the Angel Of Destiny both bow their heads in the same manner as Leo is Chanting in Latin. Leo: Benedictus virtutes atque delerent omnes res creat, et ultra in terris. reduceret In pretium erat ut statera potestas restituta. Translation: Blessed be the powers that creat and destroy all matter on Earth and beyond. Bring back the witch that was so that the balances of power may be restored. The camera hovers over Prue's coffin the top explodes, exposing her bones and clothing. A couple seconds go by and her bones turn to ashes. The Angel Of Destiny lifts her head and her eyes turn white. She then blows air in the direction of the ashes, making the ashes elevate over the vase with the soul of Prue. While the ashes are hovering,Leo lifts the vase to the center of the ashes with his powers and the Dark Priest along with Laura both cast lightning out of their hands at the vase, shattering it. The Angel Of Death lifts his head and his eyes turn all black, as he extend his arm to make Prue whole again. Prue's ritual is complete and everyone except Leo start to vanish back to their domains. Laura is the last among the four to vanish. Prue: Leo..what..what am I doing here? Prue hugs Leo for the first time in years and then she step back. Leo: If I’m here alone with you..then you know it's bad Leo places one of his hands over Prue's hand and she start having visions of battles between Orcus and the Halliwell family. Prue closes her eyes as the vision flash rapidly until they're finally done. After the last vision. Prue picks up her head and open her eyes in dramatic fashion. Prue: Where is he? Leo: The waste.. Prue Vanishes before Leo finishes the reply.

Leo: lands...go get'em Prue Leo orbs back to the heavens to report to the Elders. Joseph: it done? Leo nods his head with a child like-grin on his face.. Leo: It is Laura: And so it begins..the most powerful witch of all time and the world ending Guardian. May God be with her. Leo: Piper couldn't beat the demon can Prue stop the Guardian? Laura: I told you Leo..she won't be alone. She's got help Leo: But what kind of help? Three of the most powerful demons ever and an Avatar. That kind of help. Leo: But what if she gets to the wastelands and there's an ambush waiting? Joseph: When God created man, he gave them all one ability to stand out from each other. Leo: So.. Laura: We created Prue and gave her unlimited power. If there is an ambush waiting for Prue in the wastelands, It would merely serve as entertainment for the powerful witch. But trust me Leo..their won't be an ambush. Leo: Does Prue know she has these powers? Joseph: Oh she knows

Under Siege The camera shifts to the wastelands where Prue teleports to. When Prue appears, there's fireballs being thrown all around her. Without warning a hand grabs her mouth from behind and pulls her aside.The hand is from Beta Avatar Beta Avatar: who are you? Why are you here? Prue: I'm here for the demon...Orcus Beta Avatar: This is not a place for Elders or someone who is truly good. Leave while you still have a chance

Prue: I'm not leaving until I find him As soon as Prue finishes her statement, an energy ball blasts Beta and send her flying against the caves.The demon who threw the energy ball appears by Beta and is about to finish her off when Prue extends her left arm and uses her power to lift the demon off the ground and choke him. Prue walks over to the demon while he's still in mid air. Beta is in awe of Prue's power Prue: This is how it's going to go..I ask you a question. You answer, you survive..are we clear? Demon #3: Clear.. Prue: Where's Orcus? Demon #3: Headed to Morvikan. Prue: Why Demon #3: Don't you know? Prue chokes him harder Prue: Why? (Prue looks at the demon with pure hatred) Demon #3: The sacrifice.. of the twice blessed one. Prue: What do you mean twice blessed one? Demon #3: Part witch, part white lighter Prue releases the demon as he falls to the ground and then on to his knees, holding his throat. Prue looks at the demon Prue: Since when has white lighters and witches were allowed to be with each other? Demon #3: I don't know ..hello I’m a demon. I don't know what those crazy elders do up there. Beta Avatar: It has been and still is forbidden for the two to be together. Prue: So who's the sacrificial lamb? Demon #3: Some girl name Paige..she's supposed to be a Charmed One. Prue: Excuse me..did you just say Charmed? Demon #3: Yeah you know...three sisters

Prue: That's impossible, that would make her>>> Cole appears out of thin air. Cole: Your sister After Prue hears the voice of Cole, she immediately uses her powers on him, throwing Cole across the cave. Prue: you.. Cole stands up and brush himself off. Cole: Well..I see you've missed me Prue: I should have killed you a long time ago. Cole: Now Prue, you know how many times I’ve heard that? Demon #3: Can I go now? Prue: One more question. Why the sacrifice? Demon #3: Some stupid blood ritual. He spoke about some Guardian..Na' isa Beta Avatar: Did you just say Na'isa Prue: Who the hell is Na' isa? Cole: Trust me Prue, you don't want to know Cole twirls his finger next to his head to indicate the Guardian is crazy Beta Avatar: Where is Orcus now? Demon #3: What are you Deaf? I told you.. Cole vanquishes the demon with an energy ball and then looks at Prue. Cole: What, I’m a's in my nature. Prue: I see some things never change. Out of nowhere appears the demon Zanku, behind Prue, Cole and Beta Avatar. Zanku uses his powers to separate the three, sending them flying in different directions. They all stand up and prepare to defend themselves against Zanku. Cole conjures and energy ball.

Zanku: wait..(Zanku looks at Beta) I know why you're here. You're here for Orcus..and I see you've brought the former lovely Cole closes his hand to get rid of the energy ball he was going to use against Zanku. Cole: Have we met? Beta Avatar: What do you know about Na' isa? Zanku: Bad temper, ridiculously beautiful. Other then that..why don't you ask lover boy here. Prue and Beta both look at Cole as he has a look of guilty pleasures on his face. Cole: What..a demon can't love? Prue: out with it.. Cole: we had a thing, but that was a long time ago. Like I said that braud is crazy. Prue: How do we stop her? Zanku: wait..she's out Prue: No we have to stop Orcus before she gets out Zanku: The only way she be freed is.. of the charmed ones Beta Avatar: Prue we have to stop Orcus.. he'll be going to the Gates Of Morvikan. Zanku: Did you just say Prue? As in the legendary charmed one killed by Shax? Zanku steps back and bows toward Prue Zanku: What do we owe this pleasure? Beta Avatar: Demon..(looking at Zanku) how do we get to the gates? Zanku: The only way to the gates is through Barbas. Prue: that's impossible..I vanquished him years ago. Beta Avatar: Who's Barbas? Zanku: He's the demon of fear. The Gates Of Morvikan is like his realm Prue: If he's not vanquished, how do we find him? Cole: Leave that to me.

They all start walking cautiously through the caves of the wastelands until a brightly lit cave from afar catches the eye of Beta Avatar. Beta Avatar: That must be it. Prue: hmm.. a demon of fear afraid of the dark. After they all enter the cave, barbas shimmers in. Beta is startled by his sudden appearance. Barbas: a gang of four..I know the demon you seek. Prue: Then you know what he's after. Zanku: Barbas, we need your help Cole: Speak for yourself. Prue: Cole.. Cole: I don't trust this guy.. Barbas chuckles at Cole Barbas: still mad I took your powers i see. I was thinking we could get past that. Prue: He stole your powers? Cole: Long story. Beta Avatar: Orcus is going through the gates...we need to stop him. Prue: And we need to hurry..he's got a head start Barbas: Well in that case, you came to the right place. Stand back Everybody stands back as Barbas waives his hands and open a portal to the Gates Of Morvikan Prue: And here I thought you were just a demon of fear. Barbas: You'd be surprised at some of the things I can do All five of them walk through the portal with Barbas leading the way.

The Gates Of Morvikan The scene opens up with Prue, Zanku, Cole, Beta and Barbas all coming through a portal in front of the Gates Of Morvikan. Prue is stunned at her surroundings Cole: Before we go any further..Prue, you should be warned, you are going to face demons like you've never seen. As a matter of fact, like no witch has seen since the beginning. Prue: Cole..I can handle myself Beta Avatar: He's right..these gates protect all mankind from an unspeakable evil. Anubis himself is said to be at the end of these halls. Cole: I've been here before. It's hell and worse Zanku: Yes..yes.. now can we get on with it. Barbas: Remember, once we're in, there's only one way out..Fight to the death Beta Avatar: You seem to know quite a bit about this place. Cole: is it you know so much about this place? Barbas: My father Zanku: Your father is trapped in this hell hole? Barbas: My father built this hell hole. His name was James Morvikan Prue: Great.. we have to face another demon of fear Zanku: He's not just a demon of fear.. Beta Avatar: Then what is he? Zanku: He's something else As Barbas is telling the others about his father, they are walking down a long hall which has a giant gate ate the end with two gargoyle statues to protect it. Torches on each side of the halls light their way to the gate, which has a fluorescent blue light shinning underneath it. Prue: mean you've met him and survived? Barbas: Only two have met my father and lived to tell..I'm the other

The conversation comes to a sudden stop as they all arrive at the entrance of the gates. Prue is concerned about what's on the other side. Prue: Guys are we sure we're ready to do this? Beta Avatar: this is the only way to stop Orcus from releasing Na'isa Cole: People, we don't have much time..Orcus got a big jump on us. Barbas and Beta step back as Prue, Cole and Zanku all use their powers combined to open the Gates Of Morvikan. When the gates open. They all walk in to what seem to be a cave filled with skeletons. Zanku: From here on out, the only way we make it out is together. When we fight it's to the death. Cole: It's the only way I prefer to fight. Zanku: Leave your compassion out here. Zanku stretch forth his arm and creates a massive Fireball as Beta freezes the hovering flame that's used as a guide through the cave. After taking a few steps, Beta (who is in front) stops and warns the others Beta Avatar: here that? Prue: It sounds like Cole: Like they know we're here Zanku: It's a to the end of the cave (Zanku yells) As they all run toward the end of the cave, demons from centuries past start appearing out of thin air throwing energy and fire balls. Beta uses her power of lightning to fight the demons ahead as Cole, Prue and Barbas are fending off more demons to the left and right. Zanku is using energy balls to fight demons at the rear. As the battle rages on, the demons start backing away as if they're afraid of something. Out of nowhere appears Gideon (the former Head of Magic School) Gideon: Stop..what are you doing here? Beta steps forward and approaches Gideon Beta Avatar: we're here for the demon Orcus Gideon: I must ask you to turn away

Prue: Or what Gideon: Or I’ll destroy you.. Zanku: I'm shocked, a former head of magic school is not so good at math. You see it's five of us and one of you..What chance do you have. Gideon levitates backwards, stretch his arms and claps, opening the ground surrounding the five. As the ground begins to quake and open, Lava is shown flowing within the earth. The crew of five were falling to the ground from the quakes. Cole: Somebody do something.. Beta Avatar: wait... nobody move Beta extends her left arm and aimed at the ground, freezing everything except the five beings. Beta Avatar: Demon (Beta looks at Barbas) can you take care of him? Barbas: No problem.. Zanku: no.. I have an old score to settle with the elders Zanku quickly transform himself into a bunch of flies and enters Gideons body through his mouth, then blows him up from the inside. After Gideon explodes, Zanku appears again and starts laughing. Zanku: That had to hurt ( Cole looks at Zanku) Cole: Really?? Where you learn to do that? (Zanku still laughing) Zanku: Youtube.. I saw this trick with mentos and ... Beta Avatar: umm..umm can we focus,,the job isn't finished and we only have an hour to stop Orcus Cole: Come on..we might be getting vanquished soon. What's a little humor? The crew start walking again as they are nearing the exit of the gates. Zanku: Jees.. who got under her robe? Cole looks at Zanku and smile before he give an answer to the question Cole: Nobody..

Prue Slaps Cole on the back of the head with a smirk Barbas: play nice children The five were only a few feet from the exit when it get blocked by rocks Barbas: Now what? Gideon reappears to the rear of the crew, then blast Beta and Cole without warning. After hitting the two with an energy ball, Gideon then blast Zanku and Prue in the same manner sending them flying in different directions. Barbas quickly tries to waive his hand in front of Gideon to read his fear but Gideon vanishes and reappears behind Barbas only to blast him with an energy ball. Gideon: Did you really think I would go so easy? Was that the best you had. Cole: actually.. Prue: Can someone just vanquish him already Cole extends his right hand and uses his power to hold Gideon in place as Barbas stands up and ascends over everyone, stretching both arms east to west to call upon Gideons fear. Barbas: No more child's play Elder. Your greatest fear is being trapped here in flames...Now your fear is your doom. Cole releases Gideon as an unspeakable fear overwhelms him.Barbas descends as two skeletal spirits appear out of thin air to drag Gideon (One on each arm) into the depths of the lava Gideon screams as he is being restrained Gideon: Barbas: So long old friend ( Barbas speaking with a guilty smile) Beta Avatar: How do we get out of here? Zanku: stand back..umm..umm.. this is gonna be big Everybody takes a few steps back as Zanku generates a massive energy ball that completely obliterates the stone and open the entranceto where the demon Orcus is preparing to sacrifice Paige to free the Guardian Na'isa Beta Avatar: We have to hurry..our time is running out They all head through the entrance only to hear the sound of a dying Paige who

has long suffered from the torment of Orcus.

The Lost Isles The scene opens up with the five (Prue, Beta, Zanku, Cole and Barbas) walking through a giant caved filled with sculptures of demonic warriors from the past. All five crew members are amazed at what they are seeing. The cave is long and at the end are two guards protecting gated prisons. Prue: What is this place? Barbas: These are the Lost Isles..and those guards at the end are watching over some pretty special beings. Cole: Why isn't there a guard watching the one on the right? Beta Avatar: That's where Orcus is Prue: How the hell did he get past the guard? Zanku: These guards are just mere low level demons. When the design was created, no one thought that anyone could get past Morvikan. To do so was unthinkable. Only the worst of the worst are here. Beta Avatar: Let me know who's in those prisons Cole: Allow me to do the honors. On the Left we have the one and only Anubis himself. If you ask me, God himself should be guarding that gate. The gate on the right is home to the famed Na'isa.Trust me don't want to meet her. And finally, the middle gate. Well..let's just say, the guy in there, when he's free, there won't be a world left to stand Prue: He must be a bad ass.. Barbas: That's understatement of the year. Cole: And that's why you see a Guardian watching that gate. As the five get closer to the gated prisons, Barbas warns them of what's to come. Barbas: When we get to the hybrids gate, move slowly and don't look at the other gates. We don't want to upset these beings, or else we won't make it to stop the demon or save Paige. As they all enter the gated prison of Na'isa, Prue is about to turn and look at the Guardian, when suddenly another loud scream is heard. Prue: What the hell was that? Zanku: Sounds like souls being tortured

Beta Avatar: No..that was Paige.. Prue: OK..enough of this walking. I have to save my sister The five start running down towards where Paige's scream came from. When they arrive to the end of the Isles, there was Orcus pulling the knife out of Paige's side and her blood started flowing to the floor where a crack leads to the Gates Of Na'isa. Prue waives her hand and send Orcus flying into the walls. Prue: Get away from her dammit. Orcus: It's too late witch..the blood coven is broken Beta cast a massive jolt of lightning at Orcus that vanquishes him but it's too late. The borders around Na'isa's dungeon starts to glow Zanku: Well, that can't be good Cole: Oh crap.. Beta Avatar: This is bad Barbas: in so many ways Zanku: Yeah..maybe we shouldn't be so close to this gate. After a few seconds, the bars around Na'isa's prison explode and the shockingly beautiful Guardian makes her way out. Cole: I didn't sign up for this. Beta Avatar: Prue ..get back Prue is cautiously walking backwards towards the other four as whispers lurk out the cave. Cole: we're so dead Zanku: I think we're going to need backup Zanku bows his head and uses his power to call upon fellow demons to their aid. After a brief moment, a dozen or more demons appear led by a power broker demon. Power broker: Who are you to summon me? Zanku: Lunas, I know we have our differences but right now, I need your assistance Power broker: Why on earth should I help you? and you're working with a charmed one..

Prue: Oh my God..she's here Prue yells as they all turn and focus their attention to Na'isa Power broker: Who's that? Cole: She's our doom if we can't stop her. Power broker: mean to tell me that she's more powerful than the great Zanku, Belthazar and the legendary Prue Halliwell? Prue: Words and all Power broker: Than I want a piece of that..What you need us to do? Zanku: What you do best The demons split up and start attacking Na'isa from different directions, throwing fire and energy balls.The scene looks like an apocalyptic war zone with flashes of light and explosions happening all over the caves. Prue and the rest of the original five all stand back as the powerful Guardian is preparing to unleash centuries of hatred on the demons. The Power broker manages to get off a clean shot on Na'isa, rendering her vulnerable, but just for a moment. Barbas: We hit her now why she's vulnerable Prue: No wait.. Zanku: For what? Prue: It's not finished Na'isa gathers herself together from the power brokers energy ball and cast a force field over herself.The snakes in her hair start glowing and chanting in an unknown language. A couple seconds after chanting, the demons start blowing up. Na'isa teleports and grab the power broker, then she tears him in half with her bare hands,vanquishing him at the same time. Barbas: Nice.. Cole: Now there’s something you don't see a woman doing everyday. Beta Avatar: What was that? Prue: That was a woman scorned Very few demons remained after the power broker was vanquished. The demons that

were left kept throwing energy balls at Na'isa. Na'isa teleports and kill them one at a time until there was only one left.

Final Fight Scene

Na' isa cast an energy ball at the last lower level demon and then a massive shock wave that sends Prue, Zanku, Barbas, Cole and Beta flying in different directions. After a brief moment, they all stand up and surround the powerful Guardian. Cole yells to Prue Cole: have to get that necklace of her. It's the only chance we have Prue: and then what? she's a goddamn hybrid Zanku: Yes, but without that charm she's just another powerful witch Prue: and that's a good thing. Zanku: I'll distract her..Barbas she has to fear something..On my lead Zanku goes on the attack by hurling a giant bolder over the head of Na' isa. Beta stretches her right hand and cast lightning bolts at the bolder that shatters the rock into a large cloud of dust which makes it hard for Na' isa to see. Na' isa immediately covers herself with a forcefield and start Chanting in a dead language. Beta Avatar: Hurry Prue..the necklace Beta shouts to Prue as Cole and Zanku throw continuous fire and energy balls while teleporting to different areas to avoid a strike from Na' isa. Cole: If you're going to do something do it now (shouting to Prue) Zanku: he's right we can't keep this up Prue vanishes into thin air and reappear in front of Na' isa (just as she let's down her shield to cast a death blow to the remaining five), and snatch her necklace. Prue: This is for my son of a bitch. Na' isa blast Prue with an energy ball that send her flying. Barbas teleports and appears behind and waive his right hand over her face as she turn around. Barbas: You're in my world now..Your greatest fear is to be powerless

Na' isa: can't (Na' isa screams) Barbas: ah.. ah.. ahhh you have enough to deal with mortal one. (Barbas fades away) Shortly as Barbas fades away, Na' isa force field vanishes and Cole blast her with an energy ball. Zanku uses his power to keep her bound to the ground as Prue walks over. (The camera is showing Prue walking in slow motion) Zanku: Finish Prue put on the necklace and magically transforms into a Reaper as she is walking toward Na' isa. Prue kneels down and pull off her right glove to finish off Na' isa when Cole scream to her. Cole: Wait.. Prue don't kill her Prue: What.. (Prue looks up at Cole) Cole: Killing her won't bring back Paige. Plus if you kill her you'll be trapped down here to take her place. her bidding.. it's part of the curse bestowed by the Reapers. Prue stands up and back away. Zanku: What the hell are you doing? Prue: I'm locking her away for all times. Prue grabs the locket and bows her head to call the other Reapers. Eleven Reapers appear around Na' isa as Zanku releases control of her. The Reapers all bow and start Chanting in latin as Prue is preparing to cast the Guardian back into The Lost Isles of the wastelands. Prue: By the powers invested in me and the powers that surround this land of beings of equal strength..good and evil....Powers given to me by God himself..(Prue starts to ascend over the powerful Guardian) As Prue is getting ready to send Na' isa back to eternal imprisonment, the rest of the sisters, and Leo arrive and are shocked at what they are seeing. Prue: I Prudence Halliwell..representer of the Charmed Ones...The White lighters (11 White lighters appear)... The Reapers (a dozen more Reapers appear out of a mist of smoke)... The Guardians... and The Avatars (Beta looks at Na'isa and her eyes turn black) banish you back to the Lost Isles for all times. So say The White lighters..(Leo walks over and nod his head in agreement), The Avatars..(Beta nods), and The Demons.. Zanku: absolutely..(Zanku and Cole both nod their heads in agreement) Prue: Be gone for all eternity.

Na' isa vanishes into thin air with 2 Reapers (One on each side) restraining her and dragging her back to the Lost Isles. After the Reapers drag Na'isa back to the Lost Isles, another Reaper (Queen) appears from a cloud of smoke. Phoebe and Piper ran to Prue as the Queen appears. everyone kneels at the sight of the reaper queen except the sisters Reaper Queen: That was mighty brave of you to face the Guardian on these grounds. And now you have something that belongs to my kind. Prue: Who are you? Leo stands up and interrupts Prue. Leo: Forgive her..she is rather new to all of this Reaper Queen: Very well..come to me child (looking at Prue) For my name is Intana. You have to forgive me. I've been around for so long, sometimes I forget. Leo: Prue..the necklace Prue hands Queen Intana the necklace and transform back into her white lighter form. Prue: Just how long have you been around? Reaper Queen: So young and full of questions The Reaper Queen looks at Leo and anticipates him to answer Prue. Prue and the other sisters look at Leo. Leo: Queen Intana ..has been around since the beginning Piper: Of what Leo: Creation Reaper Queen: When God created man..He said let us make man in our image. Who do you think he was talking to? The Reaper Queen looks at the sisters and smiles at Cole.. Reaper Queen: Hey Cutie..long time no see..miss me? Cole gives the queen a smirk Cole: Hell no.. Queen Intana levitates and whispers the words "He's always watching" and vanishes As Queen Intana disappears the Alpha Avatar approaches Prue.

Alpha Avatar: As part of our gratitude for banishing the hybrid, we can offer you one wish. Anything you want, whether it's to be human and be with your sisters again or to bring back Paige. Prue turns around to look at her sisters and Leo. Prue: This isn't my time. Bring back Paige Alpha Avatar: As you wish The Avatars get together and bring back Paige by stretching their hands to the heavens. When Paige appears..she is amazed at the sight of Prue. Piper walks over to Paige and grabs her hand as they both head to Prue. Piper: your baby sister Paige Prue smiles and hug the teary eyed Paige Prue: Another "P" The Demons, White lighters and Avatars all vanish as the sisters hug. Piper hugs Prue and they all start crying. Piper: Oh my God..I've missed you so much Prue: I miss you guys too..So now I got a new baby sister to pick on Prue once again looks at Paige and smiles. Paige: So does this mean you're staying? Prue: The Elders only gave me so much time to be here and now it's up Prue gives her sisters one more hug and ascends. Prue: Blessed be,,I’ll always love you. As Prue vanishes, the sisters are standing together, hugging and crying Leo: Come on guys..let's head home They all turn around and start walking away towards a vortex the Elders opened. Paige turns back and look one more time. When she turn back two white doves appear out of thin air, and the voice of Prue is heard in the background Prue: Take care Paige..I’ll be watching Paige smiles at the birds and enters the vortex

The End

The Wastelands  
The Wastelands  

The Wastelands is a movie script for the popular tv show Charmed