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Headmaster’s Advisory Council 2016 PARENTS Jodie Brokowski Richard Combs Michelle Diaz Agha James Fleming Goli Henderson Joyce Ildesa Erin Judson

Douglas Kincart Jamie Kiskis Betsy Kleiger Tara Mika Jerry Mooney Lucas Murdock Tomas Ryan

Michael Saracen John Scripps Stephanie Thompson Timothy Williams Nicole Winters Adam Woellert

FACULTY/ADMINISTRATION Maureen Cardosa Ryan Carpenter Caroline Fisk Amy Hall Kris Iacono Tina Malone

Lori Ornelas Jennifer Pashkow Suzanne Pettigrew Emily Smith Pamela Volker Ray Volker

Mission We are committed to providing prekindergarten, lower school, and middle school programs that challenge our students to think, learn, create, communicate, and develop to their highest and fullest potentials while preparing them for success in academically demanding high schools. WarrenWalker School believes the development of self-confidence, self-discipline, good character, and

Warren-Walker Parents’ Association Boards 2016-2017 MIDDLE SCHOOL Jen Pashkow President

POINT LOMA CAMPUS Lucas Murdock President

Hope Herrera Vice President Events

Steve Harris Vice President

Stephen Fallica Vice President Finance

JoAnna Gutierrez Treasurer

Frank Calantropio Vice President Communication

Ravi Shiwmangal Secretary

LA MESA CAMPUS Tara Mika President Rebecca Forbes Vice President Fundraising Matina Kleiner Vice President Events Katie Cullen Secretary Elizabeth Hensley Treasurer

academic achievement is founded in a solid acquisition of basic skills, thinking skills, and communication skills brought about by a highly dedicated faculty, administration, and staff. Warren-Walker School is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). WASC is one of six regional accrediting associations in the United States. WASC accreditation is an ongoing six-year cycle whereby schools demonstrate the capacity, commitment, and competence to support high-quality student learning and ongoing school improvement.



Rich in Many Ways

When our longtime registrar, Dotty Burgess, describes Nellie Warren-Walker she says, “She was a remarkable woman, still actively involved in our church when she was well into her 90’s and nearly blind.” Mrs. Walker’s daughter, Ruth Sweeney, said, “Mom was always industrious and practical, thinking of ways to grow and improve, even in the hard times. She even had a backup plan – the original building on Point Loma Avenue was designed to be a duplex, because the bank would lend her money to build a house, but not a school, and each of the classrooms built in the 40’s and 50’s were built to be easily converted to apartments.” By all accounts, our School’s legacy is truly remarkable. Founded during the Great Depression, it not only survived, but soon thrived. Led by a woman called on by leaders in the community to start a private school, her commitment to their children was made up of a passion for teaching, the need to support her family as a widowed mother of two, and a sense that what she was creating would be a valuable asset to a fledgling Ocean Beach. Her focus remained stalwart as to what was best for children. She was raised on a farm in Kansas and married a military man, so she certainly knew what it meant to work hard and be disciplined, but her philosophy spoke beyond those traits: ”The development of self-confidence, self-discipline, and academic achievement are founded in a solid acquisition of basic skills, thinking skills, communication skills, and good character.”

She even made sure that her choice of our School Colors was reflective of these qualities: Purple: symbolizes the noblest of ideals, service, and achievement Gold: symbolizes a wealth of knowledge with judgment to use it wisely Mrs. Walker also knew that children needed to explore and use their imaginations to build a sense of wonder and desire to learn. Early pictures show the children playing at the beach and wearing costumes for special productions. Even in her earliest endeavors, she wanted Warren-Walker to be much more than a school – it needed to be an unforgettable experience that put children on the right path towards a lifetime of success. The faculty and staff on all three campuses that proudly bear her name continue to honor our highly respected founder and strive to ensure that every Warren-Walker student develops to their “highest and fullest potentials.” We believe that the Warren-Walker way of today is a result of the many fine qualities that Nellie Walker lived each day of her 99 years. k


A Word from the Headmaster Legacy… Even when compared to today’s ever expanding life expectancies, 85 years is a long time. Time that provides institutions such as schools to develop a history, and none is richer than ours. It can be found in many of the original photographs of the Point Loma campus, whether it be the shot of the School’s founder, Nellie Warren-Walker, posed at the back steps of the still-standing main building against a backdrop of an unobstructed view to the Pacific, or the one taken in the opposite direction that shows but five homes on the west-facing Point Loma ridge line that now has hundreds of homes. Other photos depict the school’s expansion to Mission Valley and La Mesa and are equally profound. Our history is traced through the archived class rosters and student cumulative files that are the written records of thousands of students who spent, or currently spend, the majority of their formative years on the “mother campus” and are joined by those tied to the La Mesa and Middle School campuses, as well - each one with stories about teachers, friends, classmates, schoolmates, and experiences that make up the communal fabric – our legacy – of this school.

Spirit… Children spend half of their waking hours during their developmental years in school. During that time each child leaves behind an indelible mark, or “Spirit”, by virtue of having been in that place. These take the form of innocence, spontaneous laughter, fears, tears, hugs, friendships made, athletic achievements, academic successes, and the wonder of discovering all things new. How many of us have walked the halls of our former schools, gyms, playing fields, (particularly when empty), and not felt this “Spirit”? When one walks the halls of our Middle School after closing time, the images of the students in the Washington DC photos lining the walls speak volumes. At La Mesa, the gym reverberates with the excitement of play, yet there is not a student to be found. Given its history, the Point Loma campus is literally alive at midnight! This rather existential view may be lost on some, but for those who have experienced it – our students, faculty, and staff – it is quite real.



At Warren-Walker School, “Promise” takes on two forms. One is the sincere and irrevocable commitment to do something, which is understood at a very early age. “Daddy, you promised,” is a go-to response when children feel let down, experience a lack of follow through, or simply have an expectation unfulfilled. A school like ours is ever mindful of this. As a result when a promise is made, every power within the institution is put in place to keep it. Our Mission Statement is a promise. The commitment to provide a safe and secure learning environment is another. The list of promises is long.

Promise also lies within each of our students and is immeasurable. Our commitment is to provide a well-crafted and well-rounded approach to learning that invites each child to stretch and grow in endless ways. Entering high school with a sense of purpose, confidence, and desire to learn are gifts that lead to boundless possibilities and create the substance that best ensures success in school and in life.

More than a school . . .

There is no doubt that we attract highly qualified students, as validated by the results of ability tests, and assessments that gauge achievement both of which have been very strong for many years. This represents the quantitative side of the educational equation, and among independent schools like ours, is a built-in expectation. What then, sets us apart? What makes a docent on a museum field trip remark, “These are the best students I’ve encountered in my twenty years!”? What makes the admissions directors at the high schools to which our students matriculate say, “They are something special!”? What makes a parent say, “My kids absolutely love school!”? The answers lie in the more qualitative ingredients that make us more than a school. In formulating this recipe, Warren-Walker School focuses all the resources and energy it can garner to create learning environments that entice and enthrall our students to grow and develop into fine citizens, successful scholars, and independent thinkers. Each hone these qualities while demonstrating the highest degree of character and within the context of an encouraging community. This is further achieved by focusing on the needs of each child served. This requires small class size, a remarkably low ratio of students to teachers, child-friendly and safe facilities, committed and knowledgeable adults, and supportive families, alumni, and friends. In the pages that follow, we thank those who have given their time, talent, and treasure to ensure that the resources required to support this most worthy of endeavors are available. One thing is certain; we can’t do it alone. There will be a continual reliance on all of our constituencies, including current and former parents and faculty, grandparents, alumni, and friends of the School. Together we can, have, and will make a difference, now, and for the next 85 years!

Go Gulls! Raymond J. Volker, M.Ed. Headmaster


Independent Thinking in a Media-Driven World

It is certainly easy to do what “everybody else is doing,” repeat what you have heard on the television, You Tube, or the radio, or do a quick check for information on your device of choice… but to be an independent thinker, you must explore, take your own learning and understanding to a higher and/or deeper level, and choose to act in keeping with what you truly know and believe. For years, the stated goals of our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes have been to foster the development of “fine citizens”, “successful scholars”, and “independent thinkers.” All of these qualities require confidence, self-discipline, sincerity of purpose, and ample thoughtfulness. Thinking deeply and independently about important matters are skills that must be learned, beginning with learning to listen intently.


Developing good auditory skills boosts vocabulary, receptive and expressive language, reading, and writing skills. Thinking deeply is built by reading deeply – concentrating, fact checking, searching for related thoughts, inferences, and underlying messages, seeking clarification, and contemplating – and thoughtful discussion with knowledgeable people. All of these things take time, intent, and mindfulness for our students to achieve true independent thinking prowess. The younger we begin teaching and reinforcing these mindsets, the more likely our children will become strong, capable, independently-thinking adults who make good choices and wise decisions. k

International Programs Ni Hao! Over the last three years, students in 7th grade have applied to travel with fellow classmates and teachers to beautiful Zhejiang Province in China for the twoweek experience of a lifetime! On this trip in mid-June, students have seen history come to life visiting the amazing cities of Suzhou, Hangzhou, & Xian while also being immersed in modern Chinese culture by attending school and living in a homestay in the town of Yongkang. The success of this trip has inspired the consideration of additional opportunities, both foreign and domestic, as part of our growing GullsTreks program.


Engaging our students in interesting classroom content, is a WarrenWalker School hallmark where our integrated curriculum content ensures that STEAM is a large part of everyday activities. A component of that curriculum is a beginning level robotics program. For our youngest students, we employ Wonder Workshop’s award-winning Dash & Dot robots that formulate the building blocks for logical thinking, and creative problem solving, as students learn how to code instructions to the ‘bots using ipads and simple building block instructions. Our 4th and 5th grade students utilize the Lego Mindstorms robotics which include software and hardware that allow them to create customizable, programmable robots. An intelligent brick computer controls the system while the software allows programming of the robot with a completed set of coded instructions and master tasks using modular sensors and motors. Our students benefit from the practice of learning how to think in an orderly and logical manner while practicing creative problem solving and teamwork skills. Additionally, having the preliminary exposure to these skills, presents a magnificent segue to our nationally recognized “Sea Perch” underwater robotics program at the Middle School. k 5


What our community is saying Last spring we surveyed all parents in all grades and students in grades 2nd - 8th. We asked parents to rate their understanding and experience, and provide feedback about curriculum, faculty, fundraising, and their overall satisfaction with the School. The students were asked two simple questions: What do you love most about your school? What would you do to improve the school? We had over 400 responses to the surveys with great ideas, comments, and suggestions. The one constant throughout the results was the overwhelming appreciation and respect for our faculty. All the results were shared and addressed with our Headmaster’s Advisory Council which guides the administration in determining important areas of improvement for the School, overall. Here are the some of the findings:


2016 Commencement Our Middle School Commencement Ceremony took place on Tuesday, June 7, and Suzanne Pettigrew, esteemed Dean of the Middle School, first recognized several outstanding citizens and scholars who had earned awards. The School Community volunteered over 1,500 hours of service, while John Thatcher volunteered more than 300 hours himself working with children, which earned him the “Purple and Gold Merit Award.” The “Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence” was earned by Savannah Gordon. Another prestigious award, the “Loyalty Cup,” was proudly presented to Phil Schabarum, 2015-16 Student Body President. Mrs. Pettigrew thanked all the 8th grade families for their contributions in making it a successful school year. Many parents had been at Warren-Walker for numerous years and this was their last child to graduate. She personally thanked them for all they had done for the years they had been with us and the fun we had together. She remarked about the creativity and hard work putting on events like the All Star Party, Urban Affair, Holiday Tea, Artz Night, Gulls on the Green, and Day on the Bay, which were greatly enjoyed and appreciated by all. Mrs. Pettigrew sincerely thanked the parents “for entrusting their children to us.”


To our graduating 8th grade, she said, “A theme is evident every year – this year it is class friendship. Being entertained by you all year, and watching your confidence grow over the years, I appreciate what each of you has brought to our School community.” k

Awards and Honors PRESIDENTIAL EXCELLENCE AWARD Trevor Brokowski Diego Escobar Savannah Gordon Elena Medina Alexander J. Lee Andrew Molina Max Rogozienski TJ Roeder Katherine Taylor Theo Schenck

AWARD FOR SPIRIT AND CHARACTER New this year is the first annual Warren-Walker Middle School “Award for Spirit and Character” presented to Jillian Roberts. The award was created to reflect how highly Jillian is regarded by the faculty and her peers. The words that kept coming to mind from faculty and administration for Jillian was “spirit of the class”. As Mrs. Pettigrew wrote in her commencement speech,“ she has such a positive spirit that permeates the halls each day. She takes responsibility for her actions, is kind, and is a peacemaker. She is our ‘go to’ girl. Mostly, she is always upbeat and fun. She makes us laugh. She embodies the LEGACY-SPIRIT PROMISE motto which defines Warren-Walker School.” k

Cole Unitedt Sam Wilhelm

PRESIDENTIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Natalie Erb Phil Schabarum Parvis Henderson Line Kingsbury



CLASS OF 2016: HIGH SCHOOL PLACEMENTS We congratulate our Class of 2016 for their acceptances and matriculation to many of San Diego’s best high school programs. The students distinguished themselves for having earned multiple high school enrollment offers. We look forward to watching them continue to grow academically and for the contributions they will make at their chosen school communities! Michael Ambagtsheer Saint Augustine High School Trace Baker Saint Augustine High School Ryan Bastuba Coronado High School Trevor Brokowski Francis Parker School Jack Buck SET High School Ethan Burger La Jolla Country Day School Carly Cripps Cathedral Catholic High School Natalie Erb Point Loma High School Diego Escobar Point Loma High School Savannah Gordon Francis Parker School James Graca La Jolla Country Day School Parviz Henderson The Bishop’s School Veronica House Francis Parker School Daniel Kalotov Westhills High School Sophia Kaplan Coronado High School Karoline Kingsbury Francis Parker School AJ Lee Saint Augustine High School Nate Lewis Saint Augustine High School Elena Medina Point Loma High School

Andrew Molina Francis Parker School Peter Read Valhalla High School Jillian Roberts Cathedral Catholic High School Ryan Rodriguez Santa Fe Christian School TJ Roeder Saint Augustine High School Max Rogozienski Point Loma High School Madison Santos Grossmont High School Philip Schabarum Saint Augustine High School Theo Schenck Patrick Henry High School Katherine Taylor Point Loma High School John Thatcher Saint Augustine High School Cole Untiedt Francis Parker School Charlie Van Arsdall La Jolla Country Day School Ian Villanueva-Wright Valhalla High School Bernardo Waisbord Coronado High School Sam Wilhelm Saint Augustine High School Quinn Williams Francis Parker School Lexi Zamora Coronado School of Arts


2016 Scholarships and Awards Ruth Walker Sweeney, school director and daughter of founder Nellie Warren-Walker, established the Warren-Walker Fund because of her heartfelt commitment to the School and her generous spirit. Through continued support of our community, the fund matures and grows. The Warren-Walker Fund provides the School with the opportunity to attract and reward high achieving students. Their contribution through academic excellence in the areas of math, science, writing, and information technology enhance the lives of all students.

KEEFE FAMILY SCIENCE AWARD The Keefe Science award was established in 2006 and is awarded to Middle School students who demonstrate excellence in science. The Keefe Family, which includes Morgan ’05, Connor ’08, and Dillon ’10, is committed to rewarding and sharing their enthusiasm and passion for science with the students of Warren-Walker School. This year’s recipients were Aidan Staszak ’18, Molly Buck ’17, Mason Pashkow ’17, and Sam Wilhelm ’16.


DIANE WOOD MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP In 2015, a memorial scholarship was established to honor Diane Wood, a Lower School Information Literacy and Technology specialist for fourteen years at Warren-Walker School. Mrs. Wood shared her passion and expertise in information technology with our students until her passing in July 2015. Nominees for the award, selected by teachers across all three campuses, must show interest and achievement in the areas of mathematics and technology. Criteria included aptitude and enthusiasm for math and computers, a willingness to take risks, a strong work ethic and attention to detail, a good moral compass, and the ability to solve problems creatively. The committee selected Kaegin Fisk ‘20, a Point Loma Lower School 4th grader who was taught by Mrs. Wood for six years, as the first recipient of the Diane Wood Memorial Scholarship. A yellow rose bush was planted last spring by Point Loma faculty to memorialize Mrs. Wood. The flowers are thriving and serve as a beautiful reminder of Mrs. Wood’s service to the WarrenWalker community.

JIM NAPOLITAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Coach Jim Napolitan, our La Mesa Lower School P.E. Specialist and Middle School flag- football coach at Warren-Walker for 7 years, passed away in 2007. Coach Nap loved the students of Warren-Walker School and left behind a strong legacy of teaching the importance of good sportsmanship. Each year, students are selected for this award and scholarship who best represent the important traits of sportsmanship: ”fair play, respect for opponents, and polite behavior by someone who is competing in a sport or other competition.” This year two Middle School 8th graders were honored; Michael Ambagtsheer ‘16 and Katherine Taylor ‘16. La Mesa Lower School also honors a 5th grade student with the Coach Nap Award for sportsmanship annually. This year’s recipient was Nico Mosely ‘19 for his sense of fair play while participating wholeheartedly.

ART MCDANIEL SCHOLARSHIP Arthur R. McDaniel, father of longtime kindergarten teacher, Kitty McDaniel and grandfather to Lily Edwards ’08, was an engineer who contributed great infrastructure to our city and county. He graduated summa cum laude from USC in engineering in 1953. He moved to Pacific Beach in 1959 where he raised a family and pursued a successful career as a civil engineer. He transformed the civic architecture of his beloved San Diego with his distinctive, innovative, and nationally recognized work, including the Mission Bay bridges, the North Harbor Drive bridge from the airport to Point Loma, the San Diego trolley bridges (for which he invented the signature fluted columns now widely in use), and the surface crossings over Interstate 15 in City Heights. He was an esteemed mentor to dozens of younger colleagues whose work continues his legacy and enriches our city. He was truly a remarkable man, and we are honored that the McDaniel family has chosen The Warren-Walker Fund to be a beneficiary of his success. The student recipient for this award will be chosen for the first time in the 2016 2017 school year from those nominated by their teachers who demonstrate interest and achievement in the areas of engineering and/or design. k

ANN DUBOIS WRITING AWARD Ann DuBois, 7th and 8th grade teacher, has taught English at Warren-Walker School for 14 years. Ms. DuBois instructs her students to strive for excellence, to which they “rise to the occasion” often surprising themselves. The students leave her class each year as strong, confident writers. The recipient of this distinguished award was Diego Escobar ‘16.


Alumni CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2012! Our class of 2012 graduates, after graduating from their high schools, are heading off to stellar colleges and universities around the country. We wish them well as this exciting next chapter of their lives begins at the institutions they have chosen. Cassie Anderson

University of California, Los Angeles

Myla Andrews

University of California, Los Angeles

Jake Baker Grant Brannigan

San Diego State University

Alexandria Brooker

California State University, San Marcos

Matthew Danaher

University of California, Santa Barbara

Andrew DeBardinis Valeria Delgadillo Nicole DeNamur Shannon Doran

University of Arizona Gap year for 16-17 University of California, Berkeley Boston University

Remy Eggers

University of Colorado, Boulder

Alyssa Gillies

Art Institute of Chicago

Elizabeth Hammond

Gonzaga University

Kelly Houlahan

St. Mary’s College

Andrew Kossy

San Diego Mesa College

Brendan Leahy

University of California, Berkeley

Steven Leuck Elizabeth Matheson Jake Nuffer

San Diego State University Boston College The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music

David Pepper

Dartmouth College

Bennett Poiset

Creighton University

Ariel Pumpelly

University of California, Riverside

Dylan Rohn

University of Southern California

Emily Schabarum

California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo

Quinn Seau

Johns Hopkins University

Jenna Soule

University of California, Davis

Jessica Van Slyck Troy Vencil 14

Chapman University

University of Kansas San Diego State University

David Pepper ’12 THE MAKING OF A VALEDICTORIAN Being valedictorian of Saint Augustine High School is an achievement that earns and deserves admiration, honor, and pronouncement. David Pepper had a lot to say about what it took to attain his 4.48 GPA, given the extent of his extra-curricular activities and other responsibilities. He played both soccer and golf, as well as soccer on a club team, while in high school. In addition, he participated in the “Mock Trial” club and served as editor of The Augustinian, Saints’ newspaper. A good student from the time he joined us in prekindergarten on the Point Loma campus, David took learning to a higher, more intellectual level, remembered by his second grade teacher, Tricia (Gordon) Ring, as “rather professorial” even as a youngster. He says he learned to appreciate the preparation he had at WWS and Saints, both of which made a difference for him, as it led him to better understand important concepts for the “hard courses” and inspired him to want to know more. Fascinated by planes, he began reading magazines about aviation and space technology by the time he was seven or eight-years-old, wanting to know “why things work and how to improve” their design, which fueled his need to know more. He thinks his overall “desire to succeed” in school was stimulated by learning how to improve in soccer, and even playing the piano, claiming it’s all about “repeating and practicing skills” and realizing the benefits of his progress.

Compared to an online class he once took, he said he learned more when in a classroom with other students and connecting with this teachers. He particularly appreciates having learned good study skills and how to organize, stating, “I stuck to the Middle School color-coded system for my notebooks.” His advice to students is, “Focus on the academics. Get organized and don’t get behind. Use your time wisely.” As a result of all of this, he was the first to gain a highly coveted summer internship at Northrop Grumman for two years, and then entrance into Dartmouth, noteworthy from his perspective for its strong Liberal Arts base and Engineering program. He added that he liked that Dartmouth is known best for its commitment to outstanding teaching, where students are encouraged to get to know their professors on a personal level, a quality that he learned to appreciate at WWS, given that Robin O’Connor, one of his prekindergarten teachers, is often invited to enjoy dinner at home with his family. He feels privileged to have attended WWS and Saints, both of which he credits for preparing him for success at a prestigious university. There is no doubt in our minds that David will become a remarkable engineer with his inquiring mind, longterm commitment to understanding complex and interrelated concepts, desire to succeed, enjoyment of the traditional educational process, and willingness to strive to learn more. k

In addition, David said he enjoyed his teachers throughout his lower, middle, and high school years. 15

Asha Walker ‘08 WELL-RESPECTED & WILLING TO SERVE Following her two older siblings, Zuri ’06 and Amani ‘03, Asha Walker joined us on the Point Loma campus as a fifth grade student with strong academic potential, a willingness to work hard, and an incredible attitude, thereby earning a scholarship supported through the Warren-Walker Fund. During her three years at our Middle School, Asha was a member of the Honor band, and captain of the volleyball, soccer, and basketball teams. She received multiple academic honors and completed more than two hundred hours of Community Service. Asha was elected Social Chair and then President of the Middle School Student Council for two years, underscoring that she was well respected among her peers and willing to serve as a mentor to younger students. Her fondest memories of her time at WWS were going on the 8th grade East Coast trip (her first time flying) and writing a short story in Ms. DuBois’ 7th grade English class. She says this about her teachers: “The relationships built with the teachers at Warren-


Walker go beyond the educational foundation. They all genuinely care, not only about the academic success of the students, but the healthy, positive development of the whole person. The support lasts long beyond the years spent at WarrenWalker, where teachers and students become friends and mentors.” She earned placement at Francis Parker High School along with other alumni, including Foster Collins and William Gaines, where she played varsity soccer, volleyball, and softball. After graduating with honors from Parker, she attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, graduating Summa Cum Laude this spring with a degree in Psychology and a minor in African-American Studies. Asha has enhanced her education by receiving grants and awards to travel to South Africa, Ghana, Argentina, and Cuba. Asha credits her parents for encouraging her to always look for and take advantage of every opportunity that comes her way. Asha is currently working at Loyola Marymount University in a psychology research lab with plans to return to school to earn her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. k


Faculty News FACULTY CELEBRATING YEARS OF SERVICE A large part of our impressive legacy and community spirit is the number of years our faculty stays with us – markedly beyond the average for those who teach elsewhere, as reported in the media. The following faculty and staff were honored at our end-of-year breakfast for their dedication and service to the students of Warren-Walker School. Service plaques are awarded in five-year increments.

Jennie Songer Renee Kuerbis Greg Wood Christine Haddaway

25 years 15 years 15 years 10 years

Shelly Baker Caroline Thomas Tammy Huntress Carmela Dunbar

10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years

This kind of longevity promotes the development and consistency of our well-established program, builds camaraderie, hones our cross-curricular units, and reinforces our reputation for high quality instruction. These members of our faculty and staff have worked hard to make the Warren-Walker Way all that it is.


New Faculty and Staff We welcome new faculty and staff members to our community. Debbie Weber, parent of Polina in 5th grade La Mesa, and former WWPA Board Treasurer, joined the WWS staff last year in the Business Office as finance administrator. Carol Tom joins us as our new registrar and database manager, bringing with her more than 25 years of experience in the banking industry. Allison Hooker ‘01 joins us on the faculty as a full-time substitute. Allison, a WWS graduate, was a part-time substitute teacher for us last year and a Camp Gulls counselor this past summer. k

Retired Faculty DOTTIE BURGESS, REGISTRAR Dottie Burgess worked at Warren-Walker for 37 years, arriving on the Point Loma campus long before Mr. Volker. She substituted often and completed a long stint in prekindergarten. Most parents will remember her as the kind-hearted registrar, reminding them to update their children’s immunizations and return all the forms. We all have appreciated her enthusiasm and sense of humor.

NONA PERRIN, ART TEACHER This past summer we said goodbye to one of the School’s talented and treasured faculty members. Nona Perrin, Art Specialist for more than 16 years, retired. Nona developed an art program unparalleled to any. Integrating lessons into the classroom curriculum brought depth to science, social studies, literature, and more – truly cross-curricular. Her true passion and talent was evident in her teaching as she inspired countless students to develop their skills by bringing out the talent in all. She had a unique way of instructing that encouraged individuality while teaching the elements of art and enlightening the students’ understanding of art history. Nona will not be retiring from art, as she will now enjoy the time to take more classes, create her own art, and share her passion with the world. Her impact on Warren-Walker School has been enormous, and we wish her all the best in her new endeavor.


Giving Giving to Warren-Walker School historically comes in one of two ways – through the school’s Annual Fund or through the cooperative efforts of the Warren-Walker Parents’ Associations (WWPA). Each WWPA annually hosts a school parent party and auction allowing parents to make contributions to the ongoing advancements of the School. This partnership also gives the parents a voice in the future of the School’s growth. The following is a partial list of WWPA funded initiatives that support campus safety, technological needs, and curriculum enhancements.


Wireless Emergency Alarm System at Point Loma Campus

Document Reader Systems and Carts

Robotics program hardware and instructional support

Wireless System Upgrade at all campuses

ChromeBooks (classroom sets)

iPads (classrooms & support)

Gardening Programs

Classroom Overhead Projection Systems

New La Mesa Gym Flooring and Sound System for Drama and Assemblies.

Warren-Walker Parents’ Associations One could effectively argue that there are few schools with a Parent Association (WWPA) that matches the enthusiasm, community, and spirit of the three found on the campuses of Warren-Walker School. Their ever-consistent ability to put personal agendas aside allows them to stay focused on the task-at-hand. This and the willingness to work closely with the School’s administrative team make for the most effective organizations. One of our WWPA Presidents put it succinctly when he outlined the strategies for the WWPA with these four points. Examples of the activities to which they relate are from all three campuses. ENHANCE THE STUDENT EXPERIENCE • Carnivals • Movie Nights • Arts Enrichment Assemblies • Son / Daughter Events • Support of Classroom Liaisons • Community Care / Service opportunities

HOST ACTIVITIES THAT BUILD THE COMMUNITY • Restaurant Nights • Wine Socials / Parent Parties • New Family Outreach • General Meetings • Volunteer Opportunities • Community Care / Service

SHOW APPRECIATION FOR FACULTY AND STAFF • Mini-grants • Faculty Appreciation Luncheons • Room Parent Support • Holiday and Birthday Gifts

FUNDRAISE TO ENHANCE THE SCHOOL’S RESOURCES • Apex Fun Runs • Support of the Annual Fund campaign • Annual Parent Party Auctions

Our WWPAs make a profound difference on our campuses and together they contribute to the making of one great School! k



2015-2016 Annual Fund Annual giving through our Annual Fund provides resources to offer competitive salaries which attract and retain exceptional teachers, and extends financial assistance and scholarships to deserving students who contribute in many ways to our community. In cooperation with fundraising efforts from our Warren-Walker Parent Association (WWPA), additional funds raised enhance and improve our program offerings throughout the grades at all three campuses, including our more recent additions of robotics and gardening! We are truly grateful for the many supporters, who have demonstrated their appreciation of our 85-year-old legacy, and who have done their part to ensure that there will be 85 more! WHERE THE FUNDS ARE ALLOCATED





Alumni Parent


Faculty/Staff Grandparents



Annual Fund Giving Levels The following lists represent marked commitment to our Mission, appreciation of the talent and expertise of our teachers, and the desire to support our efforts to improve. We thank all our donors for their generosity and investment in our students’ future. Donors are from families of current students, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, employees, corporations, and friends of Warren-Walker School.

The 1932 Society

Chris and Hope Herrera Travis and Angela Jones ($10,000 – up) Erik and Erin Judson The Ryan Family Charitable Foundation In honor of Sophia and Ava Boyce Scott and Carrie Musicant ($5,000 - $9,999) Douglas and Huiyi Paterson Anonymous Ronn Pay and Jennifer Skalski-Pay Rick and Christal LaVite Devon Schmitt Anonymous Joel and Katherine Spengler John Thatcher and Karen Andersen-Thatcher ($1,000 - $4,999) Theodore and Elizabeth Van Oosbree Douglas and Cam Bowman Loren and Kirsten Waldapfel Don and Debbie Clauson Bryan and Kecia Watts Alex and Danyell Fima Cameron and Stephanie Wilson Jeffrey and Kate Gabriel The Wing Family In honor of Steven Grafton Greg and Moorea Wood Mike Haas Timothy Young and Beatriz Palomino Young David Hall and Carey Fox Phyllis Haynes ($250-$499) Joseph and Vicki Horiye Anonymous David and Mallory Kaplan Lauren and Jason Alcoser and Danielle Humphries Jon and Christy Anderson Larry Katz and Carolina Finch Jerry and Heather Mooney Niven and Helen Bonar In honor of Craig and Adrienne Buck David and Michael Ambagtsheer Frank Calantropio Raymond and Pamela Volker Robert and Gayle Caughey Michael Pham and Ula Tuszweicka Michael and Julie Connolly Sherry Ritchey Hal and Mary Daub Christopher Staszak and Kristin Gillespie Christian and Gemma Dela Rosa Robert Welcomer Jr. Lea Dimalanta Tony and Theresa DiVita ($500-$999) John and Jennifer Ewart Anonymous Bryan and Nina Faircloth Brent and Jennifer Altomare Stewart and Ellen Benkle Lloyd and Caroline Fisk Lowell and Marge Carmony James and Jennifer Fleming Tim Dunnigan and Kimberly Claffy James and Rebecca Forbes Mark and Tracee Eger Guillermo and Karla Garcia Andreas and Christy Eros Harold and Joan Grafton Travis Finch and Jessica Heidemann Seth and Stacee Groff Luis Foglio and Edna Contreras Martin and Goli Henderson Jason and Jennifer Forga Bob and Rosie Hild Javier Garcia and Tania Gonzalez Jose Haro and Joyce Ildesa Daniel and Jill Kindron

Heads’ Circle

Purple and Gold



Greg and Pennie Kleiner Matt and Matina Kleiner Rafael Laveaga and Elena Aguirre Gabriel and Tara Mika Janet Mika Kevin and Patricia Olson Rowena Orpilla Chad and Michelle Perry Steven and Ingrid Hubachek Sean and Whitney Robinson Miguel Romero Tom and Jessica Ryan John and Andrea Scripps Larry and Tarah Sidiropoulos Juan and Lety Soriano Jeff Strouth and Ashley Crawford Steffen and Stephanie Thompson Todd Webber and Caroline Dennis The Weisenfeld Family Scott and Patricia Williams Adam Woellert and Leoncio Trejo

Gulls’ Club

(up to $249) Anonymous Allyson Aabram Thomas and Tina Ackerman Jr. Elizabeth Alfaro-Gonzalez Steven and Anna Amundson Pornpen Atkinson Scott Bailey Frank and Donna Baker Jeff and Shelly Baker Mel and Nicole Baldwin Todd and Tabitha Barry Martin and Teresa Bastuba Giovanni and Grace Battaglia Tommy and Michele Battaglia Sheldon and Marie Black The Blue Family Norman and Joan Bramstedt Brian and Jodie Brokowski Glen and Dotty Burgess 25

Giving Levels (Continued) Mark and Kim Rones In memory of Paul Calantropio Mireya Jordan Celebrate Everything Events John and Pennie Cantwell Carol Kao Kyle and Gladys Ruck Tommy and Maureen Cardosa Ken and Diana Kaplan Michael Ryan Rachel Cargill Douglas and Ana Kincart Christopher and Elisa Savoia Tom Cargill and Kathy Taylor Jamie Kiskis and Karen Krasne Allyson Schimmel Ryan and Adrienne Carpenter Jason and Rieko Konitzer Mark Schmid and NK Mbaya Jonathan and Stacy Cartmell Renee Kuerbis In Memory of Candace Kilburn Joe and Veronica Christie Sasha and Anne Marie Kukulj John and Laurie Scott Bryan and Coleen Clementson David and Valerie Lattin Savaii Seau and Megan Hoffner Thomas and Lisa Laube Mary Clifton John and Dana Shackelford The Lemmon Family Richard and Marta Combs Robert and Roxanne Shapiro Jonathan and Lety Lewis Sheila Connor Ravi Shiwmangal and Jenny McDaniel Karen Linarelli Donald and Leigh Cook Daniel and Kelly Silva Sig Llorens and Jane Kamahi-Llorens The Cripps Family Glenn and Karen Simpson Jose and Amy Luna Julia Cruz-Fallica Eric Skoblar and Erin Costa Skoblar Khoi Ly and Jenny Nguyen Brian and Katie Cullen Emily Smith John and Nicole Madison Rich and Carrie D’Ascoli Kyla Smith Lee Mallory Jon and Mary Davis Michael and Diana Smith Tina Malone Ann DuBois Bo and Stacey Smith Kellie Marcarelli Carmela Dunbar Matthew and Janine Smock Don and Katie Marso Edmundo and Ileana Escobar Lonnie and Jennifer Songer Sandra Mayberry Stephen Fallica Kelsey Souser Bohdan and Olga Mazhar Jaclyn Farah Kelly and Victoria Stairs Peter and Yvonne Mendiola Michael Fendley and Bridget McKenna Lucy Suros Ermias and Sophia Mesghenna Ronald Ficalora Jr. and Elizabeth Hensley Tomas Suros Darrell Miller and Anna Marie Lubati Pamela Fisk and Winston Extavour Lucas Talbert Michael and Barbara Morgan Barbara Fitzgerald Greg and Tammy Taylor Lucas and Addie Murdock Virginia Foletta Robin Thein Kimra Musser Gail Forbes Darwin and Anna Thomas Julian Myers and Jessica Lechuga Crista Frans The Thomas Family Peter and Sylvia Myers Lolita Gates Jean Thompson Michael and Diane Neil In honor of Grant Gauthier Michael Tobin and Mark Williams Floyd and Tiffany North Nancy Glassman Regan and Lu Tully John and Beth Nosworthy Helios Gonzalez Jack and Sharon Vanderlip Jim and Wendy Graca Robin O’Connor Eric and Stephanie Venn-Watson ReNee Greenberg Laura Rannells John Walker Jr and Lisbeth Camacho The Grimasaukas Family Pablo and Lori Ornelas Debbie Weber Hunter and Jen Pashkow Tom Grondona and Lauren Azevedo-Grondona Grant and Robyn Westmorland David and Suzanne Pettigrew Joe and JoAnna Gutierrez Chase and Grace Wickersham John and Mary Lin Pitalo Philip and Amy Hall Kevin and Kari Wickersham Oswaldo and Sany Ramirez Robert and Jen Handler Alex and Natalie Wilhelm Steve and Toni Read Eric and Linda Hanks David and Nicole Winters Stephen and Erika Revord Tom and Gina Harney Jean Claude and Carmen Wormington Royce and Tricia Ring Steve and Nicole Harris Darryl and Helena Zandstra Russell and Giulia Rivera The Hunter Family Patrycja Zapasnik and Thomas Stewart Michael and Paula Robinson Tammy Huntress Tim and Stephanie Zuzack Natasha Robinson In Rythmns Yoga Joseph Rohn and Julia Castlen Kris and Christi Iacono


Restricted Gifts The following donors contributed to the areas of the school with which they closely identify. The funds were earmarked specifically for merit-based scholarships, technology programs or campus improvements, professional growth for faculty, and other identified needs. There were, and continue to be, opportunities for donors to create and establish named scholarships.

La Mesa Robotics Club:

Donors supported the La Mesa Lower School emerging robotics proram with a minimum of $250 donation. Brent and Jennifer Altomare Sheldon and Marie Black John and Jennifer Ewart Bryan and Nina Faircloth Ronald Ficalora and Hensley Travis Finch and Jessica Heidemann James and Rebecca Forbes Guillermo and Karla Garcia Harold and Joan Grafton Jose Hose and Joyce Ildesa Erik and Erin Judson Matt and Matina Kleiner Peter and Yvonne Mendiola Gabriel and Tara Mika Scott and Carrie Musicant Julian Myers and Jessica Lechuga Floyd and Tiffany North Kevin and Patricia Olson Rowena Orpilla Chad and Michelle Perry Kyle and Gladys Ruck John and Andrea Scripps Larry and Tarah Sidiropoulos Michael and Diana Smith Joel and Katherine Spengler Lucy Suros Adam Woellert and Leoncio Trejo

Point Loma Tile Club:

Donors contributed $75-$250 to directly support merit scholarships. Their children were each given an opportunity to personalize and paint tiles which are proudly displayed on the wall outside our Point Loma front office. Allyson Aabram David Aabram Christy and Jon Anderson Tom Cargill and Kathy Taylor Julie and Michael Connolly Danette & Linda DiPasquale-Brandenburg Jennifer and James Fleming Meliana and Anthony Johnson Angela and Travis Jones David Kaplan and Danielle Humphries Larry Katz and Carolina Finch Ana and Doug Kincart Betsy and Jeremy Kleiger Christal and Ricardo LaVite Kristin and Spencer Mallder Jennifer and Hunter Pashkow Michael Ryan Devon Schmitt Roxanne and Robert Shapiro Erik Skoblar and Erin Costa Skoblar Sarah and Troy Smith Leo Vargas and Vonda McAllister Stephanie and Cameron Wilson

Seashore Club:

Donors gave a minimum of $250 to support the Middle School WWPA initiatives. Christine and Andreas Eros Suzanne and David Pettigrew Pamela and Raymond Volker Julie and Michael Connolly Joeann and Steven Gauthier Vicki and Joseph Horiye Christal and Ricardo LaVite Sean McNeil Mina Desiderio Jennifer and Ronald Pay Anonymous


Merit Scholarships and Awards Keefe Family Science Award David and Suzanne Pettigrew Daniel and Quiroga Cano Scott and Carrie Musicant Darwin and Anna Thomas

Ann DuBois Writing Award Ryan and Adrienne Carpenter Jonathan and Stacy Cartmell Juan and Leticia Soriano Stephan and Roni Cripps Edmundo and Ileana Escobar

Jim Napolitan Memorial Scholarship Scott Bailey Michael and Barbara Morgan Lonnie and Jennifer Songer Karen Linarelli Jack and Sharon Vanderlip John and Karen Thatcher


Diane Wood Memorial Scholarship Donna and Frank Baker Steven and Michele Beary Colin and Helen Bonar Glen and Dorothea Burgess Rachel Cargill Tom Cargill and Kathy Taylor Joseph Rohn and Julia Castlen Ann DuBois Alexander and Danyell Fima Caroline and Lloyd Fisk Javier Gonzalez and Tania Garcia Steven and Joeann Gauthier Amy and Phillip Hall Eric and Linda Hanks Ingrid Qirko and Steven Hubachek Ken and Diana Kaplan Renee Kuerbis Lisa and Thomas Laube Amy and Jose Luna Khoi Ly and Jenny Nguyen Nicole and John Madison Tina Malone Bohdan and Olga Mazhar Diane and Michael Neil Jamie and Amy Ogle Lori and Pablo Ornelas Jennifer and Hunter Pashkow Oswaldo and Sany Ramirez Tamra and Scott Schmidt Dana and John Shackelford Ravi Shiwmangal and Jenny McDaniel Kelly and Daniel Silva Jennifer and Lonnie Songer Lucas Talbert Tammy and Greg Taylor Pamela and Raymond Volker Deborah Weber Alexander and Natalie Wilhelm Scott and Patricia Williams Thomas and Elisa Wing Greg and Moorea Wood

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