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Ingot is a bespoke cloud based application with intelligent user friendly architecture.

Multimodal capability

OnLine Approvals

Data links

Ingot creates transparency across a

Approving orders from your desktop, tablet

Fully EDI compliant, Ingot will link to

multimodal platform with real time, first

or phone couldn’t be easier with our bespoke

any capable system, streamlining data

screen filtering and a split page, time-saving

online approval app. With full autonomous

interchange, improving accuracy and

preview summary.

options to approve or decline, a comments

reducing cost.

box narrates order history between all Track and Trace

collaborative parties.

Ingot eliminates the time and risk out of

Collating real time event information

connecting, by using sophisticated data

provides key strategic status markers across


mapping software that captures native files

the supply chain with a smart navigation

Ingot thrives in an environment where

from your system directly into our software.

panel segmented by precise category types.

immediate access to copy documentation

Ingot provides users with a productive and

is essential. Via a central document


efficient track and trace tool.

repository, users can download both

Ingot is a bespoke build, not a shoe horned

supplier and Warrant invoices, packing

system, it is one that can be tailored

Purchase Order Management

lists, bills of lading and any other relevant

according to your changing business

With full POMS capability to either PO or



information to monitor vendor compliance



ensures your stock is ordered, booked and

Ingot produces industry standard reports

Our implementation handbook dictates

shipped to meet all ex-factory and due date

as well as facilitating any bespoke and

protocols so each project is structured into


auto scheduled requests. Reports can be

individual work streams managed by an

converted to Excel or viewed on screen.

agreed schedule.

Our e-booking facility helps shippers

Added Value Apps

We review range architecture periodically

eradicate the traditionally labour intensive

Added value apps for requirements such

and deliver adjustments and upgrades

and unproductive part of placing an order.

as rates and tariffs, standard operating

where necessary.

With a password, unique ID and internet

procedures and user manuals are available.

connection, shippers can integrate with

Apps of any nature can be designed for

Ingot seamlessly.

specific road-mapping initiatives.

SKU level, up-streaming detailed order book


Warrant Group Ltd Warrant House

E_ enquiries@warrant-group.com

157 Regent Road

T_ +44 (0)151 955 0600

Liverpool L5 9TF



Ingot Portal  

Ingot is a bespoke cloud based application with intelligent user friendly architecture.

Ingot Portal  

Ingot is a bespoke cloud based application with intelligent user friendly architecture.