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Warrantech to Offer Extended Service Plans on Apple® iPad™, 3D Televisions and E-readers Warrantech Corporation, a leading independent provider of service contracts and after-market warranties for the appliance, consumer electronics, computer, furniture, home and automotive industries announced today that it is rolling out new extended multi-year service plans especially designed to protect 3D TVs, E-Readers, iPads and other tablet PCs.

Featuring the company’s unique fix or replace pledge, Warrantech ensures that electronics purchasers are protected against a wide variety of problems or accidental damage – depending on the plan they purchase. An insured, A-rated program that offers a more comprehensive coverage solution than the standard manufacturer’s warranty, Warrantech plans are sold through retailers, buying groups, manufacturers and distributors. Under Warrantech latest protection programs, consumers can purchase plans that provide up to five years of protection that is reasonably priced, and designed to address their unique needs.

“We recognize that the electronics industry is constantly evolving, which is the reason Warrantech leads the service contract industry in creating innovative service programs that anticipate the rapid advancements in consumer products. By offering comprehensive repair coverage, enhanced with an optional accidental damage plan on portable electronics, Warrantech strives to maintain the highest levels of customer service, satisfaction and loyalty,” said Joel San Antonio, CEO of Warrantech Corporation.

“We anticipate trends and follow product introductions closely,” San Antonio continued. “Once a new product hits the market, we move quickly to roll out coverage programs custom tailored to fit that specific piece of equipment. To maintain our leadership position, Warrantech management team is committed to providing the finest customer focused solutions in the service contract industry.”

In addition to the company’s comprehensive service contract coverage, Warrantech is also offering Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) protection on the iPad and other portable electronic products such as e-readers, tablet PCs, MP3 players, cameras, laptop computers, and other small electronic devices. For a nominal fee, consumers are protected from damage caused by unexpected mishaps including unintentional spills, drops, falls and impacts. Screen damage such as a cracked lens resulting from accidental breakage is also covered.

To learn more about Warrantech extended service contract coverage, go to, or contact Sean Hicks at Warrantech Consumer Product Services at

About Warrantech:

Warrantech Corporation administers and markets service contracts and after-market warranties on automobiles, automotive components, recreational vehicles, appliances, consumer electronics, homes, computer and computer peripherals for retailers, distributors and manufacturers. The company continues to expand its domestic and global penetration, and now provides its services in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Latin America.

Warrantech to offer extended service plans on apple® ipad™, 3d televisions and e readers  

Warrantech Corporation, a leading independent provider of service contracts and after-market warranties for the appliance, consumer electron...