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Warrantech is the Nation's First Service Contract Provider Using YouTube to Reach Customers Warrantech Corporation, a leading independent provider of service contracts and after-market warranties for the appliance, consumer electronics, computer, furniture, home and automotive industries announces the launch of a new social media networking campaign on YouTube. Targeting a Web–savvy audience, Warrantech campaign is a series of light-hearted ads to demonstrate the value of extended service contracts.

Each tongue-in-check ad tells a brief story illustrating the benefits and convenience of an extended service plan. “We are already seeing a significant response to these ads,” said Joel San Antonio, president and CEO of Warrantech Corporation. “These ads make creative use of humor to show that even the most reliable product can fail at the most unexpected or inconvenient time. And, having extended service plan coverage gives the consumer peace of mind knowing that a covered product will be repaired or replaced without additional expense.”

At present, four ads have started to air on YouTube, and two more are planned within the next six months. “Harnessing the power of social networking is an effective way to reach our customers,” San Antonio continued. example of Warrantech efforts to stay in front of market trends, while working to keep everyone aware of our numerous products and services,” San Antonio noted. “In today’s economy, each $1 matters, and people want to protect their purchases. With Warrantech YouTube ads, all an interested consumer has to do is click on a link at the end of the presentation, and they are automatically directed to the company Web site, which gives a full description of various service contract options.”

Always on the look-out for fresh ideas to serve the company’s growing customer base, “Utilizing YouTube to expand our market share is another

About Warrantech:

Warrantech Corporation administers and markets service contracts and after-market warranties on automobiles, automotive components, recreational vehicles, appliances, consumer electronics, homes, computer and computer peripherals for retailers, distributors and manufacturers. The company continues to expand its domestic and global penetration, and now provides its services in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Latin America. For additional information on Warrantech, access

It's common for people to spend hours of time looking at details and settling on the car that they want to purchase, but not everyone spends as much time on the warranty. A warranty for a vehicle is very important part.

Warrantech is the nation's first service contract provider using youtube to reach customers