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January 27, 2018 Winter, Issue 76

Bibliofile NEW ELECTRONIC RESOURCES The start of Spring Semester welcomes these new resources from the library:

Princeton Theological Commons Developed by Princeton Theological Seminary, this database contains over 110,000 resources on theology and religion. Its primary source materials are public domain books, but there are also plenty of photographs, manuscripts, audio recordings and periodicals to search and browse as well. Best of all, it’s open access! Search the database at http://

Gale Databases Thanks to a subscription to Gale, Warner Library has access to over 40 individual databases across a wide spectrum of information. From business and education to pop culture and culinary arts, you will find a myriad of databases to choose from when researching—and all you need is your myEastern login! Search the various databases at gale.

INSIDE THIS ISSUE The Jonathan Beasley Memorial Fund .........................................2 From the Director’s Desk ........2 Call for Reserves ......................3 A New Face in the Library .......3 Update on RefWorks ...............3

Pixabay Looking for a good photo for your latest project but can’t find one that’s copyright free? Pixabay could be the answer! Pixabay is a collection of over one million photos that are free for use with no attribution needed. You can either type in a subject in the search box or browse by topic at the bottom of the homepage. Search the website at pixabay.

You can access all of these databases and more at

Library Surveys Past and Future ..................................................4 RESOURCE SPOTLIGHT:

BIOGRAPHY IN CONTEXT Celebrate Black History Month with the “28 Days of Hidden Figures”!

Available at gale.



Last Summer 2017, Warner Library lost a great librarian and friend to cancer— Jonathan Beasley. I remember when I first interviewed Jonathan in 1984. We were halfway through the interview, tours, and events of the day, when I stopped and said—“I don’t have to go any further in the interview.” He looked at me, puzzled. “No problem, I want to offer you the job right now.” That was the kind of impression he left with those who knew him. A gentle, kind man you wanted to be around. I wanted to work with him. So for 34 more years he worked at Eastern and became part of

the lives of all who knew him. In honor of Jonathan, the Friends of the Library of Eastern University are establishing a fund to be used in part to create a memorial area with bench and sculpture outside the library. Official fund-raising letters will go out in a few months. But if you would like to donate now to honor Jonathan, then send your gifts to: Eastern University Jonathan Beasley Memorial Fund Advancement Department

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” -Jorge Luis Borges

FROM THE DIRECTOR’S DESK By Jim Sauer, Director of University Library During Christmas break I go through my files and old papers, I shred my old receipts, I alphabetize anything I can find to alphabetize (as a librarian that always gives me a thrill.) And I found a booklist that I generated on the request of an Eastern College student two years after I came to work at Eastern. The list is on yellowed paper, with notes and handwritten additions that I apparently added after composition. It has the old Eastern pac-man logo. Here is the edited list (alas not in alphabetical order) that I generated in 1982.

Dr. Jim Sauer Director of University Library

C S Lewis–All. Lewis is the patron saint of IVCF babyboomers. G K Chesterton—Orthodoxy, most of his essays, and his poetry J R R Tolkien—The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Solzhenitzen—One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, The Gulag Archipelago P G Wodehouse—All the comic Wooster and Jeeves books. Lemon meringue pie to the mind. Thomas A’ Kempis—Imitation of Christ (“It is better to feel contrition, than to know how to define it.”) Beowulf—I like killing monsters. Arthur Conan Doyle—All Sherlock Holmes stories should be elementary reading George MacDonald—The Light Princess—a heavy allegory Pascal’s Pensees—A kaleidoscope of mystical rationalism (or is that rational mysticism?) James Hilton—Goodbye, Mr. Chips, one of my favorites Kenneth Graham—Wind in the Willows, the theme of what it means to be home George Orwell—Animal Farm (perfect parable), 1984 (perfect novel) Huxley—Brave New World (We are peopling a world of Calibans) Jonathan Swift—Gulliver’s Travels. He hated much, but it’s great satire. Aesop—All the fables. Aesop is an argument for divinely inspired pagan literature. And science fiction of every variety: Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, Dick, Ellison… You might try creating your own list. It’s fun and it beats shredding receipts.




The purpose of course reserves is to make a limited number of materials accessible to many students. To this end, reserve materials are limited to a 3-hour checkout period, with one renewal, and must remain in the library. Books and media required for reading and viewing in current semester courses may be placed on Reserve in the Library. You may either supply your own personal copies or request Warner Library’s copies from the shelf. 

Personal Copies—Bring all materials to the Library Information Desk and fill out a Reserve Request form (one form for each course). Library Copies—Check the online catalog to see if the Library owns the material. Email titles, publication dates, and call numbers to Jeron Ashford (

This month, Warner Library welcomed Chelsea Post, Systems Librarian, to the staff. We asked her five questions to help you get to know her: What do you enjoy most about your job?


Chelsea (CP): “Helping library patrons find what they’re looking for—when they’re happy, I’m happy!” What is your favorite movie? CP: “Funny you should ask, since I moonlight as a concessionist at a movie theater… but seriously, it has to be Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Really, anything the Python group does is gold, but I have Grail about 90% memorized—working on that last 10%.”

Currently you can use either. The company announced recently that they will be running both platforms through 2018 and into 2019! However, after using the newest version I am hooked!

Let’s talk about drag and drop to embed a pdf full text article into your RefWorks account.

Let’s talk about sharing files with your colleagues.

Let’s talk about quick citing in your preferred format without creating an entire bibliography.

Name something people might not know about you. CP: “I am an Eastern alum, class of 2011, English Writing major with a minor in Communications. I used to work in the writing center, and was heavily involved with The Waltonian—and to all the athletes, yes, I am JP’s daughter.” Where do you love to vacation? CP: “Disney! It is, after all, the happiest place on earth.” Describe yourself in one word.

Simply said, I prefer the new version.

CP: “Organized.”

Any questions, please contact me— Joy Dlugosz @, or check out the Libguide.



Bibliofile Editor: Chelsea Post Contributor: James Sauer

teach.” –This is true of some fields and not for others. Unfortunately, print resources will grow very slowly in some areas, stagnate somewhat, and in many areas, shrink. Growth is through ebooks and interlibrary loan.

Email comments to

 Each year Warner Memorial Library does a survey of library resources and services. We ask faculty and students what they think of the library book collection, ebooks, databases, interlibrary loan, and reference services. Generally, we receive moderately high satisfaction levels compared to dissatisfaction at a rate of 20 to 1. What is also to be noted is that for students, the category “don’t know what it is or never used it” is sometimes as high as 40%. Faculty, on the other hand, are usually aware of our resources and positively satisfied. Positive criticism is offered to us in the comments sections.

“The mission of Eastern University Library is to provide information access and research instruction to all of Eastern University’s communities; making a difference in the world, church, and individual lives through lifelong learning and Christian service.”

Email: Phone: 610.341.1777 Website:

Favorites: AuthorStudents: C S Lewis Faculty: Jane Austen

Student Comments Positive comments are good, but it is wise to listen to the negative comments of students as well, since we learn where both our and their weaknesses lie.

“I wish we had more ebooks” –We now have access to 1.5 million ebooks.

“I did not use the selected resources because I don’t know how to use them.” –There is no required course in library database research at Eastern, but we offered over 74 in-class presentations on database use last year on faculty request. We also had many individual student consultations and even library instruction via Zoom on Brightspace.

“I commute so I do not spend much time in the library.” –The library is not merely a physical location, but an online resource. Research can be done from home.

—from the Eastern University Libraries’ Mission Statement


“The journals I regularly use are often not in our library, I know I can get them through ILL (Interlibrary Loan), but it’s a bit of a process.” – Warner Library eliminated all bound print journals. We subscribe to only 100 representative academic and popular titles. We have access to 40,000 ejournals. All research is now through ejournals and interlibrary loan.

Coming Survey 2018:

Faculty Comments:

BookStudents: Tie= Harry Potter, the Bible Faculty: the Bible

“Very limited books for the subjects I

In a few months you will be asked again to take a few moments to give input to improving the resources and services of Warner Memorial Library. This forms the best means we have available of quality improvement. Last year, 33 faculty responded to our survey; this year we would like to see that double.


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