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Focus On: Faecal Incontinence

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As you are all probably aware by now, Gerry Hay has returned to the Abena UK family, much to our delight, and has retaken up his position as Managing Director. This has given Abena UK Ltd a much needed injection of enthusiasm and has re-invigorated the whole team to make Abena UK Ltd bigger and better than ever before – no longer will we be the industry’s ‘Best kept Secret’! Gerry comments “We thank you very much as a Distributor of Abena in the UK for the

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constant and continued support you have given to us with the promotion and the sale of our products. The Abena Group views the UK as an important market with investments being made to achieve further and more substantial growth and we will advise further about these in the coming weeks. All our Abena UK team are here to help and to support you with your efforts on our behalf.”

Gerry Hay

We now have a new Distributor Brochure


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Abena successfully tendered for Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Home Delivery Continence Service and we very much look forward to continuing our positive working relationship with them.




available showing our services available to you. If you would like to receive a copy of this brochure, either by post or in PDF format via email, please do not hesitate to request it from our Customer Services Team.


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Nurse Support and Product Training. For more information or to arrange training days please contact our Customer Service Team on 024 7663 7663 or email:

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Abena UK Ltd offers to all our Distributors

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New Face at Abena UK Ltd... We are pleased to announce that Amanda Smith has joined our team as our new Business Development Manager. Amanda has worked in the healthcare sector for many years in both Marketing and Sales so understands the day to day challenges that our Distributors face and is very customer focused. She is looking forward to meeting you all to offer her

services and to encourage strong working relationships with all our business partners. Amanda quoted “I am so excited to have joined Abena at this particular time and to be involved in their plans to grow its business in the UK market. It is so rewarding to be part of a team who always put quality and customer service first”.

Amanda Smith Contact us on 024 7663 7663 or email

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Abena Bulletin October 2012

Introducing...our Abri-San 3A “As Small As Possible, As Large As Necessary” Our new generation of Abri-San shaped pads now comes in an “in-between size” of 3A. This is thinner and smaller than our Abri-San 4, but 150ml more absorbent than our Abri-San 3; combining comfort with effectiveness. Abena’s 3A offers our premium quality and features such as fully breathable textile feel back-sheet, top dry and barrier systems. As with all the Abena Premium range this product also carries the Nordic Swan Label. As less raw materials are used during

Product Code 926715

the production of the 3A and less waste created, this new pad not only offers great benefits for the user but also reduces the impact on the environment; something which is of the utmost importance to Abena. The focus is on innovation to produce even thinner more comfortable pads whilst increasing absorbency. This has the added benefit to the consumer of cost-in-use savings if, for example, an end-user currently using Abri-San 4 is changed onto a 3A if appropriate for their needs.



ISO Absorbency

Pads per pack

Packs per Case

Abri-San Premium 3A


650 ml



For a free sample of the Abri-San 3A, Please contact our Customer Services Team

Focus on...

faecal Incontinence

Faecal or urinary incontinence can be an embarrassing condition for sufferers to live with and to try to effectively control. Conventional incontinence products may not always be suitable to deal with faecal incontinence effectively. However, Abena have a number of products that may be considered when dealing with faecal incontinence. Abri-San Special (300200) This product, designed as a two-piece system, has unique leakage barriers with deep pockets to keep faeces contained even when released under pressure. The pad also features extra strength elastics in the rear part

designed to minimise the risk of leakage. Abri-San Special also has our breathable back sheet to help improve skin integrity. The back sheet is green to clearly differentiate between the Abri-San Special and our conventional incontinence products. This product contains superabsorbent polymers and, therefore, can be used for both urinary and faecal incontinence. Abri-Let Anatomic (300215) Abri-Let Anatomic has been designed to be used as a two-piece system and is an ideal product to use for faecal smearing. The anatomical, discreet shape gives optimal comfort for the end-user and is easier to apply than conventional rectangular pads.

Contact us on 024 7663 7663 or email

Abri-San Special

Abri-Let Anatomic

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Abena Bulletin October 2012

When dealing with Incontinence Abena recommend the following steps to maintain skin integrity: 1. Ensure the patient has been assessed for the correct product, and it is fitted correctly. Use the lowest pad absorbency as possible; making sure it is appropriate for faecal containment to reduce cross infection. 2. Ensure the product is changed

“No-rinse skin cleansers can be soothing and effective as they generally contain a gentle, non-irritant surfactant, which helps to emulsify and loosen faeces and cleanse the skin, negating the need to rub and cause further damage” (Scardillo and Aronovitch 1999).

quickly after an episode of faecal incontinence and the skin should be washed immediately.

3. After the skin has been cleansed,

4. Healthy intact skin does not require

“Cleansers, as opposed to soap and water, are used to cleanse skin of those patients who are incontinent” (Cooper & Gray 2001, Whittingham & May 1998).

use the patient’s own clean towel or disposable wash glove or dry wipe to pat dry the skin.

5. Excess barrier cream on the products blocks the absorbing layer thus greatly reducing the absorbency. Therefore, take extra care when applying barrier creams.

6. Work within your local NHS Trusts skincare guidelines and policies and use local pressure risk assessment tool. The following Abena skin cleansing products may be considered when dealing with faecal incontinence.

barrier creams, however if the skin becomes red, a barrier cream (preferably water based) a barrier film or a prescribed barrier cream should be applied sparingly onto the affected skin.

Wash Gloves

Wash Foam

Intimate Care

A practical pocket shaped wash cloth; available in 4 different materials, molton, airlaid with and without PE and non-woven. This product can be used wet or dry and is a useful alternative to a dry wipe.

Washing Foam is a mild but effective alternative to soap and water. The foam is pH4.5 and leaves a protective membrane on the skin and should be used without water. This product also contains allantoin to help reduce any inflammation of the skin.

Very mild soap for daily intimate hygiene which leaves skin soft and clean which means it is suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. This product has a pH of 3.5 and is unscented and without colour. Intimate Care has also been awarded with the Nordic Swan and Danish Asthma and Allergy certifications.

491911 Airlaid Wash Glove

491912 Molton Wash Glove

491913 Non-woven blue Wash Glove

491914 Airlaid with PE foil Wash Glove

6658 Washing Foam

Contact us on 024 7663 7663 or email

6665 Intimate Care

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Abena Bulletin October 2012

Kidz Exhibition in March Abena UK Ltd had a stand at the Kidz in the Middle Exhibition in March, at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, which was very well attended.

Upcoming Exhibitions: Come and see us at: Kidz up North Exhibition

Thursday 29th November 2012

RCN Continence Care Conference and Exhibition


Friday 16th November 2012

All of Abena UK’s Abri Wear Deluxe washable incontinence pants are made in the UK – celebrating the Best of British !

na Grou e b

The Abena Group has its own health care production in manufacturing centres in France, Sweden and Denmark. The main incontinence production in Denmark includes 14 state-of-the art production lines operating round the clock - 7 days a week.


Stand No. M6

ICC in Birmingham

Stand No. 18

Hinckley & Bosworth CAMRA recently held it’s 5th Hinckley CAMRA Beer Festival at which Abena UK Ltd proudly sponsored a cask.

Acceptance Speech...



Did you

Reebok Stadium

Matryx and Abena UK win third place in the Tomorrow’s Cleaning Award 2012 Heather Stiles, Sales and Marketing Director of Matryx, proudly receives the award on behalf of Abena and Matryx from Mark Hanson of Tomorrow’s Cleaning Magazine.

Abena also offers a wide range of other health care products such as skin care, bed protection, wound care, gloves and body wash. We source these high-quality products in the best sourcing centres in the world via our stationed sourcing managers.

Heather Stiles, of Matryx said “All of us at Matryx are absolutely thrilled to have achieved such strong support for the new range of Abena Medical Gloves. Matryx is an established independent converter of paper hygiene products, so our intention was to enable distributor partners to source a high quality alternative range of medical gloves alongside their paper purchases. The Abena brand offers distributors a real point of difference. The brand comprises vinyl, latex and nitrile gloves, attractively packaged and all conforming to EN45 requirements. We are delighted at how well the products have been received. Whether we look to supply paper products or new products such as these, we always strive to offer excellent quality at competitive pricing. Thanks to everyone who voted for us!”

Heather Stiles, Marketing Director

In our next issue: Focus On...Male Incontinence Contact us on 024 7663 7663 or email

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